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500+ Sex Questions to Know All The Dirty Secrets and Weird Experiences

500+ Sex Questions to Know All The Dirty Secrets and Weird Experiences

Updated on Nov 07, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

500+ Sex Questions to Know All The Dirty Secrets and Weird Experiences

Sex questions can become extremely intimidating if you don’t know how to filter them.   

People become too defensive when it comes to their personal life, especially when they are talking about the sex life.

They have all the sexual desires and dirty fantasies hidden deep inside. You cannot ask them about this openly but you still want to know right?

I know you do! That’s why you have come here.

Well, I’ll tell you something I am amazing at! Making people spill their secrets out.

That’s right! This time I have compiled 500+ sexy questions to ask your boyfriend, friends, or even the crush you have just started talking to. I know it’s a little scary to start a conversation like this but that’s why I am here.

Trust me, you don’t have to search hours on Google to find the list that fits all your needs perfectly. This one is all that you will need.

Now let’s start the night with something simple, comfortable yet teasing enough to make them laugh… all while you can dig deep to uncover some dirty secrets.

500+ Sex Questions to Know All The Dirty Secrets and Weird Experiences
500+ Sex Questions to Know All The Dirty Secrets and Weird Experiences

Funny sex questions

Everybody has their own funny experiences when it comes to life. But they have even funnier experiences when it comes to sex.

Yes, sex is a passionate and intense experience but there can also be fun experiences that you definitely want to know about.

In this set of questions, we have to go down that memory lane and compel them to spill the beans on funny sex experiences.

I am sure you are already excited. Let’s get started!

  1. Did a condom ever break during sex?
  2. Did your partner accidentally hit you on the penis during sex?
  3. Did you ever fake it?
  4. Have you ever used a pill or told your partner to use it for stamina?
  5. Which one of your previous partners was the least horny?
  6. Has any of your partners abandoned you while making out?
  7. Have you ever fallen from bed while doing it?
  8. Did any of your parents ever catch you masturbating?
  9. Have you ever tried to talk dirty but your partner started laughing?
  10. Did you ever try to take your partner’s clothes off but it got stuck?
  11. Have you ever stopped doing it because the weather was too hot/ too cold?
  12. Have you ever farted during sex?
  13. Did you ever get numb while making out?
  14. Have you ever tickled your partner during sex?
  15. Have you ever masturbated in your school?
  16. Did you ever have a dumb sex partner?
  17. Did you ever make out with a really hot person, only to know that they are your cousins?
  18. Did you ever stop doing it because they had a big bush down there?
  19. Have you ever tried to pull their hair and found out they’re wearing a wig?
  20. Have you ever snorted during sex?

Now that you both are laughing your hearts out, keep the conversation going with some good sex questions.

Good Sex questions  

You might have had a good share of laughter by now, but that was just the starters. I am not going to leave you with just laughter. I want you to have real fun.

Now that your partner feels comfortable about sharing some fun sexual experiences, it’s time to get into the dirty stuff.

Just ask some of these questions and get the ball rolling.

  1. Have you ever received a handjob?
  2. Do you like intense moaning during sex?
  3. Do you like it when someone talks to you during sex?
  4. How do you like to have foreplay?
  5. What do you wear to bed when you are in the mood?
  6. How often do you watch porn?
  7. Do you like to use more tongue while kissing?
  8. What is the best place you have ever made out?
  9. When was the last time you cummed?
  10. Do you prefer making out or cuddling?
  11. Do you prefer loud moaning or soft?
  12. What part of the body do you enjoy most of your opposite gender?
  13. What can keep you going the whole night?
  14. Have you ever been in a physical relationship without falling in love with them?
  15. Have you ever gotten nervous during sex?
  16. Have you ever been to a nude beach?
  17. Do you like to kiss during sex?
  18. Who was the first person to give you an orgasm?
  19. Have you ever said, “I love you” during sex?

Now let’s shake it up a bit and get ready for surprises ahead!

Weird sex questions

Let’s be honest, human beings are super weird. So, it’s normal to have some weird bed experiences also.

Be it a peculiar sexual experience or a fetish, everybody has some kind of secret they don’t talk about.

But don’t worry, I am not going to let go of it so easily!

The below questions that I have created is going to make them spill all about their weird experiences… Wait till you see them turning cherry-red! 😉

  1. Have you ever googled animal sex?
  2. Have you ever had sex with a person double your size?
  3. Have you ever tried to smell the armpits of your partner?
  4. Have you ever thought your partner’s sexual parts looked weird?
  5. Did any of your partner’s body fluids taste weird?
  6. Have any of your partners moaned in a strange way?
  7. Did you ever have sex while you were sick?
  8. Do you like to lick your partner’s nose?
  9. Have you ever tried a weird flavored condom?
  10. Have you ever wanted the sex to just end faster?
  11. Did you ever try to put toothpaste down there?
  12. Have you ever shaved your partner’s pubic hair?
  13. Did you ever want to have sex with your neighbor?
  14. Have you ever watched gay porn?
  15. What’s the most embarrassing place you can get horny?
  16. Did you ever have sex in a hospital?
  17. What is a weird fantasy you want to do in the bedroom?
  18. Have you ever swallowed the spit of your partner?
  19. Have you ever had sex in the hospital?
  20. Who was your weirdest sexual partner?

I know you must be tired of laughing but we are not finished yet.

Scroll down for some more.

Freaky sex questions

Did you know the biggest weirdos are the biggest freaks? Well, if you didn’t! Now is the time to find out.

You are never going to know who is the freak in the sheets unless you really ask them all the dirty details.

Come on now, let’s not do too much talk and dive right into it.

  1. Have you ever kept a count of how many strokes there were in one session?
  2. Did you ever try to play a sexy game?
  3. Do you like to be completely dominant or completely submissive?
  4. Have you ever received a blowjob from a stranger?
  5. Do you like to bite nipples?
  6. Did anyone ever go all the way in?
  7. Have you ever laid bets on who gets horny first?
  8. Have you tried a hardcore session?
  9. What’s the most adventurous place you have done it?
  10. Have you ever made your partner choke hard?
  11. Do you own a pair of handcuffs?
  12. Do you like to pull hairs hard during sex?
  13. Have you ever cummed by doing just oral?
  14. Do you like to spank while doing it?
  15. Have you ever found the G-spot?
  16. Do you have any hickies on you right now?
  17. Have you ever completed a session without getting an orgasm?
  18. Do you always dream of sex while sleeping?
  19. Have you ever had sex with a virgin who turned out to be super wild?
  20. Have you ever used your t-shirt to tie up your partner?

Wait, here are some more….

After all, what’s fun until you get reallllyyy dirty!

Dirty sex questions

Was being freaky too much out of the line? Don’t worry, I don’t want you to get uncomfortable. I want you to enjoy the night.

If being freaky is not your type, I have some hand-picked dirty questions that are sure to get your rolling

Keep your hormones in control, mate. If you want to uncover all the dirty truths, you are in for a long night!

  1. How many times have you done it till now?
  2. Have you ever tried to rub yourself on a stranger?
  3. Would you love to do it in your car?
  4. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
  5. When did you lose your virginity?
  6. Which is the best sex position?
  7. Have you licked chocolate from your partner’s body?
  8. What is the sexiest scene from a movie that turns you on every time?
  9. What is your dirtiest fantasy?
  10. If you were in a room with your partner and your ex to do it with, who would you select?
  11. Would you have sex with a person on a blind date?
  12. What is the one position on your bucket list?
  13. Have you ever fucked someone older than you?
  14. What is the wildest place you have ever had sex?
  15. Have you masturbated together with your partner?
  16. Do you still have the urge to have sex with your ex?
  17. What do you feel like doing when sex is on your mind?
  18. Have you ever made a bet with anyone on who is going to get laid first?
  19. Can you continue doing it for an hour without any brakes?
  20. What is the one word you say a lot while you moan?

See! I told you. 

But I am not going to stop here. Look down to see what I mean.

Best sex questions

Sex and intimacy are a very personal aspects of your life and there are definitely a few experiences that will stay with you forever. I am sure you can forget about your friend’s birthday but not this. Just kidding.

So, what’s the wait for! Let’s ask some of my best sex questions and find out their best sexual experiences.

  1. Do you like to go for quickies or a marathon session?
  2. What is the best name you have been called during sex?
  3. Do you prefer the lights on or off?
  4. Which is the best sex toy everyone should use?
  5. Have you ever tried sensual massages?
  6. Is striptease an amazing trick to seduce?
  7. Exactly where should you be touched to get you in the mood?
  8. Do you like to do it under the shower?
  9. Would you like to do it doggy style?
  10. Have you ever been in an open relationship?
  11. Do you like oral sex?
  12. What is your favorite roleplay?
  13. Who among all your partners would you have sex again with?
  14. Do you have any fetishes?
  15. What’s the one place you want to do it?
  16. What turns you on the most?
  17. Do you like to be experimental with different sex positions?
  18. Do you spend more time on top?
  19. Name a movie character you are sexually attracted to?
  20. What’s the best sex you ever had?
  21. Have you ever cummed on your partner’s face?

I hope you are having a good time especially with this list of best sex questions.

But, it’s time for another shake-up.

Romantic sex questions

I’m sure you are going to agree with me that sex is so much better with the feelings involved. It just is. No arguments.

So, if you want to know how romantic your partner is.

Just pop these questions and watch them drool with love!

  1. Is kissing the best way to initiate sex?
  2. Do you like to play with your partner’s hair?
  3. Have you ever taken a couples spa session?
  4. Where do you love to touch the most?
  5. Have you ever teased your partner by rubbing yourself against him?
  6. Is slow sex more romantic?
  7. Do you like to make contact while doing it?
  8. Is wine a good choice for a sexy evening?
  9. Were you romantically involved with your first sexual partner?
  10. What songs are best to get you in the mood?
  11. Do you like hugging or kissing?
  12. Have you physically flirted with a stranger to make your partner jealous?
  13. Is it okay to say “I love you” during sex?
  14. Is it more fun if the partner is not wearing any underwear?
  15. Do you like doing sex under the blanket?
  16. Is it romantic to look at your partner while having sex?
  17. What do you need the most in your relationship?
  18. Is it romantic if both of the partner’s orgasm together?
  19. Which is the most romantic country in the world?
  20. Do you like to snuggle up after sex?

Awww…. I love romance.

And I know how much you are loving it. That’s why I have come up with a different version of it.

Kinky sex questions

If sex is the hero, kink is his best friend. Okay, apologies for the weird pun. But honestly, what is sex without the kink in it.

I know what you are thinking…

And that’s why I have enlisted some super kinky sex questions to help you uncover all the kinky stuff your people are hiding. 😉

Ready. Set. Go!

  1. Does pubic hair make the sex kinkier?
  2. Does wearing your partner’s clothes excite you?
  3. Do you like it when your partner says,’’ don’t stop”?
  4. Do you find doing it in front of the mirror exciting?
  5. Have you ever taken off your clothes to seduce your partner?
  6. Have you ever done it on the beach?
  7. Have you tried to imitate actors in porn videos?
  8. How many times can you do it in a single day?
  9. What are the best places to give love bites?
  10. Are you a morning person or night owl (if you know what I mean)?
  11. Would you ever want to play police-kidnapper in the room?
  12. Name a few celebrities you would have one-night stands with?
  13. Have you ever tried to take off underwear by using your teeth?
  14. Is it kinky to not know the person before having sex with them?
  15. What sex position is used very rare but is very kinky?
  16. Do you love to see porn with your partner?
  17. Do you ever want to do it in a police station?
  18. Are you aroused by costumes?
  19. Would you ever try to do it with your friend’s partner?
  20. Have you ever made out in front of people?

The air is definitely getting hot in here.

It’s the perfect time to take the conversation to the next level, people.

And I am there to help you with it.

Great sex questions

What makes a conversation about sex great? The speaker and the answerer.

Yes, it is you who makes it great, I am just here to lend you some tiny help that you’ll find below. That’s all.

Let’s see what I am talking about.

  1. What is a great spot you have discovered for making out?
  2. Have you ever tried to sneak into the fitting room?
  3. Do you like it when you are told what to do?
  4. Tell us an approx number, how many porn films have you watched to date?
  5. Have you ever hooked up on a trip?
  6. What is the greatest thing about sex?
  7. Would you judge someone for their past sexual experiences?
  8. Have you ever had a makeout session even when you were not aroused?
  9. Do you love to tear the clothes off?
  10. Have you ever had sex after you fought off with someone?
  11. Describe in one word how it feels after having an orgasm?
  12. What is the best compliment you have ever gotten in bed?
  13. Does perfume get you aroused?
  14. Does spanking while doing anal sex gives more pleasure?
  15. Do you like to kiss the neck more often during making out?
  16. What is the best type of after-play?
  17. Have you ever roleplayed in an animal costume?
  18. Have you ever set up your bedroom for after? I know you get it!
  19. Do you think lingerie is really necessary for turning a guy on?
  20. Have you ever caressed your partner’s naked body with a rose?

Good things come to those who wait.

And since you have been with me till here, I am going to make sure you are rewarded with the best night. Just do as I say.

Deep Sex Questions

Irrespective of what kind of conversation you wish to strike, deep questions make anything memorable.

Well, deep sex questions do exactly that.

Check out the next set to know how exactly you can take your question game to the next level.

  1. How do you manage yourself if you get horny in a public place?
  2. What is the one thing about sex you wished you knew earlier?
  3. Do you think finding the G-spot is the absolute way to orgasm?
  4. Have you ever touched the edge?
  5. What was your first time like?
  6. Do you feel relaxed after having sex?
  7. What do you look in most for a person (in terms of sex)?
  8. Would you ever date a person who is not good in bed?
  9. Was puberty a great time for you sexually?
  10. Is sex more intense when you do it with your lover?
  11. Did you ever have sex with someone after their breakup?
  12. Have you ever tried to push the tongue further inside?
  13. Have you ever tried to lick your own nipples?
  14. How do you touch yourself when you are horny?
  15. Have you ever gone to a sex party?
  16. Are you comfortable being involved in group sex?
  17. What kind of porn do you generally like?
  18. Is physical attraction greater than emotional connection in sex?
  19. Do you feel awkward doing it with someone who has some weird kind of sexual experience?
  20. Have you ever been aroused in a gym?

That was intense, huh!

So, to lighten up the already heated air, let’s add some crazy stuff into the conversation now.

Crazy sex questions

Let’s pivot the night people. I thought we were getting too deep but I actually want you to have an amazing night with all kinds of spices.  

So, let’s roll the conversation and ask some of their crazy sexual experiences or desires.

Just let yourself loose and have fun!

  1. What is the craziest sex experience you’ve ever had?
  2. Have you ever recorded yourself while having sex?
  3. Have you ever tried to imagine your ex while doing it?
  4. What is the maximum number of times you can masturbate in a single day?
  5. How far have you gone for having sex?
  6. Have you ever tried to make out in the flight washroom?
  7. How many people have you slept in one day?
  8. Do you get horny in a cemetery?
  9. What is the freakiest sex toy you have ever used?
  10. Would you like someone to watch you during sex?
  11. Have you ever sneaked in a dirty magazine in your house?
  12. Have you ever tried to taste yourself?
  13. Have you ever tried to do S&M?
  14. Does gay porn make you excited?
  15. Have you ever slapped a person during sex?
  16. Have you ever paid a person to have sex with you?
  17. Has somebody ever cheated on their partner with you?
  18. What is the farthest you have ever gone for having sex?
  19. Have you ever worn your partner’s underwear to work?
  20. Have you ever tried to get naughty under the table?

Have you ever thought this person is going to be so crazy? No right?

I wonder what else they might be hiding. Don’t worry you’ll find out sooner than ever!

Just keep scrolling to the next list of questions.

Nasty sex questions

Well, if you have some crazy experiences, I’m sure they have some really nastyyyyyy experiences too. It’s okay, don’t be shy.

The nastier they get the better for you, isn’t it? Because I am not going to get it easy.

Check out some questions below to know what I mean?

  1. Did you ever pull your partner by her necklace?
  2. Who among all your partners had a very high sex drive?
  3. Do you like smelling your partner’s underwear?
  4. Have you ever teased your partner to the point they couldn’t resist?
  5. Have you ever rubbed your spit on your partner?
  6. Do you like to do it rough?
  7. Have you ever kissed your partner after cumming on their face?
  8. What uncommon sex toy you have used that turned to be amazing?
  9. Do you like to suck toes while doing it?
  10. Would you love to have sex with your sibling’s friends?
  11. What sex toy you haven’t tried yet?
  12. Have you ever torn clothes whilst making out?
  13. Do you tend to get nastier after getting drunk?
  14. What is the best thing to push your partner against while making out?
  15. If you could lick only one part of your partner, where would it be?
  16. What is the most vulgar thing you said in the bedroom?
  17. How do you sound like, when the sex is amazing?
  18. Have you ever done it while wearing socks?
  19. Do you want to give BDSM a shot?
  20. What is the dirtiest dream someone has ever told you?

Omg, are you already drooling by now? Okay then.

Let’s not stop here.

Interesting sex questions

Everyone can talk dirty. 

But what I want is for you to develop a bond that is going to last. It doesn’t matter if the topic is about sex.

You can still get in your creative blanket and draft some interesting questions about sex. But lucky for you, the hard part is done by me.

You just need to ask these questions one by one. I am sure some answers will take you by surprise.

  1. Have you ever called your partner by your ex’s name on the bed?
  2. What is your favorite part of my body?
  3. If you are single, who do you imagine when you masturbate?
  4. How long have you ever gone through a dry period?
  5. Would you kiss your best friend if they asked you to?
  6. Does sexiness have anything to do with nakedness?
  7. What is your favorite place to touch that’s not your genitals?
  8. Do you like to have after play?
  9. What nonsexual thing gets you excited?
  10. When was the most sexually active time of your life?
  11. Do you like to have a threesome?
  12. Is it okay to have a sex dream about your cousin?
  13. Do you get attracted to beauty or intelligence?
  14. What is the one thing you cannot go without in your sex life?
  15. If you ever had a sexually inactive partner, how would you spice it up?
  16. What do you think is the most common sexual fantasy for both men and women?
  17. How would you know you are ready for sex?
  18. Have you ever cheated on your partner?
  19. Would you still have a physical relationship with your partner if you found out they have an incurable disease?
  20. Would you have sex with another person if you are in a distance relationship?

Told you, didn’t I? But it’s not over yet.

Random sex questions

You are wrong if you think that you can ask sexual questions only to the ones you are comfortable with. Asking dirty questions is just the salt of almost any conversation.

For inspiration, check out some of the most random sex questions that you can ask literally anyone you know.

P.S. They can also prove to be really fun and dirty conversation starters!

  1. How fast can you get there?
  2. Have you ever sexted in front of family members?
  3. How long does it take you to get charged after one round?
  4. Have you ever been friends with benefits with somebody?
  5. Have you ever touched your partner’s private parts in a public place?
  6. Have you ever made out in a public washroom?
  7. One position you would do every time you had sex?
  8. Do you get horny while watching others doing it?
  9. How much sexual experience do you have?
  10. Have you ever tried sexting an anonymous person online?
  11. Did you ever have sex in a hurry?
  12. What is the easiest way to get an orgasm?
  13. What is the one thing that instantly gets you wet?
  14. Is after play really necessary?
  15. Do you read erotic stories online?
  16. What is the best time of the day to have sex?
  17. Have you ever fantasized about your colleague?
  18. Do you like to spit in the mouth?
  19. What is the sure-shot way to get seduced?
  20. Do you like to keep your eyes open during sex?

But if you want something more specific and gender-based, I have got you covered for that too!

Sex questions to ask a girl

If you are going to ask sexual questions to girls, know one thing that they are just naturally shy. It takes time for them to open up about these things.

But this is where I come of use. Drumrolls, please…

The next set of dirty and flirty questions to ask a girl will be perfect if you want to spark up the conversation about sex.

…and you never know, maybe she isn’t as shy as she seems.

Let’s find out!

  1. What is the most attractive part of a man’s body other than?
  2. Do you find finger-licking sexy?
  3. Do you like it when a guy puts his finger in your mouth?
  4. Where do you love to get kissed the most?
  5. How many fingers can you take?
  6. Which movie star/singer makes you feel horny?
  7. Do you like when a guy starts using his tongue more while licking you?
  8. When was the last time you had a real orgasm? (all my ladies will definitely understand this)
  9. Would you love to have double penetration?
  10. Do you get horny when you see guys in grey sweatpants?
  11. Did you ever have sex with a guy where you thought “wow, it’s really big?”
  12. How many guys have you sent your nudes to this date?
  13. Are you a screamer?
  14. What do you like to be called in the bedroom?
  15. Do you like to be on top or under?
  16. What is the sexiest pair of clothing you own?
  17. Have you ever tried to dress up sexier for the big night?
  18. Will you sleep with an underage boy?
  19. Have you ever tried to seduce a guy by bending in front of him?
  20. Have you ever been slapped while having sex?

Super fun, wasn’t it? But no, it’s not the end. More surprises are coming your way.

Sex questions to ask a guy

It’s so difficult to start an interesting conversation with a guy, let alone talk about sex.

Plus, you don’t want to cross a line.

I’ve got your back girl, like always!

Just take a look at the questions that you can ask a guy and you definitely would be able to strike an interesting conversation…. just like that.

  1. Would you break up with a person if you impregnate her?
  2. Where do you grab as soon as you start making out?
  3. Describe in one word how it feels like to be inside?
  4. Have you ever been seduced by the girl’s eyes?
  5. Did you ever masturbate seeing women in bikinis?
  6. What part of a woman’s body makes her very attractive?
  7. Have you ever failed to get a woman to orgasm?
  8. The sexiest thing a woman can wear?
  9. Are you more of a dressed guy or a pants guy?
  10. Do you like it when a woman bites her lip?
  11. Where do you kiss the most?
  12. Who is your favorite adult movie star?
  13. Do you like it when a girl eats a banana in front of you?
  14. Big boobs or big butt?
  15. What part of your body did you get the most compliments for?
  16. Have you ever had sex with someone with whom you had a doubt “how will I fit in there”?
  17. Do you prefer to cum inside more?
  18. Have you ever tried to finger a woman?
  19. Have you ever had sex with a woman 10 years older than you?
  20. Do you want to try breast milk?

I hope you had an interesting time just as you imagined.

But if you are looking for something else, you might want to scroll down.

Sex questions for couples

If you ask me, I absolutely love couples, especially when it’s the beginning of any relationship. But you are not here to ask me questions, right?

You want some questions to ask your partner just to find out how compatible you are (not in astrology, but in bed).

I personally recommend you to do this on a date night, it just makes everything better, trust me on this.

  1. Does being in love make sex boring?
  2. Do you let your partner take off your clothes or do you do it by yourself?
  3. Have you ever tried to have sex at a friend’s party?
  4. What is the best role play you have ever done?
  5. Who among the both of you is the freakier one?
  6. Who always makes the first move?
  7. Did you ever go down on your partner in a restaurant?
  8. How wet can you get by only making out?
  9. Have you ever thought about a different person while having sex with your partner?
  10. Have you ever done it in an elevator?
  11. Would you ever make out with someone and make your partner watch it?
  12. Have you ever made your partner go commando while going out?
  13. Did you ever put paint on yourself and had sex on the canvas?
  14. Is it normal to go through a dry period even being in a relationship?
  15. Do you always take consent before sex?
  16. How important sex is in a relationship?
  17. Do you always orgasm in every sexual intercourse?
  18. Would you exchange your partner with your ex for a one-night stand?
  19. Can you imitate your partner’s face when they enjoy sex?
  20. What is your idea of a perfect erotic vacation?

I hope the date ended with more than just the conversation!

Wait, Wait. Come with me, I am not over yet.

Teenage Sex Qs

Teenage is different for everyone. Some have experiences of their lifetime, others have a hard time getting it by.

But one thing is definitely the same for everyone. I am pretty sure you got the answer in your mind. This is the time when most of us lose virginity and experience sex more intensely. Everything is so new and so intense; it gives me chills.

So, in this set, I have curated some really intense sex questions that are going to get that adrenaline rush flowing.

Check them out!

  1. Did you orgasm in your last intercourse?
  2. Were you in love with the person you lost your virginity to?
  3. Have you ever stayed by the door to hear people having sex inside?
  4. When did you see porn for the first time?
  5. Did you ever have meaningless sex with someone?
  6. Did you ever do something dirty on the school bus?
  7. Did you make out in a cinema hall?
  8. Which celebrity do you picture when you touch yourself?
  9. What is the best way to ask for a nude picture?
  10. Have you ever tried to moan like in sex movies?
  11. What is your favorite sex movie on Netflix?
  12. Did you ever have sex in the classroom?
  13. Do wet clothes excite you?
  14. Did you ever do it while being on a school trip?
  15. When did you start watching porn?
  16. How was it the first time you did it?
  17. Did you ever beg someone to have sex with you?
  18. What have you not tried in bed yet?
  19. Will you break up with your partner if she is asexual?
  20. Have you ever masturbated while being on a video call?

That’s it, for the naughty teenager inside you.

I will not keep you waiting, adults!

Sex questions for adults

We cannot be teenagers forever but let me tell you, adulting may not be fun for other things… but for sex, it is super fun!

I am sure you know a lot of adults who are total freaks. It’s time to get to know who it is.

Leave the hard task to me and just keep asking!

  1. Have you ever sent a nude selfie to your partner after breaking up?
  2. Do you like to bite down there?
  3. Have you ever hooked up with a stripper?
  4. Did you ever have an awkward hookup session?
  5. Did you ever have sex at a tourist spot?
  6. Have you used your saliva as a lube?
  7. Did you ever lick alcohol from your partner’s body?
  8. Have you ever tricked your partner into touching you there?
  9. Did you ever have sex with an underage person?
  10. How many times have you done it on a video call?
  11. Have you ever been to a sex party?
  12. Is it more exciting without taking off the underwear?
  13. Do you remember what your first orgasm felt like?
  14. What is the wildest sex position you have ever tried?
  15. Longest time you continued a session in 24 hours?
  16. Was your last sexual experience a good one?
  17. Do you like having cigarettes after sex?
  18. Have you guys tried bondage?
  19. Have you ever fallen asleep in the middle of sex?
  20. Do you guys like to have more sex on the no-period days?

I can assure you might have figured out what is hiding beneath those innocent faces. But are you convinced that’s all they have?

Let’s tease them a bit more to find out.

Sex questions for friends

Nothing can ever match the fun that you have with your friends. If you have the right group you can talk about anything.

But no, I don’t want you to talk about anything, I want you to talk all about sex.

And that’s why check out the list below to ask sex questions with your friends.

Caution: get ready for the stomach-ache from all the laughter you are going to get.

  1. Do you get dehydrated a lot during sex?
  2. What is the grossest place you had sex?
  3. If you could choose one place in the whole world to have sex right now? Where would you choose?
  4. Have you ever fallen from the bed while doing it?
  5. What is the best dirty line you have ever used in the bedroom?
  6. Have you ever discussed your sex life with your friends?
  7. What was your most recent exotic dream?
  8. How happy are you in your sex life?
  9. What are your best ways to hide a hickey?
  10. Have you ever gotten aroused in a cemetery?
  11. Do you like talking after sex?
  12. When was the last time you had sexual intercourse that made you go like, “oh fuck, that was gooooood!”
  13. What porn did you watch last?
  14. Have you ever cried during sex?
  15. Are you feeling aroused by this game?
  16. When was the last time you hooked up with a stranger?
  17. Do you love to have quickies?
  18. How many people have you slept with?
  19. Did you kiss anyone before coming here?
  20. Who is still a virgin here?

Is your mind blown by now? I think it has. Hahaha.

But let’s now give it one last shake and dive right in!

Sex This or That Qs

You know a lot about a person when you put them in a position where they have to choose between two options.

Now when you add the dirty spices to it, it’s going to be worth the time.

And that’s exactly what I want you to do.

Just throw some of these questions and put them in a tough spot. In the end, you will be surprised to hear their choices.

Let’s go ahead!

  1. Do you like red or black lingerie?
  2. Do you like to use saliva or lubricants?
  3. Which is better anal or oral?
  4. Do you prefer to have sex on the beach or mountains?
  5. Do you like to talk or prefer some space after sex?
  6. What do you prefer, leather or lace?
  7. Would you rather have sex on the moving train or on the plane?
  8. Would you go for missionary or doggy?
  9. Would you sleep with someone on the first date or wait for six months?
  10. Would you prefer sex that lasts for 10 minutes or sex that lasts for 1 hour?
  11. Do you want your partner to be kinky or romantic?
  12. Would you do it in the kitchen or in the shower?
  13. Would you give up food or sex?
  14. Would you rather like one partner or multiple partners?
  15. Would you have a kiss with melted chocolate or alcohol?
  16. Would you do it in an abandoned building or a public park?
  17. Would you talk dirty on the phone or on text?
  18. Would you rather lose the feeling or lose the taste during sex?
  19. Would you rather prefer to be caught by your parents or by the police?
  20. Would you prefer to be completely naked or completely wrapped?

No, it’s not enough.

Look down below and find out more….

Sex Yes or No Qs

Yes or no. That’s it. That’s all they have to say.

You might be wondering if this can be very boring but let me tell you when you have the right questions and the answer is limited to just one word.

They will be tempted to tell you more. Always remember less is always more… 😉

This set of questions are perfect if you want to leave the intensity in the air or just tease them

Rest, you know better.

  1. Will you have sex with your partner if they didn’t shave?
  2. Will you pass an ice cube from one mouth to the other?
  3. Can women achieve multiple orgasms by sex?
  4. Will you kiss the ear of the most attractive person in this room?
  5. Is it true that more men enjoy anal sex than women?
  6. Can you injure yourself while having sex?
  7. Can women tell when their male partner is faking an orgasm?
  8. Can we get an orgasm through nipple-play?
  9. Do single women orgasm more than women in relationships?
  10. Do men think more about sex than women?
  11. Do you think the hole closes if women don’t have sex for a long time?
  12. Can women get pregnant while they are on their periods?
  13. Do you think only men have sexual fantasies?
  14. Have you ever used a vibrator?
  15. Would you ever have sex at your workplace?
  16. Does eating chocolates increase sexual stamina?
  17. Can women have wet dreams?
  18. Is it okay to date an ugly person for sex?
  19. Would you ever keep the underwear as a souvenir?
  20. Have you ever put cream down there and licked it?

Are your jaws paining from all the sly smiles and red cheeks? Come on, don’t be shy.

Let’s keep the conversation flowing with a brand-new trivia set.

Sex Trivia Qs

Remember how we used to love to play trivia in school. Well, we are going to play one now!

Only this time is going to be full of sex instead of boring GK. Let’s get to know how much do you know about sex?

  1. What do you think is the average length of a penis when it isn’t erect?
  2. Do you think you can give birth without sex?
  3. How many times the penis can increase its size when erect?
  4. What percentage of women never orgasm at all during sex?
  5. Up to what percentage, condoms are proved to be effective?
  6. How long before can a man ejaculate during intercourse?
  7. Is clitoral stimulation necessary for women to reach orgasms?
  8. What percentage of men always have orgasms during sex?
  9. How many calories can you burn in 45 minutes of intercourse?
  10. Is there more than one type of orgasm?
  11. What’s the average number of sex partners for women?
  12. What is the total number of nerve endings of an erect penis?
  13. Can we achieve orgasm through anal sex?
  14. Do you know how many sex positions are there in the Kamasutra?
  15. What is the most common position?
  16. Can men break their penis?
  17. What is the average of women when they lose their virginity?
  18. What is the average age of men when they lose their virginity?
  19. What is the length of a vagina?
  20. Do you know how many calories are in a teaspoon of semen?

Didn’t think you would know all of them…… But can you answer these?

Sex Quiz Qs

Yes, that’s right another round of sex quiz. But this time it’s more personal and more fun which is why it is going to get dirtier.

Scroll down to see what I mean.

  1. How many times can you cum in a day?
  2. Are women extra horny during their periods?
  3. Who has a higher preference for reaching orgasm through oral sex? Men or women?
  4. Can a penis shrink due to nervousness?
  5. Can women reach orgasm via only penetration?
  6. Are sex toys safe to use?
  7. Can men fake an orgasm?
  8. What percentage of women experience orgasm every time they have sex?
  9. Can sexual activities give relief from stress and anxiety?
  10. How many nerve endings does the clitoris have?
  11. How many men achieve premature ejaculation?
  12. How long does the average male orgasm last?
  13. Is it safe to have sex on your periods?
  14. Does the anus also get wet?
  15. What is the average number of sex partners for men?
  16. Do men have a G-spot?
  17. How often do women masturbate?
  18. Do you know where the woman’s G-spot is?
  19. Can you tell me the most common fetish?
  20. Does the clitoris also expand in size like the penis when aroused?

Ummm, it may be getting over for me now, but it has just gotten started for you.

Sex Education Qs

Last but not least we have some sex education questions for you guys. Just know that sex is all fun but you have to be cautious about yourself too.

I know you might not know everything and that is why I have created this list especially for you.

Ask these questions and seek proper answers to them. In the end, sex is supposed to be both fun and safe!

  1. Is G-spot a part of a woman’s anatomy?
  2. What is the average length of an erect penis?
  3. Can nipples get tight only during intercourse?
  4. Can we use 2 condoms together?
  5. What is the difference between the vulva and vagina?
  6. What is the best age to have sex for the first time?
  7. Is masturbation good for health?
  8. Can sex really burn calories?
  9. Is the pull-out method a good way to prevent pregnancy?
  10. Can you transfer STIs with kissing?
  11. Do women have stronger orgasms than men?
  12. Is sex during pregnancy safe?
  13. What is the most effective contraceptive?
  14. Is anal sex painful?
  15. Is the penis a bone or a muscle?
  16. Can we reach orgasm only by penetration?
  17. What is the most common injury during sex?
  18. Can hickeys kill you?
  19. How long does the average female orgasm?
  20. What is the only part of the body that solely exists for pleasure?

And that was it. I hope you had a fun night or maybe more than a fun night. Uhm… Uhm…

5 Questions you must NEVER ask about sex

It’s always amazing to have a conversation about sex. The adrenaline rush makes you want to relive the moments again and again. But you should know, there are some things you should never ask about sex.

Trust me, you don’t want to start any awkward conversations when it comes to this. It can make them feel uncomfortable and fill you with guilt.

That is why I have listed 5 questions you should never ask about sex. I repeat, never.

Keep reading to know what they are.

1. How many people have you slept with?

We all have had sexual relationships in our past and that’s why this game becomes more fun. But you shouldn’t ask anyone how many relationships they have had. it can make them extremely image-conscious and totally take a U-turn in your conversation.

2. Have you have had an abortion?

As much as sex is fun, accidents often happen… and no one wants to remember those.

So, if you go ahead and pop a question like this with them, you would come off as too insensitive and cold. So, you might want to think again before asking this!

3. Do you think my size is good enough for you?

Honestly when you are attracted to someone even when it’s a physical relationship you don’t care about your or their size. This question is not just uncomfortable but also offensive. So, keep yourself away from asking this.

4. Are you cumming?

No, no, no Absolutely NO. Whether you are a guy or a girl. Never ask this question to your partner. It is such a big turn-off.

The sole reason behind this is as soon as you say this, they get anxious about cumming more than enjoying it. Sex is more than just orgasms. Just enjoy yourself with your partner. That’s all you need to do!

5. Do it for me please

Now this one is a total red flag. You should never agree to do sex only because the other person wants you to. Sex is always supposed to be fun not a responsibility.

If you don’t want to get uncomfortable with them, never ask this question.

Over to you…

Asking sex questions can be a little tricky game. Especially if you have only known them for a while. but with the right mood, a good old red wine, and a list of amazing questions, you are set for the night.

A quick tip: don’t forget to take it slow, it makes everything more fun and exciting.

I hope you have a night to remember.