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500+ Freaky Questions to Add Spice to Any Conversation

500+ Freaky Questions to Add Spice to Any Conversation

Updated on Sep 20, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

500+ Freaky Questions to Add Spice to Any Conversation

Do you want to level up your flirting game? Do you want to have an epic spicy conversation that lasts forever? …and, do you want a list of freaky questions to help you with that?

Don’t worry. I got you.  

When you start dating a person, you want to know everything about them, right from their favorite cartoon to their favorite position.

Even after you have been in a relationship for a long time, playing question games every once in a while can be a lot of fun. How?

Because your partner is like a huge novel. Whether you are reading it for the first time or the 100th time, there will still be pages that you missed. And asking questions is a great way to know what they are.

It is more than just verbal foreplay because the answers are going to take you by surprise for sure.

You will also be surprised to see how much difference it makes in the bedroom for the two of you. That is why I have compiled 500+ freaky questions in this list.

Okay, now enough chit-chat. Let’s cut the crap and start the fire. 😉

500+ Freaky Questions to Add Spice to Any Conversation
500+ Freaky Questions to Add Spice to Any Conversation

Freaky questions to ask a girl

If you say that girls are naturally shy, you are absolutely correct. Girls are often shy and secretive, especially when it comes to guys they like. And, oh, life hack, girls love it when you make the first move.

So, if you want to bring out their freaky side, be subtle and play cool. Start with some good questions and then eventually glide into the freaky ones.

You will be amazed to see how the conversation turns wild… bit by bit!

  1. When did you first do it?
  2. When did you lose your virginity?
  3. Did you have sex with the most popular guy in high school?
  4. Have you ever given a blowjob to a stranger?
  5. Have you ever been attracted to someone’s dad?
  6. Have you ever done it with 2 men?
  7. Have you ever caught a guy masturbating?
  8. How do you moan when you are having sex?
  9. What’s your favorite place to be touched?
  10. Will you ever do it with a woman?
  11. Do you believe foreplay is important?
  12. Which part of your body do you like being sucked?
  13. Where do you like to get hickies?
  14. On a scale of 1-5, how good are your blow job skills?
  15. How much do you want your guy to last?
  16. What type of clothing is best to seduce a guy?
  17. Have you ever had a one-night stand?
  18. Where do you love to touch yourself most?
  19. Do you like it when the guy starts touching you over the clothes?
  20. Have you ever been given a handjob?
  21. Will you have sex with a guy on the first day if he looks physically attractive?
  22. Have you ever been deep-throated?
  23. Have you ever stripped for anyone?
  24. Have you ever caught someone being hard when he was looking at you?
  25. Do you notice the dick size when you watch porn?

This was fun right? But keep it in your pants. Only for now. I have better things for you in line.

Freaky questions to ask a guy

Now let’s come to guys.

Okay, honestly, it’s easier to indulge guys in these kinds of conversations. If you know the guy likes you, he just needs one “signal” and the next moment, he will himself take the charge.

But we just don’t want a conversation… we want to unravel the freaky side of him.

So, let’s not wait, and dive right into it!

  1. What turns you on?
  2. What type of kisser are you?
  3. When was the last time you saw porn?
  4. Does a girl wearing a red lip make you horny?
  5. What is your favorite sex movie of all time?
  6. How often do you masturbate?
  7. Are you shy in bed?
  8. What kind of porn do you see?
  9. What do you look for in a girl sexually?
  10. Have you ever been attracted to your friend’s mom?
  11. What is the one nonsexual thing that turns you horny?
  12. Do you like doing it without a condom?
  13. Have you always been able to satisfy every woman you have been with, in bed?
  14. Will you ever do it with a man?
  15. What type of sex toy would you want me to try on you?
  16. Do you have any fetishes?
  17. How important do you think sex is in a relationship?
  18. How many women have you been with?
  19. What do I do that turns you on immediately?
  20. Do you like to see women masturbating?
  21. Have you secretly noticed an older woman’s breast?
  22. Have you ever bought dirty magazines in your teens to look at naked models?
  23. Who do you look at, when you watch porn?
  24. What is the softest place to give love bites to a woman?
  25. Have you masturbated at a family event?

Oh, wait, what if this guy is your boyfriend?

Freaky questions to ask your boyfriend

If you are in a relationship with your boyfriend for a long time or maybe came into this relationship recently, asking freaky questions can turn even a dry afternoon into a wet one.

But what should you ask?

You don’t want to ask random questions you can find everywhere. That is why I have compiled some realllyyyy good freaky questions you can use to start “that” kind of conversation with your boyfriend. 😉

  1. What did you first notice about me?
  2. What was the most intense masturbation session you had when I wasn’t around?
  3. What is your favorite part of my body?
  4. If our sex life goes through a slump, how do you want me to spice it up?
  5. Do you like it when I tell you to do more?
  6. Do you like it when I dirty talk?
  7. Who is your celebrity crush and what part of her are you attracted to?
  8. Does the thought of edible underwear turn you on?
  9. If I will let you do anything to me for one day, what would you do?
  10. Do you like to spend more time on top or bottom?
  11. Will you let me give you a blow job while you are driving?
  12. Do I make you nervous?
  13. What outfit of mine turns you on the most?
  14. Are you a boob or a butt guy?
  15. How old were you when you first saw porn?
  16. Will you buy lingerie for me without me telling you?
  17. What do you want to do, that we haven’t tried in the bedroom yet?
  18. How fast can you make me cum?
  19. Is there something you have always wanted me to do to you but never asked?
  20. What is your preferred time of the day to have sex?
  21. What would you do if we were together and naked right now? (whisper this to him in a public place?
  22. How would you rate me out of 5 in bed?
  23. Do you like to look at me when we are having sex?
  24. Do you like it when I make a noise in the bedroom?
  25. How likely are you to get tired after one session?

Come on, kiss him already. He has been waiting to do that since the start of this game.

But if you are the boyfriend, let me tell you how you can do the exact same thing to your girlfriend.

Freaky questions to ask your girlfriend

Did you know girlfriends are super attention freaks when they are in a relationship? Yes? So, did you know they are super freaks in bed? Not yet?

Okay, thank God. You didn’t. Just kidding! 😉

Girls are often shy when it comes to sex even after staying in a long-term relationship.

If you still haven’t discovered how much of a freak your girlfriend is. I am here to help you out. Check these questions that will assist you to bring out her freaky side.

Let’s go boys!

  1. Do you like it when I pull your hair?
  2. Do you always want me to spank you?
  3. Would you want me to always dominate you in bed?
  4. Do you want to make out in public?
  5. Do you want to pour chocolate over you and lick it?
  6. Will you let me put my fingers in your mouth?
  7. Do you like it when I lick you down?
  8. Will you let me give you a boob job?
  9. If I want to finger you, will you let me?
  10. Do you like it when I throw you on the bed?
  11. How do you want me to get you in the mood?
  12. If I ask you, will you send me a dirty picture of yours?
  13. Do you love to call my name in bed?
  14. Do you like it when I use my tongue more?
  15. Do you want me to kiss your thighs?
  16. Do you like it when I rub your nipples?
  17. Do you want to see in how many ways I can unhook your bra?
  18. What is the sex position that you want to try in bed?
  19. Do you love looking at me when I go down on you?
  20. Do you get wet when I moan in your ears?
  21. Have you ever noticed my dick over my underwear?
  22. Has my penis ever touched the last point of your vagina?
  23. Do you want me to press your butt in public?
  24. Do you want to call me, daddy?
  25. Do you want me to lick your ass?

I hope you took a mental note of all the answers because girls don’t like to answer twice! 😉

Now girls, let’s see what your boyfriends would like to be asked on text.

Freaky Questions to ask your boyfriend over text

Who said you cannot be freaky on text? As long as you have the right partner and a good mood, you are all set.

I know there are times when girls just want to get naughty in the night, but don’t know how to tell their boyfriends on the face or by text. Well, you have to put effort while talking face to face, but while on text, I am here to help you out! 😉

I have already put together a list of questions you can ask your boyfriend via text and get dirty with him.

Don’t waste time now, get started alreadyyyyyy!

  1. How will you ask for my dirty picture?
  2. Do you like to run your tongue over all my temples?
  3. What part of my body do you feel like touching right now?
  4. What do you think I am wearing right now?
  5. What color underwear do you want to see me next?
  6. Would you love to tear off my clothes?
  7. Do you want to read Kamasutra with me?
  8. If I was in the room with you right now, what would you do to me?
  9. Will you surprise me by wearing my underwear?
  10. Do you want to see if I am already wet?
  11. Do you want to know how I am smelling down there right now?
  12. Do you bet I can make you cum by just texting you? If I can’t, you can do anything you want with me! 😉
  13. Have you ever had sex when your whole family was in the house?
  14. Do you want me to take charge of the next session?
  15. Do you like it when I touch you?
  16. Would you wear grey sweatpants if I asked you to?
  17. I shaved today, can you guess where?
  18. Can we try this position when we are together, the next time (show him a picture of a position)?
  19. What sex position would you want to try right now?
  20. Do you want me to be in charge of the next session?
  21. Where do you feel like licking me right now?
  22. Can you guess how wet I am?
  23. Do you want me on your top right now?
  24. Do you want me to greet you by spreading my legs next time?
  25. Are you rubbing yourself right now?

I am sure he is hard as hell right now.

So, just hop on it, you won’t need questions anymore! 😉

Freaky Questions to ask your girlfriend over text

Let me be real with you, there are a thousand ways you already know how to have sex via phone. But what about the conversation starters, how are you going to get in the mood, when you are not present physically?

And you should know by now, that if you have plans to get naughty with your girlfriend – you need to spend more time on FOREPLAY.

So, if you need a little help with it. I have put together a list of questions you can ask your girlfriend and get her all wet just by texting.

Pro tip: Go with the flow if you know what I mean.

  1. Do you like it when I describe to you what I am going to do to you?
  2. What sex toys do you want me to use on you?
  3. Will you feel comfortable sending nudes to me?
  4. What part of your body do you want to press my lips on?
  5. Do you like it when I grab you by the waist?
  6. Do you like making moaning sounds as much as possible?
  7. Do you want me to throw you against the wall?
  8. Do you want to see how hard I am?
  9. Do you want to see how I will make you cum just by text?
  10. Tell me where are you touching yourself right now?
  11. Are you wearing any underwear right now?
  12. Do you want to come over right now?
  13. Do you like it when I dirty talk to you during texting?
  14. Do you want me to glide my hands under your trousers?
  15. Are you thinking of me when you are touching yourself?
  16. Can I drink what’s coming out of you right now?
  17. Do you feel like sucking my tongue into your mouth?
  18. I cannot stop moaning, wanna hear it?
  19. Are your pants totally wet by now?
  20. Do you want to watch porn together?
  21. Can you press your breasts for me?
  22. Now, can you rub your nipples?
  23. Can you move your hand downwards towards your navel and slightly caress it?
  24. Can you touch your vulva and rub it hard?
  25. Will you join me in the bubble bath if I asked you to?

She must be wet like a waterfall right now. So don’t waste your time, get on that call, and be the freak which you were being till now.

Freaky questions to ask your crush

Do you remember your first crush? Do you remember how desperately you wanted to start a dirty conversation with them? Or, do you remember how horrible it went?

Okay, sorry for that.

But all I wanted is for you to realize how exciting and a hot ride it is to know what your crush likes in bed. But since you don’t want to end it like the ones before, you are going to need my help.

So, look at the following list. It has all the questions you can ask your crush and get to know their sexual fondness about everything.

  1. Are you a yoga pants guy/girl?
  2. Have you ever been part of a creampie?
  3. Did ever have sex with your school crush?
  4. Have you ever been in a sexual relationship with someone but never accepted them openly?
  5. Tell me a sexual fantasy of yours?
  6. Do you ever fantasize about a teacher?
  7. What is the longest dry period you have gone through?
  8. What is your most embarrassing memory of making out?
  9. Have you ever thought about me in a sexual way?
  10. Do you think we burn calories by kissing, you want to try?
  11. Do you like going slow in bed?
  12. What is the most stupid thing you have done in bed?
  13. What is your most used, dirtiest pickup line?
  14. Can you describe your best night in 5 words?
  15. Do you always believe in making the first move in bed?
  16. How do you let someone know that you are horny?
  17. What part of your body are you sure, all of your sexual partners loved it?
  18. Do you like it when someone caresses your hair while making it out? 
  19. Are you strong enough to keep me in your lap?
  20. How much tongue do you love to use while making out?
  21. Will you have sex with someone just because they are good in bed?
  22. Do you feel horny talking to me about this topic?
  23. What do you think is the sexiest feature in my body?
  24. Would you love to bite my lip?
  25. Let’s go to the cinema hall, choose an isolated seat and both of us will be too busy to watch it, what say?

If this hasn’t got you closer to your crush. As harsh as it may sound but he/she is not THE ONE for you!

Don’t worry I have a quick hack. CHOOSE another crush and get them to answer these questions. I am sure they would love it with you.

Freaky couple questions

If you are in a relationship, you definitely know about your partner, but there’s always something hidden under the sheets!

Even after you spend a lot of time with your significant other, there might be a lot of things that you won’t realize they are hiding. Your partner may be into a lot of freaky stuff and now is the time to know.

Even if you want to play a naughty questions game with your partner or just want to have an interesting night with them. Then this set is perfect for you.

  1. What is your favorite sex position?
  2. On a scale of 1-10, how good is your sex life?
  3. Would you like to join in for a couples’ spa session?
  4. Does laughing in the bedroom makes the sex more romantic?
  5. What is the difference between sex and making love?
  6. Do you guys think you have great sex with each other?
  7. What sex toy we haven’t tried out yet, but you want to?
  8. Have both of us ever had multiple orgasms?
  9. Do you love to watch porn together?
  10. Do you love to continuously kiss me during sex?
  11. Do you like to cuddle after sex?
  12. How does your ideal sex session look like?
  13. How easily can you get horny in the bedroom?
  14. Tell me the night we had the most amazing sex of our relationship?
  15. What kind of a partner do you want in bed?
  16. Do you think romance makes the sex less freaky?
  17. How would you plan our first night, if we were to have sex for the first time?
  18. What is the one freaky thing I introduced you to in bed and now it’s your favorite?
  19. Would you like to relive the honeymoon phase over and over again?
  20. Do you think we can stay 24 hours without touching each other?
  21. Do you love it when I take your consent to touch you?
  22. Do you ever plan on breaking our bed?
  23. Do you love it when I communicate to you about what I want you to do?
  24. Do you want to make love to me so bad, the neighbors heard and wished they were us?
  25. Will you rub body lotion on me?

That was just so hot!

I love it when couples are hot freaks. But what if it was a different scenario… like a night with your friends… curious?

Let’s find out!

Freaky Questions to ask your friends

Nothing compares to the amount of fun you have with your friends. If you have the right set of people topped with the right set of questions and freakiness on the side, you are going to have epic fun.

There is no surprise that friends have secrets and when sexual experiences come into the scene, you are introduced to their new “freaky” side. So, let us not wait.

Take a pillow, sit and relax because this is going to be an amazing ride.

  1. If you could only do it in one position for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  2. Did you ever accidentally send your nude picture to the wrong person?
  3. Have you ever been caught masturbating by your relatives?
  4. Have any of your cousins caught you secretly sexting your girlfriend?
  5. Have you ever been to a spot where you thought you’d done it here but didn’t?
  6. Will you lick your partner even if they didn’t shower?
  7. What is the weirdest thing you dream of doing to a person in bed?
  8. Is it okay to have sex with someone else if you are in a long-distance relationship for too long?
  9. Have you ever been in a secret relationship with someone?
  10. Have you ever bragged to your friends about how well you did last night?
  11. What turns you off in the bedroom?
  12. Have you ever been attracted to someone’s ex?
  13. What is your most embarrassing sex memory?
  14. Who is a virgin here?
  15. What is the weirdest condom flavor you have ever used?
  16. What is the best sex session you have ever had and with whom?
  17. Have you ever taken part in a sex party?
  18. Have you ever made out with a stranger in a public washroom?
  19. Have you ever touched anyone’s private parts by accident but liked it?
  20. What will you think about the next time you masturbate?
  21. What is the dirtiest thought you ever had?
  22. When was the last time you were given a handjob?
  23. What is the biggest sex fail you have gone through?
  24. Have you ever waxed your pubic hair?
  25. Have any of your friends caught you making out?

Oooof, that was too much fun, wasn’t it?

I bet at the end of this game, some of your friends will be making out. So why not add some more fire to it?

Hot Freaky Questions

Now since you have gotten the taste of it and I am sure you are liking it as well, let’s take this thing a level up.

These questions have been a great warm-up and for some of you, it would have been the climax too.

But do not worry, either you want to take things to the next level or do this session for another day. I have got you covered for both.

So, let’s get this started. I am soooo ready for this. Are you?

  1. Do you think dirty talk can heat up your session for the night?
  2. Do you like oral sex?
  3. How many times have you done it in a row?
  4. Have you ever had sex in a massage center?
  5. Have you ever peeped your parents while they were having sex?
  6. What part of my body would you like to kiss again and again?
  7. Do you close your eyes when you orgasm?
  8. Would you love to get involved in a surprising sexual act?
  9. What is the best thing someone can say in the bedroom?
  10. Have you ever been in a friend with benefits situation?
  11. What is the one public place you really want to do it once?
  12. Do you like to do it slowly?
  13. Do you find tattoos hot?
  14. Do you like the lights on?
  15. Have you ever had sex to win a bet?
  16. What is your move to tell someone that you are horny?
  17. What is the best position you found out after experimenting with it?
  18. The maximum number of times you’ve had sex in a week?
  19. What porn are you watching right now?
  20. How do you look when you are enjoying sex?
  21. Have you tried to picture me and my best friend with you in bed?
  22. Will you kiss me down there for a minute, over the clothes? (it’s sexier that way, trust me)
  23. How do you prefer to be seduced?
  24. Have you ever kissed so much that you became dehydrated?
  25. If we continue to talk till midnight, would it end with just talking?

I can feel the heat already. But wait, do you think this is it? No, I have got more.

Sex Freaky Questions

This is the list of freaky questions and all we are going to talk about is sex. I mean, can you even separate the two words.

No, right? But wait, there’s a disclaimer, this is the boldest and the sexiest set of all. Use it wisely if you really want to unleash the freakiest side of them. You have probably understood what I am talking about.

So, let’s jump into this deeper and see what it has for you.

  1. What are the best sexual fantasies you’ve come across?
  2. What is the best way to talk dirty to your partner?
  3. Have you ever had sex in public?
  4. What makes sex, great sex?
  5. How many times have you done it in a row?
  6. Have you ever had sex with someone who you weren’t attracted to but were just horny?
  7. Where do you want to see my face inside right now?
  8. Have you ever been part of such kinky sex that you can never forget?
  9. Do you like to see more hardcore sessions when you watch porn?
  10. Have you ever licked whipped cream from your partner’s body?
  11. What’s the one sexual experience that made you go like, “oh wow?”
  12. What is the dirtiest thing you have ever thought of?
  13. Have you ever had sex with more than one person in a day?
  14. What is the best makeout spot you have discovered?
  15. Do you like to get involved more in foreplay?
  16. Tell me the freakiest roleplay you have ever done?
  17. Do you like to go rough on your partner?
  18. Does erotic fiction make you horny?
  19. Which erotic scene from a movie turns you on every time?
  20. Do you like to put your finger in the mouth?
  21. Can I make you try to orgasm using just my hands?

Are you still here? My goodness, you have strong willpower or maybe you want to get teased more. Then, let’s do it.

Flirty Freaky Questions

When it comes to teasing, the secret is doing not too much or too little. If you want to tease your partner to the extent that it becomes hard for them to resist, you have to try this set.

This set has all the flirty naughty questions that you can use to crank the temperature higher.

Now it’s on you how you will spice up the conversation more, the questions are on me.

  1. What do you wear to bed when you are in the mood?
  2. Have you ever received a lap dance?
  3. Do you love to kiss your partner while making out?
  4. What is your favorite body part (other than) on which you received a lot of compliments?
  5. What’s the best way to spice up a date night?
  6. Have you ever had sex in a car?
  7. Have you ever drank anything from your partner’s mouth?
  8. Do you smile if you are enjoying sex?
  9. How many people have you slept with?
  10. Are you hornier in the morning?
  11. Have you ever been aroused when I caress your back with my fingers?
  12. What should be done in bed that makes you happy?
  13. What should ideal foreplay be like?
  14. What kind of sounds do you make when you are making love?
  15. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
  16. What type of song is best to get you in the mood?
  17. What is the best type of condom according to you?
  18. How many times have you tried to picture me naked?
  19. Have you ever boldly asked someone for sex?
  20. Would you like it if someone saw us having sex?
  21. Have you ever had sex at a camp?
  22. What do I do in bed that can also be the reason for you to break up with me?
  23. Would you ever like to go to a sex party?
  24. Did you like to hold tightly and twist my………?
  25. If you were a virgin right now, would you like me to break that?
  26. Do you want me to bite your lip and swallow your tongue?

I am sure these questions have totally raised up your flirting game. But now, let’s move on with some more…

Dirty Freaky Questions

If you thought the previous set wasn’t dirty enough for you. This set will change your mind for sure.

If you want to continue to flirt and unveil some dirty secrets, then what better way than tricking them to answer some dirty questions.

So, let’s go on with some dirty flirty questions and keep the night going.

  1. Which celebrity crush of yours would you like to have a one-night stand with?
  2. Have you ever rubbed ice cubes over your partner’s body?
  3. Did you ever lick your partner in a public place?
  4. What is the craziest thing you have ever done for sex?
  5. Do you think getting massaged with oil and then doing sex is kinky?
  6. Has someone ever asked you for sex directly?
  7. Have you ever had sex with a bisexual person?
  8. Are you more of a giver or receiver?
  9. Do you like to sext more often?
  10. What do you think about when you masturbate?
  11. Do you like anal sex?
  12. Have you ever secretly wished someone to walk in on you while you were masturbating?
  13. Do you get turned on seeing someone in wet clothes?
  14. Tell me what made you feel aroused the last time you were horny?
  15. Do you like to lose control in bed?
  16. Do you randomly think about your past sexual experiences?
  17. Would you make your partner cum first, then you?
  18. Have you ever been photographed having sex?
  19. Tell me your wildest sexual experience?
  20. Do you feel I am the best in bed or your ex?
  21. Would you like to play dirty truth or drink questions?
  22. Have you ever slapped your partner while having sex?
  23. Do you like to see yourself in the mirror while you are having sex?
  24. How do you feel when I talk about sex?
  25. How do you feel when you hook me up on the wall?

Now, let’s get going with something different.

Questions and answers games can be played at any time of the day.

But you know when this becomes more interesting? When there is a fun element to it. And the next list will ensure you have lots (and lots) of fun!

Freaky Truth or Drink questions

Now, it’s time for some games. Yayy. I personally love games and when it’s mixed with naughty stuff… count me all in. But wait, that’s not the only twist this game has!

This is the truth or drinks game. It’s simple. You will be asked some dirty questions > you have to answer it and if you don’t want to answer it > you need to take a shot.

You will find some really cool questions for this down below. Try it out at your next party and see the players having fun for yourself.

You will be blown out of your minds seeing people take shots at the freakiest questions.

  1. Have you ever been in open relationships?
  2. Tell me the sexual fantasy which is so extremely dirty that you cannot tell anyone?
  3. Have you ever been attracted to your friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend?
  4. What do you think about when you masturbate, apart from your girlfriend or boyfriend?
  5. Have you ever stared at someone’s private parts even though your partner was sitting right next to you?
  6. Kiss someone of your own gender?
  7. Who were you checking out today?
  8. Tell me one of your weird fetishes?
  9. Show your search history?
  10. Which one of your exes was best in bed?
  11. Have you ever compared your partner’s size with your previous sex partner?
  12. Who did you kiss last before coming here?
  13. Who was the relative you made out with and liked it?
  14. Will you striptease in front of a public place?
  15. Will you make out in front of a family member?
  16. Have you ever been sexually attracted to any parent?
  17. Have you ever slept with an ex after breaking up with them?
  18. Have you ever been horny seeing gay porn?
  19. Will you get aroused if a cousin eats something in a sexual way in front of you?
  20. Will you kiss any random person on the street right now?
  21. Will you eat fruit from someone’s ear?
  22. Will you drink anyone’s saliva if asked right now?
  23. Will you kiss someone who has just eaten a lot of onions right now?
  24. Would you love to have sex without taking off your clothes?
  25. Will you ever have sex with an 80-year-old person?
  26. Have you ever noted how long our session lasted?

Did you have fun? I bet you have.

And don’t worry this is not the only game I in store for you

Freaky Never Have I Ever questions

Since we are going to play games now. It is not possible I complete this set without the iconic game of never have I ever.

Believe me, you can never go wrong with this game. There are so many versions of it. But the dirty ones are my favorite and I know yours too. So, call your friends home or invite your cousins for a house party and start the game.

Ask these questions and get going on.

P.S. Don’t make them feel awkward when you find them taking sips at the most unexpected questions!

  1. Never have I ever judged my partner for having a sexual experience.
  2. Never have I ever flirted with a stranger online.
  3. Never have I ever tried to sneak out after having one nightstand with someone.
  4. Never have I ever had sex on the first week of knowing them.
  5. Never have I ever flashed my private part in a public place.
  6. Never have I ever sent a video of me masturbating to my partner.
  7. Never have I ever made loud moaning sounds while having sex.
  8. Never have I ever had phone sex.
  9. Never have I ever had sex in a public bathroom.
  10. Never have I ever had sex in a hotel room.
  11. Never have I ever gone commando to seduce my partner.
  12. Never have I ever bought a sex toy.
  13. Never have I ever been horny in a restaurant.
  14. Never have I ever got drunk and had sex with a stranger.
  15. Never have I ever forgotten to put on a condom.
  16. Never have I ever done it with the socks on.
  17. Never have I ever done it with someone 2 times my age.
  18. Never have I ever done it all night.
  19. Never have I ever had sex with someone I went on a blind date with.
  20. Never have I ever had sex in a tourist place.
  21. Never have I ever unhooked a bra with only one hand.
  22. Never have I ever poured ketchup on my partner and licked it.
  23. Never have I ever touched my partner’s private parts in the elevator.
  24. Never have I ever sent a video of eating fruits in a sexual way.
  25. Never have I ever had sex in the rain on an abandoned beach.

No, no. I am not going to stop. Because it just got interesting.

And if you are looking for a different game to play, but with the same naughtiness, I have another option for you.

Freaky Would you Rather questions

Would you rather be somewhere else or would be here making memories for a lifetime? I know what your choice was. And trust me, I am not going to make you regret choosing to be here.

So, I gave you two choices at the start. Why not continue that? Alright then!

This next set is all about choices. This is one of the best questions games because when you give a choice, it not only gets interesting for the answerer but also for you.

This is because when you ask questions, they can lie but when you give a choice, there’s no way out! 😉

So, if you really want to take a sneak-peek into their “freaky” side… try it out because the fun is going to cover the after-party also! 😉

  1. Would you rather have oral sex or missionary sex?
  2. Would you rather have sex every day or no sex at all?
  3. Would you rather watch porn or imitate positions in porn?
  4. Would you rather watch the sunset or go down on your partner during a sunset?
  5. Would you rather rub ice cubes or lick alcohol from your partner’s body?
  6. Would you rather have sex all day or get it done once?
  7. Would you rather have sex on the beach or on the mountains?
  8. Would you rather buy your partner roses or bathe in a rose tub?
  9. Would you rather have sex in a car or in a train?
  10. Would you rather do it with a porn star or with your partner?
  11. Would you rather gift scented candles or smell the perfume on their necks?
  12. Would you rather give up food or give up sex?
  13. Would you rather have sex in the summers or the winters?
  14. Would you rather have sex with your ex or sex with your crush?
  15. Would you rather do it in a hospital or a school?
  16. Would you rather do it with a stranger or a person you have known for a long time?
  17. Would you rather have breakup sex or a one-night stand?
  18. Would you rather have angry sex or makeup sex?
  19. Would you rather always do your favorite sex position or try out new positions but never do your favorite?
  20. Would you rather eat ice cream by yourself or eat from someone else’s mouth?
  21. Would you rather make me masturbate you or watch me masturbating myself?
  22. Would you rather want 2 women in a threesome or 2 men in a threesome?
  23. Would you rather imagine a porn star or a celebrity while masturbating?
  24. Would you rather initiate the sex or let your partner do it?
  25. Would you rather be a virgin or a sex addict?

Now, let us move to some classics. Keep the fun going, folks!

Freaky Truth or Dares questions

Since you liked the Truth and Drink version of this freaky game. Here is the OG version of the game. Because I know it, you know it, nothing can tease anyone more than a naughty truth or dare game.

The intensity and mystery behind the answers and dares add up to the naughtiness apart from the questions asked.

So, to keep up the hangover from the drinks game, I have curated some freaky questions for your truth and dare game. Feel free to use them.

  1. What is the one thing that you don’t like to do in the bedroom but do it anyway?
  2. Have you ever wanted to cheat on your partner?
  3. How many times a week do you touch yourself?
  4. Have you ever done it at a workplace?
  5. How many times do you touch yourself in one day?
  6. Have you ever thought about how much your current partner lasts in comparison to your previous sexual partner?
  7. What erotic vacation is on your bucket list that you want to fulfill in the next 5 years?
  8. What is your favorite sexual memory of us?
  9. How did it feel the first time I went down on you?
  10. What do you think has been our worst kiss?
  11. What was the most unexpected event that led to sex?
  12. What is the weirdest thing that turns you on?
  13. Do you like the taste when you go down on someone?
  14. What is the filthiest thing you can do tonight?
  15. Touch yourself for a minute.
  16. Kiss me like, one of your favorite romantic kisses.
  17. Put oil on your body and let me give you a good massage.
  18. Use your teeth to take off my t-shirt.
  19. Lick whipped cream from my butt.
  20. Make your “faking it” face for 10 seconds.
  21. Wear just an apron and do some kitchen work.
  22. Order the cheapest sex toy on Amazon.
  23. Act how horny you were on your first night.
  24. Make as many moaning sounds as you can in 30 seconds.
  25. Suck any part of my body for 10 seconds.

I made you play a classic sex game, and I will leave you with just 25 questions? Hell no.

Scroll down to see more of them.

Freaky dare questions

I know. I know making people spill out their dirty truth has its fun. But giving dares just adds the perfect intensity. That’s the truth. No arguments, and I know the dares are never enough. So, I thought why not make a separate list for this.

In this set, I have put together a whole other list of additional really freaky dares that you can use to keep the fire burning!

They are realllyyyy naughty, so keep your shyness at bay!

  1. Send a voicemail to your ex but make it very seducing.
  2. Blow air on someone’s neck.
  3. Take a shower with me naked.
  4. Trace your hands over someone’s lips, roll your eyes, and say, “I am coming”.
  5. Imitate the last sex position you did in the bedroom.
  6. Let someone put his/her hand on your inner thigh.
  7. Lick whipped cream from someone else’s tongue.
  8. Dirty talk to me right now for 3 minutes.
  9. Give someone here a lap dance.
  10. Make a seductive face and sing I am getting laid tonight.
  11. Say “it feels SO good” in your best moaning voice.
  12. Exchange your top wear with the person next to you.
  13. Do a sexy dance for 1 minute straight.
  14. Untie my knot by your teeth.
  15. Make an ’O’ face and let me take a picture.
  16. You are blindfolded and I will kiss you at every place.
  17. Give your introduction in a sexual way.
  18. Let me do whatever I want with your phone for 3 minutes.
  19. Take off your accessories in a sexual way.
  20. Change your Facebook status to I am having sex and keep it like that for 1 minute.
  21. Leave an R-rated voicemail for me.
  22. Eat this marshmallow from my hand and say thank you baby girl/daddy.
  23. You are a school student and you are a bad one, touch me down there as your punishment.
  24. Let me massage you for as long as I want.
  25. Read this (formal) text in a fake stripper voice.

It is getting naughtier and naughtier. I know the truth lover squad is feeling left out. But don’t panic. Scroll down below, I haven’t forgotten about you guys either.

Freaky truth questions

Well, some people get their adrenaline by playing dares while some just want to take out the truth. That’s fun too. No arguments here as well.

So, since we had a separate list for all the dirty dares, why can’t we have one for the dirty truths too?

If you are choosing the truth, doesn’t mean this game will be boring for you!

  1. Where did you have sex for the first time?
  2. What is one of the most underrated locations to spend an amazing honeymoon?
  3. What type of sex games do you love to play?
  4. What song do you love to listen to when you are horny?
  5. When was the last time you got horny in public?
  6. If you have a pair of glasses by which you can see anyone naked, who would you look at first?
  7. Have you ever cheated on someone and then had sex with the person you cheated your partner on?
  8. Were you physically inactive these last few months?
  9. When did you last go solo on you?
  10. Who did you have your last sex session with?
  11. Have you ever looked at a person’s private part the first time you met them?
  12. Name the celebrity you wouldn’t mind getting naked with?
  13. If you had to go skinny dipping with friends of my group, who would you choose and why?
  14. If someone checks the last thing you searched on Google, what would it be?
  15. What is something that is illegal, but you would love to do in bed if it was legal?
  16. Have you ever thought of your parents while having sex?
  17. Do you think it’s kinky to cheat on your partner with their friend?
  18. Have you ever approached a bi-sexual person?
  19. How many sex positions do you know of?
  20. Do you always watch adult videos?
  21. Have you kept a count of how many times we had sex?
  22. Have you tried to put something odd inside your mouth?
  23. How many times have you had an orgasm in one day?
  24. What gets you all hot and bothered at once?
  25. Do you enjoy neck kisses a lot?

I know, these truth bombs are going to stay in your mind for you.

Until then, take a shot. The fun isn’t going to die. Not yet

Freaky trivia questions

So here we go, for the final one. Let’s go with some trivia. But this is not your regular high school education trivia. This set is the freakiest trivia you will ever play.

In this set, I have compiled some random yet awesome freaky questions. They will have no way other than to answer these questions.

You will be surprised by their answers and maybe laugh at them too.

  1. Is the concept of multiple orgasms a truth?
  2. When was the first time you came?
  3. What is your favorite fantasy to think of when you masturbate?
  4. Which is your costliest sex toy?
  5. Who is your best partner, except me?
  6. How old you were when you had your first kiss?
  7. How many strangers have you slept with?
  8. Who is the hottest person at work?
  9. How is sex in our relationship?
  10. Who among all my friends gets on your nerve? (And by that, I mean grabbing your partner and making out with them in front of him or her)
  11. If you could go back in time, what age would you choose to have sex for the first time?
  12. How many times a month do you think of being friends with benefits with your best friend?
  13. How many nude selfies do you click to send in the best one?
  14. Have you ever kissed a stranger?
  15. What part of your body you would like to tattoo?
  16. What is the sexiest pair of clothing ever made?
  17. Have you ever been to a massage parlor where you were greatly pleasured? (if you know what I mean)
  18. Who did you see your first porn with?
  19. Who was the first person to touch your private part? (Not your mother, you sicko)
  20. Tell me honestly, does your mom think you are still a virgin?
  21. If I go through your closet right now, what would I find?
  22. What do you think about the shower?
  23. Do you remember being attracted to someone else for the first time?
  24. If you woke up one day as the opposite sex, what is the first thing you would do?
  25. What is the first sex toy you have ever used?

This is all you need to get under the sheets and get naughty right now. 😉

So, what are you waiting for, go on and have the best night of your life!

5 Tips to never let the “freakiness” die on bed

Happy sex life is a very important aspect of a healthy relationship. It connects two souls rather than just two bodies. It acts as a mode of communication… without words.

A good sexual act can have a vast impact on your relationship. That is why you must never let the “spark” die.

So, here are 5 tips to keep that freaky side in you alive… forever!

1. Try new things

There is a lot of spark and intensity in the bedroom when a relationship is new, but what about when the relationship has crossed the “honeymoon” phase.

I know you would love to keep it like that forever, but it’s natural to feel the spark dying. But it doesn’t mean you cannot do something about it.

The best way is to keep experimenting with different positions, or different foreplay tactics, or even at different places. This way, it will keep you both mutually invested and excited.

2. Talk about “it”

The secret to any happy relationship is communication. Communication goes beyond the walls of the bedroom.

Talk about what you want in the bedroom and also ask them about their preferences. If you don’t feel the heat in the bed, communicate that too.

That is the one and only way to save a relationship from fading away. And with it, I don’t mean just the bedroom.

3. Talk to a sex expert

If your sex life is experiencing setbacks for a while, then it will be good if you talk to a sex expert.

As scary as it may sound, talking to a sex expert will actually solve a lot of problems. You may be uncomfortable talking about your sex life in the beginning but the results are going to be worth it.  

4. Go dry for a while

I know you have already grasped by now. But hear me out, going dry for a while cannot happen without talking about it with your partner.

Sit down with your partner and make the no-touching pact. This will create a craving effect on your partner.

The key is to tease them again and again but very subtly. Who knows? You might not even fulfill the pact. Trust me on this one!

5. Go on an erotic vacation

An erotic vacation is a perfect opportunity for you to ignite the spark of your relationship again. And why not? When you are far away from home, without the stress of work, you spend more time with your partner.

Plus, I hardly know anyone who doesn’t get naughty in a hotel room. You can get kinkier, try out different stuff together and ignite the spark again which was missing in your relationship.

Maybe you’ll be sad after the trip is over but you both will definitely feel a lot closer than before.

Over to you…

Freaky naughty questions are the charm of any conversation. They are the perfect highlight of the evening… sometimes even more exciting than the play itself.

Because let me spell it out, your partner is always going to remember foreplay more than the actual sex. if you play your cards right, you won’t even have to do anything else.

You have no idea how many people go to Google every day to find out questions like this to verbally seduce their partner. But you don’t have to.

That is why I’ve compiled this list so that it becomes a one-stop destination for anyone who wants to indulge in a spicy conversation with their partner (or anyone!).

Now it’s time for you to scroll to your favorite list, ask these questions and relish the answers!

All the best… for the time after! 😉