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200+ This or That Questions for Teens to Indulge in Some Fun Time!

200+ This or That Questions for Teens to Indulge in Some Fun Time!

Updated on Oct 11, 2022

200+ This or That Questions for Teens to Indulge in Some Fun Time!

So, you’re looking for a list of this or that questions for teens. Then, I am guessing you’ve a party at home or a get-together and are looking for some games to spend quality time with.

This game acts as a great icebreaker and helps you to know each other deeply. Who knows you may also develop a lifelong bond with someone or find someone with the same interests as you?

So, if you’re ready, grab all you want from here…

Awesome This or That Questions for Teens

The first impression is always the last impression and we know you don’t want to ruin it by asking some silly questions. So, on your first move, play safe by asking these awesome questions and you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Mountains or beaches?
  2. Money or free time?
  3. Cardio or weight lifting?
  4. Pilates or yoga?
  5. Dominos or McDonald’s?
  6. Voice calls or video calls?
  7. Lipstick or lip gloss?
  8. Beanie or cap?
  9. Want to know: Past or future?
  10. Become: Book smart or street smart?
  11. Chess or Ludo?
  12. Golf or Cricket?
  13. Spa or Pedicure?
  14. Snapchat or Instagram?
  15. Write with: Pen or pencil?
  16. Follow influencers or stars?
  17. Stargazing or rooftop dinner?
  18. Shiny or matte finish?
  19. Sea or waterfall?
  20. Playing cards or crossword puzzles?

Now that you have set the base, it’s time to level up! If you show them your fun side, you can definitely win many hearts. So, start playing this funny set of questions for teens and share a laugh…

Funny This or That Questions for Teens

What fun is a game if there’s nothing funny in it? So, If you want to grab the limelight of the room and make your place in everyone’s hearts, ask these…

  1. Texting or calling?
  2. Lose your phone or your keys?
  3. No teeth or crooked teeth?
  4. Become a: Professional Netflix viewer or professional sleeper?
  5. Rip your camping tent or get lost on a hike?
  6. Land in the wrong hotel or lose your hotel key?
  7. Spill food on a stranger or spit on them accidentally?
  8. Lose your bathing suit in the ocean or let a jellyfish sting you?
  9. Talk like Spongebob or Patrick?
  10. Lose your ID or credit/debit card?
  11. Become a: Dog walker or cat sitter?
  12. Grow up to be a lion tamer or trapeze artist?
  13. Hat with animal ears or a faux-fur scarf?
  14. Wear clothes two sizes big or two sizes small?
  15. Wear gloves on your feet or socks on hand?
  16. Wear shorts in the snow or jeans at the beach?
  17. Get sick on an airplane or a cruise?
  18. Have a huge pimple on a date or a prom?
  19. Get banned from Facebook or Twitter?
  20. Want an extra finger or an extra toe?

Yeah, there’s a limit to being funny… after a while, you gotta work on your main agenda: Friendship! So, let’s work on that real quick with some friendly questions here…

Friendly This or That Questions for Teens

Whether it’s your school or college, you’ll always be surrounded by people you know but not “REALLY”. So, why not take up a chance to break the ice today with these bang-on questions…

  1. Buying things: Online or visiting the store?
  2. Cold coffee or hot coffee?
  3. Gold jewelry or silver jewelry?
  4. Nail art or nail stickers?
  5. Outdoor dining or indoor dining?
  6. Netflix or TV?
  7. Watch movies or TV shows?
  8. Truth or dare?
  9. Short skirt or jeans?
  10. Sandwiches or tacos?
  11. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
  12. Wear vintage or trendy collections?
  13. Share bed with siblings or sleep alone?
  14. Spend a day without people or phones?
  15. Breakfast or dinner?
  16. Oversized clothes or skin fit?
  17. Room View: Sea or mountain?
  18. Be like which character: Cinderella or Rapunzel?
  19. Kiss a frog or bear?
  20. Leggings or ripped jeans?

Now that you got along well with others, it’s time to show them your best side. Show them that you’re worth this friendship and totally belong to the same league as these …

Best This or That Questions for Teens

To show your best version, you must show you are brainy as well as funny. There’s nobody who can withstand you in the room. So, flaunt yourself by throwing the best this or that questions like these…

  1. Listen to music or read books?
  2. Sleeping late or waking up early?
  3. Instagram Reels or Youtube shorts?
  4. Be popular among classmates or teachers?
  5. Birthday party with friends or family?
  6. Horror or sci-fi movies?
  7. Play video games on the phone or play station?
  8. Switch closets with mother or sister?
  9. Hiking or scuba diving?
  10. Watch younger siblings at home or take them out?
  11. Paris or Singapore?
  12. Heels or flats?
  13. Climb mountains or go underwater?
  14. Customized phone or passport cover?
  15. Eye rolling or ‘ughh!’?
  16. Attend music concerts or festive events?
  17. Fault in Our Stars or Five Feet Apart?
  18. Tie-dye or floral wear?
  19. Math or Science?
  20. Class clown or honorable position?

But you can step this game up even more. For that, show them that they can spend an entire day with you without being bored. So, shoot some interesting questions at them from the next list…

Interesting This or That Questions

Prepare your gang and yourself to invest some time on this list. These questions won’t be as rapid as the others as they will pick your brain a lot more than others. So, let’s get down with some interesting and thought-provoking ones here…

  1. Podcast or audiobook?
  2. Board games or outdoor sports?
  3. Talk constantly or be silent?
  4. Mac or Windows?
  5. The Office or F.R.I.E.N.D.S?
  6. E-book or paperback?
  7. Holidays at grandma or cousins’ place?
  8. Travel by road or air?
  9. Skydiving or bungee jumping?
  10. Supernatural powers or supernatural intelligence?
  11. Cookies or brownies?
  12. Exercise or eat healthy?
  13. Sneakers or boots?
  14. Paint or act?
  15. Write or speak?
  16. Peanut butter or Nutella?
  17. Fruit person or salad lover?
  18. Hat or headband?
  19. Soap or shower gel?
  20. Strawberry or chocolate cake?

Well, I guess now you have already impressed everyone by being the best and the most interesting one in the room. So, will it be the right time now to flirt a little?

Flirty Teen This or That Qs

If you think your vibe matches with someone in the room, don’t wait for your stars to create an opportunity. You can totally share your feelings through this game! C’mon, let’s flirt with this or that question and see if you can also start your love story soon…

  1. Watch the sunrise together or sunset?
  2. First dates at the park or coffee shop?
  3. Rap or slow dance?
  4. Ideal date: Movie or dinner?
  5. Bath together or shower alone?
  6. Have one child or five children with me?
  7. Be in love without getting married or get married without love?
  8. Large diamond ring or small gold ring?
  9. Big wedding or intimate wedding?
  10. Get married in a banquet hall or have a destination wedding?
  11. Really great regular kiss or French kiss?
  12. Do something dirty in class or on a date?
  13. Have sex in front of parents or never have sex at all?
  14. Spend the rest of your life with me or a pet?
  15. Lick my hand or cheek?
  16. Candle light dinner or poolside dinner?
  17. The date at my house or your house?
  18. Netflix and chill or long drive and coffee?
  19. Get proposed with flowers or a ring?
  20. Write poetry or a novel about love?

If following a particular theme or list seems too boring or if you’re scared that others might notice your feelings with the flirty questions before your crush does, let’s jumble them up with some random ones here…

Random This or That Questions

In a room full of people, if you approach your crush with flirty and deep questions, it’s not long until people tease you about your feelings. So, to hide your feelings, ask some of these…

  1. Clothes or accessories?
  2. Tattoos or piercings?
  3. Call everyone or give up social media?
  4. Amusement park or botanical garden?
  5. Party or sleep on weekends?
  6. Miss prom or farewell?
  7. Individual or group project?
  8. Fishing or hunting?
  9. Day school or hostel?
  10. Become immortal or become invisible?
  11. Stay on Earth or explore a new planet?
  12. iOS or Android?
  13. Sudoku or Hangman?
  14. Running or cycling?
  15. Saving for the future or spending on a lifestyle?
  16. City or countryside?
  17. Batman or Spiderman?
  18. Comic or thriller movie?
  19. Emoticons or GIFs?
  20. Cheerleaders or dancers?

With a few rounds of this or that questions, you’ll obviously make a lot of progress making friends. So, to make good friends, let’s make an attempt to deepen the bond here…

Good This or That Questions

If you want to maintain a good image among your friends and build a good friendship with everyone around you, ask them some clean, good questions about your tastes and thinking style. C’mon, let’s build a great bond together…

  1. Baseball or basketball?
  2. Well planned or spontaneous plans?
  3. Pizza or pasta?
  4. Ignore or answer back?
  5. Be a villain or hero in a movie?
  6. Sweet tooth or spice freak?
  7. Yogurt or ice cream?
  8. Sunscreen or cologne?
  9. Spend your day at a clothing store or bookstore?
  10. Dance or sing?
  11. Be active in academics or sports?
  12. Drive a sports car or sports bike?
  13. Skateboard or hoverboard?
  14. Win quiz or debate?
  15. Read notes or magazines?
  16. Day school or boarding school?
  17. Fight for water or food?
  18. Adopt a dog or cat?
  19. Go to Mars or Jupiter?
  20. Summer or Spring?

Once you create a good bond, do you know what friends do? You poke fun at each other so let’s embarrass them a little bit. Don’t worry, we won’t make you passively bully anyone. Let’s get down to harmless fun here…

Embarrassing This or That Questions

When you are close to someone, the most amazing part is to embarrass them publicly. When you ask this question list, don’t forget to check out their faces as they’ll totally give you the most furious looks… 😉

  1. Do the dishes or laundry?
  2. Lose all teeth or hair?
  3. Talk or kick in sleep?
  4. What is more annoying: A bad smell from the mouth or armpits?
  5. Have a: horn or tail?
  6. Eat rotten food or cow dung?
  7. Drink spit or mud?
  8. The person on your left or right for marriage?
  9. Skip cleaning for a month: Bathroom or kitchen?
  10. Elope and marry or arranged marriage?
  11. When a house is on fire, save whom: Pet or documents?
  12. Loud fart or stinky one?
  13. Walk with pants zip undone or one middle shirt button undone?
  14. Nose hair extensions or armpit hair extensions?
  15. Hand signals or smoke signals for communication?
  16. Let your sibling read your diary or embarrass you in front of your crush?
  17. Ski in a bathing suit or swim in a snow jacket?
  18. Go to school naked once or go to school for a month in uncomfortable clothes?
  19. Spill coffee on your shirt or rip your jeans?
  20. Become a: stand-up comedian or circus clown?

But in this digital era, you may not always meet… but you probably chat a lot on group chats or conference calls. So, if you want to have all the fun on your phone, we got you covered!

Funny This or That Questions on Phone

People normally run out of context while texting or on the call… and it definitely gets awkward. So here goes a list of funny questions that seem funny and suitable over a phone or video call or on texts. So, let’s show them how cool you are…

  1. Become a poop picker or dog food taster?
  2. Be God or devil?
  3. Work in a circus or pizza place?
  4. Eat soap or drink soap?
  5. Change a baby’s diaper or poop in front of others?
  6. Third nipple or third nostril?
  7. Pee or poop in your pants?
  8. Drink pee or smell fart?
  9. Make love to a frog or a dog?
  10. Be lost in a forest or mountains?
  11. Naked in hot or cold weather?
  12. Smell bad or look bad?
  13. Eat rotten food or miss multiple toes?
  14. Jump every 10 minutes or hit the gym every hour?
  15. Bad hair or bad breath?
  16. Get your cheques bounced or credit card disabled?
  17. Be bad at a radio show or TV show?
  18. Vomit in the garden or at work?
  19. Eat rotten eggs or rotten meat?
  20. Flirt with every person or never flirt at all?

Are you wondering whether this questions game is even fun for teens and how? Let’s reveal it here…

What makes this or that question game fun for teens?

This or that questions game has been a favorite game of teens for decades because of its versatility. You really need no specific occasion to play this game. But here are a few legit reasons to play it…

1. It’s a good conversation starter

You can either play it as a classroom icebreaker, on a road trip, on a call, or on sleepovers. You can LITERALLY play it everywhere and it does not even require any props.

2. It helps you bond better

Moreover, this game helps you find out the ideal choices of each individual and help you bond. So why won’t you grab onto this chance and make the most of it!

3. You learn to think fast under pressure

This or that game doesn’t allow you a lot of time… especially if you’re in a group. So, you answer the questions while being under constant pressure to answer the best and not make a joke of yourself. It’s a fun way to prepare yourself for adult life.

4. It can be a great mood lifter

If you guys feel bored or down for any reason, this game can lift your mood within seconds. You can cheer your friend to divert their mind from bad situations or even get rid of boredom during breaks. Or, if you’re grounded with your siblings, it’s always a great pass-time!

5. You can make memories with your buddies

Teenage is a beautiful phase where you start learning about life, struggles, heartbreaks, and true friends. Once you grow older and get a job, you’ll miss this time. Playing this and that in your teens is perfect to help you cherish your bond right now and make great memories.

A word from ThePleasantCoversation

You can play this or that questions for teens game in groups or even between two people. The game will help you learn so many new things about each other.

But when others answer, make sure you pay attention… especially if they’re a best friend or crush… so, the next time you meet them, you’ll already know a lot to get along with them better.

Take complete advantage of the thrill of the game and make friends mindfully!