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500+ Stupid Questions to Make Your Conversation More Enjoyable

500+ Stupid Questions to Make Your Conversation More Enjoyable

Updated on Jul 01, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

500+ Stupid Questions to Make Your Conversation More Enjoyable

Selecting some stupid questions to ask someone can help you to continue an interesting conversation with someone. Asking intelligent questions or interesting questions does not always work.

Sometimes you need some stupid questions that can break the monotony of your conversation and make it more fun and enjoyable. This can break the awkwardness and make everyone laugh.

Often people run out of interesting topics when you are talking to someone for a long time.

Asking some dumb questions can really save your conversation at this point. You can also get some interesting and surprising answers to your stupid questions.

When you are talking with someone you do not know very well and getting to know them your conversation may hit a dead end when no one really can understand what to ask next. At this point, some stupid questions can really save your day.

In those situations, a set of intelligent questions can also help you to continue your conversation sometimes but dumb questions can lighten the mood.

These questions can clear the awkwardness between you and make your time more enjoyable.

It may sound very easy but finding some dumb questions is really hard. In this article, we have made a list of dumb questions for you covering all the different areas.

You can choose your questions from this list and make your conversation more interesting. 

500+ Stupid Questions to Make Your Conversation More Enjoyable
500+ Stupid Questions to Make Your Conversation More Enjoyable

Stupid funny questions to ask 

Asking some funny stupid questions can bring some laughter to your long serious conversations.

These questions will help to continue your conversation if you meet the dead end while talking about certain topics.

1. If my house is on fire what do you think I should do?

2. Do you think the person who first invented a grocery store was thanked properly?

3. Why do you think the sun can darken our skin?

4. The sun can darken our skin but why do you think the sun can lighten the color of our hair?

5. How much time do you think it takes to cook rice?

6. How can you understand if your pet is gay?

7. If your partner farts while kissing you, should you break up with him/ her?

8. Why do you think the banks have their branches when money can not grow a tree?

9. Why do you think there is no advertisement available for any advertising company?

10. If the coffee comes from coffee beans why is it not considered a vegetable?

11. If the tea actually comes from the leaves of a plant why do you think it is not considered a vegetable?

12. Do you think that all beans are vegetables?

13. If water is clear and colorless then why does everything get darker in color when they are wet?

14. If a spoon can be made up of gold then what do you think still would be considered as silverware?

15. All beans are called vegetables, so don’t you think that it would be more appropriate if the chocolates which come from cocoa beans could be categorized as vegetables?

16. If you could save enough time do you think you would be able to get it back again?

17. Why do you think tourists like to go on the top of tall buildings and see down from there using a telescope so they can see everything up close-up?

18. Why do you think a delivery by a car is called a shipment but a delivery by a ship is called cargo?

19. Why someone is tortured or killed for killing people to show that killing someone is wrong?

20. Why does everyone put their suits in a garment bag but keep clothes in a suitcase? 

21. If coconut oil is made from coconut and mustard oil is made from mustard then what do you think baby oil is made from?

22. People generally plug things into an electrical outlet, so why is it called an outlet instead of an inlet?

23. Why do you think artificial flavors are used in most fruit juices instead of real fruits?

24. Why do you think real lemon is used in a dishwashing liquid?

25. What do you think is the meaning of life?

These questions can help you to get some interesting answers. Ask these questions and boost the fun of your conversation.

Random stupid questions to ask

These are some random questions that can save your conversation when you are out of any new topic. Your conversation can take a new turn with your stupid questions. 

26. Why do you think the person who helps you to invest all your money is called a broker?

27. If the color of an orange is called orange then why is the color of an apple red?

28. Why can anyone not put on mascara in their eyelashes without opening their mouth?

29. Why do we use dishwashing liquids made with real lemon and do not use real lemon directly to wash the dishes?

30. When an ambulance is on its way to bring a severe patient to the hospital but it runs over a person, what should it do? Should it stop to help them while the patient is waiting or should it avoid them and go to save that patient?

31. How can blind people see their dreams?

32. Why do you think there is not any mouse-flavored cat food available in the market?

33. Why does everyone say ‘sleeping like a baby’ when babies do not sleep more than two hours at a time?

34. What do you think you should call a male ballet dancer?

35. Why do you think Donald Duck wears a towel after coming out of the bath when he does not wear pants ever?

36. Why do you think the word ‘phonics’ does not spell as it sounds?

37. When you can be overwhelmed or underwhelmed, Why can you not just be whelmed?

38. If you can say ‘twenty-one’ or ‘thirty-one’ why can you just not say ‘onety-one’ instead of ‘eleven’?

39. Why does everyone use the phrase ‘eating like a bird’ when a bird eats their food in the exact amount of its weight?

40. Have you ever thought that a word can be misspelled in a dictionary?

These random stupid questions can bring a smile to your face during a long boring conversation.

Stupid questions that make you think

Asking some stupid questions can sometimes make you think about it carefully. You can come up with an interesting answer and surprise others.

41. Why do you think Broadway is confined?

42. If you hit your funny bones why do you think this can hurt like hell?

43. Do you think the Asian people ever grab a fork?

44. How would you like to eat ice cream with a fork?

45. What is the importance of an expiry date on sour cream?

46. What do you think the people of China can call their good plates?

47. Why do you think Goofy can stand on his two legs but Pluto can’t when they both are dogs?

48. Why do you think kids need to learn complicated math when they can find the solution only by using a calculator?

49. How much do you think a person needs to increase him/ her importance so they can be considered assassinated instead of murdered?

50. Why do you think everyone believes you when you say that there are five billion stars in the sky but they verify when you say that the clothes are still wet?

51. Why do you think a postman can not ask the garbage man to distribute the mails when he can reduce their work pressure and make things easier by doing so?

52. Do you think the spelling of ‘dyslexia’ is made difficult intentionally, just for fun?

53. If the oranges are yellow in color then what do you think you should call them?

54. Why do you think some of the cars have their speed meters till 130 when everyone knows that legally no one can drive at that speed on the road?

55. Why do you think the needles should be sterilized properly for any lethal injection?

56. Why do you think the drivers turn down the radio when they are driving and looking for an address at the same time?

57. Why is it called ‘taking a dump’ every time? Don’t you think that this should be called ‘leaving a dump’?

58. If there is a friendly fire somewhere don’t you think blanks should be used at that point?

59. If you see a shitsu and you meet a bulldog at the same time, don’t you think that it could be called bullshit?

60. How long do you think the fishes wait to swim after eating their meal?

61. Why do you think the sport ‘softball’ is played by a hardball?

62. Should not ‘shut down’ be the opposite word for ‘shut up?

63. Why do you think there is a song about Jimmy cracking corn and there is no one who can care for him?

64. Why do you think that night can fall and the day can break? 

65. When a fat person is naked and swimming what do you think you should call him? 

66. When something is going by a track or a plane from one place to deliver to another place why do you think we should call it shipment and not something else? 

67. What do you think, the total timing of the movie does include the credits or the special features too or not?

68. How can you remove a stain caused by club soda from your clothes?

69. Why do you think it’s called weed when it is excessively hard to grow?

70. Why do you think your attorney can not accept payments?

71. Do you think Florida is intentionally shaped like a handgun on the map?

72. Have you ever enjoyed the smell of your own gas and do you think that it is wrong?

73. Why do you think it is necessary to have a zoo in L.A.?

74. Do you think turkeys can be sleepy from something that can make a person sleepy?

75. If you have to stop, why do you think it is called ‘drive through’?

76. What do you think is the meaning of these words, ‘getting your dog fixed’? What is there to fix in a dog according to you?

77. If you get scared half to death two times what do you think should happen?

78. Do you think that cannibalism can stop your aging sign and why?

79. Do you think that the people who practice cannibalism can never eat clowns because they taste funny?

80. If the whole world is a big stage where do you think the audience can sit?

81. Why can you not shoot a tourist in a tourist season in your city?

82. Why do you think the order of the alphabet is in the correct order and do you sing the song of alphabets?

83. If you could write a novel about failure and the book does not sell well, what would you think about the significance of your book?

84. If someone does terrific work somewhere, do you think that person should get paid for his/ her work?

85. What are your thoughts about Disney world?

These questions can certainly make you think deeper and you may come out with a unique and surprising answer.

Dumb questions to ask your friends

Long conversations between friends can be a little spiced up by some stupid questions that can make you think and make you laugh at one time. Ask these questions to your friends and it will lighten the mood of your long serious conversations. 

86. Why are the blueberries not blue in color?

87. Don’t you think the Disney world is all about a giant mouse and his trap for the people?

88. Why do you think the electricity is coming from the electrons?

89. Greenland is generally covered with ice and white snow then why do you think it is called Greenland instead of white land?

90. If the source of the electricity is electrons then what do you think morality comes from, morons?

91. What do you think would happen if a vampire bites superman?

92. Do you think you can spell the word ‘creativity’ creatively in your own way?

93. How much do you think the infants enjoy their intimacy? Is it somewhere similar to the enjoyment of adultery?

94. Do you think people with several mental health issues should get special space for their parking?

95. Have you ever wanted to make an advertisement for an advertising company itself?

96. Has your friend ever called you during your office hours and asked you for any remote?

97. When there is something ‘goes without saying’ why do you think people still try to say it?

98. People often say, ‘don’t quit your day job’ but what do you think the people who work at night should be told?

99. Why does the 0 come after the number 1 in the keypad of your phone?

100. Why do you think the superheroes wear their underwear outside their pants? Do you think this gives them superpowers?

101. If the president of your country were gay what do you think his husband should be called? 

102. If you were granted three wishes from a genie and you wish to reject all the three wishes how do you think the genie would react? 

103. Why do the hairs on your armpit not have any split ends?

104. If someone refuses to give the exorcist his payment after a hectic exorcism do you think the exorcist can bring the spirit back for revenge?

105. Do you think your baby could get pregnant if you have sex in your pregnancy period?

106. Why does looking at the sun for a long time hurt your eyes?

107. Do you think the picture of the sun can hurt your eyes too if you look at it for a long time?

108. If you fall from a tree do you think that you may lose your virginity?

109. Why do people say that violence is not the answer to anything when they ask their children to read about the wars?

110. How do you think you should ask questions on the yahoo answers?

111. If you sold your car because the price of gas was too high, how could you get it back when the price drops?

112. How much-purified water do you think you drink every day?

113. How can you make toast in the microwave?

114. Who do you think is the father of the internet?

115. Do you think your pet should learn how to drive?

116. Why do you think the twenty-four hours open stores have locks on their doors when they don’t need them?

117. Do you know anyone who could sell their souls for something?

118. Have you ever failed to read any signs on the road while driving?

119. Do you think if you go to an alien planet then the aliens will abduct us for something?

120. Which English accent do you think is better and easier to learn, British or American?

121. If you are forty and you have only two teeth, what do you think is wrong with you?

Stupid questions to ask a guy

122. If your pet could talk, what do you think it would say that can completely ruin your reputation?

123. Which type of cheese do you like the most?

124. What is the weirdest and most embarrassing outfit you have ever worn in your life?

125. Is there any weird smell that you are attracted to and want to smell more?

126. How many chickens do you think killing a lion together?

127. Do you ever give any nicknames to your coworkers or your customers?

128. What is the funniest and weirdest name you have heard in your life?

129. Has anyone ever given you some stupid nickname and you actually loved it?

130. If there is a zombie apocalypse what do you think you would do to handle the situation?

131. If you have to give up one thing between cleaning your butt or brushing your teeth for one week, which one would you choose?

132. What is the worst bio you have ever seen on some profile at a dating site?

133. Would you rather be affected by a disease that can make you say out loud every thought that comes into your mind or the disease that can make your behavior inappropriate in any situation? 

134. If you could create a global holiday in your state what day and what occasion would you choose?

135. How many goats can you think of to kill an elephant if they work together?

136. After fifty years from now which is the one thing that would make you the most nostalgic? 

137. How could you describe the internet in one sentence?

138. What is the funniest joke you can tell to make someone laugh?

139. Have you ever intentionally smelled something weird and liked it?

140. Is there anything invisible that you wish you could see?

414. If you could cause a new type of rain instead of water what do you think you would do?

142. If you could be a mad scientist and you could research something crazy and money or ethics were not an issue what would you choose to do your research on?

143. If you could be a superhero with a unique ability, what would you think you would do and which special ability would you choose to have?

144. Would you rather own a mouse-sized bike or a dog-sized house?

145. Would you consider your cereal as soup?

146. If you got arrested suddenly for no specific reason what do you think could go wrong to result in this situation?

147. Have you ever been part of an inside joke?

148. What is the weirdest place you have ever urinated?

149. If you get to be the president for one day and get the opportunity to change only one thing in your country, what would you like to change?

150. If you could be the president of all the dogs in your country what would you do for them?

151. If animals could talk, which animal do you think would be the weirdest?

152. If you could change your name at this point what new name would you like to give yourself?

153. If you were banned from your favorite library what do you think the possible reasons could be?

154. If you could replace all the green grasses with something new what would that be?

155. If you could start a secret organization what would you like it for?

156. When was the last time the cashier of some supermarket gave you a weird look for buying something?

157. If you had two more siblings how would you like your birth order to be?

158. If you could have a paid trip anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?

159. Would you like to categorize a hotdog as a sandwich?

160. If you could start a secret conspiracy what do you think your topic would be?

161. If your life could be a video game, which game would you like it to be?

162. If you were cursed by a witch that you would be an electric object and to be a human again you need to be touched by a hundred people. Which specific object would you like to be if you want to break the spell within one week?

163. If there was an apocalypse coming with whom would you like to spend your last few days?

164. If you could replace the water with something else what would you like it to be?

165. If someone starts a conspiracy about you what do you think it will be about?

Stupid philosophical questions

Some of the stupid questions can give you a great insight into yourself and your thoughts. 

166. If you could go back to six hundred years ago with a bag full of modern clothes, how do you think you could convince everyone that you are from the future?  

167. What were the most embarrassing places and times when you farted in public?

168. If you were admitted to a mental asylum by mistake, how would you convince everyone that you are not supposed to be inside and this is a mistake? 

169. Would you rather be homeless wearing an oversized torn shirt or wearing new but extremely skinny and skin-colored undergarments?

170. What is your last most embarrassing realization that you have not shared with anyone yet?

171. If you were asked to impress some people with your dance move at gunpoint, how would you handle that situation and what would your dance move be?

172. Is there any fictional character whom you love reading in but it would be miserable if you actually know someone like that in real life?

173. If you were on a deserted island for three years all alone and then someone brought you back to a luxurious hotel. What would be the first thing that you want to do?

174. Have you ever taken part in any logical argument regarding any conspiracy?

175. If you were working with a skincare company what would you write for a tagline of your company?

176. Could you design a nice hat for yourself that can catch all the attention of everyone?

177. If you could mix two animals together and make a new animal what would you do?

178. If you could learn the language of the animals, which animal do you think would be most rude?

179. If you could eliminate one body part from your system, which one would it be?

180. If you get arrested without any clear reason, which one of your friends do you think may come to rescue you?

181. What are the top three things that no one should do on a regular basis but is okay to do occasionally?

182. If you could teach human language to one animal which animal do you think would it be?

183. If you could learn a foreign language, which language would you choose first?

184. If you could live on a deserted island for the rest of your life, where would you like to go?

185. Have you ever been arrested for some reason in your life?

Dumb questions to ask your parents

Sometimes asking some stupid questions to your parents can help you to improve your relationship with them. 

186. Different rooms generally have different temperatures so why do you think room temperature is considered as a standard measurement of warmth?

187. Do you know the actual meaning of the word ‘ok’?

188. People often say that something is ‘out of whack’, what do you think is the actual meaning of whack?

189. When something sells out very fast from a store, people often say that it is selling like ‘hotcakes’. What do you think this word means?

190. Why do you think that the words ‘oversee’ and ‘overlook’ have different meanings when the words ‘see’ and ‘look’ are actually synonyms?

191. If a person who has amnesia is cured overnight do you think that he/ she will be able to remember that he/ she had no memory once?

192. When something is called a mystery that means it is unsolved till now then why do people use the term ‘unsolved mystery?

193. Have you ever bought anything from a store that made the cashier uncomfortable for some moments?

194. Have you ever said something creepy to a passing stranger?

195. Do you think that the penguin has knees?

196. Why do you think the wound pizza comes in a square box and not in a  round box?

197. What do you think would be the worst name for a new business?

198. Does anyone you know keep reminding you about any cartoon character from your childhood?

199. If the world has your different male and female copies what do you think will happen?

200. If the world had a doppelganger of you and you meet that person all of a sudden how do you think it would feel like?

201. When we pamper a child and always give them what they want the child could be spoiled. If you pamper a cow and give it what it wants all the time do you think it will give you spoiled milk?

202. Do you think that drowsiness is a side effect of sleeping pills?

203. If a doctor had surgery during operating someone, who do you think the nurses and other doctors would pay attention to first?

204. What is the funniest way to answer a regular question like ‘how are you doing?

205. If someone wanted to be your student and learn everything you know, what would you do and what would be your first lesson?

206. If someone throws their pet cat outside what do you think the cat would be called?

207. Do you think that the mermaids lay eggs like fish or give birth to their children like humans?

208. Which symbol do you think symbolizes zero in Roman numerals?

209. What is the weirdest wifi name you have ever seen?

210. Are there any ridiculous facts that you know of?

211. Why do you think the water of the sea is salty?

212. If a UFO falls on the ground and then someone can recognize it do you think it would still be called a UFO?

213. What do you think is the most common cause of headaches in people?

214. If you could teleport yourself five hundred years forward how would you prove that you are coming from the past?

215. If you could reach the core of the earth what do you think would happen?

Select your favorite questions and ask your parents to see their answers.

Dumb questions to ask when high

Here we have some stupid questions for you that you can ask your friends when you are high.

216. What do you think you should call a male ladybug?

217. What do you think is the significance of the name of a self-help group when the purpose of the group is to help the people in need? If the group is helping then how can it be called self-help?

218. Why do you think atheists also use the word ‘my God’ when they do not believe in  God? 

219. If you are speechless in a situation that means you are able to talk at other times then how can you be speechless?

220. Is there anything popular now but it will not be that popular after a few years?

221. Why do you think people use the term ‘after dark’ to symbolize nighttime when it is actually dark at night?

222. When the psychic already knows about you and your arrival then why do you think that there is a need to get an appointment to visit a psychic?

223. Why do you think a grapefruit does not taste like grapes at all?

224. What do you think is the difference between a ‘wise guy’ and a ‘wise man’?

225. Is there any movie that you can change the plot of just by changing or eliminating one letter from its name?

226. If dried plums are called prunes, where do you think plural juice comes from?

227. Is there anything that once was considered trashy but now it has become classy?

228. What is the weirdest thing that someone has done at your house?

229. If the people from Poland are called poles what do you think the people from Holland should be called?

230. Is there any fun alternative to a war that can help two countries to settle their problems?

231. What is the sexiest name you have ever heard?

232. Have you ever seen someone’s torn underwear?

233. Where do you think the dictionary makers found the meaning of the words when there was no dictionary?

234. Do you think you can blow up a balloon underwater?

235. What is the least sexy name you have ever given to someone?

236. Is there anything that makes people look stupid when they are doing it? 

237. Why do we use the phrase ‘working like a dog’ when real dogs can only lie around all day?

238. Who do you think invented the word ‘door’ first and why did he choose this word to describe a door?

239. Why do you think people don’t talk via singing in real life like in a movie?

240. What do you think dog food tastes like?

241. How much do you think you would like a pineapple pizza?

242. Is there any kids movie that has scared you even if for a moment?

243. Why do you think we say ‘we have responsibilities on our shoulders’ when after completing the responsibility we say ‘it got off our chest’? 

244. If everyone in this world is in debt, who do you think we owe money to?

245. When a boy is named after his dad and is called ‘junior’ what do you think we should call if a girl is named after her mom?

246. What do you think, you are decisive or indecisive?

247. Why do you think desserts are eaten after a meal?

248. Why do you think that the size chart is different for men and women for shoes?

249. What is the weirdest and funniest business screw-up you have ever heard of?

250. If your ten years old self suddenly met you, what do you think their reaction would be like?

Ask these questions when you are high and see if you can find a surprising answer.

Stupid questions to ask your boyfriend

You can completely change the mood of a bad conversation with your boyfriend by asking some stupid questions. 

We have some stupid questions for your boyfriend that can make our conversation juicy and quirky. 

251. Why do you think people use leaf blowers instead of leaf suckers?

252. Captain America has a shield in the movie but does not have any sword, do you know why?

253. When you eat a beer, which part do you like to eat first?

254. Why do you think the zombies eat human brains?

255. Why do you think the solar panels never overheat?

256. Why do you think men have dirtier armpits than women?

257. What is the first thing you remember about the first stage of your childhood?

258. Would you like to kiss a cute animal even if it was dirty?

259. Why do you think we call the month of June, June?

260. Do you think men should shave their whole bodies?

261. How many time do you think a man think of sex in a normal day?

262. Where does the word ‘lit’ come from according to you?

263. How many times do you think a man looks at himself in the mirror?

264. Do you think men are more self-conscious than women?

265. Is a guy attracted to any specific bad smell sometimes? 

266. Do you think boys share their gross stories with their friends?

267. If there is an alternative planet do you think men and women would just be the same on that planet?

268. How can it be possible that everyone has the same brain structure but different IQ levels?

269. If a guy lost his finger in some accident do you think still he would find a way to masturbate?

270. What are the weird or gross things that a guy does according to you?

271. Which type of songs do you think guys like the most?

272. Which fictional villain do you hate the most and why do you hate him/ her?

273. If an animal could do the work you do, which animal do you think would do it perfectly?

274. What is your funniest drunk story?

275. Is there any specific name you hate because you have met someone of that name and he/ she turned out to be a horrible person?

276. What is the thing that you often forget when you leave your house?

277. What do you think is the main reason behind our dreams?

278. Have you ever discovered something cool that you did not know?

279. Which one topic do you think that you would never be able to agree with a woman on?

280. What do you think different colors would taste like if they had taste?

281. Do you think every guy shares everything with their best friends?

282. When a guy answers a question asked by a girl he likes, do you think that there is a chance that he could lie?

283. How can a woman know if the guy she is dating is a good person or not?

284. Do you think hookups are very normal for a single guy?

285. Do you think a guy is more complicated than a woman?

286. How many books do you think a guy can read in a year?

287. If all the guys around you do their makeup like a woman how do you think you would feel?

288. What do you think would happen if all the guys in your country turned into women?

289. Which one thing does every guy need in their life?

290. Which movie do you think every guy would love to watch?

Stupid questions to ask a girl

Asking some stupid questions to a girl can be a good ice breaker and help you to start a beautiful conversation sometimes.

291. What do you think would happen if there were no such things as makeup? 

292. How much do you think women love to gossip?

293. Why do you think women gossip about each other behind their backs and pretend to be best friends? 

294. Who do you think inspires women the most?

295. What would you like to do if you had all the money in the world?

296. Do you think lucky numbers play an important role in our lives?

297. What do you think is the most special thing you have?

298. Do you think that women are less interested in sports than guys? 

299. Do you think women are very complicated?

300. What do you think about a guy crying?

301. Do you think women can lie to be liked by someone?

302. How much do you think women can trust their best friends?

303. If women never had so much variety in clothing what do you think would happen?

304. Is there one thing that no woman can resist in a guy?

305. What is the grossest thing that a woman can do according to you?

306. Why do you think women are obsessed with clothes?

307. Have you ever started gossiping about someone?

308. What is the one thing that women can never tolerate in friendship?

309. Why do you think people walk their dogs?

310. Why do you think some animals lay eggs and some give birth?

311. Why are women so jealous of each other?

312. What is the definition of friendship according to a woman’s perspective?

313. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life what would you choose it to be?

314. Which is the one thing in a guy that no woman can tolerate?

315. Which movie do you think every girl would not mind watching twice? you think women are more emotional than men?

317. Have you ever wanted to have a life like a romantic movie?

318. Sometimes people say ‘K’ instead of okay, what do you think it actually means?

319. Who do you think tasted a lime first and said the taste should be called sour?

320. Who do you think decided which language is what?

321. Do you think dreams can predict the future?

322. If someone woke up after having a nightmare do you think that he/ she had a bad day too?

323. Is it impossible to cry when you are underwater?

324. Who do you think made magnets?

325. If you could be a kitten what would you like to name yourself?

Stupid questions to ask your girlfriend

Asking some stupid questions to your girlfriend during a serious conversation can make her laugh and improve your bond with her too.

326. If you could be five years old for a day what do you think you would do?

327. What is the weirdest nightmare you have ever had?

328. What is your weirdest dating experience?

329. If you ever had to kiss a girl, who would you like it to be?

330. Do you wet your toothbrush before or after putting toothpaste on it?

331. What do you think is your funniest childhood story?

332. What is your funniest fart story?

333. If you could be an animal, which animal would you like to be?

334. Do you still like to sleep with your soft toys?

335. What do you think is the weirdest pizza topping ever?

336. Have you ever slow danced to a disco song?

337. What do you think your feet smell like?

338. What is the weirdest argument you have ever had with someone?

339. If you could trade your life with someone who would you like it to be and why?

340. Is there any invention that you think is totally useless?

341. Do you think love can make someone a better person?  

342. Who do you think invented the word ‘book’?

343. Have your parents given you the sex talk?

344. Which childhood toy are you most attached to?

345. Can you compliment and insult someone using just one sentence?

346. Would you cover the earth with chocolate if you could do it?

347. What is the silliest thing you have done in your life till now?

348. Is there any childhood toy that you still play with?

349. What do you think your toys can think about you?

350. What is the weirdest thing you have ever smelled?

Stupid interview questions to ask

Sometimes an interviewer can ask some stupid questions to test your confidence and creativity.

A stupid question can also represent your intelligence level. Here we are providing some sample questions that can help you to prepare.

351. What do you think is the color of success?

352. What are your thoughts about true love?

353. In what year do you think the earth was created?

354. If a person from the past could come to the present time and meet you, how would you react?

355. Is it possible that your neighbors are aliens and no one knows it?

356. When you try to memorize something, what do you think happens in your brain?

357. Do you think every new day is the same as yesterday?

358. Are there any lies in your resume?

359. Do you think a car can get tired too after a long journey?

360. If you could teleport yourself in any bathroom in this world, which bathroom would you like to choose and why?

361. Do you think you would explode if people poke you at the same moment?

362. Is it possible for your brain to manipulate you? what do you think?

363. If we were supposed to love bad smells do you think taking a bath would still be necessary?

364. What do you think makes an individual free from everything?

365. What do you hate the most about your last job?

366. Can you describe yourself in three words?

Stupid trivia questions

367. What is the smallest state in the United state?

Ans: Rhode Island

368. Where can you find ‘The little mermaid statue’?

Ans: Denmark

369. How many hamburgers does Mcdonald’s sell every second on an average?

Ans: 75

370. By the number of the stores, what is the largest chain of restaurants in the world?

Ans: Subway

371. What do you think is the national animal of Scotland?

Ans: Unicorn 

372. What is illegal for single women to do in Florida on Sunday?

Ans: Skydiving

373. Who do you think invented The World Vomit?

Ans: William Shakespear

374. How many Americans claim that they have been abducted by aliens?

Ans: 6 million

375. In California, you are unable to buy a mousetrap without having what?

Ans: A hunting license

376. What is the most common toilet paper color in France?

Ans: Pink

377. What do you think the cross between a zebra and a donkey is called?

Ans: Zedonk

378. What is illegal to eat with a fork in Georgia?

Ans: Eating fried chicken

379. What is illegal to do at French Vineyards?

Ans: Landing a flying saucer 

380. Where is it illegal to swear in Texas?

Ans: In front of a corpse

381. What does the average person do 13 times a day?

Ans: Laugh

382. Can you sneeze in your sleep?

Ans: No

383. For a unicorn group, what is the collective noun?

Ans: A blessing

384. After 6 m what is banned in public places in Florida?

Ans: Farting

385. What does the average American do 22 times a day?

Ans: Open their fridge

Good dumb questions to ask

386. What do you think the puppy’s breath smells like?

387. Why do people use the term ‘pig-tells’ when a pig has only one tail?

388. Can you hear the sound of a balloon popping in a vacuum?

389. If you sneeze on a flute what sound will it make?

390. A candle can evaporate when it’s burning, does that mean that we are inhaling candles?

391. If you do not use headphones for making a call should you call them headphones?

392. How can you change the water of a water bed?

393. If grasslands exist in this world do you think there is a weedland too?

394. If one twin is scared of the dark do you think the other twin would be scared too?

395. If you break your ankle do you think your bones would scream too?

396. Why do you think donuts have their holes?

397. If your cream and no sound comes out of it can you still call it a scream?

398. What do you think would happen if the alphabet started from the letter Z?

399. If your pet could understand your language would you share everything with them?

400. If a white flag signifies truce what do you think a black flag should symbolize?

401. If you could shapeshift into something else who would you like to be?

402. Can anyone sleep in the swimming pool?

403. What do you think would happen if the night was warmer and the dau was colder?

404. If ur nails do not have a life how can they grow?

405. If our hair is dead how can it stay stuck to our head?

406. What do you think a rock tastes like?

407. If someone is sad we say that they are ‘blue’, can we say ‘dark blue’ instead of ‘blue’ if they are excessively sad?

408. If a dragon can breathe fire, what would it do if it sneezed?

409. Does our smell improve as we grow old?

410. If your best friend transformed into a fog would you like to walk him/ her?

Dumb questions to ask your teacher

411. Do you think that high-speed trains can run out of breath?

412. If you could find New Zealand on the map, where would you find Old Zeeland?

413. Why do we say peanut butter when there is no butter involved?

414. Do you think the sun sets because it is shy and trying to hide?

415. When someone is heartbroken can’t you stick that back with glue?

416. When someone says that they want to go soul searching does that mean they are going to search for ghosts?

417. Do you think that you bite your nails when you are actually hungry?

418. People say that the pen is mightier than a sword then why don’t the knights carry their pen instead of swords?

419. Why do you wave when you are trying to say goodbye to someone?

420. Why do you think flashlights do not flash?

421. Why do you think elephants do when they feel itching in their trunk?

422. Do you think spiders really need to use their eight legs or they are just unnecessary?

423. Do you know the meanings of all the phrases you use while talking?

424. Why do you think the sky is blue?

425. Do you think there is a reason that the grass is green?

426. How wooly do you think a mammoth could be?

427. If pigs could fly, what do you think would happen?

428. What do you think came first, the egg or the chicken?

429. If you could be a spider for one day what would you do?

430. Do you think an elephant can be defeated by an ant in a fight?

Stupid truth or dare questions


431. Have you ever dunk called your ex?

432. What was the craziest rumor you heard about yourself? 

433. How many ants do you think you have seen in your life?

434. Have you ever started a rumor about someone?

435. What is your silliest pick-up line ever?

436. Have you ever thought that there might be something inside your closet?

437. If there was a bear inside your wardrobe how would you react?

438. What would you like to call the language of the ducks?

439. What is your sleep habit?

440. What do you think is the stupidest thing you believed in your childhood?

441. What was the worst gift someone brought you?

442. Can you make sounds like thunder? 

443. Why do you think you get goosebumps?

444. Would you rather be a fairy or a butterfly?

445. Would you rather have an extra nose or an extra eye?

446. If you could have your own country how would you like to design your flag?

447. If you could choose a theme song for your life, which song would you choose?

448. If you could narrate your life to someone, who would you like it to be?

449. If you could spend your life on a different planet, where would you like it to be?

450. If you fly a balloon in the sky, where do you think it goes?

451. Would you rather forget about your past or know all about your future?

452. Why do you think flies are called flies?

453. Would you rather run like a cheetah or fight like a lion?

454. Do you think your toys would feel alone when you are not home?

455. If you could be a fox what would you do?

456. If you could turn into a spider, which spider would you like to be?

457. If a dog could walk on two legs how do you think it would dance?

458. How many people do you think you have a crush on in a day?

459. Which song do you think always turns you on?

460. Have you ever laughed in a serious situation?


461. Sing your favorite song in a silly voice. 

462. Look at me and stop blinking for thirty seconds.

463. Imitate your favorite cartoon character.

464. Call a friend and prank him/ her.

465. Say something with your mouth closed.

466. Try to eat a piece of cake without using your hands.

467. Eat a spoonful of mustard sauce.

468. Bark like a dog for five minutes.

469. Go to your roof and howl like a wolf.

470. Imitate your favorite teacher from school.

471. Pretend to be someone else for ten minutes.

472. Prank your parents by saying you are pregnant.

473. Try to juggle with three eggs.

474. Imitate your favorite celebrity for ten minutes.

475. Write a silly poem about love and make a video of reciting it.

476. Call your partner and talk in a silly voice.

477. Call your parents and pretend to be drunk.

478. Make a funny face and hold it for three minutes.

479. Click a picture of making a stupid face and post it on your social media.

480. Make a video on how to pick your nose.

481. Open a pack of snacks using your teeth.

482. Call your ex and try to prank him/ her.

483. Take a broom and pretend to be a witch.

484. Pole dance with an imaginary pole.

485. Pretend to seduce someone of your same gender.

486. Go to your neighbor’s house and ask for a glass of water.

487. Pretend to be a salesman and try to sell something to your neighbor.

488. Write something by holding the pen with your mouth.

489. Hold some ice cubes in your hand till they melt.

490. Put some salt in a glass of water and drink it.

Best stupid questions to ask

491. Would you rather go to sleep at an exact time for the rest of your life or wake up early at an exact time for the rest of your life? 

492. Would you rather be covered in fur instead of normal skin?

493. Would you rather live in a place where it’s always rainy or in someplace where it’s always night?

494. If you could get a chance to rule the world would you take that chance even if you could never see your family again?

495. If you could go to the future in which year would you like to go?

496. If you could be famous for something, which area would you like to choose?

497. If you could be able to disappear into the thin air what do you think you would do?

498. If you could be able to fly but you need to give up your legs for that what would you choose?

499. If someone throws you in jail for no reason, whom do you call first?

500. Do you think all the ladybugs are female?

501. Why do you think bubbles come out from the mouth of a fish? Do you think that it’s a symbol of their screaming?

502. If cars did not exist anymore, what do you think would be the substitute?

503. If geese are the plural form of goose what do you think would be the plural form of moose?

504. If you could only eat potatoes for a whole day, which preparation would you choose to eat?

505. Why do you think the vampires are allergic to garlic?

506. Who do you think first invented popcorn?

507. Which type of beans do you like the most?

508. Do you think donuts and some kind of bangles?

509. Do you think eating salsa creates the urge to do salsa in people?

510. If you could only choose one flavor of ice cream for the rest of your life, which flavor would you choose?

511. Do you have any fear of long words?

512. What do you think is the mandatory amount of alcohol that can make someone drunk?

513. Would anyone put some penny for your thoughts?

514. How do you think bankruptcy attorneys pay their bills?

 515. If you could bring life to an inanimate object, which objects would you like to choose?

Points that you need to remember while asking stupid questions

Selection of your questions

Be careful about the selection of your question. Your question should not hurt someone’s feelings at any cost.

You need to be careful about the person you are talking to. Your question should be appropriate for the person opposite.

Be confident

Confidence is very important in this case. Be confident while having a conversation with someone and be very clear about what you are asking.

Be bold and clear with your questions. This will help you to make this conversation more interesting. 

Try to be open-minded

When you are asking some stupid questions try to be open-minded and prepare yourself to accept any type of answer.

The answer could be stupid too or someone may also surprise you with their answers. 

Have fun

Having fun is the most important thing in this case. The purpose of asking these questions is to enjoy your conversation with everyone. 

Wrap up

Asking stupid questions to someone can make your conversation easier and lighten up the mood.

These questions can help you to explore the person you are talking to and increase your bond with them. This will make your conversation more enjoyable and fun.