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21 Questions to Ask a Girl – 200+ Ideas Master Guide

21 Questions to Ask a Girl – 200+ Ideas Master Guide

Updated on Oct 30, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

21 Questions to Ask a Girl - 200+ Ideas Master Guide

Are you trying to get close to her? So, whatever your situation is – nothing can be better than proceeding with some amazing questions. Yes. And this compilation of master lists of 21 questions to ask a girl in various situations would help you lead the way. 

So, don’t talk about the weather when she’s giving you clear flirting hints. Or, don’t sound like a creep with an outlandish question on your first meeting. In brief, this list of questions will help you in keeping things how they should be. Smooth. Flawless. Spellbinding.


Before moving ahead, there’s a word of caution. Make sure you’re not making her feel uncomfortable. If she’s trying to avoid it, or signaling a ‘No’ anyway, take it charmingly. And leave her. That’s how an amazing man is supposed to behave. 

Now, when we’re done with the caution thing, let’s begin! Are you ready? 

Why only 21 Questions to Ask a Girl?

A question is like a key to Pandora’s box. It opens so many hues and shades that she holds inside. From her crazy self to the real she – you can get glimpses of all just by asking some questions. But why only 21? Well, here are the reasons –

  1. A list of 21 questions is perfect to grab her attention while not making it lengthy. Thus, while you two can enjoy some time together with freely flowing questions, it won’t feel like an annoying interview session.
  2. Besides, these questions would be great for playing the recently trendy ’21 questions game’ as these are specifically curated keeping it in mind. 
  3. Lastly, these questions can help you in various situations. Be it a planned date, a casual chat, or some fun time – you can use these effectively in almost all these situations.

Now, let’s have a look at –

21 Questions Game – a Quick Guide

This is a popular parlour game which is quite effective and entertaining for the purpose of a creative pass time. Unlike a trivia question session, 21 questions game is designed to encourage a more intimate and unconventional conversation. Here’s how to play the game –

  • The game requires an ‘answerer’ while all others would ask them questions. You can choose the answers by a toss, rolling the dice, rock paper scissors, or something like a circular turn, depending upon the number of players. Besides, it is highly recommended to take turns to be in the seat of the answerer for a more interesting session. 
  • Now, each participant would ask some questions to the answerer. They have to answer a total number of 21 questions. This can be divided equally among the players. Or, someone can ask more questions if it is decided beforehand. 
  • The focus should be on making the questions more personal and interesting, rather than general knowledge, trivia, or something like that. 
  • Also, the answers need to be fully honest in answering the questions.
  • You can beforehand create your list to ask questions you want to. Or, ask whatever comes in your mind, then and there. Below some amazing lists are provided for an interesting game.
  • Lastly, it is advisable to keep the questions respectable and in line with one’s privacy. 

That’s all! 

So, do you get nervous while talking to her? Or, is it that you can’t move ahead of your conversation with girls over text or social media? Maybe, you’re looking for some conversation starters. Or else, want some wild questions that will make things go crazy. Whatever it is – we got you covered. 

Here we go –

21 Questions to Ask a Girl Freak

Maybe she’s not up for your typical banter. On the contrary, she seems to be the one who would love an unusual, crazy, funny convo. In that case, an offbeat day with the freaky girl can be more exciting with some freaky questions. Take inspiration here for a great conversation.

  1. Tell the sexiest name of a man you ever heard. You heard it right. Sexiest name.
  2. What would you think is more wild – a drunken sex or a sober one?
  3. Do you think giving nicknames to your partner is sexy or cringey?
  4. A session with a complete stranger or one with your ex – which one would you choose?
  5. How would you describe a perfect sex in three words? 
  6. On a scale of 1-10, how crazy do you act in bed? 
  7. What do you find more fascinating – a night stand with a hot guy 10 years older than you or with one 10 years younger?
  8. Tell about the freakiest thing you want to do with a man on your first date that most people don’t do.
  9. Would you eat a worm-flavored ice cream or an ice cream flavored worm?
  10. An unplanned nightstand with a colleague when you’re drunk and don’t remember anything the next morning or when you’re sober enough to feel embarrassed the next morning – which is better? 
  11. What matters more for you – a sexy face or a sexy body?
  12. Is there someone you overtly find annoying but secretly find quite attractive?
  13. When was your most unplanned or surprising kiss ever? And with whom?
  14. Do you think emotions getting involved in a casual fling is an invitation to move further or a deal breaker?
  15. What is better – falling in love before having sex or sex before falling in love?
  16. Have you ever got aroused by someone’s words? Just words. 
  17. What was the freakiest pick-up line you ever heard? 
  18. Can you do a threesome with your boyfriend and his ex? 
  19. So, have you ever met someone and instantly knew that you’ll find him great in bed?
  20. How would it be if you get orgasm every time you kiss? 
  21. Which fictional character is most close to your ideal type? 

Good 21 Questions to Ask a Girl

Are you done with some random questions to ask a girl? Then you should go for some really good questions to ask a girl in a situation when she’s getting bored. Well, ones which aren’t on the same old slate. Let’s dive deeper. 

  1. How do you think your friends would describe you as a person? 
  2. In three words, describe your personality as seen by your family. 
  3. What is the one thing that made you feel alive today? 
  4. Can you share a feel good sensation or touch you absolutely love? 
  5. What were the tv shows that you used to watch religiously in your early teens? 
  6. Can you share a childhood memory when you did something really mischievous?
  7. What is your one secret irrational fear? 
  8. If you could choose anything and everything you want, what would be your most unconventional dream job?
  9. What is your personal favorite catchphrase? Or, make one now if you don’t already have it.
  10. What kind of personality trait do you share with your pet or your neighbour? 
  11. Do you like to create a bucket list or something like that? And how often is it fulfilled, if yes?
  12. What was the freakiest prank played upon you? How did you react?
  13. What would you choose – a stable home with a stable life or live anywhere rest of your life, roaming like a vagabond?
  14. Can you share a useless fun fact about you? 
  15. Have you ever done something illegal? What was it?
  16. Tell about a made-up excuse you presented in an emergency situation. 
  17. What is the one thing that makes you a boring person? 
  18. How often do you cry?
  19. Can you live a life without ice cream? 
  20. If you could swap any of these with someone else for 24 hours, which one would you choose and with whom – body, intellect, personality?
  21. What animal are you more likely to reincarnate in your next birth?

Best 21 Questions to Ask a Girl

Done with your usual safe banter? Now is the time to ask some great questions   interesting questions to ask a girl  

  1. Which job would be the worst career choice for you? Like, you’d be an absolute disaster in the role. 
  2. If there was a competition in doing anything you’re extremely good at, what would you do? It can be literally anything, including ‘successfully doing nothing’. 
  3. Describe how your room looks generally in three words. 
  4. Would you like to have a pretty face or an interesting face? 
  5. If you have to brag about any one thing in your life, what would it be? 
  6. Which day of the week feels comfortable to you more than others? 
  7. If you could replay a moment of your life, again and again, which one would it be? 
  8. What is the one useless thing you have that you want to get rid of for a long time but can’t due to your silly attachment to it?
  9. Did you ever feel weak at the knees for a fictional character? 
  10. What is one useless skill that you want to master? 
  11. If you had to propose a theme song for your life, which would it be? 
  12. Do you believe that there is a certain age for everything in life? Or, do you believe in doing everything as one wants? 
  13. What one feeling do you think everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime? 
  14. Can you share a heartwarming life experience you ever had?
  15. Which song or music do you find really annoying? 
  16. Tell about a childhood book, story, or show that you now find surprisingly horrible.
  17. What is your most favorite word? And the least favorite one?
  18. Have you ever been caught in the middle of a lie? What was it?
  19. Do you have any embarrassing stories about your crush? 
  20. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you think you changed from your childhood? 
  21. Did you ever make a fool of yourself in front of others? What is the incident?

21 Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

Do you feel butterflies when she smiles at you? Her presence makes your heart flutter. And all you want now is a way to have an amazing conversation with her. Well, the right questions will take you there. Trust your guts and take some hints with a good question to ask a girl –

  1. What can I do to make you smile now? 
  2. Is there anything you wanted to share with someone but couldn’t because it felt embarrassing or weak? I’d like to be there if you want. 
  3. Can you share the funniest experience you ever had? 
  4. What is the dumbest thing you ever did?
  5. If you could do anything anywhere under the sun, what would you do now? 
  6. What is the one silly thing that makes you excited? 
  7. Tell me about a favorite food that can uplift your mood instantly. 
  8. What was your strangest late night thought?
  9. Describe word love. 
  10. What do you do when you feel down?
  11. Can you share a daydream you have?
  12. What would be your Nobel prize acceptance speech? 
  13. Have you ever had an experience of doing something or behaving in a way that is completely opposite of your nature or personality?
  14. What is the boldest decision of your life till now?
  15. Over extravagance or over simplicity – which is better according to you?
  16. Did you ever get infatuated by someone once but now the person seems ordinary? 
  17. Would you like to have a coffee partner or a movie partner?
  18. Among all the places you have ever been, which is closest to your heart?
  19. How do you want to be known as – bold badass or cute & easy? 
  20. If you could take only one book with you for an isolation of one year, which one would it be?
  21. What is your one ‘not-so-popular opinion’? 

Flirty 21 Questions to Ask a Girl

So, things are clearly in the right direction and you have the steering wheel in your hand? Take it smoothly with some engaging flirty questions. Here’s the list of awesome flirtatious questions that will make things spicer. Plus, you can always take these as an inspiration and try questions that come naturally in your mind. 

  1. Do you know how amazing you are or do I need to tell you?
  2. I can see the lovely color of your eyes. Can you tell what color mine is? 
  3. Look into my eyes. What do you think I want to do with you right now?
  4. Did you ever feel butterflies when around me? Because I often feel so when around you. 
  5. How would you describe a perfect date? So that I can plan it likewise. 
  6. Are you someone who likes to pick up lines or should I directly tell you what I feel about you?
  7. What is one adrenalin inducing thing you did recently?
  8. Can I do something to make you blush?
  9. Nice guy or bad guy – which is your type?
  10. What one quality do you look for in a man? 
  11. In a relationship, would you like the man to ask you first or would you like to make the first move? 
  12. What was your first impression of me? 
  13. How would you react if someone like me flirted with you?
  14. What suits me better – hot or cool? 
  15. Are you good at hiding what’s going on in your mind? So, are you hiding something now?
  16. If I am about to kiss you, would you like me to ask you first or proceed without breaking the moment?
  17. Do you always look this attractive or is it my presence that’s making you glow more? 
  18. What one advice would you like to give someone before sharing your bed with him?
  19. If you have to tell three things about me that make me sexy, without thinking, what would be those? 
  20. Do you think we share something in common? 
  21. How do you give hints to someone you find attractive? 

Dirty 21 Questions to Ask a Girl

It’s great if both of you are in the mood and things are getting hot and smooth. So, what about making it a little bit wild with some sexy questions? When both of you are enjoying it, dirty questions can be fun, exciting, and spicy. Here are some questions to raise the temperature. If you’re unsure about proceeding with it, just begin with the first question. Her answer to this question would decide if you should proceed with these or not. And if she’s good with it, viola! Make your move. 

  1. Do you find dirty talk fun? Or does it make you uncomfortable?
  2. What is the most unexpected place you had sexual intercourse at?
  3. Describe in four words how your biggest turn on feels like.
  4. What is your favorite sexual position? And the sex position you tried on your first time?
  5. What is the sexiest outfit you ever had?
  6. Do you like one night stands more or a full time commitment relationship?
  7. Can you share your secret sexual fantasy?
  8. What was your most exciting session ever?
  9. Among all the people have you slept with, who is the person who shares very similar sexual fantasies?
  10. Which romantic gesture do you find most sexy?
  11. Can you share three dirty truths about you?
  12. What is a foreplay that you enjoy the most? 
  13. Do you have a mole at a sexy spot of your body? Oh wait, your whole existence is sexy. 
  14. Have you ever tried sex toys? 
  15. If we are dating, how would you express your sexual desires to me?
  16. Suppose we are stuck in a room for 24 hours together. Do you think it would get hot? 
  17. What one thing you can do now to make my heart flutter? 
  18. Do you have any sexual fantasies that you think we might have in common?
  19. What do you think we can do now to find out if we are good kissers?
  20. Do you enjoy role play? 
  21. What one outfit on me can make your heart skip a bit? 

21 Love Questions to Ask a Girl

When both of you are in love, everything you talk about becomes a love conversation. So, you don’t really have to think about it. Let it flow effortlessly. Still, for a better hint or examples, here are some great questions. These will help you connect to each other at a deeper level. 

  1. Do you believe in the concept of true selfless love?
  2. What is your one favorite romantic song that you would like to sing with me? 
  3. How would you confess your love without saying ‘I love you’?
  4. What is your way of showing affection?
  5. Do you believe in the concept of love at first sight?
  6. What does it feel like when you fall in love?
  7. Do you think love can be felt even without its expression?
  8. What one thing do you want in your love life?
  9. Do you believe in ‘type’ in a romantic relationship?
  10. What do you find more cute – forehead kisses or long cuddles?
  11. Is there something that you always wanted to share?
  12. What makes you feel loved?
  13. Do you think love can happen twice?
  14. Flowers or chocolates – which is a perfect gift for you?
  15. Do you think love increases with time or does it decrease? 
  16. What do you think about long distance relationships? 
  17. If you could tell someone you love them or confess your love without letting them know your name, who would they be? 
  18. Do you think physical intimacy is essential for love? 
  19. When was the last time you smiled looking at someone without any reason? 
  20. Is there someone who can make you happy by just being? 
  21. What is your one dream that you want to fulfil with me?

21 Questions to Ask a Girl You Just Met

First meeting is most important in creating your impression. So is the case with knowing a person or trying to connect to her. Hence, make sure you strike a perfect conversation even when you just met her. And the guide you need for it is here. 

  1. What are you into professionally?
  2. Do you like making a bold move from the very first meeting or do you prefer it taking slowly?
  3. Are you an introvert, an extrovert, or an ambivert? Besides, what is your personality type among 16 personality types?
  4. Can you recommend some great books to read? 
  5. What do you prefer more – short talks or longer conversation?
  6. Did anything happen recently that made you smile?
  7. What is the best surprise gift you ever got?
  8. Can you tell your favourite childhood story?
  9. Is there something you always wanted to try but couldn’t till now? Can we do it now? 
  10. What is your favorite hobby that you’d like to share with me? 
  11. Is there something that you believe everyone should do at least once in life? 
  12. What is your favorite season?
  13. Let’s go for a cliche question – sea or hills? 
  14. Where do you see yourself in the next 20 years? 
  15. Is there something you think one can better share with a stranger instead of a friend? 
  16. What kind of people attract your attention most?
  17. Can you tell me about a profession that you would like to try if you had another life? 
  18. What do you prefer more – more time spent indoors or outdoors? 
  19. Tell three simple or little things that can make you happy.
  20. What is the first thing you noticed in me? 
  21. How many times did you smile today? 

21 Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

There are many things that are left behind in a small talk. Especially the opportunity to know someone at a deeper level. So, if you’re someone who wants to know her at a personal level, this thought provoking list of deep questions to ask a girl would definitely come handy to you. Here we go – 

  1. What do you think is better – few good friends or as many as possible? 
  2. Can you tell when was the last time you cried?
  3. Who are the three people in your life who you want to be with forever?
  4. Are you someone who can cry easily? 
  5. On a scale of 1-10, how much would you rate your sense of humor?
  6. What are your views about the purpose of life?
  7. Have you ever been in a situation in which you survived almost miraculously? 
  8. What is your favorite outfit to wear at home? 
  9. Do you have any regrets?
  10. What one weird habit do you have?
  11. Do you believe in ghosts? 
  12. Are you a religious or spiritual person?
  13. What is your one-piece advice to everyone? 
  14. Are you satisfied with your life?
  15. How often do you express your difficult emotions?
  16. What is your most embarrassing habit?
  17. How different are you when you are in solitude from what you look like in a social situation?
  18. Did you ever commit any kind of crime?
  19. How mean are you, on a scale of 1-10?
  20. Do you have strong political opinions or do you believe in staying apolitical as much as possible?
  21. How close are you to your family? 

21 Crazy Questions to Ask a Girl

Is she as crazy as you? And to match your crazy vibes, are you looking for some crazy amazing questions? These funny questions to ask a girl would guide you!

  1. What one thing you really dislike though you don’t know why you dislike it?
  2. Have you ever overheard something weirdly interesting? 
  3. What is the ugliest outfit you have?
  4. How often do you look in a mirror?
  5. What is more important for a happy life – good food vs good sex?
  6. Do you watch porn?
  7. If being sexy was a crime, do you think I’d be punished?
  8. What was the most horrible purchase you ever made? 
  9. How would you describe your dream bathroom? 
  10. If your video gets viral in which you are doing something embarrassing, would you be happy or disappointed?
  11. What would you choose – delicious food with dead taste buds or horrible food with normal taste buds?
  12. Did you ever cry over a fictional character? 
  13. Have you ever refused someone a kiss? Or, been refused a kiss by someone?
  14. What was the craziest thing you did being drunk?
  15. Day time date or night out date – which is better?
  16. Suppose you wake up in a man’s body tomorrow. What is the first thing you will do?
  17. If you wake up beside me next morning, what would be your first reaction?
  18. What would you do if you opened your closet door and found me there? 
  19. How easily do you get angry?
  20. If you could experience a real zombie apocalypse for an hour, would you like to try it for a thrill?
  21. How good are you at telling lies? Are you lying now? 

21 Naughty Questions to Ask a Girl

So after all this and that, both of you are ready for a fun question session? You don’t always have to be serious. Especially, when she is giving her crazy side hints. Here are some naughty funny questions to take your conversation to a next level.

  1. Would you like it if your partner plays dominant with you when you move further? Or, would you want him to be passive to let you take the charge in your hand?
  2. If you have to watch an x-rated movie with me, which type or genre would it be?
  3. What is the favorite part of your body which is best to turn you on?
  4. Is there any trait in me that is close to your ideal type?
  5. Have you ever fantasized about a fun time with me?
  6. What is the one honest addition you want in your sex life?
  7. Tell me about your favorite place to be touched. 
  8. Where would you like me to kiss you? 
  9. Have you ever had a nooky with someone apart from your boyfriend or girlfriend?
  10. Would you like to get a lap dance from me?
  11. Have you ever mistakenly bumped into someone you had a nightstand before? Was it embarrassing?
  12. What is your wildest fetish that you can share with me?
  13. Have you ever tried a quickie in an elevator? And with whom?
  14. Did you ever get skinny to a stranger while taking a dip in a swimming pool?
  15. What kind of porn do you like most?
  16. So, what was the sexiest compliment you ever received?
  17. What would you do if you woke up next to me, in my bedroom, one morning?
  18. Have you ever mistakenly sent a double-meaning meme to someone you didn’t intend to? What happened next?
  19. How was your first kiss?
  20. If you could make someone fall for you for a night, who would they be?
  21. Have you ever uttered the wrong name while being in bed with someone else?

Final Words

Asking the right questions at the right time is a rare craft. You can win someone’s attention or open her heart with these. But it doesn’t mean you always need to be perfect in it. Just try to be sincere, considerate and enjoy it being the real you. And more often than not, people would love your words. 

Take this list as a guide. You can use these in daily life stances, any question games, turn it into truth or dare questions, text chats, or face to face conversation. In brief, feel free to listen to your heart while being considerate to hers. Have fun!