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What to Talk About with a Girl!

What to Talk About with a Girl!

Updated on Jun 30, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

What to Talk About with a Girl!

You could be a great communicator but still, you might not be sure about starting a conversation with a girl! It’s a really important skill for guys to know ‘what to talk about with a girl‘ or ‘things to talk about with a girl‘ particularly if he is trying to get into a relationship. You must know some interesting topics to talk about and also how to keep the conversation going on with a girl.

33 Things to Talk About with a Girl  What to Talk About with a Girl
33 Things to Talk About with a Girl What to Talk About with a Girl

Importance of Knowing ‘What to Talk About with a Girl’

The obvious reason being this – girls are different from guys! Naturally, the interest levels for girls are altogether different from boys. Obviously, the personal tastes would vary from girl to girl but overall there are certain topics that most girls love. Don’t worry, after all, girls are not that complicated and we are here to give you some really amazing tips on how to strike a great conversation with them.

What to Talk About with a Girl to Initiate Great Conversation

You can just start talking with a girl but if you are not careful you might spoil a prospective date! A simple conversation can lead to a fantastic relationship. Which is why you must be keen to know what to talk about with her. We are giving you some really effective tactics. Here we go!

If you are witty person chances are that you are attracted to the intelligent lot. Educated, cultured women would always find topics related to a culture quite intriguing. Anything about books, music, movie, and art can never go wrong with her!

This is also a chance to prove that you are a man of intelligence and that you have in-depth knowledge of different affairs. Just a word of caution, don’t go overboard. She is looking for a romantic partner and not a walking Wikipedia! 

2. Hobbies

Are you an energetic person? Then you must be having one or more hobbies! Why not talk about it? This also shows you in a positive light. People who have hobbies are perceived as more active and interesting than the rest. It also reveals the genuine side of your character. Ask about her hobbies and the flow of conversation would be a good ice breaker for both of you.

3. Hometown


Talk about your hometown. Say a childhood memory or some mischief you did at school. Talk about some amazing places in your town. This can be a really good conversation as she might also start talking about her childhood days and the place she grew up!

4. Everyday life

Rather than beating around the bush talk about your daily life. You might be surprised to find so many interesting topics generate out of your mundane everyday life!

From your office culture to the language class you are taking, you can talk about what’s actually happening in your life. An advantage of this type of discussion is that you can easily move from one topic to the other, besides that you get an opportunity to express your true self to her.

5. Experiences


If you are an adult obviously you have gathered some experience in life already! Talk on your experience about life in general, on a particular skill, about places you have traveled, people you have met and so on. You can easily keep talking even if you are not a great conversationalist! Good communication happens when you let the listener speak as well! Therefore, ask about her experiences too. 

6. Dreams and desires

If you really like this girl, why not ask her about her goals and aspirations? This way both of you would know each other so much better. Most importantly, the girl would feel that you care to know about her!

7. Family & friends

An easy and decent approach is by knowing each other personally. You can do this by asking who is there in her family, about her friends, etc. This brings easiness in the conversation and you get to know a lot about her!

8. Interests


If you are already dating her you would gather some hints on what interests her. Therefore, talk about things she likes. You can talk about her favorite T.V. show, her favorite band or anything that she would love to talk about!

9. Current happenings

You can talk about the current happenings with her. This necessarily doesn’t mean to include serious issues like global warming or the next President of the country! You can talk about the interesting news you have read that day or an article you are browsing. You can then ask her opinion on the topic and allow the conversation to flow. 

10. Weather

When in doubt talk about the weather! It’s an easy topic and you can continue talking with her for some time pointing out how cold, warm or damp the weather is, how it had spoiled your plan (you can build a story!) and so on!

Things to Talk About to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl

To keep the conversation roll on you must change topics and usher her to give some comments!

11. Talk about her job or business

If you are dating this woman or you know her you can ask about her work. Women really appreciate when men ask her about their career or work. Talk about what’s going on in her workplace, what are her career plans etc. Want to impress her more? Compliment her on how well she balances her personal life and job!

12. Ask her some open-ended questions

If you want to keep the conversation going ask her some open-ended questions. For instance, instead of asking who her favorite author is you can ask what her opinion on modern literature is.

Or you can ask which type of books she prefers! This will allow her to talk for some time. Besides that, you can add your opinion and the conversation will keep going.

13. Give her an honest compliment

If you like her don’t hesitate to give a sincere compliment. If this is your first conversation be careful so that your compliment doesn’t sound flirty. Because some women don’t like extra praise or flirty comments.

14. Talk about love & relationships

If you are interested in her why not talk about love and relationships? You can discuss in a friendly tone and both of you will find it as a great topic of conversation! Ask for her opinion on date ideas. This way, you will be able to understand her expectations of a guy. 

15. Talk about your day

A particularly comfortable and smooth-flowing topic is talking about the day! What just happened at college or office or something interesting that you saw while commuting. Talk about anything related to your day!

16. Talk about the tech

An easy topic for us all is obviously the tech stuff! A popular app, a raging game, a viral video, the recent cool cell phone or some easy tech hacks can save the day!

Things to Avoid in Conversation with a Girl!

Use common sense on matters which the other person might or might not approve of. It’s safe to talk about music but don’t start criticizing a particular band just because you don’t like them! Maybe the girl you are talking to loves that band, you never know!

Avoid talking about politics, sex or private matters such as her salary or her past relationships, etc. Always know where to draw a line. It’s nice to show interest in her but it’s advisable that you don’t poke in her personal matters.

Hints to Keep Conversation Going With a Girl

So, are you going to start a text conversation with a girl? Here are some useful points to remember –

17. Think before sending the text

Think before sending the text
Think before sending the text

It is wise not to send her random texts! It happens that in a hurry we make mistakes in text messages. No, we are not talking about grammatical errors. Although on second thought, error-free writing does make a good impression! What we are suggesting is to think before hitting the “send” button.

Re-reading is always advisable. Remember as you are not talking face-front it could be that the person misunderstands your texts! Better check before sending it. Be clear that your text reads exactly what you mean and it does not convey a wrong message!

18. Send your text considering the timing

Send your text considering the timing
Send your text considering the timing

This is another crucial factor in texting. Is she at college doing a complicated practical? Or is she in an office meeting? Try to know when she is available and text at that appropriate time. If you don’t know her much, obviously don’t send her a text at midnight. Some women might consider this as an indecent behavior.

19. Text something about her

If you have gone for a date you must know about her to some extent. Therefore, you can say something sweet about her. It could be something you really admire like maybe compliment her smile. Or ask anything that’s important to her. For example, you might know that she’s taking a dance class and you can enquire how her classes are going, whether she had made friends or if it’s really tough to learn the dance form!

20. Have patience

Text conversations can really get sour if you continuously nag her for replies! You must understand that she has a life and she could get busy suddenly! Because she didn’t reply to you immediately don’t mean that she dislikes you.

It could be that she got a call or she is busy doing something. After sending a text wait like a gentleman. Allow her the space that she deserves. Most importantly, don’t demand an explanation when she replies to you later on!

21. Be careful about the emoticons or stickers you are sending her

If this is a woman you have just started talking be selective about the emoticons, stickers or videos you send! Because honestly this can make or break your impression. Choose something friendly or funny rather than something that might indicate a vulgar expression.

What to Talk about With a Girl Over Text

22. Start with a greeting

Always start with a nice greeting rather than jumping into a conversation. Greetings are always warm conversation starters!

23. Choose a topic based on her interest

Everyone likes to talk on topics based on their interests. Women love when they get to talk about their favorite things. 

24. Talk on neutral topics

If you do not know this woman much, it’s better to talk on safer topics such as movies, food, travel or family and friends rather than topics that are controversial or debatable!

25. Ask her some simple questions that show you are interested to know about her

You can ask her about her passions. Or you can ask about a childhood memory she relishes. Ask her if she is an animal lover or about her hobby. Talk about her family. Ask about her deepest fears or the food she loves to eat. Sometimes, simple questions such as these show that you are genuinely interested to know this woman!

26. Keep changing topics

Don’t keep dragging the same topic because it gets boring after some time. Even if you are talking on a great topic, better change it from time to time. Besides that, with changing the topics you get to know each other and also build a rapport!

Things You Should Never Do While having Conversation With a Girl

27. Don’t text at inconvenient hours

Always ask this girl about the suitable timing for texting her. Send a text according to her preferred timings. Remember that a gentleman never disturbs a lady.

28. Express your views clearly to avoid misunderstanding

Text communication is different from other forms of communication. Therefore, always be clear on your intentions and re-read the texts before sending them to her.

29. Give her the time to respond

Wait for her reply rather than going on typing. For an intelligent conversation to take place, be careful to read her reply before sending the next text messages.

30. Don’t ask too personal questions

You shouldn’t try to get too personal with her particularly at the initial stages of your relationships. Never ask about her past relationships or get too interfering in her private life!

31. Don’t ask too many questions

Although asking questions is a good thing in a conversation but don’t go on asking too many. Because it seems like you’re investigating her rather than chatting! Allow her to ask you some questions as well. Most importantly, smile and listen to what she’s saying rather than plotting on the next question you could probably ask her!

32. Give her the freedom to change or skip topics

Remember that a gentleman always gives freedom to her woman. If she isn’t comfortable talking about something let her skip it. Allow her to choose topics and change them as she wants.

Needless to say, there are certain topics that are sensitive or uncomfortable for some people. It’s therefore, not wise to bring such discussions in your text conversations. You can be hard-headed and opinionated but that doesn’t mean you have to impose your ideas on another person particularly whom you are dating or intend to go on one!

Suggestions to Improve Communications for Things to Talk About With a Girl You Like

  1. If you are single and have little or no experience on dating it’s advisable to hone your communication skills.
  1. Particularly if you are an introvert start practicing effective communication today! It couldn’t be stressed enough that good communication skills in life are extremely important to get personal or professional success! Most importantly, you should know how to talk with women and impress them if you want to get a girlfriend!
  1. Show that you like her but don’t make a fast move! It might drive her away. Better go slow if she takes time. Don’t try to rush as it might spoil things.
  1. Talk with her depending on the stage of your relationship. If you just have met her on Tinder better not to attempt a deep, intellectual conversation.
  1. While giving her a compliment on her looks or body, be extra cautious. You don’t want her to perceive you as a pervert!
  1. Start reading books on communication and dating. Yes, books can teach you a lot! That’s why we have also given a selective list of books in the following section to help you out.
  1. Take some courses if required. You don’t have to travel across the continent or pay a hefty sum for that! There are so many courses and guidance available on the internet from dating experts, many of which are free resources!
  1. Besides that, start talking with women from now on whenever you get an opportunity to start a conversation! Be it a co-worker or the sales-woman at the local store, a fellow commuter or a class-mate, start talking with women to build up your confidence level.
  1. It’s true that when you meet someone attractive and want to talk with her you can become nervous or confused. It’s only normal, so just relax! Besides that, the woman you want to talk to could also feel tense. Therefore, stop worrying and start talking with her. 
  1. Remember that at first, you will feel uneasy but with practice everything becomes perfect and so would your communication with girls!
  1. Most importantly, don’t forget to smile while talking!

Book Recommendation from Us to Know What to Talk About With a Girl

  1. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray.
  2. You just don’t understand by Deborah Tannen.
  3. The five love languages by Gary Chapman.
  4. Getting the love you want by Harville Hendrix.
  5. Hold me tight by Dr. Sue Johnson.
  6. The science of happily ever after by Dr. Ty Tashiro.
  7. The highly sensitive person in love by Elaine N. Aron.
  8. Talking to women: How to build attraction through communication by Chris Thorner.
  9. How to make anyone fall in love with you by Leil Lowndes.
  10. How to create chemistry with anyone: 75 ways to spark it fast and make it last by Leil Lowndes.

Closing Thoughts

If you are single and looking for a girlfriend you must learn how and what to talk about with a girl. Most importantly, you must be aware of what to talk about with a girl during the initial stages of a relationship. Otherwise, you might lose a prospective girlfriend!

Communication is important in relationships and that is why we suggest you follow the guidelines given in this article. What’s more, even while casual conversations pay attention to her. She will really get to know if you care for her through the words you speak or the texts you send!

If you want to know more things to talk about in general then do read our article at here.