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500+ Spicy & Dirty Questions to ask your Partner, Friends or Cousins

500+ Spicy & Dirty Questions to ask your Partner, Friends or Cousins

Updated on Nov 07, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

500+ Spicy & Dirty Questions to Ask Your Partner, Friends or Cousins

So, you are looking for some spicy, dirty questions!

*Caught you red-handed* 😉

But don’t worry, I don’t blame you.

There are certain people and certain conversations that are more exciting than others… like the first conversation with your crush or anniversary conversation with your partner.

They bring a smile so wide on your face that it will definitely make the jaw hurt for some time.

And in these moments, you want more. You want to know more about the person. Especially the dirty stuff.

But how should you move past behind, “what’s your favorite color?”

That’s why I’ve written this think-piece for you hand-picking dirty questions for different situations.

So, let’s dive in!

500+ Spicy & Dirty Questions to Ask Your Partner, Friends or Cousins
500+ Spicy & Dirty Questions to Ask Your Partner, Friends or Cousins

Dirty icebreaker questions

It’s already nerve-wracking when you are trying to socialize with people you don’t know. And if there’s a boring game… It just becomes unbearable.

But worry not, I have kept these situations in my mind already, and to rescue you from the boredom, here are some dirty icebreaker questions.

These questions act as the perfect dirty conversation starters before you hop on to the main course.

So, what are you waiting for, the boring guy? No, right? Then, let’s get started

  1. Are you a virgin?
  2. Do you like to use your tongue when you kiss?
  3. What is the best thing to lick from your partner’s body?
  4. Have you ever played dirty truth games with anyone?
  5. Do you like getting a blowjob?
  6. When was the last time you gave a handjob?
  7. Do you like making out in public places?
  8. What turns you on the most?
  9. What is your favorite type of lingerie?
  10. When was the last time you made out?
  11. Which is your go-to place to have sex?
  12. Have you ever ripped the condom from your teeth?
  13. Do you like to dirty talk in the bedroom?
  14. What is your favorite make-out spot?
  15. Where do you touch first when you start kissing?
  16. Do you like oral sex?
  17. Have you ever watched porn in a public place?
  18. How often do you touch yourself?
  19. Do you feel horny right now?
  20. When was the last time you received a blowjob?

Now that the ice is broken, let’s level up.

Dirty questions to ask people at an adult party

We aren’t kids anymore. You know what that means. No, I meant the other thing! 😉

So, don’t you wanna know who has been the wildest among you? Of course, you do.

Hold on, mate, the next set of questions is going to reveal the dirtiest freaks among you. They will not be able to hide behind those innocent faces anymore.

So, let’s do this.

  1. What is the maximum number of times you’ve had sex in 24 hours?
  2. What are the best emojis you use in a sex chat?
  3. Have any of you sent your nude selfie before coming here?
  4. How was the elevator ride? (catch the smirks, and then play your cards)
  5. What is your wildest sexual desire?
  6. Are you the explorer type in the bedroom?
  7. Have you ever received a blowjob from a complete stranger?
  8. Would you be friends with benefits with anyone from this group?
  9. What is the most difficult sex position you did in your car?
  10. Have you ever been in open relationships?
  11. How many can you take in your mouth in one go?
  12. Do you like people watching you having sex?
  13. Have you ever been part of group sex?
  14. Do you like touching your partner’s private parts in public space?
  15. How many times can you cum in a session?
  16. Who will you choose to make out in the bathroom right now?
  17. Is having sex while still wearing underwear wilder?
  18. From whose mouth would you like to sip alcohol?
  19. Have you ever tried to do a hardcore session?
  20. Have you ever had sex with different people on the same day?

Did the answers blow your mind?

Save it, you are going to have a lot of this throughout this article!

Dirty Questions to ask a girl

Here’s a pro tip: if you are a boy who feels like talking dirty to a girl, create a bond with her first. Girls don’t like to open up with just anyone, and if it’s dirty talking, never.

It takes time to build the emotional connection first but the reward will be worth it, I promise.

And if you are already there, feel free to use the list below and see for yourself what the conversation turns into.

  1. Do you like the French kiss?
  2. Do you like to go gentle while kissing?
  3. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
  4. What is your favorite part to be kissed?
  5. What porn do you watch if you feel like masturbating?
  6. Have you ever made out in a college cafeteria?
  7. Do you like to moan loud?
  8. Do you like to sit on your lap while you are making out?
  9. Do you bite your lip if you are horny?
  10. Which celebrity would you not mind having a one-night stand with?
  11. Have you ever rubbed your nipple when you were alone?
  12. Have you ever clicked your nude pictures to see how it looks?
  13. How many fingers did you try to put inside when you were masturbating for the first time?
  14. Have you ever read erotic novels?
  15. Does size matter to you?
  16. Have you ever worn a slutty dress to seduce someone?
  17. Have you ever hit on your brother/cousin’s friends?
  18. Have you ever tried to check a guy’s dick through his pants?
  19. Have you ever done it in a cinema hall?
  20. Will you be up for a make-out session if I ask you to?

See, it’s not that hard… and if luck prevails and this girl becomes your girlfriend. I have got your back for that too.

Keep reading to know more.

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend

You boys must know this, even when she is your girlfriend, she still has a lot of secrets. And when things come to sex, she may have a hard time telling you what she likes in the bedroom.

So, if you are looking for a way to make her horny or to know what her bedroom likes and dislikes, then you are at the right place.

This list of questions is perfect to make your girlfriend raise her eyebrows and twist her tongue all along. 😉

Already excited, aren’t you? Then dive straight in.

  1. Do you love it when I kiss your neck?
  2. Do you want me to put whipped cream over your butt and lick it?
  3. Do you like it when I choke you?
  4. Do you like it when I go down on you for hours?
  5. What is your favorite position to give a blowjob?
  6. Do you want me to unhook your bra with one hand?
  7. Would you step out in public without wearing underpants if I asked you to?
  8. Do you like to close your eyes when I kiss all over your body?
  9. Do you want me to give you lots of love bites under your breasts?
  10. Would you let me push you against the wall and make out with you?
  11. Do you love when I moan in your ear
  12. Do you love doing a mouth-fuck?
  13. Can you take 3 fingers inside?
  14. Will you lick my balls if I wanted you to?
  15. Will you bite my lips when we kiss?
  16. Do you like when I choke you?
  17. Do you love it when I pull your hair back?
  18. Do you like it when I go rough on you?
  19. Can I smell your panties?
  20. Can I put some alcohol down there, and lick it?

Told you, I got your back!

But don’t tease her anymore,

You know how moody girlfriends are… and if you don’t make the move now, then you are done, my boy.

I can’t help you after that.

Dirty Questions to ask a boy

Okay, I know it’s tough to start a dirty conversation with a boy… and if you have just met him, then it’s like walking on a glass bridge.

You don’t want to seem like crossing a boundary because it will impact your relationship with him, and your image altogether.

But you know what, it’s good to take a risk. If you feel like asking dirty questions in the conversation, do it. I am there to help you with it.

I know how nervous you can feel when asking these questions, but trust me, this list will not fail you.

  1. What is the one guaranteed place you are going to kiss while having sex? (apart from lips)
  2. Have you ever masturbated in the public washroom?
  3. Who is your favorite porn star?
  4. What do you wear to bed if you are in the mood?
  5. Which part of a woman do you notice first?
  6. Have you ever secretly touched someone’s private parts and liked how it felt?
  7. Have you ever checked out a girl in a bikini?
  8. Do you like to go all the way in while kissing?
  9. What color underwear would you like to see me in?
  10. Where did you see a naked lady for the first time?
  11. Have you ever gotten a handjob in a park?
  12. What is the wildest thought you’ve had about me?
  13. Do you like to hold your partner from the front or back while making out?
  14. Where do your hands lay first on your partner’s body when you start kissing?
  15. Have you ever had a rough makeout session in a hotel room?
  16. Have you ever made out in the elevator?
  17. How long is your ****?
  18. Do you like your ass getting licked?
  19. How many sex positions have you tried till now?
  20. What is your go-to sex position after a tiring workday?

That went smooth, right?

But wait, if that guy is your boyfriend, you cannot ask him the same questions, it has to be more intense.

Then let’s make it.

Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend

Aren’t boyfriends the cutest (and the most annoying) people on earth? They take so much time in picking on the cues, so much so, that even your excitement starts taking the shape of anger.

As someone who totally went through it, I can totally understand you, girls.

So, I took some time out and prepared this special list for you so that you can drop easy-to-pick hints! 😉

And your “mood” doesn’t get spoiled!

  1. Have you ever counted how many strokes you made in the bedroom?
  2. Can you guess what I am wearing right now?
  3. Do you like it when I take your name?
  4. Would you like to try edible underwear?
  5. Does my nude selfie turn you horny?
  6. Do you like my hair long or short? (He’ll get it)
  7. What lingerie of mine turns you on the most?
  8. What is one place you like to kiss me the most?
  9. Can we go on all night?
  10. Do you like it when I call you daddy?
  11. When was the last time you masturbated without telling me?
  12. Describe that sexual experience with me that makes you go like, “Oh fuck!”
  13. Would you like it if we made it out in a club?
  14. Will you do everything for me, like how it is shown in porn?
  15. Do you like to bite on my nipples?
  16. Would you like to cum on my face?
  17. Would you love to do doggy style with me?
  18. Do you want me to be a good girl in bed?
  19. Do you want me to do everything you say in the bedroom?
  20. Do you like it when I tell you to stay inside?

That went pretty intense.

Now let’s move on to that new phase of love.

Dirty questions to ask your crush

The butterflies in your stomach, the rushing heartbeats, and the body subconsciously doing stupid things. Yes, I am talking about the moment when your crush walks in.

And I have got to admit, it takes a hell of a brave act to talk to your crush, let alone asking dirty questions. But you still want to take a step ahead, don’t you?

So, start from here. I have kept it subtle yet dirty.

Exhale the nervousness and let’s turn it into a hell of a night!

  1. Have you ever fantasized about your friends of the opposite gender?
  2. What part of your body are you most confident about?
  3. Which is the one position you absolutely love to do?
  4. What should a person wear to turn you on?
  5. Have you ever made out when you were totally drunk?
  6. Have you ever made out in a classroom?
  7. Have you ever got horny seeing a celebrity half-naked online?
  8. Describe the last sex dream you had?
  9. What songs are definitely going to put you in the mood?
  10. What is the wildest place to make someone horny?
  11. Would you like to receive a lap dance from me?
  12. What is the perfect line to make someone know that you are horny?
  13. If I were to make you horny at any time, any place, where should I kiss you?
  14. Does watching other people have sex turn you on?
  15. How long can you think we can go on if we’re having sex right now?
  16. What part of my body attracts you the most?
  17. What kind of porn do you like to see?
  18. What would you do if I told you if am horny right now?
  19. Where would you touch me if I was there in front of you right now?
  20. What would you throw me on if we’re to make out right now?

I am sure your crush is at least turned on (if not horny) by now. It’s time, you make the move… and see where it takes you.

…and for the ones who have already made the move, I’ve got something for you too.

Dirty couple questions

There is absolutely nothing more exciting than being in love.

However, if you want a healthy and happy relationship, you must know about your likes in the bedroom.

That not only opens a new door for you in the bedroom but also doesn’t let any misunderstandings creep in.

Now that you have understood the importance of sex and wondering how to have “that” conversation with your partner – I’ve got it all ready for you.

Start asking him/her these questions and I’m sure you’ll both end up in bed wrapped in each other’s arms! 😉

  1. Which is the best flavor of condom we have used to date?
  2. Would you love to make out in a jacuzzi?
  3. Do you like it when I make love to you slowly?
  4. Would you like to do something dirty in the bathtub?
  5. What is your favorite sex position?
  6. Will it make you horny if I cuddle with someone else?
  7. Will you like it if we both orgasm at the same time?
  8. What sexual fantasy of yours do you want me to fulfill?
  9. What kind of sex toys to you like?
  10. Do you like to look me in the eye when we are doing it?
  11. Does laughing in the bedroom make things kinkier?
  12. Do you like it when we do Doggystyle?
  13. Do you like it when I taste your cum?
  14. Do you like using lubricants?
  15. Do you love it when I lick your ass?
  16. Do you like having sex in the back of a car?
  17. What is the maximum number of times you had in a day?
  18. Have you ever had sex in the balcony?
  19. Have you ever gotten a facial?
  20. How does it feel to have cum inside?

I hope the night didn’t end with just the conversation, love birds.

And for all the singles out there, keep scrolling!

Swipe down to see what I am talking about.

Dirty questions to ask friends

Repeat after me: nothing can match the level of fun you have with your friends. And if you have the “naughtiness” involved… then, oh my god. That’s what I am talking about.

You may be knowing their freaky side, but don’t you want to dig deep and reveal all their dirty deeds?

Well, I know you do.

So, use this list and ask some super-fun dirty questions to your gang. I assure you that you won’t be able to blink your eyes after listening to their answers.

  1. Have you ever had sex so loud the neighbors had to intervene?
  2. Have you ever walked in when a couple was doing it?
  3. Have you ever tried to dirty talk with the same gender?
  4. Have you ever paid to get a porn subscription?
  5. How many of you you’ve had sex before coming here?
  6. Have you ever had sex with two people who were friends with each other?
  7. How many hickies do you have on your body right now?
  8. Have you ever been friends with benefits with anyone?
  9. Have you ever gone to a nude beach?
  10. Have you ever had sex with anyone who was double your size?
  11. Who do you notice, when you are watching porn?
  12. Have you done it without shaving?
  13. Have you ever borrowed a costume for role-playing?
  14. What was the last dirty thing you searched on your phone?
  15. If you and your best friend are in the same situation, who do you think has the better chances of getting laid?
  16. Who else has seen you naked apart from the person you were in a relationship with?
  17. What is the craziest thing you have done to attract your crush towards you?
  18. Have you been super tempted to touch your friends wildly?
  19. Have you ever been to a brothel?
  20. Have you ever been hit by someone of the same gender as yours?

I’m sure the answers took you by surprise.

Okay, then how about your cousins?

Let’s find out how deep in the “dirty water” they are. 😉

Dirty questions to ask cousins

Yes, I know. Friends are all fun and amazing, but have you ever spent a night in a room filled with your cousins?

That night just stays forever in your memory. And if you have cousins of the same age group…. then get ready to experience the most incredible night of your life.

You don’t see your cousins a lot, that means they all have their fair share of dirty experiences, and now is the time to expose them all.

Gather your cousins for a sleepover and start asking them the following list of dirty questions.

Pro Tip: Never pick out these topics in front of elders!

  1. Have you ever searched for, porn content on social media apps?
  2. Have you ever secretly watched someone taking a shower and it made you very horny?
  3. Have you ever seen a dirty picture on your parent’s phone?
  4. Who did you check out the most among all the people here?
  5. How old were you when you had your first sex dream?
  6. How many times do you watch porn in a week?
  7. Have you ever touched your private parts in public, and no one noticed?
  8. Have you ever created a page on social media to have a sex chat with someone, anonymously?
  9. Tell us about the last dirty dream you saw?
  10. Have you ever been sexually attracted to anime characters?
  11. How many times have you faked an orgasm?
  12. Have you ever had sex with a stranger?
  13. Do you like licking the neck of your partner?
  14. Have you ever had rough sex when you were sick?
  15. Have you ever gotten horny with the smell of toothpaste? (people have weird fetishes you never know)
  16. Have you ever seen a sex scene in front of your parents?
  17. Did you ever have a sex dream with your best friend?
  18. Have you ever been sent a dirty text you didn’t know the meaning of?
  19. What are the top 3 things we will find if we went through your search history right now?
  20. Will you make out with your cousin if they are really hot?

Ooooooof, the sleepover got really hot huh! Let’s see what we have next.

Dirty questions to ask over text

There is a kink in a face-to-face conversation about sex. The gaze, the voice, the body language everything just makes you hot and wet – yep, both at the same time.

But when you are texting, you cannot totally understand the heat.

No, that doesn’t mean I am not going to let you get dirty. You might be distant physically but if you take my help and play your cards right, then the conversation is definitely going to be a wet one.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the list below and get started already.

  1. Would you like to have sex in extreme weather conditions?
  2. What is your most visited website for porn?
  3. Have you ever watched porn before sleeping, and found yourself in it, while you were dreaming?
  4. Have you ever had sex with a virgin?
  5. What is your favorite swear word to say during sex?
  6. Have you ever had secret sex with someone?
  7. How hot do you think you are, on a scale of 1-5?
  8. If you had to make out with anyone you are not friends with, who would you choose?
  9. What do you say to yourself, before the big act?
  10. Can you guess what I am thinking right now?
  11. If we were in the bed together right now, where would you want my face to be?
  12. What is the one thing in you that makes you totally irresistible?
  13. What signals do you give the other person when you want to have sex?
  14. Does it turn you on when I show too much skin?
  15. If you saw me naked right now, where would your eyes land first?
  16. What do you think my lips taste like?
  17. Would you like it if I made the first move?
  18. How would you like me in a bathing suit?
  19. How do you think the night would have ended if we were together right now?
  20. Do you think I will look sexy if I wear nothing?

Told you, I keep my promises. Now that we are done playing on text.

Let’s see what you can do when you meet each other next time.

Dirty sex questions

You have got the taste of it by now, let’s take things to the next level.

I was trying to keep things dirty but subtle. But from now, I am going to take you to a deeper level, where you can be free to express your sensuality even more.

My advice: Keep making eye contact with your partner, it’s going to drive them crazy.

Fasten your seat belts because things are about to get freakier and dirtier with this one.

  1. Have you ever tried to roll your tongue on your partner’s private parts? Did they like it?
  2. Would you like someone to watch you when you are masturbating?
  3. Do you like to moan loudly while you are doing it?
  4. Will you tear my clothes off if I ask you to?
  5. Can you cum by just doing oral sex?
  6. Which sex position is the most underrated one?
  7. Do you like to rub cum all over your face?
  8. Have you ever done it in front of the mirror?
  9. Have you ever caressed ice cubes on your partner’s body?
  10. Have you ever had sex in the shower?
  11. Have you ever taken off your underwear in a public place?
  12. What are the best sex toys you have ever used to date?
  13. Have you ever made out in the elevator?
  14. When was the last time you cummed?
  15. Can you get an orgasm with oral sex?
  16. Have you ever been blindfolded during sex?
  17. Do you like it when you are dominated during sex?
  18. What is the wildest location you have had sex in?
  19. Does it make you horny if you see someone in wet clothes?
  20. What is the one sexual experience you would like to relive again?

I know you don’t want to stop. So, let’s change the theme for a while.

Keep scrolling to see more!

Dirty trivia questions

Since you were getting hot and intense, I thought let’s cool down a bit for this one.

Maybe you are not in a very intense mood and want to have a spicy conversation without leading into anything, and that’s okay.

Because dirty conversations don’t necessarily mean you always end up having sex, am I right folks?

So, let’s ask them some dirty trivia questions and pass sneaky looks on the answers (if you know what I mean!). 😉

This fun conversation is totally going to lighten up your mood and blow your mind too.

  1. What is the one sex position on your bucket list?
  2. Do you notice how a person eats a banana?
  3. What sexual desires are on your bucket list?
  4. What is the sexiest clothing item to remove from the body?
  5. Have you ever gotten nervous before sex?
  6. Have you ever caught random strangers making out in public?
  7. Which drink is the best to go on for the whole night?
  8. Have you ever had sex with someone just because you were horny?
  9. Do you have a pair of handcuffs?
  10. Have you ever had sex when you were sick?
  11. What is your favorite flavor of condoms?
  12. Have you ever watched sex-education videos?
  13. Would you like to read Kamasutra?
  14. Have you ever Googled ways on how to increase stamina?
  15. Which historical figure would you love to sleep with?
  16. Do you love seeing people making out in public?
  17. What is the best sex toy ever made according to you?
  18. Would you do it on a bike?
  19. Name one hill station, you would like to spend an erotic vacation in?
  20. What is the sexiest perfume you own?

Woah, you are having too much fun, aren’t you? Keep going, buddy!

There’s so much more.

Funny dirty questions

Since you have had a gala time with the last set, why not continue with some more?

If you’re thinking fun and dirty don’t fit right. You are wrong.

Let me prove it this time.

Game hack: Don’t drink water before this one, or get ready to spit or be spitted on, (it’s absolutely gross, believe me!)

  1. Have you ever kissed without brushing your teeth?
  2. Have you ever smelled the armpits of your partner?
  3. Have you ever had a one-night stand with your friend’s ex?
  4. Did you ever want to find out what your partner ate last after you kissed them?
  5. Has the condom ever broken before sex?
  6. Has any of your friends ever caught you making moaning noises on the phone?
  7. What is the best way to fake an orgasm?
  8. Have you ever kissed your partner’s belly button and it was dirty?
  9. Have you ever passed out while making out?
  10. Have you ever been caught hiding the opposite gender’s underwear?
  11. Have you ever escaped sex in between because you had a digestion problem?
  12. Have you ever mistakenly sent a dirty text to the wrong person?
  13. Have you ever been abandoned in the middle of a sex session?
  14. Have any of your friends caught you touching yourself?
  15. Can you remember your weirdest sexual experience?
  16. Have you ever tried a hot/cold flavored condom?
  17. Have you ever watched anime porn?
  18. Have you ever licked the body fluid that tasted extremely weird?
  19. Have you ever said I love you to someone only after making out with them 3 times?
  20. Have you ever acted in a sex position in a public gathering?

Ah, that was a lot of fun.

Time for some…

Deep Dirty Questions

Now, let’s dive into the deep stuff. The deep dirty secrets that will unveil the “real” face of the person.

Because let’s be honest, you can never really say what wild experiences are hidden behind those innocent faces.

So, since I have been by your side till now. Do you think I’ll let you miss an opportunity like this? hell no.

Let’s find out the freakiest people in your group with this next set. It’s hot, dirty, and deep, and it’s everything you need to make everyone reveal their dirtiest secrets

  1. Which celebrity couple would you choose to have a threesome with?
  2. Have you ever experienced a squirting orgasm?
  3. What is the dirtiest thing you ever thought of doing with your partner?
  4. Has the penis ever touched the end of the vagina?
  5. Have you ever rubbed your cum on your partner’s face?
  6. Have you ever spit on your partner?
  7. Do you like to suck on nipples?
  8. Have you ever done it in a group?
  9. Have you ever done it without shaving it down there?
  10. What is your favorite body part to lick ice cream from?
  11. Do you like it when talking is involved during sex?
  12. Are you fond of second rounds?
  13. Does teasing make you horny?
  14. Can you resist the temptation to want sex?
  15. Do you like being romantic when you are having sex?
  16. Do you like to talk about what you want to do to your partner in the bedroom?
  17. Have you ever run your fingers on the back of your partner?
  18. Do you like being lightly caressed after play?
  19. Do you like to play with hair when you are doing it?
  20. What is the hardest position you were successful in doing under the shower?

Oh god, that was a very intense session, right? But what’s the fun in asking everything directly.

Let’s twist some of them, didn’t you get it?

You will when you read more!

Dirty trick questions

It’s always fun to know what’s on the mind of the other person. And it’s even more fun to find out how dirty they can think?

This next set is full of tricky normal questions in it, but if you are dirty you sure are going to twist it into something crazy altogether.

I am already excited. Are you? Let’s find out!

  1. What is at least six inches long and is more fun when you put it in your mouth and vibrate?

Answer: Electric Toothbrush

  1. What is the one thing you can’t taste unless you undress?

Answer: Banana

  1. What if a cow has four but a woman has only 2?

Answer: Legs

  1. What is made of rubber and mostly used to prevent mistakes?

Answer: Eraser

  1. What is the most rewarding when it’s long and hard?

Answer: College degree

  1. What is something that many people prefer to rest on?

Answer: Bed

  1. What is something that comes in a pair, and everybody loves to eat?

Answer: Burger and Fries

  1. What gets wetter when it’s hot?

Answer: Steam Ship

  1. What is something always between the buns and you like to eat it as well?

Answer: Burger

  1. What goes in hard and comes out soft and wet?

Answer: Pasta

  1. What is something that if gets bigger and bigger makes the woman scream like crazy?

Answer: Spider

  1. What is something men keep in their trousers that their partners love to blow?

Answer: Money

  1. What can turn “ooooof” into a “yeahhhhh”?

Answer: 3-inch penis

  1. What is something that has to be blown first to be played?

Answer: Balloons

  1. What is something that is hard and can be put in small holes?

Answer: Key

  1. What is the maximum speed limit for sex?

Answer: 68 – because in 69, you turn around

  1. What do newly married couples do on their wedding night?

Answer: Sleep

  1. What’s the difference between a G-spot and a dime?

Answer: Men can’t find the G-spot

  1. What is the difference between a pregnant woman and a light bulb?

Answer: You can unscrew a light bulb.

  1. What comes in different flavors but is never eaten?

Answer: Condom

Were you able to answer the questions? Or you were too busy imagining your naughty thoughts.

Whatever it was, it will be exposed in the next round. Wait for it.

Dirty paranoia questions

If you don’t know about the dirty paranoia,  you are missing out on a lot. The dirty paranoia game should be your go-to to spend an incredible game night and also know more about your dirty friends.

It is quite easy to play. Someone will ask you a question and you need to say the name out loud who you think is the answer.

If the person you chose agrees with you, you win, but if he doesn’t then you will be punished with a fun dare.

Sounds fun, right?

Let’s start playing then!

  1. Who is the dirtiest in the group?
  2. Who will have sex just to get a job?
  3. Who was the first one to have sex?
  4. Who was the freakiest one in school?
  5. Who was the first to get an oral?
  6. Who has kissed their exes after breaking up?
  7. Who is the first one to have a one-night stand?
  8. Who is most likely to go for skinny dipping?
  9. Who has the potential to become a porn star?
  10. Who is going to have sex with their boss?
  11. Who has a hair fetish?
  12. Who is the biggest pervert?
  13. Who has received the maximum number of dick pics?
  14. Who here has never used a condom for sex?
  15. Who has done BDSM?
  16. Who has got the largest compliments for their hot body?
  17. Who here prefers phone sex than physical sex?
  18. Who has the hottest ass here?
  19. Who has never done it in a car ever?
  20. Who is most horny right now?

I am sure, nobody would have guessed everything right isn’t it?

But I am also sure everybody enjoyed this round, isn’t it?

Good for you, I am known to keep the fun alive.

Scroll down to get some more of it.

Flirty Dirty Questions

Before we begin, you should know one thing, flirting is an art. And once you master it, you will be able to knock down everyone surrounding you.

Whether it is flirting on your first date, or in the bedroom, if you know how to get the balls in your court, then you are all set.

So, let’s get going with the question-answer game that we have been doing until now.

This is the perfect way to start a flirty-dirty conversation with anyone… and see them turn cherry red with some bubbles in the tummy! 😉

So, what are you waiting for, just go for it already!

  1. Have you ever had anal sex on the kitchen counter?
  2. Have you ever had anal on the top of the washroom basin?
  3. Do you like to smell your partner while having sex?
  4. Do you prefer romantic lights while doing sex?
  5. Have you ever licked off chocolate from your partner’s body?
  6. Will you ever dance in a slutty way to seduce someone?
  7. What would you have done if you were with your partner at a sex club?
  8. Will you ever go to a hotel to have sex?
  9. If I touch the neck with my fingers, will it make you horny?
  10. How do you think I’ll look when I click a nude?
  11. Would you want me to send my nude picture to you?
  12. What do you think is the best color for lingerie?
  13. If I ask you to sit on me for 5 minutes turning your back on me, how will that make you feel?
  14. Do you think we can take the stairs to a dirty spot?
  15. Would you Netflix and chill with me, but the only condition is to watch adult movies all night?
  16. What would you do if I told you I am alone at my house?
  17. If I am blindfolded, what would you feed me?
  18. Do you think we can stay for 5 minutes without touching each other? (let’s experiment the next time we meet)
  19. What is the first item of clothing you take out while in the foreplay?
  20. Do you love to finish together?

Enough flirting now, kiss already.

And for those of you who haven’t, let’s see what we have for you next.

Dirty truth questions

I know how much you are fond of the questions-answers game… and the flirty questions rekindled the butterflies in your tummy.  

But let’s do something different this time. In this round, you are going to make everyone spill out their dirty truths.

And for playing dirty truths, you need to have some really good questions that just can’t be escaped.

Lucky for you, you have me.

In this next list, I have put together some really dirty truth questions that are going to hit them with nostalgia and leave them with no other option but to reveal it to you.

And if you see a sly smile on someone else’s face, throw the same question at them and you will be blown to hear their version! 😉

  1. If you had to choose someone from this group to have sex with, who will you choose?
  2. Who was the person who gave you your first orgasm?
  3. Did you ever have sex with someone while being in a relationship with someone else?
  4. Have you ever shaved your partner’s pubic hair?
  5. What nickname have you given to your partner’s private parts?
  6. Have you ever farted while doing it?
  7. Which one of your neighbors would you love to sleep with?
  8. Are you okay with people watching you making out in a public place?
  9. Can you moan for 5 hours, if the sex happens that long?
  10. When was the time you really felt embarrassed about your size?
  11. When was the last time you were naked?
  12. Do you get horny seeing a condom ad?
  13. Have you ever been a sex partner to someone who was in a relationship?
  14. If you were into same-sex, which celebrity would you have sex with?
  15. What is the strangest role-play you have ever done?
  16. What do you love most about foreplay?
  17. How was your first sexual experience? Did it happen exactly how you thought?
  18. Have you ever heard your parents doing it?
  19. Have you been complimented on how good you are in bed?
  20. How many times have you gotten in action without foreplay?

Now, let’s tune this night for some games?

Shall we?

Dirty truth or dare questions

Since you were enjoying the dirty truth or date questions, why not keep it going? But this time, I have paired it with the most classic game of all: the dirty truth or dare game.

The game will continue as it was, but now we have expanded the rules for it. If you refuse to answer a question, you will perform a dare. And mind you, I do not go easy on dares.

The choice is yours. What will you pick?

  1. Would you wear your opposite gender’s underwear?
  2. Give a sensual massage to the person next to you for 30 seconds straight.
  3. How many times have you fallen out of bed while doing it?
  4. What is your best dirty pickup line?
  5. What is the grossest thing you have done for sex?
  6. What is the one sex position you don’t like but pretend to?
  7. Have you ever been super excited and horny for a blind date, only to find out you were catfished?
  8. What is your weirdest fetish?
  9. Would you ever make out in the police car?
  10. Lick yourself in a slutty way.  
  11. Comment on a random post and say that you are horny.
  12. Enact your favorite sex position.
  13. Seductively eat fruit.
  14. Send a sexy text to the 3rd guy on your chat list.
  15. Make your best ‘faking an orgasm’ face.
  16. Take off any item of clothing of your choice.
  17. Wear the underwear as a necklace for the rest of the game.
  18. Show us the perfect angle to click a nude.
  19. Send a drooling emoji to someone you would never sleep with.
  20. Moan without opening your mouth.

I know how much you have enjoyed playing this game.

Sooooooooo, I have got another list ready for you, with a slight twist.

Keep reading to find out what it is.

Dirty truth or drink questions

Another version of the classic truth or dare game: the truth or drinks game. I personally love this game because people can’t keep their guards for too long when they are tipsy.

And that’s when the night feels alive. Don’t you agree?

Well if you haven’t experienced this, now is the time. We have set the mood with the games already… pour some drinks and let it show its magic.

And then get started with the games.

  1. Who do you think has the nicest butt among all your friends?
  2. How many people have you kissed to date?
  3. Show us the last 3 sex positions that you did in the bedroom?
  4. Name the last person you had oral with?
  5. Have you ever flashed a bartender for a free drink?
  6. Have you ever had a one-night stand with a band member?
  7. Let someone put a hand on your thigh for the rest of the game?
  8. Show us what underwear you are wearing right now?
  9. Name the ex you had the most amazing sex with?
  10. Who is the oldest person you have flirted with?
  11. Who is the one person you didn’t enjoy sex with?
  12. What is the most embarrassing place you got horny?
  13. Are you fully satisfied with your sex life right now?
  14. Who do you want to see naked right now?
  15. What is the naughtiest thing you have done in public?
  16. Who is the oldest person you have made out with?
  17. What is the silliest reason you have used for not sleeping with someone?
  18. What sex position you’ve never tried?
  19. What is the dirtiest text you’ve ever received from a stranger?
  20. Have you ever been to a strip club?

When we’re talking about dirty games, how can we not talk about…

Most likely dirty questions

The most likely game is the easiest way to add the “fun” element to the game night by still keeping it dirty.

If you aren’t aware of this game, let me help you…

Most likely to… as the name suggests, asks you to guess a name who’s most likely to do a certain (dirty) task.

The majority of people saying the same name is the winner.

But here’s a trick, the winner here is the dirtiest of them all.

Sounds interesting, then wait till you play the game

  1. Who is most likely to have sex in a forest?
  2. Who is most likely to have sex at a  school camp?
  3. Who is most likely to have sex with someone they met on the date?
  4. Who is most likely to keep a souvenir after they had sex?
  5. Who is most likely to flash someone for a free drink?
  6. Who is most likely to have sex on a beach under the moon?
  7. Who is most likely to have a threesome with complete strangers?
  8. Who is most likely to have sex with someone they met on the first date?
  9. Who is most likely to have sex after a funeral?
  10. Who is most likely to give a blowjob to their friends on request?
  11. Who is most likely to send nudes?
  12. Who is most likely to wait for sex and then break up with the person?
  13. Who is most likely to be okay with any kind of role play?
  14. Who is most likely to try a new sex position they’ve never heard of?
  15. Who is most likely to spend the night at someone else’s house?
  16. Who is most likely to make out with everyone here?
  17. Who is most likely to never have an orgasm?
  18. Who is most likely to become a stripper?
  19. Who is most likely to sleep with an older person for one
  20. Who is most likely to get laid today?

So who is most likely to have an amazing time today? You!

And who is most likely to keep the fun going? Me!

Yes, obviously. Just keep going, mate!

This or that dirty questions 

This game is all about knowing the freakiest people in the room. And I will make sure that when you end the conversation you know all the dirty things about them that can come in handy, just in case. 😉

When you give two choices to a person, they are put in a difficult spot… and then the decision tells you a lot about the person.

This or that conversation can also take a new turn if the game is played passionately. In fact, you can even find how compatible you are with this person… in the bed, of course.

 So, let’s keep going.

  1. Would you be okay having sex with pubic hair or no pubic hair?
  2. What would you choose, lace or leather?
  3. Would you rather be a part of a threesome or invite someone to a threesome?
  4. Would you rather have a sex life where you only give or only receive?
  5. Will you have sex, at 100 degrees or 0 degrees?
  6. Will you choose to have sex on the bed or on the kitchen counter?
  7. Which flavor of ice cream would you like to lick from my body, vanilla or chocolate?
  8. What would you choose, sex on the mountain or on the beach?
  9. What gives a better sex appeal, bra or panties?
  10. Would you rather choose to have sex, slowly or roughly?
  11. Would you rather prefer moaning while having sex or making your partner moan?
  12. Do you like to do it with the lights on or off?
  13. Do you prefer making out or cuddling?
  14. Do you prefer hipsters or thongs?
  15. What do you like more, making out in the pool or jacuzzi?
  16. Would you rather make out for 30 minutes or have sex for 30 minutes?
  17. What is hotter, romantic sex, or no-feelings involved sex?
  18. What will you choose for a better sex drive, coffee or chocolate?
  19. What do you prefer for foreplay, sexy songs, or porn?
  20. What is the best after-play act according to you, talking or cuddling?

Hope you found everything you wanted to know, and hope you’re already planning your next big night! 😉

But wait, hello.

We aren’t done yet.

Dirty minds game questions

Do you remember how I brought out your dirty minds with the trick question list? Now is the time to continue that.

Well, it’s no surprise that we all have dirty minds. But some of us are naughtier than others. It can be you too.

So, how to find out who has the dirtiest mind. It’s simple – Pop-out dirty questions that have clear answers to them. And then, watch for whose eyeballs are popping out.

Dirty-minded people twist everything that comes to their minds. They make it very obvious with their naughty smiles and body language. That’s how you will spot them.

You are definitely going to enjoy this one for sure. So let’s get into it

  1. What’s a four-letter four that ends with K and involves two people?

Answer: Talk

  1. All-day long, I take loads, because everyone loves to go down on me, what am I?

Answer: Elevator

  1. What part of the human body is very small, but becomes 10x of its size when stimulated?

Answer: Pupil

  1. What starts with an f and ends with u-c-k?

Answer: Fire Truck

  1. I am a four-letter word, starting with a B and coming in different shapes and sizes?

Answer: Book

  1. Spread me out before you eat me, I know you can’t get enough of me? What am I?

Answer: Butter/Jam

  1. What is natural and beautiful, but becomes pricky if it hasn’t been trimmed regularly?

Answer: Lawn

  1. What is something you can do for yourself but is more when someone else does it for you?

Answer: Cooking

  1. I am great for protection, use your hands to get me off?

Answer: Gloves

  1. What can a woman make her man do all day long?

Answer: Take her pictures

  1. What is usually white, sticky, and easier to spit than swallow?

Answer: Toothpaste

  1. What does a woman have but a man doesn’t?

Answer: The Art of Seduction! 😉

  1. Most people like these to be as long as possible, but the short ones are most effective?

Answer: Naps

  1. What does a woman have in front but a cow has in its back?

Answer: The Letter W

  1. What is soft and wet from the inside and hard and hairy from the outside?

Answer: Coconut

  1. You can play with it all night and it vibrates, what is it?

Answer: Cell phone

  1. What do you insert in a small hole, and when you twist it around you feel super good?

Answer: Cue-tip

  1. What does start with a v and every woman can use it to get what they want?

Answer: Voice

  1. What is the one thing a man has in his pants but women don’t?

Answer: Pockets

  1. What do men do quickly but women take a long time?

Answer: Shower

My goodness, you guys are really dirty-minded aren’t you? But let’s see how dirty you can get on text?

Shall we?

Dirty truth or dare questions over text

Yes, playing games on your monthly meet-ups with your gang is fun, but what if you don’t meet them in a very long time. Especially if you have lazy friends, then just forget about it.

No, you don’t have to be devoid of all the fun… especially when I’m here. Take out your cell phones and let’s spice it up on texts.

The key factor to a good truth or dare game online is good questions and good company, if you have that, nothing can stop you from having fun.

The company you have…. And questions, I’ve compiled it for you! So what’s the wait worth?

Let’s begin this virtual fun.

  1. Who was your first kiss?
  2. Have you ever watched gay porn?
  3. What is the most unexpected thing that turns you on?
  4. Which porn star was in the last porn you saw?
  5. Have you ever practiced kissing in front of the mirror?
  6. What is the one silliest thing you do in the bedroom?
  7. Who among your friends is the sexiest?
  8. Who did you have the longest kiss with?
  9. What is the biggest lie you have told for having sex with someone?
  10. Make out with your pillow for 15 seconds.
  11. Show your best attempt at twerking.
  12. Take a picture of you sucking your finger.
  13. Drape the towel on your body like the opposite gender.
  14. Show any souvenir you have saved from the last time you had sex.
  15. Take a video of you masturbating with a cucumber.
  16. Send a dirty voice recording of you saying, “don’t stop”.
  17. Give a lap dance on the chair.
  18. Text your ex and ask for sex tips.
  19. Show how flexible you are (for sex, of course).
  20. Change your WhatsApp DP to a pornstar’s picture. 

You have got to admit. It was epic.

This might be the last list of questions you had. But it’s definitely not the end.

Keep scrolling to see the bonus I’ve pulled up for you… Trust me, it is as valuable as the questions.

5 Tips to “spice up” any conversation

We’ve all been there… times when you just don’t know how to keep the conversation going. Between the pauses, a heavy silence creeps in and the awkwardness becomes unbearable.

This can put off the other person almost immediately.

So, here are 5 tried-and-tested ways to spice up any conversation and prune out the embarrassment.

1. Talk things you are passionate about

A conversation about passion can keep you going for hours.

Different people have different passions like painting, astronomy, scuba diving, etc. Even if the other person is unaware of it, your passion for it can make them more curious and inclined to talk to you.

This can also be used as an experimental technique as when you talk about different things you like, the other person also finds comfort to talk about theirs.

This way you can also find a lot of common grounds to bond deeper with each other.

2. Call out their name

This is a life hack that no one talks about. If someone takes my name continuously during a chat or a conversation, I instantly want to hear them more – it’s not just me, it’s human psychology.

Taking the name of the person you are talking to can attract them more towards you. They will be subconsciously inclined towards you and be in the conversation more than usual.

Use this trick and you’re sure to notice the difference.

3. Try to follow their pace

If you fail to match the pace in the conversation, it’s already dead. The person sitting on the other side of the table will never enjoy it.

You need to first gauge their energy or the kind of conversation they are willing to have. Please don’t ask them about their favorite movies when they are looking for a heart-to-heart conversation.

Instead, ask them about the moments when they lost sight of their purpose or the moments when they were extremely vulnerable.

Remember having a conversation is just not about bonding in the happy moments only, it’s also about having a lasting emotional connection with each other.

4. Let them end the conversation

Most people don’t know this thumb rule of a healthy conversation: don’t end the conversation, if you have started it.

You should always let the other person close the topic. Why? If you’re at both points of a conversation, the person may not feel connected at all. 

It is not only going to hamper the present conversation but it will tamper with your future interactions as well.

So, make sure you let the other person close the conversation.

5. Focus on yourself

And by focusing on yourself, I mean to say, focus on your communication skills.

It will come in handy at any point in life. If you have good communication skills, you will come off as more confident, and confidence naturally attracts people towards you.

This way you will never run out of topics to talk about with anyone. I know it’s a personality skill to adapt but it’s definitely worth it. Trust me.  

Over to you…

In the real world, it is not always possible to have interesting topics to talk about whenever you are with someone.

I know you have also been in similar situations. In such cases, spicing up a conversation with dirty questions can be the best rescue.

Not only it becomes the highlight of the present conversation, but it also becomes a good memory to look back to.

Whether it is with your friends, partners, or even cousins, asking dirty questions is a fun way to spice up the conversations.

So, now what are you waiting for?

Go have fun… dirty fun! 😉

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