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500+ Shower Thoughts of All Time That will Blow Your Mind

500+ Shower Thoughts of All Time That will Blow Your Mind

Updated on Nov 07, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

500 Shower Thoughts of All Time That will Blow Your Mind

Are you having such deep thoughts while entering into shower in the morning or after a long hectic day? Let’s accept that – the world’s best thought happens in shower. 

Shower thoughts might happen due to distraction from worldly things and technology. Or, due to the steam and smell of shampoo that triggers the brilliant side of your mind. 

These miniature epiphanies appear while your mind is preoccupied with something else and you suddenly realize you’ve come up with a completely new way of thinking. 

Shower is the only place to sing but at the same time standing under running water makes one’s mind go free. There is no wonder for having mind-blowing, inspiring or even funny shower thoughts since this is the only place where the mind is disconnected from troubles and distractions. 

At that time, our mind goes into brainstorming mode and we come up with various thoughts that make us look at things with different perspectives. Let’s deep dive into the various thoughts that happen under shower and will blow your mind.

500 Shower Thoughts of All Time That will Blow Your Mind
500+ Shower Thoughts of All Time That will Blow Your Mind

What are shower thoughts?

Shower thoughts are ideas, thoughts or concepts that come to your mind when you are taking your morning shower. These can be funny, creative and inspirational which are real and spectacular. 

Shower thoughts are brilliant ideas and at times weird thoughts come in while taking shower. 

Our wandering mind gets relaxed and cool from the various diversions in our life in the shower. Therefore, this superiority reflects in our mind which does not usually happen in other activities.

Ideal thoughts in shower are well known for their wonderful and deep ideas that you never thought you’d be capable of. Sometimes these thoughts can be related to business ideas, romantic relationships, troubles in life or even not so important. 

Why do we have shower thoughts?

Have you ever stuck with the brilliance of your mind in shower? Well, if this is so then you are not alone. There are thousands of people who have shared their funny, weird and brilliant shower thoughts. 

However, the reason behind these thoughts is something where you do not pay attention. Therefore, let’s get into the reasons why we have shower thoughts.

1. Away from distractions

This is the time when nothing can trouble you, no phone to interrupt you and you are just alone with your thoughts. All these factors impact on your brain and open the creative yet unique section. It’s the ideal time to relax, sing a song and think differently.

2. Surrounding

Your environment is wram, relaxing, comfortable and even familiar. It’s the right time to let your brain wander the thoughts amidst the smell of shampoos and soaps.

3. Brain function

As your body gets into relaxation mode and begins the thought process, your mind follows the same. The prefrontal cortex part of the brain relaxes when you’re on autopilot. 

When this gets relaxed, the rest of your brain area known as the default network shifts into gear. This brain function lights up when you daydream or let your mind wander. 

4. Timing

You usually go into shower in the morning or evening when your brain is a little tired or sleepy. This timing plays an important role in daydreaming. You would likely think out of the box and consider creative places this time. 

500 Shower Thoughts

Shower thoughts are just a basic idea that popped into your mind while being under the running water. There are a lot of such thoughts that wander in our minds right from best to crazy. Sometimes they hold some meaningful ideas and at times just some random ones.

Let’s get deeper into various thoughts or ideas that happen in shower.

Good shower thoughts

Do you often come up with shower thoughts and wonder if is it good or bad? Well, shower thoughts that hold positive meanings and teach something comes in this category.

  1. Is the person who proofreads the Hitler’s speech a grammar nazi?
  2. If you don’t know what either of those stuff are, waterboarding in Guantanamo Bay sounds like a blast.
  3. Perhaps ‘Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?’ isn’t a show about how dumb grown adults can be, but instead a show about how much useless material we teach grade students that won’t be recalled or used later in life.
  4. X88B88 appears to be a reflection of the word voodoo.
  5. Go to sleep, you’ll feel better in the morning” is the human version of “Did you turn it off and turn it on again?
  6. The sinking of the Titanic must have seemed like a miracle to the kitchen crabs.
  7. When Sweden plays Denmark, the game is referred to as SWE-DEN. DEN-MARK is the remaining letters that were not used.
  8. You’re just stealing happiness from tomorrow when you drink alcohol.
  9. The Google self-driving vehicle should feature a button that says “I’m Feeling Generous” and takes you to a random spot.
  10. Being a dishwasher, I return home after a long day at work, coated in dirt, and take a shower only to discover – I am the last dish.
  11. What exactly are snails looking to achieve?
  12. Instead of developing original series and follows, they could make equals, which are films set in the same time period as the original but told from a completely different perspective.
  13. I’ve definitely seen more naked ladies than all of my ancestors combined thanks to the Internet.
  14. I wish I had a Mario Kart-style ghost of myself getting ready for work in the morning so I could see if I was late.
  15. If Obama were to become Kenya’s president, he would be the country’s first white president.
  16. Apple has a feature called ‘air.’ Amazon is on fire. ‘Earth’ is available on Google. “I believe Microsoft should develop a product named ‘water.’
  17. If Katniss and Peeta from “The Hunger Games” were Hollywood stars, their supercouple moniker would be Katpee or Peeniss.
  18. The legendary Alien is to us what apes are to us: little, yellowish, big-headed, and with incomprehensible technology. We even kidnap people for medical research.
  19. Trying to get rich by winning the lottery is like attempting death by flying a commercial.
  20. A new series of Groundhog Day should be announced, and then the original should be re-released.
  21. I’m curious if my dog usually follows me into the bathroom when I need to go potty, because I always follow him outside when he does, and he assumes that’s how it works.
  22. Until you started reading this phrase of mine, I didn’t exist in your world.
  23. The word ‘Fat’ looks like the first letter of the word ‘Eat’ has been chewed off.
  24. The promoter who managed to lure 2,000 people to a local Battle Of The Bands on a weekday morning is the true unsung hero in School Of Rock.
  25. On Reddit, the share button can be called ‘Spreddit.’
  26. Vehicles have automated safety throughout most of human history, and they could even drive you home while you were sleeping or drunk. ​​We were able to remove the horse after that.
  27. Your stomach believes the entire potato has been mashed.
  28. Google Maps should have an ‘on the way’ feature that allows you to find the closest gas station, Starbucks, or whatever along your journey to your destination.
  29. A Jewish household with a cat named Auschwitz is like the witches from Sabrina having a cat named Salem.
  30. It’s the first time I’ve ever been directly affected by North Korea since I can’t see “The Interview.
  31. Your manufacturer’s warranty will expire if you are no longer covered by your parents’ health insurance.
  32. I should find out where my barber has his hair cut, then go there and work my way up the chain until I locate THE GREATEST BARBER IN THE WORLD, or maybe simply a bald guy.
  33. What if there are ninjas in every country, but we only know about the Japanese ones since they’re the worst?
  34. You could update Google Maps Street View every week if garbage trucks were equipped with cameras.
  35. Because gorillas don’t know how to bodybuild, we’ve probably never seen one at full potential.
  36. I’m curious as to what my dog’s name is.
  37. Every day, someone on Earth unwittingly makes the world’s biggest poo for that day.
  38. A pregnant lady is a human submarine when she swims.
  39. The rib cages of centaurs are divided into two sections.
  40. Given that both Batman and Ironman’s only actual superpowers are extremely wealthy and extremely intelligent, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have proven to be disappointments.
  41. A pizza will arrive at my front door if I tap my phone in the correct places.
  42. Adblock should purchase signs near Time Square and replace them with the phrase ‘This ad has been banned by Adblock.’

Best shower thoughts

It’s not necessary to be an intelligent creature for having the best thoughts in shower. These can come to anyone’s mind and surprise you.

  1. It is quite satisfying when you hear your favourite song accidentally on the radio instead of playing it from your iPod or playlist.
  2. The reason for plants giving us oxygen and farming us is that they can consume us when we eventually die and turn into mulch.
  3. Parks can capture clear photographs of yourself sitting on a roller coaster at 70 mph but cameras available in banks can’t get clear photos of a robber who is just standing.
  4. If a calculator can store the history then it is more embarrassing than the history of the browser.
  5. Doctors want you to get sick, lawyers want you to get in legal trouble, mechanics want you to have vehicle problems, cops want you to be a criminal but a thief is a person who wants you to remain well and wishes prosperity. 
  6. There was a time when our parents taught us to not believe in everything shown on TV, however, now we tell them to don’t believe in everything they see on social media.
  7. At the end of the Olympics games, they should organize a ‘For Fun’ section so that all sports people can participate in various sports and have fun.
  8. Expectation from tall people is that they would help shorter people but the reality is if a tall person asks them to handle something placed on the floor considered an offense.
  9. What would happen if the earth became the other uncontacted tribes in South America who know we exist but agreed to contact.
  10. Waking up 10 minutes more than usual is like having 2 extra hours and then getting late for work.
  11. Aliens landed on the Moon on 20 July, 1969.
  12. Say forward and back and you will experience that your lips move in the same direction respectively.
  13. I have been getting up over 10,000 times and I am not used to it yet.
  14. Tobacco companies are killing your existing customers and birth control pill companies are killing their future customers.
  15. Your shadow is a confirmation that light has traveled nearly 93 million miles unobstructed only to be deprived of reaching the ground in the final few feet.
  16. If a company offers better rates after canceling the subscription, I feel that they are willing to overcharge me. 
  17. There is someone present somewhere in the world with your dream job that does not love going to work daily.
  18. Celebrating the Christmas festival feels like a deadline rather than a holiday.
  19. After disliking my look for many years, now I realize that I am not ugly but not just my type.
  20. People in 2016 and 1016 are almost the same due to civilization lasting 1000 years.
  21. Those who have good looks but weird personalities are usually the real life click baits.
  22. Using USB port to charge cigarettes and books seems like future is stupid.
  23. Thinking about traveling to the past makes me worried about accidentally transforming the present but it’s true that no one thinks about changing the future.
  24. Gyms should have such membership in which your fees go down on the basis of how often you go there.
  25. My dog is more intelligent than me because he understands all my words but I can’t understand his bark.
  26. I determine click bait every single time, however, I am eager to know about that child celebrity who looks like that today.
  27. I use my driver’s license most of the time to buy things that do not match with my ability to drive.
  28. Google could be the biggest and greatest online dating website if it matches the people according to their browsing history.
  29. If someone says “I will be there in 6 minutes” they will usually arrive early according to those who say “I will be there in 5 minutes”.
  30. It can be questionable if aliens come down to earth and we will have to explain to them why we made many movies in which we kill and fight them.
  31. Watching a character die on TV makes me feel bad to watch them getting fired from here in front of us. 
  32. The child who misbehaves is permitted to go more places than a silent dog.
  33. Flies are so skilled to enter the house but literally don’t know how to get back out again.
  34. We are developing houses in games because the future generation will not be able to afford actual housing.
  35. Adults who are eating so much are often fat, but children who eat so much are usually skinny.
  36. If you quit the argument on social media with someone, it makes them feel like they won the game and are actually more right than ever before.
  37. People visit the funeral of relatives who they hardly meet but won’t go to the funeral of someone who they often see such as a driver.
  38. Social media has lots of aggressive stupidity but trying to make them correct is as difficult as cleaning sands from desert land.
  39. Job at the beginning of your career being judged by those who do less work and get paid more than you.
  40. Have you started drinking from a glass filled with water? Then, it’s half empty. It’s a solution for the glass half-full problem.
  41. Have we not taken for granted how soft and smooth the inside of our eyelids are?
  42. Chicken is the only breakfast item if it’s not born yet.
  43. Plants are also living creatures, therefore, all vegans are also eating innocent creatures of nature.
  44. If you are aware of a little of everything then you’re intelligent but if you know a lot about one thing then you’re stupid.

Shower thoughts funny

Taking shower in the morning and laughing so hard can be the reason for popping funny thoughts. This makes your day intentionally fun and determines your humor level.

  1. A child cries 99% times due to physical pain, an adult cries 99% times due to emotional pain.
  2. What makes humans bad at recharging? Because they are recharging 8 hours to make best use of 16 hours in a day.
  3. Does it make sense, if I punch my face and it hurts me?
  4. When it comes to toilet splashing, most males bear the brunt of the blame.
  5. In the case of driving, young people drive so fast that they don’t have much time while old people drive like they have all the time in the whole world.
  6. Gyms should have a high membership fee at the beginning of the month but later on get back the money as they visit there and spend an hour working out there.
  7. If a friend gets pregnant at the age of 25, it is damn confusing to say to them “oh shit” or “congratulations”.
  8. Showing real ingredients labeled in food products for the sake of selling is quite disappointing.
  9. For a guy, it’s easy to decline that his girlfriend won’t let him go and everyone understands his situation, but in case of a girl people get worried about why he doesn’t let her go.
  10. The person who wants a thin phone with an extra battery life of over a few minutes is out of their mind.
  11. Earth has the exponential just like a man who knows where to stand next to a bonfire.
  12. Fidget spinners’ intended audience rapidly lost interest in them.
  13. The goal of golf is to play the least amount of golf possible. 
  14. I am not sleeping, I am just resting my eyes.
  15. History classes are going to be harder and longer as the time passes because the more chapters get added.
  16. Sleep should be in bulk, such as if you got 20 hours of sleep today then you don’t have to sleep for the next 3 days.
  17. Snapchat is ruining the years of hard work to get people to take horizontal videos.
  18. If cats get wings, they just lay there anyway.
  19. If a human gets wings to fly, they will not be able to use or do it as they did with exercise.
  20. 1984-2000 looks like a long time in comparison to 2000-2016.
  21. If drone technology gets inexpensive enough, then use of umbrellas are going to a shit.
  22. Booking a cab feels like having a subscription to the country that you can’t cancel no matter how bad the services are.
  23. Women genuinely notice their outfit but men believe no one notices it that’s why they wear it the next day as well.
  24. Your dog considered you as a person who never makes mistakes even if you do.
  25. Car horns should be established in a rhythm so if two people horn at the same time, it should be like a track and it will be harmonious.
  26. It is thrilling to realize that dogs can’t read “dogs are not allowed”, so they are never sad and feel offended.
  27. A lot of people are only 12-15 people.
  28. Hobbit bol was based on dangers of greed, however, Hobbit movies get ruined just because of greed.
  29. Every time you dig up dirt or stone, it feels like the first time it has seen the sun in a million years.
  30. We have never washed our belts but this is the first thing that we enjoy touching after wiping out butts.
  31. Depression feels like having a toxic and abusive relationship with your mind.
  32. “Where are you” is perhaps less used in sign language.
  33. Students are considered lazy but usually people work hard in those days instead of career days.
  34. “Kill” and “execute” are considered synonyms in English but they are antonyms on computers.
  35. Perhaps dogs destroy the shoes because they see people are wearing them before leaving the house.
  36. Apple is obsessed with thinness and they remove those things which people actually need.
  37. Brushing the teeth is the only time when we clean our skeleton.
  38. James Bond will absolutely need a Visa for his missions these days.
  39. Using a solar panel in order to power your air conditioner is similar to using the “Power of Sun” against it.
  40. As the opposite attraction, I would like to date a beautiful, rich supermodel who has an adorable family.
  41. There are some finite actions which I can perform in the correct order that will make me a billionaire soon, but the problem is I don’t know what they are.
  42. Just imagine how terrible the fire would be if it wasn’t a light source.
  43. There was a time when 3G felt the best and nowadays when a phone indicates 3G it seems like “My phone has no signal” at all.
  44. The Japanese flag could be a pie chart that shows how much of Japan is Japan here.
  45. If a stranger insults us we will ignore it as their opinions are meaningless. But if a stranger compliments, it’s a treasure as their opinion is important.
  46. If the older generation tells that this generation is weird then they meant it. Because they are sucked as a parent.
  47. Why do we need to change our clothes while going for a walk? So that people don’t think that we are running from or to something.
  48. Clapping is only hitting your hand continuously because you are thrilled or like something.
  49. I never thought that my music was explicit until my parents don’t hear them in the car.
  50. Scientists are like adult kids who are stuck in the “why scene”.
  51. If tobacco companies found a cancer cure then their sales will go up to 50,000%.

Weird shower thoughts

Yes, some shower thoughts are so weird as well. They don’t hold such important meanings but are bizarre and out of the mind concepts.

  1. The asteroid which killed the dinosaurs was ideally the highest proportion of birds killed with only one stone in the history of earth.
  2. Everybody who knows you has a different version of yourself in their minds.
  3. Typo in the online argument is the same as your voice cracking in the verbal argument.
  4. If the cars will be self-driving, they don’t need wipers because the car has no need for a clean windshield to drive unlike humans.
  5. There might be your viral video of creating something random which has millions of views but you have no idea since you haven’t watched it yet.
  6. Gen Z could be the last generation on the planet to know what it’s like to wake up early in the morning and watch your favorite cartoon on TV.
  7. Somebody out there might have remembered what you have said which you have totally forgotten.
  8. If you walk into the 7-Eleven company, you don’t have any idea that it’s a $18 billion company.
  9. If you turn to electric vehicles, everything around you is going to become quiet.
  10. Yes, adult life is hard but at least we don’t have to do physical education anymore.
  11. If the 24 hours clock starts with 23:59 and ends with 00:01 then people may try to get more done.
  12. It’s not long enough when people will describe 20s, 30s for 2020s and 2030s respectively.
  13. We conclude to not judge a book by its cover but at the same time we promote “love at first sight.”
  14. Once in your life, there will be strangers who get irritated by your voice because of how weird it sounds while talking.
  15. There are high chances that you are not your best friend.
  16. Gravy and biscuits are weird because some really wet flour is poured over really dry flour.
  17. All adults were children at the time but not all children will become adults.
  18. It is quite possible that over 99% of the trees that you are looking at will be still there when you’re dead.
  19. Posted speed limit is accepted maximum limit but socially minimum limit.
  20. Some people are not afraid of being alone in the dark but they are scared of not being alone in the dark.
  21. One day your parents will put you down and never pick you up again.
  22. We go to the office by car from the same route everyday but never encounter the same cars along the way.
  23. If paradise exists, perhaps it’s going back and making your life over but fixing all your mistakes.
  24. Painkillers act as a mute the notification option for your body.
  25. The ten years between the ages of 25 and 35 are significantly shorter than the four years between the ages of 14 and 18.
  26. Even though spiders have more teeth than humans, they are scared of being bitten by them.
  27. Spiders, although having more legs, are scared of being stepped on by people.
  28. Listening to “I love you” hits is different from listening to “I love you too”.
  29. How many times do we appreciate the fact that email is completely free.
  30. Car movies have sidewalks but they are all cars.
  31. 4 a.m. is the time where you either get up really early or really late.
  32. Schoolers who don’t have much control over the transportation are punished more for being late as compared to college students who have their own cars.
  33. Being “on your phone all time” went from sounds social to unsociable within the span of a decade.
  34. If you’re still young, then you haven’t met the majority of people who will attend your funeral.
  35. Death is a paradox which makes things meaningless and gives meaning to everything at the same time.
  36. The richest person on earth is also the richest person in the universe identically.
  37. Jelly is not technically boneless.
  38. Licking the inside of a pipe might be disgusting but drinking at the same time is not.
  39. When you eat a canned piece of cake, you are most likely sharing the whole fruit which is hundreds of miles away.
  40. Headaches are a realization of how much you take not having one for granted.
  41. Extra fry in your bag will be a memorable thing of the past when the works of fast food are replaced completely with robots.
  42. If Apple still had their 1976 logo then they don’t need to change it during “pride month”.
  43. You will realize how much fun you had until you get back to the same place years later.
  44. Your belly button was your old mouth.
  45. A successful married life ends up with seeing the other person die.
  46. Two stars rating is worse than one star rating because the person who rated it tried and tested and not a blind or troller.
  47. It is recognized that the brain named itself and was surprised when it came to realize that.
  48. Pregnant women are the only true bodybuilders out there.
  49. Stepping on someone’s mouth causes them to open their mouth like a garbage can.
  50. Searching for a new laptop is just like forcing the current laptop to dig up its own grave.
  51. My hair is slowly printing in 3D.

Mind blowing shower thoughts

Mind blowing and brilliant shower thoughts happen when you are completely chill and leaving your brain at full rest. This way your brain shows the intelligent part within.

  1. In passport photos smiling is not allowed. They want you to stay the same as you were standing at customs for an hour.
  2. As a kid you never realized that you’re also swinging at your parents growing up.
  3. The biggest hook is using mobile data when your Wi-Fi is slow at home.
  4. Syllables in “on your mark, get set, go” is a countdown.
  5. The radius within which all frozen supermarket pizzas are cooked to perfection during a nuclear explosion.
  6. Avatar, the highest profitable movie of all time, has hardly impacted the lives of people.
  7. Leap day makes February rent free.
  8. You are an adult if you care for your parents more than they actually do.
  9. Muffins are cupcakes similarly smoothies are like milkshakes.
  10. Every word in every language starts as useless until the person can convince other people that what they said are real words.
  11. It’s fun to know how gamers considered keyboards as their tool.which is not for that and ignore other controllers which are actually built for this.
  12. While we sleep our brain makes up stories and gets scared of itself.
  13. Half an inch doesn’t feel huge until you sit on the toilet seat with your seat up.
  14. There are half a million jobs in the world but still we pick our career based on studying 12-14 subjects by age 18-21.
  15. Turtles never need sleepovers because they always sleep in their own home.
  16. There are hundreds of Rubik’s cubes that are not solved yet and will not ever be.
  17. Eye drops are actually a blinker fluid.
  18. People celebrate 31st December every year but never celebrate 29th February even though it comes only once every 4 years.
  19. All cars in the racing video games are electric cars.
  20. Night before the day is more and actually satisfying than a day off.
  21. Coffee makes people hyper but coffee shops are designed to make people chill and enjoy.
  22. Alcohol is dangerous for health but bars and clubs are designed to make you more energetic.
  23. Real growth is not making a fancy dinner but cleaning the kitchen perfectly before going to bed after a fancy dinner.
  24. The internet killed the postal services due to mail and social media but make it more necessary than ever with online delivery.
  25. Biting up the tongue while eating the food is the perfect instance of screwing up even with years of experience.
  26. Running from the police is the ultimate double or nothing.
  27. As an adult you are not eating outside because you like it, it is actually because you paid for it.
  28. No matter if the deodorant lasts up to 24 hours or 48 hours, the people are going to apply it once a day for sure.
  29. Monopoly will be more real if the person who has more money or is richest gets the chance to rule the world whenever they want.
  30. Onion acts as a bass player of the food because you might not like it alone but you will miss it if it is not there.
  31. If you crack a peanut shell to open alone and eat the peanut inside then you are the only person in the world who sees that peanut. 
  32. People are surprised with the fact that every snowflake is different but they never pay attention to the fact that every potato is unique.
  33. If everyone on the earth suddenly dies then the internet will be filled with bots’ posts, liking or updating each other.
  34. Babysitters are teenagers who act like they are grown ups so that grown ups go out and they can act like teenagers.
  35. Growing up is a realization that you enjoy more of seeing open presents of others instead of opening your presents.
  36. Quidditch at Howards is paid to win.
  37. Telemarketers ruined the opportunity of the telephone to answer the call quickly because no one answered it nowadays.

Crazy shower thoughts

The shower ideas which make you laugh hardly can be crazy ones. These make you think once whether it’s possible or not. We don’t have any control over our mind, therefore, it can pop up anything.

  1. Because your internal voice does not need to breathe, you can scream indefinitely.
  2. The only area of reflection that you lick is your tongue.
  3. In orbit, the average car is nicer than the average car on the ground.
  4. The E in pee and bee are silent.
  5. Being an adult, receiving a gift of a few pairs of socks is actually being gifted with not having to go to the store in order to purchase socks in the near future.
  6. Being shot with an arrow is actually being long-distance stabbed.
  7. The sunshine surrounding you is older than you are for the first 8 minutes of your life.
  8. If you win the award of breaking two world records then you actually have infinite awards since it will be 3 awards.
  9. Being a kid, you are bullied by people and loved by friends. People that don’t like you are courteous, yet you are bullied by your pals as you become older.
  10. Water is a liquid or beverage whose taste changes with the temperature.
  11. Highest productivity is when someone is so lazy as they do all the work in advance and avoid doing it later.
  12. There is no middle finger if the thumb is not considered a finger.
  13. Kids usually asking “why” every time are actually stimulating adults to think critically.
  14. Using a dollar bill is cheaper than buying a bookmark.
  15. An underrated benefit of being an adult is you have no longer outgrown your clothes.
  16. Dogs think that fetch is a game developed by both of you and he loves to play it.
  17. The thoughts in our brain don’t need to take a break.
  18. It is underrated that your tongue has the ability to detect hair.
  19. According to law, our cars should be law worthy but roads don’t need to be car worthy.
  20. Watching the graduation ceremony is like sitting in a movie that’s entirely at the end credits.
  21. Knowledge is like knowing that you can carry all the groceries at once.
  22. It’s common for toddlers to sleep at one place and wake up at another place but for adults this situation is terrifying.
  23. Eating lunch alone being a kid is like a torture while for adults this is a nice treat.
  24. At a time only one sock gets lost because if both disappear you will not notice at all.
  25. Tickling yourself is not the same as being tickled by someone else.
  26. Drinking water along with a minty mouth feels like a cold version of spicy.
  27. Extreme pressure is when to see your neighbour mow their lawn.
  28. The online IQ test is seeing if you will pay to see the results. 
  29. If snails are so slow to scroll then how can no one see them coming? People always get surprised to see a snail, “oh there’s a snail”.
  30. I’m curious as to how nasty dialogue might appear in sign language.
  31. Can a giraffe smell his own fart?
  32. Is a paper cut a tree’s way of communicating with you?
  33. If weights become invisible, a gym night turns into a slow motion disco area.
  34. People go to bed early for 8 hours of sleep and wake up early as well. They are considered as disciplined people. But if a person goes to bed late and wakes up late they are considered lazy.
  35. Those who sneeze are considered blessed. Are you really the most blessed person?
  36. Isn’t it amazing if the car navigation voice gets more and more excited as you get closer to the destination?
  37. If you are waiting in a restaurant to get served, shouldn’t you be called the waiter?
  38. How does the non-stick coating stick to the pan perfectly?
  39. “Sweater” is a cool, but unpleasant term for a type of clothing.
  40. What is the use of “S” in the word “lisp”?
  41. Some eat their dishes because they just ate and some wash dishes because they are just about to eat.

Random shower thoughts

Just random and quick shower thoughts which don’t link with your life situations and various aspects come under this. 

  1. We usually work so hard just to become lazy.
  2. What happens if there will be no hypothetical questions?
  3. Isn’t the entire white race in America immigrants?
  4. J.K. Rowling made 7 Horcruxes in 7 books and killed 7 people.
  5. What if the brain is a parasite which controls our body?
  6. Who milked a cow for the very first time, what was that person thinking?
  7. Do nudists have a private part or public part?
  8. Wondering which can be more safe, everyone has guns or no one has guns?
  9. No one in the history of calm down has actually calmed down after being asked to calm down.
  10. “Sean bean” should either be pronounced “seen been” or “Shawn bawn”. 
  11. If someone cut my sister’s nose, I would punch him. Why do we then worship Lakshman?
  12. What would happen if the earth was created 5 minutes back and all the memories we have were fitted into our brains 5 minutes ago?
  13. What if we’re all dying and all we’ve ever known is simply a blip on the screen?
  14. Is it quite weird to celebrate birthdays because they mean that we have one less year to live?
  15. Why are “haemorrhoids” called “haemorrhoids” instead of “asteroids”?
  16. If the wizarding world could break bones within minutes, why didn’t Harry ever get his eyes fixed?
  17. Why didn’t Ned Stark ask for a trial by combat?
  18. Words are just weird noises which people use to communicate with each other.
  19. Books are just like tattooed corpses. Since the smell of old books is similar to the scent of a fossil.
  20. Water is what rainbow rates are like.
  21. You can remember that you forget something but it is not possible to remember what you are forgetting.
  22. Some strangers remember you for being kind to them when no one else was.
  23. Graveyards are the place which is less haunted because realistically none of the people buried died there.
  24. If you eat something filled with cheese then you become that thing which is filled with cheese.
  25. There is a possibility that you could use the same utensil twice at a restaurant at different times.
  26. Birds generally watch more people than people who do bird watching.
  27. There are more numbers than the things to count on.
  28. Broken clock is telling us when it passed away when the needle of the clock got stuck.
  29. Water is never likely yours, it’s your turn to drink it, that’s it.
  30. If magic was real then it would just be a branch of science.
  31. You know everyone you meet has a poo in them.
  32. Sometimes it is good to not do anything and feel better about it.
  33. Completing your dreams or chasing your dream, which one is more important to you?
  34. Saying “thank you” and “sorry” often is a sign of politeness that everyone does but a few only feel.
  35. People chase happiness but do not get it frequently. The question is will we achieve it if we stop chasing?
  36. Being children, we sneak out of our house to go to parties and when as adults we sneak out to go Home.
  37. You can’t be sure that every woman sees colors the same as you do.
  38. Birth certificate is just a receipt for a baby.
  39. Strip clubs and museums have the same common rule, “look but don’t touch”.
  40. Fork in a restaurant has been in the mouth of many.
  41. First bite of the burger determines where the mouth of it is.
  42. Money can’t buy happiness but poverty can’t buy anything.
  43. Some people only celebrate the new year just to die in.
  44. The human body is super silent for whatever it dies inside.
  45. The digestive system starts and ends at the mouth.
  46. Newborns always cry because every discomfort for them is a really big thing.
  47. If your pants are not stuck into shirts then your shirt is stuck into the pants.
  48. In dreams we don’t remember our real life and in real life we don’t remember our dreams.

Deep shower thoughts

Deep thoughts in shower actually come which holds a deep meaning and determines the true and ideal side of our life. These meaningful ideas are not so common but those who have deep thinking can usually come with them.

  1. If you are one in a million then there are 7,125 people the same as you.
  2. Everything you see is delayed.
  3. We usually judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behaviour.
  4. Russia’s area is bigger than Pluto’s.
  5. Laser was once the greatest scientific breakthrough in history and now you use it to play with cats.
  6. You never got stuck in the traffic, actually you’re the traffic itself.
  7. There is no reason for the English alphabet to be in that order.
  8. Outdated memes should be called memories.
  9. The back of the knees should be known as kneepits.
  10. As we renew every cell in our body every seven years, we are seven years old at that time.
  11. Those people who say “don’t tell what I should do” are really hypocrites.
  12. A lethal dose is a lifetime supply.
  13. Right now, there are millions of perfectly dressed skeletons buried in the ground.
  14. No one has ever been in an empty room.
  15. We should have a holiday in which lights are to be shut off for an hour at night so that we can see the galaxy.
  16. Lightning a birthday cake every year and then blowing them is a weird custom that signifies how your life will be extinguished.
  17. As a child, the idea of having a favourite color feels more important than it turned out to be. 
  18. Being old entails referring to 3 a.m. as early rather than late.
  19. When I was a kid, people got irritated if you read their diaries. But nowadays, people put their diaries on the internet and get pissed off if you don’t read them.
  20. Because nothing is taken from it, the internet will be full of photographs of dead cats in 15 years.
  21. You might probably pass through someone in public who you have interacted with on the internet without knowing it.
  22. Now everyone pulls their phone out of the picket to check the time, we are transforming to the era of pocket watches.
  23. You probably correct the autocorrect more than autocorrect corrects you.
  24. You, like your parents, will one day be entirely unfamiliar with technology.
  25. Online dating is responsible for an increased number of marriages.
  26. Lots of Netflix’s bandwidth is probably used by unconscious people.
  27. Teachers were like to say that “we would never have a calculator with us whenever we want” but we do have it in our phones.
  28. Books replaced tablets over a thousand years ago.
  29. If you are watching a sunset right now then remember that someone is watching the same sunrise on the other side of earth.
  30. The first person who said the word cool must be really cool because everyone started saying it after that.
  31. People usually argue in my head more than they do in real life.
  32. The worst college instructors act like high school teachers, while the best high school teachers act like college professors.
  33. The speed of a clock’s second hand uses exactly 1 RPM.
  34. The 80’s parents used huge cameras to film everything and now they have a video camera in their pocket but they film nothing.
  35. We should appreciate the time when we don’t have a cold nearly as much as we should.
  36. Taking candy from a baby is an actual responsibility to do.
  37. When the first child is born on Mars, we will have to add the planet of birth to our passports.
  38. Most people’s word of the year is happy.
  39. Just imagine how terrifying horses could be if they were carnivorous.
  40. Getting another set of teeth would be more useful at the age of 60 instead of 6.
  41. Police should wear blue and red light up shoes when they have to chase someone on foot.

Dark shower thoughts

There are such shower thoughts that visualize the dark meaning and truth that we generally are not aware of. You will be amazed and shocked after knowing these mental pictures.

  1. Someone was in a coma at some point in history, but everyone assumed they were dead, so they were buried and possibly passed underground, despite the fact that they were still alive.
  2. Our entire lives are devoted to the creation of our bodies.
  3. Without realizing it, you may have taken a decision that saved your life.
  4. No one has ever experienced what it’s like to be dead.
  5. The good ghosts are the ones who scare you away in order to keep you away. The bad guys try to entice you in.
  6. There will almost certainly be a film or television series that you enjoy that you will never view to the finish because you [passed].
  7. Even if they are wrong, people who believe in an afterlife will never be disappointed when they die.
  8. A good liar will convince you that they are a lousy one.
  9. The more you know about something, the worse it appears to be.
  10. The majority of “save the earth” clean-up operations do not lower the amount of rubbish on the planet. They simply relocate it from a location where trash is prohibited to one where it is permitted.
  11. Your skeleton does not hatch until after you pass.
  12. The scariest thing you may find on the website “#this person doesn’t exist” is a photo of yourself.
  13. Rather than being slain with a spoon, I’d rather be slain with a knife.
  14. You have the rest of your life to prepare for your death.
  15. It’s frightening to consider that if all grocery stores and markets closed or stopped producing, many would perish.
  16. Dead bugs on indoor window sills most likely went through the glass trying to get outside.
  17. The stories that aren’t shared are the scariest.
  18. Nowadays, the word “positive” is full of danger.
  19. We have a greater number of useless facts than valuable facts.
  20. The majority of parents’ hilarious jokes about their children being misbehaving children are actually stories about them being bad parents.
  21. Christmas is extremely harmful to the environment.
  22. We acquire sweaty palms when we need them to be dry the most.
  23. Santa is just misspelled as Satna.
  24. There is no group available for supporting those people whose secrets are so dark that they are even afraid of their name.
  25. An apple a day keeps doctors away claims the early death of Steve Jobs.
  26. The Earth’s population has doubled in the last 50 years but it takes almost 2 years to get 3.7 billion humans.
  27. One day in the far future someone will be the very last person to die of cancer.
  28. You generally blink and breathe on autopilot.
  29. Why do women have fake pockets but baby’s pants have real pockets?
  30. Everybody has 3 voices, the one in head, the one when you talk. And others which everyone else hears.
  31. Firefly is the opposite of waterfall.
  32. Your nose smells outside of the body when you exhale but never feels when you inhale.

Clean shower thoughts

Clean ideas that happen in shower indicate that the ideas which hold clean and picture clear meanings. These are clear and easy to understand when linked with life situations.

  1. Is the colour orange named orange because oranges are oranges, or is the colour orange named orange because oranges are oranges?
  2. When the bus driver exits the bus, who closes the door?
  3. How would we know if a word in the dictionary was misspelt?
  4. Is it a wink or a blink when a Cyclops closes its eyes?
  5. Is there any other word available for synonyms?
  6. If you become a vegan to save animals then why are you eating food?
  7. If time is money, then ATM is a time machine.
  8. If you left handed people get into an argument then who are we right?
  9. Lobsters are mermaids for scorpions.
  10. We are in such an era where we need to prove to the machine that we are not a machine.
  11. When I was a kid, I never knew that my favourite work would be doing nothing when I became an adult.
  12. A bed is a shelf for you when you are using it.
  13. When the word “incorrectly” is spelled “incorrectly,” it is the only time it isn’t spelled “incorrectly.”
  14. I wonder if I have ever seen the times on the clock.
  15. If two people on the other end of earth drop bread, then earth will become a sandwich.
  16. If I ever drink the milk from the same cow?
  17. It would be exciting if we had the ability to dream with other people like multiplayer dreaming.
  18. Reading is much like gazing at the dead piece of wood for hours and then hallucinating.
  19. What happens if birds will not sing and scream like humans when afraid of heights?
  20. Once you read the whole dictionary then if you read books after that it will be just a remix of those words.
  21. We will never hear of the truly perfect crime.
  22. Mars is populated entirely by robots.
  23. I wonder how many places I have visited last time.
  24. If you bathe with dirty water, can you survive?
  25. We say “hair” to refer to lots of it but we say “hairs” when referring to a few.
  26. Childbirth is only an emergency.
  27. When you say “crisp,” your lips glide from the rear to the front as you utter the word.
  28. It’s important to skip “breakfast” because this is the first time in a day when you ‘break the fast”.
  29. Most of the clothes are from different countries where everyone is able to visit.
  30. If the oldest individual is around 116 years old, then there was a whole different set of humans on the planet 117 years ago.
  31. My entire life has always been true to this moment.
  32. The oranges were not only pre-sliced but also pre-wrapped by Mother Nature. Let us be grateful for it.
  33. Saying “um” is human nature to buffering.

Dumb shower thoughts

Have you ever come up with such ideas and feel like” oh, this is so dumb”? Well, dumb ideas can be ones which are completely meaningless and not related to reality, but they are cool though.

  1. It’s such an honour to be stung by a bee; it despises you so much that it’s willing to die just to save you from some minor discomfort.
  2. Rain doesn’t make a sound until it hits something while falling.
  3. A rap fight is simply two males creating poetry about their feelings for one another.
  4. Bees are soldiers who are willing to die for their cause.
  5. Documentaries are like the vegetables of the film industry which you don’t like as a kid but love as you get older.
  6. Everything is a puzzle if you’re dumb enough.
  7. Some people might think that we are at the height of evolution but still plants eat sunlight.
  8. The invisible man could have a perfectly happy and simple relationship with a blind person.
  9. The titles of Shakespeare’s work are all the destroyers for who dies.
  10. The complete salad dressing industry exists since the people don’t like the taste of salad.
  11. The worst part of locking yourself out of your house is to see how easily a locksmith can break it.
  12. Living in an apartment building is like relying on the goodwill of dozens of strangers to keep your house from burning down.
  13. Bad guys use masks to cover their lower faces.
  14. Do crabs think that fish can fly?
  15. If you believe that earth is flat then do you also believe that sun and moon are flat?
  16. Jail and prison are the same things but jailers and prisoners are opposite.
  17. Lottery system is the exact opposite of Robin Hood’s work.
  18. No matter a meme is deep or true but if got any grammatical mistakes then it quickly makes all those who shared it dumb.
  19. People complain about how short life is, but it is the longest experience we will ever have.
  20. The guy who invented the trash bag might have sold everyone’s garbage.
  21. If you give some food you are feeding them however if you provide them water then you are watering them.
  22. We learn to read until we learn to read.
  23. If an alarm is going on then it is literally on.
  24. Writing “may” or ‘may not” be the same.
  25. Avoid contact with eyes and avoid eye contacts are two literally different things.
  26. A lot of people are confused with right and left but not even confused between up and down.
  27. You can never know what it smells like underwater.
  28. If Apple is going to build a house, will they have windows?
  29. A day consists of night but a night doesn’t include the day.
  30. A tax is a fine for doing something right, while a fine is a tax for doing something wrong.
  31. You can feel a bruise but you can’t feel a bruise.
  32. The most terrible sound for a homemaker is hearing the dripping water where there shouldn’t be any.
  33. Poor rappers often show off to be wealthy.
  34. Wealthy countries often show off to be working class.
  35. Blind people are better suited to picking the locks because they are used to working on stuff they can’t see.
  36. If a person treats the career as a relationship then might recognize abuse sooner than later and leave.
  37. The next biggest thing might already exist, we just don’t know it.
  38. Humans are 65% water while snowmen are 99.9% water, what a difference of 34.1% makes?
  39. A lot of revenue from Google comes from lazy people who type (dot)com.
  40. If saliva has some different colors then we might not drink from other people’s glasses.
  41. Closing the doors so that monsters won’t come signifies that monsters can’t open doors.
  42. If you watch a YouTube video till the end then you have done a good job. 
  43. 461. An immortal person will not be able to do anything significant due to fear of being in history books.
  44. 462. In a few decades, dancing robots will be considered unacceptable.
  45. We usually love paintings to look like landscapes and vice versa.
  46. The people who use anti-aging creams must have the youngest looking fingers on the earth.
  47. One brick is good for attacking but a ton of bricks are good for defending.
  48. When you swim under the water, you are swimming above water.
  49. An island is only an inverted lake.
  50. A school is not about learning, it’s only about passing. 
  51. Humanity is never advanced until the door of the toilet is about to push instead of pull.
  52. If you have a Wikipedia page, you’re either really successful or failed. 
  53. IKEA should have a hotel apartment in which you can stay there with their models.
  54. Living people eat dead mushrooms while dead mushrooms eat living human beings.
  55. “Boneless wings’ is just about feeling better when ordering chicken nuggets.
  56. Bottled water companies don’t produce water, they actually produce plastic bottles.
  57. Indicating a newborn’s height and weight is just like making childbirth similar to fishing.
  58. Rapunzel’s neck must have been so strong. 
  59. There is no logical reason for pants to cost the same price as pants.

Shower thought questions

Is shower thoughts questionable? Yes, absolutely. Sometimes, your mind also comes up with questionable thoughts while wondering about things.

  1. Is Pepsi alright?” This was most likely someone’s breaking point.
  2. What if bands made trades in the same way that sports teams do?
  3. Has anyone else seen the irony in the terms “hyphenated” and “non-hyphenated”?
  4. A bakery is nothing more than a bake sale that raises money for more bake sales. Isn’t it?
  5. Do fish really get thirsty?
  6. Crime never pays, does this mean my job is crime?
  7. Do pilots learn crash courses?
  8. Do you own a piece of land all the way to the center of the earth if you own it?
  9. Do hummingbirds hum because they don’t understand what they’re saying?
  10. Is an African elephant an African-American elephant if it comes to America?
  11. Is it possible to cry when underwater?
  12. Does a shark that eats males also eat women?
  13. What are the signs that it’s time to tune your bagpipes?
  14. Is it just a pocket if you have a cold hot pocket?
  15. Why is it that an alarm clock is considered to be going off while it is actually turning on?
  16. What fuel does a battery run on?
  17. What do chickens think of our flavour?
  18. What do you name a room that doesn’t have a bed?
  19. If it’s spicy, why is it called “chilli”?
  20. Why is it referred to as “life” insurance?
  21. Why do they make cars go so quickly that they’re breaking the law?
  22. Why are they called restrooms when no one uses them to relieve themselves?
  23. When hot water does not need to be heated, why do we have hot water heaters?

Bottom line

Random, hilarious and sometimes mind blowing shower thoughts are common while taking shower. 

These thoughts are questionable and interesting that makes the day humorous and makes you super proud to have them.

When the mind gets relaxed and away from unnecessary things, it starts developing various thoughts which are hard to have all day.

These can be also related to your business idea, career or education which you were searching for or relevant ideas people shared with you. 

You just need to relax and shower, the rest of the work will be done by your mind.