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500+ First Date Questions that will help you lock the second!

500+ First Date Questions that will help you lock the second!

Updated on Oct 20, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

500+ First Date Questions That will Help You Lock the Second!

Are you nervous about your date because you are afraid of the awkward silences? Well, it’s time to keep your worries aside as I have prepared a list of best first date questions for you!

First date is all about the butterflies in your stomach and the adrenaline rush in your nerves. Let your mind run free and imagine wild scenarios with your date. Focus more on how you’ll dress up and what excuse you’ll give your boss to get a leave.

For the questions, I have already got it done for you!

Depending on different scenarios and personalities, I have listed as many as 500 questions. And oh, if you’re going on a blind date, then we have some ice-breaking questions too.

500+ First Date Questions That will Help You Lock the Second!
500+ First Date Questions That will Help You Lock the Second!

First Date Questions to break the Ice

The first dates tend to be a little awkward than you have imagined because it is the first time you’re going to see them. But you wouldn’t want to miss this night for the world, right?

This person in front of you has been in your mind the whole day. Let alone your nervousness. Sip some water and break the ice with these super cool ice-breaking questions.

  1. What do you do for fun?
  2. What do you like to do after work?
  3. What three words describe you the best?
  4. What did you want to be, when you grew up?
  5. What do you hate the most, while meeting someone for the first time?
  6. Who is the person you admire the most, in your life?
  7. What is the most romantic date/place you have been?
  8. Where would you like to be in five years?
  9. Do you like this place?
  10. What is your favorite Marvel movie?
  11. Who is your favorite singer/band?
  12. What is your favorite holiday?
  13. Have you ever met anyone famous before?
  14. What do you like to do, if you are not working?
  15. What is the funniest joke you heard lately?
  16. Where did you grow up?
  17. Did you like the place you grew up at?
  18. Are you an extrovert, or an introvert?
  19. Any fictional character you would want in your life?
  20. Do you like to travel?

Seems to be getting along well now? The ice-breaking questions are a great rescue when you feel clueless about your first date.

Here are a few more good questions that will keep the conversation flowing.

Good first date questions

Chatting virtually and physically are two different things. Physical chatting brings out a whole different personality in you. It also helps you understand the other person better.

This is the first date and you’ll certainly want to know a lot about the interests of your date. These conversation starters will help you do just that!

  1. Are you an indoor person or an outdoor person?
  2. What was the last book you read?
  3. What are some movies you enjoyed watching?
  4. Are you an adrenaline junkie?
  5. Any songs you are obsessed with lately?
  6. What is your dream job?
  7. Who is your favorite author?
  8. What are you really proud of?
  9. What is your perfect morning?
  10. Are you a dog person, or are you into cats?
  11. Who are the people you like hanging around with?
  12. Any dream city you want to live in?
  13. What’s your favorite movie?
  14. How did you meet your best friend?
  15. Would you be famous or be rich?
  16. Any interesting facts about you I cannot expect?
  17. Do you like cooking?
  18. Are you into sports?
  19. What is your favorite thing to do outdoors?
  20. What is your go-to funny story?

Hey! Don’t forget to play the humor card in between with some funny questions. This acts like a master-stroke. Not sure how to use it?

Funny first date questions

A funny first date always helps you win the heart. Using these fun questions in between your conversations will make the date memorable.

Plus, you definitely want to show your date that you have a good sense of humor? 😉

  1. What is the strangest place you’ve been on a date?
  2. What is the pet peeve you just can’t stand?
  3. What was the longest time you have waited to pick up food after you dropped it?
  4. Have you ever finished your popcorn before the movie even started?
  5. Do you believe in ghosts?
  6. How different do I look from my social media?
  7. What is the most embarrassing thing you have browsed online?
  8. How long can you survive without your phone?
  9. What is the longest time period you slept for?
  10. Do you have any embarrassing getting drunk stories?
  11. What was your first nickname?
  12. Tell me a joke you would like to share?
  13. Who is your favorite comedian?
  14. Tell me some of your guilty pleasures?
  15. Tell me a tequila story?
  16. Tell me about some of your silly fears?
  17. If you were the opposite gender for a day, what would you like to do?
  18. What are your weird talents?
  19. Have you been caught peeing in public?
  20. Tell me the sport you are worst at?

Could you successfully tickle their bones? You might be feeling a lot relieved, now that you have seen them laugh and shake off the nervousness.

See, the date is going pretty well but let’s level up with…

Best first date questions

People are always interested in conversations that revolve around them. Additionally, everybody likes someone who listens to them and who is more interested in their life.

Here are some more first-date questions that’ll help you impress your date.

  1. What food you just cannot resist?
  2. Tell me one of the embarrassing stories from your childhood?
  3. What would be your mom’s favorite memory of you as a kid?
  4. How long have you binge-watched a series?
  5. Tell me a skill you wish you were better at?
  6. How would your bestie describe you?
  7. Do you plan everything out, or are you spontaneous?
  8. What is your favorite thing to cook?
  9. What is something you have always wanted to try?
  10. What do you absolutely love about your job?
  11. What do you absolutely hate about your job?
  12. What is something that never fails to make you laugh?
  13. What was your first impression of me?
  14. Whom did you really admire as a kid?
  15. How do you unwind after a hectic day at work?
  16. Do you have siblings?
  17. What is your favorite color?
  18. Who has always inspired you?
  19. What is the one superpower you always wanted to have?
  20. Where is your happy space?

So far, you’ve known a lot about their personality. It’s the perfect time to start asking questions that aim at establishing a romantic relationship among you both mixed with some healthy flirting. 

After all, what is the point of a date if you don’t get to flirt?

Flirty first date questions

This sounds like the right time for flirty conversations. If you’re unsure about how to do that, don’t think much and ask these questions. They work the best on first dates.

  1. You seem to be a hopeless romantic, are you one though?
  2. What is the most romantic thing someone did for you?
  3. Have you ever fallen for love at first sight?
  4. Am I putting up well for this date?
  5. What is going on in your mind right now?
  6. From where did you get the million-dollar smile?
  7. You always drive people crazy about you, or am I normal?
  8. What is the secret behind those sparkling eyes?
  9. Are you always this much fun?
  10. Where were you my entire life?
  11. Is it too early to start feeling for someone?
  12. Am I your type, when it comes to dating?
  13. Can I have your photo to ask Santa what I want this Christmas?
  14. What makes you weak in the knees about someone?
  15. What is the biggest turn-on for you?
  16. Can I already plan a second date?
  17. Are you a hugger, or just a shake-hand person?
  18. Are you busy this weekend or can we have a second date?
  19. How would you react if you know I am crushing on you?
  20. I wish there was a way you know you were the prettiest person here tonight?

And here are some more questions on love.

Deep first date questions

Well, you might be on a first date but somewhere in your heart, you’ll want this to work. You are spending your evening with this adorable personality in front of you. Wouldn’t you want to know their thoughts on a perfect love life?

Share your opinions on the perfect definition of love and see if the other person has similar thoughts. The answers to these questions will help you gain some clarity on your future relationship. 

  1. How do you define love?
  2. What’s one thing in life do you feel utmost grateful for?
  3. What was the single best piece of advice which absolutely changed the way you look at things?
  4. What do you feel most passionate about?
  5. What is the most thoughtful gift you have received?
  6. How many heartbreaks have you had in the past?
  7. What do you rate higher- love life or career?
  8. Do you ever talk about your feelings?
  9. How often do you try suppressing your emotions?
  10. How do you feel about us?
  11. Do you believe in the idea of forever?
  12. In your opinion, can opposite genders ever be just friends?
  13. What is your earliest memory as a kiddo?
  14. Do you believe in life after death?
  15. Do you believe in ghosts, aliens, and magic?
  16. Who would you call first if you know you got only moments away from death?
  17. What is the sweetest and most thoughtful thing you have gifted to someone?
  18. Do you believe in energies?
  19. Do you think people are born good or evil or are there just situations that make them one?
  20. Would you rather go 10 years in the past or ten years in the future?

You can also talk about how the other person finds you and is planning to take it forward to the next date. But if you think they aren’t ready to answer that yet, keep talking with the next set of questions.

Great first date questions

On a typical first date, you hardly know each other. You wouldn’t want to seem desperate or clingy. For this, you’ll need an escape route to cut down the conversations about you or them. This is when such general great questions will help you.

It’ll also help you know more about them while also enjoying the food and wine!

  1. Who is your celebrity crush?
  2. What is the last TV Show you binge-watched?
  3. What is your film in the comedy genre?
  4. What was the first book you read and completely finished?
  5. Anything interesting you are working on lately?
  6. How is your social life?
  7. What does a typical day in your life look like?
  8. Do you admire art?
  9. How would you like to style your ideal home?
  10. Are you a shy person?
  11. What makes you stand out amidst the crowd?
  12. Where did you grow up?
  13. What is your go-to beverage?
  14. Are you into tattoos?
  15. Any weird obsessions?
  16. Do you prefer texting or calling?
  17. Do you like listening to podcasts?
  18. What is it that you have always wanted to be known for?
  19. What music do you listen to every day?
  20. Do you prefer reading books, or rather watch movies based upon them?

After breaking the ice, you can always keep the conversation flowing with some juicy questions. 

Juicy first date questions

On the date, you wouldn’t want to come out as a person who doesn’t know how to spice things up. 

Yes, you should wait for the right time. But once the date is comfortable, you can always ask some personal questions.

  1. Want to go out on an ice cream date, the next time?
  2. What do you do in your free time?
  3. What was your favorite part of growing up?
  4. Any regrets while growing up?
  5. How was your first kiss?
  6. What is the biggest lie you have ever told?
  7. When was the last time you cried?
  8. Have you ever been arrested?
  9. Any embarrassing habit I might not be able to guess?
  10. What is your biggest fantasy?
  11. What is the craziest dream you have had?
  12. What quality attracted you towards me?
  13. What are your biggest deal breakers?
  14. Do you think men should always make the first move?
  15. Who was your first love?
  16. What is the one thing you always wanted to change about yourself?
  17. Any romantic gesture that always works on you?
  18. What works on you, personality or looks?
  19. Tell me a country you have always wanted to live in?
  20. Are you tired of staying single for the longest time?

And then it is perfectly acceptable to ask some awkward questions also.

Awkward first date questions

These awkward questions are not to ruin your date, instead will let the person open up more to you. While this also depends on their comfort level with you, you must always keep yourself prepared with some weird questions.  

If you think they’re taking more time to open up, wait for the correct time to ask these.

  1. What is a perfect date for you?
  2. What are your thoughts on marriage?
  3. Is this your natural color or are you tanned?
  4. Do you apply ketchup to your fries?
  5. Do you rent or do you have an expensive house?
  6. What was your name again?
  7. How much rent do you pay?
  8. Have you ever struggled with weight and body shaming issues?
  9. When was the last time you sang in the bathroom?
  10. Are you happy with what you have ordered?
  11. Do you believe in eating animals?
  12. What are you looking for in a relationship?
  13. When was the last time you got yourself tested for STDs?
  14. Why do you look so different from your Instagram?
  15. Have you ever dated someone from a different faith?
  16. What do you want from this relationship?
  17. Why did your last relationship end?
  18. How much toilet paper do you use in a month?
  19. Was anyone in your family an addict?
  20. What is your biggest weakness?

Leave aside awkward situations, let’s talk about things that interest them.

Interesting first date questions

The golden rule to impress anybody is to listen to them. If you keep asking questions about them, listen to them carefully and also allow them to ask their questions, your date will soon come out of their comfort zones. 

This will make them more inclined towards you.

That’s when you must ask these super-interesting questions. 

  1. What is your favorite type of food/cuisine?
  2. Any show/movie recommendations?
  3. Who is the most fascinating person you’ve ever met?
  4. What are some movies you have really enjoyed?
  5. Tell me about your most adventurous trip?
  6. What is the one TV Show you keep watching and never get tired of?
  7. If you had all the time and money in the world, what hobbies would you pursue?
  8. Which music artist do you never get tired of?
  9. What according to you, should everyone try at least once in life?
  10. Where will your family be surprised to find you?
  11. What was the most significant plot twist in your own story?
  12. How much social interaction is too much for you to handle?
  13. Have you had any pets?
  14. What is your favorite app on your own phone?
  15. What is the most beautiful sunset you have seen?
  16. What are your plans for the upcoming vacation?
  17. What is the most outrageous and spontaneous thing you’ve done?
  18. What is your get going quote?
  19. If you ever win a lottery, how do you plan to spend it?
  20. What is the worst advice you have ever received?

As a prospective partner, you’ll want to know more about their needs, desires, or dreams. Give a serious turn to the conversation with these…

Serious first date questions

I am sure there are certain things you would want to know about your partner if you are taking it forward to a second date.

Here, it’s best to ask what’s on your mind, or if you are still confused, start with these: 

  1. Are you looking for a long-term relationship?
  2. Did your life turn out just how you planned it to be?
  3. How is your relationship with your parents and siblings?
  4. Did you always plan to live in New York?
  5. When did your last relationship happen?
  6. Are you religious?
  7. What do you look for in a potential partner?
  8. When was the last time you read a book?
  9. Is there anything you just cannot stand?
  10. Why don’t you tell me something about your family?
  11. How did you see life as a child?
  12. How will you describe yourself as a teenager?
  13. As a kid, would you like yourself for where you are now in life?
  14. Whom did you vote for in the last election?
  15. Do you want kids?
  16. What is your credit rating?
  17. How deep do you think this connection would go?
  18. What is something you will absolutely love to do after this date?
  19. Is there anything about your life that you wish to change?
  20. What is something you have accomplished, and you are really proud of?

If you want to keep the questions general, read further.

Common first date questions

No matter who your partner is, there are few first-date questions that can be asked to anybody irrespective of their personality. 

This list will help you choose some common questions.

  1. What activities do you enjoy?
  2. Are you an ambivert?
  3. Do you enjoy spending time with your family?
  4. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  5. Do you enjoy having pets?
  6. What are your favorite foods?
  7. Where is the best place you have visited?
  8. What is the last movie you watched?
  9. Who was your childhood hero?
  10. What is your ideal weekend?
  11. How would your best friends describe you?
  12. What is your signature dish?
  13. How do you spend your Friday nights?
  14. What is your view on the current government?
  15. Do you have a two-year plan?
  16. How often do you visit your family?
  17. Do you enjoy spicy food?
  18. What is the degree that you acquired in college?
  19. Did you always want to do what you are doing?
  20. How is your day planned?

Nobody likes a dull date. And after some time, it is amazing to bring out the cool and funky side of you. Pop these questions to see if your date is as cool as you.

Cool first date questions

Every person tries to find a best friend in their partner and you don’t always keep flirting with your BFF.

There is so much more to talk about like their dreams, their fears, or even the pick-up lines they use. It is just the first date, so these questions will set the right ground for a healthy conversation.

  1. Tell me some TV Shows you have been binging lately?
  2. Do you have bucket lists?
  3. What is the dumbest thing you have done in the name of love?
  4. Have you suffered any funny injuries?
  5. If you happened to be a pimp, what would your pimp’s name be?
  6. Have you ever gone to pee in public?
  7. What is something you have always wanted to try but always have been scared to?
  8. In one sentence, what is your biggest concern?
  9. What would be harder for you to give up, coffee or alcohol?
  10. Why don’t you tell me something about your best friends?
  11. How often do you fall in love?
  12. What are the worst nicknames you have received?
  13. Do you have any funny dream stories?
  14. Will you call this a date?
  15. What is the cheesiest pick-up line someone used on you?
  16. What are your funniest moments in life?
  17. How did you meet your best friends?
  18. How were you back in school?
  19. Any cool memories you would want to share?
  20. If you could visit any time period in history, what would it be?

You can also pose some random questions like…

Random First Date Questions

You don’t get very intense on the first date. It is always about experimenting if the two of you vibe. If things work out well, you go for a second date and then take it ahead from there.

Hence, there’s no point in discussing all serious topics. Talk about something random. This will also help keep the environment chill and composed.

  1. What is a perfect vacation for you?
  2. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  3. Have you ever fallen in love?
  4. What words describe you the best?
  5. What was your favorite Christmas day present?
  6. What is the best praise you have received?
  7. Who is the most admirable person in your life?
  8. Whom are you closer to, mom or dad?
  9. What do you hate the most about meeting someone new?
  10. If you had your own talk show, who would your first guests be?
  11. What do you keep in the trunk of your own car?
  12. Would you rather be rich and ugly, or poor and attractive?
  13. Would you be with a funny person, or with an intelligent person?
  14. What is the one thing you are looking forward to doing next week?
  15. Where do you consider yourself home?
  16. Any talents or accomplishments you can brag about?
  17. Any dating advice that made your life easier?
  18. What would your shark tank million-dollar idea be?
  19. If you ever become an entrepreneur, what type of business will you choose?
  20. Who is your least favorite person at work?

Next is a set of questions that will help you dodge the dreaded one-word answers. These questions will help you discover a lot about them and decide whether they are the right fit for you.

Perfect questions for a first date

Some questions are made for the first date and they will never fail you to help strike a conversation with your prospective partner.

These questions are based on their daily life and don’t require a lot of introspection. Remember, it’s a date, not an interview!

  1. How do you like spending time?
  2. How often do you like to exercise?
  3. What do you act like when you are sad or grumpy?
  4. What do you do when you need to vent?
  5. Do you consider yourself calm, or anxious?
  6. What do you love about yourself?
  7. What is it like being around your parents?
  8. How close are you to your extended family?
  9. What was it like growing up with your sibling?
  10. Do you have any embarrassing childhood stories?
  11. Are you still friends with your people back in school?
  12. Who is your political affiliation?
  13. Any social issues you connect with the most?
  14. How important are holidays to you?
  15. Who are the most important people in your life?
  16. Do you like spending time alone?
  17. How important are your friends to you?
  18. How often do you read?
  19. Is it important that your friends share your passions?
  20. Do you like dating apps?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to play a game on a date?

First Date Never Have I Ever Questions

The famous ‘Never have I ever’ game can be used on the first date as well. You might be used to playing it over text or would have already played with your date while chatting late at night. But this game is more fun when played sitting next to each other.

Also, it adds an interesting element to the date, doesn’t it?

  1. Never have I ever deleted a chat on Whatsapp after sending it?
  2. Never have I ever faked an interest?
  3. Never have I ever thought this date is boring?
  4. Never have I ever thought about how amazing you are?
  5. Never have I ever lied about something important to you?
  6. Never have I ever wished I had a different face?
  7. Never have I ever pretended to not hear something?
  8. Never have I ever walked into the female restroom?
  9. Never have I ever committed a felony?
  10. Never have I ever danced while bathing?
  11. Never have I ever taken bathroom selfies?
  12. Never have I ever kept a dark secret?
  13. Never have I ever freaked out on insects?
  14. Never have I ever lied about being sick to avoid dates?
  15. Never have I ever been home and lied about being on my way?
  16. Never have I ever lied about my age?
  17. Never have I ever laughed when I am not supposed to?
  18. Never have I ever missed my flight?
  19. Never have I ever feared my ex’s ex?
  20. Never have I ever dated two people at the same time?

As the conversation flows, you can also ask them about their work to see if you have similar work interests.

First Date Questions about Work

Ask them about their work-life – If they’re enjoying it or looking for a career change? See if there’s any vacancy that you can refer them for. If both of you are working in the same fields, the conversation can even last for hours.

Work can prove to be a good topic to help trigger a healthy conversation. If you don’t know the right set of questions, start with these

  1. What do you do to earn a living?
  2. Are you excited to go to work every day?
  3. Does work feel stressful sometimes?
  4. Do you ever wish you could change career paths?
  5. Why did you choose to do what you do?
  6. Were you always in this profession, or did you change careers?
  7. If success was guaranteed, what would you have done?
  8. If given an option to be anything, for one day, what would you do?
  9. Who is someone you absolutely love at work?
  10. Is your boss a pain?
  11. How often do you feel like shooting your boss in the head?
  12. How much weight did you gain after joining the office?
  13. Do you prefer to work from home, or love your office cubicle?
  14. What does a perfect day at work look like?
  15. Do you have working weekends?
  16. Is there a colleague at work you are absolutely crushing upon?
  17. Have you always wanted to do what you are doing?
  18. At what priority would you keep your career and work in your life?
  19. How many times in a day do you curse yourself for choosing this line of work?
  20. What are rest and off days in your life like?

After work, the most soothing and peaceful topic to discuss can be family.

First Date Questions about Family

Talking about family is the most easy-going topic. 

Brownie points if you both share a similar culture or faith – you will not only enjoy spending more time with them but also feel more homely. 

  1. Does your family live nearby?
  2. Do you have a big family?
  3. Does your family host big family traditions and gatherings?
  4. How did your parents meet?
  5. Where did your parents grow up?
  6. What is your first memory of your parents?
  7. Do you have any special memories of family vacations?
  8. Do you really look up to either of your parents?
  9. What is your favorite family tradition?
  10. Who are you closest to in your entire family?
  11. Who do you resemble the most in your family?
  12. Where does your family hail from?
  13. While growing up, who was there with you through all the thick and thin?
  14. Who do you trust the most in your family?
  15. Who from your family would you call in case you are arrested or in trouble?
  16. How often do you see your entire family?
  17. Who from your family absolutely has the best personality?
  18. Do your parents like what you do?
  19. How are your relations with your siblings?
  20. Who makes you the proudest in your entire family?

On the first date, you might want to know if they’re pretending to be someone or is it their original personality. You can do that by asking these questions.

First Date Questions about Personality

Apart from what they do while outside the house, there are few more things that you would like to know about their personality.

You can explore their social media habits or personal routines with the help of these questions.

  1. What is the worst job you have ever done?
  2. What are your go-to things to do every weekend?
  3. How often do you cook?
  4. What food can you eat every day?
  5. What is the one tourist place you always wanted to visit?
  6. How often do you listen to podcasts?
  7. Do you enjoy evening strolls?
  8. What was the best part of this date?
  9. How often do you like spending time outdoors?
  10. Are you a beach person or mountains?
  11. Do you like to read about a place before visiting, or like walking in straight?
  12. Do you like to explore technology?
  13. What is your favorite season?
  14. Do you like to follow a fixed routine?
  15. How often do you and your best friend meet?
  16. Do you like to share your food?
  17. Do you clean your house before you have guests, or is it always clean?
  18. For how long have you been in this city?
  19. How often do you take yourself out to treat yourself?
  20. Do you like to make things yourself?

Don’t you find it interesting to talk about the values you follow?

Dating Questions about Values

When somebody believes in the same ethics as you, it is highly intimidating. You can share the beliefs you follow or the role models you look up to and ask them about the same.

When these things match, you immediately know that your ideologies will match to a certain extent!

  1. If you have all the money in the world, what will you do with it for the rest of your life?
  2. Who is your role model?
  3. What never fails to make you laugh?
  4. What are your relationship deal breakers?
  5. What is home for you?
  6. What is your biggest passion in life?
  7. Do you have a special place that makes you happy?
  8. Are you also doing a side hustle?
  9. Career, beloved, family, money, friends – how would you prioritize?
  10. What is the one thing your mom never fails to brag about you?
  11. Do you have any bad habits?
  12. Do you make your bed after waking up?
  13. If you could wave a magic wand and get all the things you ever wanted, how would life change for you?
  14. If I tell you to name all the things you love, how long will it take for you to name yourself?
  15. Do you believe in the universe?
  16. What is something you can talk about all day?
  17. Do you believe in planning everything, or go with the flow?
  18. What is your philosophy on tipping staff?
  19. Why is your best friend, your best friend?
  20. Do you believe in the law of Karma?

So, now that you know the ground your partner is standing on, why don’t you ask a few…

First Date Qs about Passion & Hobbies

Passion and hobbies can tell you a lot about a person. If they like skydiving, you know they live life like there’s no tomorrow. And if they binge-watch romantic shows, you know they are going to pamper you like an old-school lover.

Start asking these questions and you will soon explore their passions. Brownie points to spot that twinkle in their eyes! 😉

  1. Are you a fan of pop culture?
  2. What did you do last weekend?
  3. Where was the last trip you took?
  4. Do you have any trips planned for the near future?
  5. What do you want your next adventure to be?
  6. Any special skills you can teach me?
  7. What is your hidden talent?
  8. Do you have a tattoo?
  9. What is your spirit animal?
  10. Are you big on social media?
  11. Are you currently working on something you are really passionate about?
  12. What is a recent hobby you picked?
  13. What is something you have been doing for the longest time?
  14. How important are your hobbies to you?
  15. What is something you really want to do, only if you have time by your side?
  16. What is a hobby you know no one can beat you at?
  17. How often do you make time for your hobbies and passions?
  18. What do you think your biggest contribution to this world is?
  19. Why do you think you were put on this planet?
  20. How often do you like to hit the gym?

If you have decided to go on a second date with this person, it is good to know about their relationship goals beforehand.

First Date Qs about Relationship

If you share similar thoughts on other aspects, it is something you should be grateful for. But if your thoughts on relationships don’t match, you’ll be just wasting your time.

It is better to clarify their expectations before you get into something serious. Talk about their thoughts on relationships with these questions.

  1. What are you looking for in a potential partner?
  2. What is something your potential partner must not have?
  3. What would be the best part of dating you?
  4. How do you want your ideal partner to look like?
  5. Do you have a list of things you want in your potential partner?
  6. How do you cope with anxiety and loneliness?
  7. What is the best piece of relationship advice you have received?
  8. Are you active on dating apps?
  9. How long has your longest relationship lasted?
  10. What was your shortest relationship?
  11. When do you start dating?
  12. Do you plan on moving in with your partner?
  13. What do you find really romantic?
  14. What are the personality traits you want to acquire?
  15. What matters to you more, money or fame?
  16. Are you looking for something serious or something casual?
  17. Describe the traits of an ideal relationship.
  18. Have you been in a toxic relationship?
  19. How important is your personal space for you in a relationship?
  20. How will you describe yourself when involved in a romantic relationship?

After discussing relationships, another important topic to discuss on the first date is the future.

Dating Qs about Future plans

Everything might work out well for you guys but you also need to see if you want the same things in the future too.

It is essential to discuss future plans because once you are in love with each other, you wouldn’t want to drift apart because your goals are different. Bring some clarity on these topics with these questions.

  1. Do you make to-do lists for the day or instead create a planner for the month?
  2. Do you get anxious and worried about your future?
  3. Do you have a five-year plan?
  4. Do you plan on having kids?
  5. What about your future concerns you the most?
  6. What about your future excites you the most?
  7. What is your take on open relationships?
  8. Do you believe in monogamy?
  9. Do you think your definition of love will change in the future?
  10. Do you believe in destiny?
  11. What kind of parent do you think you will be?
  12. Do you want your parents and your future family to live together?
  13. Do you want to change cities in the future?
  14. Do you want your future partner to have the same political affiliation as yours?
  15. Is there anything you are hopeful for in the future?
  16. Do you think the world will become a better place in the future?
  17. Do you plan to give back to society in the future?
  18. Are you planning to shift houses in the future?
  19. Do you plan to send your future kids to a hostel?
  20. If you want kids, how many kids do you want?

Oh, you definitely want to know about their sexual preferences too…

First Date Qs about Sexuality

Sex is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful relationship. So, don’t shy away from asking about their sexual preferences as it will define your future ahead. 

Infact, you can also discuss some embarrassing stories from the bedroom.

Here’s a little secret for you: If your date is ready to talk about this, take this as a hint that they have had a good time with you.

  1. How will you describe your sexual orientation?
  2. How will you describe your taste in men in the bedroom?
  3. What is the one thing that you absolutely cannot do without on the bed?
  4. What is sex for you?
  5. Is it just sex or lovemaking for you?
  6. When was the first time you lost your virginity?
  7. Who was your first kiss?
  8. How was your first kiss?
  9. Do you have some embarrassing stories in the bedroom?
  10. When was your first kiss?
  11. What is your dark sexual fantasy?
  12. Will you hook up with someone for a one-night stand?
  13. Do you believe in casual sex?
  14. What never fails to turn you on?
  15. What is your favorite sex scene?
  16. Is there something you would never do in bed?
  17. Is there something you want your partner to always do while in bed?
  18. Would you want your partner to be a virgin, or experienced?
  19. Have you ever made out in public places?
  20. What is your biggest turn-off in bed?

And finally, you wouldn’t like to drop the date back home without knowing their thoughts about you.

Dating Questions about You!

After a long evening, you’ll definitely be curious to know how it has all worked out. You can dive into it with these questions, they will help you know whether or not you must plan your second date!

  1. Why did you swipe right on me?
  2. What made you come to this date?
  3. What was your first impression when I walked in?
  4. What is impressive about my dating profile?
  5. Suggest me some date ideas so that I can use them on our second date.
  6. Do you think I will be able to please your parents?
  7. What kind of people do you think I am into?
  8. Do your friends know about me?
  9. What do your friends think of me?
  10. What is your most favorite thing about me?
  11. What is your least favorite thing about me?
  12. Do you think I am attractive?
  13. Is there anything you have always wanted to ask me?
  14. Do I resemble the look of some celebrity?
  15. Do you think I am smooth with conversations?
  16. Do I come out as an introvert or an extrovert?
  17. Would you want to go on a second date with me?
  18. What do you enjoy the most about this date and about me?
  19. What are some things about me that you think I should work on?
  20. Did I come out as a flirt or a sweet guy?

Remember, the first date impressions matter a lot because they decide whether you are meeting for the second date or this is it.

Wait, it’s not over yet!

I am sure not bidding you goodbye before some amazing first date tips, keep reading.

5 Amazing First Date Tips that will lock your second!

The first dates are the most difficult ones whether it is online or physical. You feel so intimidated to make it perfect. A constant nervousness soaking your throat makes you miss your second chance even though you liked the person a lot.

But the experts have done the hard work for you so that you can eat and flirt on your first date and lock the second one. You wouldn’t have to pretend to be a fake personality and that will be the biggest relief.

Read these tips to know what the experts have to say.

1. Initiate a two-way conversation

Don’t just speak. Listen. Ask them about their hobbies and passion so it doesn’t look like you’re just trying to get them to bed.

When you don’t know how to start, just ask them a question from the list until you find something common to talk about.

2. Don’t be touchy

Remember, it’s the first date. A single wrong touch can ruin your date. If you accidentally touch something that you shouldn’t, apologize immediately.

Touching the person often signals that you’re willing to take this relationship forward but it shouldn’t be in a sexual way.

3. Enjoy the moment

You are on a date. You cannot take your office pressures or family problems along with you there. Remember, you are there to enjoy.

Keep yourself away from phones, making videos, or uploading social media stories constantly. You can do all of that on your second date. You need to make your date feel special for now.

4. Avoid criticism

Nobody prefers a negative partner. So, stay away from nagging about your boss or your roommate. Sharing some worries is fine but constant criticism will turn off your date.

It portrays that you’re a pessimist and what do they have to do with your problem anyway?

5. Use humor

Like said, humor plays the master card on a date. Whatever you talk about, if there is humor added to it, the entire environment will feel joyful and light-hearted.

You can also use humor to flirt a little. But beware, don’t use hard humor. Things are only humorous when both of you agree upon something.

So, when’s your second date?

First dates give you an adrenaline rush like no other. It is a natural process because you want no mistakes here.

I hope these questions have taken off the pain of calling your friends and asking them about tips. When you ask these questions, just be yourself. After asking the question, you can also share your own opinions irrespective of whether or not it matches with them. 

If all goes well, it’s time for some bragging (after all it required so much hard work). So, pop the bottle with your friends while you discuss your awesome first date experience!

Oh, and of course, all the best for your second date! 😉