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150+ Things to Talk about With Your Boyfriend – the Only List You’ll Ever Need!

150+ Things to Talk about With Your Boyfriend – the Only List You’ll Ever Need!

Updated on Oct 13, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

150+ Things to Talk about With Your Boyfriend – The Only List You will Ever Need!

If you are clueless about the things to talk about with your boyfriend, I’m glad you bumped into this think piece (read: super-comprehensive think-piece), instead of ruining your conversations with him.

Honestly, when I ran out of topics to discuss with my boyfriend, I didn’t find anything helpful on the internet. So, I decided to write this that can help you plump up your conversation with thrilling questions and entertaining answers. 

This guide will be equally helpful when you want to have a non-stop and fully arresting conversation with your boyfriend, which is why the article contains countless captivating topics on the list to talk about!

So, without any further delay, keep scrolling down the topics and take a pause to talk on topics that interest you.

To strike an enchanting discussion, what can be better than fun things to talk about with your boyfriend!

150+ Things to Talk about With Your Boyfriend – the Only List You’ll Ever Need!
150+ Things to Talk about With Your Boyfriend – the Only List You’ll Ever Need!

Fun things to talk about with your boyfriend

To talk about fun things, you must have a grasp on fun facts. Not every person is born with a good sense of humor. So, maybe you are one of them. And if that’s the context smarty, you are in the absolutely right place to get your guidance on it!

Aiming for an arresting conversation has to begin with Fun questions. Not only do they make up a happy couple moment for you, these fun topics leave no scope for you to get bored.

Remember, you can always spice up a funny question to your own liking and comfort!

1. Social media

What can be better than this to start with a fun talk!

Social media definitely has its own pros and cons but one of its prominent advantages is the comic relief it provides. Irrespective of the social media platform you choose, you are certainly going to come across a couple of hilarious jokes and posts that will make you laugh your heart out!

1. What is the most hilarious joke that you’ve come across on your social media?

2. What was the funniest proposal text you’ve received on a social media platform?

3. What was the most creepy post that you’ve ever shared on a social media platform?

To make it funnier for you and your boyfriend let us move on to washroom habits!

2. Washroom habits

Who doesn’t giggle at peculiar washroom habits? These funny washroom habits are worth all your time. Let’s begin the conversation then!

1. Do you avoid entering a toilet used by a particular guest or relative because it is going to be a smelly one?

2. What was the funniest washroom accessory that you’ve ever come across?

3. How long do you take to freshen up?

Why just these, there are a lot more questions that will be no less than a laughing syrup. But for now, let’s talk about some humorous kitchen plunders!

3. Kitchen plunders

Do you remember Boiling milk to an extent that you could no longer recognize your own vessel and the family members could not stop guessing the smoke? Well, that’s a common plunder!

Why not talk about some more comic plunders here?

1. How many utensils have you burnt during your failed cooking attempts? How long did it take you to clean them?

2. What is the funniest cooking memory that you’ve ever had in your real-life experience?

3. Can you identify different spices and name each of them?

You can include some more sweet and sour conversations to keep the fun going, but if you need a switch, we will move on to Lame jokes!

4. Lame Jokes

Why don’t all couples go to the gym for workouts? Because some relationships don’t work out! 😂

It was still much better than some of the lamest jokes that you must have come across! Why not revive them all again and have fun out of it!

1. What is that one lame joke that you still remember and smile or giggle at?

2. When did you feel extremely embarrassed after cracking a lame joke?

3. Do you actually find lame jokes funnier than normal ones?

This must have been fun. Let’s continue with the fun flow and discuss some real creepy incidents of life!

5. Creepy moments

These creepy moments make us feel truly embarrassed at times. But once we recall these funny incidents, it naturally lights up our faces with a laugh!

But instead of whispering the secrets, let us be loud about them and laugh out loud!

1. When did you talk in a creepy manner to a stranger?

2. How many creepy people have you come across in life? Name them!

3. Describe an incident when you got emotional while expressing your affection and discovered later on that you were being creepy?

Don’t let the laughter cease… because it will only become louder with our next topic!

6. Embarrassing moments

When you trip and fall in a public place or are unable to carry yourself decently when required to do so… most of us feel the embarrassment taking over.

As long as this embarrassment provides us with light-hearted humor, it’s worth the talk! Let’s discuss some of these moments with your boyfriend.

1. What makes you feel more embarrassed, burping in public or farting in public?

2. What is something that your parents talk normally about but you find it embarrassing?

3. When did you embarrass someone recently? Was it intentional?

To be honest, I am seriously embarrassed to see my parents debating with strangers, but it’s quite normal for my parents if they don’t find a certain habit of the stranger appreciative.

Moving on, we have some childhood pranks for a fun conversation!

7. Childhood pranks

Both of you must have long fun stories of your childhood. So, let us find out who was more mischievous of the two of you as a child.

1. Have you ever intentionally peed in your pants when you were a kid? Why did you do so?

2. Have you stolen things as kids?

3. What was the prank that went wrong when you were a child?

Children are notorious, but that’s what makes them children. I am sure it must have been a great time recalling your childhood memories. Next up, we have some peculiar ex-moments!

8. Ex-moments

Everyone has a past and after spending some grave time regretting the past, we all end up accepting whatever has happened.

As a matter of fact, we even start laughing at those memories because some of them are really funny!

1. What relationship advice were you given by your ex?

2. How many times did you lie to your ex?

3. Did you ever find your ex being a miser? Can you recall an incident?

The secret of a healthy relationship is being comfortable while discussing your past and future with each other.

To make the giggles louder, we have comedy shows as our next topic!

9. Comedy shows

Watching your favorite comedy show is an effective therapy to overcome an emotionally overwhelming period. Conversing on some of these comedy shows is not a bad idea either!

1. Who is your favorite character in (Comedy show’s name)?

2. Would you mimic your favorite comedian?

3. Have you controlled your bladder just because you did not want to miss a single episode of your favorite comedy show?

The mimicry must have been hilarious. Now, let’s end this fun questions list with a bang on in-bed blunders.

10. In-bed plunders

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We all have come across such plunders now and then, and it may keep happening again. In fact, it is these plunders in bed that make some of the cutest and funniest memories for the future.

So instead of hiding your face and shying off about the secrets, be loud while laughing at them. This is going to be a little nasty!

1. Have you ever hurt yourself in bed while making out? How long did it take to cure?

2. Have you asked for permission to pee just before you get into bed and make love while your partner was already turned on?

3. What was the maximum time that you struggled with wearing a condom?

Those were some most common blunders that almost all people make in bed! In fact, you can take your time to burst the bubbles on some more comic plunders that have occurred in bed!

I am sure you thoroughly enjoyed these hilarious topics discussing with your boyfriend.

But after a fun banter, if you wish to move to a serious conversation, here are some…

Serious things to talk about with your boyfriend

It’s time to see those bright eyes and raised eyebrows speaking in a wise manner!

Serious conversation starters are one of the best to help you learn about relationships and establish a better bond with your partner. And what can be better if you can have some serious discussions with your boyfriend with the help of these super-interesting topics

Don’t worry, neither you nor your love is going to get bored of them!

So let us head straight towards the topics of discussion without delaying it any further.

First up, let’s begin with some advice!

11. Pieces of advice

It’s wonderful if both of you can share some pieces of advice that have worked for you in the past. You never know if a particular piece of advice can improve a waking life situation.

Here are a few questions that can help you trigger an engaging conversation.

1. What is the best piece of relationship advice that you’ve learned to date?

2. What is the worst piece of advice that you’ve heard?

3. Are you good at advising people? How much advice has yielded positive outcomes?

Another secret for having the healthiest relationship is to keep learning from each other’s life experiences.

Moving on, let’s talk about role models in your life!

12. Role Model

Getting to know the role model of your boyfriend gives an idea about the type of personality that he pursues. So go ahead and talk to him with the following questions:

1. Who is your role model? What makes him or her your role model?

2. Why do you think it is important to have a role model in life?

3. Do you think I possess any of the qualities of your role model?

Getting a compliment that you possess the qualities of someone’s role model can really warm your heart.

Moving ahead we have life lesson discussions on the list!

13. Life Lessons

Life Experiences are the best tutors. It teaches us so many lessons on a daily basis so let’s see what lessons your boyfriend has to share with you!

1. What is the most important lesson that you have learned to date?

2. If you write a book on the lessons of life, what would you name the book?

3. What was one lesson in life that you wish you could learn earlier?

The conversation is certainly getting more absorbing now. Keep it going with the following topics.

Next up is, Guilt.

14. Guilt

None of us are free from self-guilt. There are some actions and decisions in all our lives that we keep regretting.

Instead of creating a pile of such emotions in our minds, we must speak about them and let go of them.

1. What is the biggest guilt that you have had in your life to date?

2. What do you do when you feel guilty about a certain action or decision?

3. Do you think after today’s confession you will be living a guilt-free life?

Talking about serious things cannot be complete without including an educational topic in case both of you are fond of intellectual discussions!

15. Education

Education is not always a boring thing to discuss. In fact, such a discussion can greatly impact your future if both of you have planned your future together. It all depends on how you perceive things.

To make the discussion interactive and gripping, here you go with the questions:

1. What was your favorite educational year? Why so?

2. Are you looking forward to moving abroad for higher studies? How will I stay without you?

3. How do you want your children to be educated?

Now that you know about the boyfriend’s opinion on education, let us take it further with a career-related discussion!

16. Career

Besides being serious, this is one of the most important discussions that one must-have if you are looking at a future with your current boyfriend.

Career talks help you understand each other’s priorities, lifestyle, life schedules, positions, worth, pursuits, and so on!

So, let’s begin:

1. What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

2. What are the ambitions that you wish to achieve in the future?

3. What are the career improvements that you are presently working on?

If one is clear about one’s career, life is almost sorted. Without breaking the seriousness of the moment, let us move on to discipline.

17. Discipline

Needless to say, it is very important to be aware of your boyfriend’s definition of discipline and regulations in his own life.

With a wider population of the world-embracing western culture and a free lifestyle, we still have some disciplines in common. So, check your compatibility as partners on this.

1. When does discipline transform into a restriction or a barrier?

2. Do you think disciplined people are extremists?

3. What are the disciplined habits that you swear by in your own life? Do you want me to follow certain rules as well?

Having talked about extremists, restrictions, and discipline we cannot miss on a very vital aspect of the ‘serious’ circuit: mental health. You must be looking forward to such a pragmatic discussion!

18. Mental Health

Mental health was not given so much importance until lately. Poor mental health is the reason for most relationship troubles. And it will surprise you to know that one of the biggest reasons for having a stressful mental condition is living with bottled-up emotions and feelings.

Yes, people are uncomfortable disclosing their feelings but it is our duty to make them feel secure and share their stress.  

With that, we will discuss a few important questions on a healthy mental state!

1. What shakes your mental stability immensely?

2. Where do you go to find peace when you are extremely depressed and irritated?

3. What would you do to make me stable if I lose my emotional peace?

Wait. We haven’t yet discussed the most serious topic: Finances!

19. Finances

These money matters are not just important to be discussed but they are interesting too. Aren’t you excited to find out how good your boyfriend is at managing finances?

Of course, you are.

Here you go with the questions:

1. How much money have you saved to date? What are your savings goals for the year?

2. What would you do if you won the lottery prize of (X)?

3. What are the three tips to manage one’s finances better?

That was great!

I am sure you could have further discussions on this but for people who don’t want to dig too deep with this. Let’s move on to “Jobs” as our next topic of conversation.

20. Jobs

This again can be a never-ending conversation. We all have so much to discuss our jobs, bosses, colleagues, and workloads.

So, what are we waiting for? Dive straight into the conversation!

1. Describe the nature of your present Boss? How much do you like him or her?

2. Which colleagues are jealous of you? Why?

3. Do you procrastinate on your work? What do you do to deal with your workload?

See I told you, it is going to be serious but not a drowsy conversation.

Let’s relieve the seriousness of the moment with some random stuff!

Random things to talk about with your boyfriend

There are certain topics that deserve the freedom to be called “Random” instead of being fit under a certain type or category of conversation. Basically, these are general questions that keep bubbling in your heads on a daily basis.

Such free-floating thoughts often prove to be very exciting for discussions.

You can simply know the current update of your man’s life with these random topics.

Let’s begin with dogs!

21. Dogs

If your boyfriend is a dog lover, this can be the best point of conversation to start with. The cute pets are so adorable that you can talk about them all day long.

Especially, if one of you happens to pet this furry friend, you are going to love these questions!

1. Which breed of dog do you want to own? Why do you like it so much?

2. How do you come to know if your dog is up for a pet session?

3. Whom would you choose to be with: 5 cute dogs or 10 beautiful girls?

That must have been a lovely thing to talk about. Next up, we have Alphabets in the list of random discussions!

22. Alphabets

Are you wondering whether or not we can make a conversation out of alphabets? Well, I do not see the harm in trying it. See how you find it.

1. If you could change the way of writing some alphabets, what would they be and how would you write them again?

2. What are the alphabets that are the first initials of your ex’s name?

3. What spelling can you frame with these alphabets: “O”, ” L”, “R”, ” W”, “D”?

Don’t you think you can talk even longer about this topic? I told you!

For the next topic of things to talk about with your boyfriend, we have some random daily stuff!

23. Daily Stuff

Right from when do you take the first cup of your coffee? Where do you go for a brisk walk? … There are many interesting things to talk about in our daily lives. Let’s explore a few!

1. What do you prefer: hot shower or a cool shower?

2. What is the name of your house help?

3. How often do you wash your garments?

Remember, you are always free to throw follow-up questions for further discussions.

You must enjoy these cute and small talks with the special boy of your life!

Next up, we have the favorite topics for boys… electronic devices and gadgets!

24. Devices

This is one of the best topics to discuss with your boyfriend. Most boys spring up from the couch when the discussion is about the latest gadgets and devices.

So why not make this a treat topic of discussion for them?

1. Name a device without which you cannot start your day.

2. How many mobile phones have you owned to date?

3. What is an annoying device that you simply cannot stand?

Hope you are enjoying it… upcoming topics are going to be even more thrilling to talk about.

The next thing about which you can talk to your boyfriend is a super-gripping one: Brands!

25. Brands

Brands are not just the best thing to talk about for girls, but this topic interests the boys equally! Won’t you try and get an idea about the favorite brands of your boyfriend, so that the next time you give him something of his choice, he appreciates your effort?

1. What is the name or names of your favorite clothing brands?

2. If you could shop all your essentials from just one brand, what would it be?

3. Are you more of a brand(s) person or even a local thing that can attract you?

Next, let’s discuss some random morning habits with your boyfriend!

26. Mornings

Your beloved might not be a morning person but he can still have some random things to talk about in the mornings.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a morning person in your life, there are so many more discussions that you can engage in.  

1. When did you last wake up before 6 AM? Is that your usual time for getting up in the morning?

2. What is the first thing you like to do in the morning when you are up from bed? Why do you choose to be a morning person?

3. What is something that annoys you every morning and disturbs your sleep?

That’s not all about random things to talk about, we still have some greatly indulging topics such as cycling, cats, and grocery shopping!

27. Cycling

Our cycles happen to be the most convenient mode of transport, exercising machines, fun props, and childhood memories. A cycle can easily revive so many good memories!

1. When did you learn cycling? How did you travel to your school by cycle?

2. Who was the last girl to sit on the back seat of your cycle?

3. Do you think cycling is the best exercise? Explain any three benefits of cycling.

Next up, let’s talk about cats!

28. Cats

These furry felines are just so cute that they can grab our attention the entire day. Even if both of you hate cats, this can prove to be a casual discussion with just three questions amidst all the other topics!

1. Why do you love or hate cats?

2. Would you pet a cat in the near future if you were paid a huge amount to do so, or if you already have one?

3. How would you feel if you knew that I love or hate cats?

I am sure the questions were fair enough for both cat lovers and haters. We are getting better on this. Moving on, we have grocery shopping on the list!

29. Grocery shopping

We all know this is not everybody’s cup of tea. But grocery shopping is such a fun topic for those who do it.  

All those combo packages, 50% discounts, and jumbo packs are so exciting! So, let’s find out whether or not your boyfriend finds it exciting.

1. What is a must-have on your grocery shopping list?

2. What is one discount you long for? When did you last avail it?

3. When did you last trick a shopkeeper to give you free goods?

Last and the most entertaining topic under this list is the neighborhood!

30. Neighborhood

Neighborhoods are always interesting for some or another reason. It can be just random things such as the neighbor’s pet, garden, or the girl next door!

Let’s see what made your boyfriend like or dislike his neighborhood.

1. Have you ever come across a beautiful girl in your neighborhood and you wanted to date her? What happened after?

2. Today you are free to complain about any 3 annoying habits of your neighbors! Do not forget to name them.

3. How would you feel, if I were your neighbor? What would you do?

These were such entertaining random topics to discuss!

Next, it is time to call upon some freaky memories from the past and unveil all those freaky secrets.

After all, who doesn’t want to discuss some freaky moments with their boyfriend?

Freaky things to talk about with your boyfriend

Suppose you are on your first date and you realize that you forgot to spray perfume. That might freak you out if you have smelly armpits!

I am sure you must have had several such freaky incidents in your life. Why not share these freaky moments and have a hilarious conversation together…

31. Punctuality

Believe it or not, I can feel every bit of this freaking thought. You too can relate to it if you remember standing just in front of the main door of the school and praying to the almighty for the principal to allow another late entry!

To discuss more such freaky events, let us get straight into the talking!

1. Can you count the number of times you have been late for school? Were you allowed to enter then?

2. Have you ever made a girl wait on a first date?

3. Have you become more of a punctual person or you’re still the same lazy leg to the office?

You must also remember some challenging phases of your life that made you freak out badly. That’s the next topic!

32. Challenges

Yes, there are people who love challenges; but then there are people who freak out badly when faced with difficult situations. Let’s find out on which side your boyfriend falls!

1. What is one challenge that made you freak out the most to date?

2. How many challenges have you failed in life?

3. Do you accept challenges impulsively or do you think twice before accepting a challenge?

Alright then, if not the challenges, there must be some freaky risks that you have taken in life. Let’s make it the next thing to talk about!

33. Risks

Risks do not feel like risks unless they’re freaky!

While a reckless thought or risk can break your life, a thoughtful risk can make your life. You must be eager to know what risks has your honey taken in his life:

1. What was the freakiest risk that you have taken in life? Was it worth it?

2. What is one risk that you always wanted to take but did not get a chance?

3. How do you define risks? Are they fun or a threat?

That’s becoming a freaky conversation now. Without obstructing the freaky flow, let’s talk about another freaky topic: Death!

34. Death

No matter how much you deny the fact, people do freak out when they are close to death.

This is something mammals simply cannot help. Let’s see if the person you are talking to has faced one of those freaky moments in his life!

1. Have you ever felt close to death? What were you thinking then?

2. Do you think you’re scared of dying? Why/Why not?

3. If you could decide your own death day, when would you choose it to be?

Okay, so that was a bit scary too. Moving on we have a lighter topic with the same freaky flavor to keep things fun: Its clothes!

35. Clothes

I am sure you need not be told how freaky moments can be created with the wrong clothing!

We all have faced it at least once in our lifetime. Why not bring more of those restless experiences into the conversation:

1. How many times have you stepped out with the wrong pair of shoes? What would you do if somebody would have caught you doing the same?

2. How many times have you realized that your pant’s zip was open all throughout the day when you were outdoors?

3. Have your clothes ever got torn when you were in public?

These must have been fun and not just freaky but borderline embarrassing too! 😉

Up next, we have some close freaky escapes to discuss.

36. Escapes

Escaping from a dangerous situation without having to face repercussions feels like a miracle or a blessing.

You must have had your own fair share of these escapes and so do I; but for now, you must be eager to know if your boyfriend has faced the same or not!

1. When was the last time that you had a slight escape from your parent’s scoldings?

2. What was the best escape that you ever had from a freaky situation?

3. Do you pray to God to help you escape when you are freaking out in a stuck condition?

The talk seems to be gliding smoothly into a more fun-making and fully arresting conversation. To make it even better, let’s talk about some “caught” moments!

37. “Caught red-handed” moments

Whether you are caught while talking to your boyfriend or trying your first cup of beer with your friends!

It’s a pure freaking moment that just absorbs the entire consciousness of a person. So, why not revive some of these funny feelings right here?

1. When were you first caught talking to your girlfriend by your parents? What happened next?

2. Have you ever freaked out while trying some sort of addictive intoxicants, from the fear of being caught?

3. Have you been caught breaking the traffic rules?

So far so good. Moving ahead, we have some great first impression blunders to talk about!

38. First impression blunders

It often happens when we are most prepared to make the best of our Impressions on our first meetings. Sometimes it’s because of an overflowing excitement and at times it is because of lower confidence. 

Whatever the reason be, first impression blunders are hardly forgotten.

1. What was the first impression blunder that I made with you? What did you think of me then?

2. Do you freak out before meeting relatives and people? Or, is it just with strangers?

3. What was your first impression blunder with me according to you?

Meeting relatives and family friends was so stressful, I tell you, freaking out before such stressful things is pretty obvious.

But for now, moving on, we have Gamble as our next topic!

39. Gamble

Mostly considered as a destructive bet, gambles are truly freaking at times. Such matters do not deserve to be taken on the heart, and they really shouldn’t do anything with ego.

But, to freak out about the losses is natural. Let’s talk about it next!

1. Have you gambled before? Do you freak out while losing something?

2. What were your losses during gambling?

3. Are you looking forward to gambling again in the future if given a chance?

Having done with these freaking gambling moments, now let’s head straight towards the most freaking situation maximum people can relate to: Exams!

40. Exams

Starting from the exam dates to the tireless preparations, question papers, examinations, and the results; everything about exams is the best example of a freaking experience.

And ofcourse, that encompassing guilt of not studying enough when you have no time left to prepare either.

Today we are going to talk about the same freaking experiences!

1. When did you freak out in the examination hall, and just went absolutely blank about the answers?

2. Have you been caught cheating in the exams? How panicking was it?

3. What freaks you the most about exams?

I can still imagine and recall the lub-dub sound of the heart, and the butterflies in the stomach before the results. In fact, that’s pretty much how we feel just before the results of job interviews. If you disagree, congrats! You’ve grown up!

I am sure you have had some laughter bangs during these freaky conversations. Let me guess now, are you looking for something dirty?

Enough of the clean talking, it’s high time that we sauce up the conversation with some bold and nasty things on the plate!

Next on, we have a list of bang-on dirty things to talk about!

Dirty things to talk about with your boyfriend

Know your man’s taste and mood to serve him with the best. Teasing his appetite with well-presented food is the best thing to trigger his hunger… if you know, you know! 😉

So, get along with the list of dirtiest questions to see the nasty and desirable side of your man…

Let him yearn for you all the more with these seducing questions.

The first is: Sexy dress

41. Sexy dress

If you can get a piece of sexy lingerie on your body to meet the choice of your partner, nothing like that. Well, I definitely don’t have to tell you how a sexy dress makes it easier for you to turn him on.

Go ahead and ask his preferences!

1. What is the sexiest dress for females?

2. How would you like me to be dressed up before having sex?

3. Would you prefer to see me with a bra on or bra off?

That must be turning you on as well! So, go ahead and just don’t stop scrolling…

42. Sexy Fragrances

Talking about these alluring fragrances is another thing that can set a mood for bang-on romance! What do you say?

1. What is the sexiest fragrance in the world?

2. Which body part of mine smells best?

3. How does my Lingerie smell?

You couldn’t have been better at this! To keep the conversation heading at its best, visit the next topic: Smooches.

43. Smooches

Whether it’s a romantic and small smooch, or a long and wild one, talking about these smooches is going to make both of you all the more wild!

1. Do you remember the first time we smooched?

2. How did you feel on your first smooch?

3. What is the longest period of time for which you can smooch me?

Bravo! Next up we have your favorite: Love bites.

44. Love bites

Nothing can match the feeling of waking up with these marks of love. Love bites are the most effortless things to turn you on!

What about your beloved?

1. Where would you give me a love bite?

2. Where would you want me to give you love bites?

3. Do you count your love bites?

This is going to get nastier with the next topic: Handcuffs!

45. Handcuffs

Famous for teasing a partner to make the sex all the more adventurous and happening, handcuffs are a big challenge. These cuffs let you see the wildest side of your partner’s face!

1. Do you prefer being handcuffed?

2. When was the last time that you were handcuffed in bed?

3. Do you go for metal handcuffs or cloth ones?

There is something else that you can use to tease your partner. You must have already guessed it, so just keep reading…

46. Blindfold

You have been placed with the most alluring thing in front of you but you cannot see because you’re blindfolded. This can make you super wild in bed. Interesting, right?

1. What do you prefer: being handcuffed or blindfolded?

2. What is the feeling that you have while you are blindfolded?

3. How many times have you cheated under the blindfold?

These were some pretty good tools to turn on your partner but now it’s time to get dive into the “real” thing – ofcourse, you guessed it right, SEX!

47. Sex positions

Feel free to discuss your preferences on sex positions, so that the next time you hit your bed there is nothing like it!

1. Do you like riding or being rided?

2. What is your favorite sex position?

3. What is one position that you always want to do but you cannot?

Don’t dare to scroll ahead because next up is orgasm!

48. Orgasm

He might be dying to have one right now! Why don’t you talk about orgasm and make it all the more exciting for him tonight?

1. When did you have your first orgasm?

2. When are you planning to have the next orgasm with me?

3. What was the longest orgasm time that you ever felt?

Orgasm conversations are not all. Let’s discover the various sex places that you have in your experience list!

49. Sex places

Starting from your sofa to your washroom there could be so many places where you have had the wildest of your moves. Let’s talk about the same!

1. What is your favorite place to have sex?

2. Have you had sex in the washroom?

3. With whom did you have sex under the open sky?

To end the dirty conversation on the juicier note, you must not miss the next topic: Wild sex!

50.  Wild sex 

Unveil the wildest of thoughts and fancies of your man by asking these wild questions to him. It’s absolutely cool if you want to go all the way out and be wilder than him!

1. With whom did you have your wildest sex?

2. What are the wildest fantasies that you have had about me?

3. Do you like having wild sex or an intimate session?

That was the juiciest of all the conversations. After all, it was meant to be so!

If you enjoyed talking about the dirty topics you may also enjoy engaging yourself in the following weird topics for conversation!

So next up, we have some weird things to talk about with your boyfriend!

Weird things to talk about with your boyfriend

There’s so much in our daily lives that makes us feel weird. From seeing an overhyped world-famous tourist place to tasting bad food in the city’s best restaurant – so many things make us weird!

Most of the time, we end up accepting these weird incidents as a part of our lives. Depending upon the situation, some of these weird incidents can be really disappointing while some of them can be hilarious. In general, revealing such weird experiences does bring a typical satirical smile to our faces!

Let’s see how good we are with the stocked-up list of the weird things to talk to your boyfriend!

The first thing on the list is weird searches!

51. Weird Google searches  

While trying to make the best use of the available search engines, one can definitely end up searching almost anything.

What is humorous is the weird reply that pops up on the screen reading something like ‘your search results did not match…’! You must have experienced this at least once in a while now, so let’s talk about it more.

1. What are the top three weirdest searches that you have made on the internet?

2. What were the weirdest answers that you have read on the internet?

3. What is that one weird query that you came across on the internet, and you still laugh at it?

For that matter, I once came across a query asking, “How many condoms can you wear at once?” Nothing against the person posting this question, but it was too funny and weird for me!

Anyway, moving on we have one of our favorites, the weird guests topic!

52. Weird Guests

If you want to laugh out loud with your boyfriend, never miss out on these weird guest questions. Trust me, you are going to hear hilarious stories!

1. Who was the weirdest guest that has ever visited your home?

2. What are the weirdest habits of a few guests that you remember?

3. Name a guest who had a weird manner of speaking?

This list is definitely going to be one of the best. After all, the topics are pure fun. Next up, we have Weird Fashion Trends!

One’s taste in fashion reveals a lot about the personal choices of the person. People have their own preferences when it comes to styling, clothing, and accessorizing.

Let’s see what are some of the weirdest fashion trends that your boyfriend has been surprised by!

1. What is the one weird fashion trend that you simply cannot stand?

2. Is it weird to wear a belt on a saree, or to wear a tie on a saree?

3. What is the weirdest uniform that you have come across?

Next, add up the fun by talking to your beloved about some weird tastes!

54. Weird Tastes

Think about the kids who find every green vegetable tasting weird. Thank God it’s no longer the case with me as a grown-up!

By the way, do you want to know about your boyfriend’s taste? So, let’s begin!

1. What weird food that you hated as a kid is normal for you now?

2. What is absolutely weird to you?

3. What was the weirdest food that you have cooked?

This is going great, next, the topic is weird places.

55. Weird places

While being at some places can make you feel heavenly, there are places that can turn you off and make you feel really weird. Let’s talk about this with your boyfriend!

1. Name a weirdest place that you know?

2. Have you been to a weird holiday destination?

3. Did you ever doubt a weird place to be haunted?

Why just foods, clothes, and places? Even imaginations can be really weird!

You don’t believe it? Check it yourself.

56. Weird Imaginations

While events can be weird, imagining such events also makes us feel weird.

So, in this list, we have to talk about some similar weird fantasies that he ever had in his head!

1. What are the most wayward things that you’ve imagined and felt weird about?

2. Share a weird imagination having to do with me!

3. What were your weirdest imaginations about my parents?

That was funny! For the next topic, we have weird gadgets to talk about!

57. Weird gadgets

Well, gadgets are invented for the comfort and convenience of people. If one finds a vibrator ‘a weird gadget’ that doesn’t mean the gadget is actually a weird one.

It’s all about personal opinions and for the sake of fun, we’re going to discuss such weird inventions!

1. What’s the weirdest gadget you’ve come across?

2. Name a gadget that initially looked weird but was great to use!

3. Which brand of electronic gadgets has a weird name?

While you are on your way through these great questions, I was wondering, do animals think of our mobile phones to be a weird gadget too? They must be!

But for the next fun and weird topic, we have weird dance moves!

58. Weird dance moves

As a kid, we find pretty many dance moves weird. Let’s see which weird dance move your boyfriend has to talk about!

1. Show a weird dance move you’ve seen your dad doing!

2. Did you find dancing a weird activity as a kid?

3. Name a weird dancer you know!

A weird dance move is yet not as humorous as a weird smell! So, let’s move to our next topic which is ‘weird smells’.

59. Weird smells

I remember smelling sour rice prepared by soaking rice in water for a week, and I still remember that as the weirdest smell ever!

Let’s see what his weird-smelling experiences are:

1. Define a funny smell. Can you give an example?

2. What do you like smelling: rotten papaya or a rotten bunch of grapes?

3. Have you smelled a weird fart? Who was that?

There is no end to the list of fragrances and weird or obnoxious smells. And for the last topic of the weird discussions, we are going to talk about weird songs!

60. Weird songs

While some songs can have a foreign, weird language or weird music; some songs come up with weird meanings. Some translated songs sound truly weird as well!

Let’s see what your boyfriend has to say about the musical weirdness!

1. What is the song with the weirdest music you’ve ever heard?

2. Which song has the weirdest lyrics?

3. Can you play this song for an entire month if paid a huge sum of money to do so?

It must have been an engrossing mixture of funny and disappointing feelings to talk about all that weird stuff that you have faced so far!

And now, we will try to mold the satirical smile into a sweet “aaaawwww” moment, with some cutest things to talk about with your boyfriend!

Cute topics to talk about with your boyfriend

These ‘not so matured’ questions are a must to have a good conversation with your guy. Such cute conversation topics are the best to converse if both of you have been yearning for your quality time together.

Whether you are feeling low, or it was an off-day for him, the cute questions are certainly going to fill all those gaps. And after all, it is these conversations that will add up to the cute memories…

So let us begin with the cutest questions to ask your boyfriend!

Starting with soft toys…

61. Soft toys

Thinking of cute things, the first things that hit our minds are furry toys. These soft and colorful teddies, pandas, puppies, and kittens are so cute and adorable that it’s difficult to take your eyes off them! How about you and your boyfriend?

1. What was the cutest soft toy that you’ve ever owned?

2. How would you feel if I gifted you a soft toy now?

3. What is one soft toy that reminds you of me?

The next cute thing on the list is perhaps the cutest: Kids!

62. Human’s Kids

Be it a one-month-old toddler or a 5-years-old little kid, children are the cutest creation of God. The innocent and happy spirits are always excited for every little thing that grips the eye!

Don’t you want to ask him about it?

1. How many children do you want for yourself in the future?

2. Do you think children are good to be with when you are feeling depressed?

3. Have you ever come across some annoying children?

It’s always a pleasure to talk about kids and their innocent actions.

To take our cute conversation further, we have animals’ kids on the list!

63. Animals’ kids

Cute animals are a feast for our eyes to watch on.

The moment a little Panda meets our eyes, the only way we exclaim is: “How cute!” Puppies, kittens, calves, lambs, there’s no end to the cute list. So, let’s hear your man’s opinion on these cute animal kids now!

1. When was the last time you had a street puppy in your lap?

2. If you could pet any one of them what would you choose to have: a) a Lamb. b) a Kitten. c) a calf

3. Who do you find cuter: Animal kids or human kids?

Animal kids are simply irresistible when it comes to their cuteness.

The next ‘Cute topic’ is about cute habits!

64. Cute Habits

You may begin this by revealing his cute habits to him, but asking him about some cute habits of yours or any other person would be true amusement!

1. What is the cutest habit of mine that you never want to change?

2. Whose habits are cuter: your mom or your dad?

3. What is one habit that is cute about yourself?

Cuteness cannot be earned or made, it’s gifted!

Have you come across some cute couples? That’s the next topic we’ll be getting into!

65. Couples

Cute couples might not have an ideal match, cozy moments, and sweet talks. Even the cute fights can make up a cute couple!

It’s time to see what your sweetheart’s definition of a cute couple is!

1. What are 5 things that make a cute couple?

2. Who happens to be a better couple: you and me or your mum and dad?

3. Give three examples of cutest couples that you’ve come across.

Doesn’t it already feel beautiful to talk about these topics? Next up, we have Cute Oldies!

66. Oldies

Old people are too cute to be heard and accompanied with. With their child-like curiosity and loving gestures, the old ones never fail to melt our hearts either!

So, this list of questions goes all about our cute and old people out there…

1. Which old person do you love and miss the most?

2. What are some old people’s habits that you find cute and adorable?

3. What compliment would you give me when I grow old?

The old one is not just gold, but cute too. It is wonderful to have them in a cute and blessed family! And from there comes the next topic: Cute Families!

67. Family

All that makes a cute family is love, warmth, and even some cute fights among the members. Even after all those squabbles, don’t we miss and yearn for them when we’re away from home?

Be it a family consisting of ten loving members, or just two, families are always cute. Here you go with the questions on this:

1. How do you plan your family after marriage?

2. Do you think it is important to have grandparents in a family? Why?

3. What is the maximum and minimum number of people that a family should consist of?

That must have been an overwhelming and a bit emotional one. But we have a happy cute topic coming up next!

68. Smiles

“You have a cute smile!” – This is one of the best compliments that we all must have received at least once in a lifetime. Because smiles are cute!

You don’t have to struggle much to look charming. A cute smile takes care of it all.

1. Who has the most beautiful and cute smile in the world?

2. What is the best compliment that you have ever got on your smile?

3. When do I look better, smiling or crying?

Remember days when just a cute smile and a ‘sorry’ would save you from the long scolding sessions? That’s how magical a smile is!

Up next, how can you leave cartoon characters in the list of cute topics to discuss?

69. Cartoon characters

Tom and Jerry, Noddy, Oswald, and a lot many cute characters have been our best childhood and even adulthood friends.

These cute cartoon characters deserve a loud talk about them right here!

1. Who is your favorite cartoon character?

2. Which cartoon show do you still watch?

3. If you could play the role of one cartoon character, whom would you choose?

Who can stop admiring cute Jerry teasing the big cat Tom? But it’s time to come out of the Cartoon world, and step into some real-world cute promises!

70. Promises

Some promises are too cute to be taken seriously!

I am sure you must have witnessed such adorable vows too… What about your boyfriend?

1. What is the cutest promise that I’ve made to you?

2. How good are you at keeping your promises?

3. How many promises have you broken till date?

You see, promises need not be serious all the time.

Cute conversations are like the cup of coffee that instantly charges your loving relationship!

A quality conversation is not all about those amusing and cute questions, it should also have some substantial good topics to talk about. What do you say?

So, let’s waste no more time and have a good conversation with him!

Good topics to talk about with your boyfriend

There must be several things floating in your mind but are all of them good to talk about? Well, who knows for sure if they are or not!

But right below are topics that are super good to talk about. So let go of those trial-and-error methods, and have these wonderful discussions now.

So, let’s start with…

71. Ethics

A set of good ethics is equally important for a child and an adult alike.

Starting from our schools to our workplaces ethics remains the same pivotal part of our lives. Let’s hear more on this from your darling now!

1. How important are ethics in your life?

2. What are a few ethics that you want every individual to have?

3. If you could get rid of a few ethical ties, what would they be?

Good ethics make a balanced life. Moving on, let’s discuss some good friends!

72. Friends

Good friends are hard to find, and once you’ve found them, you no longer have to care for worldly ties!

This conversation is all about such friends:

1. Who are your best friends?

2. How do you feel when you are with these best friends?

3. If you could go on a holiday with just one friend, who would it be?

Some could be naughty, some serious and others could be squabbling with you most of the time. But good friends are good friends!

For the next topic, we have good food to discuss.

73. Food

We all eat, but eating “good” food is extremely subjective.  

For some people, good food is delicious and for some others eating home-cooked food is good. From pizzas to salads, chatter away!

1. How different is your ideal food plan from what you actually eat in a day?

2. If you could eat only one thing for a day, what would you prefer: Pizzas or Cheesecakes?

3. If your plate is half full with salads, what would you prefer in the other half section?

That was good information on food, next will be all after good travel destinations!

74. Travel destinations

Traveling from bed to the office and then back to the bed must have made you restless. In this conversation, we will be discussing some good traveling destinations that are actually rejuvenating! 

1. What is more enjoyable, solo traveling or traveling with family?

2. Would you choose to travel with your friends over your family?

3. Share the memories from the best traveling destination and experience that you ever had.

That was relaxing!

Hey, traveling through the pages is yet another thing that we can do, and it’s equally fulfilling.

So, let’s talk about good books on the coming topic!

75. Books

As long as they are not the syllabus books of course studies, books are gratification. Not all books teach you a lesson, some books are meant for pure entertainment!

If you want to know his taste in books and give him one that he likes reading, go on and ask the questions.

1. What was the best book that you have read so far?

2. Which book took you the longest to complete?

3. What is one book that you are gifted and you loved the most?

The more you dive deeper into them, the richer you become. But there is something else that can make you richer, it’s your profession!

76. Profession

People must have worked hard to get where they are!

While some must have succeeded in achieving the profession of their choice, some must have settled down with the alternatives. What about both of you?

1. What did you want to become as a child?

2. What is your profession at present?

3. Are you happy with the work that you are doing?

Just like professions, everyone has a personal taste when it comes to good looks. Let’s talk about this next!

77. Looks

Having a couple of good physical features might not be sufficient to create a good look.

How a person perceives the idea of good looks and how well he carries it himself speaks a lot about him. Let’s get into it now!

1. Who are the people in your good looks book?

2. How do you style your hair to look good?

3. What dress makes you feel confident about your looks?

With so many things going well with the conversation, why not bring a good topic that interests your love the most. Up next, we have Sports!

78. Sports

Starting from his favorite indoor or outdoor game to his favorite player, he must be excited to discuss everything under this topic!

1. What is your favorite sport?

2. Who is your favorite player for the sport?

3. If you could eliminate one National player of this sport who would it be? Why?

Told you… that must have been enthralling!

Next, let’s take the matter a little deeper and talk to him about ‘Good thoughts’!

79. Thoughts

What you think is what makes you. Thinking good automatically makes you feel good, do good and live a good life!

So, go ahead and find out what your boyfriend has to say on this.

1. What are you thinking exactly about?

2. What is the best way to direct negative thoughts into positive ones?

3. What are the thoughts that annoy you the most?

The last topic is one of the best topics to talk about not just to your boyfriend, but just anybody.

Because, this word has spread crazily in the minds of people, and they have so much to talk about it!

80. Vibes

Humans cannot just distinguish between surface qualities but they can also distinguish between good and bad ‘vibes’ that relate to their sixth sense. Interesting, isn’t it?

Since I know both of you are eager to talk about it, let’s waste no more time and get into the conversation!

1. How difficult is it for you to befriend a person whose vibes do not match with yours?

2. Who are the people of your type or matching vibes?

3. How long does it generally take you to gel with a stranger?

Asking a good question couldn’t have been easier than this!

Since goodness is already in the air, it’s time to dive deeper into the talking, because the next list of topics is all about ‘deep things’!

Deep topics to talk about with your boyfriend

Besides having all other types of conversations, it is important to have an immersing deep conversation too.

These topics are important parts of a conversation to give you a deeper insight into the thoughts and opinions of the person you are talking to.

Right from your emotions to worldly matters, everything is sensitive and deep in the list for it’s time to catch up with the deeper side of your love!

81. Wisdom

A wise man does not have to be an extraordinarily educated one. Never mind if you don’t agree with it, for the negotiations on this are definitely going to be interesting!

1. Who are some wisest people that you’ve come across in life?

2. Do you consider yourself a wise person? Why?

3. What are a few things that are characteristics of wise people?

Alright, before you get gripped by this topic, let’s take the conversation deeper with another Deep and dark topic: Deceit!

82. Deceit

The topic can get as deep and dark as you want it to be!

Whether one of you has been deceived, or you have deceived someone in the past, be careful while discussing these because you don’t want to touch a sensitive chord that turns out to be awful!

1. Name of the person who has deceived you in the past.

2. Have you deceived anyone? Who are they?

3. Do you think you can be deceived by me?

Talking to your life partner has to have some philosophical discussions too. This can be really helpful in becoming familiar with each other’s viewpoints. Hence the next topic is philosophy!

83. Philosophy

Reaching a certain age and gathering maturity after experiencing a few significant things in life, you must have developed a philosophy of your own.

Go ahead and have a deep conversation on the same and get to know each other better!

1. What is one philosophy that you considered to be correct but it turned down to be a flop?

2. What is your philosophy of marriage?

3. What is your philosophy of success?

Just like your philosophy, there is something else that you must express when they grow deep: Your feelings!

84. Feelings

It’s hard to deny what you are feeling inside, but then we rarely get a platform to openly talk about these feelings.

Today it’s all your time honey, share your feelings right away!

1. When was the time that you felt the worst in life?

2. What makes you feel the happiest?

3. What are the feelings that you better keep confined to yourself?

More than being spoken and heard, feelings deserve to be felt and understood by our loved ones, just like the coming topic: God!

85. God

Asking him whether or not he believes in the presence of God, you can discuss any aspect of your faith with the beloved person.

Let’s see where the deep conversation takes you!

1. Do you believe in God?

2. Have you ever felt His presence? Explain the incident.

3. Would you want your children to believe in God or not?

Even if you don’t believe that God exists, having positive hope and faith in Him can definitely give you some hope during desperate situations.

From there comes our next topic: Stress!

86. Stress

A failing business, a failing relationship, or any other overwhelming situation; whatever the reason for your stress may be, you definitely need to come out of it!

And what can be better than discussing the pain with your partner?

1. Are you stressed out in life? Why?

2. What do you do when you feel extremely stressed?

3. How should partners take care of each other when both of them are suffering through a stressful period?

Having your love in front of you and not talking about love is almost a sin. To take the discussion towards a happy note, let’s talk about Love!

87. Love

Don’t count the numbers before falling in love.

In fact, don’t give up falling in love, because love is the most beautiful experience in life and you shouldn’t stop yourself just because you had a couple of bitter experiences. What does your boyfriend say?

1. Are you in love with me to the extent that you can spend your entire life with me?

2. How many times have you been in love?

3. Do you think love can happen twice?

It’s a bit difficult to form a good foundation for love without trust. That being the next topic, don’t stop scrolling!

88. Trust

While it’s easier to break someone’s trust, it’s very difficult to earn the same. Most importantly, let each other know about how deeply you’ve invested your trust in this relationship!

1. Who was the last person to break your trust?

2. Who do you trust the most in life?

3. Do you think I can ever break your trust?

Another important thing that has been accepted as an inevitable part of human nature is fear. While some types of fear are still tolerable, some are really deep.

So next up is Fear in the list!

89. Fear

Be it the fear of losing your loved ones, or the fear of losing your own life, such fears are deep and dark.

To claim to be fearless is easier than being truly fearless. What does your boyfriend say?

1. What is your biggest fear?

2. What scares you the most about the future?

3. What are the fears or insecurities that you have overcome in life?

That was again an arresting one! Up next, is the deepest of all topics: Deep Secrets!

90. Deep secrets

The deeper the secrets, the more you enjoy digging them.

If you have been hunting for some of your boyfriend’s secrets for a long time, now is the best time to dig in. Let the cat come out of the bag in this discussion right here!

1. What is one thing about you that no one else knows?

2. Will you share the deepest secret of yours with me?

3. What are the secrets about me that you want to know?

We don’t want the conversation getting dry now. Finding lively topics can be a challenging task and even more challenging is to keep the conversation from getting dry and boring!

Don’t worry, this won’t happen to you because you are at the perfect place to lead you with some interesting conversation questions with your boyfriend!

Interesting topics to talk about

Starting from some best activities that may interest your man to some truly fascinating topics, this list is full of outlandish interesting questions. Starting a conversation is not enough, make it captivating honey!

With these enthralling questions, the special guy can neither get bored of you nor the talking!

So, here you go with the topics:

Let’s begin with painting…

91. Painting

Art is for everyone. Anyone who says otherwise, don’t believe them… and the most free-flow form of art is Painting.

How about your boyfriend, is he interested in paintings?

1. How many paintings do you own?

2. What was the most expensive painting that you bought?

3. What is the best painting that you have ever done?

The next interesting topic for conversation is one that the majority of us want to get good at!

92. Photography

With the rising trend of social media, the young generation is getting so good at this particular activity.

All of us want to get clicked in impressive photographs that can be flaunted on social media pages. So, let’s have a small talk on this too!

1. What are you good at mobile photography or camera photography?

2. What are the best pictures that you have clicked to date?

3. What is one thing that you want to capture in your frame?

Next up, we have something that interests almost all of us even if we are bad at it!

93. Writing

Even if you are not an author, you may want to pen down your feelings in the most adorable way possible.

You must talk about these writings now!

1. Have you been writing something of your own? Show me!

2. When did you start writing?

3. Whose writings do you love the most?

That was all for writing; the next interesting activity that we have to talk about in the list is Dancing!

94. Dance

Besides being interesting, dancing is a thrilling and happening activity. Grooving on beats in front of people requires super confidence and balance!

So, let’s check who has a better experience of the same among both of you!

1. Are you good at dancing?

2. Who is the best dancer?

3. Have you ever been forced to dance? When?

The next topic is something that interests us all for sure. After all, it’s songs!

95. Songs

Whether it’s a celebration or a breakup, songs never fail to match our moods and different occasions.

You must hurry and make it straight to the questions!

1. What is your favorite song?

2. Who is your favorite singer?

3. What is one song that you love singing? Can you sing for me now?

Fair enough. That was the end of interesting activities!

Next up, we have other interesting facts to discuss that engage us in our day-to-day lives. Let’s begin with Phone calls.

96. Phone calls

The best thing to catch up with a friend without ever-ending gossip and discussions, phone calls are truly an interesting part of our lives.

1. Who do you talk to for the longest time on phone calls?

2. Whose phone calls do you avoid attending?

3. Do you keep waiting eagerly for someone’s phone call? Who is it?

While trying my best to fit your areas of interest in this section, the next topic is an exciting one. It’s about miracles!

97. Miracles

Whether you talk about real-life miraculous experiences or some on-stage magic tricks, miracles are always interesting to talk about.

If you ask me, I love listening to real-life miracles. What about you?

1. Have you ever had a real-life miraculous experience?

2. How often have you been to magic shows?

3. Do you believe in magic or are they all tricks?

Enjoyed it? Next, we have interesting Emails on the list!

98. E-mails

While a work email can never interest you alone, you can definitely talk on some fun and gripping threads of email address conversations.  

1. What are some interesting email addresses that you have come across?

2. How many unchecked emails do you have on your phone right now?

3. What is the most annoying email that you have ever received?

The coming topic has been literally saved for this moment. It’s best for an interesting and never-ending conversation!

99.  Movies

You cannot get over this topic until and unless you are a complete no-movie person!

What else can get more interesting than talking about your favorite movies and characters to your best companion?

1. What is your favorite movie?

2. If you could play a character in the movie, who would you choose to play and why?

3. What is one movie that you hated watching?

That must have got you both talking for long hours. The last and most entertaining topic for this conversation is the Bucket list!

100. Bucket list

You must be waiting for this if you’ve had a Bucket List conversation before! Bucket list revelations are humorous to indulge in!

1. What are the top three items on your bucket list?

2. If you could put anything on your bucket list irrespective of its cost or repercussions, what would they be?

3. What have been the weirdest inclusions on your bucket list?

You must be loving the way it’s becoming so consuming now. I am sure none of us want to break the chain here.

Are you looking for the best questions to ask a guy at night? Your wish is granted! Next up, we have things to talk about with your boyfriend at night!

What to talk about at night

No matter how long you’ve chatted with your honey for the entire day, a night conversation works as nothing less than a sleeping pill.

If you can top your conversation with this list of stunning questions, nothing like it.

Let’s see what we have for you here…

The first topic is the dinner table!

101. Dinner table

Talking about all the food and gossip that you had on your dinner table not just updates both of you with each other’s lives, it also sets as an entertaining topic for a gripping conversation.

1. What’s the menu at your dining table today?

2. Who accompanied you to your dinner table?

3. If you could have one celebrity at your dinner table who would it be?

That was a good night update. Next up, we have romantic poems for a heart-to-heart conversation!

102. Romantic poems

Nights are incomplete without romantic revelations and confessions. And what can be better for two love birds than to share some passionate conversations with romantic poetries!

1. What is your favorite romantic poem?

2. Have you ever written a poem for someone special?

3. What interests you more: stories or poems?

Romantic Poems can really make you feel like true lovers. And the same is possible by conversing on some charming and loving Romantic stories.

103. Romantic Stories

No one can really tell if it’s the same for boys, but girls can always talk about their favorite romantic fairy tales that end on a happy, lovey-dovey note!

What type of story do you have for gossip today?

1. What is one romantic story that you’ve read in childhood and you still remember?

2. What type of stories do you like reading?

3. If you wrote a romantic story about us, what title would you give it?

To narrate or hear your favorite romantic story before bed wakes you up feeling like a princess.

Next up, let’s talk about what you write in your personal diary… time for some real gossip!

104. Personal Diary

Won’t you ask him about his habit of maintaining a daily journal and what inclusions he made into the journal today? So, chatter away!

1. Do you have a personal diary?

2. Have you secretly read someone’s personal diary?

3. Would you let me read secret information from your personal diary?

Wonderful, but don’t you think you can help each other in planning your next day better?

105. Next day’s plans

If none of you are yet prepared for a romantic talk, the next day’s plans are the best to start a night conversation with your boyfriend.

1. What is the first thing in the morning you will be doing tomorrow?

2. Where would you take me shopping?

3. What deadlines will you have to meet by tomorrow?

It must have been fun figuring out your day with your boyfriend. Next, we have sleeping partners to talk about!

106. Sleeping partner

For now, it can be a pillow, a family member, or you yourself. But we have some appealing questions to talk about the sleeping partner fantasies of your boyfriend!

1. Who do you want to be your sleeping partner, if you could have anyone in your bed?

2. Who are the best sleeping partners that you have had to date?

3. If not a person, what do you prefer as your sleeping partner: a pillow or a soft toy?

Since the conversation has already taken an alluring turn, let’s make it amorous now! The next topic is Romance!

107. Romance

Nights are the best to reveal your loving side to the guy you love the most. It’s time for some sensual talk because we want him to sleep with some loving and cozy thoughts!

1. What is one romantic gesture that you love receiving from me?

2. How do you express love for me to someone else?

3. Do you mind being romantic in public?

Alright. No one will stop you if you’re already ahead of the moment, but in case things are under control, you may want to talk about your relationship memories to feel every bit of your cozy hours!

108. Relationship Memories

Sharing memories together with someone you love will cheer you up instantly. In fact, the nostalgic memories of time spent together are the foundation stone of any relationship.

Even if you are alone, thinking about these memories can bring magical changes to your mind and mood.

1. What’s the longest you’ve been in a long-term relationship

2. What are some of the best relationship memories that you have with me?

3. What are some relationship memories that you never want to talk about?

It must have been a little overwhelming to talk about those priceless and precious memories.

Let’s make it lighter with a humorous topic coming up next!

109. Sleeping habits

It’s hard to stop admiring and watching your loved one having a deep sleep, but a few sleeping habits are extremely delightful and humorous to talk about!

1. Do you snore while sleeping?

2. Do you fart in sleep?

3. Do you sleep straight or with your legs crossed?

Last and perhaps a very beautiful topic to converse on, is dreams under this section!

110. Dreams

Asking about his nightmares and some great dreams where he rides the rainbows in dreamlands can lead to a dripping conversation. Both of you are free to chatter about the sweetest and the wildest of your fantasies you have had during sleep.

1. What was the worst nightmare you’ve ever had?

2. What is one dream that you want to come true?

3. Do you talk while dreaming?

That would have made such an effective conversation for the night.

Just like the nights, you need him the most when you are actually done with everything else around you and boredom hits you bad.

Don’t worry, because the next topic is about the best things to talk to your boyfriend about when you are bored!

What to talk about when you’re bored

Boredom is so hard to manage alone. And why would you bear it all alone when you have someone special to tackle it for you. Even a tad bit of this conversation with him can turn your gloomy hours into a memorable one!

Say goodbye to your blues because below are the things to talk about to your boyfriend when you are bored.

Let’s first begin with flirty things here!

111. Flirty things

Boredom is just a state of mind. The easiest remedy to get out of its clutches is to talk about things that aren’t boring.

For the majority of human beings, flirting with your partner is an excellent choice!

1. What are some flirting tricks that really work?

2. How many girls have you flirted with?

3. When did flirting go extremely wrong?

The first thing we do while getting bored is to pick a mobile phone. Instead of burying your face in your phone, go on and have juicy gossip on the same!

112. Mobile phone

The device which happens to rescue you from boredom most of the time has equally fascinating things to talk about. Check it for yourself!

1. What is the wallpaper of your mobile phone?

2. How long do you use your phone for the entire day?

3. How did you lose your last mobile phone? How much did it cost?

A brilliant idea to escape from the present dull situation is to talk about a beautiful future!

113. Future plans

You can spend time together to plan for creating a wonderful future. Starting from your next year’s holidays to your wedding destination, plan whatever traps your attention!

1. At which place are you planning to settle down?

2. Where do you see both of us 20 years from now?

3. When are you planning your next holiday trip?

Who doesn’t like to talk about one’s hobbies? Are you up for a conversation about both of your hobbies?

114. Hobbies

Discuss your hobbies and let him know about your latest updates. You can share the thread of the latest tunes you’re playing on guitar!

Why don’t you two discuss starting a new hobby together?

1. What is your hobby?

2. What is one thing that you wanted to take up as your hobby but you could not?

3. Do you know what my hobby is?

Have mercy on him even if he failed to answer the last one after being told about it.

Jokes apart, the next topic is again going to roll you in its interesting trap. After all, Instagram is on the list!

115. Instagram stories

Though it is addictive and not good for your eyes, who cares for it all. We keep scrolling down through the pages of Instagram non-stop.

And now, we are to talk about the same!

1. Show me your latest Instagram story.

2. Have you ever put up an Instagram story dedicated to me?

3. Whose Instagram stories do you watch the most?

The next topic that can definitely drive you away from boredom: compliments.

116. Compliments

All of us love to be complimented and recognized for our actions.

Complimenting someone might not be an uphill struggle from your side, but it can be the best thing that happened in someone’s life that day!  

1. Which body part of yours receives most of the compliments?

2. What is the best compliment that you have ever received?

3. If you were to compliment one feature of mine, what would it be?

The last one must have taken you on top of the world. Next up, we have Extracurricular activities!

117. Extra-curricular activities

You may definitely plan for an extracurricular activity that engages both of you and is fun to do in your free hours.

For that matter, you need to talk about it with your darling now!

1. Why do you think schools have extracurricular activities in their curriculum?

2. What are the extra-curricular activities that you are interested in?

3. If we could do an extracurricular activity together, what would it be and why?

You must be feeling engrossed in the gossip by now.

No need to hang up the conversation, the list is yet not over. It has ample of grasping topics to talk about with your boyfriend!

118. Discomforts

All of us face insecurities and discomforts in life. Sharing these with your loved one will definitely relieve you from the induced stress.

The knowledge of his views will also help you to see things from a different perspective and his suggestions might broaden your views towards your problems.

1. Which person makes you the most uncomfortable?

2. What is your biggest discomfort?

3. What is one topic that makes you uncomfortable talking about it?

Remember the last one, you don’t want to make your man uncomfortable in any way.

Next, we have Date nights to talk about!

119. Date nights

Date nights are always exciting! They are a thrill to talk about.

Having a splendid conversation with your guy on date nights is perhaps the best idea to fight boredom.

1. How many dates have you had to date?

2. How many of them have failed?

3. How was the most memorable date night that you have ever had?

Date nights add up to the amusing adventures of your present life. The next topic under this section for chit-chat is profile pictures!

120. Profile pictures

Good boys never judge. True but profile pictures make us deduce a lot about a person’s nature.

Changing your profile picture at midnight and reading a compliment on it the first thing in the morning, makes your day like nothing. What about your boyfriend?

1. What was my best profile picture? Which one was the worst?

2. If not your photo what would be your profile picture?

3. Do you have a habit of judging people based on their choice of profile pictures?

Where’s the boredom gone? It must have vanished by now. Do thank your sweetheart for adding some life to the dull hours!

I am sure you’re enjoying this now, and if you’re looking for more such exciting chit-chat topics for an interesting conversation, the next list is for you.

Things to talk about on the phone

Silence can do a lot of talking for love birds but not all the time!

You must be making a call every now and then. Since you cannot see the face of the person and all you get to hear is the voice, there are more chances of getting bored of phone call conversations.

Calling him up and being clueless about what to talk about is not a great idea.

To back you up with the conversation, below are listed some best topics to converse on phone calls!

The first topic is Breakfast!

121. Breakfast

To call up your boyfriend first thing in the morning and ask him about his breakfast is a great idea to start a conversation.

1. What do you prefer having in your breakfast?

2. When do you take your breakfast?

3. How particular are you with your breakfast meal?

Next up, you can move on talking about other gratifying topics such as celebrities!

122. Celebs

How about talking about the showbiz world? Stars, actors, sportsmen, sportswomen, designers, artists, dancers, singers, and so on.

There is so much to share your views upon!

1. Would you still marry your celebrity crush if given a chance?

2. Have you ever wanted to become a celebrity?

3. If you were a celebrity, how would you deal with your fans?

So now, you know all the dissimilarities and similarities of you are choices. By the way, what are your creativity levels?

123. Creativity

The ability to create something is a gift and to make beautiful creations is an art! 

You can definitely talk about some of your outlandish creativity skills on a phone call so that you keep him excited for another meeting and revealing your creative side.

1. Who is the most creative person you have ever met?

2. What are some of your best creations to date?

3. How much would you rate yourself from 1 to 10: as a creative person?

Next up, we have an evergreen topic on the list! It’s Fashion!

124. Fashion

All of us love to get dressed and styled up in the best way to make an impeccable and flawless impression.

Right from the funky hairstyles to your outfits, you’ve got so much to chat about!

1. What is one fashion tip that never fails?

2. Do you like fashionable people or simple people?

3. Do you judge a person by his or her taste in fashion?

Now that you have discussed celebrity fashion, let’s make it more interactive with the next topic: Weather.

125. Weather

This is one of the best and the oldest topics to break the ice between two people. Talking about weather gives you a free start to the conversation that can be led in any direction you want.

1. Are you a winter person or a summer person?

2. Do you like rain?

3. How is the weather at your place?

You must take this conversation rolling straight to the next fun topic: Gaming!

126. Gaming

What can be better than to talk about something that keeps your guy engaged in his leisure time!

All boys are fond of gaming, why not ask him about his latest gaming updates?

1. Which game do you play on your mobile phone?

2. What is your highest score in the game?

3. Are you addicted to a particular game?

For the next topic, you will love the rejoicing and happy conversation about holidays!

127. Holidays

Who doesn’t like to talk about holidays? After all, like all other cravings, the craving for holidays is so undeniable. Go on and ask him more about it…

1. Where did you spend your last holiday?

2. Where do you like to be on your holidays?

3. What relaxing activities do you perform when it’s a holiday?

Talking about holidays, you must be reminded about your hometown vacations. Let’s make it the next topic!

128. Hometowns

You must have a lot of things to say about your hometown, a place which you belong to and which belongs to you.

Feel free to talk about all the happenings of this place to the person you love!

1. Where is your hometown?

2. How often do you visit your hometown?

3. What is something special about your hometown?

Being through a hometown conversation, you must be looking ahead to talk about a few other possessions and obsessions of life! 

129. Obsessions

Having obsessions is as normal and natural as anything else. We have started relating obsession to criminal tendencies that are sheerly a wrong thing.

Obsessions can just be extreme love for something! Right? Wrong. Discuss and find out what it really means!

1. Are you obsessed with something in life?

2. Do you find obsessions dangerous? Why?

3. Why do you think obsessions are a weakness?

That must be a serious discussion, but the next topic is a bomb. It’s Heartbreak after all!

130. Heartbreaks

You might not be comfortable talking about heartbreaks in person, phone calls are the best way to discuss these shattering moments and get over them!

1. How many times have you gone through heartbreaks?

2. How shattered have you been in a heartbreak?

3. Can you give a few tips to overcome heartbreak?

That was so much better than the usual yes and no conversation on phone calls that dries up in no time.

But then what about your texts? Here you don’t even have a scope of listening to the voice of the person you are talking to, and hence it has a greater probability of getting boring.

Don’t worry we can always back you up here too!

Things to talk about over text

Text messages have to be captivating in order to have a riveting conversation.

You don’t want the other person to reply to your text only as a second business without paying much attention to what you are saying. Well, we won’t let that happen either.

Because next up we have ample topics to engage you in a text conversation!

Let’s begin with YouTube!

131. YouTube

Does this app even need an introduction?

Starting from some best tutorials, and adventures to some best entertainments, YouTube happens to be one of the smartest rescues from boredom!

So, let’s check what common picks you’ve for these videos too!

1. What is your favorite YouTube channel?

2. When was the last time you kept watching YouTube for an entire night?

3. Have you thought of making your own YouTube channel?

If you want to incline this topic more towards your interest, the next topic is never going to be disappointing to talk about.

132. Shopping

Of course, this is your favorite topic. I mean, who doesn’t like shopping?

Starting from some best shopping tricks and tips to your favorite shopping destinations, feel free to discuss anything with your guy!

1. What is your favorite shopping destination?

2. What are a few shopping tricks to save money?

3. How often do you go shopping?

Do you believe in lucky charms? If yes, the next conversation topic is going to excite you at its best.

133. Lucky Charms

For some people, it’s their lucky footwear that does the magic and for some others, it’s a number! 

Whatever your lucky charm is: a person, an outfit, an object, a number, or an alphabet, you must engage your guy in this interesting gossip!

1. Do you believe in lucky charms?

2. What is your lucky charm?

3. Can you give an example of your lucky charm’s magic?

For some people even specific colors happen to be their lucky charm; so, the next topic is colors!

134. Colors

Colors is a really colorful topic to talk about.

Colors can be the best thing to talk about when you are done with all grave discussions for the day. Try it!

1. What is your favorite color?

2. Which color suits me the most?

3. What is one color that you cannot stand?

Amidst all the fascinating topics for the conversation, we won’t let you forget about a few vital healthy topics. If you want to know what they are, keep scrolling!

135. Diet

Starting from a vast range of choices from the West to the East, every diet plan is unique and a personal choice.

Get along with this conversation to take up a diet plan together if you still don’t have one!

1. Which diet plan are you following now?

2. Can you suggest a diet plan for me?

3. How good are you at maintaining your diet?

After talking about diet, we have to talk about exercise. There is no way out!

136. Exercises

Whether you exercise or not, we simply cannot ignore the goodness of this habit and your urge to pick up an exercising routine!

If nothing else has motivated you enough, check if this conversation does the job for you.

1. What are your favorite exercises?

2. What is the best exercise to burn fat? How many days should one exercise in a week?

3. What is the most boring form of exercise?

Enough of healthy discussions. Next up, we have some quirky questions on online dating!

137. Online dating

Ever since the pandemic has hit the world, online dating has become a popular choice. Online dating has its own spice and talking about it can be really delightful.

1. Is online dating a good experience?

2. What are the cons of online dating?

3. When were you last into online dating stuff?

Enjoyed the dating talk? You must have, but the next topic is a feisty one!

138. Drinks

Starting from your favorite beverages to the maximum cup of vodkas, this list is going to be a thrill for both of you!

1. What is your maximum capacity for Vodka?

2. What is your favorite drink?

3. What is one drink that you will suggest me to try?

Talking about drinks and missing Disco is just not our thing! So, coming next is Disco!

139. Disco

Whether you got drunk and puked in it or broke your heels while dancing wild, this place is not just fun to be, it’s equally enthralling to talk about it as well!

1. What are your Disco blunders?

2. When have you last been to a disco?

3. Where is your favorite disco? How often do you visit there?

Having done so many gratifying topics, why not have a chit-chat on another exciting topic of each and everyone’s life!

140. Salary

Being paid enough doesn’t do the job. It’s important that you are paid sufficiently for what you do!

Starting from your dissatisfaction to other entertaining facts about salary, there is so much to reveal here.

1. Do you think you are paid enough for your work?

2. How much do you save from your salary?

3. What was your first salary amount?

That would have been the easiest and a bias-free text conversation!

I have already come up with phone call and text conversation starters. Why not take a step ahead with what to talk about on facetime with your boyfriend!

What to talk about on facetime

Girl meeting your boyfriend and smiling the time away with shying and sinking eyeballs won’t do it!

These things are acceptable for the first short span of meetings but, you have to get better at talking.

Don’t worry we are not leaving you alone. You are supplied with all the topics right below!

The first topic is…

141. Crush

Have you yet not discussed your first and silliest crush with your boyfriend? Well, it’s never too late!

1. Who was your first celebrity crush?

2. Have you ever proposed to your crush?

3. Who was your last crush?

It’s going to get fabulous with the next topic: possessiveness!

142. Possessiveness

Before you ask anything to the person sitting in front of you, the topic must have made you think twice about yourself.

No matter what, long stories have you been told of not being possessive in love, we are all possessive for our objects of love, and hence we share the same plate darling!

1. Am I a possessive partner? Why do you think so?

2. What is one possessive habit that you want me to discontinue?

3. How possessive are you about me?

Possessiveness is also a part of human nature. Hence, the next topic for a deep discussion is: Human Nature!

143. Human Nature

From being jealous and competitive to being kind and generous there is so much about human nature to discuss. Are you up for the conversation on this?

1. What are a few funny, yet inevitable parts of human nature that you enjoy watching?

2. Is jealousy justified? Why?

3. Do you think someone’s nature can be transformed?

You might not be in a condition to feed each other with the sweetest scoop of ice cream but how about talking about some delicious desserts?

144. Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth, you are going to love this conversation!

No matter how delicious the dinner has been, it’s incomplete without a dessert. Won’t you ask about his favorites?

1. What is your favorite dessert?

2. Which dessert can you cook the best?

3. Do you know my favorite dessert?

Up next is another deep topic, which often happens to be intriguing too. If you want to add the same mystery to your conversation, do not skip this one!

145. Astrology

Having faith in it or not is a different question, but astrology altogether is a very mystic topic. With all those magical and charming powers, the discussion can get even more adventurous!

1. Do you believe in astrology?

2. Have you ever been to a Palm reader?

3. Do you have an astrologer in your family?

I am sure you are enjoying this think-piece, that’s why you are here – almost towards the end. So, up next is…

146. Lies

A lie to your school teacher, a lie to your parents, and pretty much a lie to whoever comes in your way of comfort.

These never-ending cycles of lies are such a sarcastic truth to the human race. It will be a good idea to check how your boyfriend feels about it!

1. How many lies do you tell per day?

2. How would you rate yourself on 10 at being a liar?

3. When was the last time you got caught in your own lie?

You must have come across some quotes that simply take your attention away in one go! Would you like to talk about the same?


In today’s world of social media, it has become a lot easier to get your hands on some deep and diving quotes that instantly arrest your attention.

Why not make it the next topic for the talking?

1. What is one quote that you want to keep as your social media status?

2. Have you written any quotes in the past?

3. What is one quote that you find absolutely rubbish?

How is life? This is the easiest question to begin a conversation when you are meeting someone in person. This gives rise to the next topic: Life!

148. Life

Life is short, life is difficult, life is beautiful, adventurous, life is dull, life is hopeless, life is whatnot, there are so many things that are a part of our life.  

Life being life is worth a talk!

1. What is an ideal life for you?

2. If you want to spend the rest of your life living with just one person, who would it be?

3. If you made a film on your life, what would be its title?

Whatever the situation in your life is, remember this is not the whole of your life, it’s just a part.

There can be some strong points and some weak moments, it is important to keep moving through all of this with a positive spirit of growth.

This gives rise to the next topic: Strength!

149. Strengths

Each of us is born as unique individuals and we have our own strength and ability. It’s time to review some of your strengths and ask some about his master skills in the conversation!

1. What are your strengths?

2. How strong are you emotionally?

3. What are the strengths of our relationship?

Great! Having spoken about your strengths and values, you might not want to ignore the other aspect of your life, your weaknesses.

150. Weaknesses

One’s weaknesses are basically subjects where one fails to exercise control, intelligence and power.

It’s better to know each other’s weaknesses before stepping into our commitment so that none of you regret your decisions later!

1. What are your weaknesses?

2. What do you think are the weaknesses of our relationship?

3. Do you think I am an emotionally weak person?

It’s fine to have a couple of weak moments in life. One should not get overwhelmed or swayed away by the thoughts of these weaknesses!

That must have made a conversation worth your time and effort. Above all, what’s better than to be able to make it a good day for yourself and your partner with some engaging discussions.

Even though this was the last list of conversations, it’s not yet over.

Here’s a bonus for you: If you want to indulge in a truly captivating conversation, here are…

5 Tips to keep the conversation with your boyfriend fun and interesting

The following tips listed below can amazingly upgrade the quality of your conversations so that your voice does not just sound charming, but it appeals to the guy in front of you! 😉

1. Be yourself

As long as you don’t be yourself, you don’t let the other person be the original self either.

To have an open conversation it is very important to give each other the space to feel comfortable. It is only then that a heart-to-heart and open conversation is possible.

2. Talk about his interests

When you are having a conversation, you must lead it by talking about the interests of your boyfriend.

Consider how you would feel if your boyfriend keeps on chattering but skips the topics of your interest altogether. Make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake!

3. Play games

To make the time spent, a memorable one, you can spice up the conversations with some super fun games.

Truth or Dare Questions game happens to be one of the most famous games to have a great conversation time with your friends. The games make your conversation all the more indulging and occupying!

4. Let him speak

A very important part of having a good conversation is to let the other person speak. You simply cannot be the only speaker and make the entire conversation a monologue.

You have to give each other equal opportunity to speak your minds. This makes your darling feel special and heard.

5. Avoid sensitive chords

Avoid anything that can get both of you into a debate. Remember we started this conversation from fun topics because we do not want it to head towards fights and debates! 

Be aware of the red flags and don’t get into unnecessary arguments. 

The busy world already keeps you away from each other most of the time. Why would you want to waste the little time that you have now?

Over to you…

Apart from a few things that I mentioned above, it’s fine to make some tiny mistakes now and then. Don’t overstress yourself with perfectionist thoughts because that is going to make you even worse at it.

You must have had a lot of follow up with your personal questions besides the one given in the list.  That’s precisely what we wanted, go on and converse deeply on any topic that you want to continue with your own follow-up questions!