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150+ Things to Talk about with Your Girlfriend

150+ Things to Talk about with Your Girlfriend

Updated on Nov 07, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

150+ Things to Talk about with Your Girlfriend

You must accept the fact now that communication is the key to a healthy relationship. And communication can’t happen without heart-to-heart conversations or discussions where you both make a conscious effort to know each other!

It is not necessary to always have a certain pattern for the questions. You can ask any personal questions or even discuss some embarrassing moments with your girlfriend.

Still don’t know where to start? I’ve enlisted some 150 topics, each for a different mood. 😉

I know you can’t wait!

So, let’s first begin with…

150+ Things to Talk about with Your Girlfriend
150+ Things to Talk about with Your Girlfriend

Fun things to talk about with your girlfriend

Are you looking for funny questions to ask a girl? Well, you can ask her some silly and stupid questions to share a laugh together!

But if you want to sound fun and sensible – both at the same time, then this is a list of topics that you can discuss with your girlfriend. They neither sound boring, nor stupid.

First up, we have…

1. Recent fun things

Initiate conversations with your girlfriend about the last time you had fun.

1. Did you enjoy our bike ride this morning?

2. Do you remember last weekend’s party when you laughed so hard that the water came out of your nose?

3. Oh yesterday, you fell so hard from the staircase. How embarrassed did you feel?

Well, you can start talking about these fun memories with your girlfriend and have a gala time. But wait until we move to the next topic for some more fun!

2. Things you promised

What is more fun than making a joke of yourself and seeing your partner laughing? When you cannot think of any fun questions to ask your girlfriend, you can make her laugh at you.

1. How did you know I will promise and not reach on time?

2. Why are you so sure that I’ll forget things?

3. When was the last time I forgot my promise?

Hey boy, don’t be offended. Look at that smile on your girl’s face, I’m sure you will do anything for that.  

3. Everyday experiences

If there’s anything funny that you just came across, you can share it with your girlfriend. Let her feel that she is a part of your day.

Whether it is anything funny or serious, let her know that you always think about her and she is the first person with whom you wish to share things.

Something like

1. Guess what my boss just told me?

2. Do you know what just happened while I was on my way home?

3. What can be the lamest excuse my cab driver gave me?

4. Her day

The easiest topic to talk to a girl about is her day. You can only ask her “Hey honey, how is your day going?” and she will tell you all that there is. This way she feels you are concerned about her.

1. How did your presentation go?

2. Did your boss appreciate you?

3. Why did you fight with your mother?

The added advantage is if you have been through a similar thing in a day, you can always discuss that and have some fun conversations to share about the coincidence.

5. Present feelings

There are days when you feel uneasy or special. Talk to your partner about your feelings.

1. “I feel like killing this person!” Don’t you feel the same?

2. “If the boss doesn’t grant the leave today, I will leave the job.” Why don’t you get frustrated the same way?

3. How do you always manage to make me feel so special?

You can share what you are feeling at the moment and ask her the same. Oh, wait. The next to follow in the list is the most-awaited!

6. Crazy things

Be prepared to listen to some funny answers. Ensure that you don’t judge her otherwise she might get uncomfortable and not share things with you in the future.

Keep your possessiveness under control and take it lightly while you have a conversation about all the crazy things that she has ever done!

1. What is the craziest thing you have done in your life?

2. How did you feel after doing it?

3. What provoked you to do it?

Moving ahead, you can also talk about… 

7. Whatever you see

If there’s nothing to talk about, you can randomly discuss the events that are happening around you.

1. Do you see that dog crossing the street?

2. Do you see that couple fighting across the lane?

3. What color sky do you see today?

You can also mention whatever you are witnessing at the moment and ask your girlfriend to do the same. See if there are any similarities to the view or any moments that remind you of your time together.

8. TV talk

TV has always been the biggest escape when you are bored. This is not only the best way to kill time but the best way to initiate a conversation too.

1. Have you seen the Big Bang Theory?

2. Which character is your favorite?

3. What is the most interesting part of the entire show?

Instead, you can also plan weekends where you can watch TV together. Binge-watch your favorite TV shows and imitate the characters. You’ll surely have a memorable time.

9. Make plans

Whether plans are successful or not is a secondary concern. But one thing we can tell you without a doubt is that making plans to go out is always fun.

You argue, you act stubborn, and then you end up canceling the plan. But the best part is that you get to know about each other’s tastes and hobbies that bring you closer to each other.

1. Shall we go to the mall today?

2. Why don’t we try the Chinese restaurant across from our building?

3. Should we go on a morning walk tomorrow?

Now that you both have locked your plans for the weekend, why not discuss some…

10. Household tasks

Household tasks are always boring, irrespective of gender. Nobody likes to clean and cook all day.

So, as a boyfriend, maybe you both can discuss the household tasks and understand what’s in store for the future.

1. Who do you expect to do the household chores if we plan to marry each other?

2. Should I wrap up the dining table while you get ready?

3. Whose turn is it to clean the floor today?

After the fun, if you want to give your conversation some interesting turn, look up these topics.

Interesting things to talk about with your girlfriend

At times, you would want to steer ahead from your regular conversations. And you must do that. A couple needs to discuss different topics to understand each other’s ideologies.

If you are planning to spend a long time together, then these topics must be on your to-do list of discussions. They will not only keep you interested in the discussion but also tell you a lot of things about your girlfriend.

11. Woman’s role

You can shoot some open-ended questions and give your girlfriend the space to talk. What can be a good conversation starter is to let her speak about her role in a relationship. You simply need to ask

1. What role does a woman play in a relationship?

2. At what point do you feel the most frustrated as a woman?

3. What is your biggest fear as a woman?

You will find her giving you a list of things she does for you. Here, you may realize certain things that you never observed before and were taking for granted.

This is an interesting topic to talk about because when you are talking about her, she is already hooked to the conversation.

12. Man’s role

The role of a man in a relationship can be different from your and your girlfriend’s perspective.

1. What is the role of a man in a relationship?

2. What are your expectations from your man?

3. Do I have to change certain habits of mine to keep you happy?

There can be instances where your girlfriend is wrong, speak to her and sort it out. Give clarifications why certain things are done in a particular way.

…and then discuss about

13. Exchange roles

Now, this topic can lead to the most interesting conversation. We all have complaints from our partners.

We fail to realize what they are going through and this causes misunderstandings; gradually leading to breakups.

1. Would you like yourself if you were me?

2. How would you solve your complaints if you were me?

3. What are some habits you would have avoided if you were me?

So, when you ask this question to your girlfriend, you two can have a healthy discussion about how one is more sacrificing than the other and bring some more stability to the relationship.

Is your girlfriend a book-a-holic?

14. Books

If you are an avid reader, this will be your favorite topic… plus, it can lead to hours-long interesting conversations.

All you have to do is pick a classic book like Harry Potter and start discussing your favorite characters from it… and the conversation will naturally start flowing.

Other than that, you can also ask questions like

1. What is your favorite book?

2. Who is the author of the book?

3. What kind of books do you prefer to read?

Now if you are done with book conversations.

Let’s move ahead to find out more about her…

15. Previous Relationships

It is not at all a bad idea to discuss her past. In fact, when you both are transparent to each other, it brings you both closer. So, ask away!

1. What is the longest you’ve been in a relationship?

2. What made you fall so hard for the person?

3. How did you manage to move on?

This is not to judge her but to understand her and her needs. This way you will be cautious of what changes you need to bring in yourself to keep her happy.

Wait, there’s more

16. Your annoying habits

Ask your girlfriend what are the habits in you or her ex-boyfriends that annoy her. It can be about you or her ex. This way you realize that how knowingly or unknowingly you do something to piss her off that can ultimately lead to her lack of interest in you.

1. What are some of my habits that annoy you?

2. Why don’t you like it when I talk to you while sleeping?

3. How did your ex-boyfriends annoy you?

After the list of annoying habits, are you not curious to find out the ones that make her heart smile? 😉

17. Your best habits

Now that you have already asked her about your annoying habits, there is no harm in asking her what are the best things she finds in you.

There might also be a few things that her ex-boyfriends might have done for her that might have felt special. So, question her about her expectations and see if you will be able to live up with them.

1. Who is the best boyfriend according to you?

2. What should I do to get into the best boyfriend’s list?

3. What is one thing that I do that makes you go ‘Awwww’?

Wait, we have more.

On days when she has been putting through a lot, you must extend sympathy to give her the comfort she needs… and the space she needs to vent out.

18. Extend sympathy

When she is frustrated, you can sympathize with her. Understand that girls are super expressive when there is a person to listen to their thoughts and emotions. Be a listening ear to her.

However, ensure that you pay attention to the details mentioned by her. And don’t just listen, make her feel that you understand what she is going through. Sympathize with her for everything.

1. I understand whatever has happened… I am with you.

2. Things can go wrong at times but deserve more.

3. Let time heal certain things. Don’t lose hope. Everything will be sound and fine soon.

Well after all this, you must also know about your girl’s choices and preferences if you wish to keep this relationship going for long. So, let’s find out!

19. Preferences

When you ask your girl about her preferences, she will always appreciate you. Obviously, you know your girlfriend but there might be times when she’s just doing things for your happiness.

1. Would you like me to wear a T-shirt or a shirt?

2. Should I pair it with blue or black denim?

3. Do you want to stay indoors or shall we go out?

Next up is…

20. Valuable assets

It is no hidden fact that girls remember everything and anything. They have an emotional bond with everything they possess.

1. What is one thing that you value the most?

2. Whom do you value most in your family?

3. Apart from your family, who holds a prized position in your heart?

And after some interesting conversations, here are a few good topics that you must talk about if you are new in a relationship.

Good topics to talk about with your girlfriend

If you have just committed to each other, you’ll not want to offend your girlfriend. So, here are some good non-risky topics that you can start talking about like:

21. Common things

When it is a new relationship, you would like to discuss some things that are common between the two of you. You would like to share your interests, hobbies, food choices, etc.

If you find similar choices, you know that you have made a connection there and would want to drive the conversation ahead. These mutual topics or choices help you get closer to each other.

1. Do you like painting too?

2. Are you a late-night owl like me?

3. Would you prefer more spicy or sweet things?

After discussing all the common things, let’s swiftly take the conversation to one of the touchy-yet-crucial topics… Religion!

22. Religion

When you are looking for some good topics to talk about, you can pick religion but you need to be very cautious about it.

This will help you understand her religious views, her ideologies, and her faith, but if you try to oppose, it might also offend her.

1. Do you believe in God?

2. What are your thoughts on people from other religions?

3. What does spirituality mean according to you?

While discussing this topic, you need to be very open-minded and accepting towards her choice of faith.

Moving on to discuss a few…

23. Gratitude

Contrary to the popular belief, it is not at all necessary to talk “only” about romance with your girlfriend. Gratitude is equally powerful and can sometimes overwhelm your heart so much that you want to pour it out.

So, you start the conversation with questions like:

1. What are you grateful to God for?

2. Who is that one person you cannot imagine your life without?

3. Have you ever been saved from an accident?

All that is fine. But don’t you want to know some incidents that embarrassed your girlfriend, so much so that even today when she thinks about it – she wants to dig a hole for herself and hide? 😛

Then, what’s the wait worth for? Let’s find out! 😉

24. Embarrassing moments

You wouldn’t want to be serious all throughout the conversation. To add some fun element, ask her about the most embarrassing moment in her life. See if she is ready to talk about it. If not, share your experience first.

1. Have you ever vomited on somebody?

2. Did you ever get punished in front of your crush?

3. When did your boss embarrass you in front of everyone?

Usually, once you share your stories, she will also open up about her embarrassing moments and find you trustworthy.

Now, we have your favorite topic – vacation!

25. Vacations

What can be better than talking about vacations? Ask her about her favorite trip. Where had she gone? And drive the conversation with interesting questions like:

1. What is the best memory from your recent vacation?

2. Did you make new friends on the trip?

3. Is there any place you want to visit again?

Do you have the same place on your bucket list? If yes, boy this is your window to plan a trip together.

Thank me later! 😉

26. Childhood memories

Childhood is an integral part of everyone’s life. Just like you have enjoyed every bit of it, she might have some memories too. Ask her

1. Tell me about your favorite childhood memory

2. What accident did you have as a child?

3. What is one thing that seems stupid now but you enjoyed doing it as a child?

Ask these and see her laughing, smiling, and jumping all at once. Girls love when boys are interested to know every detail of their life and this is no exception.

So, why not find out about her life ideals?

27. Ideal life

To know about how she desires to live her life tells a lot about her as a person. Plus, it’s a brilliant way of starting a healthy conversation.

1. What is your definition of an ideal life?

2. Do you treasure the simple things or yearn for big things?

3. What is the one thing you can’t survive without?

You don’t know about the hobbies of your girl?

Oh well, that’s bad. But better late than never!

28. Hobbies

In the list of good questions, we can certainly not miss out on hobbies. This is one of the easiest ice-breaking and conversation starter questions.

1. What is one hobby that you never want to give up on?

2. What were your hobbies that you have discontinued now?

3. Why did you discontinue pursuing it?

Continue this interesting conversation with some healthy discussions on life goals!

29. Life Goals

Everybody has relationship goals. But it is important to have some goals outside the relationship as well. It speaks a lot about you as an individual.  

1. What are your goals outside the relationship?

2. How serious are you about the goal?

3. Do you think of us together while achieving the goal?

This way you will know your compatibility level in the future and whether or not you both want the same things from life. Because if your goals do not match, there’s no point in taking the relationship further.

However, if the goals match, leave no stone unturned to support your girlfriend achieve her dreams.

30. Movies

If your girlfriend is a movie junkie, this is going to be her favorite topic.  Also, this will keep her talking for a longer time than you expect.

Talk about her favorite movie that you both watched together or the last flop that you both were excited about

1. Remember how you threw popcorn at me the last time we were watching the show?

2. Why did you get so scared in that scene?

3. What is the one movie that always reminds you of me?

But what if you are just trying to have a conversation with her without any specific purpose? Well, I still have you covered. Always! 😉

Conversation topics to talk about with your girlfriend

Preparing to have a conversation with your girlfriend or on a date? Well, there is nothing to worry about! It just requires you to keep some practices to keep in mind that will help you start a conversation… and drive it.

Often, some people consider it as a “job” while in a relationship. But if the relationship matters to you, you know it has never been a burden.

Well, if you think that you are an introvert and struggle while starting a conversation, then I am here to save the day… with a few topics that can help you strike a conversation at any time.

Beginning with,

31. Her life

When you date a girl, you need to show interest in her. You should be able to know her in-and-out. To begin the conversation, can ask her questions like:

1. Tell me something about your college days?

2. How do you imagine your life 5 years from today?

3. What makes you happy almost immediately?

The conversation shouldn’t make her feel that you are talking to her just for the sake of it. You should be curious about how things have been. These things might involve mutual topics of interest or sometimes…

32. Day’s best part

After having a busy and tiring day, we all just long to be felt important to at least that one person. You can start having a conversation asking about her day! Yes, there might be many things that might have happened in the entire day… ask her, what was the best thing that happened.

Suppose, she meets a long-lost school friend after office at some café. Now, this one sentence can turn into a good long conversation. You can continue the conversation by asking her…

1. How did it feel meeting her after so long?

2. After how long did they meet?

3. How was the food at the café?

But what if there was no “best” part. Instead, she had a bad day and wishes to vent out. In that case, just keep your doors open!

33. Day’s worst part

This is one of the conversations where you will get to know about your girl’s emotional levels.

1. What made you so angry?

2. How did you deal with the situation?

3. Was there anybody to help you?

To be honest, there might not always be interesting things to talk about. But as partners that’s the challenge, you need to learn to cherish the “daily conversations”.

Remember, in good times there will be so many around you but in the bad times, you just need to rely on each other. This is the time where she might want someone to just listen to her unfiltered.

34. Follow-ups

You just cannot keep talking about the day. What if nothing much has happened to talk about. Well, this is when you take a follow-up that you already had a conversation about. Start by asking

1. What about that place you were planning to go to?

2. Did you enroll for the course you were mentioning?

3. Did you take the medicines on time?

When you do a follow-up with conversations it shows you are a good listener and that you actually care to remember her schedule and keep a tap on her progress.  

This also tells about how thoughtful you have been about her. This will make her happy and feel pleased.

If you both have never stayed together, I am sure you both don’t know much about each other’s…

35. Bathroom habits

Bathroom habits are so important to discuss. Like so so important.

As a married couple, contrasting bathroom habits make for most of the arguments. If you wish to avoid it, then start the conversation with questions like…

1. Do you go to the loo first thing in the morning?

2. Do you have hygiene issues?

3. Can you pee in a public washroom?

Hey don’t shy away… ask everything that comes to your mind.

When you want a 360-degree turn to your conversation, swiftly change the topic to…

36. Your relationship

This is one of the important topics that you must discuss every once in a while. Where and how do you guys head as a couple? How serious are you about it and its future?

Well, a girl will always look forward to having such conversations, but might not initiate. You can do it with…

1. What would be the next step in our relationship?

2. When can we plan to buy a new house?

3. What changes do we need to bring to our relationship?

So many heavy topics, let’s lighten the conversation with a very casual topic like

37. Lunch

Well, if either of you is a foodie this conversation will lead to an hours-long discussion. So, go ahead and ask her.

1. What did you have for lunch today

2. Do you like cooking?

3. Would you like to go out for lunch with me today?

The intentions may never be wrong but the manner or way of asking things can turn any conversation in the right or wrong direction.

You can also talk about your favorite food or cuisines, and then order the same on your lunch dates. Trust me, she will love it!

38. Her favorite things

When you have a conversation, try to bring out topics about her favorite things. Girls love when you do that. You can also tell her about your favorite things.

It can be anything that either of you enjoys. Such as…

1. What do you do to maintain your health?

2. Do you like writing your daily thoughts?

3. What is your skincare routine?

If you fall short you have this list to pick a topic about. But if both of you have different choices then you can have discussions on each and it can go a long way. But make sure it doesn’t bore either of you.

39. God

Apart from religion, you can specifically have a discussion about God. This will help you understand a lot about her belief in superpowers.

Remember, it is not necessary to have faith in the same God as her religion permits. It’s a choice.

1. Do you believe in a superpower like God?

2. Do you believe God is listening to your wishes/prayers?

3. What are the incidents that made you believe it?

Don’t make it too serious. There might be possibilities of having different thoughts and beliefs but this shall not become a reason for arguments. If you both don’t believe in the same ideology, learn to respect each other’s beliefs.

40. Spirituality

Religion and Spirituality may go hand-in-hand but are absolutely different from the crux. You may try to know your girlfriend’s definition of spirituality by asking:

1. Do you practice anything to regain inner peace?

2. How much do you believe in having a spiritual life?

3. What is the purpose behind it?

Or what are the qualities that she admires in an individual like, positivity, harmony, simplicity, compassion, justice, etc? Don’t just talk about your ideas but listen to what she expects or does.

All conversations have a significant role. But the most important thing is to “listen” carefully. Everyone might have a busy day, but sparing some time for the loved ones and listening to them might make it more meaningful and worthy.

Small attempts of effort count and show how much you care.

Now let’s dig a little deeper with some deep conversation topics that you can discuss with your girlfriend….

Deep conversation topics to talk about with girlfriend

The previous topics will help you know your girlfriend on a superficial level. But if you want to know her inner soul, deep conversations are required.

Here, you can talk about her beliefs, what helped her through life’s journey, what troubles she has been through, and everything that has shaped her into the human being she is today.

You can start this conversation with a discussion on…

41. Values and beliefs

Values hold a core component in everybody’s lives. It is important to discuss the issues of different values and beliefs as otherwise, they will later lead to big arguments. The compromises, religious differences, and the logical reason behind who prefers what on both sides of the family hold a lot of importance for the future life ahead.

1. What are the basic rituals followed in your family?

2. What timings do you prefer praying at?

3. Tell me certain basic moral values that you strictly stand by?

From lifestyle habits to family planning to finance management, don’t leave any topic untouched. But before that, don’t forget to discuss…

42. Dreams and Aspirations

Sharing dreams and aspirations helps develop a better understanding, improves communication, strengthens the connection, develops positive energy, and helps you accept her as an individual.

All these together lead to having a good successful relationship. Sharing dreams is the path to a long and healthy relationship.  

1. Where do you see yourself 10 years ahead from today?

2. Do you dream of a simple life or a higher standard of living?

3. What are your ambitions in life?

Remember, the discussion is not just about kids, money, fame, etc. but also about building a bond that the two people share equally with a mutual decision of respecting each other’s aspirations in life.

43. Background

At times, it is being said that background doesn’t matter when you are in love with a person and seek to take the relationship forward. This doesn’t mean asking or knowing about what your educational qualifications are or whether you are a virgin or not.

But, knowing the base that each one of us is built up from is essential to building a healthy relationship. So, don’t shy away from asking questions like…

1. Are you happy with your upbringing?

2. What are the values you hold on from your ancestors?

3. How do you prefer staying ahead in your life: with the same background or changing yourself with time?

The thinking process, how you were raised, your caste, beliefs, principles, the chemistry being shared, etc., is what is the fundamental criteria a relationship should be built on.

Relationships without backgrounds might feel attractive but tend to be suffocative at a later stage.

44. Role Model

All of us admire someone from the heart and yearns to be like them. So, asking her about what she desires to be like, what she looks forward to in her life is important.

Also, a good analysis of the person she admires will tell you a lot about her. The admiration can be towards celebrities, or people among the family members, or even your friends and enemies.

1. What qualities do you attract the most?

2. Are the characteristics inspiring you to do something great in life?

3. Do your family members know about what admires you the most?

Building a strong bond in a relationship needs proper nurturing and good communication. With this, let’s move on to a fun topic…

45. Guilty Pleasures

A guilty pleasure is something that might be viewed as shameful by some people, such as trashy novels or overdone rom-coms but still brings pleasure to the viewer/reader. Speaking about each other’s guilty pleasure helps you know each other on a deeper level

1. What is the one guilty pleasure you tried to quit but couldn’t?

2. What are the guilty pleasures that you are most ashamed of?

3. Has anyone known about your guilty pleasures earlier?

Having certain guilty pleasure can be an activity or piece of media, such as books, movies, TV shows, food, etc., that your partner might enjoy but will be embarrassed if other people find out about it.

Now, let’s move on to the most awaited topic…

46. Future

Everyone has a certain image of the “future” in their mind. And so, discussing the materialistic pleasures, desires and emotional stability you hold in your mind for a perfect life facilitates the easy building of the bond in your relationship.

So, dig deeper with these questions.

1. What is your perception about a perfect life in the future?

2. What are your expectations from a perfect life?

3. Does your perfect life exist with a person or on an individual basis?

The perfect life to some can be living life to the fullest, creating memories that can’t be forgotten, and creating friendships that last forever.

From keeping pets to going around the world for trips every year; watching sunsets on weekends to buying properties, the idea of a perfect life varies as we move from person to person.

After this heavy discussion, it’s time for some fun with a hilarious topic…

47. Broken rules

Rules are expected to be followed but the real question is, how many of us actually do? Well, aren’t the rules meant to be broken? 😉

The memories behind the broken rules can be a great conversation starter. Don’t believe me? Try some.

1. What rule did you break most often in school?

2. Were you ever punished for breaking a rule at home? What was it?

3. Have you ever broken a rule due to someone forcing you to do so?

Enjoyed it?

I told you… Now, let’s talk about the ones who rule our hearts: inner circle!

48. Inner Circle

Our inner circle consists of both: close friends and family. Anyone with whom we feel connected, deeper than the surface level belongs to our inner circle.

A conversation revolving around inner circles can also give you a hint about the kind of people with whom she connects. Find out more with these questions

1. Who all belongs to your inner circle?

2. Who do you run to when you are on the verge of a breakdown?

3. Who is the first person to hug you on your difficult days?

Next up is, short-term goals.

49. Short-term goals

Short-term goals are extremely different from long-term goals. They are usually meant to be achieved within 12 months or less. Certain short-term goals can be reading two books every month, quitting smoking, exercising two times a week, developing a morning routine, etc.

But short-term goals when you are in a relationship are different. It takes a lot of strength to make a relationship strong with some baby steps like speaking “We” instead of “I” during your conversation. Do you know what your girlfriend has in mind?

1. What are the short-term goals you want to achieve by next month?

2. What are the weekly goals that you fail to accomplish?

3. When was the last time you achieved your goal and were satisfied with it?

It is also mandatory to talk about what goals you both target to be achieved a few years down the line.

This way you both will have greater chances of achieving the desired goals.

Do you know how your girlfriend likes to spend her free time? Let’s find out!

50. Pastimes

Discussing and deciding how you’d like to spend your free time with your girlfriend can not only strike good conversations but also give you a list of things to do when you both are actually free.

Right from going out on movie dates after a heavy day at work to long drives or walks, there is so much you both can do together.

1. What do you like to do in your free time?

2. What would you never do in your free time?

3. How would you like to spend your free time with me?

In the daily hustle-bustle, it’s so rare that you both get time for each other. So make sure you make full use of this free time and make efforts to know each other more.

Enough now, what about some romance?

After all, you are a couple and your conversation will be incomplete without some romance. To spice things up, you can take up these topics.

Best romantic topics to talk about with girlfriend

You are in love with your girlfriend and you must express this to her time and again. Well, if you are confused about how to do this, pick these topics and take it forward.

51. Express yourself

Who doesn’t want to know that they are loved? Irrespective of gender, everyone loves to hear compliments… if not every day, at least every once in a while!

And well when it comes to girls, they love the compliments a tad bit extra. So, why don’t you use that as a conversation starter?

1. How can you always be so caring and loving?

2. How can you be so patient while dealing with my anger?

3. How do you never forget the little details about me?

The little things that she does for you are worth appreciating and you value her presence in your life. This will keep her smiling all day.

52. Romance

Now, this is a very important topic to talk about. Everybody has a different definition of love and romance.

What you may find romantic might be cheesy for her. This can cause rifts in the relationship. Instead, it is always a good idea to ask

1. What is your idea of romance?

2. How would you like me to plan a romantic date for you?

3. Do you find dancing in the rain romantic?

What about your future with her?

53. Future together

You are definitely looking for something serious with this person you love the most. And so, it is extremely important to discuss your future.

(P.S. Girls love when boys acknowledge that they have a future together so this may just be a brownie point for you. 😉)

1. What sort of lifestyle do you want in the future?

2. Are you ready to take up the responsibilities?

3. Do you have anything else in mind?

The future has an endless list of questions and can lead to hour-long conversations.

Next up, we have a very rare-talked about topic “Happiness”

54. Happiness

There are moments to live by. But sometimes, there are also a few things, the thought of which makes your heart smile.

Know what are the special things in her life that make her feel the happiest.

1. What food item immediately lights up your mood?

2. Who can make you happy?

3. What is one activity that gives you inner happiness?

She tells you she loves you the most, but do you know what her heart says?

Did you answer no? The next conversation topic will help you understand that!

55. Her inner feelings

One thing that is super romantic for girls is when boyfriends try to know about their inner feelings and actually care about them.

Take her out for a date, hold her hand and express your feelings towards her. Her heart will be filled with emotions by now… and that’s when you can start a conversation with these questions

1. What do you feel about us?

2. Do you like spending time with me?

3. Where would you like to go next?

Hey, wait. Don’t wrap it up before you know about her emotions

56. Her emotions

While she is expressing her emotions to you, it is important to pay attention to them. She is not expressing only for you to hear it out but she might want you to change in a certain way.

1. Do you have any complaints from me?

2. Is there anything that you want to share with me?

3. Did you ever feel I insulted you in front of others?

A girl feels the most loved when her complaints are resolved. It depicts that you are not with her for the sake of being but you care about her.

You are ready to do everything to make the relationship work and that’s the most romantic thing for a girlfriend… unless you give her a few compliments and that brings us to our next topic!

57. Compliments

As I said, everyone loves compliments – but for girls, it might be sometimes an expression of love. Compliment her for the small effort she makes for you and relish her flowing face. It can be something like…

1. You look so beautiful in ethnic wear

2. That’s like my girl

3. You never fail to amaze me with little things

This doesn’t mean you have to fake-compliment her. Don’t try that… girls are very good at catching lies. They can smell it from afar.

That reminds me, when was the last time you both spent a weekend together? Been long? Not anymore!

58. Plan weekends

During the weekdays, both of you must be busy chasing deadlines. However, weekends give you a breather. Why don’t you plan to spend time with her and get to know each other more?

1. Where would you like to go this weekend?

2. Do you want to take a trip or spend time in the city?

3. Do you want to Netflix and chill or move out for a party?

Plan a weekend with her. Spend the entire day together. This brings you closer to each other.

59. Dream Date

You cannot deny that you have some romantic dreams. Similarly, she might have them too. As a couple, it is your responsibility to fulfill each other’s dreams & fantasies.

And what else can be more romantic than living these fantasies?

1. What does your dream date look like?

2. Where do you want to go for our next date?

3. After the date, what would you like to do?

Ask her about her dream date and plan it in the same way. Surprise her in the cutest form and see her eyes glistening with love for you. This is one thing she will cherish forever.

60. Rainy day ideas

Rains are romantic. Tell me one incident when it has been raining heavily and it doesn’t remind you of your partner? We bet there will be hardly anything coming to your mind. So if it is the rainy season, grab the chance to have a romantic conversation in the rain.

Ask her whether she would like to spend a rainy day with you and fulfill her desires… and don’t forget to talk about it while you are at it!

1. Do you like to bathe in the rain?

2. Would you prefer to stay indoors with me in the rain?

3. Do you like going on long drives in the rain?

Now that you are already in the mood to talk, why don’t you excite her with some more exciting topics and get closer to her?

Exciting topics to talk about with girlfriend

If she is not in the mood to talk, a few things will keep her going. Want to know what? Well, go through this list.

61. Party stories

If your girlfriend loves parties, this is the perfect topic for you. She might have had many memorable nights and many drunk stories.

And when you talk about these parties to her and make her recall these memories, it will surely leave her excited.

1. What is your favorite party-time story?

2. Who do you usually party with?

3. Have you ever bumped into a relative while you were sloshed in a party?

So, ask her some of her party stories and talk for hours without a moment of silence.

62. Secrets

Who doesn’t like to know a few secrets? So, try to heat the room by spilling out some beans.

Reveal some secrets of your own. Ask your girlfriend to share something she has hidden from you till now. Before doing this, ensure that your relationship is strong enough to handle if something tragic comes out as the secret.

1. Tell me something that you have never mentioned until now

2. Is there anything you will never want me to find out?

3. Is there anything in your locker that you are hiding from me?

Such questions are not just exciting but also help you develop more trust in each other.

63. Marriage

Well, while asking this question, you should be well-prepared. There might be some things that you don’t want to listen to. However, if it has been a long time that you are dating and both want to get married, this question can become the most exciting one in the evening.

So, my boy, ask away…

1. What do you feel about our marriage?

2. When do you want to get married?

3. Where do you want to get married?

You will see her face turn red with smiles and excitement. She will jump on the bed and discuss every moment with you because, trust me, she has already played it in her head over 100 times.

64. Her comfort

You’ll be amazed to know how just your presence can make her feel extremely relieved and comfortable. Ask her about the most comforting person in her life and silently wait for your name to pop in.

Apart from that, you might be a little shocked that holding a pen in hand or some other strange habit can be so comforting for her.

1. Who do you feel most comfortable with?

2. Do you like meeting unknown people?

3. What do you do when you are nervous?

Anyway, you are in a win-win situation because you learn a lot about her.

65. Planning a day

Your girlfriend is yours and only if you trust me, she has already planned a decade with you. So, if you ask her “How would you like to spend an entire day with me?”, you will have a whole itinerary prepared.

You only have to follow her instructions and be mindful of her likings. Do this for her and I promise, you will never regret it. After that one day, you will wait for her to plan things with you.

1. What do you want to do in the morning?

2. What are your plans for lunch?

3. Do you want to go for a night show movie?

Okay, so that was fun.

But do you not want to know your girl’s bucket list? After all, it’s your duty to fulfill it.  

66. Bucket list

Well, you know the things you have put on your bucket list. Ask your girlfriend about hers. Who knows the two of you might have one thing in common and can tick it off together? Well, this will be exciting.

1. What are the things on your bucket list?

2. Where do you want to go on trips?

3. What are three things you want to achieve by the age of 30?

To make it more fun, you can guess each other’s list first and then reveal the actual list. You’ll be shocked to see what your partner thinks can be on your bucket list.

67. Relationship strengths

You know your relationship is the best but does your girl feel the same way? Find it out by asking her the strengths of your relationship. It may be because you both ignore each other’s flaws or appreciate each other more than required.

1. What do you think are the strengths of our relationship?

2. Did you imagine we will make it till here?

3. What more should we do together to grow as a couple?

A relationship is based on a lot of sacrifices. So, if your girlfriend has done a few, don’t forget to appreciate it and make them special…

That brings me to the next topic…

68. Special moments

When you have been together for a long time, you have already done everything to make your girl feel special. You lose out on new ways even when you want to do something more for her. So, why don’t you just ask…

1. When have I made you feel most special?

2. What are some more things that you would want me to do?

3. If I did this for you, would you feel like the most special person on this planet?

After all these years, you can absolutely read between the lines and add something more to it to surprise her again. It can be just like the recreation of her special day.

69. Happiness in relationship

We understand that the answer to this question is very important for you and you are nervous about asking it. Well, don’t be.

She is with you because she is happy. No girl can pretend for a long time and stay where she isn’t valued. Hence, whenever the mood seems right, you can start a conversation with these questions.

1. Are you happy with me?

2. Is there anything I can do more to make you happier?

3. Should I change something for you?

And I am sure that you won’t be disappointed with her answer.

70. Contentment

Your relationship definitely has many highs and lows, many flaws and qualities.

But what is the one thing that she values the most and is not ready to give up for anything in life? What is it that makes your relationship different from her past relationships?

Find out the essence of the relationship and keep working on it.

1. What do you like the most about us?

2. Does the idea of us being together excite you?

3. What is one thing that you only want to do with me?

If you are done with these topics, don’t worry. We still have some great topics in store for you.

Great topics to talk about with your girlfriend

Had fun, interesting, romantic, and exciting conversations.

Now you also want to keep the discussion going but don’t want to spark a certain mood. That’s when these topics will come into play!

71. Past

There can be a lot of things that you want to discuss about your past with your present partner – your girlfriend. Talking about past relationships gives your girlfriend an insight into who you are. Reflecting on the past also helps create openness amongst you and your partner.

Speaking about a past relationship can even help you find out something about yourself that you may have missed during the relationship and breakup.

1. Are you comfortable sharing your extreme past moments?

2. What do you do to recover from certain bad phases in life?

3. How do you take your past as an inspiration to move ahead?

It is very important to check up on the timings and situation before speaking on the topic. Discussing and sharing information about the past should be done in a calm and composed environment.

72. Personal opinion

In every relationship, be it personal or professional, there is always some disagreement and agreement. It isn’t fair on you or her if either of you agrees because of your partner. So, this implies that sharing a personal opinion holds a lot of value in a relationship.

1. Tell me about how you decide and give opinions on certain situations.

2. Are your opinions always favored amongst people or are they usually the opposite?

3. What is your opinion about my friends?

Openly discussing what you think is extremely mandatory to avoid bottling up feelings that may burst out later.  

Being a good listener, taking responsibility, taking action, etc. are ways in which you can you’re your girlfriend that you respect her opinion.

Now that you know her opinions, it’s not harmful to discuss a few pieces of advice.

73. Advice

At times, it can be difficult to directly jump over and start a conversation or share something with your girlfriend. At these times, it’s good to start a conversation with a piece of advice.

Saying unsolicited words of advice that are relatable to her everyday situation, depicts your understanding and caring nature. So, why wait?

1. Do you think it’s right to judge a book by its cover?

2. Do you believe in the idiom: actions speak louder than words?

3. What is your opinion about: the first impression is the last impression?

You have shared enough advice, now it’s time for some chit-chat!

74. Some gossip

Well, who doesn’t enjoy some hot, spicy gossip? While gossip usually consists of half-baked truths, myths, or sometimes even rumors, it’s still fun!

So, spice up the conversation with these few questions.

1. Did you know the [X] couple are living separately?

2. What is the rumor about us that you heard recently?

3. Hey, do you know [X] celebrity couple is having a baby?

An idle talk about someone’s private or personal matters, especially someone not present is fun at times but you must know where to draw the line.

Gossiping around with your girlfriend is actually fun when the topics of conversation are either rumors about other couples or some sensational discussions about intimacy.

75. Passions

You must know about the things she is passionate about – both in her professional and personal life. Being passionate about love is also an essential part of being in a relationship.

1. How focused are you on your passion?

2. Are you gonna work towards your passion or do something entirely different?

3. Would you like to know about the things that I am passionate about?

After all the gossip and intense discussion, it’s not a bad idea to discuss some news about the world.

76. World news

When you are searching for topics to talk about with your girlfriend, current affairs and news are the best ones to pick from. Being aware of what’s going on around the world and sharing with her helps you understand her viewpoint and perception

1. Do you prefer watching or reading the news and knowing the current affairs at least once a day?

2. How frequently do you scroll through the news?

3. What kind of news do you prefer watching?

Amongst so many good/bad news available across the world out there, just pick up one and conversation will eventually drive for hours without you even realizing it.

Now, we are finally heading towards your favorite Topic – yes you guessed it right, Sports!

77. Sports

If you think only boys love sports, well you need to think again. There are so many girls who would skip night-outs for a game of football.

So, if you want to give a fun twist to the conversation, you can definitely start some “sport” talk.

1. Do you like sports?

2. What are the kinds of sports that you watch?

3. Who is your favorite sports personality?

Don’t let go of this opportunity and drive the conversations to the next level by watching some sport-oriented movies, teaching her the rules of her favorite sport, and watching some previous matches.

You can also organize a match on the weekends including her friends and your friends. Oh, what fun will it be?

Moving on, we have…

78. Career goals

Being a boyfriend, you should not just spend time with your girl, but you must also know what she has planned for her future. Knowing what you both strive for is very important as it helps keep you both aligned.

1. What have you planned for your future?

2. What is your ultimate goal in life?

3. Would you ever give up your ambitions for your family?

As a good partner, you must be the person in her life who guides her to always strive for the best. A few couples may not consider it important to discuss this topic in detail and might regret it later.

At times, a serious relationship may also require you to make sacrifices, keeping the career at stake. Thus, it is important to know whether or not you both are ready for it.

79. Priorities

Everyone in the world has their own priorities in life. But we don’t discuss this with everyone. As a partner, it’s wise if you both discuss this and find out where you both stand in each other’s life.

1. What are your priorities in your life?

2. Where do I come on the list?

3. Who is the one person you can give up anything for?

I’ve seen most couples fighting because they aren’t aware of each other’s priorities. I’m sure you don’t want to be one of them.

So, indulge in this conversation and when you stop smiling about the fact that you are on top, move on to know your girl’s five-year plans!

80. Five-year plans

Life, 5 years down the line is either going to be entirely different or entirely the same – depends on what you want.

In this conversation, make sure your girlfriend is comfortable enough to discuss all her future plans with you including her job aspirations, personal goals, relationship dreams, etc.

1. Where do you wish to be in your career 5-years from today?

2. Where do you imagine us 5 years from today?

3. Do you think we will be married by then?

Some people can also be spontaneous and like to enjoy life as it comes but you wouldn’t know until you ask.

Hey, you are talking to your girlfriend, right?

Well, what fun is it without talking dirty to her? 😉

Dirty Topics to talk about with your girlfriend

Of course, you are waiting for the tingle in your pants. And why not, she is your girlfriend after all!

I am sure you have already exhausted all the dirty talk in previous conversations. But don’t worry, darling.

I’ve always got your back! 😉

Try asking about these topics before you get extremely dirty.

81. Sex

Sex is a very crucial aspect of a happy life. So, it is important that you both talk about sexual preferences, sexual desires, needs, etc.

As a partner, you must know what are her likes and dislikes in bed, certain favorite positions, and the level of orgasm she prefers?

1. Can sex alone in a relationship keep you happy?

2. What are the sexual fantasies that you want me to fulfill?

3. What is an immediate turn-off for you, in bed?

Once you start this conversation, you will also find yourself in a place where you have the liberty to discuss secret fantasies, kinky thoughts, etc. 

82. Unprotected sex

Most couples avoid unprotected sex unless of course, you are planning for a third tiny member!

If you have experience with both protected and unprotected sex, you are well aware of how to handle the panic situation. Even though it might serve great pleasure, it’s a good idea to discuss this with your girlfriend and know about her choices and preferences.

1. Would you mind making out unprotected with me?

2. Will unprotected sex create panic in your head?

3. If a tragedy happens, are you ready for the unplanned baby?

Ah, that was an intense discussion. Let’s make the conversation light while you discuss your girlfriend’s…

83. Bedroom things

Bedroom offers comfort and peace like no other place in the world… and of course, all the intimate memories that you create with your partner are for a lifetime.

As a boyfriend, asking what your girl would want in a bedroom will not only make her feel delighted but also trigger a “dirty” side in her. I hope you know what I mean! 😉

1. How do you want our bedroom to smell like while we are in the act?

2. How would you prefer our bedroom lighting during our intimate moments?

3. What is the one thing that you absolutely need in the bedroom to enjoy sex?

Remember, the preferences especially during sex varied from person to person. While some might enjoy the thrill of doing it in the dark, some might want some lights to look you in the eye.

You need to find out what your girl prefers and redesign your room accordingly.

Did you jump on you already? Well, if not, she will definitely not be able to hold herself after the next topic!

84. Sex toys

Sex toys are known can take your sex game to another level. However, first, you need to find out whether your girl at all approves of this concept.

Studies show that a lot of women use sex toys at least once a month but is your girl one of them? Let’s find out?

1. Have you ever used sex toys? What was it?

2. Would you enjoy it if I use a vibrator on you while in the act?

3. Would you like to make use of sex toys on me?

People using sex toys have better functionality in terms of lubrication and desires as they were already pro-active regarding their sexual health.

Though, reports have shown that women don’t receive orgasm through using sex toys alone. This indicates how the girl’s conscience matters the most as the choice of using might be situational or habitual.

Next up, we have your favorite.

I mean, of course, how can the list of dirty topics be complete without a discussion on sex positions!

85. Sex positions

There are so many sex positions but like everyone else, your girl might also have a few preferences based on where she is the most pleasured – while on top of you or at the bottom.

As per studies, ideal sex positions create intimacy in a relationship and spice things up in the bedroom. But the preferences vary with the kind of person you are in bed. 

Classic missionary, fun-loving cow-girl, digging, etc. are many popular positions. Each position might be representative of a certain characteristic trait. This means aggressive people may have different position preferences than gentle and calm people.

Irrespective, you definitely want to know what person is your girlfriend in bed. So, ask away!

1. What are the sex positions you’ve tried to date?

2. Which position gave you the most pleasure?

3. Would you want to explore new positions with me?

If you haven’t yet received any signals, the next topic will tell you what to do next!

86. Turn-ons

Turning her up is not as difficult only if you push the right buttons. Tiny little things, if done with love, can make her swirl. Things like hugging her from behind while she is cooking or doing her makeup and kissing her cheeks with a nice tinted smile.

Going down on her unannounced and not expecting anything from her. Pulling her legs towards yourself while she watches the television or works over her laptop. Waiting for her on the bed after she comes out of the shower and then suddenly massaging her shoulders and patting her head.

But do you know, which game plan among these is her favorite? Let’s find out!

1. What turns you on almost immediately?

2. What should I wear to bed if I want to turn you on?

3. Do romantic gestures make you feel horny?

I’m sure she is yearning for you by now, so let’s move ahead and find some…

87. Bedroom fantasies

When you’ve been a hundred times over your “vanilla” sex routine, you will need a few things to spice up your sex life. At these times you can try so many different things. 

For example, a new sexual position, like face-to-face, or lying on top of each other, rear entry, reverse missionary, and the list is endless.

Turning off the lights as well could be a new thing to be tried out in your room. Talking dirty in a seductive voice or maybe sharing fantasies and wild pleasures in different ways with each other can help create some new vibe in the atmosphere.

But before you jump straight in, is it wise to first discuss it with your girl?

1. What is your kinkiest bedroom fantasy?

2. Would you like to try roleplay with me?

3. Do you like it when I talk dirty with you or in a seductive voice?

Well, don’t you wanna know, how many times does she like doing it?

88. Sexual frequency

Usually, on average, couples have sex once a week, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right amount of sex for all relationships. Sex Therapists reveal that focusing on the quality of sex life and the connection you have with your partner is more important than how often you have sex.

1. At what intervals of time do you like having sex?

2. Do you prefer having casual sex at regular intervals or wilder ones with a longer gap?

3. Have you ever had sex on adjacent days?

Often girlfriends prefer to have sex once a month, during their extraordinary mood swings.

Remember, more sex doesn’t necessarily imply a healthy relationship. But the quality of sex definitely defines your connection with your partner and a lot of other things like passion for each other, mutual respect for choices, etc.

Once, twice, or multiple times… you need to know the right time if you wish to make your session a memorable one!

89. Preferred Times

An age-old conflict is that men usually wake up horny in the mornings while women on the other hand are calm and composed during the daytime and prefer being high during the evenings after all their chores and housework is done.

So, ask these questions if you wanna know when’s the right time to hit her in bed! 😉

1. At what time do you feel more aroused?

2. What time of the day is more favorable to you?

3. What would you prefer: a quickie in the morning or a steamy session in the evening?

Morning sex can be encouraged by taking a nice warm water shower together, with a slow gentle start.

On the contrary, evening sex can be led by watching some competitive sport on the television, building anticipation, or working out together either at the gym or at home.

You know her fantasies, preferred times… but what about places?

90. Preferred places

There are certain secretive places like behind the cars, or at a party norm, or inside the bathroom that calls for sex just at the sight of it. Usually, your girlfriend would prefer having sex in and around your home given that it is one of the safest options.

But what if she is the adventurous one and wishes to explore more places?

1. Is there any specific place outdoors where you have had sex before?

2. What is your most favorite place to have sex?

3. Do you prefer having sex at home or at a luxurious hotel room?

The backyard, in front of the window, inside the car, inside the kitchen on the dining table, in the washroom, on the living room floor, on the couch, balcony, or at the beach… if you both wish to explore, the list is almost endless.

Well, if you both are having busy schedules and are unable to meet, you will need some topics handy to talk to her on the phone.

And well, let me tell you – it’s entirely different from face-to-face conversations.

So, what are your plans, what would you talk about when the phone says “Sweetheart calling”?

Things to talk about on the phone

Talking on the phone can invite many misunderstandings.

You have to be very careful about your tone, choice of words, and way of speaking. If you want some harmless topics that wouldn’t invite many arguments, pick some of these…

91. Things in her sight

While you are on the phone with your girlfriend, let her describe the wall paintings in her room, the dressing table accessories, the color of the bed sheet or the blanket, etc.

Don’t limit her to anything. From paintings to posters to photos to maps or hats hanging around the walls – let her tell you everything that appeals to her eyes in the current residing space. It might seem absurd now but you will be amazed at how it can tell you a lot about your girlfriend.

1. What is one thing you always want on your bedside?

2. What is the most comforting corner in your room?

3. What makes you feel at home?

After a non-stop week of long working hours, what makes your girl relax? Let’s find out!

92. Respites

After a whole week of hasty run, talking to your loved one even for a minute feels heavenly. At times the calls are meaningless and amidst the chaos, the voice itself feels home.

On weekends, when she can finally manage some time for herself, call her to know how her week went. Or just spending some relaxing time over a video call while you strike a conversation with these easy-on-mind questions.

1. What calms you at the end of a busy day?

2. Do you like long calls?

3. What do you prefer: text messages or video calls?

It’s always a nerve-racking experience when you’re talking to someone you are close to, especially on the phone. The conversation goes from being pale to super happy to frowns and little tears as well.

93. Friends

Girls usually tend to have company of people who make them feel comfortable and at home. This is none other than her girls!  

Her girlfriends are the closest to her and may sometimes even precede you in understanding her mood swings.

1. How many girlfriends do you have?

2. Have you guys ever watched porn together?

3. Do they like me? If yes, what?

From their behavioral characteristics to how terrible jokes they crack to the adventures they’ve done together – they are all one of a kind!

Just start somewhere, and listen to her narrate some amazing stories!

If you are bored with the conversation, let’s make a twist and play a game!

94. One-word game

Sometimes you are so drained with the day’s work, that you’re not in a mood to think anymore. At these times, you don’t want to strike subjective conversations.

That’s when these one-word games come into play.

You can ask anything in this game… from This or That questions to your favorites – pick anything and start!

1. Apple or Mango?

2. Love or Life?

3. What is my favorite food item?

This question list is absolutely endless, but if you are looking for variety… Why don’t you relive the old memories?

95. Times before relationship

After a long time in a relationship, it is usually a treat to walk down memory lane and recall the days when you met each other for the first time. The times when you would do everything to impress each other.

Trust me, the love in her eyes will be a treat to watch!

1. Do you remember how we met?

2. How did you feel on our first meeting?

3. How about we recreate our first date?

From picking up the books that fell from her hand to randomly texting her just so you could keep talking. From being possessive and not letting other guys sit next to her to taking her books to complete your assignments… Ask her at what part of the relationship did she really think she fell for you.

And while you are at it, don’t forget to ask some questions about yourself!

96. Thoughts about you

All the love that you are pampered with every day is fine. But, you definitely wanna know more. What she thinks of you… as a man, as a partner, and also as a professional individual.

Then, what’s the wait worth for?

Just keep asking!

1. Why did you choose me as your partner?

2. What do you think of me as a man?

3. Do you think I am committed to my career goals?

Enough of love!

Let’s get down to some real business… if you know what I mean! 😉

97. Masturbation

It seems there’s quite a lot of fascination about the world of female masturbation. And this is because these girls don’t prefer talking or speaking about it as they are enjoying their morning coffee, or maybe they just don’t feel it’s mandatory information to share.

Girls enjoy pleasuring themselves at times rather than being pleasured by a man. Talking about the time interval, usually, a 15-minute spare time in the week is enough, but yes it depends and differs for every woman.

It’s important that you know about yours.

1. Do you masturbate? If yes, how often?

2. Have you ever tried or caught someone masturbating?

3. How do you masturbate?

Hey, don’t you want to look back at your first date memories?

98. Your first date

First dates make everyone nervous especially if you’ve met them on a digital platform. In such instances, you hardly know each other and you need more time on a date to know each other.

Until now, you were only talking over phone calls or messages but now you are face-to-face and nervous. But now that you are here reading this, I am sure you’ve already had multiple dates.

So, why not look back at your first date and relive the butterflies?

1. What did you feel on our first date?

2. Did you like me on the first date itself or was it after?

3. Do you remember what I was wearing on our first date?

I am sure you have planned plenty of surprises for your girl. Why not discuss some of them?

99. Surprises

In a conversation, if you express your desire to spend a whole day with her – it is already enough to make her happy… let alone spending the day for real.

You can tell her how much you are looking forward to spending the day with her, club it with a surprise and there you are: high on love with your oh-so-beautiful girlfriend.

1. How would you like to spend the day with me?

2. What flowers do you like the most?

3. Do you prefer cherry lights or candle lights while spending time with me at a good dinner?

Brownie points for adding a cute little gift: A bouquet of roses, her favorite perfume, or a fluffy soft toy.

Enough of love and romance. You must also know about her weaknesses

100. Emotional well-being

As a partner, most girls seek emotional support from you. Generosity, kindness, showing enthusiasm towards her accomplishments, and seeking interest in her passion are small little things a girl needs the most.

Alongside discussing all the other things, make conscious efforts to listen to her concerns and insecurities. Ask her about her emotional well-being frequently and attempt to make her better if she is disturbed.

You can start the conversation with these

1. How are you feeling today emotionally?

2. What about me disturbs you the most?

3. Does any incident from your past still bother you?

And if it is not on a phone call, but a text message, you wouldn’t want to get into too many details and yet keep the conversation going.

Confused? Check out the next list!

Things to talk about over text

Texting conversations can be boring. So, if you are wondering what to talk to a girl over text and keep it interesting, then we have a list of topics pre-prepared for you.

Pick one from the topics and see how the conversation unfolds.

101. Rough phases

Everyone has to go through rough phases in life. So, even if your girl is an ever-smiling personality, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t had her share of troubles.

However, she may not yet be comfortable sharing face-to-face or on phone calls… Thus, texting is the best rescue.

1. What is the time you would want to erase from your past?

2. What is the biggest loss you’ve ever suffered?

3. How did you cope with the loss?

Such deep questions will not only bring you both closer but you will also discover so many hidden layers of her life.

102. Life Lessons

In a lifetime, we commit several mistakes. No day is perfect; neither for you nor for her. All these mistakes teach us certain lessons.

But some mistakes teach us life-changing lessons. What was this lesson for your girlfriend?

1. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from life?

2. What lesson did you learn the hard way?

3. Did you get caught red-handed while doing something wrong?

Try to seek these answers and it will also give you a peek inside her life’s tragic incidents.

But if you are looking for a fun topic to talk about on texts, here you go!

103. Weird food combinations

If your girlfriend is a foodie and adventurous – this will lead to a very interesting conversation.

She sure has a list of weird food combinations that she has tried. Some might have turned out to be a disaster while some might be extraordinary. Why don’t you explore more about her experience or better try some combinations together?

1. What is the weirdest food combination you have tried? How did it taste?

2. What made you opt for it?

3. Will you prefer this food combination one another time?

Moving on, we have the most-talked-about topic… and that is social media!

104. Social media habits

In today’s generation, there’s hardly a person who is not on social media. Even if there is one, they still talk about it.  

Most of us also get to know about the breaking news through social media platforms only. However, there are a few things that we do not enjoy here like hate comments, invasion of privacy, etc.

Find out what are the things that your girlfriend finds annoying and try to avoid them.

1. Do you find long captions cheesy?

2. Do you like the birthday reshare posts?

3. How often do you like posting on social media?

Did you enjoy that?

Wait, wait. The real fun will unfold in the next topic. After all, it’s clothing!

105. Clothing

As she is your girlfriend, you will obviously be very protective of her. But this doesn’t give you any right to restrict her with your choices.

You might like her in ethnic wear and she might prefer western dresses. If you wish to explore more about her clothing choices, you can ask her

1. What piece of clothing gets you the most compliments?

2. In what clothing do you feel the most comfortable?

3. What type of clothing do you have the most in your wardrobe?

Girls love fashion talk… but you, I am guessing not so much.

So, move ahead with some….

106. Childhood games

Although we are all lost in worldly affairs after growing up, childhood games never lose their charm.

Even today, if you find some spare time for yourself, I am sure, you wouldn’t deny playing. So, why not find out what games does your girlfriend likes to play and organize a game night with her!

1. What games did you play in your childhood?

2. Did you prefer indoor games or outdoor games?

3. What would you prefer: Ludo or Chess?

You can come up with more questions to keep the conversation going.

But if you wish to change the course, here’s another destination…

107. International Films

If you are a couple who just cannot get enough of movies, I’m sure your conversation largely includes movies. But since you both know each other’s favorite native movies, why not discuss a few international films?

1. What genre of international films do you prefer?

2. Who is your favorite Hollywood actor?

3. Are you fond of Korean movies?

Discuss all of these with her and then, you can suggest more films of her choice or watch them together when you meet next.

Next up, we have…

108. Work Horror Stories

A working couple has a lot to share since you always have some office stories to narrate. You learn from each other’s mistakes and get to know how to deal with awkward situations.

So, if your girl is also working somewhere, you can ask her about some stories from her job.

1. Has there been a time when your boss caught you playing games on the phone?

2. Did anything stupid happen with other employees at the office today?

3. Has any employee ever answered the boss back?

Such horror stories will give you a great time and you wouldn’t even realize where the hours passed.

Does your girlfriend overthink everything? Let’s find out in the next conversation topic!

109. Overthinking

No matter how tired you are, there are a few nights where you still struggle to sleep. The thoughts take over your mind and don’t let you sleep peacefully. At these times of crisis, try to calm her down while asking these questions

1. Are you worried about anything?

2. Is there a way I can resolve your problem?

3. What is not letting you sleep?

The most important part is to ensure that you are not a problem for her. Tell your girlfriend that you will always stand by the thick and thin and mean it too.

Whether she has some financial crisis or family issues, make her feel comfortable enough to share it with you.

If she still doesn’t feel calm, dig deeper with the next topic!

110. Frustration

We all have a habit of releasing our frustration on people who haven’t done anything wrong to us. Your girlfriend might have come across such situations too. Ask her about…

1. What is the most ridiculous reason someone has gotten mad at you?

2. Has there been any time you released your frustration on someone else?

3. Is there anybody who keeps annoying you?

If she is facing a difficult time, you must ask her to speak to you rather than get mad at other people.

And if you are talking over facetime, don’t be afraid, here’s another set of topics!

Things to talk about on facetime

Start talking about these topics over facetime and I swear, you won’t regret it. The discussions along with expressions will leave you in a much better place.

So, let’s begin!

111. Pets

If you own a pet or are a pet lover, there is no better topic than this to talk about. Cherry on top, if your girlfriend is also a pet-love.

While you give your dog a good bath, you can keep your girlfriend on facetime and let her enjoy the bath too.

…all while asking her these questions.

1. What pet do you prefer?

2. Do you like cuddling your pet?

3. Does your pet hug you when you come back home from work?

Next up, is a super-fun topic especially if you are both Pizza-rias!

112. Pizza toppings

Honestly, who doesn’t like pizza? You might have talked about food and favorite cafes, but have you ever talked about toppings?

1. Do you prefer more oregano or chili flakes on pizza?

2. Would you like a pizza with pineapple topping?

3. Do you eat your pizza with ketchup?

Well, if you are the boyfriend, you must know such small details about her… including,

113. Embarrassing clothing malfunction

We all have been through this. At times, we wear the tops on the reverse side, thanks to our absent-mindedness.

Sometimes, we wear a skirt upside-down and sometimes we forget to tie our laces. The other times the shirt ditches us because a button got broken in the middle of the function. Well, the list can go on.

So, you can ask your girlfriend about…

1. What was the most embarrassing clothing malfunction you have encountered?

2. Where did this happen?

3. How did you manage to get through it?

I’m sure you both will find yourself laughing in this conversation. Let’s take it forward with some intense discussions like a dream home.

114. Dream home

‘Dream home’- the term itself is so exciting. As soon as we hear ‘dream home’, our minds run into an imaginary home that we desire to own someday.

So, ask her:

1. What does your dream home look like?

2. Is it mountain facing or on a beach side?

3. Do you want to live in a high-rise building or a bungalow?

Discuss every small detail about her dream home and then you can tell her about yours. You can also discuss the dream home that you will build together when you get married.

You haven’t discussed music yet? Ah, shame shame. But better late than never.

115. Music

Music is one of the common topics that you can talk about with everyone. There’s a reason why it is said – music binds us all!

While you are on Facetime, you can sing out a song for your girlfriend or tell her about a new song that you heard recently and also ask her things like…

1. What is the song on your playlist that’s on repeat mode?

2. What kind of songs do you like to hear?

3. Who is your favorite singer?

Brownie points if you dedicate a few songs to her in between the conversation. You can also create your own version of her favorite song and sing it for her. This will make her heart swell with love.

No, don’t stop here. Keep the conversation going with the next topic: Strange dreams!

116. Strange dreams

Dreams are not in our control. In fact, most times we don’t even remember the dreams but for the few times that we do – they are either extremely pleasant or extremely strange.

So, in case you had a dream that you found to be strange and remember it, then you can talk to your girlfriend about it or ask her about her strangest dream.

1. What was the plot of the strange dream you saw?

2. Who were the characters in the dream?

3. How often do you get such dreams?

Moving ahead, I have a fun game for you.

Put your girlfriend in weird imaginary situations and see how she will cope with it. Trust me, it’s super fun.

Don’t believe me? Play it for yourself

117. Situations

The best thing to do when you have nothing to talk about is to start playing a game. You can start with a ‘what if’ questions game where you can ask her some questions. Now, these questions are totally based on situations. It can be anything like:

1. What would you do if your teacher caught you making out in the washroom?

2. What if you see your cousin naked?

3. What if some guy follows you down the street?

You can come up with more unique questions and keep the fun going.

Apart from the movies, if you also like to watch drama or theatre… Why not talk about it?

118. Dramas/Theatre

If you have watched any recent drama that absolutely amazed you, discuss it with your girlfriend. Tell her the story and the characters.

If there were some memorable dialogues, imitate them over facetime. Talk to her about the actions, directions, setup, costumes in the film.

…and don’t forget to include her in the conversation if she also enjoys dramas.

1. What was the last time you saw a drama? How was it?

2. Who did you go with?

3. Did you like it? What was the storyline?

Do you see a strange face on your girlfriend’s phone wallpaper?

Well, then there are high chances she has a celebrity crush that she just can’t get enough of. Let’s find out who he is!

119. Celebrity crush

Crushes are always a favorite topic to talk about.

But mind it, you are talking to your girlfriend about this. So, talking about crushes can get you into some trouble.

However, you can still talk about celebrity crushes.

1. Who is your celebrity crush?

2. What do you like about him the most?

3. Does that celebrity have similar traits as me?

Crushes… Pizzas… Dreams… everything done!

But what about your roots? Your birthplace?

120. Birth place

Who doesn’t like going back to the roots? Talk about the place where she grew up and watch her eyes brighten up with wonderful memories in her heart!

1. Where did you grow up as a child?

2. What do you miss the most about your birthplace?

3.  What is the one thing that you don’t like about your birthplace?

Once you mention it, she will go back to her childhood times and keep narrating stories one after another until you ask her to stop.

Facetime will be a common practice if you have a long-distance girlfriend. To talk to her, you will need some more different topics. You can look at these open-ended questions.

What to talk about with long-distance girlfriend

Every girlfriend needs some reassurance every once in a while. But how to do that when she is sitting miles away from you?

You can refer to these interesting questions to ask a girl that works best on your long-distance girlfriend. These questions will indicate your love towards her without actually stating ‘I love you’.

121. Loneliness

If you are sharing a long-distance relationship with your girlfriend, it is going to be extremely difficult for her to be living alone.

When you are surrounded by your loved ones, you don’t feel much pain. But when you are alone, all the small things start bothering you. This might be the case with your girlfriend too.

So, cheer her up with the following questions.

1. How about a facetime date tonight?

2. What movie would you like to watch with me?

3. How can I make you feel better from here?

So, if you care for her, it is good advice to always check on her. Let her vent out whatever is in her heart freely. Once the burden is off her chest, she will get back to being the romantic girlfriend like before.

However, while she is expressing your frustration, you must be very patient and quiet to avoid fights.

122. Imagine a sitcom

Obviously, now that she has vented out her feelings in front of you, you should try to cheer her up. You will try to lighten the mood. So, to do this, you can ask her

1. What should we name the sitcom of your life?

2. Your life sounds like a sitcom; don’t you think we should *insert any fictional story* take the story this way?

3. Let’s write your story and send it to the TV industry, don’t you think we can at least earn something out of your problems?

All these phrases will reassure her that finally there is someone who understands her and will brighten her day.

If you both have sneaked out to meet each other, I am sure you already know about some of her…

123. Family rules

Another topic that can lead to a healthy discussion is the rules of the family. Every family has some pre-set rules that everyone in the family has to follow. Some rules are however specific to genders.

So, why not ask your girlfriend?

1. Are there separate rules for boys and girls in your family?

2. Do they treat daughters and daughters-in-law differently?

3. What happens if you break any rule?

This conversation will allow you to know the family on a deeper level. You will understand why she behaves in a particular manner and if you are the right fit for her family.

124. Things learned recently

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you don’t get to see her every day. Obviously, you know about her schedule, but you don’t see her growing… and glowing.  

So, you can ask her what are some things that she recently learned.

1. What did you recently learn?

2. Which skill are you trying to learn?

3. Did you learn any new lessons in the past week?

It does not necessarily have to be some skill. it can also be a lesson or something that you got to know about the new city. This shows her that you are interested in knowing every small detail related to her life.

Other than that, if you recently learned something new, you can encourage her to do the same, and then you two can engage in the same activity when you meet next.

125. Last meal

This is a basic question that couples ask in every relationship even if they live in the same city. However, this question becomes even more important when she lives miles apart from you.

It is not only a great conversation starter but also makes her feel that you care about her. When you are in a long-distance relationship, asking such questions are the small joys that she collects every day.

1. What did you eat last?

2. Did you eat enough?

3. Did you like the food?

Moving on, to one of the most underrated yet extremely crucial topics of discussion: Success

126. Success

All of us have different definitions of success in mind. This is the question of your career and you surely cannot compromise with it.

For such reasons, there are chances that your girlfriend might have shifted to another city and you had to act mature enough to hold onto a long-distance relationship.

But dig deep to know whether she is satisfied with it?

1. How do you define success?

2. Is it all about materialistic possessions?

3. What can you do to become a successful person?

Match it to your definition of success and see if you both are in the same boat.

127. Hangout Places

Now that she is in another city and you miss her, you would like to know a lot more about her. You want to know about her new likes and dislikes. You can ask her about…

1. How many new restaurants have you tried?

2. Which is your favorite hangout place?

3. What do you like the most about that place?

If it’s your girlfriend who moved out, I am sure she must have had some terrifying experiences. Ask her all about it in the next topic.

128. Terrifying experiences

Obviously, moving to a new city is not always pleasant. And no learning comes before some terrible experiences. So, while you ask her the good things about the new city, do not forget to ask:

1. What has been disappointing about your new place?

2. What do you miss about your old city?

3. Are the people in the new city helpful?

Now that you both are living miles away, I am sure there have been significant changes in both of your routines.

So, ask her about…

129. Her schedule

Moving to a new city adds so much to your daily schedule. Now, she might have to cook on her own and wash her own clothes or do her dishes.

All these household chores need to be done apart from her regular job.

Oh, don’t even get her started about the grocery shopping. But as a good partner, you definitely want to know all of it.

1. What is your new routine?

2. When do you get your free time?

3. How do you manage everything together?

These are a few questions that you can also ask as a supportive boyfriend like “Can I do anything from here?”

Even if you can’t, the fact that you asked will be enough to keep her smiling all day.

That’s not all. Dig deep to find out what are the…

130. Things she misses

Apart from the goals, you will be concerned about your relationship too. And at instances, the possessive boyfriend inside you cannot be quiet because you miss her so badly.

When you feel emotionally drained or lost in her memories, ask her

1. Do you miss me there?

2. What do you miss the most about me?

3. What would you do once you are back here?

If you are a teenager and have no clue what to talk to your new girlfriend about, don’t be afraid. I’ve listed some topics below that you can discuss with your new teenage girlfriend and drive hour-long conversations…

What to talk with your teenage girlfriend

There’s nothing big and serious to talk to your teenage girlfriend since you don’t have offices or other responsibilities.

But hey, why don’t you talk about your dreams and regular activities?

131. Likes/Dislikes

Teenage is a beautiful part of our lives. This is that stage of life when you both are exploring each other – Likes/dislikes, hobbies, crush, academics, etc.

So, pick one and start talking. I am sure neither of you will stop!

1. What kind of TV shows do you like to watch?

2. Where do you like to hangout?

3. What personality traits do you hate in a person?

….and the list goes on. Don’t limit yourself and keep asking and answering. This will tell you how compatible you are with each other.

When you get bored, swiftly try to direct your conversation towards another fun topic: Food!

132. Food

We all have heard: Good food, good mood. Truly said, as it is never boring to talk about food.

Discuss what kind of food she likes and what you like. Spicy, sweet, tangy? Is she a foodie or a diet conscious? What do you think about her ideal style of eating?

1. Do you have a sweet tooth?

2. What is the one dish that you cook and has become a favorite in the family?

3. Are you a diet freak?

…and while you are discussing food, why not talk about some restaurants in town?

133. Restaurants

When you discuss food and restaurants, you eventually get to know a lot about each other. Plus, if you know her favorite restaurant, you will know where to plan your date next! 😉

1. What is your favorite restaurant in town?

2. Which is one place you cannot deny to?

3. What do you like eating here?

Enough of the goodie-goodie, let’s move ahead to discuss some dark aspects like fears.

134. Fears

You are in that stage of life where one experiences multiple things. Some parts are good but some may turn traumatic. It can be related to anything.

Some fears may be due to experience, some may be illusions or some may just be stories. But you definitely want to know it all… so let’s find out!

1. What is your biggest fear?

2. Why do you have such a fear?

3. Do you want to overcome this fear?

Hey, time for some fun because it’s “holiday” time! 😊

135. Holidays

Holidays are always exciting (except the holiday assignments of course). If your partner is on a holiday, you can ask things like:

1. What is the most beautiful tourist place there?

2. Do you like the local food there?

3. Would you like to take a trip with me to the same location?

As a teenager, school/college is a very big aspect of your life. So why not discuss some of that?

136. School/College

School is the best part of anyone’s life. You might not realize it now, but when you grow up, you will yearn for these moments. Teachers… lunch breaks… homeworks – you will miss it all.

So, talk about it with your girlfriend while you are living it!

1. Who is your best friend in school?

2. What is the most memorable time you spent in school?

3. Who is your favorite teacher in school?

During teenage, a trophy in class is also the most prized possession and makes you feel so proud of yourself.

Does your girlfriend also have moments like these?

137. Proud moments

Most people tend to share things that people find you worthy of, especially now when you have just started exploring your girlfriend and desperately want to impress her.

This is your window to do just that.

Tell her about your proud moments and ask her about hers to drive an interesting conversation.

1. When did you feel the most proud of yourself?

2. What did you do to earn it?

3. How does it impact your life right now?

Why just pride, you also want to know her…

138. Humiliating moments

All of us have been through some humiliating moments but don’t share it in the fear of being judged.

Well, don’t be.

Because you never know whether your girlfriend has had some similar experiences. It might as well turn into shy yet a fun moment. Some giggles on self also do no harm.

So, my boy, ask away…

1. When did you feel most humiliated?

2. Who humiliated you?

3. Why were you humiliated?

You are just a teenager. I am sure both of you have several…

139. Self-improvement goals

Great couples help each other grow. You must too. Remember not to just talk about you, but both of you. Share your strengths and weaknesses… and make efforts to capitalize on the former while improving on the latter.

1. What are you doing to upskill yourself?

2. Do you know yoga can help you resolve your anxieties?

3. Is there any way I can help you achieve your goals?

Ending this subhead on a high, with some roars and laughter.

140. Classroom memories

Amidst any conversation, there’s definitely a mention of school times and of course classroom. You discuss class teachers, friends, lunch breaks, and whatnot. Meanwhile, you are sure to drop stories from your school time. And school jokes are always a part of it.

We might think differently, but most of us have similar school lives. Sharing classroom memories will be full of laughter and nostalgia. And it’s always a good idea to know about each other.

1. Did you know there was a boy in our school who used to add ‘d’ to every word?

2. Do you have a last-bench memory that always brings a smile to your face?

3. How did you annoy your teacher sitting on the first bench?

And if you are bored, the next section is ready for you.

What to talk about when you are bored

It is often noticed that single people keep wondering what do couples talk about every day. Don’t they fall short of topics to talk about? Don’t they get bored talking to the same person about the same things? But in reality, this is not always the case.

A relationship that has been long for a while may have discussed every possible topic. At a point in time, it might as well feel like you have had conversations on all topics and have nothing new to talk about. This might seem boring but you’ve got me! 😉

…and I definitely am everything else except boring.

So, here’s the last (but not the least) set of topics for you to strike a conversation with your girlfriend when you run out of topics.

141. Humor

Talk to your girl about what the comedy shows that she has been watching lately. You can also talk about any fun thing that either of you experienced recently. You can start with

1. Have you seen the trending meme on the internet?

2. Will you like to accompany me to a stand-up comedy show?

3. Did you hear the joke _____ made at the party last night?

Well, everyone has a different sense of humor but if your girlfriend has an impactful one, you are one of the lucky guys.

So, it’s important that you take care of your prized possession and ask her about her

142. Mental Health

In times like today, when every other person is suffering from depression, it is important that you make this topic an important discussion.

In fact, more than physical health, it’s the mental health that is keeping people disturbed these days. Find out if your girlfriend is doing fine.

1. Are you affected by others’ success?

2. What do you do when you feel low?

3. Do you practice something like meditation to keep yourself motivated?

If you feel that her mental health is disturbed, dig deep with topics like…

143. Person she dislikes

This topic might be quite sensitive but also important to talk about. Ask her about who she dislikes and why.

This topic might take a turn into some interesting story as well.

1. Who do you dislike?

2. Why do you dislike the person?

3. Have you ever tried talking to them?

Trust me, this topic of conversation will introduce you to her depths as an individual. And as always suggested – never interrupt when the latter speaks on topics like these but just listen.

Also, avoid being sympathetic… instead, be empathetic and if you feel otherwise, speak about it.

144. Daily Activities

This topic is pretty simple. When you have a daily conversation, your partner might know your schedule but not all the interesting things that you did in the past week.

So, add the spice by telling her all about it.

1. Guess what just happened?

2. Do you know who came to our office today?

3. See what I found for you from the shop…

Did you both observe something at an event? Why not talk about it?

145. Mutual observations

Mutual observations can be exciting and fun to talk about most of the time. This is because when you both mutually observe something, you naturally vibe over it. Just try to strike conversations with something like

1. Did you see that viral funny video?

2. Did you notice that weird street side food stall?

3. Did you see that her dress had a hole?

Ah, wait.

You might need a bodysuit before heading on to the next topic.

Hahaha… just kidding. It’s time to talk about conflicts!

146. Conflicts

This is the time when you have THE-TALK. There may be circumstances where you both do not stand in the same boat. You might have different thoughts, debatable topics, or arguments. But this doesn’t mean you need to pause and stop talking to each other.

In the time when it is assumed that men have ego issues, you can prove this long-believed concept wrong by initiating a conversation. Sit and spare time to resolve the conflicts.

1. How do you think we can solve this?

2. Will you be happy if I do this for you?

3. What do you want me to take care of in the future?

Now, that you both have resolved the conflicts…

It’s time you be a caring boyfriend and discuss some daily issues with her.

147. Daily issues

Sharing daily worries and issues like too many assignments, a heated conversation with boss, etc is not only a good way to relieve yourself but also helps you bond deeper than the surface.

If done right, it will also be a good conversation starter. Listen calmly and never make her feel like she is being overdramatic.  

In fact, this is when you need to be her support system.

1. What is bothering you so much lately?

2. When do you have to submit this assignment?

3. Why do you feel so sick lately?

After all the daily conversations, let’s direct towards some heavy conversations like: Children.

148. Children

If you are imagining a family with her, you need to have a conversation about children to eliminate conflicts in the future.

It is possible that she might not want children while you want several. In that case, it’s better to either find a midway now or part ways because issues like things have no resolution.

So, start the conversation with the help of these questions

1. Do you want to have children? If yes, how many?

2. What do you think is the ideal age to have children?

3. Do you think a mother plays a greater role than a father in parenting a child?

Imagine, what a beautiful family you both will make…

That brings me to the next topic on the list.

149. Family

If you guys are a newbie in the relationship then having a brief talk about each other’s families is okay.

But if it’s been a while since your relationship, then try to be open about your family. Share details and let the walls down – it will give them a chance to explore your family’s choices and preferences.

1. How many members are there in the family?

2. Who is the decision maker in the family?

3. Who is the bread-winner in the family?

Last but not the least, we have the most talked about topic: Workplace.

150. Workplace

Your workplace is a place where you spend most part of your day… Thus, you are bound to talk about it with your girlfriend.

1. What do you do and where do you do your work?

2. How is the work culture there?

3. How are the other employees? 

With this list, you will never fall short of things to talk about. Spending time together and making memories is one thing. But being able to communicate every day with equal enthusiasm is another.

Topics might turn mundane at times but what matters is how interested are you in knowing each other. Busy schedules can make regular communication difficult but quick small texts while working can also go a long way.

This does not make you look mean and desperate. Instead, this makes you look attentive and adorable.

After all the topics, I am not letting you go high-and-dry. Here’s some bonus for you in the form of some tips that will make sure you never run out of topics again.

5 Tips to never run out of topics again

If you want to keep talking to your girlfriend but you just cannot think of topics every now and then, this can become a serious problem.

Communication keeps a relationship alive and going. So, it is very important to never run out of topics. Here are 5 tips to keep you ready for every situation.

1. Share secrets

We all know the importance of sharing. It helps us develop a bong deeper than the skin. When you share your secrets with your girlfriend, it helps you develop trust and transparency in the relationship.

You can share what you did in your school days or how you got caught by your parents while doing something wrong.

2. Talk about hobbies

A conversation about hobbies is absolutely never-ending. Since you like doing it, you will have a lot to talk about. So, you must always talk about your hobbies with your girlfriend.

How do you like to spend your day? What is one thing that you never get tired of? Share such details about yourself and don’t forget to ask about her hobbies too.

3. Choose controversial topics

Topics like embarrassing moments, politics or something tragic usually go on longer because you have different opinions to put forth.

These topics also give you an insight into your girlfriend’s ideologies hence, are highly recommendable.

4. Talk about traveling

C’mon, who doesn’t like traveling? Everybody has their dream destinations bucket list already prepared.

Ask your girlfriend about the dream destinations on her wish list. Discuss the places she has been to and see if you have been to the same place. You can talk about some new places that you recently saw in a movie.

5. Don’t forget to ask ‘How was your day?’

This one question will keep you covered a maximum number of times. When you don’t have anything at all to ask, use this savior question.

She will start from her schedule in the morning and narrate every small experience that she has been through the entire day. After which, you can share yours and find out some common topics to talk about in between.

Over to you…

By now, you must have understood that no matter how old or new your relationship is, you will always have something to talk about with your girlfriend.

If you cannot think of anything, use these conversation starters and then let her drive it ahead. Go with the flow. Share your experiences… and don’t dismiss her views.  

However bitter the answer may be, remember to be honest with your partner. So, whatever topic you talk about, share things with complete honesty and expect the same from your partner.