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400 Funny Questions to Ask a Guy to Make Conversations Funny

400 Funny Questions to Ask a Guy to Make Conversations Funny

Updated on Oct 26, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

400 Funny Questions to Ask a Guy to Make Conversations Funny

If you are searching for some good funny questions to ask a guy there can be several possible situations responsible for it.

You may have met someone and found it interesting and want to start a conversation but are not sure what questions you should ask to start a long nice chat.

You want to initiate a conversation with some unknown attractive guy and you are not sure how to do it. there is a fear and confusion of whether the other person will be interested in talking or not.

If someone has suddenly met an old friend after a long time who was very close to you once and wants to avoid the awkwardness and start an interesting conversation with him.

You want to express your true feelings to someone and you are afraid of rejection. You are not sure how they will react to your questions. 

Asking certain questions can result in an interesting long chat but if you ask the wrong question in the wrong situation it can ruin the whole conversation.

Sometimes the fear of the outcomes or your insecurities can hold your true emotions and hamper your self-confidence. As a result, you may end up asking certain questions that give a negative impression of yourself in front of the other person.

Certain questions are listed here under different categories that can help you to initiate and continue a nice conversation and improve your relationship with the other person.

400 Funny Questions to Ask a Guy to Make Conversations Funny
400 Funny Questions to Ask a Guy to Make Conversations Funny

Funny questions to ask a guy to start a conversation

The questions you are going to ask to start a conversation with someone can direct how it’s going to end. If the person you are going to speak to does not know you that means these first few questions will indicate your personality and intention to that person. 

Through the first few questions, you can impress the person you are talking to. 

  1. What is the worst-reviewed movie you seem to enjoy?
  2. What is the best thing about being a male?
  3. If you could dedicate your life to a certain cause what would it be?
  4. What do you do for fun?
  5. If you can level up in your life like a game, is there any skill you would like to add to the next level?
  6. What was the random compliment someone gave you that you remember? 
  7. If you got to go back in time and change a few things, what would it be?
  8. What is your phone’s wallpaper?
  9. Is there anything special that makes you different from others?
  10. Who is the funniest celebrity according to you?
  11. What is your favorite movie genre?
  12. What qualities in a person will be the exact opposite of you?
  13. What would you suggest your friend do on his day off?
  14. When was the last time you got drunk and did something crazy?
  15. Have you ever cheated on someone and regret it?
  16. What do you like the most, mountains or beaches?
  17. Are you an introvert or extrovert kind of person?
  18. If you get a chance to travel through time, where will you choose to go?
  19. If you could get a chance to sneak into someone’s life who would it be?
  20. What is your favorite animation movie?
  21. How do you like to spend your weekends?
  22. If you could be the last human left on the earth what would you do?
  23. If you could get three wishes from a djinn what would they be?
  24. What would your dream work be?
  25. What would you prefer: love or money?
  26. What would be the three objects you could not live without?
  27. What do you prefer more in a woman: brain or looks?
  28. Who is the closest person to you?
  29. What is your favorite music genre?
  30. What philosophy do you follow in life?
  31. If you get the last five days of your lifespan what would you do?
  32. Who else is there in your family?
  33. Have you ever been attracted to something even if they are wrong?

Funny questions to ask a guy to make him laugh

Laughter is the best ice breaker. If you can start a conversation with some funny questions and make him laugh, it helps to trigger the heat between you two. 

  1. What was the most unusual but funny experience you had?
  2. What is the weirdest habit from your childhood?
  3. What was the worst slip of the tongue you have experienced?
  4. Do you have any funny nicknames?
  5. What is the funniest experience of your life?
  6. Do you believe in magic?
  7. What is the worst pickup line someone ever said to you?
  8. When was the last time someone made you laugh?
  9. Are you a good bathroom singer?
  10. What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?
  11. What is the craziest thing on your bucket list?
  12. Where do you want to travel the most?
  13. What is your favorite comedy movie?
  14. What is the funniest dream you have ever had?
  15. What is the craziest and weirdest prank you have ever played on someone?
  16. What is your favorite spot to hide?
  17. Have you ever been afraid of some silliest thing?

Random funny questions to ask a guy

Random funny questions can always help you to continue your conversation. 

If you are stuck somewhere while talking with a guy and unable to find any topic to talk about, this list can help you to boost your conversation.

  1. What you liked the most at your young age but now you feel silly?
  2. What is the extremely stressed situation you have faced in life?
  3. What would be the best pet according to you?
  4. Have you ever played a prank on someone?
  5. If you can throw up on someone who it would be?
  6. Is there anything someone did selflessly to help you out?
  7. What is your perfect burger?
  8. If you can be a ghost for a day what will you do?
  9. What is your favorite fictional villain character?
  10. Is there any game or sport you find very boring?
  11. If you can add a few more hours to your day how will you utilize it?
  12. Is there any dream city of yours where you want to move in?
  13. Do you get angry about some little things more than you should?
  14. Which podcast do you like the most?
  15. Do you like to watch horror movies?
  16. What is your preference for a grand wedding or destination wedding?
  17. What is the weirdest moment of your life?
  18. Do you like driving?
  19. What do you like the most, indoor games or outdoor games?
  20. Do you like trekking?
  21. Do you like girls wearing make-up?
  22. Do you think you are mature enough according to your age?
  23. Have you ever visited an old-age home?
  24. What was the worst date you’ve ever been to?
  25. If you could change your name what would it be?
  26. If you ever write your autobiography, what would you name it?
  27. Have you ever stacked anyone?
  28. How much are you on social media?
  29. Are you a daily news watcher?
  30. If you get a chance to pet a wild animal what would it be?
  31. What was your worst detention in school?

Funny questions to ask a guy over text

Texting is very popular among the youth nowadays. It helps to connect everyone from any distance at any time. 

While texting you need to be very careful about your question selections. You need to be patient too, you can not expect the guy to reply just after sending a message. 

  1. How many dating apps have you ever used?
  2. Do you like to work in a group?
  3. How many places have you traveled to?
  4. Have you ever broken some law?
  5. Do you like romantic comedy movies?
  6. Do you like to listen to music in your free time?
  7. What is your hobby?
  8. What will be your next year’s new year’s resolution?
  9. Who is your favorite actor?
  10. What is your favorite novel?
  11. What is your favorite rock band?
  12. What is your favorite cuisine?
  13. If you can get a superpower what would it be?
  14. Which movie have you watched more than 10 times?
  15. Is there any animal you do not like?
  16. How do you feel when you get a compliment from an unknown person?
  17. Did you have an imaginary friend in childhood?
  18. What is the highest time you have watched a single movie?
  19. Have you ever cheated during your school test?
  20. Have you ever been caught while cheating on an exam?
  21. What is the highest time you have ever slept?
  22. Do you like to spend time on the internet?
  23. Which season do you like the most?

Funny sexual questions to ask a guy

If you are talking with a guy who is seriously interested in you and you both have entered a comfort zone with each other, these questions can help you to take your conversation to the next level.

  1. Have you ever made out in public?
  2. Which foreplay do you like the most?
  3. Have you ever watched someone making out in front of you?
  4. Do you like to make out in public?
  5. Has someone ever caught you in the middle of some action?
  6. Have you ever refused someone?
  7. How much sex is important for your relationship?
  8. What do you think about one nightstand?
  9. What is your darkest sexual fantasy?
  10. Do you like to be in control?
  11. What is your most sensitive body part?
  12. Which celebrity do you fantasize about?
  13. Did you ever get horny in a public place?
  14. Do you like to cuddle in bed?

Good funny questions to ask a guy

Some good fun questions can spice up your conversation.

  1. If your life was a film what would be the soundtrack of your life?
  2. Is there any movie quote that you are tired of listening to?
  3. Who or what do you hate the most?
  4. According to you, which celebrity will be the worst leader in your country?
  5. If you could make a movie of your life, who would you want to play your character?
  6. If you could get a chance to work in some area without any professional experience what would it be?
  7. What are you tired of hearing about yourself from others?
  8. If you die today what will be your best achievement?
  9. What one question could you ask someone to understand all about that person?
  10. Is there anything that you have enjoyed doing but you can not do again?
  11. Are promises that you have made important to you?
  12. What are your thoughts about the importance of communication in a relationship?
  13. Would you like to adopt an abundant animal or bird?
  14. Is there anything that you are ashamed of?
  15. Who is your partner in crime?
  16. What can bring a smile to your face always?
  17. How popular is being popular in high school to you?

Best funny questions to ask a guy

  1. What song do you always want to sing along to no matter where or you hear it?
  2. What was your best drop the microphone moment?
  3. If you suddenly wake up at night what will scare you the most?
  4. Which movie can you watch multiple times but never get tired of it?
  5. Is there anyone you have met once or twice but still has a huge effect on your life?
  6. What was the most stupid tattoo that you have seen till now?
  7. If you could make a news headline what would it be?
  8. If you can live one age once again what would it be?
  9. Is there anything you think should be tastier to match its look?
  10. Are there any unusual places you have ever been to?

Dumb funny questions to ask a guy to make the mood light

Sometimes a little dumb question can help you to increase the cuteness of the conversation. 

These can bring a smile to his face and make the conversation more enjoyable. 

  1. Is there any funniest accident you have ever experienced?
  2. If you can be an inanimate object for some time what would it be?
  3. Which historical figure do you think was not that great?
  4. Have you ever daydreamed about something?
  5. Is there anything you have believed wrong from your childhood and recently you have learned the right thing?
  6. Did you ever laugh badly in a serious situation?
  7. What do you do when you are lost?
  8. Do you like your daily routine?
  9. What are the top five of your bucket list?
  10. Tell me your weirdest skill of yours that no one knows about?
  11. What was the dumbest thing you did in elementary school?
  12. Right now what is the most important object to you?
  13. Do you enjoy any weird smells?
  14. What are the things that can offend you easily?
  15. What are the three things that you would like to change about me?
  16. What is your favorite month of the year?
  17. What do you prefer the most: movies or books?
  18. Do you believe in God?
  19. What is your idea of heaven?
  20. Would you like to go back to your high school days?
  21. Do you like to be in front of the camera?

Awkward  funny questions to ask a guy

These questions can make your bond stronger. Sharing awkward or embarrassing life moments can help you to know more about each other.

It makes you feel more comfortable with each other and sometimes turns into laughter.

  1. What is the last time you lied? 
  2. What is your most embarrassing moment till now?
  3. Did you ever get caught while lying?
  4. Have you ever peed in a swimming pool?
  5. What was the most embarrassing or weird cloth you have ever worn?
  6. What is the most unprofessional thing you have ever done?
  7. What childish thing do you still enjoy the most?
  8. What is the worst phobia you have?
  9. What was the last movie that made you cry after watching?
  10. Which game do you always lose?
  11. Is there anything you are terrible at?
  12. What is the biggest doubt or confusion you have about any universal fact?
  13. What was that you were afraid of in your childhood?
  14. What did you do when you got drunk for the first time?
  15. What is the weirdest thing you have done in the last three days?
  16. What do you prefer most: calling or texting?
  17. If you ever experience a zombie what would be your weapon to haunt them?
  18. Would you like to know about your future?
  19. Do you have any celebrity friends?
  20. Is there any unusual thing that you are very addicted to?
  21. Do you ever have any mood swings?
  22. What is your thought about an open relationship?
  23. How much time do you generally spend in the shower?
  24. Have you ever tried any diet plan?

Interesting funny questions to ask a guy

Asking some interesting questions can help you to know more about each other. 

These questions can make the moment playful and more intellectual.  

  1. If you could stay on an island all alone, what two things would you take with you?
  2. What do you search for while buying a phone?
  3. How long can you stay without using your favorite social media platform?
  4. What fantasies do you have about paranormal stuff?
  5. Are you a dog person or a cat person?
  6. Do you think karma exists?
  7. How do you think the world will be in 50 years from now?
  8. If you could experience one historical event what would it be?
  9. Which supernatural creature do you think will be nicer to hang out with?
  10. What is the best surprise that you have received from someone?
  11. Do you like to ride horses?
  12. Is there anything you want to change in your childhood?
  13. What is the most precious and unique gift you have received on your birthday from someone?
  14. If you could live in a video game, which game would it be?
  15. If you get a chance to make a movie based on a novel what would it be?
  16. If you get a chance to act in someone’s biopic, who will you choose?

Weird funny questions to ask a guy

Sometimes a little weirdness is all that is needed in a relationship. 

These questions can help you to know him better and understand his personality.

  1. What is your weirdest lie ever?
  2. If you turned into a woman for a day how would you react and spend your day?
  3. What sport will you enjoy seeing naked?
  4. What do you think is the dumbest rule that you have ever followed? 
  5. What is the most useless thing you like to do?
  6. Have you ever pretended to know all about something where you don’t?
  7. According to you, which thing in our society will be a matter of laughter 30 years from now?
  8. Is there anything you believe even after knowing it’s not right?
  9. Is there any weird flavor combination that you like?
  10. What is the weird thing that you have ever tested?
  11. Which celebrity do you think is a jerk in real life?
  12. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
  13. What do you want to name your children?
  14. Have you ever broken up with someone over a text message?
  15. At what age did you start dating?
  16. What was the last time you lied to your parents?
  17. Have you ever dated three girls at one time?
  18. Have you ever tried anything bad under peer pressure?
  19. Have you ever stolen anything in your childhood?
  20. Have you ever lifted anything from a shop without paying for it?
  21. Have you ever tried to use the dark web?
  22. Have you ever gone to a celebration without being invited?

Open-ended funny questions to ask a guy to increase the fun

You can only say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to answer an open-ended question.

You can ask these questions as a rapid-fire game. It will make your time more enjoyable.

  1. If you got a chance to colonize a different planet and leave earth would you do it?
  2. Have you ever farted in public and then blamed it on others?
  3. Do you believe in psychic people?
  4. Do you prefer sports over movies?
  5. Do you believe in true love?
  6. Do you believe in angels?
  7. Do you clean your room regularly?
  8. Do you believe in aliens?
  9. Do you like to play poker?
  10. Do you want to hypnotize someone?
  11. Have you ever proposed to someone on your first date?
  12. Have you ever cried after watching an emotional movie?
  13. Do you have any fear of height?
  14. Do you believe in a parallel universe?

Flirty funny questions to ask a guy to set the mood

Healthy flirting can make your relationship stronger. 

You can playfully ask these questions using your sense of humor to heat your conversation.

  1. Is there any vacancy for a girlfriend’s post?
  2. What is your idea about a good date?
  3. Do you prefer blind dates?
  4. What is the coolest compliment you have ever received from a girl?
  5. Do you believe that everything is fair in love and war?
  6. What appearance would you like the most in a female?
  7. Would you like to make breakfast for someone you love?
  8. If you get the chance would you like to go to a royal ball?
  9. Which Disney princess do you want to rescue and be her prince charming?
  10. How do you want to be treated by your partner?
  11. What qualities do you look for in a woman to be your girlfriend?
  12. What is the weirdest pick-up line you have ever used on a girl?
  13. Which quality of yours do you think attracts the girls most?

Funny dirty questions to ask a guy 

It is very important to understand the sexual preferences of your partner.

If you want to take your relationship to the next level you can ask certain questions to each other to understand your sexual fantasies.

  1. Which part of your body is your favorite?
  2. Which sex toy do you like the most?
  3. What turns you on the most?
  4. What is the biggest turn-off in a woman for you?
  5. What is your craziest sexual fantasy?
  6. What do you think about roleplay?
  7. At what age did you lose your virginity?
  8. Do you like the concept of a threesome or foursome?
  9. What is your most dirty thought?

Deep funny questions to know the guy better

If you are talking to someone you just met then it is very important to get to know him. You should know about his personality, his likes, dislikes, or his life choices.

  1. If your life turns into a film, which actor will you be?
  2. What is your funniest childhood memory?
  3. Will you miss your favorite sports game for me?
  4. What did you think we’re stupid until you tried them yourself?
  5. Who is your favorite writer?
  6. What is your favorite board game?
  7. According to you, what is the definition of friendship?
  8. What can you do all day but never get tired of?
  9. What is the worst decision you have ever made?
  10. What can put a smile on your face just after waking up?
  11. What is the most important skill that you have learned? 
  12. If you get a chance to have dinner with a celebrity who will be the worst to go to dinner with?
  13. Is there any habit that annoys you when someone else does it?
  14. What was the best thing you have paid for?
  15. Was there something evident that you hadn’t noticed till someone pointed it out?
  16. Do you like to lead a group to complete some target-based work?
  17. Are you a sensitive person?
  18. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
  19. How do you like to talk about politics?
  20. Do you like to think out-of-the-box?
  21. Do you truly hate someone?
  22. Are you a night owl?
  23. What is your idea about settling down?
  24. Do you always accept your faults and apologies?
  25. What are your thoughts about live-in relationships?
  26. Would you like your wife to work?
  27. What are your thoughts about children?
  28. Would you choose your family over your work?

Romantic funny questions to ask him

Every guy has different romantic preferences. If you want to develop a romantic relationship with someone you must know their preferences. 

You can ask these questions to understand their perspective and ideas about romance and plan your next step accordingly.

  1. What is your idea about a perfect date?
  2. What is your favorite romantic movie?
  3. What is your dream honeymoon destination?
  4. Have you ever given a romantic surprise to someone?
  5. How would you plan an ideal date?
  6. How do you feel about casual dating?
  7. What do you think was wrong in your last relationship?
  8. How do you feel about handmade romantic gifts?
  9. How would you plan your wedding?
  10. Do you believe in the importance of compatibility in a relationship?
  11. Do you believe in destiny?
  12. Do you enjoy love stories?
  13. Who is your favorite romantic hero?
  14. Would you like anything to change about me?
  15. Do you enjoy planning surprises for someone special?
  16. What do you think about the importance of understanding in a relationship?
  17. What do you think about the importance of loyalty?
  18. Do you believe in commitments?
  19. What would you prefer: a date on the beach or a date in an intimate environment?
  20. Would you like your partner to plan surprise dates for you?

Funny questions to ask a guy you just met

If you have just met a guy and found it interesting you should start a conversation with a sweet note. 

You do not want him to feel weird or under pressure on the first day.

You must ask some light and funny questions that can make your conversation happy and smooth.

  1. What game do you like to play the most?
  2. What do you miss the most from your childhood?
  3. If you could have a secret video of anybody what would it be?
  4. What is the website you used to like before but not now?
  5. What do you think mostly just after waking up?
  6. From now on if you can only eat the last thing you have eaten how long can you survive?
  7. If you can live like a movie, which movie will it be?
  8. Can you describe yourself in one word?
  9. What is the most confusing thing about being a male?
  10. What can you do to make this world a better place for tomorrow?
  11. Do you have any favorite flags?
  12. What is the eeriest supernatural experience you have ever had?
  13. What do you think is legal now but will be banned after a few years?
  14. Is there any language you don’t know but still like the sound of it?
  15. Would you like to dance with me?
  16. Do you like to stay inside and chill in or go out in public?
  17. Have you ever had any mentors in life?
  18. What is the most boring work that you always enjoy doing?
  19. When do you like to get drunk?
  20. Where do you like to go out for food?
  21. How would you like to decorate your room?
  22. Do you like to play any instrument?
  23. What do you feel about your sense of humor?
  24. Is there any YouTube channel you follow?
  25. What is your perfect style?
  26. Who is your style icon?
  27. Do you like to party all night?
  28. What was the first thing you did on your 18th birthday?
  29. What was the best memory of your teenage years?
  30. Do you like old romantic songs?

Funny questions to ask a guy you like

If you are sitting with a guy you like you may feel nervous and concise while talking. You should select your questions very wisely in this case. 

Funny questions to ask a guy you want to date

In this scenario, there is a high chance that you may not be able to express your feelings. You may not be able to choose the right words to talk to. You will be nervous and confused.

These questions will help you in that time of crisis. You may also win another date with that person. 

  1. If someone wants to draw a portrait of you, how would you like it to be?
  2. If you have one chocolate left for whom will you give it up?
  3. When you were a child what did you want to be after growing up?
  4. If you could get a chance to be an actor, which kind of roles would you want to play?
  5. What is the best lesson you have learned from your past relationship?
  6. What you should remember the most in a romantic relationship?
  7. Who was your role model in life?
  8. Is there anything about you that no one knows?
  9. What is the movie that you do not want to watch before dying?
  10. If you are about to get into a fight, which song can play in your soundtrack?
  11. What do you think about marriage?
  12. What will you do if you get 5 million dollars?
  13. If you can design a treehouse how will it look?
  14. If a scientific discovery can increase the lifespan of humans by 600 years what will be the consequences?
  15. What is the worst thing you have bought in your life?
  16. Is there anything you have wanted to do for a long time but were unable to do?
  17. Do you like long drives?
  18. Do you meditate?
  19. Do you like to watch science fiction movies?
  20. What is your dream route for a road trip?
  21. Have you ever lied in your past relationships?
  22. What is your opinion about lying in a relationship?
  23. Are you an early riser?
  24. Do you believe in inner beauty?
  25. What is your thought about healthy flirting?
  26. What is the last book you have read?
  27. How many dates have you attended in one day?
  28. How would you react if a girl proposed to you?
  29. How would you react to a proposal of a girl you don’t like romantically?
  30. What is your darkest secret?
  31. Do you believe in cupid?
  32. What is your idea about a perfect valentine’s day?
  33. Do you believe in soulmates?

Funny questions to ask a guy you met after a long time

If you are meeting someone after a long time it is difficult to start a good conversation. 

If you suddenly find a guy you liked at school in a public gathering after a long time, you will not be able to find the right words to start a conversation. 

These questions can rescue you in that crisis and help you to initiate a nice conversation.

  1. How many phones have you changed till now?
  2. Is there anything about you that people often get wrong?
  3. If you could learn one magic spell, what would it be?
  4. Is there any particular thing you will never spend your money on?
  5. Is there any cartoon that you liked in childhood but you still like to watch?
  6. What is that you are most passionate about?
  7. Is there anything you have done multiple times but still are not good at?
  8. Is there anything from your childhood that you still love doing?
  9. What is your best college memory? 
  10. How many girls have you dated in your high school?
  11. Is there any incident that has changed your life completely?
  12. What was the last movie that you binge-watched?
  13. Was there any turning point in your life?
  14. What is your favorite midnight snack?
  15. How long have you managed to stick to your new year resolution this year?
  16. What is your favorite memory from your high school prom?
  17. Have you ever sneaked out of your home at night?
  18. How well can you cope up with a rejection?
  19. For what reasons do you believe that you have a good life?
  20. If you wake up tomorrow and find yourself in the future, what would you look for first?
  21. Have you ever called someone after getting drunk?
  22. How long can you survive without your cell phone?
  23. Which application do you use the most on your phone?
  24. Have you ever said something bad to someone and regretted it later?
  25. Do you believe in moments of affection?

Points that you need to remember while asking funny questions to a guy

These questions can be guidelines for a good date but there are certain personal qualities that you need to keep in mind before going for it. Do not follow the list too blindly. Try to choose your questions carefully.

There are some important points that you should be careful about when you are on a date. 

1. Be confident

Confidence is the key to starting a conversation. You may feel nervous if you are going to talk to the guy you have a crush on. You need to remember she on the other side will be equally nervous. 

It is important to overcome all your fears and negativity and believe in yourself. Try to be bold and take this forward.

Do not let your fear of rejection hold you back. Try to initiate a good conversation with everything you have prepared.

2. Do not forget your self-respect

Self-respect is another important thing. It is important to respect yourself if you want to be respected by others.

Respect is very necessary for a relationship. If the guy feels that he is also being appreciated and respected for what he is, the conversation will take a new turn.

Be aware of your importance and worth. Be proud of your good qualities and try to make your journey beautiful.

If you feel at some point that you are not being respected by the other person you should take a step back and think about it.

3. Sense of responsibility

Responsibility is another important thing in a relationship. You need to take your responsibility seriously.

Guys like those girls who understand their role in a relationship and do not depend totally on their partners. 

 Try to be self-independent and try to divide your responsibilities with your partner.

4. Do not fake yourself

Guys do not like the girls who fake themselves. They want their partners to be real and honest.

You should not try to be someone that you are not. It will misguide your partner.

You should be liked and loved for who you are. Believe in yourself and be honest with him. He is going to appreciate your inner beauty and love the way you are.

5. Do not overwhelm 

Try not to scare him away with so many complicated questions on your first date. 

Try to understand your situation and your partner and choose some questions according to that. Leave other questions for your next dates.

Try to understand the needs of your partner and what he is looking for right now. Plan your dates accordingly and enjoy.

6. Pay attention to the details

Always try to be careful about the details. He will appreciate it if you pay attention to what he is saying. 

Paying attention to the details will help you to select your questions too. Try to pick some suitable questions for the situation. 

Choose your questions relevant to your conversation. Try not to jump off the topic or make the conversation monotonous. Make it interesting and enjoyable. 

You can try out some fun games while asking questions like rapid fire or truth and dare. They will spice up your conversation to the next level. 

7. Think before speak

You should think carefully before taking it. Try to analyze the situation and understand your partner.

Try not to be too cheesy. Be smart and bold. Don’t forget your words out of nervousness.

Think about what you are going to say. Plan your date according to your and your partner’s needs. Think carefully before selecting your questions. 

8. Participate

Participation is another important factor behind a successful date. The conversation will get boring and weird for your partner if you continue asking questions without giving him a chance.

Give him a chance to talk and ask you some questions and answer them with confidence and honesty. 

The conversation is always two ways. You both need to speak and listen to make it successful. Try to listen to him carefully and make him feel important.

Wrap -up

These questions can only help you to start your best but you need to take forward the rest.

Do not hurry. Take enough time And give it to him too. It takes time to build a good relationship. Keep patient. 

Be genuine and loyal. Starting with a lie will make the base of your relationship weak. This can lead to trust issues later. It is better to start everything with honesty.

Try to be respectful to him. Do not offend him with your questions. Give him enough space in the beginning. Guys love their space. Encourage him to talk about his likes and dislikes.

Do not forget your self-respect. You must love and respect yourself to get that back from your partner. 

Be yourself. Don’t panic. Just enjoy the time with him with laughter and romance.