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300 Trick Questions to Put Your Mind to Work

300 Trick Questions to Put Your Mind to Work

Updated on Jul 01, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

300 Trick Questions to Put Your Mind to Work

Ready for a funny, perplexing and riveting experience? Let’s go! Trick Questions don’t test your brain. It tests your thinking skills to uncover the confusing guise of obvious answers.

Yes, the answers are always right there in front of your nose. But can you see them? Find out with the list of 300 confusing questions that would make you puzzled, amused, and excited – all at the same time!

300 Trick Questions to Put Your Mind to Work
300 Trick Questions to Put Your Mind to Work

Trick Questions

When do you think about trick questions? Maybe, when you are bored. Want to challenge your out-of-the-world mental skills. Or, when aiming to blow everyone’s mind in your group chat.

If you are already into trick questions, you know how addictive it can be. And if you aren’t, bet you’d be soon. 

But first point first. For those who aren’t sure about what trick questions exactly mean, here we go –

What are Trick Questions?

A trick question is one that tricks your mind. It’s a question that seems to have a particular way of answering. But the real question is hidden and the answer turns out to be something very different from what you usually guess. 

Besides, it’s really fun to solve these. Do you know? The famous Greek scientist Archimedis was believed to be one of the first documented trick questions’ enthusiasts.

No doubt, why you are here in the 21st century too. Trick questions can have a lot of variety. Some are just plays of words. Others are simple tricks. But all keeps you guessing.

Trick to Answer Trick Questions 

Okay, so you believe that you know the answer to every question asked to you? Then, knocking down these teasers would leave you feeling smarter than any mortal being ever. We know that feeling, right? However, here’s the trick.

Mostly, the obvious answer is incorrect. So, you have to think beyond it. Try beyond your first solution. At the same time, answers are pretty plain. We are just too used-to of thinking too much. And too much complicated thinking takes you away from the solution.

So, note the mantra. The thing is – answers are always simpler than you think. Indeed these confusing questions are titans of deception.

So, instead of solving pythagoras theorem or thinking just too much, keep it simple. And the good news is – with a few questions, you’d most probably get the hang of it. Dive deeper!

Trick Questions to Ask 

Let’s have a word of the wise before diving further. These simple witty questions are more challenging than they seem. And some may leave you laughing hysterically, shocked till death, or perplexed like never before.

So, brace up. Answer these brain teaser questions before peeking the answer. Intrigued? Here we go –

Best Trick Questions 

These are some of the most favorite ones of various trick question solvers out there. Do you know why? These are simple yet intriguing. Chances are high you’d solve it if you take a moment or two out of the straight path. Can you?

  1. What was the name of the President of the nation in the year 1995?

Same as today. He didn’t change his name after all. 

  1. An electric train is moving north on its track. The wind is blowing from West to East. So in which direction would it’s smoke blow? 

Neither. It’s an electric train, not a steam engine. 

  1. Maria’s father had 4 children. The first one was ‘March’. Second one was ‘April’. Third one was ‘May’. What is the name of the 4th child? 


  1. Imagine – You have fallen into a dark hole. So you try to put on your lighter. But the hole was a coal mine and it caught fire. How would you save yourself now?

Simply stop imagining. 

  1. 10 blackbirds were sitting on an electric wire. Suddenly, a man came and shot one blackbird with a gun. So, how many were left on the tree?

None. The rest would fly away on the sharp sound of guns. 

  1. There were 12 frogs in a dry well. One day a hunter shot a frog with his gun.  So, how many frogs were left in the well?

All 12. Even though one frog is dead, it is still there in the well. 

  1. Before the discovery of Mount Everest, which was the highest peak in the world? 

Mount Everest. It was still there, even though undiscovered. 

  1. What is the thing that can run but cannot walk?


  1. Without using the words ‘Wednesday’, ‘Friday’, and ‘Sunday’, how would you name three consecutive days of a week?

By saying – yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

  1. It is light as a feather. Yet even the strongest man cannot hold it for more than 5 minutes. What is it?


  1. There is something that you can make which none would be able to see. Not even you. What is it?


  1. What is it that belongs to you but you don’t use it as much as everyone else uses it?

Your name. 

Good Trick Questions 

What about some questions that are good in the sense that you don’t have to bang your head against a wall to find the answer? Here are some for a quick dose –

  1. Suppose you are running in a race. Now, in the race, you passed the racer who was running in the second position. So, what place would you be now?

Second. Since you passed the one in the second position, you are yet to pass the one running in the first position.

  1. If a dinosaur comes in front of you suddenly in the night time, how would you save yourself?

No need to do it. Dinosaurs don’t exist anymore.

  1. A boy is playing soccer. He kicks his soccer ball with a strength that it goes 10 feet however, returns to him. How is it possible that the ball came back itself?

The boy kicked the ball 10 feet up in the air above him. So the ball fell down to him because of gravity. 

  1. Suppose you have to enter a completely dark room. You got a match and entered. However, the room contains a newspaper, an oil lamp, some inflammable substances, and kindling wood. So, which one would you light first?

The match in your hand. 

  1. You have to lift an elephant with one hand. How would you?

You won’t find an elephant with one hand only. 

  1. A truck driver goes down a one-way street the wrong way and passes many policemen in the way. However, none of them ever catches him. Why is he not caught? 

He walks on the sidewalk as a pedestrian, not driving his truck at the time. 

  1. What can you hold without touching it?

A conversation.

  1. How much mud would be there in a hole that is 10 feet wide and 20 feet deep?

None. Since it is hole, it means there won’t be any mud left in it as all the mud is taken out to dig the hole. 

  1. Two make a company. But three make a crowd. Then what do four and five make?

Nine. Four added to five is nine. 

  1. What are the four days of  a week that start with ‘T’?

Tuesday, Thursday, today, and tomorrow.

  1. Ten men worked together for 20 hours to build a wall. So, how long would it take twenty men to build the same wall?

No time as the wall is already built. 

Mind Blowing Tricky Questions

You must have had your experience with funny riddles as a child. These riddles are like quick glimpses of fun you ignore in ordinary life. So, let’s take a moment to notice the unseen in the things that we see around us. 

  1. A man has 800 horses in his stable. One day, he took one shot that got them all. How is it possible?

He took a panoramic photo shot. 

  1. Why is it unlawful for a person who is living in Oregon to be buried in Colorado?

It is unlawful to bury a person who is alive, be it anywhere. 

  1. You have to make the number one gone without subtraction. How would you do it?

Simply add the letter ‘G’ in the front of ‘one’, you can make it ‘gone’. 

  1. What is the thing that gets bigger and bigger each time you take away some from it?

A hole you are digging.

  1. There were two girls in the class who looked exactly identical. So, their teacher asked them the following questions: First, do both girls have the same parents? Second, do both of them belong to the same family? Third, were both of them born on the same day? Fourth, were they twins? The girls honestly replied yes for the first three questions and no for the fourth one. How was this so?

The girls were not twins but triplets. 

  1. Suppose you have a red stone. Now, you threw it into a green sea. So, what would it come back as when you would take it out from the green sea?

Wet. Yes, don’t overthink. 

  1. You must have seen a circle quite well. So, how many sides does it have?

Two. One is ‘inside’ and another ‘outside’. 

  1. It is known the fact that you need sleep to survive well. But a man goes 20 days without sleep, still doing very well and refreshed. How?

He sleeps at night. 

  1. There are two brothers Jimmy and John. They both went to the park to play checkers. Each played 5 rounds of checker. Afterwards, Jimmy told his mom that he won four rounds of the five he played. John also told his mom that he won three rounds of the game. None of them was lying. How is it possible? 

Jimmy and John played separately with other people, not against each other. 

  1. The longer I stand doing my job, the shorter I get. What am I?

A candle. 

  1. I’m too fragile. You can even break me just by murmuring my name. What am I?


  1. Find what am I? You first remove and throw away my outside to eat the inside. Then, after eating my outside, you throw away my inside. 

A Corn Cob. You remove the outer husk, eat the inner corn, and then throw away the left part, that is the innermost – cob. 

Funny Trick Questions 

Want to make people around you laugh insanely? Some silly funny tricky questions are what you need –

  1. A person invented door-knocker. So, what prize would he win?

The No-bell prize.

  1. Six is afraid of Seven. But why?

It is because Seven Eight (Ate) Nine. 

  1. A clock is hungry. How do you get to know this?

When it is hungry, the clock goes back four seconds. 

  1. Hippos wear red sneakers. But why?

To hide in a cherry tree. Don’t believe it? Have you ever seen a hippo on a cherry tree? No? See, how well these red sneakers work!

  1. .In a family of three, the members are Mr. Bigger, Mrs. Bigger, and their baby. Who is bigger among the three?

Their baby. It was a little Bigger. 

  1. What is the thing which is round in shape and violent in nature?

A vicious circle. 

  1. Do you know the most lengthy word in English?

The word is – Smiles. It is because the word has a mile to cover from the start to the finish. 

  1. Which one is the correct answer? “A Penguin flies” or “Penguins flies”?

None. Penguins can’t fly. 

  1. You have to catch a tame animal. How would you do it?

The tame way. 

  1. Your pocket is empty. But still it has something in it. What is it?

A hole. 

  1. Name the bird which is capable of lifting the most weight.


  1. A woman left her home and turned left three times only to return home. There she faced two guys wearing masks. Who were they?

The umpire and the catcher. 

Brain Teaser Questions 

So you consider yourself super smart, huh? Why not test it with these amazing brain teaser questions? Let’s go –

  1. What coat goes best when wet?

A coat of paint. 

  1. Do you know what ends everything?

‘G’. G is the letter that always ends the word ‘everything’. 

  1. It has a thumb and 4 fingers. But it is not living. What is it?

A glove. 

  1. How is the capital of Kentucky pronounced? Is it Louisville or Luee-ville?

Neither one. It is pronounced ‘Frankfurt’ because it is Kentucky’s capital. 

  1. Which side of a chicken has more feathers? 

Outside of the chicken. 

  1. Total how many letters are in the alphabet?

11. There are 11 letters in ‘the alphabet’. 

  1. What is that thing which the maker doesn’t want, the buyer doesn’t use, and the one who is the user never sees it?

A coffin. 

  1. A man shaves at least 5 times a day. Still, he sports a long beard. How is that possible?

The man is a barber. 

  1. Most of the people need it. Yet they give it to others but won’t take it usually. What is it?


  1. There is a 5 letter word. You add two letters to it. However, it becomes shorter. What is it?

Short. It becomes ‘shorter’ by adding ‘e’ and ‘r’ to it.

Brain Teasers to Check Your Patience

Quick wit is not the answer always. Sometimes, a bit of patience is needed to solve these brain teasers. Let’s see if you have it.

  1. There is a rope tied to a bull’s neck. It is 10 feet long. And its food is 20 feet away from where the bull is standing. So, how can the bull succeed in eating its food without breaking or cutting the rope?

The bull can simply walk over to the food. The rope tied to the bull’s neck isn’t tied to anything else to stop the bull from going there. 

  1. There’s an elephant. You have to place it in a refrigerator. How would you do it?

Simple. Open the door of the refrigerator. Place in the elephant. Now, close the door. Done!

  1. Okay, so you have to put a giraffe in the refrigerator. How would you do it?

Open the door. Now, take the elephant out that you put inside. Put the giraffe in the refrigerator. Close the door. 

  1. In the forest, the Lion king throws a party. He invites everyone. All the animals go to attend the party except one. Which one?

The Giraffe. You put it in the refrigerator, right? 

  1. In the forest party, the Lion king sends you the invitation too. But there is a river you need to cross to reach the lion’s house. That river is known to be filled with many crocodiles. So, how would you cross it?

Just swim across the river. All the animals are in the lion’s party including the crocodiles, right?

  1. Five soccer players were standing under one umbrella. Yet none of them got wet. How is it so?

They won’t get wet because it wasn’t raining. 

  1. What are the keys that don’t open any door?

Monkey and donkey. 

  1. Imagine you entered a room and got locked. Suddenly, the room is getting filled up with water. It has walls of 10 feet height with no ceiling. You can climb the ceiling with a speed of 10” per minute. And the water is filling the room by covering upto 5” height of the wall in a minute. So, how much time would it take for you to escape?

The time you take in stopping your imagination.  

  1. What is faster – heat or cold?

Heat, because one can easily catch a cold.

  1. It has four eyes. Yet it can’t see. What is it?

Mississippi. It has four I’s. 

  1. What is it that is quite heavy forwards but not backwards? 

A ton. 

  1. You spell ‘sit in the tub’ as S-O-A-K. And spell ‘a funny story’ a J-O-K-E. So, how do you spell ‘the white of an egg’?

E-G-G W-H-I-T-E. Yes. Why did you say yolk?

  1. Why in Finland, a man cannot marry his widow’s sister?

Because he is already dead. 

Math Trick Questions

Brain teasers math logic and tricky math riddles are perfect recipes to blow your mind. Have a doubt? Try solving these funny and engrossing math problems. You’d know why it is so. 

  1. There is a bowl of six mangoes. You took away three. So, how many mangoes do you have? 

Three mangoes that you took. 

  1. When calculated specifically, how many seconds are there in a whole year?

Twelve. Like, 2nd January, 2nd February, etc. till the month of December. 

  1. You have a pound of feather in your one hand. And a pound of brick in the other. What would weigh more?

Neither. A pound is a pound. Hence, both weigh the same. 

  1. A doctor gives the patient 3 pills to start taking right away every one hour. The doctor would revisit after all the pills are taken. How long would the doctor take to revisit?

2 hours. One pill is taken right away. Second after an hour and third after two hours from the beginning. Thus, it would be two hours when the doctor would turn up again.  

  1. It is an odd number. But if you take away a letter from it, it becomes even. What number is it?

Seven. By taking away the letter ‘s’, you can make it ‘even’. 

  1. What would come next in the series – 22, 21, 23, 22, 24, 23, …?


  1. Sam added five to nine and got two. It is the correct answer. But how?

He added 5 hours to 9 AM and got 2 PM as the answer. 

  1. You have to get your socks from a dark room. There are ten grey socks and ten blue. You need to find two socks of the same color to make a pair, in the dark. So, how many socks would you need to take to ensure that you had at least a pair?

Three socks. 

  1. It is a three digit number. The third digit is 4 times smaller than the second one. And you subtract the first one from the second, it is three. What is the number?


  1. How can you use eight 8s to get 1000 by only using addition?

888 added to 88 added to 8 added to 8 added to 8 = 1000

  1. What is the number with which you can multiply any other number and will always get the same answer?

Zero. Easy math puzzle, right?

  1. There is a basket of 5 apples. You have to divide the apples among 5 children, each getting one and ensuring that one apple is still there in the basket. How would you do it?

Give 4 apples to 4 children, one each. To the fifth child, give the basket with one apple still there. 

  1. A cell phone with a phone case costs $120. The cost of the cell phone is $100 more than the phone case. What was the cost of the cell phone?

$110 since cell phones are $100 more. That is, $10 equal to a phone case plus $100. 

  1. Alex is 54 years old. His father is 80 years old. So, how many years ago was Alex’s father thrice the age of this son?

41 years ago.

  1. You have 100 cookies. So, how many bundles of 10 cookies can you take away from 100? 

Only one. After that, you would be subtracting 10 from 90, 80, etc. 

  1. 1 equals to 3. 2 equals to 3. 3 equals to 5. 4 equals to 4. And 5 equals 4. Then 6 equals to what ?

Three (3) because ‘six’ has three letters.

  1. Divide 30 by half and add ten to it. What is the answer?

70. The half (0.5) divide by 30 is 60. Adding 10 to it gets 70.

  1. You have three numbers. Now, you can add these. Or, you can multiply these. However, the answer would be the same. What are they?

1, 2, and 3.

Mind Trick Questions

Now, it’s time to trick your mind. Here are some questions that are too simple to solve. You know what it means, right?

  1. If you feed me, I live well. But if you give me a drink, I would die. How?

It refers to the fire. 

  1. Why are 1978 pennies more worth than 1977 pennies?

Because it has one more penny. 

  1. There is a rooster which laid an egg on top of a barn roof. The roof is slightly tilted towards east from the front and towards left from the back side. So, which way did the egg role?

Neither. A rooster doesn’t lay eggs. Hens do. 

  1. There are 5 sisters in a room. Annie is painting. Emma is reading. Kate is cooking. Marie is playing chess. What is the fifth sister doing?

Playing chess with Marie.

  1. A man does not have all his fingers on one hand. How would people take him?

Nothing but a normal person. Since people usually don’t have all their fingers in one hand. They have only half of them in one hand. 

  1. Eight men were sitting on a couch. Suddenly, three legs break. On this, six men leave. Thus, how many legs are left?

Five, including 4 legs of two remaining men and one leg of the couch. 

  1. A cowboy was riding his horse into town. Why?

Since he couldn’t carry it, all he could do was ride. 

  1. There is this thing that goes both up and down. Still, it remains in the same place. What is it?


  1. A little boy had 15 tomatoes in his bag. But on the way, his 10 tomatoes got mushed. How many tomatoes does he still have?

15. 9 tomatoes are mushed but they are still tomatoes. 

  1. How many times can you fold a single sheet of newspaper by half?

Only once because after that it would be folded quarterly, etc. 

Logic Puzzle Questions

Are you murmuring that trick questions are not that logical? Or even if not, a quick dose of ‘logical’ puzzle questions are definitely worth trying. Isn’t it? Let’s do it!

  1. You have a sequence of – OTTFFSS. Adding to this sequence, can you tell the next three letters? 

ENT. These letters are the first letters of number One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven respectively. Hence, the remaining ones would be the initial letters of Eight, Nine, and Ten. 

  1. A child was rushed into the hospital emergency room directly from the school. The doctor saw the boy and refused to operate saying ‘I can’t. This is my child’. But the doctor isn’t the child’s father. How is it so?

The doctor is the child’s mother. 

  1. Mrs. Smith’s one-storey house is painted with white and pink only. All the furniture, carpets, etc. are in white. But all the walls, pillars, doors, windows, etc. are in pink. So, what would be the color of stairs?

None. It’s one-storey. So, there are no stairs. 

  1. Ben and Bob are sitting in a room. There, Bob is facing North and Ben is facing South. Still, they can see each other without any mirrors. How is it so?

Ben and Bob are sitting facing each other. 

  1. What would come here in the place of question mark?. 

| I6 | 06 | 68 | 88 | ? | 98 |

87. Yes, reverse your screen. This sum appeared on an entrance exam in Hong Kong for 6 year olds in elementary school math. Just replace the question mark with a parking space. Though such math questions require no math. How was it?

  1. What is the question you can’t answer in yes?

Are you asleep?

  1. A man walked into a restaurant. The owner saw him and said – ‘Hello Officer’. How did the waiter know the man’s profession?

The man was wearing his uniform.

  1. There are three houses on a street. One is Green, another is Blue, and one in White. If the Greenhouse is to the left of the house in the middle, and the Blue house is to the right of the middle house, where is the White house?

In Washington D.C. 

  1. I am everything and nothing. When you turn me on my side, I’m everything. But when you split me in half, I’m nothing. What am I?

Eight (8). Rotated sideways, it is an infinity sign. When split in half, it is two zeros. 

  1. You are driving a bus. The bus stops at two stops before a woman boards it. After that it goes straight for 30 minutes, stopping at 10 stops in between, to board an elementary school student, an old man, and a little child. If the bus takes a total of 1 hour to reach its final destination with a total of 10 passengers, what is the name of the driver?

Your name. Since you are the driver, remember?

  1. A man bought a cattle for $10 and sold it for $20. Later, he again bought it for $30, finally selling it for $40. What is the total income of the man with these deals?


  1. Two women were walking on the street towards each other. One was having a large bouquet of flowers in her hand. Another was carrying many small shopping bags. Who would greet first?

The more polite one. 

Trick Questions Ask Your Boyfriend

You have got so many trick questions to have a fun time. You can obviously ask those to your boyfriend too. Yet, what about some questions that can help you in understanding what’s going on in his mind? These are tricky in the sense that these help you get the answers that you can’t get in a plane conversation. Here are some tricky questions to ask your boyfriend –

  1. If you could get a chance, which year of your life would you like to relieve?

This question helps you understand what time of his life holds a special place in his heart. You can get an idea about the people in his life,or the memories that matter for him. 

  1. Do you think couples who spend too much time together exhaust their love or increase it?

This is perfect to know if your way of love expression is suitable for him or not. 

  1. What do you think about a threesome?

Well, it can backfire and can be a little bit too harsh. However, it can turn into a fun conversation of your romantic fantasies and ideas. So, do it wisely. 

  1. What is the one thing in your friend’s love life that you find horrible?

It can be a way to know what he distadtes in a love relationship. Also, he may knowingly or unconsciously tell about his relationship issues. 

  1. What is the one thing that you believe is unforgivable in a relationship?

This gives an idea of his priorities and preferences in a long term bond. 

  1. Do you think those who claim to love their partners’ soul, not body are just loudmouths? 

This will tell you if he actually believes in a deeper love or is he more into physical lust.

  1. What do you think matters more for an individual as a person – brain or body? 

It is about how he looks himself. What his perception for individuality is like. 

Trick Questions for Kids

Trick questions are quite effective brain games. You can use it as a medium to connect to children, make them laugh, and to muscle up their brain. Here are some trick questions for kids –

  1. If I say tomorrow that – “The day before yesterday was Saturday”, then which day is today?


  1. What are the two things you can never have in your lunch?

Breakfast and dinner. 

  1. I have a face and two hands. But I don’t have legs and arms. What am I?

A clock. 

  1. Here’s a simple number sequence based up on the alphabetical order- 8 5 4 9 1 7 6 10 3. What would be the next number in this sequence? 

Two. Only 2 is missing in the sequence of the first 10 numbers. 

  1. It goes through cities and towns. Yet it never moves. What is it?


  1. It appears twice in a week. Once in a year. Yet never shows in a day. What is it?

The letter ‘E’.

  1. I have keys, not one-two but many. Yet I can’t open a lock or door. What am I?

Piano or a keyboard. 

  1. In a small pond, there is a patch of lotus pads. The patch of the lotus doubles in size every day. It took 30 days for the whole pond to get completely covered by the lotus patch. How many days would it take to cover half pond?

29 days since it gets doubled in a day. So if the pond is half covered by the lotus pads on the 29th day, it would grow double, thus covering the whole pond by the next day. 

  1. It has one eye still it cannot see. What is it?

A needle.

  1. Which room has no doors and windows?


  1. A man rode into a town called ‘Illusion’ on Tuesday. He stayed there for two days. Finally, he left on Tuesday. How is it so?

Tuesday was the name of his horse. 

  1. What has teeth but can’t chew anything?

A comb. 

  1. What type of dress can you never wear?

An address. 

  1. What is the thing that can be cracked, made, told, and played?

A joke.

  1. Why is the Math book sad?

Because it has many problems.

  1. I’m made to eat. People buy me for the same. Yet I never eat. What am I?

A plate. 

  1. What type of umbrella do people usually carry during rain?

A wet umbrella. 

  1. This thing gets sharper the more you use it. What is it?

Your brain. 

Interesting Trick Questions

Now, let’s get into some trick questions that are interesting enough to grab your attention. Here we go –

  1. A Red house is made of red bricks. The Yellow house has yellow bricks. So, what is a Greenhouse made of?


  1. A man needed to get his shoes polished. He called a Polish man. But the Polish man didn’t know how to polish. What does this mean?

It means that the Polish man was a man from Poland, not one who polishes surfaces. 

  1. A cup is on the stool. It is facing east. And you are sitting on the west of the stool. So, which side would be the handle of the cup?


  1. In a bathroom, there is a bathtub filled with water. Also, you have a cup, a jar, and a bucket. How can you remove all the water from the tub quickly?

Pulling out the plug of the bathtub.

  1. In March, the soldiers were heading with the commander. However, none of them maintained the pace, nor the commander passed orders. They were all well-trained and followed the rules. How?

It was in the month of March and they were casually walking. Not in an army march. 

  1. He has married many women. Still, he has never been married. How?

The answer is – he is a preacher. 

  1. A baby was born in 1990. But his age in the year 2021 is 20 years. How?

The baby was born in the hospital room number 1990, not the year 1990. 

  1. It can fill up the whole room without taking up any space. What is it?


  1. On a Sunday morning, a woman is murdered in her hostel room. Her first roommate told that she was reading a book. The second one said she was out to check mails. Third one said she was cooking. Who murdered the woman?

The second friend’s mails are not delivered on Sundays.

  1. What is it? It has 4 wheels and flies.

A garbage truck.

Confusing Questions that Make No Sense

Here are some in which the questions confuse you and the answers that make you even more confused. Let’s see –

  1. Answer this question. How long is the answer to this question. 

The answer is – how long, as said in the next line above. 

  1. She has married many men. But has never been married yet. Who is she?

The Minister.

  1. Bob has 4 piles of sand. And Ben has 5 piles of sand. They both put them all together. Finally, how many piles of sand would there be?

One big pile as they put all of their sand together. 

  1. What is the thing that is white, black, and yet colorful? Poor people have it. Rich want it. If you eat it, you might die. What is the thing?


  1. What happened in the industrial revolution?

Industrial revolution. 

  1. A woman always knows where her husband is. Who is she?

A widow. 

  1. What can make you young?

Adding ‘n’ and ‘g’ in you can mate young. 

  1. A woman runs around her bed at night. Why?

She was trying to catch her sleep. 

  1. What would happen if two waves have a race?

They ‘tied’ (tide). 

  1. Why are famous celebrities considered cool? 

They have many fans.

  1. A campfire said something to another campfire. What is it?

Shall we go out tonight?

Most Famous Trick Questions Ever

There are some trick questions that you might have already heard. These are ones which are just over famous. And if you haven’t known these, it’s the perfect time now.

  1. You have an older one-hundred dollar bill. And a newer one. But why does the first one have more worth than the latter?

Because $100 is more than $1. 

  1. One thing breaks but never falls. Another falls but never breaks. What are they?

Day and night – as day breaks but night falls. 

  1. It has a head and a tail. Yet it doesn’t have a body. What is it?

A coin. 

  1. Which word in English has 4 silent letters?


  1. Two horses were born at the same time. Both headed the world and died at the same time. But they didn’t live to the same age. How is that so?

Both the horses were in the different time zones. 

  1. What is the biggest problem with snow boots?

Boots made of snow would melt.

  1. Why does a fluorescent light hum?

Because it can’t remember words. 

  1. It is a seven letter word. When one of its letters is removed, it becomes longer. How?

The word is Lounger. 

  1. How many birthdays does an average person in the US have in their lifetime?

One. Everyone has only one birthday – the day they were born.

  1. Why do women in China have more shoes than women in Japan?

Because there are more women in China than Japan.

Hard Trick Questions

Did the above trick questions seem like a piece of cake for you? Here’s the good news. We have got you some harder nuts that would take a time to get knocked. Try solving these. Good luck!

  1. A man encounters a bear in the wasteland. No one else was there. Frightened, both he and the bear ran away from each other, man in the north and bear to the west. But suddenly the man stopped, aimed the gun to the south, and shot the bear. What color was the bear?

The human ran to the North, the bear to the West, still the bear ended up to the south of the human. It is only possible in the north pole. So, the bear must be white in color as polar bears are white. 

  1. The day before yesterday Smith was 15. But next year he will be 18. However, it is only valid for one day in a year. So, when is his birthday?

On December 31.

  1. In the English language, what are the two separate words that in combination hold the most number of letters?

Post and Office. Indeed, the Post Office.

  1. A terrible plane crash took place. It was so fatal that every single person on board died as the plane crashed. But two people survived it. How can it be possible?

The two survivors were a married couple, not singles. 

  1. In a place called Nova Scotia, you cannot take a picture of a person with a wooden leg or hand. Why is it so?

Because, you would need a camera to take a picture. A wooden leg or hand won’t work. 

  1. Which letter of the English alphabet can be dangerous sometimes? Especially, if not being careful with it.

‘B’. Afterall, a bee can sting. 

  1. Suppose you have two coins in your pocket. These two coins add up to make 30 cents. One of them is not a quarter. Here, can you identify which two coins are they? 

A Quarter and a Nickel are the coins. As mentioned, one is not a quarter, so the other is. 

  1. You have a 3ft by 3ft container. How many books of size 8” by 8” can you put in it so that it is not empty anymore?

One. After putting one book in the container, it would not be empty anymore. 

  1. John was on a 20 feet long ladder. However, he lost his balance. Thus, he fell on the ground. But he was not hurt. How is it?

On that 20 feet long ladder, John was standing on the bottom rung that was closest to the ground.

Easy Trick Questions

Tried your hand with the harder ones? Well, what about some easy teasers that make you think yet don’t make you crazy thinking the answer? Try these out!

  1. Where would the fish save its money?

In the river bank. 

  1. A monkey, a squirrel, and a bird race up a coconut tree. Which one would reach the banana first?

None. It’s a coconut tree.

  1. Do Canadians have a 4th of July?

Yes, all the Western countries have a 4th July in their calendar. 

  1. Can you survive underwater for more than 5 minutes? How?

By holding a glass of water above your head. 

  1. You are a racer in a car drive race. Suppose you overtake the last car in the race. Now, what is your position in the race?

None because you can’t ‘overtake’ the last car. 

  1. There are three friends – Tom, Sally, and Bob. Sally’s favorite color is Red. Tom’s favorite color is Blue. And Bob’s favorite color is White. Hence, Sally lives in a Red color house. Tom lives in a Blue house. Who lives in the White House?

The President.

  1. Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?

None as Grant was interred in the tomb, not buried. 

  1. What is the coldest country on the earth?

Chilli because it has got chills. 

  1. It has a neck but no head. What is it?

A bottle.

  1. I begin with an IS. And end with an AND. But has LA in the mid. What is my name?


Historical Tricky Questions

Well, trick questions are not very much restricted to Millennials or Gen z. Instead, it started way back. In fact, there are some amazing ones in various historical texts and writings too. So, let’s see if you can solve what seem to trick quick-wits from historical times!

  1. Who goes on four legs in the morning? On two legs at noon? And in the evening, on three legs?

A human being. Popularly known as the Sphinx’s riddle, it is taken from the famous literary play – ‘Oedipus the King’ by Sophocles. Well, if you are scratching your head, here’s the explanation. A human crawls on four legs, that is two hands and two knees, as a child (morning period of life). S/he walks on two legs as an adult (noon of life). And finally, needs extra support like a walking stick making it three legs in their old age (evening of life). 

  1. As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. Each wife had seven sacks. And each sack had seven sacks. Plus, each cat had seven kits. So, kits, cats, sacks, and wives – how many were there going to St. Ives?

One. Only the narrator is going to St. Ives, after all. This popular puzzle was first found in a 17th century manuscript and is successfully tricking minds even today. Well, quite a tricky one, for sure!

  1. There is a house. One enters in it blindly. But returns being able to see. What is it?

A school. It is one of the world’s oldest riddles, dated nearly 4000 years ago that belongs to Ancient Sumer. Since Sumerians held education as a way to get the ability of seeing the world in the light of knowledge, they compared a school with such a house in this riddle. 

  1. I first show the king’s wealth. Display their luxury. And their ease. But my second one brings to show the monarch of the seas. What am I?

Courtship. It is the famous riddle from Jane Austen’s writing ‘Emma’. In this, the display of the king’s luxury happens in ‘court’ and the monarch of the seas is a ‘ship’. So, the answer would be courtship. 

  1. There are 5 houses in a row, each painted different, with the person living in having a different nationality. Each one drinks different beverages, smokes different kinds of cigars, and owns different pet animals. Here are the 15 clues. Who owns the pet? 

1. The man from Britain lives in a house of red color.

2. Swede has a pet dog.

3. Dane drinks tea.

4. The green colored house is located to the left of the white colored house.

5. Person in a greenhouse drinks coffee. 

6. Person who smokes Pall Mall has a pet bird.

7. Man in the yellow house smokes Dunhill cigars.

8. Person living at the center house prefers milk.

9. Norweign man lives in the first house.

10. Person who lives next to the one with the pet cat smokes Blends.

11. The person with the pet horse lives next to the man smoking Dunhill.

12. Person who smokes BlueMaster drinks beer.

13. The German smokes Prince. 

14. Now, the Norweighn man lives next to the blue house.

15. There is a man who likes smoking Blends.  His neighbour only drinks water. 

The German person owns the fish. This is the famous riddle created by Albert Einstein. 

  1. I am something that all devours. Be it – birds, beasts, flowers or trees. I gnaw iron. And bite steel. I even grind hard stones to meal. Also, I slay king. Can ruin town. And beat the mountain down. – What am I?

Time. It is the famous Gollum’s final riddle from ‘The Lord of the Rings’. 

  1. “Who is the man living in disguise?

He has got secrets. He tells naught but lies.

And what is the last thing to mend? 

It’s the mid of the middle. Yet end in end?

Lastly, what is the sound often made

When searching a tough-to-find word.

Thus, string them together. Now, answer me this, 

What is that creature you would never like to kiss?” 

A spider. The first person in disguise means ‘spy’. Next, the last letter in mend, in the middle, and at the end of the word is ‘d’. Finally, ‘er’ is the annoying sound we make when we can’t recall something. It adds to make ‘Spider’ (Spy d er). It’s taken from the famous Harry Potter series. 

Word Puzzles Brain Teasers

Do you think you are a pro with words? Armed with your large volume of vocabularies, or a good eye at language, can you solve these word puzzles? Let’s see. 

  1. How would you interpret this – ‘age beauty’?

Age is before Beauty. It’s visibly simple, isn’t it? 

  1. What is the word that is a place when its first letter is capital and a bird if not?

Turkey. Turkey is a country and turkey is a bird.

  1. What is that insect which always has another insect in front of it?

A BEEtle. 

  1. What do you understand by this – “Banana”?

A split Banana.

  1. You must have learned vowels and consonants in early school, right? So, how would you spell enemy in three letters?


  1. “Pol mom ice” – What does this mean? 

Mother-in-law. Mom (Mother) in police (law). 

  1. How would you interpret “Land Time”?

The land before time. 

  1. What does this mean – |R|E|A|D| ?

Read between the lines. 

  1. What is this – ‘OdOOOmO’ ?

Dominoes (doom in Os)

  1. What is this – ‘R.P.I’ ?

An error, of course. It would be R.I.P. You know it, right? 

  1. What is this – ‘HoRobod’?

Robin Hood (Rob in Hood). 

  1. I get ill every time I come from a party. The reason is below. Interpret this – 




Because ‘I overeat’. (I am over 8).

  1. Where is ‘in’, if you have ‘A pic in kle’?

In a pickle. 

  1. What does this say – ‘noon good’?

Good Afternoon. (‘good’ is after ‘noon’).

  1. When my first letter is big, you pronounce me differently. And when it is not, the pronunciation is changed. What am I?


  1. An evil scientist found a chemical that could make him disappear. However, there was one condition of its use, that is, the chemical needs something to be ensured to work. A secret agent got to know about this. He came across the code which said – 





He understood it and instantly looked into the refrigerator where he got the chemical. Now, how did he understand that the chemical was in the refrigerator?

The code said – ‘Three degrees below zero’. It made him realize that the chemical could only maintain this temperature in the refrigerator. 

  1. Sandwich Sandwich – What does it mean? 

Tuna Sandwich (Two Nasandwitch).

Most Confusing Questions

Trick questions are made to trick you. And on top of that, if these are specially confusing ones, it’s the cherry on the cake. Let’s taste it – 

  1. It is pouring rain outside. Tim went outside for a walk into the rain without an umbrella, a hat, or any other kind of protection. Yet not even a single strand of hair on his head got wet. How is it so?

Tim was bald. Hence, there was not a single strand of hair on his head to get wet. 

  1. On the U.S. $100 bill, which president’s photo is there?

None. It has a picture of Benjamin Franklin. He was never a president. 

  1. It starts with ‘e’. Also, it ends with an ‘e’. But it has only one letter in it. What is it?

An envelope.  

  1. If the Vice President of a country dies, who acts as the President?

The President. 

  1. When can a door be not a door?

It is when it is a jar (ajar). 

  1. More you take me, the more I’m left behind. Who am I?


  1. Whenever the rain comes down, it goes up. Do you know what is it?

An umbrella. 

  1. It has three feet yet it can’t walk. What is it?

A yardstick. 

  1. If there happens to be a terrible plane crash on the border of Canada and the United States, in which half passengers are Canadian and others from the U.S, ethically where the survivors should be buried? 

Nowhere. The survivors should not be buried. Only the dead need to be buried. 

  1. You can see a room full of people. However, there is not a single person in the room. How?

The room is filled with married people only.  

Stoner Questions to Confuse People

Brain teasers not only confuse people, they can also make you feel high. Here are some examples of stoner questions to confuse you.

  1. Ben is a healthy man working as a butcher. His height is 6’1″. Also, he wears shoes of size 11. What does Ben weigh?

Meat, since Ben is a butcher.

  1. A man made a claim that he has the super power to predict the score of any baseball game before it began. He proved himself right further. But how could he do it?

He knew that for any baseball game, the score is always 0 – 0 before the game begins.

  1. Moses took some animals into the ark. How many were they in total?

None as the ark was built and loaded by Noah, not Moses.

  1. An 8 feet rope ladder is hanging on the side of a boat. The rungs are 2 feet apart. Now, the tides are rising with a rate of 8 inches per hour. So, how much time would it take for the three rungs to get covered by tide?

Never as the boat also rises with the tide. 

  1. Where is the ocean sans water located?

On a map. 

  1. What is the thing that is full of holes throughout its body yet holds a liquid?

A sponge. 

  1. There is a word from which you can take away all the letters one by one, still it would be the same. What is it?

Post Office. 

  1. They don’t even mumble when you walk on them when they are alive. But when you step on them after they die, they would grumble. What are they?


  1. I start with T. And I have T in the end. Besides, I have the same in me. What am I?

A Teapot.

Confounding Bafflers

Let’s have a look at some confounding baffling questions that can add spice to your boring time. 

  1. What is the thing that can break even without being held?

A promise. 

  1. Think well about it. What lies at the end of a rainbow? 

‘W’, the letter ‘W’. 

  1. We have 12 months in a year. In those, some have 31 days. Besides, some have only 30 days. So, how many months have 28 days?

12. Yes, all of them. 

  1. Think about an island and the English letter ‘t’. What do they both have in common? 

Both of them lie in the middle of water. 

  1. What is something that wants to be answered though it never has a question anyway?

A doorbell.

  1. A woman is walking down the street. She is dressed in all black. Suddenly a large black car car appears round the corner. Both the car and the street don’t have any lights. Yet, it screeches to a sudden stop. Now, how did the person in the car know that the woman was there?

It happened in the daylight. No need for cars or street lights. 

  1. There is a word which is spelled incorrectly nearly always in dictionaries. What is it?

The word is – ‘Incorrectly’.

  1. You are on a concrete floor with an egg in your hand. Now, the challenge is – you have to drop the egg on the concrete floor without cracking it. What is the best way to do it?

The best way is – just dropping it simply. Even though the egg might crack, the concrete floor will not. 

  1. I am a tree that. But carry me in your hand. What am I?

A palm. 

Lateral Thinking Puzzles

Not all puzzles are simple and witty. Some need your sharpness to go to another level. Here are some of those puzzles that take your thinking process a level up.

  1. A man lives on the 10th floor. Everyday he takes the elevator to go down. But when he returns, he uses the elevator up to the 7th floor and then takes the stairs. However, during the rainy season he takes the elevator upto 10th floor when returning. Medically, he got no such advice to take stairs. So, why does he do so?

He is a dwarf. So, the man can reach the elevator buttons to the ground floor up to that of the 7th floor. However, during the rainy season, he has an umbrella with which he can press the button of the 10th floor. 

  1. After dying, a man went to heaven. There he saw thousands of naked people looking as of the age 21. Suddenly, he saw a couple and immediately realized that they were Adam and Eve. How?

They were the only ones without navels. Since they were not born of women with an umbilical cord, they didn’t have navels. 

  1. There are 5 pieces of coal, a carrot and a scarf on the lawn. Though nobody put them there, it has a perfectly logical reason to be there. What is it?

A snowman was made with the use of these things. However, the snow melted and thus, these things are lying on the lawn. 

  1. A man received a parcel which had a human arm. He examined, repacked it, and sent it to another man. Another man received it, examined it and then buried it. What does it mean, why did they do so?

The mentioned two men and another man were stranded in a desert. To survive, they decided and swore to amputate their left arms to eat it. One of them being a doctor, cut the hands of the other two. Then they were rescued. Still, to keep his oath, the doctor amputated his arm and sent it to his companions. They examined it to ensure it was his hand and then buried it. 

  1. In a room, a man was hanging dead from the ceiling. The rope around his neck was 10 feet long and his feet 6 feet from the ground. No other ladder, tool, or any such thing was found there on the wet floor. How did he reach the ceiling to hang himself?

The man stepped on a block of ice to reach there which has since melted leaving the floor wet. 

  1. One day, a woman pushed her car. When she stopped at a hotel, she found that she got bankrupt. Why?

She was playing monopoly. 

  1. A man walks into a bar. Feeling uncomfortable, he said to the barman, ‘Can I get a glass of water?’. But the barman pulled out a gun pointing at the man. The man thanked him and walked out. Why?

The man was having hiccups. So he asked the barman for water. Instead the barman pulled the gun towards him to cure his hiccup with a shock. It worked. Hence, the man thanked the barman. 

  1. A dead man was lying in the field with an unopened package next to him. Before his death, when he was about to reach the centre of the field, he got to know that he was going to die. How did he die? 

The man jumped from a plane but when he was about to land, he realized that his parachute had failed to open. Thus, he died because of it. 

  1. A woman has two sons who were born on the same date. They looked exactly the same. Moreover, they had the same family. Still, they were not twins or triplets. How?

Because they were quadruplets. .

Crazy Weird Puzzles

Now it’s time for some insanely weird puzzles that would make you throw your mind back out of amazement. Let’s go –

  1. There’s delicious food on the table. However, one who saw it couldn’t smell it. One who could smell couldn’t taste it. And the one who tasted it couldn’t get full. How?

Because the food is seen by the eyes, smelt by the nose, tasted by the mouth, and the stomach gets full. 

  1. .
  2. When I dry more, I get wetter. What am I?

A towel. 

  1. You are alone in a room. Suddenly, you hear some noise outside. To get to know what’s happening, you need to look through the wall. How would you do it?

Through windows. 

  1. What is the thing that never asks you a question but you mostly answer it?

Your cellphone. 

  1. What is the word that you have looked into to find its meaning?

Looking for word dictionaries in the dictionary.

  1. I travel around the world.  Yet I always stay in a corner. What am I?

A stamp. 

  1. I never move. But I run all around your backyard. What am I?

A fence.

  1. What tastes better than it smells?

Tongue. It tastes but can’t smell. So. 

  1. What goes up but never comes down?

Your age. 

  1. It is always coming but never really arrives. What is it? 


  1. Do you have to use me? Then you must first break me. What am I?

An egg. 

Silly Confusing Questions

Now, it’s time for some silly ones that are perfect when you are in a mood of finding your silly self!

  1. A person used to have an egg for breakfast every day. But he never bought, stole, or borrowed chicken eggs. Nor did he keep a chicken at home. So, how did he get the eggs?

He ate ostrich eggs. 

  1. In her way, a woman was afraid of being beaten by a snake. She knew which way the snake was and she’s bound to get beaten on that path. Yet she took the same path and got beaten by the snake. Why?

She was playing the Snakes & Ladders. Hence, even though she didn’t want to take the path in the game, she couldn’t help it as it depends on the dice scores. 

  1. What is caught without even being thrown?

A cold. 

  1. What is the right way? Is it – ‘In the egg, yolk is white’ ? Or ‘In the egg, yolk is white’? 

None. Egg yolks are mostly not white. 

  1. It has ten letters and starts with gas. What is it?


  1. A bank has three important rooms. One is filled with all the deposited cash money. The other is filled with gold and jewellery in lockers. And the last one has all the important documents and files of the bank. One day a fire suddenly broke out in the bank. Which room should policemen put out first?

None. Firemen would do it, not policemen. 

  1. What has a bottom at the top?


  1. During which month do people sleep the least?

February because it has less rights than other months. 

  1. I won’t cry if you peel my skin. But you’d cry, for sure. What am I?

An onion. 

  1. Here you can find towns, cities, shops, malls, streets but no people. Where is it?

On a map. 

  1. It is made of water. Yet if you put it into water, it dies. What is it?

An ice cube.

  1. It has hands yet it cannot clap. What is it?

A clock.

Super Tough Trick Questions

There are also some teasers that are tough enough to make you frustrated. So, are you ready to take the challenge? 

  1. There is this thing that if you have three, you have three. If you have two, it means you have two. But if you have only one, you don’t have any. What is the thing?

Choices. When you have only one, you don’t really have a choice, right?

  1. Two mothers and two daughters visited a restaurant. They ordered pizza and everyone ate one slice. Still, only three slices of pizza were eaten. How is that so?

The group had a grandmother, her daughter, and her daughter’s daughter. So, it had two mothers and two daughters, yet only three people in total. 

  1. Suppose you are walking into a wood. How far can you walk into it?

Halfway. Because after that you begin walking towards out of the woods. 

  1. In a courtroom, the attorney testified – “the accountant is my brother”. But the accountant testified that he did not have a brother. So, who is lying here?

Neither. The attorney is the accountant’s sister. 

  1. I come once in every passing minute. And twice in every single moment. But never ever in a hundred years. What am I?

The letter ‘m’.

  1. Mr. Smith had a farm which was hit by a terrible storm, killing all but seven sheeps. So, how many sheeps are still alive?


  1. You have something that if you have, you don’t share it. And you don’t have it anymore or lose it if you somehow share it. What are we talking about?

A secret. 

  1. What is the thing you can sleep on? Sit on? And brush your teeth with?

A bed, a chair, and a toothbrush. 

  1. Tim’s father has four pets – Jan, March, May, July. His three daughters are – Mon, Wed, and Fri. Besides, his four sons are – Ten, Thirty, Fifty, and ?

Tim. He is Tim’s father. 

Random Trick Questions

Here are some random ones to give a good message to your inner brain.

  1. In how many years does the New Year come before Christmas?

Everywhere as the New Year always comes before the Christmas of the same year. 

  1. Nothing happens to it even if it is dropped from the tallest building. But it would die if you drop it into water. What is it?


  1. In a greenhouse,there is a white house. Now, in the white house, there is a red house. Inside the red house, there are a lot of babies. What is it?

A Watermelon. 

  1. It is black. Also, white. Besides, red all over. What is it?

A newspaper as it is black and white, and read (red) all over. 

  1. There is a box without any key or lid. But there lies a golden treasure in it. What is it?

An Egg. 

Unanswerable Questions 

These are the questions that make you think for a moment. No these aren’t any philosophical questions that would make you turn into another sphere. These are simple, fun, yet unanswerable ones. Wouldn’t you give a try to answer these?

  1. What color is a mirror?
  2. It is said that anything is possible. So, is it possible for anything to be impossible?
  3. You were trying to fail but you succeeded. So, is it your success or failure?
  4. The boxing court is called ‘ring’ but it is square in shape. Why?
  5. A person has multiple personality disorders. Her one personality tries to kill herself as a different personality. So, is it a suicide attempt or a murder attempt?
  6. A clock has three hands. But we refer to its third hand as the second hand. Why?
  7. Do we have word dictionaries in the dictionary? If so, why?

Tricky Questions with Answers

Finally, it’s time for some simple trick questions and answers that are entertaining, clear, and interesting. 

  1. In a bus stop, a blind, a deaf, and a lame were waiting for the bus. The bus arrived. Who will stop the bus first?

The driver.

  1. Is it possible to rain for two days continuously?

No since night would also come in between. 

  1. Ben’s peacock lays the egg in Bob’s yard. So, who owns the egg?

None. Peacocks don’t lay eggs, remember?

  1. There are 10 fishes in a pond. Half of them drown. So, how many fish are left?

10 since fishes don’t drown.

  1. How many times does the letter ‘a’ appear from 0 to 100?

Not even a single time.

  1. When you need it, you throw it away. But you bring it back when you don’t need it. What is it?

An anchor. 

  1. I look as big as an elephant. However, I don’t have any weight at all. Who am I?

A shadow of the elephant. 

  1. It runs, but never walks. Murmurs but never talk. Has a bed but never sleeps. Has a mouth but never eats. What is it?

A river. 

  1. It always comes in the mid of the month of March. Also, in the middle of April. But never comes at the beginning or the end. What is it?

The letter – ‘R’. 

Why Trick Questions Seem Hard?

As you might have already noticed by now, trick questions are not really tough. Yet these seem quite difficult to solve. Why is it so? It is because of following reasons – 

  1. In trick questions, obvious is not the answer. So your first thought is mostly incorrect. 
  2. Your common sense or knowledge doesn’t really help in solving these. While it makes it equally enthralling for all, since you don’t require any ‘eligibility’ to solve these, it can be a con too. Especially when we are usually too used to using ‘knowledge’ instead of ‘common sense’. 
  3. The answer is hidden. It needs you to see things differently. So, when you are not very habituated with it, having a fresh perspective might take some time. 
  4. Answers are too simple. So, deep thoughts don’t help. The more you look, the less you see. Often, you ask yourself how you could miss something so easy. That’s the thing. It’s just too easy.
  5. These are trick questions. Obviously,it would trick you. What else can one expect, right?

Now the question comes, why put your brain in these brain teasers at all? Is it really any worthy? Well, yes. Let’s see how – 

Confusing Questions to Ask – But Why?

Trick questions are not only the usual time pass, or in other words, the time waste that one generally assumes. Instead, these brain teasers do have many benefits. Let’s see what they are. 

Benefits of Solving Tricky Questions –

  1. Tricky Questions exercise both sides of your brain.

Solving trick questions is a great way to exercise both left and right hemispheres of the brain. These two parts control different functions of the brain. Left one controls rational processes and the right one controls creativity. They both are needed in such trick questions. 

  1. Boosts your memory.

Solving such brain teasers are a great way to improve short-term memory. Besides, many studies have reported the same.

  1. Improves problem solving skills.

Trick questions require your mental skills. Besides, when you work on these trick questions, you use your problem solving ability. 

  1. Helps in promoting critical thinking.

Generally, trick questions need critical thinking to figure out the hidden meaning of the questions. Thus, in addition to problem solving, it promotes your critical thinking abilities. 

  1. It’s a great mental exercise.

Brain teasers are a good way to rub your brain from time to time. Evidently, it tests your vocabulary, your common sense, attention, grabbing power, etc. 

  1. Enhance your mood.

Of course, these are great in lifting your mood as engaging in something interesting leads to the secretion of happy hormones. And this makes you feel better.

  1. Lower stress levels.

Yes, it seems a bit exaggerated. But trick questions are great stress busters. In short, these provide relaxation and let you have fun. So, these can be especially helpful when you are feeling too stressed or nervous for something. 

  1. A fun way to make you think – food for thought.

Trick questions mostly have some out-of-the-box answers. Hence, looking for these answers let you see thongs with a unique creative perspective. 

  1. Great way to socialize.

Trick questions are equally interesting for all. Like, a little kid may answer it instantly while a learned intellectual may stumble. Besides, these questions leave your kids laugh, make elders scratch their heads, and grabs attention in every not so interesting situation.

So be it a group chat, a family night, during a lunch with your colleagues, or a fun time with your gang – these are obvious brain gear turners.

  1. Entertaining

Unlike trivia questions, these questions are pretty interesting as these don’t depend upon your GK, subject-knowledge, etc. Also, brain teasers provide you an exciting experience which can be anything but boring.

Closing Thoughts about Trick Questions 

Trick Questions are, no doubt, an amazing source of entertainment as well as mental exercise.

Besides, one can take these as great conversation starters, light leisure hobbies, or an exciting challenge among friends. And so these confusing questions have so much more to provide, we already know that. Surely, it is not wasting time. 

In short, when you are looking for something interesting to do, why not go for some really fun trick questions? Yes!