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200+ This or That Questions for Kids to Know Them Better

200+ This or That Questions for Kids to Know Them Better

Updated on Sep 09, 2022

200+ This or That Questions for Kids to Know Them Better

Are you looking for icebreaker questions for children or fun dinner conversation starters? 

This or that questions for kids can get everyone chatting. For instance, would you choose this or that? 

This or that question is similar to “Would you rather?” questions because children must choose between two paths.

Now that we’ve covered all of the basics, here are 225 entertaining this or that questions for kids!

This or that questions for kids

Here are some brilliant questions to ask your kids to identify their IQ, preferences and knowledge.

  1. Which do you prefer, animals or insects?
  2. Would you like to swim in a pool or at the beach?
  3. Do you prefer the morning or the evening?
  4. Do you prefer watching TV or reading?
  5. Do you favor spicy or sweet food?
  6. Do you like being indoors or outside?
  7. Do you prefer to be stationary or move around a lot?
  8. Do you prefer being by yourself or amongst others?
  9. Do you like oranges or strawberries better?
  10. Do you like iced tea or hot chocolate?
  11. Do you enjoy cartoons and comic books?
  12. Do you enjoy watching movies or TV?
  13. Do you like to engage in sports or video games?
  14. Do you like to read or listen to music?
  15. Do you like sweet or salty snacks?
  16. Do you like to run or jump?
  17. Do you enjoy singing or dancing?
  18. Which would you choose: sleeping all day or eating all day?
  19. Do you prefer small or large parties?
  20. Do you like parks or cities?
  21. Do you favor December or June?
  22. Do you prefer the fall or the spring?
  23. Do you like bright or rainy days?
  24. Do you prefer to read or listen to books on tape?

Best this or that kids questions

Looking for some best this or that questions? Here you go. We have curated the list of these questions to make your task easier.

  1. Do you enjoy skating or riding a bike?
  2. Which do you prefer: ice skating or roller skating?
  3. Do you like to explore new things or stick to the same routine?
  4. Do you prefer when your grandparents visit you, overseeing them at their home?
  5. Do you prefer cats or dogs as pets?
  6. Do you prefer eating dinner or breakfast?
  7. Do you prefer to bathe or sleep beneath your bed?
  8. Do you prefer a bedroom in the attic or beneath the stairs?
  9. Do you crawl on your stomach or walk on your hands?
  10. Do you like to sleep with one eye open or closed?
  11. Do you have four belly buttons or none at all?
  12. Is it two more fingers or two extra toes?
  13. Do you prefer wings or a tail?
  14. Eat everything in popsicle form or just drink it all?
  15. Do you prefer to be a sculpture or a work of art?
  16. Do you prefer to Fly on a vacuum or a broom?
  17. Do you want to be a stick figure or a bobblehead?
  18. Do you prefer a toga or an armored suit?
  19. Do you prefer to sing or use rhymes when you speak?
  20. Do you prefer to turn around or walk backward?
  21. Do you snort or urinate when you laugh?
  22. Do you prefer something or nothing?
  23. Do you prefer one or two?
  24. Do you like pranks or jokes?
  25. Do you like booty or a bum?

This or that animal questions for kids

Want to know your kid’s preference for animals? Here are some amazing questions related to animals. Pick these questions and know about your kid’s thoughts about animals.

  1. Do you prefer four legs or none at all?
  2. Do you prefer roar or tweet?
  3. Do you prefer to fly or float?
  4. Do you prefer panda bears or polar bears?
  5. Do you prefer dolphins in pink or narwhals?
  6. Do you prefer a mini pig or a miniature horse?
  7. Do you prefer cow or goat milk?
  8. Do you prefer claws or tentacles?
  9. Do you prefer sleighs pulled by horses or dogs?
  10. Do you prefer the cow or the horse of the sea?
  11. Do you prefer peacocks or flamingos?
  12. Do you prefer to climb or run faster?
  13. Do you prefer snakes or spiders as pets?
  14. Do you prefer barking cats or talking dogs?
  15. Do you prefer screaming goats or fainting goats?
  16. Do you prefer slimy pig or bare-chested mole rat?
  17. Do you prefer horse teeth or chipmunk cheeks?
  18. Do you prefer frightened cats or happy dogs?
  19. Do you prefer flying squirrels or flying fish?

Icebreaker this or that questions for kids

Sometimes, it’s quite difficult to start a conversation with your kid. In this matter, we have curated the best list of questions to ask your kids and start the convo. 

  1. Do you believe a dog or a cat is a better pet?
  2. Do you believe that having plenty of toys or a select few excellent ones is preferable?
  3. Do you prefer playing cards or Legos?
  4. Which animal is more entertaining: dogs or monkeys?
  5. Which animal is more terrifying, tigers or wolves?
  6. Do you believe having a sister or a brother is preferable?
  7. Do you like to have a large number of close friends or just one greatest friend?
  8. Do you believe that staying up late or going to bed early is preferable?
  9. Do you prefer Disney live-action or animated films?
  10. Is traveling to new places on vacation more enjoyable?

This or that books questions for kids

Books are an important aspect of every kid’s life and they have different opinions and preferences towards books. If you want to know what your kids like and dislike about this, ask these questions.

  1. Do you prefer chapter books or picture books?
  2. Do you prefer comic books or graphic novels?
  3. Do you read aloud or to yourself?
  4. Do you prefer dog Man or Captain Underpants?
  5. Do you prefer Pete the Cat or the naughty cat?
  6. Do you prefer Amelia Bedelia or Madeline?
  7. Do you prefer Doug the Pug or Pig the Pug?
  8. Do you prefer the Pout-Pout Fish or the Rainbow Fish?
  9. Do you prefer Dr. Seuss or Eric Carle?
  10. Do you prefer activities or coloring books?
  11. Do you prefer a cookbook or a joke book?
  12. Do you prefer hardcover or paperback?
  13. Do you prefer dog-eared or bookmarked pages?
  14. Do you prefer new or used books?
  15. Do you prefer black & white or color?
  16. Do you prefer reading during the day or at night?
  17. Do you prefer physical books or eBooks?
  18. Do you prefer to write or illustrate a book?

Christmas this or that questions for kids

If you want to ignite Christmas this year and bring a smile to your kid’s face, ask these questions related to Christmas. This way you can do the things as per their preferences and make them happier. 

  1. Which outfit would you like to wear to school: a Santa suit or a green elf one?
  2. Which would you prefer: to roll like a snowman or to soar like a reindeer?
  3. Would you like to be the Grinch or meet him?
  4. Which would you like to grow: Santa’s belly or his beard?
  5. Would your family prefer matching pajamas or matching ugly sweaters?
  6. Which would you prefer: receiving a single large gift or a number of smaller ones?
  7. Which would you like to meet: Jack Frost or Rudolph?
  8. Which would you choose: eating just-baked cookies or drinking hot cocoa all day?
  9. Which would you like to receive: $1,000 for yourself or $1,000 for others?
  10. Which place, a gingerbread mansion or Candy Cane Lane, would you want to call home?
  11. Which would you prefer—going to someone else’s home or having your family around for Christmas?
  12. Would you prefer not to put up any Christmas decorations at all or spend the entire month with your family wearing tacky matching sweaters?
  13. Which would you want to cover your ceiling in mistletoe or tinsel?
  14. Which do you prefer, building igloos or snow angels?
  15. Would you prefer no snow at all on Christmas Eve or a major snowstorm?
  16. Would you prefer to attend holiday parties every night of the month or not at all?
  17. Which would you prefer to wear outside with friends: Santa’s red suit or one of his elf outfits?

Fun this or that questions for kids

Here are some fun questions to ask your kid and make them laugh with you. 

  1. Which character would you rather be Harry Potter or Ron Weasley?
  2. Which would you prefer: the ability to change into any animal or another human?
  3. Which character is best: Elsa from “Frozen” or Hermione Granger?
  4. Should the main character in a book or movie be particularly clever or courageous?
  5. Which is more entertaining: visiting a zoo or a circus?
  6. Which would you choose: seeing every film ever produced, or reading every book ever written?
  7. Which would you want to visit first: every plant on Earth or every planet in the solar system?
  8. Which destination would you choose, the moon or another planet?
  9. Do you believe having a teleportation device or a time machine is preferable?
  10. Mickey Mouse or Daffy Duck: Which would you like to meet?
  11. Do you believe that seeing the future or having the power to alter the past is preferable?
  12. Which cookie is best: Oreos or chocolate chip cookies?
  13. Do you believe that being able to breathe underwater or swim extremely quickly is better?
  14. Which would you rather have as a pet: a turtle or a snake?
  15. Do you believe that having webbed feet like a duck or gills like a fish is preferable?
  16. Which is more enjoyable, skiing or sledding?
  17. Would you rather vacation in Alaska or Hawaii?
  18. Do you believe that having a photographic memory or a keen sense of direction is preferable?
  19. Which is more important: the abolition of hunger or world peace?
  20. Do you believe that being able to fly or being invisible is better?
  21. If you could control either fire or water, which would you choose?
  22. Which would you want to ride—a camel or a horse?
  23. Would you prefer living in a tree or living in the sea?
  24. Do you believe having superhuman strength or superintelligence is preferable?

This or that game questions for kids

Ask these questions related to the game and know your kid in a better way.

  1. Do you prefer soccer played indoors or outdoors?
  2. Do you prefer a coach or an official?
  3. Do you prefer sumo wrestling or dance fighting?
  4. Do you prefer tackle football or flag football?
  5. Do you prefer ice hockey or street hockey?
  6. Do you prefer animals or humans as symbols?
  7. Do you prefer softball or Wiffle ball?
  8. Do you prefer dodgeball or kickball?
  9. Do you prefer ultimate or disc golf?
  10. Do you prefer miniature golf or mini-bowling?

This or that movie questions for kids

Do you want to arrange a movie night with your kids? Ask these questions to know their preferences and arrange the movie according to their likes and dislikes.

  1. Do you prefer Baby Yoda or Baby Groot?
  2. Do you prefer Frozen or Snow White?
  3. Do you prefer Antman or Spider-Man?
  4. Do you prefer Beast Boy or Sharkboy?
  5. Do you prefer The Incredibles or Big Hero 6?
  6. Do you prefer Toy Story or Trolls?
  7. Do you prefer Find Dory or Find Nemo?
  8. Do you prefer Wizard of Oz or Harry Potter?
  9. Do you prefer candy or popcorn?
  10. Do you prefer a movie theater or video rental?
  11. Do you prefer IMAX films or 3D films?
  12. Do you prefer live-action or animated films?
  13. Do you prefer action or comedy?
  14. Do you prefer no color or sound?

This or that music questions for kids

Here are some this or that questions that you can ask your kid to know their taste in music. 

  1. Do you prefer earbuds or headphones?
  2. Do you prefer pop or rock?
  3. Do you prefer Pandora or Spotify?
  4. Do you prefer Karaoke or a dance party?
  5. Do you prefer to toss it into the void or let it go?
  6. Do you prefer the Peanut Butter Jelly Time or the Gummy Bear Song?
  7. Do you prefer Monkey dance or Freeze Dance?
  8. Do you prefer original versions of Kidz Bop songs or not?
  9. Do you prefer tambourine or maracas?
  10. Do you prefer a piano or a keyboard?
  11. Do you prefer a drum pad or a drum set?
  12. Do you prefer ukulele or banjo?
  13. Do you prefer to whistle or hum?
  14. Do you prefer to play or listen to music?

This or that outdoor questions for kids

Kids enjoy being outdoors and exploring different creations of nature. Ask these questions to know about your kid’s likes and dislikes.

  1. Do you prefer animals without plants or just plants?
  2. Do you prefer to camp in the forest with a friend or by yourself?
  3. Do you prefer eating a snack or a piece of raw fish?
  4. Do you prefer to camp without a tent or without a fire?
  5. Do you prefer to fish from a boat or a dock?
  6. Do you prefer sand or mud?
  7. Do you prefer streams or creeks?
  8. Do you prefer ponds or lakes?
  9. Do you prefer bike riding or hiking?
  10. Do you prefer bats or birds?
  11. Do you prefer mosquitoes or bees?
  12. Do you prefer dragonflies or butterflies?
  13. Do you prefer canoes or pedal boats?
  14. Do you prefer dirt bikes or ATVs?
  15. Do you prefer vegetable or flower gardens?
  16. Do you prefer the front yard or the backyard?

Good this or that questions for kids

Here are some amazing questions you can ask your kids to know them better. 

  1. Which is preferable: receiving or giving gifts?
  2. Do you believe that being extremely popular or extremely intelligent is better?
  3. Do you like to read or write better?
  4. Do you like Burger King or McDonald’s?
  5. Do you like the moon or the sun?
  6. Which is preferable: a trampoline or a pool?
  7. Do you favor a laptop or an iPad? 
  8. The Joker or Lex Luther: who makes a greater villain?
  9. Do you prefer spending the weekend in the mountains or on an island?
  10. Do you believe that knowing Spanish or Chinese is preferable?
  11. Do you want an unending supply of toys or candy?
  12. Do you prefer flying or doing road trips?
  13. Which is more enjoyable, going camping or visiting amusement parks?
  14. Do you like reading or writing?
  15. Do you like science or history?
  16. Which is more enjoyable: lunch or recess? 
  17. Is taking art or physical class better for you?
  18. Would you rather play an instrument or sing?
  19. Do you prefer creating things or doing actions?
  20. Which would you choose: traveling to space or the deep sea?
  21. Spending a lot of money or saving a lot of money?

This or that space questions for kids

Space and the galaxy seem fantastic to kids. Therefore, ask these questions related to space and know their preferences about space. 

  1. Do you prefer dawn or dusk?
  2. Do you prefer the Sun or the moon?
  3. Do you prefer stars or meteorites in the sky?
  4. Do you prefer Saturn or Jupiter?
  5. Do you prefer wormholes or black holes?
  6. Do you prefer lunar sand or moon rocks?
  7. Which is more common: freeze-dried ice cream or brownies?
  8. Do you prefer to walk on Mars or the moon?
  9. Do you prefer good or bad aliens?
  10. Do you prefer to live in space or visit it on vacation?
  11. Do you prefer chimpanzee astronauts or human space travelers?
  12. Do you prefer watching a landing or a launch?
  13. Do you prefer astrology or astronomy?


Great job! You have a lot of questions to ask! 

These this or that questions for children may help you get to know the children in your life a little bit better. 

This or that questions for children are perfect for killing time on road trips or flights when you’re waiting or looking for entertainment.