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800+ This or That Questions – the only list you’ll ever need!

800+ This or That Questions – the only list you’ll ever need!

Updated on Nov 07, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

800+ This or That Questions – The Only List You’ll Ever Need!

This or That questions game is the perfect game to lighten the mood and have some fun (I mean, super fun!). When you play this fun game with your friends or crush, it guarantees you a memorable time knowing each other.

This game is also the best way to start a conversation when you’re running out of topics. You can play it at a party while watching boring TV shows or in a small gathering. A lot of people also choose this game to play during the 12-AM chats with their partners.

The game is pretty simple. You just have to give two options to your friend and ask them to choose one among them. 

But, to make it tricky, you need to be supercharged with some tough choices. Don’t worry, I have got your back!

Let’s begin with some…

800+ This or That Questions – The Only List You’ll Ever Need!
800+ This or That Questions – The Only List You’ll Ever Need!

This or That Conversation Starters

To start a great conversation, you need to first break the ice and for that, you need the person to speak up.

When you’re trying to break the ice, it certainly means that the person isn’t too close to you and there’s an invisible wall amidst you both. At such times, these one-word questions will help you greatly!

Use this set of questions the next time when you don’t know how to initiate a conversation.

  1. Passion or Money?
  2. First cry then laugh or First Laugh then cry?
  3. Make Cake or Maggie?
  4. Study at Cambridge or Harvard?
  5. Do Cardio or Weight Lift?
  6. Change your personality or looks?
  7. Choose how you die or choose when you die?
  8. Country or Religion?
  9. Job or Nation?
  10. Be a tourist or a guide?
  11. Interesting conversation topics or play a question game?
  12. Unique haircut or Same old?
  13. Lead small groups or be a leader in a big group?
  14. Spend the rest of your life with your mother or girlfriend?
  15. Celebrate winning the lottery or working for your dream job?
  16. Interesting conversations or interesting books?
  17. Eat only or sleep only?
  18. Crave for Family or a Million Dollars?
  19. Club or House party
  20. Milk or Curd?
  21. Communism or capitalism?
  22. Shop with Amazon or Flipkart?
  23. Job or entrepreneurship?
  24. Meet an Alien or be an alien?
  25. Tell a story or listen to one?

Once you have broken the ice, you’ll want to move to topics that help you know each other. This is when the next list helps you.

Best this or that questions

To get everyone talking and change the dynamics of a monotonous conversation to a fun one, you’ll need this list. Pick some of the best this or that questions from this list and wait for the fun.

  1. Run at 100 mph or fly at 1 mph?
  2. Be a man of word or a sweet liar?
  3. Be chased by 10 Hyenas or 10 lions?
  4. Be deaf or blind?
  5. Be educated or intelligent without education?
  6. Be an American or Indian?
  7. Be loved or feared?
  8. Be smart but accomplish very little or stupid but accomplish a lot?
  9. Vegan or vegetarian?
  10. Become rich by doing something you hate
  11. Be your first love’s second choice or your second love’s first choice?
  12. Be in a Chinese Communism or Russian Communism?
  13. Be a Chinese or Hindu?
  14. Be a Monk or an Environmentalist?
  15. Be alone or be with 10 cats?
  16. Be at a Temple or a Gurdwara?
  17. Be in Germany or Italy?
  18. Be a Painter or Poser?
  19. Be poisonous or consume poison?
  20. Be clever or shrewd?
  21. Be a rank holder or be a backbencher?
  22. Be fun-loving or responsible?
  23. Be polite and dishonest or straight and honest?
  24. Be an artist or read minds?
  25. Be a vampire or a deadly bear?

Oh! Now that everyone loves you for making a dull day exciting, shoot some quick, good this or that questions.

Good this or that questions

To know more about them, these are a few good questions that you can ask which will give you deeper insights into their personality.

  1. Lose the ability to speak the truth or hear truth?
  2. Spend the day with a hot model or an honest man?
  3. Date someone who is rich and boring or someone who is poor and moral?
  4. Date night with Deaf or Dumb?
  5. Deal with a bad relationship or bad parents?
  6. Sleep for only 20 minutes a day or never sleep at all?
  7. Depression or Infertility?
  8. Stay alone, locked in a room or with a lot of people?
  9. Do what your own mind tells you or do what an expert tells you?
  10. Eat broccoli or eat carrots?
  11. Learn English or Spanish?
  12. Call your mom or dad first to share some good news?
  13. Ethereum or Bitcoin?
  14. Have two daughters or sons?
  15. Believe in God or be an atheist?
  16. False hope or no hope at all?
  17. Fame or Friends?
  18. Speak out your emotions or feel nothing at all?
  19. Sing for your teacher or your boss?
  20. Clear your head of toxic thoughts or illusions?
  21. Call heavenly spirits or demons?
  22. Divide and rule or unite and rule?
  23. Pure classic music or Pure Rock?
  24. Guitar or Keyboard?
  25. Listen to your favorite song list all day or only for an hour?

Once you know they’re responding well to the game, slowly take them to its best side – make it funny.

This or that questions funny

You might want to know if they shower daily or don’t shower for a week, just like you. 😉

Don’t worry, you can also ask this with the next set of funny questions and save you some embarrassment.

  1. Have a third nipple or an extra Head?
  2. Be a chair or a table?
  3. Be a magician or a snake charmer?
  4. Give up alcohol for a year or give up your mobile phone for a year?
  5. Be a buffalo or a cow?
  6. Fart in front of your crush or smell a fart from your crush?
  7. Have bad breath or smelly armpits?
  8. Punish your teacher or your principal?
  9. Underdressed or overdressed?
  10. Constipated or have Loose motion?
  11. Look smart or be smart?
  12. Bath thrice a day or not take a bath for a month?
  13. Smell Funny or look funny?
  14. Be friends with Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian?
  15. Shave your moustache or armpits?
  16. Eat near a toilet or sleep near a toilet?
  17. Walk into an opposite gender’s dressing room or be an opposite gender?
  18. Call your mother thrice or your wife once?
  19. Bitter gourd juice or Boiled Bitter Gourd?
  20. Cry or Laugh with no reason in public?
  21. Party all night and get beaten up or Never party till late night?
  22. Wife should be only beautiful or only Wise?
  23. Fart in a bus or a train?
  24. Fly a plane or Date a captain?
  25. Dance on one leg or Roam around in briefs?

These fun questions were particularly designed to make people laugh. But now you also need some genuine mood changers.

This or that Interesting Questions

You don’t want to keep it funny anymore but don’t want to make it so dull either that everyone quits playing. What to do on such occasions?

Well, shoot these interesting questions and wait for the conversation to turn its track.

  1. Earn a lot of money or a lot of social work?
  2. Stop taking showers for a week or stop meeting your friends for a week?
  3. Start a conversation or keep answering?
  4. Live anywhere for a year or live in your room all your life?
  5. Play a role of a fictional character or direct a movie?
  6. Be a deal-breaker or sustain a non-profit deal?
  7. Forgiveness or Vengeance?
  8. Support Free health care or free education?
  9. Give fake blames or Receive Credit?
  10. Gain extra Listening power or eyesight?
  11. Kill sin or sinner?
  12. Know all the languages in the world or be an alien?
  13. Know everything about your spouse or tell everything to your spouse?
  14. Live a miserable life or not be born at all?
  15. Live an adventurous but sad life or a very comfortable yet boring life?
  16. Live as yourself or live as someone else?
  17. Change for improvement or embrace your flaws?
  18. Gloomy and rainy weather or hot and bright weather?
  19. Sad songs or sad movies?
  20. Love your life or Live for your love?
  21. Be a cry baby or support depressed people?
  22. Be an ambulance driver or a school bus driver?
  23. Read poems or stories?
  24. Eat at a Chinese restaurant or an Indian restaurant?
  25. Eat all the fish in your aquarium or never have an aquarium?

You talked good, interesting and funny, what is the other thing that makes a conversation fun – you guessed it right – Dirty!

This or that questions dirty

Let’s imagine you’re playing this at midnight with a couple of drinks and the best mates around. Aren’t the questions going to be dirty? So, let’s get down to it! 😉

  1. Boobs or Butts?
  2. Tight Hugs or non-stop kisses?
  3. Licking or sucking?
  4. Sex in the car or in the backyard?
  5. Sex on the first date or when you break up?
  6. Sex once or cuddling all time?
  7. Pee with your crush or with your ex?
  8. Phone call sex or dirty texts?
  9. Dirty books or dirty movies?
  10. Sexy striptease or handcuffs?
  11. Lingerie walk or fully naked?
  12. Hook up with an old man or old woman?
  13. Start kissing Legs or neck?
  14. Let anyone make out with you or die?
  15. Have Sex once a week or sex every day?
  16. Regret having sex with the wrong person or loving the wrong person?
  17. Cotton underwear or lace?
  18. Transparent dress in public or bikini in public?
  19. Play with ice cubes or ice creams?
  20. Get blindfolded or handcuffed?
  21. Slap on butt or bust?
  22. Give a lap dance or get one?
  23. Be desperate or make someone desperate?
  24. Be the one to suck or get sucked?
  25. Make out in an elevator or in an Uber?

Once you’re done with the dirty set, blow their minds off with some hard questions.

Hard this or that questions

Do you enjoy the hardships when you play video games? And when you overcome them, do you sense a different feeling of joy?

When you answer these questions, you’ll feel the same.

  1. Scared of fire or drowning in water?
  2. Kill a friend or marry an ugly person?
  3. Being starved or being overweight?
  4. Gym continuously for 4 hours or be obese?
  5. Have a cardiac arrest or cancer?
  6. Let one patient die or give your life to save them?
  7. Fear poverty or get murdered?
  8. Die in your sleep or die awake?
  9. Cheat your mother or your sister?
  10. Be open about being a spoiled child or pretend to be obedient?
  11. Die from a disease or suffer?
  12. Listen to understand or to reply?
  13. Cook on Wood or Stone?
  14. Meet God once or be with the Devil forever?
  15. Die early or live in a care facility?
  16. Call your death or die accidentally?
  17. Drown to death or be stoned to death?
  18. Fight 1 Crocodile or two Wild Cats?
  19. Never fail or never hold a rank?
  20. Fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?
  21. Win a battle against a dinosaur or win a battle against a lion?
  22. Ride a bull or a wild boar?
  23. Drown or be burned alive?
  24. Stand against wrongs in society or stay self-centered?
  25. Meet your great-grandparents or great-grandchildren?

Now that the conversation has drifted towards different struggles of life, let’s dive deeper.

Deep this or that questions

While you are trying to get to know somebody, you wouldn’t only want to know about their sense of humor. You’ll wish to know more about their thoughts, ideologies, and perceptions.

 If you cannot ask them directly, start with this list.

  1. Global warming or Bad Government: which is more harmful?
  2. Work in the Office or Work from Home?
  3. Play it safe or take risks in life?
  4. Fashion or Wisdom?
  5. Big car or Big house?
  6. Make a temple or an Old Age Home?
  7. Bake a cake yourself or buy a cake?
  8. Career or Family?
  9. Money or Mind?
  10. Marry and divorce or be a Celibate?
  11. Housewife or Working lady?
  12. Interrupt or Get interrupted?
  13. Be a genius at everything or be Rich?
  14. Recognition or Money?
  15. More important: Mental Health or Physical Health?
  16. Pray for the future or learn from the past?
  17. Die or kill?
  18. Power or Position?
  19. Dominate or Lead?
  20. Jack of all or master of one?
  21. Idealism or Realism?
  22. Be financially bankrupt or emotionally bankrupt?
  23. Emotional or Practical?
  24. Be honest and get arrested or lie and escape?
  25. Mentally sharp or have a sharp tongue?

By now, you know the personality and preferences of the person playing this game with you. Throw some more questions that can keep them wondering and hooked to this game.

This or that great questions

There are a few things in our life where making choices are difficult. Everything has its own pros and cons.

Now, if I give you two options and both of these choices are from your bucket list, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to answer such great questions.

  1. Childhood or Adulthood?
  2. Live forever or dream forever?
  3. Live in 2009 or 2019?
  4. Live with religion or without?
  5. Like Ancient Rome or Ancient Egypt?
  6. Live in Canada or the USA?
  7. Read Magazines or newspapers?
  8. Make lots of money or change the world?
  9. No one at your funeral or no one at your wedding?
  10. Office or Business?
  11. Overprotective parents or Overprotective partners?
  12. Speed or precision?
  13. Spend time with animals or spend time with strangers?
  14. Spend your life studying books in prison or be a free criminal?
  15. Start your own business or buy an existing business?
  16. Surround yourself with Moral people or Smart people?
  17. Perfect job or perfect relationship?
  18. Truly love someone you can never have or have someone you can never truly love?
  19. Grand Canyon or Jellystone?
  20. Fishing or Hunting?
  21. Bathroom singer or stage singer?
  22. Low action guitar or High Action Guitar?
  23. Sculpt or Paint?
  24. Hobby or Work?
  25. Cook or Bake?

Oh, you think you have asked everything by now! But no, you’re still missing out on some personal questions.

This or That Personal Questions

This or That Personal Questions are not for somebody you met for the first time. Don’t step into somebody’s personal zone and make them feel attacked when you are just trying to know them.

But after three or four meetings, when you have known each other enough and talked about random things, you can take the conversation ahead with this list of questions. 

  1. Shower alone or bathe together?
  2. Clean-shaven or wax?
  3. Tattoo or Eyebrow piercings?
  4. Hookah or Bezel Nuts?
  5. Underarm spray or deo?
  6. Bed or Floor?
  7. Savings or High Standard of Living?
  8. Night owl or Early morning bird?
  9. Workaholic or Procrastinator?
  10. Huge meals a day or 4 small ones?
  11. Call once or text 10 times?
  12. Email or Telegram?
  13. Medium curly hair or straight short hair?
  14. Freckles or Temporary Pimples?
  15. Introvert or Extrovert?
  16. Love or Timepass?
  17. Tea or Coffee?
  18. Hot Pants or shorts?
  19. Brain or Beauty?
  20. Date someone Older or Of your age?
  21. Natural or Botox treatments?
  22. Roses or Lilies?
  23. Honor or Be Honoured?
  24. Salty snacking or Sweets?
  25. For Petticoat, Silk or Cotton?

All of us want a partner with whom you can talk about everything under the sky. 

To check, if they’re up for some random talks too, you can ask the below set of questions.

This or that random questions

This list can be anything ranging from weird to interesting like would you ever live in a world full of aliens or will you ever be interested in adopting a child?

You can ask about food, clothing, or creative gifts you’ve ever received or want to receive, traveling, and just anything on the surface of the Earth.

  1. Wear more clothes in Summer or less clothes in Winter?
  2. Make a home in a city or in a town?
  3. Lime Soda or juice?
  4. Pepperoni pizza or cheese pizza?
  5. Do you sleep more in the morning or at night?
  6. Credit or cash?
  7. Like Tacos or wings?
  8. Like Roller coasters or bumper cars?
  9. Giving a gift every time or receiving a gift every time?
  10. Apartment or own house?
  11. Banana shake or Mango shake?
  12. Workout at home or at the gym?
  13. Have a Desktop or laptop?
  14. Wear Socks or walk barefoot?
  15. Sleep in the silence or in chaos?
  16. Use Paper or plastic?
  17. Are you Sour or sweet?
  18. Have more heads or more hands?
  19. Kick a ball or an enemy?
  20. Walk a mile or swim deep into the sea?
  21. Walk with a Lion or Chirp with a bird?
  22. Cut wings of a bird or Fins of a Fish?
  23. Close your eyes or your mouth for a month?
  24. Play with a sibling or a friend?
  25. Chat or play a game?

From these questions, you would have surely known about their interests. 

If they got excited when you brought up questions related to food, keep going with some…

This or that food questions

Food not only fills your stomach but also makes its way to people’s hearts. You’ll often find people connecting on the topics of food. 

Use them as a chance and see if you and your friend or crush have similar eating habits.

  1. Cornflakes or oatmeal?
  2. Coke or Pepsi?
  3. Juice or cold drink?
  4. Pork or chicken?
  5. Scrambled eggs or omelets?
  6. Corn or fried peas?
  7. Cauliflower or broccoli?
  8. Pancakes or waffles?
  9. Burgers or Pizzas?
  10. Cadbury or candy bar?
  11. Three Musketeers or Peppermint Patty?
  12. Dining Table or floor?
  13. Apples or Mangoes?
  14. Oranges or peaches?
  15. Watermelon or Bananas?
  16. Jackfruit or grapefruit?
  17. Cake or Donut?
  18. Pastries or cookies?
  19. Roasted or Fried?
  20. Jello or pudding?
  21. Cherry or strawberry?
  22. Chapatis or Rice?
  23. Vanilla or Butterscotch?
  24. Sugar or chocolate chip cookies?

After a lot of food, you feel sleepy but you need to keep the conversation going. Ask the next set of questions and wake them up with some serious topics.

This or That Work Questions

Once you start this game, you try to keep it all on a light note because it is a game. But this game has some superpowers that can help uncover hidden secrets.

After all sorts of personal, random, and choice-based questions, try to know about their opinions on work-life with the help of our next list.

  1. Driver or policeman?
  2. Doctor or Nurse?
  3. Military or Fireman?
  4. Boss or Beautiful Employee?
  5. Lawyer or Thief?
  6. Plumber or vegetable seller?
  7. Gas station attendant or stock market advisor?
  8. Government or Private?
  9. Teamwork or Individual?
  10. Landscaper or welder?
  11. Party planner or Tourist Guide?
  12. Fashion designer or interior designer?
  13. Astrologer or astronomer?
  14. Formal pants or jeans?
  15. Medicine representative or Researcher?
  16. Utensil cleaning or waitressing?
  17. Computer Science or IT tech?
  18. Banker or Jailer?
  19. Criminal or Detective?
  20. Taxi driver or Auto-driver?
  21. Woodworking or car mechanic?
  22. Party office or Rally Leader?
  23. Undervalued Self-employed or Best Paid Peon?
  24. Beautician or Model?
  25. Shopkeeper or Housekeeper?

You wouldn’t want somebody to feel intimidated with this game. If you see, they’re not comfortable answering about their work-life, immediately change the topic to… fashion.

This or that Fashion questions

Men or women – both follow fashion. If you’re playing with girls, this topic is never going off the table. But if you need any help, take a sneak peek below.

  1. Jeans and tee or a Scarf and suit?
  2. Flowy dress or pants?
  3. Formal or casual?
  4. Sneakers or dress sandals?
  5. Leveled Sandals or high heels?
  6. Sneakers or sandals?
  7. Flip flop slippers or water shoes?
  8. Paintings or photos?
  9. Black and white or colorful?
  10. Red or white?
  11. Cadillac or Chrysler?
  12. Print or Thread Work?
  13. Small house or bungalow house plan?
  14. Hunyadi or Maruti Motors?
  15. Audi or BMW?
  16. Village or Town?
  17. Hand band or Headband?
  18. Farmhouse or beach house?
  19. Neutral colors or Shimmer?
  20. Gold or Silver?
  21. Diamond or Platinum?
  22. Smart or Beautiful?
  23. Shirts or t-shirts?
  24. Bracelets or bangles?
  25. Jewelry or No jewelry?

With the talks about fashion, everybody would have gotten enthusiastic and chirpy. Raise their spirits more with the sports questions.

This or that Sports Questions

For games, everyone has different preferences. But being an adult, there are high chances you don’t get enough chances playing games. 

But hey, it’s always delightful to find somebody who prefers to play the same game as you. Find your gaming partner with these questions.

  1. Football or baseball?
  2. Golf or basketball?
  3. Soccer or hockey?
  4. Cricket or football?
  5. Polo or horse racing?
  6. Boat Racing or polo?
  7. Nascar or drag racing?
  8. Handball or Ludo?
  9. Field hockey or ice hockey?
  10. Live-action role-playing or online gaming?
  11. Chess or Monopoly?
  12. Bowling or Batting?
  13. Badminton or Car racing?
  14. Poker or UNO?
  15. Throwball or Cho-Cho?
  16. Yoga or Running?
  17. Gym or walking?
  18. Boat racing or Cycle race?
  19. Walking or jogging?
  20. Push up challenge or HIIT challenge?
  21. Skiing or snowboarding?
  22. Hide and seek or Lock and key?
  23. Foosball or Ping-Pong?
  24. London Statue or Video game?
  25. Passing the pillow or Boxing?

After sports, let’s not make the moment dull. Keep them excited with some travel questions.

This or that Travel Questions

Have you ever heard anyone who says “I don’t like travelling”? I bet, Not! That’s the beauty of it – everyone loves it. 

But like every other thing, even in traveling, everyone has different tastes. 

Ask these questions to your friends, find the one who has similar choices as you, and plan a trip with them. You’ll never regret this.

  1. Domestic or international?
  2. Swim or fly?
  3. Plane or Ship?
  4. Amusement park or Historical sites?
  5. Train or Auto?
  6. Forest trip or ski resort?
  7. Tropical or Arctic?
  8. Cold springs or hot springs?
  9. Waterfall or Riverside?
  10. Haunted tour or Historical tour?
  11. Disney land fair or craft fair?
  12. Street market or Mall?
  13. Mermaid land or Angel cloud?
  14. Zoo or Aquarium?
  15. Rainy place or place full of snow?
  16. Abroad or village?
  17. Truck or Boat?
  18. Beach or Hills?
  19. Movies or shopping?
  20. Long drive or Picnic?
  21. Nature or Bungalow?
  22. Croatia or Paris?
  23. India or UAE?
  24. Travel alone or with family and friends?
  25. Travel the world or focus on your career?

Did you find too many similar choices with your crush? Want to know about their thoughts on relationships too?

This or that Relationship Questions

Be very careful while putting up relationship questions. You wouldn’t want to hurt somebody while knowing about their choices. Usually, people are very sensitive when talking about their relationships.

To avoid confusion, ask these questions on relationships that will not lead you to any conflict.

  1. Do you like your current relationship or you liked your previous relationship?
  2. Do you want a partner who supports you in all your decisions or only the good ones?
  3. A loving partner with flaws or a perfect partner who doesn’t love?
  4. Don’t forget your previous relationship or forget your address?
  5. Gift your partner or your friend?
  6. Do you want physical attractiveness or you want an understanding kind of personality?
  7. Have you been judgemental or you have been judged?
  8. Sense of humor or good looks?
  9. Convince family members or Mary alone?
  10. Be honest in a relationship or tell lies to save it?
  11. Abuse or get abused?
  12. Break someone’s trust or get your trust broken?
  13. Hugs or handshakes?
  14. Celebrate love or celebrate success?
  15. Meet once a year and never meet at all?
  16. Express love or expect the other one to express it?
  17. Try to manage a failing relationship or make a new one?
  18. An obedient partner or a dominant partner?
  19. A partner who gives occasional caresses or a partner who takes you out occasionally?
  20. A partner with more money or a partner with more time for you?
  21. Share your sorrows with your partner or your friend?
  22. Public Show of affection or keep it between You two?
  23. Give your relationship some time or Marry without giving a second thought?
  24. Make a blank Call to your partner’s father or mother?
  25. Live-in or marriage?

Interesting! Take a step further now and ask them about their online habits.

This or that Online Habits Questions

Most of us spend a big part of our day being online nowadays. In such an age, it is necessary to understand people’s online habits.

These habits speak a lot about their personality. If you have no clue about how to proceed further with this, ask questions from the list below.

  1. Instagram Story or Facebook Story?
  2. More pages for Politics or Pet Pictures?
  3. Like Twitter or Facebook?
  4. Online Gaming or Shopping?
  5. Posting comments or reading the Comment Sections?
  6. Watch a video or Post a Video?
  7. Make money online or have entertainment?
  8. Online dating or in-person dating?
  9. Online video calls or normal phone calls?
  10. Watch drama or watch rational thoughts?
  11. Update Profile picture or see updates?
  12. Post a pink dress or a yellow dress?
  13. Post a picture of dinner or lunch?
  14. Post traveling pictures or Studying throwbacks?
  15. Online exam or offline exam?
  16. Wait for replies or leave the chat?
  17. Quarrel on a chat or call?
  18. Miss a WhatsApp text or Instagram text?
  19. Get compliments or give compliments?
  20. Lose an Instagram account or Facebook account?
  21. Stalk your own picture or your parent’s pictures?
  22. Revive old memories on Facebook or freshly update Instagram Story?
  23. Delete Whatsapp or Tinder?
  24. Dating app or studying app?
  25. Slow internet or no social media?

Most of us use social media for entertainment. So, when you are on top of it, why not continue with some entertainment-related questions?

This or that Entertainment Questions

If you want to hang out with your group of friends for a longer time, you’ll want to know if you have similar entertainment choices. Only then, you can stick to each other’s side for long. Fire these questions and note down the similarities.

  1. Similar movie taste as your family or different?
  2. Holiday visits or all year traveling?
  3. Siblings first or parents first?
  4. Teenage or Old age?
  5. Grandma stories or movies at night?
  6. Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel?
  7. Never Have I ever Questions or This or That Questions?
  8. Either or Questions or Would you Rather Questions?
  9. Play in a children’s park or adopt children?
  10. Live near a Mega market or a movie Hall?
  11. Shopping or Music?
  12. More movies or more Hobbies?
  13. Shakespeare or Bernard Shaw?
  14. Merchant of Venice or Arms and the Man?
  15. Ancient literature or Modern Literature?
  16. Watch tutorial videos or movies?
  17. Take children to dinner or to watch Avengers?
  18. Candlelight dinner or pizza in the bedroom?
  19. Valentine’s Day celebration or Marriage Anniversary? 
  20. Entertainment or Job?
  21. No entertainment at all or spend a lot of money for entertainment?
  22. Your work is your entertainment or responsibility?
  23. Painful story or Comedy but no story?
  24. Separation of lovers or Dying of one lover?
  25. Good looking actor or good actor?

If you get nothing more to ask, there’s no harm in asking questions related to the family.

This or that Family Questions

This is the safest bunch of questions that harm nobody. 

When you run short of questions or see the other people getting uncomfortable, talk to them about their family. This brings back their comfort and you learn about their background too.

  1. Two-story house or one big Bungalow?
  2. Rural life or Urban life?
  3. Heater or air conditioner?
  4. Sofa Bed or Normal bed?
  5. Microwave or Gas knob?
  6. Traditional fireplace or Temple?
  7. Windows closed or windows open?
  8. Rainfall or Snowfall?
  9. Flower garden or Vegetable garden?
  10. Clean the bathroom or Clean the kitchen?
  11. Wash dishes or Clothes?
  12. Go Fishing or Waterpark?
  13. Laugh alone or cry together?
  14. Call a friend home or visit a friend?
  15. Cook or Sleep?
  16. Old and Experienced or Youth and Stamina?
  17. Study or Teach?
  18. Family Trips or Indoor Party?
  19. Joint Family or Nuclear Family?
  20. Music or Dance?
  21. Shopping or Travelling?
  22. Celebrate Father’s Day or Father’s Birthday?
  23. Receive Gifts as New Clothes or Showpieces?
  24. Fish curry or Chicken Curry?
  25. Potato fries or chips?

So far, everything is going well. But have you dreamt of keeping a dog and want to know if the other person can survive around pets?

This or that Animal Questions

You can be an animal lover or bring out the topic of animals on a random basis. This way you get to know if the other person is kind towards humans only or to other living creatures too.

This might sound lame, but it is a very authentic way to know somebody’s inner side.

  1. Catch a fish or catch a hen?
  2. What animals eat or what animals defecate?
  3. Animals are cute or animals are dangerous?
  4. In general, do animals have four legs or six legs?
  5. Brown animal or black animal?
  6. Climb on a goat or climb on a dog?
  7. Meet your pet or meet your brother?
  8. Does your pet eat chicken or meat?
  9. Are fish cute or beautiful?
  10. Buy 10 fish for the aquarium or 1 dog?
  11. Black dog or white dog?
  12. Play with the cat or play with the dog?
  13. Live in a forest or underwater?
  14. Be a hunter or be an animal?
  15. Milk a cow or milk a boar?
  16. Kiss a cow or kiss a pig?
  17. Kill a snake or be bitten by a snake?
  18. Dream of a shark or dream of a monkey?
  19. Pet dolphin or parrot?
  20. More beautiful: a peacock or a parrot?
  21. More intelligent:  a dog or an elephant?
  22. Ride a horse or ride an elephant?
  23. Be Bitten by a Rat or live all your life with 10 rats?
  24. Street dog or an expensive dog?
  25. Cats are cute or cats make you angry?

Oh, let’s just jump into Geography now because that was my favorite subject in school!

This or that Geography Questions

Don’t be amazed by the term Geography. You can ask your friends about anything, right? If not, what are friends even for?

  1. Live in the East or West?
  2. South America or North America?
  3. Visit Germany or Japan?
  4. See the rising Sun from East or West?
  5. Summer solstice is on 21st June or 21st July?
  6. Winter solstice in December or January?
  7. Earth is flat at poles or round at poles?
  8. Do we live in the Lithosphere or Hydrosphere?
  9. Volcanic eruptions are natural calamities or man’s fault?
  10. Deforestation or Global warming, what causes more harm?
  11. Humid weather or cool weather?
  12. Watch a beautiful sunset or moon in the sky?
  13. Asia or Africa?
  14. Africa or Australia?
  15. India is the largest producer of spices or tea?
  16. Watch Dawn or Dusk?
  17. Sri Lanka or India?
  18. Russian accent or French accent?
  19. Nature of Business?
  20. Carbon dioxide or oxygen?
  21. There are seven continents or six continents?
  22. Does Earth have more water or more land?
  23. Does the earth revolve around the Sun or Moon?
  24. Does the Moon revolve around the Sun or Earth?
  25. Would you live on the Moon or Mars?

Okay, fine. Let’s move away from random topics now and focus on couples.

This or that questions for couples

If you are a new couple, this game will work like magic for you. Because when you play this, you wouldn’t have to ask your better half anything directly. Yet, you’ll get to know about their choices and preferences.

  1. Relationship or Career?
  2. Morning Cuddle or Night Romance?
  3. A partner who smokes regularly or drinks occasionally?
  4. Future planning or Enjoy the Present?
  5. Balcony Romance or Bedroom?
  6. Modern or rustic?
  7. Sleep on the left or the right side of the bed?
  8. Divorce or sustain a bad marriage for kids?
  9. Couple’s trip or with children?
  10. Antique or New furniture home?
  11. Be your partner’s boss or employee?
  12. Call your spouse: Sweetheart or honey?
  13. Wish the time to pass Fast or slow?
  14. Bath together in a pool or shower?
  15. Spring or Winter?
  16. Beach Holidays or Mountain places?
  17. Make love on the First night or before marriage?
  18. Hate each other’s friends or hate each other’s family?
  19. Share a toothbrush or share a soap?
  20. Grand wedding or Temple Wedding?
  21. Big Bungalow or Small cottage?
  22. Blinds or curtains?
  23. Dine together or party together?
  24. Destination Wedding or Beachside wedding?
  25. Get married and have no kids or stay single with kids?

Now, if you are specifically looking for questions to ask a girl, look below.

This or that questions to ask a girl

When you are asking questions to a girl, you want to know her while also ensuring that she is enjoying the game. 

So, check the list below for all romantic, great questions that you can ask a girl.

  1. Give up your makeup or give up your friend?
  2. Sleep in your makeup or never wear makeup in your life?
  3. Makeup or dress?
  4. Lingerie or gown?
  5. False eyelashes or false hair?
  6. Have a sweet voice or a sweet personality?
  7. Stand against all odds or ignore them?
  8. More power or beauty?
  9. The girl of manners or the girl of looks?
  10. Beauty with brain or have no brain but beauty?
  11. Pink gown or peach gown?
  12. Cry when you are sad or self-talk?
  13. Lipstick or eyeliner?
  14. Blush or lipstick?
  15. Get sunburn or never come out in the Sun?
  16. Have a curvy body or a slim body?
  17. Have a beautiful smile or a beautiful figure?
  18. A friend who has money or a friend who has a brain?
  19. A friend who is helpful or a friend who is in need of help?
  20. A friend who is Rich or a friend who is Pious?
  21. Dress like a peacock or an angel?
  22. Dress like a mermaid or a butterfly?
  23. Hairband or Hair Clips?
  24. Tied hair or open Hair?
  25. Affordable makeup or premium makeup?

If you’re a girl and looking for questions for a guy, the following list is for you.

This or that questions to ask a guy

Just like you have a specified set of questions for girls, there’s a set for guys too. You may think that men are easier to talk to but trust me, that’s not the case!

They take way longer than girls to open up. So, you need to ask some really great questions to keep a guy hooked to this game.

  1. Give up love or success?
  2. Talk to a stranger girl about your pain or never discuss your pain?
  3. Give up music or girls?
  4. Sit in a girl’s lap or sit on a donkey’s back?
  5. Give up vodka or whiskey forever?
  6. A good body or a successful career?
  7. Go to gym thrice a week or go to gym 7 days a week?
  8. Fight or resolve?
  9. Dance or mimic?
  10. Have a good personality or a good physique?
  11. Beg or steal?
  12. Make friends with benefits or friends with fun?
  13. Spikes or plain hair?
  14. Lose all your hair or become short in height?
  15. Cut your own hair or cut your sister’s hair?
  16. Do social service to impress a girl or strive for a greater salary package?
  17. Dominate women or obey them?
  18. Cut your finger or cut your toe?
  19. Have a street fight or fight in a closed room?
  20. Date a hot girl or a simple girl?
  21. Marry a girl or date a girl for 10 years and never marry her?
  22. Cook with your mum or cook with your wife?
  23. Help your father in business or have your own business?
  24. Fight for others’ rights or look into your own business?
  25. Marry a fat girl or a dusky skin girl?

Now, if this guy is your boyfriend, you can have some more questions like:

This or that questions for boyfriend

The questions are different to ask your boyfriend because you already know about his basic choices. So, instead, you can talk to him about romance, adultery, or family. Try to know his hidden desires with the help of these questions.

  1. Date a policeman or a lawyer?
  2. Fall in love with a criminal or a cop?
  3. Leave me or your family members?
  4. Marry me now or marry me never?
  5. Take me on a trip or take me to your home?
  6. Curvy and beautiful or slim and smart?
  7. Rich and intelligent or simple and Golden heart?
  8. One who loves more or one who gives more?
  9. Never disobey your girlfriend or never disobey your father?
  10. Give me your purse or give me your mobile phone?
  11. Share your passwords or share your past?
  12. Timepass with girlfriend or true commitment?
  13. Make out in a hotel room or in your bedroom?
  14. Kiss my forehead or kiss my lips?
  15. Hold my waist or hold my shoulders?
  16. Know my past or make my future?
  17. I am your weakness or your strength?
  18. Quality of romance or quantity of romance?
  19. Give me chocolates or give me a dress?
  20. Give me a hug or give me a love bite?
  21. Call me at night or day?
  22. Do I have a sexy figure or a sexy voice?
  23. Health or body shape?
  24. Talk more or kiss more?
  25. A long-lasting relationship or a long-lasting fling?

After questions for the boyfriend, let’s check the questions to ask your girlfriend.

This or that questions for girlfriend

Your girlfriend will love it when you talk about romance and your relationship. Encircle your questions around these topics and she will love to play this game with you.

If you can’t think of any good questions, take help from the listed ones.

  1. Give up your boyfriend or give up your cell phone?
  2. Call your boyfriend only once a day or never call him at all?
  3. Hug your boyfriend every day or sleep with your boyfriend once a month?
  4. Kiss me on my neck or on my forehead?
  5. Rest on my chest or Shoulders?
  6. Wear slippers and walk alone or walk barefoot with me?
  7. Kiss me for 10 minutes or 20 minutes?
  8. Call me baby or honey?
  9. Am I your support or your weakness?
  10. Give me a name or give me a gift?
  11. Is your boyfriend more rich or more loving?
  12. Is your boyfriend good at romance or good at caring?
  13. Is your boyfriend honest or a liar?
  14. Is your boyfriend short-tempered or cool and composed?
  15. Marry your boyfriend now or never marry anyone at all?
  16. Leave me because I am blind or infertile?
  17. Sleep with me every day or talk to me every day?
  18. Ask me to impregnate you or to leave you?
  19. Talk about me to your father or your mother?
  20. A tall and huge man or a simple smart man?
  21. A clever and money-making mind or a fool?
  22. Date a bald man or never date at all?
  23. Eat with your boyfriend or sleep with your boyfriend?
  24. Dream about your boyfriend or your best friend?

After girlfriends and boyfriends, it’s time to talk about adults. For them, more than teenage romance, intimacy works.

This or that questions for adults

If you’re 18+ and playing this game, you wouldn’t keep it simple. Spice up the questions with some intimacy and adultery and have a gala time!

  1. Walk in on your parents or friends while making out?
  2. Make out with anyone or Wait for a year?
  3. Curvy figure is more attractive or long hair?
  4. Sexy Boss or a sexy spouse?
  5. Have sex with a handsome peon or a bad-looking boss?
  6. Interesting in bed or Rich?
  7. Loose sexuality or switch your gender?
  8. Long cuddling or long lovemaking?
  9. Make out with a friend’s partner or your ex?
  10. Get caught with another man by your parents or your spouse?
  11. Date for sex or date for love?
  12. Love without sex or sex without love?
  13. Career or Body pleasure?
  14. Make out in a movie hall or a park?
  15. Never meet your ex or meet him with a kiss?
  16. Call your ex to home or visit his/her home?
  17. Sexy and beautiful or Smart and interesting?
  18. Sofa or Bed?
  19. Have twins or no child at all?
  20. Mischievous in bed or obedient in bed?
  21. Are you a mood maker or a lazy beloved?
  22. Enjoy sex more or the company of your partner more?
  23. Sex is pain or pleasure?
  24. Judge a bisexual or be a bisexual?
  25. Be asexual or sleep with 10 different people every night throughout your life?

We also have a few questions if you are playing among teens.

This or that questions for teens

This or that question game can be easily played by all age groups. If you’re a growing teenager and have gathered your friends at your place, you’ll want to do something that adults do. And guess what, adults play this game!

However, if you don’t know how to play it or what questions to ask, refer below.

  1. Jeans or sweatpants?
  2. College or School?
  3. Intelligent and less spoken or Funny and outspoken?
  4. Instagram or Facebook?
  5. A lunch with your best friend or a grand celebration with your family?
  6. Have virtues only or money only? 
  7. Festivals or Parties?
  8. Soap Bar or Shower gel?
  9. Light or Bright clothes?
  10. Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?
  11. Sun-kissed golden goddess or snow-white ice princess?
  12. Miss a good family picnic or friends get-together?
  13. Real-life or movie?
  14. Breakfast or Brunch?
  15. Blues or Rock?
  16. Comedy or Drama?
  17. Live Concerts or TV?
  18. In trouble: Call your dad or call your friend?
  19. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
  20. New phone or a New Tab?
  21. Let the past be buried or Dig the dead?
  22. Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?
  23. Meet Barack Obama or Donald Trump?
  24. Sweet yogurt or ice cream?
  25. Build an Orphan House or Home?

It’s time for the questions for kids.

This or that questions for kids

Are you a mom who has invited your child’s friends’ home and is looking for games to play? Don’t get upset. Your favorite game can be played by your kids too. Just twist the questions a bit. 

Or, you can just start from here!

  1. Aunty or Mother?
  2. Higher grades or more play?
  3. Dolphins or Penguins?
  4. Little Mermaid or Mulan?
  5. Hogwarts or Narnia?
  6. Avengers or Favourite Game?
  7. Grapes or Oranges?
  8. Mangoes or Mango Shake?
  9. Donuts or Candy?
  10. Reading stories or watching movies?
  11. Swimming or Karate?
  12. Ice cream or Pastries?
  13. Pet Cat or pet dog?
  14. Pet Rabbit or Pet cow?
  15. Bunny is cute or squirrel is cute?
  16. Chicken or green veggies?
  17. Become a fish or eat fish?
  18. See Panda or See Giraffe?
  19. Be Batman or be Spiderman?
  20. Love Dad more or mom more?
  21. Want a Sister or a Brother?
  22. Friends or Teachers?
  23. School or Tuition?
  24. Games or Dance?
  25. Writing or Reading?

Did the kids enjoy it? See, I was sure about it.

This or that Quiz

This or that questions game is more fun when it’s played as a rapid-fire round like a quiz. Don’t give the players more than five seconds to answer the questions and see them jump across the hall.

  1. Learn Yoga or gymnastics?
  2. Cheerleader or Band member?
  3. Be famous online or a Real-life hero?
  4. Being too warm at behavior or too cold at emotions?
  5. Beer or wine?
  6. Stop using glass or stop using plastic?
  7. Liquid Lipstick or lip stain?
  8. Free meal or free time?
  9. Hospital or Police Lockup?
  10. Christmas or New Year?
  11. Switch your mom or dad?
  12. Sweet or spicy?
  13. Full Education or only Practical works?
  14. Swim or skydive?
  15. Perfect skin or perfect hair?
  16. Lie down and eat or stand and eat?
  17. Create panic or be panicked?
  18. Love a ghost or marry a ghost?
  19. Kill a shark or a crocodile?
  20. Dig ground or Dive deep into oceans?
  21. Be kind or Strict?
  22. Doctor or patient?
  23. Be Cloud or water droplet?
  24. Chilled cold drink or hot mango shake?
  25. Ripe Mangoes or Sour Mangoes?

Wait, the list isn’t over yet. There are a few more that you can ask.

Either or questions list

You cannot think of any topics further, but we can. Here’s a list of either or questions that you can use to strike a conversation when you are absolutely clueless.

  1. Children should obey their parents or should parents obey their children?
  2. To give respect you must check a person’s age or wisdom?
  3. Catch fever or catch cold?
  4. Suffer or make someone suffer?
  5. Live a life of your own choice or struggle to make your parents happy?
  6. Change according to People’s expectations or be yourself and spend your life alone?
  7. Egocentric or humble?
  8. Genuine or sweet spoken?
  9. Careful or spontaneous?
  10. Spend money for others or save money for yourself?
  11. Pray for the world or pray for your family?
  12. Easy challenges or difficult ones?
  13. Plan or take risks?
  14. Immoral people are infectious or poor people are infectious?
  15. Deep analysis of a matter or superficial thoughts?
  16. Give your surroundings more importance or yourself more importance?
  17. Prestige or Family?
  18. Get up before sunrise or sleep before sunset?
  19. Do you get hurt easily or do you hurt others’ emotions easily?
  20. Be a beggar all your life or murder a rich man?
  21. Be a part of rich dirty politics or a simple honest citizen?
  22. Do not mess with people or wild animals?
  23. Self-dependent or take the help of others to grow?
  24. Adopt an orphan or an abandoned old man?
  25. Drink toxic or think toxic?

Wasn’t that fun to play?

Of course it was.

But before you finally hit the playground here is a quick guide on

How to ask This or that game Questions?

This or That game can be played in different ways. You can play it on a one-to-one basis or in a small group. Irrespective of the company, make sure to note down all the replies and focus on the answers of the other players.

The easiest way to play this game is by giving two choices to the player. After this, you guess their answer. If you do it right, you earn a point. When everyone’s done guessing, tell them the correct answer… and keep going with more questions!

You can either prepare your list of questions or use the ones I have listed. 

Other than this, you can mix it up with these tips for some added fun!

1. Give chance to everyone

Few people play it in a different way. They give everybody a chance in a specific round. This means everybody takes turns and asks questions.

One person responds to only one question and the remaining players guess the choice. When you do this, you will find all the players active and attentive in the game.

2. More choices

You can spice up this game a little more. Let the majority of the players guess the choices right. Until then, keep shooting with the set of questions on each player.

The greater number of questions you ask, the more exciting the game becomes. But also set a limit to the number of questions to not make it monotonous.

3. Look for similar answers

This game is more fun when you play it with your date or BFF because, with them, you’re always looking for similarities.

To get this right, make a list of questions and mark your preferences. Now cross-check the answers and identify the number of questions you answered similarly.

4. Wait for the correct moment

You can play this game only when everyone in the room is in the same mood. If anyone is preparing for submission or has to attend a meeting, they wouldn’t be in a conversational mood.

Hence, at such times this game will have no meaning. Look for relaxing moments to start with this game.

5. Don’t forget to ask some surprising questions

The real trick that works with this game is to throw questions when they’re least expected. Shoot questions to gain immediate first thought responses.

When the replies are immediate, it helps you to know the person better and leads to interesting conversations. Ask questions that can surprise and intrigue your game partner.

Over to you…

To strike a conversation can seem difficult to you, but it is not. Instead of sharing awkward silences, play this or that question game and bond easily with others. There’s no better way to keep the conversation going than this game.

It takes less effort and there are hardly any chances of mistakes. All you have to do is ask some random questions and wait for their answer. Listen and explore their interests with the answers and ask some more questions regarding that topic. It’s that simple!

After hours of playing this game, there’s a high chance you’ll find yourself in the middle of a never-ending conversation! 😉