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100 Mind Blowing Questions That Will Bend Your Mind!

100 Mind Blowing Questions That Will Bend Your Mind!

Updated on Nov 07, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

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There are common questions, and there are some mind blowing questions! The difference between the two is that the former is heard, interpreted, and answered with a sane mind, and well, the latter confuses you to the point that you might want to drive your head through a wall!

However, this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t give these mind blowing questions a try! Many would render these questions mundane or unimportant when, in fact, an exciting mind would typically welcome them and even create some of his own!

However, if you have time to kill, then perhaps you can take up these questions as well and take your mind for a spin! Some of the most intelligent people involve their minds in doing something unique, something this world doesn’t understand or pay attention to. This is a sign that you should take up these questions and challenge yourself to answer a few, if not all, of them. To put it simply, these questions are intriguing, and you must read them, to answer them back or simply keep yourself entertained.

Still not sure what are mind boggling questions? Well, when someone asks, ‘How are you?’ you generally reply that you are fine. This is what a typical conversation looks like. Well, let’s take it up a notch. How would you respond to a question that reads like this- “What if we are only a video game in another universe and the aliens are playing us?” Well, this isn’t a question people ask each other on a bright, sunny day.

So, if you are someone who enjoys weird and crazy stuff, then you will love what’s coming next. 

100 Mind Blowing Questions That Will Bend Your Mind!
100 Mind Blowing Questions That Will Totally Bend Your Mind!

What are these Mind Blowing Questions?

These questions have an essential ingredient—they are tricky! That alone makes them interesting. Researchers have it that people spent hours reading these questions on the internet, and some genius ones come up with their own!

These questions have been around since the time the internet came in vogue. Clearly, there is no particular starting point of these questions, and surely, there is no end to them. So, next time you are free or want to give your brain a run for its money, well, figuratively.

100 Mind Blowing Questions

So, here it is a list of some mind blowing questions that will totally bend your mind!

  1. Does the teacher have the right to give homework to a homeless kid? – This, for real, is a knock on the head. Seriously, who comes up with these questions? However, a good teacher does have the right and moreover, a moral duty to teach every homeless kid.
  2. What if your world was a simulation of The Matrix, the movie? –You know there won’t be any proof for you to prove it to the world or yourself that this life is real. It’s like they say, The Matrix was not a movie, it was a documentary. Most of us tend to agree.
  3. If you stand behind a clock, is it still going clockwise? –This one had to make the list of mind-blowing questions at any cost and you know why! Once you read this question, there is little chance that you won’t try to stand behind a clock and feel the feeling.
  4. How many random people’s vacation photos must you be in? –Have you ever thought about it before this moment? No, you didn’t. Do you know what’s more mind blowing? You can’t keep a count of the photos anymore and there is no way to find out.
  5. If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? – The universe is a player. It just leaves us scratching our heads with its mind-blowing questions, just like this one here. We can argue and agree and debate on this question but it’s the universe alone that knows the answer and it will keep on expanding, no questions asked.
  6. Is the S or C silent in the word Scent? –Mind blown! Didn’t it? Quick, think of another similar word. Queue. Yes, why? That’s four letters wasted in a single word. Wow!
  7. Is it crazy how saying certain sentences backward creates backward sentences how crazy it is? –Talk about an epic thought process! How do people come up with such mind boggling questions? The speed at which their minds must work should be incredible now, shouldn’t it?
  8. If a vampire bites a zombie, does the zombie become a vampire or is it the other way around? –If we have to pick one, then the zombie becomes a vampire. It feels better this way, somehow! Probably because we have this image of vampires as some kind of beautiful creatures (thanks to TV shows and movies) and well, zombies were always slow and difficult to understand. That’s my idea.
  9. The only time the word incorrectly is spelled correctly is when it spelled incorrectly! –A mind blowing question that seems like a mind quest, if nothing more! Most of us will have a problem understanding the context of this question. It will take a while for the question to sink in, or was it just me?
  10. When you say ‘forward’ and ‘back,’ your lips literally move in the same direction, don’t they? –You just spoke ‘forward’ and ‘back’ to check if it’s true, didn’t you? Yes, you did. Yes. You. Did. Well, congratulations to you are a normal human being because all of us do that when we read such things. It’s things like this that make us interesting.
  11. Have you ever wondered what your dog named you? –Well, now you do. Can you at least make a guess?
  12. Things aren’t on fire. In fact, it’s the fire that’s on things, right? – Tell me about it. People have a lot of free time to come up with such questions now. They are genius however, no doubts there. The way their minds work is brilliant and this question deserves a Noble Prize.
  13. What if there was no sky? —No sky, no planets, no nothing? Well, if there was no sky, then sure as hell, there would be no humans. Would the universe still expand, then?
  14. What if when you sweat, it’s your muscles crying? –What would you do about it? Would you hug yourself and tell your muscles to stop crying? Or continue sweating it out because you know the crying won’t last forever but your muscles will thank you someday?
  15. What if fiction is reality and we feed on fiction and don’t know it? — What if Harry Potter was real and Hogwarts existed and we just believe otherwise, or we simply are muggles? How amazing the world would be if that was true? Wait, what if it is true? I am feeling the dopamine in my head.
  16. Why is it that pizza is round in shape but comes in a square box? –I think it is okay to say that your next pizza date is ruined already because this thought will not leave you alone for a long time. So, next time you order a pizza, perhaps, ask them to put it in a round box, or perhaps, find a round box yourself and try to fit it in. Oh! Maybe the pizza was never meant to fit in, that’s why!
  17. Why must we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway? –This is a billion-dollar question and while the prize cannot be promised to be delivered, an answer to this mind boggling question will be truly appreciated. In fact, such questions also make us wonder how funny the human mind really is. Whoever came up with this idea clearly was a genius, or just did it for fun! Either way, here we are scratching our heads over this question that certainly makes no sense and is still blowing our minds away.
  18. Can you cry underwater? If so, is it water or tears coming down your eyes? –No matter how sad your life has been, when you are underwater, you are kind of mesmerized by the beauty surrounding you. Well, if your life has been that sad at one moment that you cried under water, well, then, perhaps, now is the time to speak up. Was it tear or was it water flowing down your face? WE DEMAND AN ANSWER!
  19. Will the movie still show in a theatre if no one buys a ticket? – Has this ever happened in the past? If so, which movie was it and why was the world so cruel to it?
  20. Why doesn’t glue stick inside of the bottle which holds it? – Perhaps the answer lies with the manufacturers of the glue sticks. There is hope with this one. We might know the answer but what if they refuse to answer the question? We will be back to square one and that would be a hard pill to swallow. So, let’s just leave this here only and hope someone will come through with an answer.
  21. How old does a person have to be until he or she can be said to have died of old age? – So many rules but no one to clear the loopholes. This is a big one though.
  22. There is neither pine nor apple in a pineapple? Why? – Seriously, why? Why do people come up with random names and then make sure that the randomness of the name stays in the world forever?
  23. Why do elderly people are referred to as old people but young children aren’t called new people? – So many unanswered questions in the world. I bet this one is going to stay inside your head for a long time. In fact, why not start calling the young ones as new people? Let’s see what comes out of this? Perhaps, the answer to this mind-blowing question?
  24. What is the shape of the sky? – This question looks like poetry, truly? The clear blue of the skies gets us every time, no matter the shape of it. This question is just so beautiful.
  25. Why is it that there are four silent letters in the word Queue when only Q would have been just fine? – If this doesn’t blow away your mind, nothing else will. Why waste four letters on a single world and still make no difference in its pronunciation. This seems so offensive to the four letters. Really.
  26. If Buzz Light Year didn’t believe he was a toy then why did he freeze every time a human passed by? – Was this another loophole by the makers or was Buzz really, really confused about his existence and the world. Maybe he was just in denial. Who knows?
  27. When you use the word ‘indescribable’ for something, aren’t you describing it already? – You most certainly are and don’t even know it. So, next time you aren’t able to describe the beauty of something, well, think of a better word, perhaps. You can also drop the word and then ask the person this very question and blow away their mind as well.
  28. How do you know that all your memories are true? – Well, don’t say that your brain knows it happened. It knows that all your dreams are reality. It knows whatever you tell it that it knows. Well, how do you know that what you think is your reality isn’t a dream and vice-versa. In the same way, isn’t possible that what you think was a memory was actually a dream? Think about it.
  29. Aliens invaded the moon on July 20th, 1969. Have you noticed it? – You sure as hell noticed. However, whether you looked at them as aliens or simply humans, is in fact, a whole different story.
  30. Do you need words to think? If not, then do you think babies can’t think? – Mind-blown! Ah well, we would love to know an answer to this one. Unfortunately, the only people who can answer this question are the people who cannot speak but they can think but is it words that they are thinking in thoughts? What a riddle!
  31. If you keep replacing old parts of your old car with new parts, does it make your car new or old? – It certainly would sound like a new car to people! Also, why don’t all people in the world with cars try this technique? Oh! just got the answer to this—because they have a life to live!
  32. Why does shaking your head mean no while nodding it means yes? – And why does saying yes with shaking your head and speaking no nodding your head feel so wrong? Why does it feel so WRONG! It’s crazy!
  33. If your brain keeps working for the rest of your life and doesn’t even stop when you are sleeping, well, how do you even get any rest? -Your brain and your heart both. Do we realize how much our body does for us? Well, let’s just consider this as a reminder and thank ourselves for being so awesome. Seriously, when do our brains rest?
  34. If you eat yourself, would you become twice as big or will you completely disappear? -Let’s put up a poll for this one because there isn’t ever going to be a sure shot answer for this one.
  35. What if Google disappears from our lives? – Google needs to disappear from our lives for us to function as human beings because believe it or not, we all have become like what? Robots? Seriously though, if Google disappeared from our lives, what will become of us? There will be darkness in the world of the internet.
  36. Can fishes feel thirsty? If so, do they feel thirsty for water? – I don’t think there is any way to find an answer to this question. Period.
  37. Why do sleeping pills come with a warning that reads ‘Caution: May cause drowsiness.’ – Their basic task is to induce sleep and that should make a person drowsy. Shouldn’t it? So much for law and order and safety.
  38. If we eventually have to die, why are we born? –Most geniuses have failed to answer this one. To each, his own, I guess.
  39. Do we control technology or is it controlling us and makes us think otherwise?Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over? Or it already has? Who will give the answers? Zuckerberg?
  40. What does a good life really mean? – is it a good family, marriage, children, career? Or is it the life you want at the moment?
  41. Is there someone writing the story of your life, or is it just you? –Do you believe in God or some energy that’s looking you over? Or is it just you, writing your own book. Both ways, it’s quite interesting.
  42. If there is no superpower, where did this concept come from? – Well, someone must have realized that they are a superhero and thus, it came into being. Right? Right? My money is on Stan Lee.
  43. Who would you become if you knew that you wouldn’t fail at all? – Most of us know the answers to this but all of us know that failure is inevitable. When you know that failure cannot be avoided, well, then you must know that failure shouldn’t be an option either. You know how to get through this. Perhaps, this is the sign you were looking for to go after what makes you feel alive.
  44. What if you are the most intelligent person on the planet but you don’t know it? –There is no end to it. When we look into ourselves, we kind of know our powers and that alone should make us feel like the most intelligent being on the planet, together and individually.
  45. If you pinch yourself and it hurts, what will that make you? Too strong or too weak? – Don’t about the strong or weak part but we all must have pinched ourselves after reading this question. Those who didn’t are perhaps too strong. There is the answer!
  46. Once born, are we living or dying? – The way most people see it, dying with a few moments that make us feel alive! What do you think?
  47. Which orange came first—the fruit or the color? –Try and Google it but Google doesn’t have answers to everything! What’s the truth? Well, who knows, really!
  48. If Cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly, then why did it fall off when she ran? – Maybe they should do a revival of this movie where she loses her hair because modern-day Cinderella got too much stress with a great career and job!
  49. Why do noses run but feet smell? – Because the creators of these phrases either put a lot of brain into these sentences or none of it. And why do these phrases sound so damn perfect, even when they are so wrong?
  50. If God sneezed, what would you say? – Nothing. We’d say nothing. If that’s rude so be it because these questions will blow away our heads!
  51. What is the difference between old things and antique things? – Seriously though, there are so many shops that will charge you for an antique or vintage piece but will refuse to buy your old stuff. Seems pretty unfair.
  52. What is Victoria’s Secret? – No, I don’t mean the brand. I mean what is the titular secret of this person named Victoria. It’s been ages, somebody should tell us by now. 
  53. Why do they call it pepperoni when it has no pepper in it? – Yeah, and it doesn’t even taste anything like pepper. English really is a weird language. 
  54. Why do people squint when they cannot see? – Doesn’t that allow even less light to enter the eye, making it even harder to see? Science better buckles up and tell us these things now. 
  55. How come our ages don’t include the time we spent in our mom’s womb? – What is this weird social rule that our age only gets counted once we are born? Seriously, I want to meet the guy who’s in charge. 
  56. Are eyebrows considered facial hair? – And if not, why the discrimination against eyebrows. What did the beard and mustaches do to gain the distinction? Do you need to get a degree to be considered facial hair? 
  57. Is it legal to name a kid Anonymous? – Imagine what his resume or Internet profile would look like? Poor kid will have a hard life. Maybe it is a good idea to not name your kid Anonymous. 
  58. If you lose one eye, and you wink with the other one, are you really winking or just blinking? – How will people know which one is it? Do you have to blink really fast to wink with one eye? Certainly, there’s a lot to think about here. 
  59. How come ketchup tastes so good on French fries, but not so much on mashed potatoes? – After all, they’re all potatoes. Why does one type of potato taste better with the same condiment, while the other one doesn’t? 
  60. Can a person get addicted to counseling? – And if they do, how would anyone treat them? Is there even a name for this disorder? How would one even find out that they are addicted to counseling? 
  61. Why do they call it a nonstop flight when it stops at least once? – No, seriously. Nonstop flight implies that your plane keeps going on forever. Well, even if you do want something like that, you have got to stop at least for refuelling. English is weird.
  62. Why does Superman wear his undies outside? – We get it, the dude is saving the world, so he will be cut some slack, but come on, this is pushing the boundaries. And what is even the point of it?
  63. What happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force? – This one is for the Physics nerds. Scientists have been trying to solve this one for ages, but it does not look like we have an answer yet. 
  64. Can the police put a homeless man under home arrest? – Again it comes down to English and its weirdness, but also how does the police enforce something like this? Sure sounds like a lot of work. 
  65. What is the opposite of the word, ‘opposite’? – Is it the word, ‘same’?
  66. Why do we call it feeling blue when we feel sad? – And why do you see red when you are angry? Why are you green with jealousy, not orange or yellow? What are all these color combinations with emotions? I pretty much look the same all the time, am I missing something here?
  67. If a person tries to fail, and he fails, does he succeed at failing? – Would that be called a failure or a success? My brain hurts. 
  68. How do indecisive people decide that they are indecisive? – This just seems like a trick question, but really, if you think about it, they are deciding that they are indecisive! And is that not a decision? 
  69. Why are things typed up, but written down? – Trust me, as a writer, I have wondered this often. 
  70. Why is the hair above the eye called eyebrows, but the hair above the mouth and lips not called mouth brow or lip brow? – Honestly now, I do think English is made just to mess with people’s brains. 
  71. If you kidnap an adult, is it adult napping? – And why is it called kid-napping in the first place? Surely, if the kid is kidnapped, or for that matter, anyone is kidnapped, the last thing on their mind would be napping. 
  72. Why does glue not stick to the inside of the bottle? – This is one of those questions that boggles your mind as a kid and you keep wondering what the answer is well into adulthood, and yet you have no answer to it. 
  73. Do fish drink water from a special place in the ocean? – I mean they must get thirsty, right? And do they just… gulp some from in front of them? That would be like humans drinking water from the bathtub they have been sitting in all their lives. Not only that, but you also share that bathtub with other humans too. Fish are disgusting. 
  74.  People do not go there to rest, so why is it called a restroom? – Or is there some secret conjugation of bathrooms that I do not know about?
  75. If all the countries in the world are in debt, who do we owe the money to? – I am not great at finance and I suspect most people are not, so this is something that has been bugging me, and I am sure a lot of other people too. If we are all in debt, and people keep saying the whole Earth is in debt, do we owe money to the aliens or what?
  76. Who decided to make up the term, head over heels when really like something? – What is the normal way you are, heels over head? Hate to tell you, that is not normal. 
  77. If someone is born deaf and mute, and if they learn sign language as an adult, what do their thoughts look like in their heads? – Do they see little hands or words? How do they know what words sound like? And what about when they read? Is there a running sign language stream going on in their head? So many questions.
  78. Why do people believe you if you say there are four billion stars in the sky, but they will touch and fact check if you tell them that the paint is wet? – Seriously, when will we get our priorities straight?
  79. When a person speaking in English swears, they say, ‘pardon my French’ – do the French people say. ‘pardon my English’ when they swear? – I do not know any French people, so I can’t really say, but in my head, it makes sense. 
  80. If you drop your soap on the floor, does your soap get dirty or the floor gets clean? – I do not know the answer, but I do know that the floor gets slippery and you can slip, fall, and blow up your head down there. And not in the good way that these questions are blowing up your mind.
  81. What if when we die, the light at the end of the tunnel is just the doctor’s lights as you take birth again? – What if the Hindus were right and we are all stuck in an infinite loop of rebirth and death over and over again and again? That would suck.
  82. Why is that when the traffic is slowest during the day, it is called rush hour? – English sure likes to mess up our brains, I would not want to be someone learning English as an adult for sure. 
  83. Why is that the only time the word ‘incorrectly’ is not spelled incorrectly is when it is spelled incorrectly? – Read that once more. And again. Blew your mind, didn’t it?
  84. If there are two mind readers and you get both of them to read each other’s mind, whose mind is being read? – And what is it exactly that they are reading?
  85. Why do we think of daisies as flowers, but everyone treats dandelions as weeds? – Seems unfair to poor dandelions. 
  86. If you buy a hot pocket, and it goes cold, do you now have just a pocket? – In other words, we have way too many silly expressions in the English language. No wonder people find it hard to learn, there are no rules!
  87. Can a person cry under the water? – How do they know that they are crying? Do the water from the tears flow directly into the water in front of them or does it flow on their cheeks? So many questions. 
  88. What is it called a driveway when you are actually parking your car there? And why do we call it a parkway when we drive our car into it? – Seriously, who was in charge when things were being named in English? 
  89. Why is it that Spongebob’s parents are like sea sponges and round, while Spongebob himself is square, like a kitchen sponge? – Did Spongebob’s mom cheat on Spongebob’s dad with another guy? Sorry if we ruined your childhood, just asking questions here.
  90. Have you heard of that saying – Sally sells seashells on the seashore? Well, why are people buying seashells from Sally when they can just pick them up for free from the seashore? – Seriously, it is like no one figured this one out. 
  91. If you pamper a cow when it is pregnant, do you get spoiled milk after it gives birth? – Okay, okay, we know this one is a little silly, but sometimes in life, you have to ask yourself silly questions and lighten up. 
  92. Why is it just a penny for your thoughts, but you put your two cents in when you give advice? – Are your thoughts really that cheap? And why is it that your advice is more expensive than your thoughts? Who decided these exchange rates and why are they so cheap?
  93. If a doctor collapses when doing a surgery, do the other doctors attend to the patient on the table or the fallen doctor? – Obviously we do not want anyone to collapse or die, the patient or the doctor, but who takes the priority in such cases? Surely, there must be a protocol. 
  94. Why isn’t the caps lock key on the keyboard capitalized? – Also, by default, all the letters are small when you type them without pressing the caps lock, but on the keyboard, they are all capitalized. Seems like a deliberate design choice just to mess with people. 
  95. Does a two humped camel have more fat than a one humped camel? – This one is for the Science kids. I have always wondered that since I was a kid, someone needs to give me some answers. 
  96. If the FBI breaks down your door, do they have to pay for it? – I highly doubt it but would be nice to know. Doors are expensive!
  97. How old does a person have to be before they can be said to have died of old age? – Is it 60? 70? Who decides this number? And why do we have these arbitrary numbers to decide the cause of death?
  98. If a movie has no audience in the hall, will it still be played? – What if there is only one person who buys the ticket? Will they play the movie for one person? And if they do not, what about that poor guy who really wanted to watch that movie? Seems unfair. 
  99. If a chef is bald, does he still have to wear a hairnet in the kitchen? – Logically, he should not have to, but who knows, the world does not always operate in a logical way.
  100. Even when you know that there is nothing new to eat, why do you go to the refrigerator again and again? – Trust me, nothing new will materialize there out of nowhere. You are just increasing the electricity requirement of the fridge, and consequently, your electricity bill.

Closing thoughts

When creativity combines with genius, these mind blowing questions are born! If you have read through them all, then you must have brainstormed to come up with a few of your own. If you did, then perhaps, it’s time to forward this chain and keep others intrigued about some challenging yet entertaining thoughts.

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