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200+ This or That Questions for Couples to Strike Deep Conversations

200+ This or That Questions for Couples to Strike Deep Conversations

Updated on Oct 11, 2022

200+ This or That Questions for Couples to Strike Deep Conversations

If you want the ultimate list of this or that questions for couples to spice up your relationship, good job reaching this think-piece!

Here, you’ll find the most baffling and tough options you can ever think of. So, if you want to watch your partner get embarrassed, have them at a loss of words, or simply get a compliment for the crazy options, I’ll fulfill all your wishes. 😉

Don’t worry because I won’t tell your partner that these aren’t your ideas, so grab as many as you want!

Fun this or that questions for couples

If you guys think you’re a fun couple or your partner is crazy for fun games, this list of fun questions won’t disappoint you. I promise this can change your mood instantly and win your cuddle time!

  1. Sour or sweet?
  2. Spicy or mild?
  3. Get risky or play safe?
  4. Extrovert or introvert?
  5. Thrilling experiences or expensive gifts?
  6. Lose your legs or hands?
  7. Truth or dare?
  8. Be a villain for a day or a hero for a year?
  9. Get presents or give presents?
  10. Mini golf or Go kart?
  11. Eat worms for a million dollars or rob the banks and become wanted?
  12. Share the last chocolate piece of pizza with me or order separate pizzas?
  13. Pecs or man boobs?
  14. Online news portal or daily newspaper?
  15. Valentine’s Day or Christmas Eve?
  16. Modern or traditional?
  17. Ice cream cone or ice cream cup?
  18. Dip your toes in the water in freezing weather or make a quick run over the fire?
  19. Get coily hair or straight hair?
  20. Hot or cold beverages?

If you want something even more intense to spike the romance in your relationship… your long wait is over because I have the ultimate list to make you fall into love all over and over here…

Romantic this or that questions for couples

If your bae accuses you of being unromantic (or if you really are), a round of romantic this and that questions will be the ideal mood-setter. Don’t believe me? Ask them these and watch how you both put on the rose-tinted glasses…

  1. Happy-ending romance or tragic romance shows?
  2. Fall in love at first sight or fall in love after taking time?
  3. Stargazing dates in the open or from a hotel room?
  4. Pay for your date or have your date pay for you?
  5. Be in a relationship with someone you like more or with someone that likes you more?
  6. Date someone that’s like you or date your complete opposite?
  7. Spend all day lazing together on the bed or going out for a thrill?
  8. Share from the same cup of ice cream or feed each other from your cup?
  9. Hold hands or hug in public?
  10. Spend on a lavish wedding or on an extravagant honeymoon?
  11. Be hugged or hug first?
  12. Hug tightly or gently with patting motions?
  13. Spontaneous dates or pre-planned dates?
  14. Dress formal and have an extravagant formal date or dress casual and take it easy on a picnic date?
  15. Fall in love with a rich person or with a hot person?
  16. Accidentally see your parents French kissing or let them see you French kissing?
  17. Watch a movie or watch the sunrise?
  18. Slow dance to a romantic rhythm or dance fast to edgy beats?
  19. Long drive or long walk?
  20. Get matching piercings or tattoos?

If romance doesn’t quench your thirst and you didn’t yet have enough of each other, what about something naughty? C’mon, let’s get into intimate secrets here…

Dirty this or that questions for couples

If you’re ready to set the fire of lust but don’t wanna be too direct about it, ask them some sizzling sexy questions. Your partner will naturally get in the mood for steamy hours. You can use these as dirty would you rather questions too…

  1. Have sex every day and all day with me or have a one-night stand with someone else?
  2. Lights on or off during sex?
  3. Strip tease or lap dance?
  4. Shoot a sex tape on role play as an escort?
  5. Boobs or butt?
  6. Use multiple sex toys at once for one day or try a new sex position every day?
  7. Tell your favorite position or just do it?
  8. Talk about sex and what feels good or show your partner what you like?
  9. Send nudes or dirty talk on the phone?
  10. Stark nude or lingerie?
  11. Go skinny dipping with lots of strangers or walk around naked in a deserted city?
  12. Exhibitionism or voyeurism?
  13. Wear body paint without clothes to the club or wear a transparent swimsuit to the beach?
  14. Sex in the shower or sex at the hot springs?
  15. Sex on a cruise or a flight (mile-high club)?
  16. Have a one-night stand with your ex or never have one-night stands?
  17. Sex with aromatic lights or sex with romantic background music?
  18. Scream during sex or try to muffle your moans?
  19. Climax before your partner or after your partner?
  20. Commando or braless?

But hey… are you guys married? In that case, you already know a heck lot about each other. You guys need a lot tougher questions to bring back the spark like here…

This or that questions for married couples

After marriage, you learn about all the good and bad sides of your spouse and things get a little cold and less exciting with time. But these questions can bring back the lost charm and get you closer than ever here…

  1. Eat takeaway or homemade meals for the rest of your life?
  2. Choose the date venue yourself or let your partner lead?
  3. Netflix and chill at home or Drive-in movie?
  4. Double date with family or with friends?
  5. Ice cream date or coffee date ideas?
  6. If given the chance, take marriage vows again or never get married?
  7. Adopt a baby or adopt a pet?
  8. Have ten kids or foster a kid?
  9. Matching outfit with your spouse or with your kid?
  10. Text till late or talk till late?
  11. Have a happy marriage and no kids or adopt kids and never marry?
  12. Spend Valentine’s Day or New Year’s alone?
  13. Live in a big city in solitude or in the lively countryside?
  14. Smack your child in front of everyone or smack them when you go home for being naughty?
  15. Card game or video game?
  16. Text your spouse 100 times a day or call them 200 times a day?
  17. Stay with your spouse with lots of love but no sex life or divorce your spouse and satisfy yourself without love?
  18. Have a long-distance relationship or take a break?
  19. Align your bucket list and do everything together or have separate bucket lists and fulfill your dreams separately?
  20. Fantasize about someone else in front of your spouse or have sex with someone else mistakenly thinking they’re your spouse?

Do you love to watch your partner cringe in disgust? I do because the way they get annoyed and sulk is downright adorable. So, let’s tease your lover a bit more here…

Gross this or that questions for couples

Don’t you feel proud to hear your partner say “Only you can have such crazy thoughts!”? After all, it shows in their eyes that nobody is as unique as you. So, get ready with a camera and capture their expression when you ask them…

  1. Don’t shower for a week or don’t brush your teeth for a week?
  2. Taste your booger or yourself down there?
  3. Fart nasty in an elevator or poop in your pants during a presentation?
  4. Smell your feet or smell your bumhole?
  5. Lick underarms or lick bumhole?
  6. Eat bull penis or durian?
  7. Binge on pizza with pineapple topping or have Cheetos with milk?
  8. Work with poor-skilled subordinates or work with a lazy and selfish supervisor?
  9. Be unnaturally tall or unnaturally muscular?
  10. Overhear your sibling playing sexy games in the other room or accidentally see them strip for their partner?
  11. Sniff your navel gunk or sniff your toenail?
  12. Watch “two girls one cup” porn or the felching porn genre?
  13. Leave the toilet seat up or down?
  14. Flush with the toilet lid open or while you’re still sitting on them?
  15. A wasp nest in the corner of your washroom or a plate of moldy bread in your refrigerator?
  16. Not clean the toilet for a month or not clean the sink for a month?
  17. Put your hands in a tub full of earthworms or a tub full of millipedes?
  18. Live in a world without air conditioning or a world without deodorant?
  19. Look the worst in the world or smell the worst in the world?
  20. Have your nose always full of boogers or have your face always with big pimples?

If you’re not too big on gross questions, that’s okay. How about picking your partner’s brain instead? C’mon, let’s find some deep questions for you guys here…

This or that thought-provoking questions for couples

If your man/woman loves deep conversations, that might be the best way to spend more quality time and bond in your relationship. So, let’s show off how well of a challenge you can throw at them here…

  1. Eat the same food for 3 months for $2,000,000 or eat your most-hated food for 1 week for $20.000?
  2. Grab a paid vacation to watch the Aurora or grab a coupon for a life’s worth of groceries?
  3. When your parents don’t approve of your date: date against their wishes or get over your lover?
  4. Kiss your partner on the first or bail out pretending to have a cold?
  5. Alter your appearance or personality?
  6. Travel ten years in the future or ten years in the past?
  7. Lose your most precious family members or kill your most hated relatives?
  8. Flinch when your partner French kisses you on the first date or deepen the kiss?
  9. Let the world know of your biggest fears or let them read your mind forever?
  10. Get hired as your spouse’s personal trainer or be their personal chef?
  11. Be popular with lots of pressure or not famous with average pressure?
  12. Be a homemaker and parent or be the breadwinner?
  13. Work at a retirement home or a daycare?
  14. Stay alone or have flatmates?
  15. Volunteer to pay for both or only pay your portion if your date forgets their wallet?
  16. Be rich or powerful?
  17. Forget your favorite memory or have a photographic memory of the worst times?
  18. Let your friend of the opposite sex dance with you sensually or watch your partner dance with their best friend of the opposite sex?
  19. Have unlimited money or unlimited leisure time?
  20. Do you want to be cremated or buried?

If you don’t have much time but still want to interact in any way with your partner, I can smell dedication. To celebrate the perfect relationship in these moments, spend time with these quick ones…

Quick this or that questions for couples

Some days you’ll both be too tired to spend quality time with deep conversations. But you can’t let those days end without even a little bit of conversation. So, ask these and have a quick chat to bond before sleeping…

  1. Hitch-hike or fix your car yourself?
  2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or Breaking Bad?
  3. Marvel or DC?
  4. Chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake?
  5. Desktop or Laptop?
  6. Night owl or early bird?
  7. Offline shopping or online shopping?
  8. Amazon Prime or Netflix?
  9. Is YouTube famous or TikTok famous?
  10. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock or Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock?
  11. Euphoria or 13 Reasons Why?
  12. Pizza or French fries?
  13. Survive a Zombie apocalypse or The Purge?
  14. Summer or winter?
  15. Fall or spring?
  16. Work from a noisy home or work from an office that’s hours away?
  17. Gold teeth or toothless?
  18. Flawless teeth or luscious hair?
  19. Have a cuddle party or cuddle your pets?
  20. Binge eating or binge-watching?

If you have many plans about traveling and adventure but have yet to share them, this or that questions can make knowing each other’s wanderlust hearts even better here…

Travel and adventure this or that questions

Traveling or setting out on an adventure takes a lot of planning. But the plans can get too serious and boring sometimes. So, make the process even more interesting with a quick round of this or that…

  1. Go on a weekend road trip or spend the weekends on a staycation?
  2. Try snorkeling with sharks or watching the whales?
  3. Relaxing vacation or exciting vacation?
  4. Paragliding or bungee jumping?
  5. After being stranded on a deserted island, live on veggies and fruits or animals and fish?
  6. Beach wedding or mountain wedding?
  7. Skiing or surfing?
  8. Snowman building or sandcastle building?
  9. Collecting dry leaves or collecting shells?
  10. A small readymade Christmas Tree or a realistic self-made Christmas Tree?
  11. Chase the storm or climb Everest?
  12. Travel alone for the rest of your life or always travel with family?
  13. Get yourself a free pass to live in any hotel room in any corner of the planet forever or get a free flight ticket to any place in the world for a lifetime?
  14. Learn underwater caving or rodeo bull riding?
  15. Forget about your first date or forget about the day you first met?
  16. Spend 2 weeks in a 3-star hotel or a night at a 5-star hotel?
  17. Kiss on the Ferris wheel or on the top of a mountain?
  18. Settle in a new country for life or never set foot out of your country?
  19. Public bus or bullet trains?
  20. Minivan or convertible?

If a part of you always bubbles up the weirdest thoughts, I understand you! We’re both one of a kind. It’s not always easy to show that weird and strange part to our partner, but here’s a way for you…

Strange this or that questions

Sometimes, do you feel that your partner really doesn’t know you from within? Or, maybe you feel you must hide your weird side lest they leave you? Hey! Let go of these anxieties and show your true colors with these questions… because every bit of you is lovable!

  1. Be caught having sex with someone other than your partner or catch your partner having sex with someone else?
  2. Kill your celebrity crush or sleep with the person you hate?
  3. Marry your ex or never get married?
  4. Briefs or boxers?
  5. Granny pants and with fishnet stockings or no panties and torn stockings?
  6. Get ghosted or get friend-zoned?
  7. Adopt a koala or adopt a bunny?
  8. Kiss a snake or kiss a tarantula?
  9. Be a shapeshifter or an alien?
  10. Make out with someone for a ride or rob them of their car and zoom off?
  11. Go out on a date without a wallet to make your date pay or ask your date to go Dutch?
  12. Forgive your partner for lying or take revenge on them even after they apologize?
  13. Face danger head-on to save a stranger or call authorities and record the situation?
  14. Donate a kidney to your best friend or spouse? [Given, that both of them need a kidney at the same time and match your blood type].
  15. Silently gather evidence of a cheating partner and let them take advantage of you meanwhile or also cheat on them?
  16. Get a wedding ring made of platinum and diamond or no wedding ring at all?
  17. Buy your friend of the opposite gender underwear with your partner’s knowledge or without their knowledge?
  18. Do a chore wrong knowingly or don’t do a chore at all to annoy others?
  19. Grab your partner by the waist publicly or pull them away from socializing when you’re jealous?
  20. Wear the same outfit for 30 days or the same underwear for 3 days at a stretch?

On the other hand, if you have a playful heart, never shy away from showing that to your partner! Your playfulness might be just what they need to feel optimistic about life. So, let’s check this out…

Silly this or that questions

In most relationships, there’s one ultra-serious person and a silly one. So, if you’re the latter, you gotta shower more of your sunshine on your partner, show them the power of your love, and make them enjoy life. And, of course, let’s do that with this or that question again!

  1. Shave off your head or shave off your brows?
  2. Never trim your nails again or never shave your beard (for men) or wax your body (for women) again?
  3. Be stupid and rich or famous and evil?
  4. Have the power to speak to animals or become invisible?
  5. Star in a horror movie or in a fantasy movie?
  6. Play boyfriend-girlfriend with your arch enemy or tell your family member about your sexual history?
  7. The left or right side of the bed?
  8. Kiss your partner until they pay attention or tickle them until they focus on you?
  9. Halt while having sex every time your kid calls you or wait until they walk in on you and get the hint?
  10. Pretend to be sick when you don’t want sex or communicate you’re not in the mood honestly?
  11. Deal with dandruff forever or lice forever?
  12. Lead a life without potatoes or a life without good books?
  13. Get drunk out of happiness on the wedding day or stay sober and leave your reception early for the wedding night?
  14. Have your partner’s failed breakfast silently or get breakfast outside secretly?
  15. Adopt 5 dogs or adopt 5 cats?
  16. Talk logically with your illogical parents or ignore them until you prove yourself right?
  17. Invest in new naughty lingerie for you or your partner or save the money for your future?
  18. Live off on ice cream or cookie dough for the rest of your life?
  19. Have unlimited access to liquor or fast food?
  20. Listen to music while at work or while exercising?

Wondering if this or that question game really makes your relationship amazing? We’ve got the answers here…

Why should you play this or that question game with couples?

Though some of you might think this or that is a kids’ game, I swear I’ve seen people flirt, fall in love, and even solve their fights with these… not that I recommend doing that but to each their own! So, let’s know how your relationship will benefit from it…

1. You can kill time effortlessly

It’s nice to share a moment of silence with your partner. But sometimes, the silence feels too stifling and makes the moment look too long and uneasy.

Playing this or that with your partner fills in the uncomfortable silence and makes even the boring and lazy days exciting.

2. You get a deeper insight into each other’s perspective

To play this or that, you must run the gears of your mind super fast to find the real answer. You don’t have a lot of time to spare unless you only want a round of 10 questions.

This forces out your true thoughts and lets you understand each other better.

3. You will have a reason to laugh for a while

You won’t always choose the perfect answer… some of the listed questions are designed such that whatever you say, it’s a complete trap!

So, the list promises you quite a few laughs. It might even work as a good conversation starter.

4. It’s a great way to introduce your inner child

This or that question game is all about creativity. How much you can create bizarre and brain cell burning options or choose the trickiest of the lot from the lists… you both will get familiar with how childish and mischievous the other can get. It’s simply a beautiful way to bond.

5. You can reassure your love

Everyone gets insecure at some point. Though you must communicate about these issues, not everyone is as open and comfortable saying “I feel insecure about…”

So, if your partner asks you tricky This or That relationship questions, definitely take the chance to show your partner how much you care for them.

A word from ThePleasantConversation

If you read all the sections, you know This or That Questions can be easy and hard. So, appropriately determine how much time your partner will need to answer with a sane mind.

Remember, this or that question game isn’t a rapid-fire round… especially for couples.

The reason? If your partner answers a serious question wrong, you might be brutally hurt… not because they mean it, but because they were too confused to answer properly!

So, make sure you guys use it to bond over it. If an answer doesn’t sit well with you, communicate. Give it a shot with an open mind and your love will definitely bloom!