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200+ Topics to Talk About | 1000+ Great Ideas for Conversation

200+ Topics to Talk About | 1000+ Great Ideas for Conversation

Updated on Jul 01, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

200+ Topics to Talk About | 1000+ Great Ideas for Conversation

So, you are looking for Things to Talk about or Topics to Talk about…

Then, I am guessing you are afraid of dying conversations, awkward silences, and ofcourse the embarrassment of not being able to continue a good conversation.

Well, that makes the two of us.

You often wonder…

While most people love talking and can strike interesting conversations, you are always left tongue-tied, especially in a room full of new people.

It’s disgusting, right?

Don’t worry, we’ve crafted this list of things to talk about… further divided into different types of conversational situations and the person sitting on the other side of the table.

So, for all the times when you feel lost and your mind just can’t seem to figure out what to talk about, start with this

200 Topics to Talk About  1000+ Great Ideas for Conversation
200 Topics to Talk About 1000+ Great Ideas for Conversation

Let’s first begin with…

Topics to talk about to start a Conversation

Great conversation starters don’t just pop out from the middle of nowhere. They are built with a genuine interest in the person you are talking to along with some sense of humor and of course, some wit!

I know what you are thinking: But I have all the three, yet I fail to find a conversation topic.

Believe me, I have been there and so I decided to start this list with some great topics to talk about, especially to break the ice.

1. Current Residing City

If you are new to a city or meeting new people in a city after a very long time, talk about the recent developments that you see. Engage in a general conversation about the various parts of the city, share some of your stories while listening to the anecdotes of others. Try to keep it general though, you don’t want to come off as a stalker by asking direct addresses.

  • Where in the city do you live?
  • Have you been to this famous café *insert café name* in your locality?
  • What is it that you dislike the most about your neighbours?

2. Internet Behavior

An individual’s ‘internet behaviour’ reveals a lot about the person. The most common websites they visit and then their opinions on how websites work can be a gripping chat.

  • Which website design did you appreciate the most?
  • Which websites do you visit very often?
  • What is your go-to site for your college assignments?

3. Friend groups

Everyone has a different track record with people in their lives, especially friends. Knowing how the person is with their friends can tell you if you want to befriend them or not.

  • Are you still in touch with your childhood friends?
  • Do you prefer a large group of friends or a close-knit circle?
  • How long have you known your best friend?

4. History

History was a subject for all of us in school but the question is who all managed to stay connected to it even after years of graduating. If they did manage to stay aware, what was the reason behind it?

  • Which is your favorite time in history?
  • Do you think history can ever be changed?
  • Does history teach you life lessons or gives suggestions?

5. Cooking

If you are a fan of appreciating culinary skills or practicing them in the kitchen yourself, finding a partner in crime can be fruitful. From easy recipes to kitchen tricks, chatter away!

  • Which is your most favorite recipe?
  • Have you ever experimented with food?
  • Which is one fruit or vegetable that you have never cooked with?

6. Fruits

Fruits can be a brief yet a fun conversation topic. Depending on the questions you ask, you will not only understand their taste platter but also know what fruits you need to have in your fridge when you are calling them over! 😉

  • Which is your favorite fruit?
  • Which fruit is the most painful to slice and dice?
  • Name a fruit is visually very appealing but doesn’t taste that great?

7. Tattoos

For most people, a tattoo signifies something they love or want to remember. It can jolly well start a conversation in the right direction, with happy thoughts and simple words.

  • Have you ever gotten a tattoo done?
  • If given a choice, which is the one tattoo design you dream to have?
  • Which body part would you want your next tattoo in?

8. Self-care

To know a person better and how they treat others, you need to know how they treat themselves. Norms about self-care and preservation, routines, and ideas should be a mandatory topic.

  • How often do you indulge in a self-care routine?
  • One self-care habit you cannot do without?
  • Do you think self-care is a waste of time?

9. YouTube Videos

YouTube is the hub of all sorts of content. Everyone is one YouTube. Use it as your armor to start a topic and joke around a bit about a recent funny story you saw on the platform.

  • What is your favorite YouTube channel?
  • Have you ever thought of launching your own channel?
  • What would be the name of your best friend’s YouTube channel?

10. Spirituality

Spirituality is never a personal or invasive topic. It is related to one’s individualism and beliefs. IF you ask general questions, it will tell you a lot about the person and his/her preferences

  • Do you think wars are justified?
  • Why do you think there is still poverty in the world?
  • Do you think science and religion are connected?

11. Entrepreneurship

From startup ideas to successful ventures, discuss the rise of uber and the fall of Foodpanda or WeWork. It can be entertaining to see how entrepreneurs play different roles in the lives of common people.

  • Which startup has gained the most fame in the shortest amount of time as per you?
  • Where do you think entrepreneurs will be in the next ten years?
  • When is the right time to quit a job and launch a new venture?

12. Ivy leagues

At a formal event, education is a very common topic to start a conversation. Point out the importance of Ivy leagues, their pros and cons while subtly showing off your college tag too!

  • Have you ever visited an ivy league college?
  • Which Ivy league college do you think is the best?
  • Are Ivy League colleges the endgame?

Now that you have hit the right chord and started talking, you definitely don’t want to go back to the same awkward silence. So, keep the conversation flowing with some…

Fun things to talk about to make people laugh

Making people laugh is difficult. Infact, it is VERY difficult. But only until you don’t have the right list of light and fun questions.

Remember, a hearty laughter is a great way to start a conversation. And if you can do that, there’s nothing like it. It not only helps you unwind but also says a lot about a person.

So, to help you master the art of making others laugh, here are some great questions or topics.

13. School memories

School was everyone’s safe haven for the longest period of time. It brings in nostalgia and reminiscence. Discuss favorite memories, grand events, and your childhood guilty pleasure in the time that you have. Rejoicing good times is never a bad option.

  • What was your favorite thing about your school?
  • What is the name of your school?
  • Who was your favorite teacher back in the good old days?

14. Weddings

A happy chat about wedding plans or past experiences at weddings can be funny. From mishaps to crazy parties, weddings are the perfect stress buster topic!

  • Have you attended a wedding recently?
  • Were you ever a best man/maid of honor at a wedding?
  • Do you prefer church weddings or Indian weddings?

15. Pet peeves

Certain quirks and issues haunt certain people. It can be a fun chat about incidences that went wrong or situations that led to utter chaos.

  • What is the one thing that bugs you the most about your flat-mate?
  • What gets on your nerves more than it should (about your partner maybe?)
  • Tell me one bad habit that really gets on your nerves?

16. Guilty pleasures

Everybody has a guilty pleasure, a choice of happiness that is backed by guilt. From eating too much cake to watching crappy rom coms. This is a conversation with zero judgment and outlandish humor.

  • What is your guilty pleasure?
  • Have you ever tried to curb this guilty pleasure?
  • How did you discover this guilty pleasure?

17. Pickup lines

Pick up lines might not always work like they intended to, but they sure do open up multiple paths of conversation. A pick-up line battle is super common at informal events.

  • Have you ever used a pickup line on someone and succeeded?
  • What is the cheesiest pickup line someone has ever used on you?
  • Which pickup line is so amazing that you would instantly say yes!?

18. Kitchen blunders

Make a major blunder while in the kitchen and then tell the story for days after. It is a relatable yet hilarious topic for those who are just clumsy in the kitchen.

  • Have you ever made a huge blunder in the kitchen?
  • Have you ever ruined a dish by adding salt to it instead of sugar?
  • What is your way to ensure you don’t make another blunder in the kitchen ever again?

19. Sex blunders

Sex is most often an intimate topic to discuss but if you are sitting in a close group of friends, sex blunders can make you laugh like no one else. Right from the first-time story to the kinky attempts on bed, I am sure everyone has their own blunders to reveal.

  • Were you successful in your first time?
  • What is the kinkiest thing you tried in bed that resulted in a blunder?
  • Have you ever farted during the play? 😉

20. Weird exes

After months of a breakup, talking about the weirdest types of exes and relationship experience is humorous. You remember things you used to do or talk about, which just don’t make sense anymore.

  • Have you ever had an ex who only drunk called you during the relationship?
  • What ridiculous things did your ex do?
  • Has your ex ever asked you to return the money they spent on gifting you?

21. Weird fantasies

Kinky, cheeky, dirty or wild, fantasies come in all shapes and sizes. The funniest ones are often the weirdest and outrightly disgusting ones! (Use with caution :P)

  • Which is the one weird fantasy you have that you haven’t told your partner about?
  • A fantasy that made you laugh when you read about it?
  • The most freakish fantasy you can create right now?

22. Bizarre experiences

Everyone has some bizarre experiences that make them wonder “Really!” Right from seeing weird innovations to strange foods – there can be so much to discuss.

  • What is the most bizarre thing that you have eaten recently?
  • What is the weirdest thing you have seen on the Internet?
  • Describe one of your gross experiences in your recent travel.

23. Social media fails

Intriguing someone by asking them about funny moments of huge fails on social media. If a person has moved on from them, you both can share a quick round of hi-fis and jokes about them.

  • Have you ever posted something on social media you weren’t supposed to?
  • Have you ever made a fake social media account for fun?
  • How often have you stalked an ex on social media?

24. Sitcoms/TV Shows

Famous TV shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S or The Office can make any group laugh. The dialogues and the plot, both are worth conversing about.

  • Have you seen The Office?
  • Which is your favorite Sitcom of all time?
  • Are you watching any Sitcom currently?

Once you have shared a laugh together, I am sure you can now see the awkwardness fading… Thus, now is the right time to explore the person with some…

Deep topics to talk about to connect on a deeper level

Relevant deep conversation topics can not only help you gain some personal information but also bring you closer to the person you are talking to.

While on one hand, these topics can introduce you to the insides of the person. On the other hand, they are extremely vulnerable and if you fail to pay attention to the non-verbal cues can touch a sensitive chord.

So, you need to be very careful while you ask these deep questions or topics.

25. Life lessons

To understand people better, take a look at their personal motivations and goals. Discussion about their life journey and lessons learned along the way is a great way to build a closer bond. It brings meaning and sensitivity to the discussion as well.

  • What is the most important life lesson you would give to your child?
  • What is the one life lesson your parents always talk about?
  • Which is the one crucial life lesson you learned the hard way recently?

26. Past regrets

Everyone has a past and everyone has a few things that they sit down to regret once in a while. Have an open discussion and take a hint about not repeating the same mistakes. It allows two people to give each other feedback and to get rid of the bad feelings by letting them out.

  • What is your biggest regret in life?
  • What is the one thing you will go back to the past and change if given a chance?
  • Have you ever not done something and regretted the missed opportunity?

27. Stress

It is an active part of everyone’s daily life but every person manages it in their own sweet ways. Stress management is a hot topic, especially in the modern day world. Take some advice or share a few options yourself.

  • What is the best way to get rid of stress?
  • Do you practice meditation to combat stress?
  • What stresses you out the most?

28. Stereotypes

Everyone has been through their fair share of stereotypical experiences and behaviors. Letting those memories out and sharing theories always helps.

  • Do you think stereotypes are accurate?
  • Do you think you fall under a typical stereotype?
  • Which one stereotype do you loathe the most?

29. Karma

Whether or not they believe in it, everyone is at least introduced to the concept of Karma. Figure out where a person’s faith and trust lies by taking the discussion towards the meaning and the impact of Karma.

  • Do you believe in karma?
  • Do you think karma always works?
  • Karma can be difficult, has it ever worked against you?

30. Ethics

Ethical upbringing and values in different households vary. Know a person better by some asking short ethics-related questions.

  • Would you do something illegal to help your family?
  • What is the one unique ethical training your parents gave you?
  • Would you judge someone based on one big mistake or their past record?

31. Doubts

Doubt is a common speck in the galaxy of decisions. Finding answers to questions, deciding on a solution, doubt always lingers on.

  • How often do you doubt your decisions?
  • Do you think your decisions through or take immediate action?
  • Does doubt ruin mental peace?

32. God

A sensitive yet deep topic, faith in God(s) can be a good opportunity to explore the person’s faith. Your own faith or logic might as well be challenged in the discussion.

  • Do you believe in God?
  • Do you think there is a need for humans to have faith?
  • What are your thoughts about family traditions like building churches or temples?

33. Human Nature

Questioning if human nature is after all a very small part of this entire universe or if it is what makes this universe thrive, can be a very intense yet enlightening chat.

  • Do you think mistakes are a vital part of human nature?
  • Are humanity and human-nature synonymous?
  • Human nature can break the world but it can also rebuild, right?

34. Miracles

It can be hopeful and an inspirational chit-chat about everyday miracles you read about or might have experienced. From a family member coming back after closely brushing death or getting a dream college, it just brings a smile on your face.

  • Do you believe in miracles?
  • Which miracle has changed your life?
  • Which is the one miracle you hope for, every day?

35. Culture

Tread carefully but don’t worry if you want to have a deep conversation. Culture and talks about the social norms, laws, and values of a person’s hometown can make you wonder about how the world is so unique.

  • What kind of culture do you embrace from the heart?
  • Where do you see the culture of *insert country name* heading towards?
  • What is one aspect of popular culture habits that you dislike?

36. Fears

Darkest fears are the easiest way to peep into someone’s soul. If you are comfortable with the person, talk about your fears and the reasons for them.

  • What is your biggest fear?
  • Has your fear ever stopped you from achieving your dream?
  • Have you figured out how to combat your fear?

Be very attentive while you are trying your luck with these deep conversation starters. At any point, if you feel that your partner is being defensive, just STOP.

After this spree of deep discussion, you have surely created a common ground with the person. So, take the conversation forward with some…

Interesting things to talk about to strike meaningful conversations

Starting a conversation is hard. But, preventing the conversation from getting dry is even harder.

Finding interesting topics to keep the discussion alive can be really challenging especially if you don’t know where to look.

And ofcourse you are looking in the right place! 😉

37. Self-driving cars

The affordability and fame of self-driving cars is a never-ending war between the rich and the poor. Understand each other’s thinking and find relevant news to discuss.

  • Do self-driving cars be the long-term endgame?
  • Do you think self-driving cars only have benefits?
  • Would you buy a self-driving car?

38. Privacy concerns

Everyone has their concerns about privacy especially in the world of social media. It can be a detailed conversation topic about personal space or a discussion about its importance worldwide.

  • How concerned you are about your privacy?
  • Do you think social media hampers privacy?
  • Is the next generation entering a safe world?

39. Photography

It can be a feeling of nostalgia, discussing the habit of capturing memories, or even photography as a hobby. You might even discuss your favorite photographs that you have captured and why you love them.

  • Do you use a stand-alone camera or prefer your phone?
  • How often do you take pictures?
  • Do you take time to go on photography tours?

40. Change

It is often said that change is the only constant. Everyone has faced challenges in life that have brought on changes in their lives. Share your stories and your ideologies.

  • Do you think change is important?
  • Describe that one moment when you felt the change was the only constant in life.
  • Do you think change is always for the better?

41. Goals

Goals aren’t just limited to work but also could be a small step in personal life. A deep conversation can just make you feel better about your goals and give you the power to achieve them.

  • What is the stupidest goal you have?
  • What has been your most difficult goal to achieve?
  • Have you ever kept a long-term goal and given up on it?

42. Languages

Languages are often a professional topic among youngsters who have put years of effort to learn something new. Might as well start conversing in a common language only you both know about!

  • Are you an expert in any regional language?
  • How many languages can you read and write?
  • What do you think is the most useful language?

43. Social media

Social media is often considered one of the most engaging topics due to its vast nature. Plus, you can subtly hint at friending someone online or increase your followers during the conversation.

  • How many social media apps do you have on your phone?
  • Which social media app do you think will be redundant soon?
  • Do you think social media has helped in supporting social distancing norms?

44. Extended Family

This topic will help reveal if a person values his/her family. Discuss the importance of extended family and the responsibility they bring along.

  • Are you in touch with your extended family?
  • Do your extended family members live in the same city as you?
  • How often do you meet your extended family at events?

45. Roleplay

Asking the other person who they want to be or would choose to be for a day, can show you who their inspiration is. It can portray their habits, their idea of a perfect day, or a perfect human being.

  • Will you ever be a chief minister for a day if given a chance?
  • What will you change in the world if you become Elon musk for a day?
  • Where will you want to be if you can be someone else for a day?

46. Trade

The entire world is a close-knit single organization. A perfect topic to discuss at work parties, you can see what your co-workers think and also show off a little bit of your trade brainpower.

  • Are you aware of the perks of globalization?
  • Have you ever explored the trade industry?
  • Do you plan to ever be a part of the international business model?

47. OTT platforms

Over-the-top streaming services are the weekend gateway for everyone who likes spending time at home or a night with the family. The industry is ever-growing and knowing the inputs of fellow users can never go to waste.

  • Do you have a membership plan in any OTT platform?
  • Which is your favorite OTT platform?
  • Do you prefer watching movies at home or in the theatres?

48. Space

After watching movies like Martian, space travel and the odds of survival make everyone curious. It might still be a fantasy but the real fun is in digging the reality of someone else’s viewpoint about space.

  • Where would you love to go in space?
  • If you had a chance to take three people with you for a safe trip to space, who would they be?
  • Will you agree to colonizing in Mars if the earth was dying?

If you have reached this part of the article, there’s a high chance you are enjoying the conversation. It’s a good idea to now discuss some…

Good topics to talk about to be the Life of the Party

I would be lying if I said I don’t want to be the spotlight of the party. Who despises all that attention and fame?

Honestly, no one.

Whether you are in a family event or an office party, everyone wants to be able to strike engaging conversations and make some contacts.

So, here’s some great stuff to talk about, especially for all the aspiring party starters… 😛

49. Coffee

Many people start their day with a daily fix of coffee or either absolutely dislike it. You might have your taste but understanding the other person’s choices can show you newer options.

  • Are you a coffee person?
  • How many cups of coffee do you drink daily?
  • Which is your go-to coffee place in town?

50. Mountains

People might simply love traveling to the mountains or read about them. Researching about them, understanding their history and their impact on our world is a good choice for a conversation.

  • Do you visit the mountains a lot?
  • Do you read about mountain topology?
  • What do you think about volcanoes?

51. Ideal Life

Dreams and imaginations always lead up to the concept of idealism or perfection. Share your thoughts about an ideal life whilst exploring a completely different perspective.

  • What do you think is the ideal lifestyle like?
  • If given a chance, what is the one thing you will change about your current life?
  • What is the one thing you would never change about your life?

52. Cars

If you know someone who drove to the event or has always shared pictures of cars on social media, try to talk and understand their love for cars while you have the chance.

  • How long have you owned your current car?
  • How often do you go for a drive?
  • Which is your dream car?

53. Celebrities

Nobody minds a casual conversation about the showbiz world. Celebrities of the movie or business industries often stay in the minds of the public after making the front page of magazines. However, keep this limited to informal parties only.

  • What’s the latest celebrity gossip you have heard?
  • Do you fascinate the Kardashians?
  • Do you follow famous celebrities on Twitter and Instagram?

54. Sports

Sports is a very vast topic that can trigger a conversation that goes for hours. From various types of sports to various countries leading the show, everyone has their own choices and fan moments to relish.

  • Which is your favorite sport to play or watch?
  • Have you been following in tournaments recently?
  • What do you think about our country’s situation in global sports?

55. Future Expectations

Everybody has certain expectations about their future, be it their personal or their professional lives. Raise a toast to their dreams while also feel free to discuss any advice or extend a hand of support. People might have similar or different long-term goals, but it is a great way to analyze personality.

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What is your dream job after ten years?
  • When do you plan to retire and where do you want to settle down?

56. Creativity

Once you reach your early 20s, you figure out if you have a creative side and how to bring it out. Sharing that journey in a conversation is never boring for anyone listening.

  • Do you think creativity is a natural skill?
  • Are you a creative person?
  • Are all creative people artists?

57. Personality Types

Discussing Myers Briggs Type personality types is a very unique type of test that many people are exploring to know more about their personality. Opinions about the test, the result, and the conclusions derived can be an interesting takeaway.

  • What is your Myers-Briggs Type Personality type?
  • Do you think it is the correct analogy?
  • What do you think are your specific personality traits?

58. Advertising

The rising number of ads on television, print, and social media has created an impact on each one of us. Each ad targets a specific consumer group and talking to different people about them sheds new light on each ad.

  • Which is your favorite advertisement jingle?
  • Do you like ads with music or without music?
  • Which ad annoyed you the most and why?

59. Virtual reality

With award-winning movies and tv shows being made on this fascinating topic, it is definitely the new hot topic of the 21st century. You can discuss it over a cup of coffee and explore each other’s opinions.

  • What is the most interesting thing one can achieve with VR?
  • Do you think VR can get costlier or cheaper in the future?
  • Is VR worth the time in development?

60. Fashion

If it is a party, well, everyone is obviously dressed up. Start by complimenting someone entirely and dive into the world of their fashion choices, hyping it up as the conversation furthers.

  • Where do you usually buy your outfits from?
  • Do you follow any fashion influencers online?
  • What do you think is the current best fashion trend?   

Now that you have set the mood of the party and all the eyes are on you, let’s move forward with…

Random things to talk about to keep the conversation flowing

You now know the best ice-breakers for people you meet for the first time. But what about the people who you know well? You still want to enjoy soulful conversations with them, right?

These topics can help you do just that.

Apart from family and friends, you can use these random topics with people who show interest. So, let’s begin!

61. Housing

Talking about lifestyle, housing can be an interesting topic on the list. It brings in a sense of security while discussing homes and the memories they hold.

  • Do you prefer living in apartments or bungalows?
  • What kind of housing facility did you grow up in?
  • Do you enjoy decorating your house yourself?

62. Camping

Campers are adventurous, outgoing, and risk-taking people. Discuss camping escapades to figure out some fascinating hidden aspects about an individual’s personality.

  • Have you ever been camping?
  • Do you visit cold places or warm hubs for camping?
  • Have you ever made a bonfire by yourself?

63. Driving

Driving is often considered therapeutic for those who need a break. Most parents teach their kids driving at an early age as it is considered an important skill, making it one of the easiest topics to trigger a conversation.

  • Which is your favorite place to drive around?
  • Do you enjoy music while driving?
  • Do you like going on road trips in your car?

64. Parks

Some people really enjoy visiting national parks or theme parks. Talking about it can help you understand if the person is interested in fun outdoors or prefers being indoors.

  • Are there any parks where you live?
  • Do you think parks are getting overcrowded these days?
  • Which is the best park you have been to?

65. Public Speaking

Public speaking enthusiasts are often active participants at MUNs, debates, verbal competitions, and natural leaders. Pick on their talent, praise them while also discussing the importance of the art of public speaking.

  • Do you enjoy public speaking?
  • Have you ever considered public speaking as a profession?
  • Have you ever attended a TEDx Talk?

66. Brands

Tastes and preferences keep evolving, especially when it comes to brands. A few people only shop from some specific outlets while the others just don’t care. Start with revealing your favorite brand and steer the conversation depending on the partner’s reply.

  • Which is your most favorite luxury brand?
  • Do you prefer home-grown brands or international ones?
  • Are you a brand freak?

67. Gadgets

Be it the youth or the elderly, everyone carries a phone around. Yet, it is the additional gadgets that a person uses that tell the real story.

  • Which are your top two favorite gadgets?
  • Do you think spending more money on a mobile phone is worth it?
  • Which laptop brand do you use?

68. Day-to-Day activities

People love talking about their quality of life and way of functioning. It can keep a conversation going without putting in much effort.

  • Have you ever felt like your daily routine is monotonous?
  • What is the one activity your day feels incomplete without?
  • Which place is your go-to place to spend some time?

69. Current news

Topics that are making the headlines in the newspapers can easily keep a conversation going. The reason? Well, everyone is bound to know something about them.

  • Have you read about the recent new development by *insert company name*?
  • What do you think of our country’s economy?
  • Where do you think *insert company name* would be after a few years?

70. Numbers

Numbers are a twist in the story of alphabets. Unlimited, related, and simple, numerology often lifts up an eyebrow of listeners in a group.

  • Which number is your lucky number?
  • Do you think it is possible to ever find the value of infinity?
  • Do you like mathematics?

71. Birds

Gazing at the sky while enjoying a plate of warm food and discussing the fascinating view is always a win-win conversation. Talking about the birds and their beauty brings joy to the eyes.

  • Have you ever seen migratory birds?
  • Would you ever pet a bird if given a chance?
  • How scared are you of giant birds or birds of prey?

72. Birthdays

Birthdays are special days for everyone Some people associate it with meeting people while some use it to shell out some free time.

  • When was the last time you celebrated your birthday?
  • Which birthday was your best birthday ever?
  • Do you think birthdays are overrated?

All that said and done. Here are some…

Subjects to talk about to make small talk

As much as you hate small topics, you still have to make an attempt for it especially in office functions or networking events.

However, if you are not pre-prepared with a list of topics, small talks can make you feel vulnerable. This primarily happens to people with social anxiety. They fail to decipher what needs to be said and what needs to be kept private.

To help prevent you from this crisis, here are some topics for small talk along with a list of questions.

73. Weather

It is actually the most common conversation starter to break the ice. It isn’t intrusive into personal space and perfectly clears the way for deeper level topics. Talking about the weather doesn’t always mean seasons but a few unique questions too, just to get a hint about the person’s perspective of life.

  • Are you a summer or a winter person?
  • Do you read about climate change?
  • What is your opinion on the mess snow and rain cause?

74. Games

Be it mobile gaming or pc games, playing games is a fun activity to cherish upon. Sometimes, even having throwback moments to card games can lead to giggles.

  • Do you like indoor or outdoor games?
  • Are you playing any recent games on your mobile or desktop?
  • Do you enjoy video games?

75. Filmstars

Movies and tv shows are incomplete without the stars that lead the show. Find each other’s favorites and the career track of those film stars. Another informal chat to lighten the mood.

  • Who is your favorite actor?
  • Do you dare to miss your favorite actor’s movies or does it depend on the rating?
  • Do you think there can ever be someone who can match up to your favorite star?

76. Studies

Suitable for professional environments, discussing academic records or educational interests can be very enlightening. You get to meet people with different backgrounds and fields of interest.

  • What is your favorite subject?
  • Which field of study was never the right choice for you?
  • What are the things that still make you scratch your head?

77. Past work experiences

In corporate events, understanding where the person is from and their past work experiences can highlight their opinions. Use the conversation to network and find any mutual connections.

  • Where did you work before your current company?
  • How was your manager in your previous role?
  • Do you like your current company more?

78. Holidays

If the holiday season is around the corner or it is a holiday party, why not discuss the day itself? Every culture and family has its own different traditions to talk and laugh about.

  • What is your favorite holiday?
  • As a child, which holiday were you most excited about?
  • What are your plans for this holiday weekend?

79. Children

If you both have children, it is a common topic to laugh out awkward moments or discuss the struggles of being a parent. Sharing feelings, tips and a piece of advice always helps.

  • How many children do you have?
  • How old are your kids?
  • What are the challenges of being a parent?

80. Facts

Debate over each other’s knowledge of facts and scratch out any fake concepts that might be circling in your minds. Medical facts of educational facts, let it begin!

  • Has there ever been any facts that changed your life?
  • What is the one thing you thought was a fact but wasn’t true?
  • What is the rarest fact that you think you know?

81. Habits

Small talk topics should be crisp so that it doesn’t overwhelm the person sitting opposite to you. Now, who wouldn’t know about their habits?

  • What is your definition of a good habit?
  • Do you have any bad habits that you want to get rid of?
  • How long do you think it takes you to create a habit?

82. Tea

Drinking tea is a cultural norm that different countries and cities do it in their own style. In a nation like India, cities have their own types of teas as well. Sip some warm tea and talk about which ones taste the best.

  • Have you ever tried earl grey tea?
  • How often do you enjoy a cup of tea?
  • Do you think the true essence of tea is enjoyed without milk?

83. Meeting Place

The easiest banter is to analyze and talk about the venue you both are meeting at. Be it the ambiance, the food, or the people around the place.

  • Were you able to reach this venue easily?
  • How are you liking the vibe of this place?
  • Will you revisit this venue again?

84. Daily commute

Traffic is a pain shared by many in their daily journeys to work. Talk about the daily commute troubles and make a short conversation around it.

  • Did you face any traffic reaching here?
  • How much time do you keep extra to ensure traffic doesn’t delay you for work?
  • Do you think traffic is a necessary evil?

By now, I am sure you have successfully overcome the fear of making small talk. But what about conversations on the phone?

Things to talk about on the phone

A phone conversation is a LOT different than an in-person conversation. On the phone, you can’t see how your conversation partner is responding to your efforts non-verbally.

You are only exposed to your partner’s voice, tone, and pitch… which can be a lot more deceiving than non-verbal cues.

But as we promised to have your back in the beginning, here’s keeping at it! 😉

85. Hometown

Feel free to discuss where you grew up. It is often a soft spot for many young adults and always comes along with anecdotes that highlight the important parts of life.

  • Where did you grow up?
  • How is your work city different from your hometown?
  • What do you miss the most about your hometown?

86. Animals

Whether or not the person likes animals, it is always an interesting topic to dwell on. It lies right in the zone of avoiding discussing any gossip about fellow co-workers but having a respectful discussion.

  • Do you prefer dogs or cats?
  • Do you have any pets at home?
  • Have you ever considered adopting a bird?

87. Google-ing!

The famous company of all time, it is also the most used search engine. ‘Googling’ skills can be a topic, as long as the person in front of you isn’t a Google employee who doesn’t want to discuss their own company!

  • How often do you use Google every day?
  • Has it become extremely easy to find solutions due to google?
  • Do you think children are losing learning capabilities because of google?

88. Sleep

Sleep schedules are forever varying in young adults. Some even struggle with insomnia. Debating any tips or the importance of a good sleep can be a quick small talk moment.

  • Are you aware of your sleep cycle patterns?
  • How often do you feel the need to take a nap?
  • Are you a deep sleeper?

89. Diet

The western world has evolved with multiple different diet options while the eastern world has its own historical choices. Every diet has its own pros and cons along with varying results.

  • Are you on a specific diet right now?
  • What is your opinion about the keto diet?
  • Are you an avid follower of renowned dieticians?

90. College life

Relish hostel memories and exchange embarrassing stories that made your college life the best time of your life. Talk over a couple of drinks and possibly find a new friend in the making.

  • Which college were you from?
  • Your favorite memory about hostel life?
  • Do you think college was better than school?

91. First Date Stories

Everyone has probably been on at least one single first date. Let’s all admit it: First dates are always fun and thrilling – there are so many backstories and awkward moments that it can trigger a whole new conversation.  

  • How many first dates have you been on?
  • Which was the funniest first date ever?
  • Do you enjoy first dates or just feel awkward all the time?

92. Piercings

If you have seen a picture of the person you are talking to and they have a piercing, this is the best topic ever! Know about their choice to get a piercing and their future plans about it.

  • Do you have any piercings on your body?
  • What kind of piercings do you find the most daunting?
  • Do you fangirl over celebrities with impressive piercings?

93. Obsessions

Obsessions don’t always mean creepy or criminal tendencies. They can mean the things we love, the people we care for, or habits which we’ve had since childhood. This topic is just a way to know someone better while in a small conversation.

  • What is your most weird obsession?
  • Do you think obsessions are dangerous?
  • How do you rank your top 5 obsessions?

94. Christmas Holidays

If the holidays are near or you simply love Christmas holidays, talk about it. A conversation surrounding Christmas is always fun. ALWAYS.

  • Where do you often spend your Christmas holidays?
  • What is the one mandatory Christmas tradition you follow?
  • Do you think the Christmas holidays should be one week long :P?

95. Life-changing events

Thinking about who you are today is an intense conversation if you want to talk for hours on the call. Infact, these events can inspire you both to do something better in the future.

  • What was that one event that made you who you are today?
  • Which one event in your life would you love to get rid of?
  • Why do you think an event, a single moment can change us?

96. Heartbreaks

A chat on the phone can be about heartbreak because people are comfortable when you can’t see their sad faces. If you are making a new bond, gather some courage and start this conversation but make sure you don’t make the other one feel targeted.

  • Have you ever faced heartbreak?
  • Do you think time heals the pain?
  • What are your coping mechanisms to help you get over a heartbreak?

You have aced the conversations on phone or in person, but you definitely can’t do without knowing the hacks to the millennial mode of communication, that is, Text Messages.

Topics to talk about over text

In today’s generation of online dating apps and websites, you just HAVE to know how to start a text conversation. Infact, not just know, but also ace it.

Whether you want to impress a boy or a girl over text or just make some random conversation with your friends – you need to at least know the topics that can spark an engaging text conversation.

So, here it goes…

97. Podcasts

This is a niche topic because you have to find someone who is into podcasts or either willing to be introduced to them. Find a field they like, and discuss a podcast made around it.

  • What kind of podcasts do you listen to these days?
  • Would you ever make your own podcast?
  • Which is the first podcast in your daily feed?

98. Accomplishments

Difference people consider different achievements in life from various perspectives. Find a new outlook on things by conversing on this.

  • What accomplishments are you most proud of?
  • What are the events you have won trophies for?
  • Which is the next big accomplishment you dream to achieve?

99. Fishing

It is a group activity that many prefer as an outing with their friends. Might as well find yourself leaving with an invite to a fishing trip post the conversation!

  • Do you go fishing often?
  • What do you struggle the most during fishing?
  • What is your best memory about fishing?

100. Shopping

Shopping is a never-ending trip to happy land. From clothes to shoes to accessories to the rise of online shopping platforms. From budgets to timelines, know what people like to shop.

  • Do you love shopping?
  • How often do you shop if given an unlimited budget?
  • Do you prefer window shopping first?

101. Pop culture

Discussing what is currently going on in the world of pop culture like superheroes or fictional storylines can reduce tension or anxiety in a discussion. It can be an easy way to avoid serious questions.

  • What is the one superpower you want to have?
  • Who is your favorite fictional character?
  • Are you a Marvel or a DC comic fan?

102. Lucky charms

Luck is a mysterious idea, with believers and non-believers flagging around it. Have your own stance but also be open to understanding the other person’s views on it.

  • Do you wear any lucky charms?
  • Do you think you have a lucky person in your life?
  • What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you?

103. Aliens

Aliens are a debatable topic. Some believe in their existence while some don’t, it is all a matter of science, technology, and myth.

  • Do you think aliens exist?
  • Do you think aliens will ever capture earth?
  • Are aliens possibly friendly creatures or not?

104. Colors

Natural love for different colors can be an interesting yet light topic for the times you both have had too much for the day. A person’s choice of colors can also tell a lot about their personality and vibe.

  • Which is your favorite color?
  • Why do you think colors reflect different feelings?
  • Do you think life would be boring without a splash of color?

105. Weekend Getaways

Discover the adventurous side of an individual by asking about their weekend plans. If they enjoy a trip or a party or stay at home reading a book.

  • Do you prefer weekend trips or long vacations?
  • Which is your favorite weekend destination?
  • Are you a road trip person on weekends or not?

106. Nicknames

Finding each other nicknames over a couple of flirty chats is super fun. Playing a game of sharing childhood nicknames is also a viable option if this is your pick.

  • What was your childhood nickname at home?
  • Tell me the funniest nickname you have ever been called?
  • What is the nickname you gave yourself but it never stuck around?

107. Money

Talking about spending habits and saving plans can be a serious affair, made easier on the text. The frequency of replies can say a lot about the person’s apprehensions.

  • Do you think money is easier to spend than earn?
  • Have you ever saved money yourself?
  • Do you think money is the most valuable asset in the world?

108. Cryptocurrency

Another serious topic that revolves around news and personal biases. Cryptocurrency is the perfect topic to initiate a quick chat with a co-worker or business acquaintance.

  • Are you an investor in cryptocurrency?
  • Do you think it is a safe choice?
  • Will cryptocurrency ever beat printed money?

Beware with one-word answers. They are a clear indication that the person on the other side of the screen is just not interested.

By now, you must be all prepped up to face all the situations. But who’s ever totally ready for a first date?

Things to talk about on a first date

All the struggle to start a conversation on one side is still less struggle than starting a conversation on a date night.

Finding the right date conversation starters is no child’s play especially with the rushing adrenaline in your nerves.

To help calm you down we have listed a few date topics and date questions. So, the next you are going on a “first” date, don’t forget to quickly skim through this! 😉

109. Comedy

Humor is always the best way to find the way to a person’s heart. Crack some jokes and discuss each other’s interests in specific types of comedy, be it on YouTube, in movies, or tv shows.

  • Who is your favorite comedian?
  • Do you like standup comedy or not?
  • Are you a fan of dark comedy or not?

110. Happiness

Happiness is a rotating concept, meaning different things for individuals. Let a conversation revolve around it, allowing you to reflect on your own definition alongside also understanding your date’s definition.

  • Do you think happiness is ever permanent?
  • Can happiness be learned in life?
  • When were you extremely happy recently?

111. Inner Circle

Sharing memories and anecdotes about the time spent with people who define you is a good way to get to know each other. It can be a family member, a best friend, or someone who you always count upon.

  • Are you closer to your siblings or your friends?
  • Why do you connect with them so much?
  • Where are you planning your next trip with your tribe?

112. Clubbing

If you are at a club itself or are genuinely interested in clubbing, find a person who has the same passion. Be it visiting a club or discussing the ambiance, it can be a really enticing discussion.

  • Which clubs do you visit often?
  • Do you like going out daily or weekly?
  • If you had to pick the worst club in the city, which one would it be?

113. Online dating

If you have met via online dating apps, each other’s dating profiles can be a great conversation starter on a first date.

  • What made you right swipe on me?
  • How was your first online dating experience?
  • What do you think is one flaw in the common dating apps?

114. Volunteering

People often sign up for volunteering events to help the needy or the poor. If you have worked your way in the volunteering world, why not talk about it and maybe recruit some fresh minds along the way.

  • Have you ever taken part in volunteering activities?
  • Do you organize events to support volunteers?
  • Have you ever volunteered in an old-age home?

115. Drinking Habits

This means finding out a person’s taste in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It allows you to discuss your choices too and maybe suggest some new bars across town.

  • Do you often go out for alcoholic drinks?
  • Which is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
  • Are you a fan of bartending yourself?

116. Love life

Ensure you slowly move into asking these personal questions about your date’s love life status. Make sure you ask the right questions if you are looking at a future with him/her

  • At what age, did you start dating?
  • Why do you think your last relationship didn’t work?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?

117. Chemistry

If you are meeting a possible partner, your thoughts must align on such topics. These direct questions can either put them in a spot or make you fall head over heels for them.

  • Do you think physical chemistry is important?
  • If asked to choose, mental or physical chemistry, which one?
  • Is life compatibility more important than chemistry?

118. Secrets

Might as well play a game of rapid-fire to spice things up and shoot a few surprise questions. Give your partner the space he/she needs and make sure you don’t force yourself with these questions. Allow them to choose the secrets they want to reveal.  

  • If you were asked to reveal a secret in Infront of an audience, what would it be?
  • Would you prefer revealing your own secrets or someone else’s?
  • Do you think keeping secrets is necessary?

119. Philosophy

Once you reach a certain age and try to find a partner, knowing their view about life and situations is important. Plus, you can also evaluate future compatibility and the possibility of a long-term relationship with these questions.

  • Do you think you control your own destiny?
  • What do you think is the definition of a good life?
  • Do you think there is a truer meaning to life than just money and marriage?

120. Strengths

If your date is comfortable, strike a conversation to discuss their strengths and also reveal yours. Similar strengths are a plus but a certain amount of difference is also needed.

  • What are your strengths when it comes to emotions?
  • Do you think you have a strong mind or a strong heart?
  • What is the definition of a strong human being for you?

After this, I think we have covered most of the conversation situations, now heading onto relationships.

First up,

Things to talk about with your crush

Imagine this: You have finally got the number of your crush, planned a perfect date but on the D-day, your brain seems to have stopped working. You know you have to say something but you are just out of words. Your mind just can’t think of anything except a stupid compliment of a boring question.

You are right, even the thought of it is embarrassing.

121. Movies

Everybody is a secret nerd who enjoys binge watching during the weekend. Finding favorite movies of people, discussing different plots and genres of movies is always a way to get the conversation started. If you both find a common genre or movie series that you love, the conversation might as well go on for hours.

  • Which is your favorite children’s movie?
  • What is your favorite genre of Hollywood movies?
  • Do you watch regional movies?

122. Musical Instruments

If the person has an interest in music, chances are they either play a musical instrument or at least have a favorite tune to listen to. You can talk about your playing habits and listen to their interests. A person’s taste in music can tell you a lot about them. Some people played in the band in high school while some just enjoy YouTube videos.

  • Do you play any music instruments?
  • Who is your favorite band artist?
  • Have you ever attended a live symphony concert?

123. Travel Diaries

People usually travel with friends or family or even go on solo trips to take a break from the boring daily life. A conversation about travel brings out happy memories and keeps the ambiance relaxed. If you find a fellow travel lover, you might as well start planning a trip together!

  • Where have you last traveled to?
  • What do you love the most about travel experiences?
  • What is the one thing that you always try in every new place you visit?

124. Hobbies

Stepping into the comfort and risk-free zone, hobbies offer a broad plate of different ideas and topics to banter about. You can learn about a new skill while also putting forward your own talent and experiences. The discussion can easily move towards a positive and aspirational tone as well.

  • What are your hobbies?
  • How often do you give yourself time for your hobbies?
  • Have you ever thought of converting your hobby to your career?

125. Disney

Disney is close to heart for every adult who has grown up watching its shows. Talk about a visit to Disneyland or a recent fairytale show that your kids have fallen in love with.

  • Have you ever been to Disneyland?
  • Who was your favorite childhood Disney character?
  • Do you have a Disney+ subscription?

126. Relationships

When you are talking to your crush, include some indirect questions to know about their dating lives and if you both are compatible. Keep it unobvious yet informative.

  • What is a relationship deal-breaker for you?
  • Do you prefer being single or not?
  • What do you think is the worst part about being in a relationship?

127. Mental Health

When you have a crush on someone, chances are that you hardly know much about them. In the 21st century, knowing about someone’s mental health and view on it is important before trying to be something more than friends with them.

  • How important is mental health to you?
  • Do you think the stigmas around mental health are decreasing?
  • Do you give yourself time to keep a check on your own mental health?

128. Fairy Tales

Fairytales can be discussed just to joke around a bit and to revisit young days. In fact, even to judge the unrealism of the universe of fairies together can sometimes really be fun!

  • Do you believe in fairytales?
  • What is the one most realistic aspect of fairy tales?
  • Do you ever dream of being a modern-day prince/princess?

129. Dream Home

Understanding your crush’s dream home can tell you a lot about their imaginations of the future. And if you both have a lot in common, be prepared to fall for him/her even more!

  • Where do you see your dream home located?
  • What would be the color of your room in your dream house?
  • What is the one thing you won’t add to your dream home, present in your current home?

130. Bucket Lists

A chill yet diverse conversation about each other’s bucket list items can subtly help you make a plan with them. Find a common bucket list item? Then you both can go together and tick it off.

  • How many unchecked items are there on your bucket list?
  • How often do you take some time to finish off your bucket list?
  • What is the almost impossible item on your bucket list for you to finish?


When you have just started talking to your crush, a light and breezy chat about motivational quotes, movie quotes or common inspiring quotes in a GIF can boost your confidence to talk.

  • What is your favorite superhero movie quote?
  • Which is the one quote that you live by, like it is a life motto for you?
  • How often do you discover a quote and make it a point to remember it?

132. Fan moments

A fangirl/fanboy is a hilarious version of your girl-crush or man-crush that needs to show up once in a while. If they have ever met their celebrity crush or seen them up close, you need to know the details.

  • Have you ever met your idol?
  • When was the last time you attended the concert of your favorite artist?
  • Have you ever shared a fan moment and met a celebrity randomly?

Now that we have discussed some great topics to strike a healthy conversation with your crush, here’s something, ONLY for the boys!

Girls, don’t get sad… we will also come to you!

Topics to talk about with a girl

Talking to a woman can be tricky, you know it, ofcourse. But it’s 10x more challenging when she loves to talk.

You want to add something interesting to the conversation yet you are nervous about it. You know you are a good listener yet you feel the added pressure of paying “undivided” attention.

But here’s a secret: You can easily cope with them, if you just start talking! 😉

133. Ice-creams

I am sure there are hardly a handful of girls who don’t like ice-cream. What better place than a party to discuss new flavors or even have an ice-cream eating contest?

  • Which is your favorite flavor of ice creams?
  • Do you make ice-cream at home?
  • Which ice-cream brand do you love the most?

134. Hot desserts

Talking about desserts, people can just be a brownie or a waffle person. The smell of warm pancakes and the dripping chocolate sauce can often trigger fun conversations.

  • Do you enjoy sizzling desserts?
  • Do you think hot desserts make the meal better?
  • What do you prefer: Cold desserts or hot desserts?

135. Dance

Dance is the art of movement, of rejoicing and of letting go. Dancers are confident, artistic and calm souls that are always focused to interact with.

  • Have you ever learned dancing?
  • Do you enjoy dancing when you are alone?
  • Are you aware of the different forms of dancing?

136. Songs

Singing can be a hobby or a passion. Meeting someone who not just listens to music but enjoys humming a tune to themselves, can maybe also inspire you to try singing sometimes. Remember, the kind of music a person listens can tell a lot about him/her. 

  • Do you enjoy karaoke nights?
  • What is your favorite song?
  • Who is your favorite celebrity singer?

137. Horoscopes

If you know a lot about zodiac signs yourself, try finding someone who can match up to your game. If not, educating people about zodiacs is always a plus, nobody gets bored, ever.

  • Do you follow the horoscopes page in the newspaper?
  • What is your zodiac sign?
  • Do you think horoscope forecasts come true?

138. Chess

Definitely discuss this strategic game if you find a chess player at an event. Ensure you do not bore them with your love for chess though.

  • Do you play chess?
  • Do you by any chance follow chess tournaments?
  • Did you even want to learn chess?

139. Award shows

This is a convenient option because either she has seen the entire award night or at least heard something about the winners.

  • Did you watch the Oscars this year?
  • How was the Superbowl halftime show this year?
  • I can’t believe *insert celebrity singer name* won a Grammy this year, what do you think?

140. Cycling

An increasing past time activity, ask her if she owns a cycle first before initiating this entire topic. If she does, think about setting up a unique cycle date with her.

  • How often do you take out your cycle for a ride?
  • Do you enjoy going to cycling marathons?
  • Are you a part of any cycling group?

141. Hairstyling

Start by giving her a compliment and let her know you noticed. A girl often puts the most amount of time into setting her hair and deserves some appreciation for it.

  • How often do you get a haircut?
  • Do you style your hair by yourself?
  • Where did you learn to style your hair so well?

142. Dreams

If she trusts you and considers you important, she’ll share her visions and her dreams with you. This is a chance to know where you stand in her life.

  • Do you dream of a different life?
  • How often do you have dreams that you remember?
  • Where is your happy place?

143. Childhood memories

Discuss the perks of childhood life and the feeling of warmth it held. Feel the emotions surge between the both of you while chatting on this topic.

  • Which is your favorite childhood memory?
  • Which childhood memory scares you the most?
  • What is the one thing you will not change about your childhood?

144. Outfits

If a girl reflects a vibe of being interested in fashion already. Start to talk about her outfit and understand her taste in colors and style (might help you plan a gift later :P)

  • Did you style your outfit yourself today?
  • Do you purchase your outfits alone or with friends?
  • How important is it for you for someone to compliment your outfit?

Now that the boys still finding their partner are now geared up. Here’s something for the romeos. 😛

Topics to talk about with your girlfriend

Conversations with your girlfriend have become lifeless… it is bound to be, especially when you are in a long term relationship.   

But don’t worry, we’ve got you… like always.

Below are some topics along with some questions to ask your girlfriend that you can ask her on days when you both are out of words.

145. Past relationships

You both might have talked about this before but it is never too late to revisit and clear any doubts that have been lingering in your mind. If your relationship is getting monotonous, it’s time that you both confront it.

  • How many past relationships have you had?
  • Have you ever had any regrets about breaking up?
  • Which was your most painful end to a relationship?

146. Cosmetics

You may or may not be a fan of this topic but this can sure get your girl talking for hours. Let her feel comfortable and in her zone this time around.

  • Which is your favorite cosmetic brand?
  • Top five products always in your purse?
  • What is the one cosmetic product you feel incomplete without?

147. Beautiful Memories Together

In a healthy relationship, both of you must have treasured a few things that remind you of your milestones. Sit down with them, shed a tear and a smile while savoring the beautiful memories.

  • Do you remember when we first met?
  • What did you think of me after our first date?
  • How mad were you when I forgot our first-anniversary date?

With the entire world population being so dynamic in ideas and trends, you hardly get time to discuss over one special fad or form an opinion about it. Take some time to see what’s on your girl’s mind and if you both think alike.

  • What is the one trend that you hope would come back?
  • Do you think the current trend of making short reels is here to stay?
  • Which one current trend do you dislike the most?

149. Mutual Observations

You both have been together for some time now but maybe the long-distance or busy schedules haven’t allowed you to discuss your mutual understandings. It is never too late though.

  • What did you think about *insert mutual friend’s name* during his last visit?
  • Do you also think that we both should take a vacation together?
  • Have you also observed that lately, our families keep asking us about each other?

150. Long-term relationships

Girls often tend to overthink situations and feel bad about things easily. Sit down and discuss your idea of a positive long-term relationship to avoid confusion.

  • Where do you see us five years down the line?
  • For you, does career come first or personal life?
  • Do you think we should take things slow?

151. Perfect Day

If you haven’t already figured out her perfect day definition, better to ask her now. Use it to plan a surprise later or at least make her feel like you care to know.

  • What is your idea of a perfect day?
  • Do you see me as a part of your best day?
  • Do you imagine yourself around your family on your perfect day?

152. Romance

This topic never goes out of style. The conversations flow smoothly, also helping you explore her definition of romance and how to get closer to her.

  • What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?
  • What is the one thing that I do that you think is extremely unromantic?
  • Is there anything that you want me to change to bring in more romance between us?

153. Kings and Queens

The rich empire that has fallen, or the poor dynasty that went from rags to riches, the ones on which the movies are made or the ones that you read in your history book – revisiting them can be a discussion without inhibiting anybody’s personal space.

  • What is your favorite dynasty of all time?
  • Which ruler in history do you think made the worst mistake?
  • Which Queen was the most royal and righteous?

154. Gardening

A hobby that many youngsters are trying out recently, it can show you a new side of your partner. It is a topic that you both never had the chance to talk about.

  • Are you a fan of gardening?
  • Have you ever seen an at-home self-built garden?
  • Do you ever want to try gardening?

155. Religion

Chances are that you have never sat down and appreciated each other’s religions and beliefs. Spend some time connecting your souls better.

  • Do you think religious beliefs are based on truth?
  • What is the essence of your religion?
  • Do you have a different religious outlook as compared to your parents?

156. Global warming

Learning about global warming and working to fight are two different things. If your girl cares about the environment, this topic can go on and on for hours.

  • What is your take on global warming?
  • Were you curious when it was taught in school?
  • Does global warming scare you?

These topics will help you show your girlfriend how much you are committed to her.

Girls, it’s your turn now!

Topics to talk about with a guy

Guys don’t love talking as much as girls (well, some are exceptions!). This makes it all the more difficult to start a real conversation with boys.  

Plus, they also sometimes fail to carry the conversation along, no matter how open-ended questions are.

Don’t lose hope. If you have the right set of topics up your sleeve, you will know where to hit!

157. Swimming

Another important life skill, most people enjoy a relaxing time in the pool. Swimming is a comfortable topic, suited for both professional and personal parties.

  • At what age did you learn swimming?
  • Are you a regular swimmer?
  • Have you ever been swimming in a lake or a river?

158. Trivia

Trivia is a casual topic to get the conversation going. From being completely random to very innovative, you can learn a lot of new information.

  • What is the most interesting bit of trivia you know?
  • Do you like trivia YouTube videos?
  • Do you find some trivia irrelevant?

159. Personal heroes

A life influence or a family figure, discussing the people we look up to is a way to bring positivity into the discussion without any small talk.

  • Who has been your inspiration growing up?
  • What makes someone a good role model?
  • What do you think is the most heroic task?

160. Physical Health

With an increase in work-life balance, everyone has started keeping their health as a priority. Conversing about healthy life choices, immunity and fitness can be a knowledgeable discussion.

  • Do you work out in any form or style?
  • What is your go-to immunity-boosting food?
  • How important do you think is having a daily fitness routine?

161. Beaches

A beach person would love to talk about beaches and their beauty. Infact, if the guy sitting next to you is from a beach city, their perspective will be a different ball game altogether.

  • How often do you visit a beach?
  • Do you have a beach close to home?
  • What is the worst beach you have ever been to?

162. Trekking

Trekkers and hikers are increasing in number across the world, due to the rise in groups, locations, and benefits of trekking. If you are at a formal event also, trekking is a great sport to discuss.

  • What is the longest trek you have ever been on?
  • Where do you often go hiking?
  • Which is your go-to escape from reality for a trek?

163. Cards

An important aspect of a father-child relationship is learning how to play cards from your dad. Dig on that happy memory while talking to someone and maybe share a few ideas for a victory.

  • Do you enjoy investing money while playing cards?
  • How good is your luck while playing cards?
  • Which is your favorite card-game?

164. Betting

Betting can be a part-time activity or even a profession for some. Find the actual thrill in the game and the risk involved in it.

  • Have you ever won a bet?
  • How often do you get your hands dirty in the game of betting?
  • Have you ever made a huge loss in betting?

165. Grooming

Men take their grooming habits very personally but at the same time, enjoy talking about them. From their beards to their dressing habits, start a conversation by complimenting that perfect beard and get the ball rolling

  • What is your most unique grooming habit?
  • How often do you shave?
  • One grooming product you cannot live without?

166. Watches

If you see him wearing a fancy watch or looking at your watch, don’t be afraid to raise a few questions on his taste and knowledge about watches.

  • Do you wear a watch daily?
  • How many watches do you own?
  • What feature or quality defines a good watch?

167. Stock market

If you follow the capital markets closely, an informative discussion about them is always mind-boggling. Everyone has different strategies and concerns.

  • Do you invest in capital markets?
  • What do you think about the current trend in capital markets?
  • Are you a long-term investor or a short-term gains fan?

168. Shoes

 Men can be easily distinguished based on their style and opinions about shoes. Brown shoes and leather shoes signify style, while flip-flops show a casual attitude.

  • Which is your go-to pair of shoes?
  • Do you stick to a particular brand for your shoe-purchases?
  • Do you have a soft spot for sneakers?

Moving on from the girls still in search of their perfect man, here’s something for the loving girlfriends.

Things to talk about with your boyfriend

If you both have been friends for a long time before committing to this relationship, there are high chances you already know a lot about each other.

But that was when you were “friends”. Now that the equations have changed, a lot of other things will also change.

So, here’s a set of topics along with some relationship questions to help you explore your man.

169. Crafting

If your boyfriend has always been good at crafting and you just want to retrigger his passion, throw some easy conversation starter questions to indulge in his favorite zone of talking!

  • Are you good with your hands? (:P)
  • What is the most difficult thing that you have crafted?
  • Which project or design are you working on right now?

170. Art

Discussing art isn’t just about meeting artists but also just finding people who appreciate creativity. There are high chances you didn’t discuss this with your boyfriend ever before, so give it a shot now!

  • What kind of art are you a fan of?
  • Do you like and understand abstract art?
  • Are you curious about modern art?

171. Embarrassing moments

If you both were friends before dating, you might have been a part of a few of his embarrassing life moments but not all. Spend some time to laugh around together while also exploring his embarrassing moments.

  • What was your most embarrassing moment in school?
  • Have you ever been embarrassed at work?
  • Have you ever felt embarrassed in front of me?

172. Funerals

Even in a relationship, boys sometimes don’t feel easy to share their opinions on death and funerals. Spend some time with him and hear him out, if he has ever felt alone or left out at a funeral without you by his side.

  • Have you ever attended a funeral?
  • Do visiting funerals impact you a lot? Affect your mental state?
  • Have you ever had to organize a funeral? How did you cope with it?

173. Injuries

You’ve probably had tons of questions about the millions of marks on his body. This topic is to use the right moment and as the right opportunity, as they might not feel comfortable discussing their injuries at all times.

  • What is the first injury that you have ever faced?
  • Where did you hurt yourself to get the big gash on your ‘insert body part name’?
  • Do you think injuries, physical or mental, make one stronger?

174. Painful decisions

To succeed in life and even in a relationship, men often take painful decisions but never talk about it. It becomes a matter of self-respect for them. Knowing about those decisions can make your bond stronger.

  • What has been the most painful decision you have ever taken?
  • Has staying away from home all these years been painful?
  • Do you think painful decisions always bear fruit?

175. Bad experiences

This can revolve around your relationship journey or around his past that he ignores talking about. When things come at a standstill, these topics need to be dug-out.

  • When did you have a bad experience with me?
  • What has been your worst experience in a relationship?
  • Tell me about a bad experience from your college life?

176. Drunk calls

You probably hate it when your boyfriend gets drunk calls or sneaks off to make a drunk call at parties. If you haven’t told him this before, now is the time to talk it out. This hatred can make you insecure otherwise.

  • Have you ever made a drunk call to your ex while dating me?
  • Have your exes ever drunk called you?
  • Do you think drunk calling is fun?

177. Cuddles and Kisses

Bring back the feeling of touch and sensations between the both of you. Figure out each other’s fantasies and physical needs for a better relationship.

  • Do you enjoy it when we cuddle?
  • Are you a kiss person more but cuddle more because of me?
  • Do you miss our Netflix and chill nights?

178. Debt

If both of you have very different professions and career goals, talking about financial planning becomes a must. In the short-term, just understanding each other’s perspectives about things like debt can give you a hint.

  • Have you ever taken a huge debt and not told me about it?
  • Do you avoid taking on debt?
  • If you ever start a business, would you be comfortable taking debt from me?

179. Environment

Once you enter into a long-term relationship, discussing such facts that affect your lifestyle choices together becomes mandatory. Don’t avoid it yet ensure that he knows what you are getting into.

  • How environment-conscious have you grown in this past year?
  • What is your thinking about environment-friendly habits we both should adopt?
  • Do you think environmental consciousness is a necessity now?

180. Social Stigmas

This is one of those serious topics that never naturally become a part of your conversations. Give him a chance to reveal himself to you and to talk about his experiences.

  • Do you believe in any social stigma?
  • Have you ever been the target of a social stigma?
  • Do you think social stigmas are hindering development?

Girlfriend… boyfriend… guy… girl… but what about friends?

We saved the best for the last! 😉

Topics to talk about with friends

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relations in the world… and if your gang loves talking, what’s better?

While you are catching up with your old friends, there can be nothing more disappointing than not having anything to talk about.

Well, not anymore.

181. Museums

Museums are definitely not a crowd-pleaser. Only a true fan would know about them in detail. Understand if the person you are talking to spends time on knowing things in detail or simply flutters around.

  • Have you ever been to a museum recently?
  • Do you find museums interesting?
  • Do you prefer historical museums or modern-day ones?

182. Nature

If you are bored of the same-old conversations with your buddies, this will give you a new start. Each one of us has different viewpoints about mother nature and it’s time to find out what your friend thinks about it!

  • How often do you take a break to spend time with nature?
  • Do you think nature brings peace of mind?
  • Does nature help you connect with yourself better?

183. Yoga

A form of exercise and self-control, Yoga has become quite famous in recent years and evolved to different forms. Plan a yoga getaway if you want to after having this talk with a fellow co-worker.

  • Do you practice yoga at home?
  • Have you ever wondered about being a certified yoga trainer?
  • Do you think yoga is better than visiting the gym?

184. Ghosts

Ghosts are another aspect of absolutely unique and rare topics. Paranormal activities might not be a comfortable topic for everyone, so dip your feet carefully into the conversation.

  • Have you ever seen a ghost?
  • Do you enjoy reading about ghosts?
  • Do you think all ghosts are dangerous?

185. Jobs

Asking the person about their job is having them bat in their comfort zone. Not only is their job a big part of their lives, but it is also something everyone feels easy to talk about. Moreover, this is also the best opportunity to know about a person who you met at a corporate party or a friend’s birthday. You can ask questions like

  • Where do you work?
  • How is the work culture?
  • Which department/role do they belong to?

186. Family

People like to talk about themselves, it is a part of human nature. After a couple of breezy conversation topics, you can talk about family, get to know each other’s upbringings and life influences.

  • Have you always stayed in a joint family or a nuclear household?
  • Do you have any siblings?
  • Are you planning to get married soon?

187. Charity

For people who help each other and especially the needy, charity can be a great conversation topic. Rare genuine humans can help you find your place in society and maybe help you contribute to it as well.

  • Have you ever contributed to charity?
  • Do you spend a part of your salary regularly on charity?
  • Are you a member of any charitable organization?

188. Skills

It is a mastery of knowledge in any particular field the person might have gained or is wanting to gain. You can talk about your own master-skills, and maybe challenge each other to a game of darts?

  • What do you consider as your most special skill?
  • Are you planning to acquire any new skills recently?
  • Do you think having more than one mastered skill is important?

189. Spirit animals

Everyone has their own spirit animal, but not everyone believes in it. In a group of friends, this can trigger a long and comfortable conversation where you also get to know a lot of spirit animals other than yours.

  • Which is your spirit animal?
  • What qualities of yourself does your spirit animal signify?
  • What is the coolest thing about spirit animals?

190. Aging

Some people fear aging while others embrace it. Whatever it is, age can be a fun topic when you are sitting in a group you have spent your childhood with.

  • Does aging intimidate you?
  • How old do you want to live?
  • Do you think you grow happier as you grow older?

191. Parents

When you meet your friends after a long time, understanding their parents and their current equation can help you re-connect better.

  • Do you still live with your parents?
  • Who are you closer to, your mom or your dad?
  • What is the best quality of your parents?

192. Drunk stories

Friends bond over embarrassing yet happy memories. You might not have been around each other to create those memories, but now is the time to catch up!

  • What is your craziest drunk night experience?
  • Do you drink to enjoy or to forget?
  • Are you a gin person or a vodka person when drunk?

Oh, wait. We are forgetting the most important part of our lives: Family!

Things to talk about with Family

You stay with your family day in and day out. Yet sometimes fail to make them feel loved.

Everyone is so consumed in their day to day lives that no one has time for a happy and healthy conversation.

When that’s the scenario at your home. Gather all your family members, pick some topics from this list and get going. Trust me, it will be a lot of fun!

193. Cuisines

If you are in a gathering with family members or childhood friends, talking about their favorite cuisines can help you catch up with their tastes after a long time. Different food cuisines can lead you all to sometimes even discuss travel stories or bucket list memories.

  • Are you a food enthusiast?
  • What is your favorite cuisine?
  • Which is your favorite family recipe to cook?

194. Books

If you are in a formal gathering or looking for some interesting deep conversation, books are a great way to keep the buzz going. Even if people have unique tastes in reading material, they often find some common world-famous books to discuss, renowned authors to debate over, and the art of writing to smile at.

  • Who is your favorite author of all time?
  • Have you ever read an award-winning book? If yes, which one?
  • What is your opinion on a book sometimes being overrated due to external factors?

195. Restaurants

If you both have accepted your love for food, discussing favorite restaurants to visit and the vibes of different places around the city can lead to a good chat.

  • Do you think home deliveries can never match up to an in-restaurant feel?
  • What is your go-to restaurant?
  • Where would you suggest one to take their first date to?

196. Apps

The tech world is forever expanding. From the elderly to the Gen-Z, everyone has dozens of digital applications on their phones, some highly useful and some, not so much.

  • Which is your favorite app?
  • Which is the most useless app you keep on your phone?
  • Do you think you can spend an entire week without all your phone apps?

197. Smartphones

People do a lot of research and reading before investing thousands of bucks on their new phones. It has become a symbol of social status and people love showing it off.

  • Which phone are you using currently?
  • What is your phone’s best feature?
  • How often do you purchase a new phone?

198. Retirement plans

We all work and start earning with the hope to someday leave it all behind to settle down in our favorite place, probably with a favorite someone. These plans are always a safe point to think upon.

  • At what age do you see yourself retiring?
  • Where would you want to retire and settle down?
  • How has your retirement plan changed over the years?

199. Corruption

Giving corruption a place in your conversation will make it a bit serious and opinionated. If you are meeting someone for the second or third time, give it a shot for sure.

  • Do you think corruption can be dangerous?
  • Why is corruption so common?
  • How widespread is corruption in your profession?

200. Politics

Unlike work parties, politics is a great option to dodge awkward family discussions. Every uncle and aunt enjoy sharing their opinions and stories about past political events.

  • Who is your favorite politician?
  • When did you last cast a vote?
  • Do you think politics is a good career choice?

201. Morning routines

Family members always enjoy sharing their lessons or must-do list of activities in the morning. Some might discuss their morning workout routine while others might talk about religious habits.

  • What is the most important thing that you do every morning?
  • Which morning habit do you want to get rid of?
  • Which morning habit are you trying to learn?

202. Career advice

In a large family gathering, sit around the table and listen to everyone tell you the pros and cons about their careers. It is definitely easier to make a career choice after this.

  • What is the worst part about your career?
  • Are you happy with your job?
  • Do you think a business is a better idea than a job?

203. Investment plans

Directly talking about money isn’t great but inquiring about investment options can be extremely beneficial for you. Capitalize on their experience and pick a cue or two for your own investment plans.

  • Where should I invest money to avoid risks?
  • Which mode of investment has the highest returns?
  • Where do you think investing is always a waste?

204. Life challenges

If you are going through a tough phase in life, look up to your family for support. Talk about your issues and let them throw some light on the battle of life.

  • How to tackle a challenge in life?
  • When to know it is the right time to give up?
  • Have you ever faced continuous failures for years?

Did you really think that we will bid you adieu with some Bonus? 😉

5 Things to NOT talk about in a first-time conversation

You now know 300+ Topics about what to talk about. But it can all go wrong if you don’t know what NOT to talk about.

You definitely don’t want to put all that research to waste. So, here are 5 topics that you must NEVER talk about.

1. Work Salary

Never directly ask someone their salary or about their levels of income. Most people get offended and walk away when asked questions related to their salary. Some companies don’t allow their employees to reveal their salaries while some businessmen don’t prefer to talk about it.

Avoid questions about the increase in salary after a recent promotion as well. Irrespective of the people you are talking, asking about salary figures is never a wise choice.

2. Negative Dialogues

You don’t want to come off as a person who rants about people and gossips upfront. Further, if you are meeting for the first time, you don’t want to leave a bad impression.

Remember, everyone wants a positive and easy conversation. Even a serious discussion is sometimes appreciated but if you radiate bad vibes, they will make sure to never strike a conversation with you.

Complaining about your boss or your family, calling out a friend for being rude, or judging people – will definitely not work in your favor.

3. Sexual Orientation

Everyone calls it rude if you directly ask someone about their sexual orientation in the first meeting. Give the other person some time to be comfortable about such discussions.

Sexual orientation is still a sensitive topic in most places and it should be given the respect it deserves. Infact, don’t be too revealing about your own orientation as well.

4. Expectations

Don’t tell a person you were ‘expecting’ them to be thinner, healthier, or taller than they seem. This works as a direct insult or negative compliment against them.

It is a bad first impression and makes you come off as a rude individual. It is true that people look different in their online profiles as compared to real life. Yet, don’t make a fuss about it, let things pan out naturally first.

5. Self-centred topics

Don’t say anything which would make you seem self-centered. You are striking a conversation to be a listener and to know someone better.

It isn’t the right strategy to talk only about yourself and appear as “I am my favorite”. Yet, ensure you don’t make any facial expressions or gestures which show that you are simply acting to listen.

Now, it’s

Over to You…

You might be the shyest person in the room… or one of the most introverted people.

…you still need to know how to start a conversation.

But while choosing the topics or things to talk about, make sure you know your audience and the setting.

But above all, make sure you are yourself.

…and everything will eventually be in place.