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700 Trivia Questions with Answers – A Master List for a Perfect Game Night

700 Trivia Questions with Answers – A Master List for a Perfect Game Night

Updated on Nov 07, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

700 Trivia Questions with Answers – A Master List for a Perfect Game Night

Do you want to test your own and others general knowledge about small yet interesting items of gossip and information? Are you feeling bored and want to plan a game night with friends? 

Do you have an idea of how to spend time wisely with friends and family members?

You must be wondering what to do next? Right? Do not sulk, just prepare your master list of trivia questions and get set go with your plan of hosting a family dinner or a game night.

In this article, we have compiled a bunch of interesting stuff that can test general knowledge as well as make conversations move on smoothly for hours. It can bust boredom in no time and help you plan your next family picnic or friends’ get together easily.

So let’s get started ..

700 Trivia Questions with Answers – A Master List for a Perfect Game Night
700 Trivia Questions with Answers – A Master List for a Perfect Game Night

What are trivia questions?

Trivia questions are a set of quiz questions that you may ask others in a game format to test their general knowhow about interesting yet not so important facts.

These questions are entertaining and are real fun when played together with family and friends.

This is a conversation game that is usually played with a pre-set list of questions on a particular topic. You will have to choose a host and a group of participants who will take part in the game.

The participants will answer the questions one after the other in a specific time and thereby see who wins the game by answering the maximum number of questions.

Trivia games are a perfect choice that can fit any event from friends’ night out to a game night with kids or members of the extended family in a big family ceremony.

Trivia is a great way to have fun and feel entertained when you are feeling bored or don’t know what to do next.

Best trivia questions

Are you interested to know your trivia knowledge? Here we go with the best list of questions and answers that will be indeed challenging and informative.

  1. In which country will you get the Charles de Gaulle airport? 

Answer: Paris, France

  1. Who was the first man on Earth?

Answer: Adam

  1. What is the full form of ‘www’?

Answer: world Wide Web

  1. Who painted the famous portrait ‘MonaLisa’

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci

  1. Name the two states in the United States which don’t observe daylight saving time?

Answer: Hawaii and Arizona

  1. Who was the first President of the United States?

Answer: George Washington

  1. Who was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

Answer: Music composer

  1. Which year did the First World War start?

Answer: 1914

  1. In a game of cricket, what is the size of a cricket pitch?

Answer: 22 yards

  1. Name the birthplace of William Shakespeare?

Answer: Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom

  1. Where was John Lennon shot?

Answer: The Dakota, New York

  1. Who wrote the famous poem ‘The road not taken’?

Answer: Robert Frost

  1. Which is the tallest building in the world?

Answer: Burj Khalifa, Dubai

  1. Who was the first female Olympic champion?

Answer: Helene de Pourtales

  1. Name the world’s deepest lake?

Answer: Lake Baikal, Siberia

  1. What is Times Square famous for?

Answer: Pubs, restaurants, theatres

  1. What was William Shakespeare’s last play?

Answer: The tempest

  1. What is the study of bird’s eggs known as?

Answer: Oology

  1. Where did the mocha coffee originated from?

Answer: Yemen

  1. What toy is used to clean wallpapers?

Answer: play dough

  1. Name the computer accessory that is also an animal?

Answer: Mouse

  1. Do you know the oldest city in the world? Name it?

Answer: yes. Aleppo in Syria

  1. Which U.S state has a Spanish motto?

Answer: Montana

  1. How many sense receptors are there in a dog’s nose?

Answer: 300 million…amazing

  1. Name a venomous fish?

Answer: The stonefish

  1. Where is the world’s oldest library situated?

Answer: Al-Qarawiyyin library in Fez, Morocco

  1. Which is the biggest airport in the U.S?

Answer: Denver international airport, Colorado

  1. Name the largest producer of chocolate in the world?

Answer: Ivory Coast

  1. Which country shares a common border with the United States?

Answer: Canada

  1. What is the smallest animal on this planet?

Answer: Paedophryne amanuensis

Good trivia questions

  1. Which is the most famous sport in the world?

Answer: Soccer

  1. Name an animal known for its loudest sound?

Answer: The sperm whale

  1. Where do we find the Giza pyramids?

Answer: Egypt

  1. Name the planets of the solar system who do not have moons?

Answer: Mercury and Venus

  1. What is the largest glacier known in history?

Answer: The Lambert-Fisher glacier, Antarctica

  1. Who discovered DNA?

Answer: Friedrich Miescher

  1. Name the first animated film nominated at the Academy awards for the best picture category?

Answer: The Beauty and the Beast

  1. How many cells are there in the human body?

Answer: 37.2 trillion cells

  1. Name the largest county in The United kingdom?

Answer: North Yorkshire

  1. Which is the largest written constitution in the world?

Answer: The Constitution of India

  1. Which is the world’s longest river?

Answer: Nile

  1. What are the baby horses called?

Answer: foal

  1. Name the only kind of parrot that cannot fly?

Answer: The kakapo

  1. Which is the driest place in the world?

Answer: Atacama Desert

  1. What is fear of public speaking known as?

Answer: glossophobia

  1. Who invented the telescope?

Answer: Hans Lipperhey

  1. What is the capital city of Argentina?

Answer: Buenos Aires

  1. Which country invented coffee?

Answer: Ethiopia

  1. Which is the birthplace of Beethoven?

Answer: Bonn, Germany

  1. What is the fifth sign of the zodiac?

Answer: Leo

  1. Who was Marco polo?

Answer: Venetian merchant

  1. Which country consumes the most tea as a beverage in the world?

Answer: Turkey

  1. Which is the oldest language of the world?

Answer: Sanskrit

  1. Can you name the highest waterfall in the world?

Answer: Angel falls in Venezuela

  1. Who invented the first fighter plane and where?

Answer: Curtiss-wright Corporation, Missouri

  1. What is the chemical symbol of mercury?

Answer: Hg

  1. Name the city where Jim Morrison was buried?

Answer: Paris

  1. Where do we have the world’s densest rain forests?

Answer: Amazon

  1. What is the pH value of pure water?

Answer: 7

  1. What is the world’s largest mammal?

Answer: Blue whale

Great trivia questions

  1. What do you call a group of lions?

Answer: pride

  1. What is the fastest land animal?

Answer: Cheetahs

  1. In which year was the first Australian open played?

Answer: 1905

  1. Which nation has won the first FIFA world cup in 1930?

Answer: Uruguay

  1. How many NBA championships did Michael Jordan win for the Chicago bulls?

Answer: 6

  1. Name the Earth’s largest ocean?

Answer: Pacific Ocean

  1. Name the smallest country in the world?

Answer: Vatican City

  1. Name the smallest bone of the human body?

Answer: Stapes in the middle ear

  1. How many eyes does a spider have?

Answer: 8

  1. What is the official language of Greece?

Answer: Greek

  1. What causes the most frequent power outages in the U.S?

Answer: Squirrels

  1. Name the hardest rock?


  1. What is the national dish of China?

Answer: Peking duck

  1. Which nation gave the Statue of Liberty to the US?


  1. What are nails composed of?

Answer: Keratin

  1. Which is the national flower of the Netherlands?

Answer: tulip

  1. In which year had the cold war ended?

Answer: 1989

  1. Name the national animal of Australia?

Answer: kangaroo

  1.  What is the biggest mountain range in the world?

Answer: The Great Himalayas

  1. What can bring bad luck if broken?

Answer: mirror

  1. What is the most commonly used letter in the English alphabet?

Answer: Letter E

  1. What is the biggest internal organ in the human body?

Answer: liver

  1. What is used to make an ice hockey puck?

Answer: rubber

  1. What does the 50 white stars on an American flag represent?

Answer: 50 states of the union

  1. What is the biggest national park in the world?

Answer: Tassili n’Ajjer, Sahara desert

  1. Name the blind poet?

Answer: John Milton

  1. Who authored ‘pride and prejudice’?

Answer: Jane Austin

  1. What is the world’s longest national anthem?

Answer: Greece, with 158 stanzas

  1. Name the largest producer of vanilla in the world?


  1. In which year Benito Mussolini became the prime minister of Italy?

Answer: 1922

Top trivia questions

  1. Who was the director of the movie ‘Titanic’?

Answer: James Cameron

  1. What is a famous drug that is derived from the poppy plant?

Answer: Opium

  1. What is the nickname of premier league club ‘Arsenal’?

Answer: The Gunners

  1. What are human beings not born with?

Answer: Wisdom tooth

  1. What is the full form of DOS?

Answer: Disc operating System

  1. What happened on April 15th, 1912?

Answer: the wreckage of the Titanic

  1. What is produced by worms?

Answer: Thailand

  1. Which country hosted the 1983 cricket world cup?

Answer: England

  1. Who is the seventh president of the United States?

Answer: Andrew Jackson

  1. What is the biggest reptile in the world?

Answer: The saltwater crocodile

  1. When McDonald was founded?

Answer: 1940

  1. Name the first song in the famous children’s movie ‘The Lion King’?

Answer: The circle of life

  1. What is the currency of Japan?

Answer: Yen

  1. What is the largest land mammal?

Answer: The giant rhino

  1. Which bird lives in Antarctica and cannot fly?

Answer: penguin

  1. What is the coldest place on earth?

Answer: Oymyakon, Arctic Circle

  1. What vitamin does the Sun give us?

Answer: Vitamin D

  1. Who is the author of the book titled ‘The Audacity of Hope’?

Answer: Barack Obama

  1. Madrid is the capital city of which country?

Answer: Spain

  1. Cranberries are native to which continent?

Answer: North America

  1. What is the other name of Sandwich Islands?

Answer: Hawaiian Islands

  1. What is the full form of FOMO?

Answer: Fear of Missing Out

  1. Which sea animal doesn’t have bones in their bodies?

Answer: Shark

  1. Where is Zurich located?

Answer: Switzerland

  1. Who is the author of ‘David Copperfield’?

Answer: Charles Dickens

  1. What is fear of spiders called?

Answer: arachnophobia

  1. Name the land mammal that does not have a vocal cord?

Answer: giraffe

  1. What is the capital of Indonesia?

Answer: Jakarta

  1. Who sang the song ‘heal the world’

Answer: Michael Jackson

  1. Who is the author of ‘Wuthering Heights’?

Answer: Emily Bronte

Easy trivia questions

  1. Which horoscope sign has a bow and an arrow?

Answer: Sagittarius

  1. Which company owns Porsche?

Answer: Volkswagen

  1. Name a famous web browser?

Answer: Google chrome

  1. What is ‘city of brotherly love’ better known as?

Answer: Philadelphia

  1. Who is the famous Spanish artist known for co-founding the Cubist movement?

Answer: Pablo Picasso

  1. Which year was William Shakespeare born?

Answer: 1564

  1. Name the world’s longest lake?

Answer: Lake Tanganyika, East Africa

  1. Where is Mt. Everest located?

Answer: Between Nepal and Tibet

  1. Who is better known as ‘The voice of God’?

Answer: Morgan Freeman

  1. Which sea animal can hold their breath for five hours under water?

Answer: Sea turtle

  1. What part of an atom has a positive charge?

Answer: Proton

  1. Who is the author of ‘Harry Potter’?

Answer: J.K Rowling

  1. Can you say the name of the first woman to be awarded the Nobel prize in 1903?

Answer: Marie Curie

  1. In which country is “The leaning tower of Pisa” located?

Answer: Italy

  1. What was Ethiopia formerly known as?

Answer: Abyssinia

  1. Where is the largest zoo in the world located?

Answer: North Carolina

  1. Name the animal having the largest eye?

Answer: The giant squid

  1. Which chess piece can only move straight?

Answer: rooks

  1. Who invented the measles vaccine?

Answer: Maurice Hilleman

  1. Name the biggest technology company in South Korea?

Answer: Samsung

  1. Who officially announced a holiday on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Henry V111

  1. What are dried plums commonly known as?

Answer: prunes

  1. Which edible food never gets stale?

Answer: honey

  1. Who is the founder of ‘Beatles’?

Answer: John Lennon

  1. Which two nations have never missed the modern day Olympic Games?

Answer: Australia and Greece

  1. Who discovered the law of relativity?

Answer: Albert Einstein

  1. What tissues connect two bones?

Answer: ligament

  1. What is the national animal of Scotland?

Answer: The unicorn

  1. How long does dog pregnancy last?

Answer: 58 to 68 days

  1. Name a mammal that lays eggs?

Answer: Duck-billed platypus

Basic trivia questions

  1. How are muscles connected to bones?

Answer: Through tendons

  1. Which is the shortest day of the year?

Answer: 22nd December, winter solstice

  1. Name the brightest star in the night sky?

Answer: Sirius

  1. After whose name is the noble prize given?

Answer: Alfred Noble

  1. Which U.S state has the nickname of ‘Golden state’?

Answer: California

  1. What is the currency of Ukraine

Answer: Ukrainian hryvnia

  1. Name the Greek physician who kept the medical records of his patients?

Answer: Hippocrates

  1. Which two elements remain liquid at room temperature?

Answer: Mercury and Bromine

  1. How many time zones do we have?

Answer: 24

  1. Where do most tsunamis happen?

Answer: Indonesia

  1. What is the name given to the first 20 teeth that humans have?

Answer: milk teeth

  1. Who invented the concept of decimal in mathematics?

Answer: John Napier

  1. Who invented dynamite?

Answer: Alfred Noble

  1. Who is the first person to walk on the moon?

Answer: Neil Armstrong

  1. Where did the Chernobyl disaster take place?

Answer: Ukraine

  1. What type of grapes are used to make red burgundy wine?

Answer: pinot noir

  1. What is sodium bicarbonate commonly known as?

Answer: baking soda

  1. Where is Brandenburg gate located?

Answer: Berlin, Germany

  1. Name the world’s most expensive spice?

Answer: saffron

  1. Which is the most popular musical instrument?

Answer: Piano

  1. Which two instruments combine to make the Banjolele?

Answer: Banjo and ukulele

  1. Name a famous Walt Disney character?

Answer: Mickey mouse

  1. In which year did Walt Disney die?

Answer: 1966

  1. Name any one novel of William Shakespeare?

Answer: Hamlet, The Prince of Denmark

  1. Which is the heaviest metal in the world?

Answer: Osmium

  1. Name the lightest metal found on Earth?

Answer: Magnesium

  1. When did William Wordsworth write his first poem?

Answer: 1793

  1. Who is the husband of Hillary Clinton?

Answer: Bill Clinton

  1. Which is the largest continent of the world?

Answer: Asia

  1. Which country is known as the land of the rising sun?

Answer: Japan

Weird trivia questions

  1. What is the official nickname of Florida?

Answer: The sunshine state

  1. How many countries make ‘The British isles’?

Answer: 4

  1. How many degrees make a circle?

Answer: 360 degrees

  1. In which year was Microsoft established?

Answer: 1975

  1. How many sides does a pentagon have?

Answer: 5

  1. Who is the author of Cinderella?

Answer: Charles Perrault

  1. Which famous fictional character was created in 1933?

Answer: Superman

  1. Name the national sport of the USA?

Answer: Baseball

  1. What is the hashtag symbol technically known as?

Answer: Octothorpe

  1. What does the 100 folds in a chef’s hat represent?

Answer: 100 ways to cook eggs

  1. What is the length of the longest wedding veil?

Answer: 23000 feet

  1. In which country did apple pie originate?

Answer: England

  1. Which is the largest known living organism?

Answer: Aspen grove

  1. What does M&M stand for?

Answer: Mars and Murrie

  1. Who said “That’s one step for a man, a giant leap for mankind:”?

Answer: Neil Armstrong

  1. What is the weight of a blue whale’s heart?

Answer: 400 pounds

  1. Which bird can mimic almost any sound that it hears?

Answer: lyrebird

  1. Who is known as the king of Rock and Roll?

Answer: Elvis Presley

  1. Which was the first soft drink to be used in space?

Answer: Coca-Cola

  1. Which University offers a degree in Viticulture and enology (Wine Making)?

Answer: Cornell University

  1. Name the popular state bird of North Carolina?

Answer: Cardinal

  1. How many grapes are used in an average bottle of wine?

Answer: 700 grapes

  1. What is the fear of number 13 known as?

Answer: Triskaidekaphobia

  1. What has been banned in Japanese restaurants by law?

Answer: Giving tips

  1. What makes the city of La Paz in Bolivia free from fire?

Answer: Altitude

  1. In which year was the Academy awards first broadcasted on radio?

Answer: 1930

  1. For what are the Grammy awards given?

Answer: Music

  1. What is the house of Eskimos known as?

Answer: Igloo

  1. Name one body fluid?

Answer: Blood

  1. Name the smallest dog breed?

Answer: Chihuahuas

Crazy trivia questions

  1. Can you name the first Sherlock Holmes story written by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle?

Answer: A study in Scarlet

  1. What is the color of Sapphire stone?

Answer: Blue

  1. What do Americans do 22 times in a day?

Answer: open the refrigerator

  1. What is illegal in French vineyards?

Answer: landing of flying saucers

  1. What you cannot do in the public places of Florida if you are wearing a swimsuit?

Answer: Sing

  1. Which nation invented Hockey?

Answer: England

  1. What is the currency of France?

Answer: Franc

  1. Who invented peanut butter?

Answer: Marcellus Gilmore Edson

  1. What punctuation mark ends an interrogative sentence?

Answer: question mark

  1. What was the first book written by Agatha Christie?

Answer: The Mysterious affair at styles

  1. What is fear of dogs known as?

Answer: Cynophobia

  1. Who launched the online auction firm eBay?

Answer: Pierre Omidyar

  1. Who wrote the first dictionary of the English language?

Answer: Samuel Johnson

  1. In which year is the Berlin wall demolished?

Answer: 1991

  1. Who became the 40th President of the USA?

Answer: Ronald Reagan

  1. Which is the most beautiful bird in the world?

Answer: Indian Peacock

  1. Name the first woman to walk in space?

Answer: Kathryn Sullivan

  1. Name the capital city of Cuba?

Answer: Havana

  1. Which country follows 8 time zones?

Answer: Russia

  1. Who created Toy story?

Answer: John Lasseter

  1. Which is the single best selling music of all time?

Answer: Candle in the Wind

  1. What can only come down and never goes up?

Answer: Rain

  1. Who wrote the Jungle book?

Answer: Rudyard Kipling

  1. What can be easily broken by many of us?

Answer: promise

  1. Who invented the concept of the digit zero?

Answer: Aryabhatta

  1. From which country does mozzarella cheese originate?

Answer: Italy

  1. Name the first female driver to score points in a Grand prix?

Answer: Lella Lombardi

  1. What is the length of New Zealand’s ninety mile beach?

Answer: 88 kilometers

  1. Which country celebrates Oktoberfest?

Answer: Munich, Germany

  1. Name the Italian dish that is famous all over the world?

Answer: Mushroom Risotto and Margarita Pizza

General trivia questions

  1. Can you name the Quint’s shark hunting boat in the movie ‘Jaws’?

Answer: The Orca

  1. Who created the night king?

Answer: The children of the forest

  1. How many black keys are usually seen in a traditional piano?

Answer: 32

  1. Who designed the Olympic rings?

Answer: Pierre de Coubertin

  1. Who created the Olympic flame?

Answer: Jan Wils

  1. Who lit the Olympic flame in 1984?

Answer: Rafer Johnson

  1. Name the tallest land animal?

Answer: Giraffe

  1. Do you know the national animal of the United Kingdom?

Answer: Lion

  1. Can you name the Colorado mountain range with the continental divide?

Answer: The Rocky Mountains

  1. Where are the Marshall Islands located?

Answer: Oceania

  1. Name the herb that improves lactation after childbirth?

Answer: galactagogue

  1. Do you know the peninsula shared by Portugal and Spain?

Answer: Iberian Peninsula

  1. Name the brown and outermost covering of the tree?

Answer: bark

  1. Name any two coniferous trees?

Answer: pines and firs

  1. Do you know the name of the country that has the maximum number of natural lakes?

Answer: Canada

  1. What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?

Answer: Riyadh

  1. In which country is Lake Bled located?

Answer: Slovenia

  1. What is the favorite food of Hippopotamus?

Answer: short grass

  1. Name the capital of Peru?

Answer: Lima

  1. Who was appointed as the youngest Prime minister of Great Britain?

Answer: William Pitt

  1. What disease got its first vaccine in 1796?

Answer: smallpox

  1. Can you name the first female prime minister of Australia? 

Answer: Julia Gillard

  1. Name a famous Mexican beer?

Answer: almonds

  1. What is the chemical name of common salt?

Answer: sodium chloride

  1. Which country won the FIFA world cup in 2018?

Answer: France

  1. Which country is famous for samba dance?

Answer: Brazil

  1. Which country is famous for sweets?

Answer: France

  1. Name the country known as the land of cakes?

Answer: Scotland

  1. Name the five colors of the Olympic rings?

Answer: blue, yellow, green, black, and red

  1. In which country is the harp instrument popularly played?

Answer: Ireland

Trivia questions for adults

  1. Which island country is famous for its running?

Answer: Jamaica

  1. Where is Kindley field airport located?

Answer: Bermuda

  1. In which year Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated in waterloo?

Answer: 1815

  1. Name the capital of New Zealand?

Answer: wellington

  1. In which year was the Sydney opera house built?

Answer: 1959

  1. In which year was the Olympic Games held in Tokyo, Japan?

Answer: 2021

  1. How many times has Argentina won the FIFA world cup?

Answer: two times. In 1986 and 1978

  1. Name the four time zones used in the USA?

Answer: EST, MST, CST, PST

  1. Who is the main antagonist in Othello?

Answer: Lago

  1. Do you know the number of permanent teeth that a dog has?

Answer: 42

  1. What are igloos made up of?

Answer: compressed snow

  1. Which is the largest church in the world?

Answer: St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

  1. Which is the birth year of Madonna?

Answer: 1958

  1. Name the airport of Johannesburg?

Answer: O.R Tambo International Airport

  1. What is the name of the world’s largest cruise ship?

Answer: Symphony of the seas

  1. What is the capital of Texas State?

Answer: Austin

  1. Who is known as the queen of badminton?

Answer: Saina Nehwal

  1. Who played the role of Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movie?

Answer: Richard Harris

  1. Which is the largest country in the world by area?

Answer: Russia

  1. Name the largest country in the world by population density?

Answer: China

  1. Can you say when the Gulf oil spill occurred?

Answer: 2010

  1. Name the red planet?

Answer: Mars

  1. Who coined the term biophysics for the first time?

Answer: Karl Pearson in 1892

  1. Who is known as the father of bioinformatics?

Answer: Paulien Hogeweg

  1. Who is the author of ‘around the world in 80 days’?

Answer: Jules Verne

  1. Name the father of mathematics?

Answer: Archimedes

  1. Where is Machu Picchu situated?

Answer: Peru

  1. What is the native language of Denmark?

Answer: Danish

  1. Name the most commonly played guitar?

Answer: An acoustic guitar

  1. In which year was the United Nations established?

Answer: 1945

Family trivia questions

  1. Name the biggest gold mine of the world?

Answer: Muruntau mine, Uzbekistan

  1. Name the ocean on the west of South America?

Answer: Pacific Ocean

  1. How long is the river Amazon?

Answer: 3977 miles

  1. Where is the Congo river located?

Answer: West-Central Africa

  1. Who invented helium?

Answer: Pierre Jules Cesar Janssen

  1. What is the atomic number of neon?

Answer: 10

  1. Who created the periodic table?

Answer: Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev

  1. Which novel of Shakespeare has an antagonist known as Shylock?

Answer: The Merchant of Venice

  1. Which sea is an extension of the Indian Ocean?

Answer: Red Sea

  1. What is the group name of butterflies?

Answer: flutter

  1. Which United Nations agency works for the development of children?

Answer: UNICEF

  1. In which country is the headquarters of UNESCO situated?

Answer: Paris, France

  1. Name the biggest University in the world in terms of enrolment?

Answer: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

  1. Name the largest marsupial?

Answer: red kangaroo

  1. Who propounded the theory of evolution?

Answer: Charles Darwin

  1. Where are the Koala bears found?

Answer: Australia

  1. Who is the author of the famous novel Treasure Island?

Answer: Robert Louis Stevenson

  1. Name the Turkish city that lies between Asia and Europe?

Answer: Istanbul

  1. In which country does the United Nations have its headquarters in Africa?

Answer: Nairobi

  1. Who wrote the poem ‘Trees’?

Answer: Joyce Kilmer

  1. To which country does Sir Garfield Sobers belong to?

Answer: West Indies

  1. How many oceans are there in the world?

Answer: 4

  1. What is the official currency of Colombia?

Answer: Colombian Peso

  1. What is the official language of Peru?

Answer: Spanish

  1. What is the official language of Uruguay?

Answer: Spanish and Portuguese

  1. What is the currency used in Egypt?

Answer: Egyptian pound

  1. Which city is Hudson Park in?

Answer: New York City

  1. Which is the longest man made bridge in the world?

Answer: Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, China

  1. Name the longest man made bridge in the USA?

Answer: The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

  1. Name the capital of Canada?

Answer: Ottawa

Interesting trivia questions

  1. Who was appointed as the youngest President of the USA?

Answer: John. F. Kennedy

  1. Who is the oldest president of the United States Of America till date?

Answer: Joe Biden

  1. Do you know the name of the legendary monk who invented champagne?

Answer: Dom Perignon

  1. Name the highest priced coffee in the world?

Answer: Kopi Luwak

  1. Which country is known as the ‘land of roses’?

Answer: Bulgaria

  1. In which year was the famous Beatles band formed?

Answer: 1960

  1. Which is the longest river in England?

Answer: River Severn

  1. Who is the author if “Alchemist”

Answer: Paulo Coelho

  1. Name the longest movie ever made?

Answer: Logistics

  1. In which year was the Oscar first introduced by Academy motion pictures?

Answer: 1929

  1. Who is the author of the book ‘Gone with the wind’?

Answer: Margaret Mitchell

  1. Which is the highest priced car in the world?

Answer: Lamborghini venino

  1. In which year was the first iPhone released in the market?

Answer: 2007

  1. Name the company set up by Bill Gates?

Answer: Microsoft Corporation

  1. What was the original product sold by Amazon?

Answer: books

  1. Name the most popular car color in the USA?

Answer: white

  1. Name an active volcano found in Africa?

Answer: Nyamuragira

  1. Which is the launch year of Facebook?

Answer: 2004

  1. Who launched Instagram?

Answer: Kevin Systrom

  1. What is the full form of HTTP?

Answer: Hypertext transfer protocol

  1. Name the first toy advertised on television?

Answer: Mr. Potato head

  1. What is Boxing Day called in the USA?

Answer: St Stephen’s day

  1. Name the country known for its white elephants?

Answer: Thailand

  1. What was Sri Lanks’s old name?

Answer: Ceylon

  1. Who was the third President of the USA?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

  1. Who is known as the king of pop?

Answer: Michael Jackson

  1. Name the first female Prime Minister of Great Britain?

Answer: Margaret Thatcher

  1. When was WHO established?

Answer? 7th April, 1948

  1. Which former American track athlete had won 9 gold medals in the Olympics?

Answer: Carl Lewis

  1. Who was known as ‘Iron Mike’ in his early career days?

Answer: Mike Tyson

Trivia pursuit questions

  1. Can you count the number of ribs in the human body?

Answer: 24

  1. What is the chemical formula of Zirconium?

Answer: Zr

  1. Can you say in which century was Sir Isaac Newton born?

Answer: 17th century

  1. What is Barramundi?

Answer: Fish

  1. How many wings does a bee have?

Answer: four wings

  1. What is gelada?

Answer: A species of monkey

  1. What is phonology?

Answer: the study of sounds

  1. What is ‘Yukon gold’?

Answer: A variety of potato

  1. Who invented the bifocal glasses?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin

  1. What is the full form of a GIF?

Answer: Graphics interchange format

  1. Can you name a well-known pest that destroys potatoes?

Answer: Colorado Beetle

  1. What is nearsightedness known as?

Answer: myopia

  1. What is microsecond?

Answer: One millionth of a second

  1. Name the capital of Arizona?

Answer: Phoenix

  1. Name the capital of Sudan?

Answer: Khartoum

  1. How many federal states are there in Germany?

Answer: 16

  1. Which is the largest state in the United States?

Answer: Alaska

  1. What is the official language of Equatorial Guinea?

Answer: Spanish

  1. Name the country that does not belong to Soviet Union?

Answer: Romania

  1. What is the set of steps in Rome, Italy known as?

Answer: Spanish steps

  1. Name the boxer commonly known as ‘The people’s champion’?

Answer: Muhammad Ali

  1. What is the national fruit of the USA?

Answer: Blueberry

  1. Name the national fruit of the UK?

Answer: Apple

  1. What is the national fruit of Japan?

Answer: Japanese persimmon

  1. What is the national sport of Japan?

Answer: Sumo

  1. Which country is the birthplace of cricket?

Answer: England

  1. Name the national sport of Poland?

Answer: Motorcycle speedway

  1. Which country is famous for Rugby?

Answer: New Zealand

  1. Name the planet with the highest gravity?

Answer: Jupiter

  1. Name the first solo album of Beyoncé?

Answer: Dangerously in love

  1. Who sang the famous song ‘You make me feel so young’?

Answer: Frank Sinatra

  1. Name the largest bone in the human body?

Answer: Femur

  1. Name the flower whose buds were exchanged as a form of currency?

Answer: Tulips

  1. Do you know the national animal of Greece?

Answer: The Dolphin

  1. What is the national animal of Finland?

Answer: Brown bear

  1. Name the fastest sea animal?

Answer: Sailfish

  1. Who is the inventor of the Chicken pox vaccine?

Answer: Michiaki Takahashi

  1. Name the garden that is considered to be among the Seven Wonders of the World?

Answer: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

  1. What are fears of trees called?

Answer: Dendrophobia

  1. What is entomophobia?

Answer: Fear of insects

  1. Who had a little lamb that followed her to school?

Answer: Mary

  1. Can you name the national flower of Wales?

Answer: daffodils

  1. Where was Charles Dickens born?

Answer: Portsmouth, Hampshire

  1. Name the largest species of Apes?

Answer: Gorillas

  1. Do you know the person who invented the bikini?

Answer: Louis Reard

  1. Name the ocean that surrounds Seychelles?

Answer: Western Indian Ocean

  1. Name the ocean that surrounds the Andaman and Nicobar islands?

Answer: The Bay of Bengal

  1. What is the world’s biggest spider known as?

Answer: Goliath bird eater, a kind of Tarantula

  1. Who wrote the book ‘Our Man in Havana’?

Answer: Graham Greene

  1. Do you know the largest two-digit prime number?

Answer: 97

Fun trivia questions

  1. Name the river that flows through the Grand Canyon?

Answer: River Colorado

  1. Do you know the name of the tallest tree?

Answer: Hyperion

  1. Name the smallest state in the United States?

Answer: Rhode Island

  1. Can you tell me the name of the continent where we find the world’s largest desert?

Answer: Africa (Sahara desert?

  1. Which country has a symbol of a shipwreck in its National flag?

Answer: Territorial flag of Bermuda

  1. Where do we find ‘The little mermaid statue’?

Answer: Denmark

  1. In which country did sushi originate?

Answer: Japan

  1. Which is the world’s best selling beer?

Answer: Budweiser

  1. Can you tell me how many hours a snail sleeps?

Answer: 3 years

  1. Which is the slowest animal on earth?

Answer: three-toed sloth

  1. How many heart chambers are there in a cockroach?

Answer: 12

  1. Name the Universal bird of peace?

Answer: Dove

  1. How many legs does an ant have?

Answer: 6

  1. Name the animal with the highest blood pressure?

Answer: Giraffe

  1. Which part of the plant are the cauliflower and broccoli belong to?

Answer: flower

  1. Name the animal that never sleeps? 

Answer: BullFrog

  1. What’s the recently discovered fish in the world?

Answer: Paedocypris progenetica

  1. What type of animal is a mandrill?

Answer: Monkey

  1. What is a group of hedgehogs known as?

Answer: Array

  1. What is a female deer known as?

Answer: doe

  1. Name the bird which is a sign of good luck?

Answer: Storks

  1. Which was the oldest giant panda which died in 2016?

Answer: Jia Jia

  1. Which animal has the scientific name Hominoidea?

Answer: Ape

  1. What’s a baby fox called?

Answer: kits or cubs

  1. In which river would you find blind dolphins?

Answer: Indus River

  1. What is the scientific name of the lion?

Answer: Panthera Leo

  1. Name the country where the game of snooker was invented?

Answer: India

  1. What is a tennis ball made of?

Answer: rubber and cloth

  1. Where do the dogs has sweat glands?

Answer: Paws

  1. What is a male turkey known as?

Answer: Gobbler

  1. What is a baby elephant known as?

Answer: Calf

  1. In which year did Thanksgiving originate?

Answer: 1621

  1. Who announced the official commencement of Thanksgiving in the USA?

Answer: President Abraham Lincoln

  1. In which year did Thanksgiving Day become an official holiday?

Answer: 1941

  1. What is the primary use of turkey feather?

Answer: animal feed

  1. In which continent did Thanksgiving first originate?

Answer: Europe

  1. Can you say whether a pumpkin is a fruit or vegetable:

Answer: Fruit

  1. Which is the second busiest day after Christmas?

Answer: Halloween

  1. Can you name the oldest inhabited city in the world?

Answer: Damascus

  1. Name the famous painting of Norman Rockwell?

Answer: Freedom from fear

Random trivia questions

  1. Which country is the native land of Lemurs?

Answer: Madagascar

  1. What is Giant Panda’s favorite diet?

Answer: Bamboo

  1. Name the first African country that qualified for the World cup?

Answer: Egypt

  1. Can you name the signature food served at Wimbledon’s?

Answer: Cream and strawberries

  1. Do you know Muhammad Ali’s birth name?

Answer: Cassius Clay

  1. Name the country without its own National Anthem?

Answer: Cyprus

  1. Which country is known for its happy inhabitants?

Answer: Finland

  1. In which country do most Earthquakes happen in the world?

Answer: Japan

  1. Where do we find the world’s ancient forest?

Answer: Australia

  1. Name the lightest planet?

Answer: Saturn

  1. Name the heaviest planet?

Answer: Jupiter

  1. Which day is celebrated as World Environment day?

Answer: 5th June

  1. Name the first US president who resigned?

Answer: Richard M. Nixon

  1. Which Nation started World War 1 in 1914?

Answer: Germany and Austria-Hungary

  1. Who is the writer of the novel Sharp objects?

Answer: Gillian Flynn

  1. Name the tennis grand slam tournament played in clay court?

Answer: The French Open (Roland Garros)

  1. In a polo match, how many horses do you see in each team?

Answer: Four

  1. Name the soft drink commonly found in Scotland?

Answer: Irn-Bru

  1. Can you name the bestselling novel of all time?

Answer: Don Quixote

  1. Who authored the ‘Harry Potter’ series?

Answer:  J.K Rowling

  1. What is the name of Harry Potter’s best friend?

Answer: Ron and Hermione

  1. What is the color of most buses in London?

Answer: Red

  1. Can you name the cowboy in the movie ‘Toy story’?

Answer: Woody

  1. Do you know the number of elements in the periodic table?

Answer: 118

  1. In which year was Disneyland opened to the public?

Answer: 1955

  1. What is the chemical symbol for gold?

Answer: Au

  1. What is the chemical symbol of copper?

Answer: Cu

  1. How long can a dragonfly live?

Answer: 7 to 56 days

  1. Who wrote the fairy tale ‘Little Mermaid’?

Answer: Hans Christian Anderson

  1. Name the world’s smallest bird?

Answer: Bee hummingbird

  1. Who is the inventor of tin cans used for preserving food?

Answer: Peter Durand

  1. How many players are there in a game of water polo?

Answer: 7

  1. Name the person who dropped a hammer and a feather on the moon’s surface to prove that without air both will fall at the same rate?

Answer: David. R. Scott

  1. Do you know the average surface temperature on Venus?

Answer: 860 degrees F

  1. What is the nickname of Stockport County?

Answer: The hatters

  1. Name the artist who created ‘Campbell’s soup cans’ and in which year?

Answer: Andy Warhol in 1962

  1. Which country does sculptor Alberto Giacometti belong to?

Answer: Switzerland

  1. Which is the first University in Italy?

Answer: University of Bologna

  1. For how long does a solar eclipse last?

Answer: 7 and half minutes

  1. Name the largest star in the solar system?

Answer: Sun

  1. Name the blood group which is known as the universal recipient?

Answer: AB+

  1. Name the blood group which is known as the universal donor?

Answer: o+

  1. Can you name the bird which can change direction midair?

Answer: Hummingbirds

  1. How many limbs does an octopus has?

Answer: 8

  1. Name the group of animals who eats only plants?

Answer: Herbivorous

  1. How do bats locate their prey?

Answer: echolocation

  1. Can you name the smallest unit of matter?

Answer: Atom

  1. Name the elements of water?

Answer: Oxygen and hydrogen

  1. What kind of energy does the sun create and emit in the atmosphere/

Answer: nuclear energy

  1. Who invented lightning as a form of electricity?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin

Trivia game questions on Nature

  1. Name the planet that spins clockwise?

Answer: Venus

  1. What is the world’s longest barrier reef?

Answer: The Great Barrier reef in Australia

  1. Which insect migrates annually from the USA to Canada to spend the winter in the forest highlands of Mexico?

Answer: monarch butterfly

  1. In which continent would you find the largest non-polar ice cap in the world?

Answer: North America

  1. What species of animals are Gentoo and Adelie?

Answer: penguins

  1. What is the world’s largest land carnivore?

Answer: Polar bear

  1. What is winkle?

Answer: An edible sea snail

  1. Name the group of owls?

Answer: Parliament

  1. What species of animals are cusk and pout?

Answer: Fish

  1. Who is the first astronaut to travel to space?

Answer: Yuri Gagarin

  1. What is a female swan known as?

Answer: A pen

  1. Which country is the largest producer of mangoes in the world?

Answer: India

  1. What is the height of a baby giraffe at birth?

Answer: 6 feet

  1. What is the study of earthquakes known as?

Answer: Seismology

  1. What is a group of crows known as?

Answer: A murder

  1. Which animal can see all four of its feet?

Answer: donkey

  1. Name the animal that can live the longest?

Answer: The bowhead whale

  1. Which dog breed has the best sense of smell?

Answer: bloodhound

  1. Can you name a tree that contains all the five vowels?

Answer: Sequoia’s

  1. What is the other name for baby beavers?

Answer: Kits of kittens

  1. Name the largest living invertebrate?

Answer: The giant squid

  1. What is the color of an Octopus’s blood?

Answer: Pale bluish green

  1. Name the largest moon of Saturn?

Answer: Titan

  1. Name a gland in the neck that produces Thyroxin?

Answer: Thyroid

  1. Name the most sensitive sense?

Answer: Smell

  1. Name the soft spot on the baby’s head?

Answer: Fontanelle

  1. Which island was studied by Charles Darwin before he propounded his theory of evolution?

Answer: Galapagos Island

  1. What is the other name for Ayers Rock?

Answer: Uluru

  1. Who founded Earth day?

Answer: Gaylord Nelson

  1. Name the study of plants?

Answer: Botany

  1. How do plants make their food?

Answer: Photosynthesis

  1. What is the study of birds known as?

Answer: Ornithology

  1. Do you know what a young bear is called?

Answer: Cub

  1. Name the small bones which make the backbone?

Answer: Vertebrae

  1. Which animals eat both plants and other animals?

Answer: Omnivores

  1. Which blood cells make antibodies to fight off infections?

Answer: White blood cells

  1. Which vitamin does the sun produce?

Answer: Vitamin D

  1. Name the largest primate?

Answer: Gorilla

  1. Name the smallest muscle in the human body?

Answer: Stapedius

  1. What is the other name for a food pipe?

Answer: Esophagus

  1. Which bird can fly backwards?

Answer: Hummingbirds

  1. Name the animal associated with the star sign Taurus?

Answer: Bull

  1. Which bird has the largest wingspan?

Answer: wandering albatross

  1. Which bird has the largest brain?

Answer: Tomtit

  1. Name the animal that does not have a heart?

Answer: starfish

  1. Name the animal with no stomach?

Answer: platypus

  1. Which is the largest sea animal?

Answer: Antarctic blue whale

  1. What is a penguin walk called?

Answer: waddle

Trivia questions and answers on sports

  1. Who won the women’s singles of the 2015 US open championship?

Answer: Flavia Pennatta

  1. Name the country who won the 2018 Fed cup?

Answer: Czech Republic

  1. How long is the football end zone?

Answer: 10 yards

  1. In which year was the first super bowl played?

Answer: 1967

  1. Which sporting event is played every year during the Memorial Day?

Answer: Indianapolis 500

  1. Which golfer is known as the walrus?

Answer: Craig Robert Stadler

  1. What game is associated with Tiger Woods?

Answer: golf

  1. In which year Serena Williams won her first major tennis championship?

Answer: 1999

  1. What is the size of the baseball?

Answer: 9 inches in circumference

  1. Which team had won the first ever World Series in baseball in the 1950’s?

Answer: New York Yankees

  1. After how many years are Olympic Games held?

Answer: 4 years

  1. Which sport is known as the king of sports?

Answer: Soccer

  1. What is the measure of a basketball hoop in inches?

Answer: 18 inches

  1. Name the national sport of Canada?

Answer: Lacrosse

  1. Which classic 1980 movie was made on the life of boxer Jake LaMotte?

Answer: Raging Bull

  1. What is the full form of the NBA?

Answer: National Basketball Association

  1. Which body part cannot touch the soccer ball?

Answer: Hands

  1. Name the country which won the first women’s world cup?

Answer: USA

  1. What was the fastest goal ever scored in a soccer match?

Answer: 10.8 seconds

  1. Which sport is known as ‘sport of kings?

Answer: polo

  1. Name the city which hosted the Olympic games twice till date/

Answer: Paris

  1. Name the center of a target in darts?

Answer: Bullseye

  1. Who won the gold medal in Javelin throw at the 2021 Olympic Games?

Answer: Neeraj Chopra (India)

  1. How big is an Olympic-sized swimming pool in meters?

Answer: 50 meters long and 25 meters wide

  1. Which sport is similar to softball?

Answer: Baseball

  1. In which game is “love” considered as a score?

Answer: Lawn tennis

  1. Which body part can’t touch the ball while playing soccer?

Answer: Hands

  1. Tour de France, is it a form of what type of race?

Answer: Bicycle 

  1. How many players are there in each team of a volleyball game?

Answer: 6 players

  1. Which color flag do they wave to indicate the winner in motor racing?

Answer: Checkered flag

  1. How many miles long is a marathon?

Answer: 26.2 miles

  1. How many players are there in each team of a cricket match?

Answer: 11 players

  1. In an average round of golf, how many holes are played?

Answer: 18 holes

  1. What is the color of the goalposts in a game of football?

Answer: Yellow

  1. How many points does a touchdown hold in football?

Answer: 6 points

  1. Racket, net and shuttlecock are used in which sport?

Answer: Badminton

  1. In which sport were women first allowed to compete in Modern Olympics?

Answer: Tennis

  1. In the 2008 summer Olympics, how many sports were included?

Answer: 28

  1. Name the only sport to be played on the moon?

Answer: A round of golf

  1. In 1946, which team won the first NBA game?

Answer: The New York Knicks

  1. Name the material that is used to cover baseballs?

Answer: Cowhide

  1. Name the first British soccer player to win league titles in four countries?

Answer: David Beckham

  1. Which country has never missed playing in the FIFA soccer world cup?

Answer: Brazil

  1. In what time was the fastest goal made in the history of World Cup football?

Answer: 10.8 seconds

  1. Name the sport that starts with a tip-off?

Answer: basketball

Fun trivia questions and answers on environment

  1. What rays of the sun affect people living in higher altitudes?

Answer: Cosmic rays

  1. Name a toxic gas that can cause a potential health hazard?

Answer: Carbon monoxide

  1. What gas is used in the greenhouse effect?

Answer: Carbon dioxide

  1. Which animal reuses its body water to retain its moisture?

Answer: Kangaroo rat

  1. Name the cause of Ozone layer depletion?

Answer: Chlorofluorocarbon

  1. Which country in Europe uses its underground hot water current to provide heat to the households?

Answer: Iceland

  1. What is formed when smoke reacts with industrial fog?

Answer: smog

  1. Which country is known as the world’s highest rubbish dump?

Answer: Nepal

  1. What is a whale shark?

Answer: fish

  1. Name the greenhouse gases?

Answer: Carbon-dioxide, methane, and chlorofluorocarbon

  1. Name the person who coined the term ecology in 1870?

Answer: Ernest Haeckel

  1. What is the association of fungus with certain plants known as?

Answer: Parasitic

  1. Which gas layer saves the earth from the sun’s ultraviolet rays?

Answer: Ozone gas

  1. What element is formed by the action of bacteria due to disintegration of dead organisms?

Answer: Sulphur

  1. Which acid is connected with the soil?

Answer: Humic acid

  1. Name the ecosystem with the most biodiversity?

Answer: Rain forest

  1. Which continent has the maximum species of pasturing animals?

Answer: Africa

  1. Which is the most prolific element on the Earth’s atmosphere?

Answer: Oxygen

  1. Which is one of the most polluted cities of the world nicknamed ‘Valley of Death’?

Answer: Cubatao, Brazil

  1. Which soil can we see in the desert areas?

Answer: Aridisols

  1. What is the percentage of surface covered by glaciers on Earth?

Answer: 10%

  1. Name the unhygienic and dirty condition of the Earth which makes it hard to live here?

Answer: Pollution

  1. What will be affected after a volcanic eruption on Earth?

Answer: Phosphorus cycle

  1. What is the former name of the British Green Party?

Answer: The Ecology Party

  1. Which city has recorded first in air pollution among the world?

Answer: Tokyo, Japan 

  1. Which type of satellites are used for conducting environment related analytical studies globally?

Answer: Meteorological satellites

  1. For denoting conservation and preservation of environment related things, which color is used mostly?

Answer: Green

  1. In how many regions, can oceans be divided ecologically?

Answer: 5 regions

  1. Which animal had caused severe soil erosion in the countryside of New Zealand?

Answer: Deer

  1. The name ‘Man of Trees’ is given to whom?

Answer: Richard St. Barbe Baker

  1. Which environmental protection network started in the UK in 1971?

Answer: Friends of the Earth

  1. Name the major components which affect the changes in the environment?

Answer: Temperature, pressure, wind velocity and humidity 

  1. What makes the soil porous?

Answer: Earthworm

  1. What can take fertile top-soil hundreds of kilometers away?

Answer: Dust storms

  1. Name the person who discovered natural radioactivity?

Answer: Henri Becquerel

Few more general trivia questions and answers

These general questions are perfect for a trivia night with loving friends and family.

  1. Who is the goddess of agriculture according to Greek mythology?

Answer: Demeter

  1. What was the name of Scotland given by Romans?

Answer: Caledonia

  1. Name the youngest mountain found on Earth today?

Answer: The Himalayas

  1. Name the Mughal emperor who constructed the Taj Mahal as a tomb for his wife?

Answer: Shah Jahan

  1. What was the tenure of Queen Victoria’s reign?

Answer: 63 years and 7 months

  1. Name Henry VIII’s first wife?

Answer: Catherine of Aragon

  1. Name the film for which Steven Spielberg has got his first Oscar award for the best director?

Answer: Scindler’s list

  1. Can you name the film that has got the first academy awards for best picture?

Answer: Wings

  1. Can you name the short film that featured Mickey Mouse as a cartoon character for the first time?

Answer: Plane crazy

  1. What was the last movie of Walt Disney?

Answer: The jungle book

  1. Which is the oldest mountain range in the world?

Answer: Makhonjwa Mountains

  1. Which mathematician published the elementary number theory?

Answer: Euclid

  1. Name the famous river that runs through Paris?

Answer: Seine

  1. Do you know the warmest sea in the world?

Answer: Red sea

  1. What separates Canada from the USA?

Answer: The 49th parallel

  1. Which British Prime Minister was assassinated?

Answer: Spencer Perceval

  1. How many members are there in the US Electoral College?

Answer: 538

  1. Which one of the Seven Wonders of the World still exists and was never demolished or ruined?

Answer: The Great pyramid of Giza

  1. In which month does the earth get closer to the sun?

Answer: January

  1. Who is known as the father of modern genetics?

Answer: Gregor Mendell

  1. Name the first breakfast cereal invented in 1863?

Answer: granola

  1. Name the nut that is used to make dynamite?

Answer: peanut

  1. What is the only state in the USA to grow large amounts of coffee beans?

Answer: Hawaii

  1. What is onion known as in Latin?

Answer: Large pearl

  1. What is the chef’s hat called?

Answer: Toque

  1. Name the fastest snake in the world?

Answer: Black Mamba

  1. What was the original name of Google?

Answer: Backrub

  1. In which year was the first color photograph came into existence?

Answer: 1861

  1. Can you name the inventor of Kodak Camera?

Answer: George Eastman

  1. In which year was Pinterest founded?

Answer: 2010

Few more easy trivia questions and answers

Last but not the least, here is a list of easy trivia questions for kids that tests their general knowledge and is ideal for a Christmas trivia night or a sleepover party night.

  1. In which famous rhyme two little children went up the hill?

Answer: Jack and Jill

  1. Name two common board games played by children and adults with equal interest?

Answer: Ludo and Chess

  1. What is the average temperature in Alaska in winters?

Answer: -18 degrees to -35 degrees

  1. How many dwarfs were there in the story of snow white?

Answer: 7

  1. When was Julia Roberts born?

Answer: 1967

  1. What is the capital city of Greece?

Answer: Athens

  1. Where did the American actress Sandra Bullock grow up? 

Answer: West Germany

  1. Name the capital city of Greece?

Answer: Athens

  1. Where is the city of San Francisco located?

Answer: Northern California

  1. In which popular culture does the concept of ‘Ikigai’ originate?

Answer: Japan

  1. Who will succeed Queen Elizabeth II as the new ruler of the British Monarchy?

Answer: Prince Charles

  1. What is the original name of the American Rapper and singer P.Diddy?

Answer: Sean Combs

  1. Name the palace of the Royal Family in Scotland?

Answer: Balmoral castle

  1. What is the full form of BBC?

Answer: British Broadcasting Corporation

  1. Name Sweden’s capital city?

Answer: Stockholm 

  1. Name the author of ‘Game of Thrones’? 

Answer: George R.R. Martin

  1. Fred Perry was the player of which sport?

Answer: Tennis

  1. Who is the author of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’?

Answer: Margaret Attwood

  1. Where is the Golden Gate Bridge located?

Answer: San Francisco, California 

  1. Name the famous fruit which is found in Ribena?

Answer: Blackcurrants

  1. Name the largest muscle in the body?

Answer: Gluteus Maximus (Buttocks)

  1. What is the full form of YSL in the field of fashion?

Answer: Yves Saint Laurent

  1. Name the lead singer of Coldplay?

Answer: Chris Martin

  1. Before Donald Trump, who was the president of the USA?

Answer: Barack Obama

  1. What is the real name of YouTuber Zoella?

Answer: Zoe Sugg

  1. From which country the word ketchup originated?

Answer: China

  1. Which creature inhabited the Earth millions of years ago?

Answer: Dinosaurs

  1. Name the sport in which you perform the Fosbury Flop?

Answer: The High Jump

  1. Which mineral is present in spinach?

Answer: Iron

  1. Name the biggest island of the world?

Answer: Greenland

  1. In which wing is the oval office located in the White House?

Answer: West wing

  1. Name the bird connected with delivering babies?

Answer: Stork

  1. Which city is called ‘the city of brotherly love’?

Answer: Philadelphia

  1. At what fahrenheit temperature water freezes?

Answer: 32 degrees

  1. Name the bird that is known as “flamboyance”?

Answer: Flamingos

  1. What Is the chief ingredient of hummus?

Answer: Chickpeas

  1. Name the popular language spoken by the majority of people in the world?

Answer: English

  1. Which date is known as “The Devil’s night”?

Answer: October 30th

  1. Name the city of love?

Answer: Paris

  1. Name the shortest tragedy tale written by William Shakespeare?

Answer: Macbeth

  1. What is the nickname of Kansas State?

Answer: Sunflower state

  1. Name the plant that can heal a sunburn?

Answer: Aloe

Parting words from “ThePleasantConversation”

Whether you choose to have a music trivia, fun trivia, or a science trivia question for a game night or during a road trip with friends and family, these fun facts are ideal for testing your knowledge and other’s expertise on a variety of known and unknown topics.

You can create a trivia quiz of your own with a perfect concoction of a variety of easy and difficult questions. 

The correct answers to these questions can be given in one word or choosing the right answer from multiple choices given.

The trivia games can either be played in teams or with individual players, whatever suits the participants. 

Hope you have already started to create your own master list of such amazing questions in which you have a real authority to showcase your know-how and awareness.

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