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500 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and Answers with Fun Facts

500 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and Answers with Fun Facts

Updated on Jul 01, 2022

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500 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and Answers with Fun Facts

Thanksgiving is the moment when people come together as family and friends and eat a lot of delicious food. Not only this, but this day has included a lot of history behind its yearly tradition.

In this matter, what is better than playing Thanksgiving trivia to pass the time with family and friends. 

If you are looking forward to playing this game then you need some Thanksgiving trivia questions which are fun, easy and interesting. You have found the best list of questions and answers on the internet here. 

You can simply read on the list of questions at the dinner table and notice who is the first one to give the answer.

It’s an excellent way to gather everyone, get involved and build the energy levels. However, if you don’t know the answer, it’s the real way to get involved and have some knowledge. 

If you are a competitive group, you can try these questions and have a fun night on this big day.

500 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and Answers with Fun Facts
500 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and Answers with Fun Facts

Thanksgiving trivia and facts

Thanksgiving is involved around food, family and football. However, some of them spend the season sifting through favorite dinner recipes like Thanksgiving turkey recipes, leftovers and sweet potatoes. 

It’s possible to remember how the holiday started and end up when we celebrate. And that’s where Thanksgiving comes in. Here are some of the Thanksgiving facts to educate and entertain. 

1. The first ever Thanksgiving was a three day affair

In November 1621, the settlers first harvested the corn which proved so successful and Governor William Bradford reportedly invited the Plymouth Colonists Native Americans allies to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

This all lasts up to 3 days, however, nowadays Thanksgiving takes place over one whole day. 

2. Native Americans and Colonists might not have turkey at their meal

Most of us enjoy turkey at the centerpiece of our table, however, no one is sure if it’s included at the very first Thanksgiving celebration in 1621. The guests indulged in other foods such as lobster, seal and swan. 

The Wampanoag brought five deer to the celebration. Therefore, not everyone enjoys having turkey at the grand celebration. 

3. Parts of Plymouth are maintained as they were in the 17th century.

If you really want to know what Thanksgiving was like in the 1600s then historical attractive Plymouths are available to prove true to historic roots. 

You can also celebrate Thanksgiving at the site which is built after a colonist home and Wampanoag tribe. Members and guests can order tickets in advance to attend any Thanksgiving dinner. 

4. Thanksgiving was not declared a holiday by Thomas Jefferson.

Lately, the President had to declare Thanksgiving a holiday every year up until Lincoln made it a national holiday. 

However, Jefferson refused to attend the event because he believed in the separation of church and state because it involves prayer and reflection. He thought designating it a national holiday would avoid the first amendment. 

5. The woman who introduced “Mary had a little lamb” is also responsible for Thanksgiving’s recognition as a national holiday

Sarah Joseph Hale, a writer and editor, convinced president Abraham Lincoln to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday officially after three decades of continuous effort. 

She produced plenty of articles and letters promoting Thanksgiving as a way to bring northern and southern states together and avoid divides at the table. 

6. The first parade of Macy’s Thanksgiving didn’t feature any balloons

If you can’t imagine the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade without giant floats featuring the favorite character. You would barely recognize the first parade in the early 1920s. 

It had puppets to ride the iconic floats as well as singers, Santa Claus and celebrities. When Thanksgiving had its big debut in 1925, it did have something crazier than balloons. 

7. In 1939, Thanksgiving was celebrated on the third Thursday in November, not the fourth 

You may think that President Roosevelt could predict the future, he connected a Black Friday kindest when he decided to move Thanksgiving during his presidency. 

However, the holiday was celebrated on the fourth day since Lincoln officially recognized the federal holiday decades before, Roosevelt bumped it up for a week adding seven more shopping days to the holiday season to boost the economy. 

8. The Thanksgiving mix up was inspired by the first TV dinners

In 1953, a Swanson employee accidentally added a shipment of Thanksgiving turkeys in huge quantities. Salesman Gerry Thomas was inspired by the prepared dishes offered on airlines to deal with the extra quantity.

He decided to fill the 5000 aluminium trays with turkey along with cornbread dressing, gravy, potatoes and peas. This became a hit especially with kids and busy households. 

9. Americans prepare 46 million turkeys for Thanksgiving every year

Thanksgiving without turkey is just like Christmas without a tree and most of the American families would not dream of foregoing the almighty bird. However, it’s not popular the rest of the year. Turkey is famous for holidays probably because it helps with large gatherings. 

10. Not everybody eats turkey on Thanksgiving

If you go different ways on the big day then you are not alone. According to the National Turkey Federation, 88% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving day. However the rest 12% might be vegetarian or just taking a stand against protein.

11. A person end up consuming up to 229 grand fats during the big meal

The consumption of fat during Thanksgiving is three or four times larger than what you should eat in a day. The entire Thanksgiving dinner could total up 3000 calories, however, this is not a big news for those who usually eat a big meal. 

12. More over a century ago, America’s first turkey trot took place

The race was hosted by the local YMCA in Buffalo, NY and included six runners, but only made it to the finish line. One runner dropped out because of breakfast while another simply excused himself after two miles. Nowadays it’s a much bigger deal. 

13. Runners at the Dallas turkey trot set a world record by dressing up like turkeys

Turkey trots are not only a fun and unique Thanksgiving tradition, but many of them also give runners the opportunity to dress up in amusing costumes to celebrate the occasion. 

Runners at the YMCA Turkey Trot in Dallas, Texas, dressed up in droves on Thanksgiving Day in 2011, setting a Guinness World Record for the greatest assembly of people costumed as turkeys. In total, 661 persons showed up in their finest feathered attire. 

14. The turkeys pardoned by the President to live fulfilled life

President George H.W. Bush pardoned the first turkey in 1989 after noticing the 50-pound bird appeared frightened during his official Thanksgiving announcement. 

Since then, every president has continued the tradition. But what happens to the fortunate bird who survives to scream again? The turkeys visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks in 2005 and 2009 to serve as grand marshals in their annual Thanksgiving parades.

15. Only male turkey can gobble

If you thought a turkey went “gobble, gobble” in preschool, you were only half right. Only male turkeys, dubbed gobblers, are capable of making the sound. Female turkeys, on the other hand, cackle. So, if you want to know if a turkey is male or female, just wait till their beaks open.

16. Turkeys are not named after the Turkey country

A bird named the guinea fowl was transported to Europe from its native North Africa during the Ottoman Empire’s reign, and it has a remarkable similarity to the American turkey. Because the birds originated in Turkey, Europeans gave them the names turkey-cock and turkey-hen. 

The term had already stuck when people in the Americas began shipping similar-looking birds back to Europe.

17. Thanksgiving leftovers are preferred by the majority of Americans over the main meal

Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potato leftover sandwich, you are a member of the majority. According to a 2015 Harris Poll, nearly eight out of ten Americans feel that second helpings of stuffing, mashed potatoes, and, of course, pie, beat out the major dinner itself.

18. The Butterball turkey talk line answers almost 1,00,000 calls each season

Many people only roast a large turkey once a year and, understandably, want assistance. For the heroes on the other end of the telephone, no inquiry is too dumb. 

For the lead-up to the big day, the company’s popular cooking crisis management team created a 24-hour text message line or Butterball turkey chat line in 2016. So, if your turkey isn’t turning out the way you want it to or your oven catches fire like Taylor’s firefighter father-in-did law’s one year, look no further.

19. Canada celebrates Thanksgiving but on a different day

Our northern neighbors also celebrate Thanksgiving, but on a different day and for a different reason. 

While the American Thanksgiving honors a feast shared by pilgrims and Native Americans, the Canadian Thanksgiving remembers a feast shared by English explorer Martin Frobisher and his men upon their successful voyage from England to Canadian territory in 1578.

Every year on the second Monday in October, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving.

20. Four places in the country named after the turkey

Thanksgiving devotees can actually relocate to a community named after the holiday’s centerpiece. 

The United States Census Bureau has discovered four more Cranberry towns, for a total of 34 Plymouth towns (get a taste of these cranberry sauce recipes). They must take their Thanksgiving celebrations quite seriously.

21. Americans eat estimated 50 million pumpkin pies each Thanksgiving

Some of us think of pumpkin pie as a vehicle for whipped cream and could do without it. You’re not alone if you’d rather save your pumpkins until Halloween and eat another Thanksgiving dessert. 

According to The American Pie Council, apple pie is preferred by the majority of Americans, with pumpkin pie coming in second.

22. Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for the plumber

Roto-Rooter claims that kitchen drains, garbage disposals, and toilets, require more repair the day after Thanksgiving than any other day, thanks to all that food we eat on Thanksgiving (see these leftover turkey recipes) and houseguests stressing out the plumbing system.

23. On Thanksgiving Day, almost 32 million individuals began their Black Friday shopping.

Despite the fact that many people believe retailers shouldn’t be open on Thanksgiving, the National Retail Federation reports that a significant number of people shop on the holiday. 

However, not everyone goes to the mall before their dinner is finished. With 115 million people, Black Friday continues to pull the largest audience of the whole holiday weekend.

24. Thanksgiving history is not all bright

Take a minute before you dig into your turkey and stuffing to remember that Thanksgiving was not an altogether peaceful occasion. Years of conflict ensued between European settlers and the Wampanoag people when the pilgrims arrived, resulting in the deaths of millions of Native Americans. 

The only reason the pilgrims were able to settle in Plymouth was because the Wampanoag population had been decimated by sickness, having been nearly wiped out by a plague brought by European settlers years previously.

25. How I Met Your Mother’s “Turturkeykey” is real.

In season 6, episode 10 “Blitzgiving,” the 2000s sitcom popularised the phrase “turturkeykey” (among other invented phrases). Ted Mosby convinced us with this novel protein, which entails stuffing a turkey with another bird. Binging with Babish, a YouTube channel, popularised the meal a year ago.

26. Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade is the world’s largest parade

Despite the fact that the initial Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade did not feature any balloons, it is now the world’s largest inflatable parade. The parade celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2001, and featured 30 larger-than-life inflatable characters as part of its characteristic crowd-pleasers.

27. The first Manga character to feature in a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade was Goku

If you channel your inner glutton on Thanksgiving, you’ll eat this delicious bit of information like Goku from Dragon Ball Z. When the beloved gourmet superhero made his debut at the parade, manga fans all across the world were certainly excited.

28. The first Thanksgiving was recorded in a letter

Almost everything we know about the first Thanksgiving comes from a letter penned by Edward Winslow, a colonist.

The letter, written to someone he refers to as a “Loving, and old Friend,” is fairly long, and he only mentions Thanksgiving briefly. Thanksgiving’s true history, it turns out, is rather complex and even unsettling.

29. A town once postponed Thanksgiving because of pumpkin pie

Without a story about pumpkin pie, no Thanksgiving trivia would be complete. The town of Colchester, Connecticut, was so dedicated to the dessert in 1705 that they decided to postpone the festival because bad weather had disrupted their molasses cargo. 

They couldn’t make pumpkin pie without molasses, and Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without it. 

30. The first Thanksgiving menu probably including lobster

If mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce are part of your family’s Thanksgiving ritual, you might be surprised to learn that they weren’t served at the first Thanksgiving.

In truth, potatoes were not yet grown in North America, and cranberry sauce would take another 50 years to develop. What was the first Thanksgiving menu likely to include? Lobster, swan, mussels, venison, and maize porridge are all included foods.

31. Black Friday is a busy day for plumbers

If you’re a Black Friday shopper, you’ll notice that there’s one group of folks you won’t see in the crowds- plumbers. Thanksgiving happens to be the busiest day of the year for plumbers since so many people block their sinks and garbage disposals.

32. Airline tickets get expensive the Sunday after Thanksgiving

A little Thanksgiving trivia knowledge can come in helpful at times. For example, due to strong demand, the Sunday after Thanksgiving is frequently one of the most costly days to fly. You may save a lot of money by booking your tickets home a day sooner or staying a day later.

33. The first turkey trot was held in Buffalo, New York

If getting up early on Thanksgiving morning to run in a Turkey Trot is part of your plans, you’re part of a century-old tradition. 

In 1896, the inaugural Turkey Trot was held in Buffalo, New York. Only six runners turned up to compete! Since then, the race has grown in popularity, with millions of people taking part in Turkey Trots across the country.

34. Use this trick to avoid Thanksgiving traffic

Traffic during the holidays is typically difficult. According to Waze, the easiest way to avoid a traffic jam is to leave on Thanksgiving Day rather than the night before. They also advise against driving between noon and 4 p.m.

35. The Detroit lions play every Thanksgiving

For many families, watching football during the holidays is a holiday tradition. If you’re a Detroit Lions fan, this is especially true. The Lions have played every Thanksgiving since 1934, with the exception of the years when World War II prevented them from doing so.

36. Astronauts in space don’t get the day off

You won’t be able to take time off on Thanksgiving if you’re an astronaut in space. However, NASA makes every effort to make the day memorable. Thanksgiving dinner is served to the astronauts, which includes turkey, candied yams, and mashed potatoes. However, it’s back to work after that.

37. Americans enjoy wine with their Thanksgiving meal

According to an Instacart survey, 75% of Americans aged 21 and up consume wine with their Thanksgiving meal. Red wine, cab, merlot, syrah and different grapes together are popular ones. 

Thanksgiving trivia questions

Want all amazing and engaging Thanksgiving trivia questions to play the game on holiday? Then here you go! This is the list of thanksgiving trivia questions which you can try with your family and friends. 

1. Question: Which one meal was served the first time at the Thanksgiving feast? 

Answer: Duck, turkey, swan and venison

2. Question: Which seafood was served by people at the first Thanksgiving feast?

Answer: Lobster, oysters, fish and possibly eel

3. Question: Who was the first President of Turkey who pardoned turkey? 

Answer: John F. Kennedy

4. Question: Which president has made the pardoning of Turkey an annual event? 

Answer: George H.W. Bush

5. Question: At the Thanksgiving dinner, how many calories are being consumed by every person on an average? 

Answer: 4500

6. Question: How much does the world’s most expensive Thanksgiving dinner cost on a record?

Answer: $150,000 at New York City old homestead steakhouse

7. Question: When was the first game of Thanksgiving football played?

Answer: 1876

8. Question: Who was the very first Thanksgiving national game that has to be played?

Answer: Detroit lions

9. Question: Who was the very first president to receive a ceremonial Thanksgiving turkey?

Answer: Harry S. Truman

10. Question: How many women participated at the very first Thanksgiving celebration?

Answer: Five

11. Question: Which one of the presidents made Thanksgiving a permanent national holiday?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

12. Question: Which president has first ordered the national day of Thanksgiving?

Answer: George Washington

13. Question: Which one of the presidents had refused to celebrate Thanksgiving as a national holiday?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

14. Question: Which presidents have the two Thanksgiving celebrations and holidays twice a year?

Answer: James Madison

15. Question: Which president had officially made Thanksgiving as the fourth day of every November month?

Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

16. Question: Which president had tried to make Thanksgiving the third Thursday of November to help boost the economy for the holiday season?

Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

17. Question: Which president has received a Thanksgiving present in the form of a live raccoon?

Answer: Calvin Coolidge

18. Question: Which native American tribe celebrated the first Thanksgiving function with pilgrims?

Answer: The Wampanoag

19. Question: Which native American friend to the settlers and acted as an interpreter?

Answer: Squanto

20. Question: In which month did the very first Thanksgiving celebration likely take place?

Answer: September

21. Question: How many turkeys are prepared for Thanksgiving in America every single day?

Answer: About 46 million

22. Question: How many Americans as a percentage skip turkey on Thanksgiving?

Answer: About 12%

23. Question: When was the first turkey trot in the Thanksgiving feast?

Answer: 1896

24. Question: Where was the first turkey trot in the Thanksgiving feast?

Answer: Buffalo, New York

25. Question: How many Americans prefer to give Thanksgiving leftovers to Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: About 80%

26. Question: When is Thanksgiving in Canada held every year?

Answer: The second Monday in October

27. Question: Can you tell how many pumpkin pies are consumed at every Thanksgiving feast?

Answer: About 50 million

28. Question: For what trade profession Black Friday is one of the biggest days of the year?

Answer: Plumbers

29. Question: What usually happens at Cole’s Hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts on every Thanksgiving?

Answer: A national day of sorrow for Native Americans who died at the hands of European settlers or as a result of an epidemic

30. Question: Do most Americans eat apple pie or pumpkin pie?

Answer: Apple pie

31. Question: Which turkey actually gobbles the most on Thanksgiving feast?

Answer: Male turkey

32. Question: Sarah Joseph Hale who had campaigned for Thanksgiving to be a national holiday, wrote which famous song?

Answer: Mary had a little lamb

33. Question: When was the green bean casserole included in the Thanksgiving dinners?

Answer: 1955

34. Question: During which revolutionary war battle had the troops gone through a day of Thanksgiving?

Answer: The battle of Saratoga

35. Question: Which city conducted the oldest Thanksgiving parade of the day?

Answer: Philadelphia

36. Question: What 18 minute monologue inspired many rock and classic rock stations at every Thanksgiving?

Answer: Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s restaurant

37. Question: In which year did Adam Sandler release “The Thanksgiving song”?

Answer: 1992

38. Question: In which year did the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade first have balloons?

Answer: 1928

39. Question: On an average basis, how many people did attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade each and every year?

Answer: About 3.5 million

40. Question: How many people usually participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade every year?

Answer: About 8,000

41. Question: Other than Black Friday holiday, what is another holiday of the day after Thanksgiving?

Answer: Native American Heritage Day

42. Question: Which title of the real song is “The New England Boy’s Song About Thanksgiving Day”?

Answer: Over the river and through the woods

43. Question: On the basis of Guinness Book of World records, how much does a heaviest turkey on record weigh?

Answer: 86 pounds

44. Question: How much does an average Thanksgiving turkey weigh?

Answer: About 15 pounds

45. Question: Which state has the record of consuming most of the turkey every Thanksgiving?

Answer: California

46. Question: When did the first canned cranberries come about? 

Answer: 1912

47. Question: Which meat is the most popular alternative to turkey on Thanksgiving day?

Answer: Ham

48. Question: According to stats, which is the most favorite Thanksgiving side dish of Americans?

Answer: Stuffing

Thanksgiving trivia for kids

Kids love to enjoy and celebrate all functions and the same for thanksgiving which includes a lot of thanksgiving activities for kids. Here is the complete funny Thanksgiving quiz for kids. Are you familiar with these easy Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers which are ideal for kids? 

Wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving with this quiz! 

49. Question: In which country do people love to travel the most on Thanksgiving?

Answer: USA

50. Question: Which one festival celebrated in China is almost similar to the festival of Thanksgiving?

Answer: Chung Ch’ui

51. Question: When (month) does Chung ch’ui happen?

Answer: Mid August

52. Question: For how many days people celebrate Chung Ch’ui?

Answer: Three days

53. Question: What is another popular name of Chung Ch’ui Kong people?

Answer: August moon festival

54. Question: Who was the first group to travel from England to Massachusetts on the first Thanksgiving celebration?

Answer: The pilgrims

55. Question: Is it true or false that America has a special stamp for Thanksgiving?

Answer: True

56. Question: Which one festival is similar to Thanksgiving in Ghana?

Answer: Homowa

57. Question: When is Homowa observed in America?

Answer: August and September

58. Question: Which is the most simplest phrase that you often say on Thanksgiving?

Answer: Happy Thanksgiving

59. Question: Which one festival in Rome is similar to Thanksgiving celebration?

Answer: Cerelia

60. Question: What deity is honored during Cerelia?

Answer: Ceres

61. Question: Who is Ceres that usually appears during the Thanksgiving holiday?

Answer: The goddess of harvest

62. Question: When is Cerelia celebrated during Thanksgiving?

Answer: 4 October

63. Question: Is it true or false that there is a town in America named Turkey?

Answer: True, there are many

64. Question: How many towns named as turkey are there in the US?

Answer: Four

65. Question: What do Koreans usually eat during Chuseok?

Answer: Rice cakes

66. Question: When is Chuseok celebrated and in which month?

Answer: Late September

67. Question: Which states have four turkey named towns in the US?

Answer: North Carolina, Arizona, Texas and Louisiana

68. Question: Other than New York and Philadelphia, which two other cities in the US had big Thanksgiving parades?

Answer: Chicago and Detroit

69. Question: What is the day after Thanksgiving which is quite popular among the people?

Answer: Black Friday

70. Question: What usually happens on the Black Friday holiday?

Answer: Shops have large sales

71. Question: What was the first balloon that was flown at Thanksgiving?

Answer: Felix the cat

72. Question: When did Thanksgiving first come into the picture in the city of Japan?

Answer: 23 November

73. Question: When was Thanksgiving officially declared as a national holiday in Japan?

Answer: 1948

74. Question: Whom do Japanese children gift drawings at Thanksgiving?

Answer: Police

75. Question: Which animals were first presented at the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: Camels, bears, elephants and monkeys

76. Question: What is another popular name for Thanksgiving in Germany?

Answer: Erntedankfest

77. Question: Which comic character has made the most appearance at the Thanksgiving parades?

Answer: Snoopy

78. Question: Was the Jingle bells song formerly known as the Thanksgiving song? 

Answer: Yes, it is

79. Question: Who was the first person to create the Thanksgiving parade balloons?

Answer: Tony Sarg

80. Question: What was the profession of Tony Sarg? 

Answer: Illustrator

81. Question: Is it true or false that Tony Sarg was interested in puppetry?

Answer: Yes

82. Question: What is the color of a turkey’s beak?

Answer: Yellow

83. Question: How do you spell the word Thanksgiving?

Answer: T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G

Thanksgiving trivia game

Thanksgiving trivia game is a quiz game in which you have to ask the questions with your family and friends. You will need to make lots of questions and keep printable thanksgiving trivia questions and answers handy as well. 

Therefore, to make this game exciting you should have some set of questions. And here is the desired list of trivia questions to make your game fun. 

84. Question: In 2019, Green Giant set a Guinness World Record for the largest green bean casserole. What was the weight of it?

Answer: 1009 lbs

85. Question: What year was the coldest Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Answer: 2018 

86. Question: Turkeys are monogamous. Is this true or false?

Answer: False, they are polygamous

87. Question: “What if we were grateful for everyone today?” stated who?

Answer: Charlie brown

88. Question: What is another name for cranberries?

Answer: Bounce Berries

89. Question: What sounds do female turkeys produce if only male turkeys gobble?

Answer: Clicking noises

90. Question: Which state has the most sweet potato production?

Answer: North Carolina

91. Question: What was the name of the Mayflower’s line kid who was born at sea?

Answer: Oceanus

92. Question: What color are turkey eggs?

Answer: Tan

93. Question: How many turkeys do Americans eat on Thanksgiving if they eat roughly 22 million turkeys during Christmas?

Answer: 46 million

94. Question: Every Thanksgiving, the Turkey Day Classic is a: How many calories are in an average Thanksgiving meal (excluding dessert and drinks)?

Answer: 3000

95. Question: Which holiday is always observed the day after Thanksgiving?

Answer: Balck Friday

96. Question: Who is the source of this quotation? “What do you do if you are truly grateful? You are the one who shares!”

Answer: W Clement Stone

97. Question: How much did the largest turkey ever raise in weight?

Answer: 86 lbs

98. Question: Farmers used to put booties on their turkeys for a reason. Why?

Answer: To protect their feet when walking to market

99. Question: True or false: turkeys are colorblind.

Answer: False

100. Question: On what day of the week do Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving?

Answer: The 2nd day of October

101. Question: Which well-known Christmas carol was originally intended to be a Thanksgiving carol?

Answer: Jingle bells

102. Question: In England, what is the term for breaking the wishbone?

Answer: Merrythought

103. Question: True or false: Turkey has more protein than beef or fowl.

Answer: True, turkey has higher protein per ounce

104. Question: On Thanksgiving Day, how many NFL football games are played?

Answer: 3

105. Question: How much dark flesh is there in a turkey?

Answer: 30%

106. Question: What is the name of the dangling skin under a turkey’s neck?

Answer: Wattle

107. Question: What is the average number of feathers on a fully grown turkey?

Answer: 3500

108. Question: Domestic or wild turkey, which weighs more?

Answer: Domestic turkey

109. Question: According to an old wives’ tale, pumpkins are cute for what?

Answer: Freckles

110. Question: Which state produces the most number of turkeys?

Answer: North Carolina

111. Question: What is the fastest a turkey can run?

Answer: 25 mph

112. Question: In which country is turkey regarded as a sacrificial bird?

Answer: Mexico

113. Question: The pilgrims celebrated a “Day of Humiliation” in the early 1620s.

Answer: Prayed and fasted

114. Question: Why did parades become so significant to the Thanksgiving holiday in the first place?

Answer: They were a great publicity kick off for the Christmas season

115. Question: What became the top priority during Thanksgiving in 1690?

Answer: Food overtook the religious origins of Thanksgiving

116. Question: What is the significance of Thanksgiving falling on a Thursday every year?

Answer: Pilgrims went to church twice a week. Sundays and mild-prayer on Thursday’s held. They planned to celebrate Thanksgiving on the day of mid-prayer.

117. Question: Which state’s governor refused to issue a Thanksgiving Proclamation because he considered it “a damned Yankee institution anyway”?

Answer: Texas

118. Question: Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday by which US president?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

119. Question: Not everyone on the Mayflower was looking to settle in the New World. What were the other people’s intentions?

Answer: To get furs and lumber to send back to England.

120. Question: The Mayflower was not designed as a ship for passengers to travel on. What was the Mayflower’s original purpose?

Answer: To transport wine as a commercial ship.

Fun thanksgiving trivia

Some surprising facts about this national holiday are waiting for you! Here are fun trivia questions for Thanksgiving to make your holiday and celebration more exciting and fun since Thanksgiving is incomplete without a quiz. 

121. Question: Which president did not agree to celebrate Thanksgiving as a national holiday?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

122. Question: When was the first NFL game played?

Answer: 1920

123. Question: To whom do the children give their drawings in Japan during their labor Thanksgiving?

Answer: The president

124. Question: Which is the only place in Australia that celebrates Thanksgiving?

Answer: Norfolk islands

125. Question: Which culture invented the idea of horn of plenty, cornucopia?

Answer: Greek culture

126. Question: In what decade was the Thanksgiving staple green bean casserole first created?

Answer: The 1950s

127. Question: Which food was ever present at the first Thanksgiving but is seldom eaten at Thanksgiving now?

Answer: Seafood

128. Question: Which meat was first carried to the first Thanksgiving by the native Americans?

Answer: Deer

129. Question: Which part of the turkey is known as wattle?

Answer: The bot of red flesh right under the beak

130. Question: For how many days the first Thanksgiving feast was celebrated?

Answer: Three days

131. Question: What is a baby turkey called among people?

Answer: A poult

132. Question: Nowadays, people celebrate Thanksgiving as the fourth Thursday of November? What is the reason behind it?

Answer: Because these days were set by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1939 and approved by Congress in 1941. 

133. Question: The pilgrims came to the New work for skiing religion freedom and what they were known as?

Answer: The Puritans because they wanted to purify the teachings and sermons of church in England

134. Question: Which is the best place to put the meat thermometer in the turkey?

Answer: The thigh

135. Question: Which utensils were not used by the pilgrims to eat Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: Fork

136. Question: What is the meaning of snood?

Answer: The loose skin under the neck of male turkey

137. Question: Which southern state was the first to adopt a Thanksgiving day in 1855?

Answer: Virginia

138. Question: How many turkeys are eaten each year on Thanksgiving day in the United States?

Answer: 280 million

139. Question: Which Indian tribe has taught the pilgrims to cultivate the land and invited them to Thanksgiving meal?

Answer: Wampanoag

140. Question: Which meal is never served as a pilgrims Thanksgiving meal?

Answer: Cranberry, corn and mashed potatoes

141. Question: Thanksgiving is also celebrated in Canada. On the second Monday in October, they have a holiday. Is it true or false? 

Answer: It’s true

142. Question: The Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621 at Plymouth. Is it true or false? 

Answer: Thanksgiving feasts were a part of early religion in England before the pilgrims ever came to the New World. 

143. Question: All turkeys have the ability to fly. Is it true or false? 

Answer: Wild turkeys can fly but the domestically grown turkeys can’t because they are top heavy.

144. Question: Only three days were “celebrated” by the Pilgrims: the Sabbath, fast days, and days of thanksgiving. Is it true or false? 

Answer: It’s true

145. Question: Macy’s was the first department store to organize a Thanksgiving parade. Is it true or false? 

Answer: It was Gimbels

146. Question: During the winter of 1621, more than half of the inhabitants in the Plymouth colony died. Is it true or false? 

Answer: It’s true

147. Question: Every year, the President of the United States pardons a turkey, who lives out its days on a historic farm. Is it true or false? 

Answer: It’s true

148. Question: To determine whether cranberries are sweet enough to harvest, they are tasted. Is it true or false? 

Answer: Cranberries are bounced to see if they are ripe.They should bounce to a height of around 4 inches.

149. Question: Turkeys have the ability to see behind them. Is it true or false? 

Answer: Yes, they can see 270 degrees

150. Question: As a Thanksgiving gift, President Calvin Coolidge received a live raccoon. Is it true or false? 

Answer: It’s true

151. Question: The Pilgrims were the only Native American tribe to participate in the inaugural Thanksgiving celebration. Is it true or false? 

Answer: The pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving with Wampanoag tribe

152. Question: During Thanksgiving, roughly 46 million turkeys are consumed in the United States. Is it true or false? 

Answer: It’s true

153. Question: Trot was the first turkey, born in 1880. Is it true or false? 

Answer: False, first truly was trot in 1896

154. Question: Trot was the first turkey in Buffalo, New York. Is it true or false? 

Answer: It’s true

155. Question: Around 80% of Americans would rather eat Thanksgiving leftovers than the actual meal. Is it true or false? 

Answer: It’s true

156. Question: Thanksgiving is observed in Canada on the third Tuesday of October. Is it true or false? 

Answer: Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October

157. Question: The song ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ was written by Sarah Josepha Hale, a proponent for establishing Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Is it true or false? 

Answer: It’s true

158. Question: The oldest Thanksgiving Parade is held in Detroit. Is it true or false? 

Answer: Philadelphia has the longest Thanksgiving parade.

159. Question: A typical turkey weighs around 30 pounds. Is it true or false? 

Answer: The average weight of a single turkey is 15 pounds

160. Question: On Thanksgiving, ham is the most popular alternative to turkey. Is it true or false? 

Answer: It’s true

161. Question: Rather than the typical balloons, the first Macy’s Thanksgiving parade featured animals from the Central Park Zoo. Is it true or false? 

Answer: It’s true

162. Question: Thanksgiving began as a day to express gratitude for the war’s end. Is it true or false? 

Answer: Thanksgiving began as a day of celebration of the harvest from the preceding year.

163. Question: Jenny refers to a male turkey. Is it true or false? 

Answer: No, Jenny is a female turkey.

Thanksgiving food trivia

Shall we now deep dive in some Thanksgiving food trivia? Do you think you have complete knowledge about Thanksgiving dinner? Then, test your knowledge skills with these Thanksgiving trivia questions including turkey trivia. 

Challenge yourself for some funny Thanksgiving trivia in this turkey trivia quiz!

164. Question: What is the most important aspect of a Thanksgiving meal?

Answer: Turkey 

165. Question: On the first Thanksgiving, how many deer did the Wampanoag Indians bring for dinner?

Answer: Five deer

166. Question: What was the duration of the first Thanksgiving feast?

Answer: Three days

167. Question: What was the attendance at the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: Around 50 pilgrims and 90 Wampanoags

168. Question: What does a Thanksgiving meal entail?

Answer: Turkey, potatoes, cranberry, beans and much more

169. Question: Is this true or false? The first Thanksgiving dinner was held outside.

Answer: True

170. Question: Is the Thanksgiving feast served with female or male turkeys?

Answer: Both

171. Question: What is the name of the female turkey?

Answer: Hens

172. Question: What is the name of the male turkey?

Answer: Toms

173. Question: What causes male turkeys to gobble?

Answer: To attract female turkey

174. Question: What do you call the feathers on a male turkey’s breast?

Answer: Tassel or beard

175. Question: What is the purpose of a turkey’s feathers?

Answer: For adornments and steadying arrows

176. Question: Which of the original Thanksgiving foods is now rarely consumed over the holiday?

Answer: Seafood

177. Question: Is there a difference in weight between a domestic and a wild turkey?

Answer: Yes, almost double

178. Question: What is the other name for Thanksgiving?

Answer: Turkey day

179. Question: In the United States, which state has the most turkeys?

Answer: Minnesota

180. Question: Why is Thanksgiving day also known as Turkey day?

Answer: Turkey is a traditional Thanksgiving dish

181. Question: Is this true or false? On the first Thanksgiving, turkey was served.

Answer: False

182. Question: How do we refer to young turkeys?

Answer: Poults

183. Question: What sport makes use of the term “turkey”?

Answer: Bowling

184. Question: Is this true or false? Cranberries are tasted to test if they are ready to be harvested.

Answer: False

185. Question: How can you know when cranberries are ready to be picked?

Answer: Yes see if they bounce

186. Question: Adult turkeys have how many feathers?

Answer: 3500

187. Question: How do we refer to a flock of turkeys?

Answer: Rafter or flock

188. Question: What is the name of the company that sells pre-basted turkeys?

Answer: Butterball

189. Question: How many questions can Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line answer?

Answer: 100,000+

190. Question: Is it true that eating turkey makes you sleepy?

Answer: Indirectly

191. Question: In 1705, what caused Colchester, Connecticut to postpone their Thanksgiving?

Answer: Lack of pumpkin pies

192. Question: What percentage of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

Answer: 88%

193. Question: What does the President pardon on Thanksgiving?

Answer: A turkey

194. Question: Which North American berries are native to the continent?

Answer: Cranberries

195. Question: At Thanksgiving, how many turkeys do Americans eat?

Answer: 46,000,000

196. Question: Did the first Thanksgiving guests use forks?

Answer: No

197. Question: What causes drowsiness during a Thanksgiving meal?

Answer: The high calorie feast

198. Question: What do you name the saggy skin on the necks of male turkeys?

Answer: Snood

199. Question: What types of turkeys have the ability to fly?

Answer: Wild

200. Question: On Thanksgiving, what meat do some households consume instead of turkey?

Answer: Ham

201. Question: Who do we refer to as gobblers?

Answer: Male turkeys

202. Question: Is this true or false? Turkeys have more protein than beef, right?

Answer: True

203. Question: Is this true or false? Turkeys are named after the country in which they are found.

Answer: False

204. Question: Is this true or false? Traditional Thanksgiving foods are disliked by the majority of Americans?

Answer: True

205. Question: Because of food shortages, Truman discouraged people from eating meat in which year?

Answer: 1947

206. Question: Who came up with the concept of frozen turkeys in the first place?

Answer: Gerry Thomas

207. Question: What type of meat is in high demand on Thanksgiving?

Answer: Turducken

208. Question: What is a turducken, exactly?

Answer: Turkey, duck, and chicken are combined in it

209. Question: What do Americans adore even more than the main course?

Answer: Thanksgiving leftovers 

Thanksgiving day trivia

If you want to make the celebration day and dinner table gathering fun and entertaining then here are some questions for Thanksgiving trivia day to make your game fun and engaging. 

210. Question: Who was it who declared Thanksgiving to be a national holiday?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

211. Question: Thanksgiving was proclaimed a national holiday in what year?

Answer: 1863

212. Question: What is the largest Thanksgiving Day parade in the world?

Answer: Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade

213. Question: When did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade not take place?

Answer: 1942, 1943 and 1944

214. Question: Is there any religious meaning to Thanksgiving Day?

Answer: Yes

215. Question: When was the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Answer: 1924

216. Question: During a Thanksgiving parade, what happens?

Answer: Parades, floating balloon and music performances

217. Question: Who was in charge of the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: William Bradford

218. Question: ‘William Bradford: The First Thanksgiving,’ what is it?

Answer: The first Thanksgiving is shown in an animated film.

219. Question: When did Bradford’s Thanksgiving special air for the first time?

Answer: 1997

220. Question: When did the first Thanksgiving take place?

Answer: 1621

221. Question: Thanksgiving effectively replaced which other national holiday?

Answer: Evacuation day

222. Question: Which Thanksgiving parade is the oldest?

Answer: Gimbels parade

223. Question: What is the current name of the Gimbels Parade?

Answer: 6ABC Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving parade

224. Question: When was the last time Evacuation Day was observed?

Answer: 25 November

225. Question: What is the location of the 6ABC Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Parade?

Answer: Philadelphia

226. Question: On Thanksgiving, which countries have national holidays?

Answer: US, Grenade, Saint Lucia and Liberia

227. Question: What was the origin of the Macy’s Parade?

Answer: A Christmas parade

228. Question: When was the first Thanksgiving parade broadcast on television?

Answer: 1946

229. Question: Where was the first time this Thanksgiving procession aired?

Answer: New York

230. Question: When was the first Thanksgiving parade broadcast nationally?

Answer: 1947

231. Question: Which platform did the Thanksgiving parade first air on in the United States?

Answer: NBC

232. Question: What happens when the Thanksgiving parades are over?

Answer: Santa Claus Appears

233. Question: Which is the oldest large Thanksgiving balloon?

Answer: Felix the cat

234. Question: In which year did a Thanksgiving service for American servicemen take place at Westminster Abbey in London?

Answer: 1942

235. Question: On Thanksgiving Day, what sport is traditionally played?

Answer: Football

236. Question: What other sport is played around Thanksgiving besides football?

Answer: Basketball

Thanksgiving games for adults trivia

Do you love to enjoy thanksgiving jokes and games? Then, here are the best questions and answers to try to make your gathering with family and friends enjoyable. 

237. Question: Which character from ‘Friends’ despises Thanksgiving?

Answer: Chandler

238. Question: What did the Pilgrims learn from the Wampanoag?

Answer: Land cultivation

239. Question: Who was the first to write about Thanksgiving?

Answer: Edward Winslow

240. Question: In Puerto Rico, when is Thanksgiving celebrated?

Answer: The last Thursday in November

241. Question: What was the origin of the Turkey Trot?

Answer: Ballroom dance

242. Question: Why do Japanese youngsters give police pictures at Thanksgiving?

Answer: To honor them

243. Question: When is Liberia’s Thanksgiving holiday?

Answer: The first Thursday in November

244. Question: Thanksgiving is observed on which Australian island?

Answer: Norfolk island

245. Question: When does Thanksgiving fall in Canada?

Answer: The second Monday in October

246. Question: Instead of eating Thanksgiving dinner, what animal did Calvin Coolidge keep as a pet?

Answer: Raccoon

247. Question: How long did it take the Pilgrims to cross the Atlantic?

Answer: 66

248. Question: What is the average weight of a turkey?

Answer: Fifteen pounds

249. Question: What is the heaviest turkey ever recorded?

Answer: 86 pounds

250. Question: True or false? The purpose of Black Friday was to discourage people from shopping.

Answer: It’s true

Movie Thanksgiving trivia questions

Are you a movie person? Let’s accept– we all are. We all love to answer and know about movies and celebrities. Therefore, in the Thanksgiving trivia quiz you can try some movie trivia questions to make the game fun and entertaining. 

251. Question: What year did ‘Hannah And Her Sisters’ come out?

Answer: 1986

252. Question: In which 2013 film does Reggie the Turkey appear?

Answer: Free Birds

253. Question: Was ‘Free Birds’ a three-dimensional film?

Answer: Yes, it is correct.

254. Question: In which film do Todd and Terry appear?

Answer: Blood Rage

255. Question: Were Todd and Terry identical twins?

Answer: Yes, it is correct.

History Thanksgiving trivia questions

Thanksgiving holds a huge history! It’s really fun to know about the history of Thanksgiving through these questions. 

Here are some Thanksgiving quiz questions related to its history. You should go through these Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers to broaden your knowledge about the day.  

256. Question: During the first Thanksgiving, who led the Wampanoags?

Answer: Massasoit

257. Question: In 2020, what was the name of the turkey who was pardoned?

Answer: Corn

258. Question: Who gave the permission for turkey pardoning?

Answer: George Hw Bush

259. Question: When did Bush approve the practice of pardoning turkeys?

Answer: 1989

260. Question: How long have the Wampanoags lived in Massachusetts?

Answer: 12,000

261. Question: On Thanksgiving Day, which teams competed in the first football game?

Answer: Princeton and Yale

262. Question: Who was it that persuaded Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a national holiday?

Answer: Sarah Joseph Hale

263. Question: What is the name of the woman who is known as the “Mother of Thanksgiving”?

Answer: Sarah Joseph Hale

264. Question: Who could argue with making this a yearly holiday?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

November trivia thanksgiving 

Read these Thanksgiving day trivia questions and answers based on November. In order to find out fun facts such as Thanksgiving was not celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the past and much more. 

You will get to know about some historical facts as well. Get ready for some November facts and trivia. 

265. Question: In the year 2020, when was Thanksgiving celebrated?

Answer: 26 November

266. Question: In 2021, when is Thanksgiving?

Answer: 25 November

267. Question: Who came up with the idea of having Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November?

Answer: Franklin D Roosevelt 

268. Question: Before Roosevelt, when was this national holiday observed?

Answer: The last Thursday of November

269. Question: Who made the decision to celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

270. Question: When did Abraham Lincoln announce that Thanksgiving would be held on the fourth Thursday in November?

Answer: 1863

271. Question: When did Franklin D. Roosevelt decide that Thanksgiving will be held on November 4th?

Answer: 1939

272. Question: When was the first Thursday in November when Thanksgiving was observed?

Answer: 1865

273. Question: Who came up with the idea of having Thanksgiving on the first Thursday of November?

Answer: Andrew Johnson

274. Question: When was Thanksgiving observed on the third Thursday in November?

Answer: 1869

275. Question: Who decided to celebrate Thanksgiving on the third Thursday of November?

Answer: Ulysses S. Grant 

276. Question: How many days were set aside as national holidays for Thanksgiving in the past?

Answer: In August and November, one each.

277. Question: Who decided that Thanksgiving would be split into two days?

Answer: Lincoln

Best thanksgiving trivia questions

If you want the best Thanksgiving trivia questions then here is the entire list of excellent questions and answers to make your quiz game unique and exciting for everyone present there. 

278. Question: What inspired the Pilgrims to come to America?

Answer: Religious freedom

279. Question: What is the name of the well-known rock on which the pilgrims first set foot?

Answer: Plymouth Rock

280. Question: As a superstitious good luck custom, what part of the turkey is saved and snapped?

Answer: Wishbone

281. Question: On the second Monday of October, what other country celebrates its own version of Thanksgiving, known as L’action De Graces?

Answer: Canada

282. Question: Which country eats the most turkey per capita each year?

Answer: Israel

283. Question: In the United States, which state produces the most potatoes?

Answer: Idaho

284. Question: In Turkey, what amino acids can be found?

Answer: Tryptophan

285. Question: What are the most Thanksgiving-related Injuries?

Answer: Mishandling of knife

286. Question: Who would have thought that Thanksgiving was “The Most Ridiculous Idea I’ve Ever Heard?”

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

287. Question: Who was it that campaigned for Thanksgiving to be declared a national holiday for years?

Answer: Sath Joseph Hale

288. Question: What was the name of the pilgrims’ ship when they set sail?

Answer: 1956

289. Question: Which city hosted the first Thanksgiving celebration?

Answer: Plymouth, Massachusetts

290. Question: What did the pilgrims’ original name mean?

Answer: Puritans

291. Answer: Question: Which of the following sauces is a traditional Thanksgiving sauce?

Answer: Cranberry sauce

292. Question: How long does makahiki last, the world’s oldest harvest festival?

Answer: 4 months

293. Question: How many calories does the average person consume throughout their Thanksgiving meal?

Answer: 3000 calories

294. Question: What Was The Wampanoag Chief’s Name?

Answer: Massasoit

295. Question: What protein source do scholars believe was used at the first Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: Fish

296. Question: Which state produces the greatest amount of cranberries?

Answer: Wisconsin

297. Question: A store-bought turkey’s internal organs are usually found in a little bag within the bird. What is the name of the organs as a group?

Answer: Giblets

298. Question: What is the name of a turkey that is under sixteen weeks of age?

Answer: Fryer

299. Question: What is the name of the dance form devoted to turkey?

Answer: Turkey trot

300. Question: What is the name of turkey’s flesh-like appendage that hangs from its neck?

Answer: Wattle

301. Question: How much does the heaviest turkey on record weigh, according to The Guinness Book Of Records?

Answer: 86 pounds

302. Question: In the United States, when is Thanksgiving held?

Answer: November

303. Question: What is the name of the turkey chicks?

Answer: Poults of turkeylings

304. Question: How long do Korean Thanksgiving festivals last?

Answer: 3 days

305. Question: Which Founding Father wished for the turkey to be the national bird of the United States?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin

306. Question: After walking on the moon, who were the two astronauts that ate turkey?

Answer: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

307. Question: In 1970, what holiday did some Native Americans start celebrating instead of Thanksgiving?

Answer: Day of mourning

308. Question: What critically acclaimed ’80s film is said to have an unused scene with friends preparing Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: The Big chill

309. Question: In 1929, the first female balloon took to the air, and it wasn’t seen again until the 1980s. In 1982, who was flown?

Answer: Olive oil

310. Question: From 1989 to 2004, where were the pardoned turkeys sent?

Answer: Frying Pan Farm Park

311. Question: Which president gave the country a series of eight Thanksgiving Day messages?

Answer: Ronald Reagan

312. Question: This brand first introduced a stuffing to use with turkey in 1982.

Answer: Stove top

313. Question: What is the name of the Thanksgiving folk song In America?

Answer: We gather together

314. Question: What’s the name of Darrell Scott’s Thanksgiving tune?

Answer: The day before Thanksgiving

315. Question: As an instrumental tribute to all turkeys, which is the most popular American fiddle and dance tune?

Answer: Turkey in the straw

316. Question: Which holiday are roasted turkeys most associated within Europe?

Answer: Roasted turkey is traditional at European Christmas dinners

317. Question: Which food is not a diet of the wolf turkey’s diet?

Answer: Seeds and insects and sometimes frog and small lizards

318. Question: How many eggs do a turkey hen typically lay at once?

Answer: 15 eggs

319. Question: What percentage of cooked turkey uses typically dark meat?

Answer: 70%

320. Question: Which month is the national turkey lovers month? 

Answer: Third Sunday in June

Family thanksgiving trivia 

Enjoying Thanksgiving day can be more fun by playing trivia quizzes. Here are some of the questions that you can add to your list while playing with your family and relatives.

321. Question: What president signed an executive order declaring Thanksgiving Day to be a federal holiday on the fourth Thursday of November? 

Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

322. Question: Which of the two NFL clubs plays a Thanksgiving game every year? 

Answer: Lions and Cowboys

323. Question: A Charlie Brown cartoon What does Charlie Brown try and fail to do on Thanksgiving Day? 

Answer: Kick the ball

324. Question: What did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade substitute real animals within 1928? 

Answer: Balloons

325. Question: Which Hunger Games sequel is the all-time highest-grossing Thanksgiving weekend film? 

Answer: Fire catching

326. Question: What dish has an oyster tradition that dates all the way back to the British? 

Answer: Stuffing

327. Question: On September 6, 1620, what ship set sail from Plymouth, England, with 102 passengers on board? 

Answer: “The Mayflower”

328. Question: In a fun two-person Thanksgiving ritual competition, what part of the turkey, known as the furcula, is used? 

Answer: Wishbone

329. Question: What movie starring Steve Martin and John Candy is set during the Thanksgiving holiday? 

Answer: Airplanes, Trains, and Cars

330. Question: What South American country shares Thanksgiving with the United States? 

Answer: Brazil

331. Question: Over 1000 times a year, the fire department is called because individuals are cooking turkeys in what manner? 

Answer: Frying in oil

332. Question: During his time on Saturday Night Live, who sang a Thanksgiving song? 

Answer: Adam Sandler

333. Question: What president was the first to issue a proclamation commemorating the inaugural “Day of Public Thanksgiving?” 

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

334. Question: Choose one of the four US states with a city named Turkey. 

Answer: Texas, Louisiana, and North Carolina

335. Question: What North Carolina-based corporation sells the most turkeys in the United States? 

Answer: Butterball

336. Question: What is the oldest Thanksgiving Day parade in the United States? 

Answer: Philadelphia

337. Question: What Arlo Guthrie song is 18 minutes long and concerns an incident that occurs on Thanksgiving? Do male or female turkeys gobble? 

Answer: Alice’s Restaurant

338. Question: In the 1800s, what retail word was used to characterize stock market crashes? 

Answer: Friday the 13th

339. Question: Which traditional Thanksgiving side dish is the state of North Carolina’s official vegetable? 

Answer: French fries

340. Question: The herb sage is most typically used in which traditional Thanksgiving side dish? 

Answer: Stuffing

341. Question: What meat is the most popular Thanksgiving Day substitute for turkey? 

Answer: Ham

342. Question: What was the duration of the first Thanksgiving celebration? 

Answer: Three days

343. Question: Choose one of the two Ivy-league football teams that competed in the inaugural Thanksgiving game. 

Answer: Yale University and Princeton University

344. Question: What announcer began bestowing the “turkey leg award” on the MVP of the NFL game he would be broadcasting? 

Answer: John Madden

345. Question: Where in the Bible does it say to “sing unto the Lord with Thanksgiving”? 

Answer: Psalms

346. Question: By Thanksgiving weekend, most resorts that cater to this sport will be open. 

Answer: Resorts for skiing

347. Question: In a Friends Thanksgiving episode, what recipe does Rachel mistakenly combine with an English trifle? 

Answer: Shepherd’s pie is a type of pie made by shepherds.

348. Question: Which balloon has made the most appearances in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade? 

Answer: Snoopy

349. Question: What popular Christmas song, originally named “One Horse Open Sleigh,” was written with Thanksgiving in mind? 

Answer: Jingle Bells

350. Question: Which Native American was first honored at the Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: Squanto 

Multiple choice thanksgiving trivia

Along with direct questions, it’s quite fun to ask multiple choice questions to let the participants guess about the answer. It would be easier if you add MCQs as well. Here are the relevant questions which you can try.

351. Question: How long should you defrost a wrapped turkey in the refrigerator for 4 pounds of bird, according to the Butterball corporation?

  • One hour per 4 lbs
  • 8 hours led4 lbs
  • One day per 4 lbs
  • 4 hours per 4 lbs

352. Question: The Corn Goddess in Greek mythology is:

  • Demeter
  • Cornucopia
  • Ceres
  • Grainophilia

353. Question: The inaugural Thanksgiving parade was held by the following department store:

  • Macy’s
  • Gimbel’s
  • Montgomery Wards
  • JCPenney’s

354. Question: Butterball recommends letting the turkey rest for 15 minutes after it has been cooked. 

  • To not burn the tongue while eating
  • It’s easier to carve
  • To let the aroma go through the house
  • To let cool the stuffing before you take it out

356. Question: Thanks to this woman, who was the editor of a women’s magazine called “The Godey’s Lady’s Book,” Thanksgiving became a national holiday:

  • Sarah Hale
  • Sarah Parker
  • Sarah Joseph

357. Question: Which president was the first to declare Thanksgiving a formal national holiday, to be observed on November 4th?

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Thomas Jefferson

358. Question: What month is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada?

  • November 
  • October
  • September 
  • May

359. Question: What does the term “Cornucopia” imply?

  • Tall corn
  • Greek god of corn
  • Horn of plenty

360. Question: What did the pilgrims’ original name mean?

  • Puritans
  • Partisans
  • Settlers
  • Journeymen

361. Question: When should you use aluminium foil to wrap the breast and top of the drumsticks, according to Butterball?

  • When you first put it to cook
  • When it’s half way done
  • When it’s ⅔ cooked
  • After 15 minutes

362. Question: The name turkey is claimed to be derived from the Hebrew word “Tukki,” which means: 

  • Big bird
  • Wild bird
  • Turk’s bird
  • Pheasant bird

363. Question: What is the name of the book written by Governor William Bradford about the pilgrims’ sufferings?

  • A pilgrim’s progress
  • Of plymouth rock
  • Of plimoth plantation

364. Question: Every year on December 11th, the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts, celebrates this:

  • Miles Standish Birthday
  • Forefather day
  • William Bradford death
  • Priscilla Alden’s Birthday

365. Question: What was the first year of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade?

  • 1864
  • 1894
  • 1904
  • 1924

366. Question: The optimum place to put the meat thermometer in the turkey, according to Butterball, is:

  • Breast
  • Thigh
  • Top of the leg

367. Question: Why is the male turkey often referred to as “Tom Turkey?” 

  • It’s politically correct
  • After Thomas Jefferson
  • Indian could reach them
  • From 18th century

368. Question: How many pilgrim women survived to celebrate the first Thanksgiving in 1621 is unknown.

  • 5
  • 15
  • 25

369. Question: How long is it thought the first Thanksgiving, in 1621, lasted?

  • 1
  • 3
  • 7

370. Question: Thanksgiving is said to have been the origin of what follows table ritual by the 19th century?

  • Having kiddies table 
  • Having tablecloths
  • Having indian corn

371. Question: What did Dale Gasteier build on June 20, 1998, in Bellevue, Ohio, to celebrate the American Thanksgiving holiday?

  • Turkey
  • Free standing star
  • Indian figure

372. Question: To ensure that cranberries aren’t overripe, they must bounce at least how many inches high before being harvested and sold?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

373. Question: The busiest day of the year for travel is:

  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Day after Christmas
  • Day after New Year
  • Day after labor day

374. Question: In the 1927 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which balloon was the first:

  • Mickey mouse
  • Felix the cat
  • Betty boop
  • Superman

375. Question: How many pilgrims were aboard the Mayflower? 

  • 92
  • 102
  • 122

376. Question: Which is the longest balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

  • Spiderman
  • Superman
  • Wonder woman
  • Barney the dinosaur

377. Question: What was the duration of the journey from England to the New World?

  • 66 days
  • 106 days
  • 146 days

378. Question: How many of the original 102 pilgrims survived to take part in the first Thanksgiving feast?

  • 101
  • 50
  • 10

379. Question: The Mayflower was not designed as a ship for passengers to travel on. What was the Mayflower’s original purpose?

  • To get furs and lumber
  • To do scientific explosion
  • To get away from parents

380. Question: Today, Plymouth Rock is the size of: 

  • Car engine
  • Size of nose
  • Size of regular mailbox

381. Question: Which of the following was acknowledged as proper table etiquette at the first Thanksgiving:

  • To Eat with hands
  • To spit on floor
  • To throw boned
  • All of these

True or false thanksgiving trivia

Asking true and false are some of the great ways to enhance the enjoyment and make the game more fun. Here are a few questions to add up in the list. 

382. Question: Thanksgiving is a holiday that is only observed in the United States.

Answer: False

383. Question: There were no kids at the first Thanksgiving.

Answer: False

384. Question: The first Thanksgiving was a harvest festival and wasn’t actually called Thanksgiving, it was called harvest home.

Answer: True

385. Question: At the first Thanksgiving, pilgrims and Indians sat together on stools and tree stumps at a makeshift table.

Answer: True

386. Question: The pilgrims invited 90 Indians to their feast.

Answer: False

387. Question: At first Thanksgiving Indians and pilgrims ate eels.

Answer: True

388. Question: They ate pumpkin pie for dessert. 

Answer: False

389. Question: Pumpkins were plentiful in Plymouth.

Answer: True

390. Question: There was no cranberry sauce at the first Thanksgiving.

Answer: True

391. Question: Pilgrims wore all black.

Answer: False

Random thanksgiving trivia

Some people are quite aware of the simple and random questions, therefore, you should also ask some common and random questions. In this matter, here is the list of questions to try. 

392. Question: What was the name of the Mayflower’s captain?

Answer: Christopher Jones

393. Question: On the first Thanksgiving, how many Pilgrims were there?

Answer: 50

394. Question: On the first Thanksgiving, how many Wampanoag were there?

Answer: 90

395. Question: After ten years since the first Thanksgiving, what cutlery item was invented?

Answer: Forks

396. Question: The first Thanksgiving dinner had turkey. Is the statement correct or incorrect?

Answer: False

397. Question: What was the name of the publication where Sarah Hales published Thanksgiving letters and editorials?

Answer: The Godey’s Lady’s book

398. Question: What happens at the end of America’s Thanksgiving Parade?

Answer: Arrival of Santa

399. Question: How many days does the Korean Thanksgiving festival last?

Answer: Three

400. Question: Where do the children in Japan offer their drawings on Thanksgiving?

Answer: Police stations

401. Question: When did the people of Puerto Rico have their Thanksgiving Day celebrations?

Answer: Last Thursday of November

 402. Question: Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States. What does that mean for Canadians?

Answer: Statutory holiday

403. Question: Is Thanksgiving a Jewish holiday?

Answer: Yes

404. Question: After Thanksgiving comes Halloween. False or true. 

Answer: False

405. Question: Which parade was inspired by America’s Thanksgiving Parade?

Answer: Eaton’s Santa Claus Parade

406. Question: On the Mayflower, how many Pilgrims were there?

Answer: 102

407. Question: When do the inhabitants of Norfolk Island have their Thanksgiving celebrations?

Answer: Last Wednesday of November

408. Question: When the Pilgrims arrived in America, where did they land?

Answer: Cape cod

409. Question: Which president of the United States declined to make Thanksgiving a national holiday?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

410. Question: What was the name of the ship that the Pilgrims boarded?

Answer: The mayflower

411. Question: Is Thanksgiving a national holiday in England?

Answer: No

412. Question: What did the Macy’s first Thanksgiving parade include instead of balloons?

Answer: Animals from central park zoo

413. Question: Where did the first Thanksgiving take place?

Answer: Plymouth

Easy thanksgiving questions

Easy questions can be for fun if the participants are aware of the basic knowledge of Thanksgiving. Here is the complete list of questions to go ahead with.

414. Question: Turkey derives its name from a Hebrew word. Let it be known.

Answer: Tukki

415. Question: Thanksgiving was observed on which year’s third Thursday in November?

Answer: 1939

416. Question: Which president made the decision to move Thanksgiving to the third Thursday in November?

Answer: Franklin Roosevelt

417. Question: The turkey that is the main meal at most Thanksgiving feasts in the United States was once in the danger of death.

Answer: Turkey

418. Question: When did the date change back to the fourth Thursday?

Answer: 1942

419. Question: Who is the author of the book Plymouth Plantation?

Answer: Governor William Bradford

420. Question: How many pumpkin pies are consumed on Thanksgiving, according to a worldwide survey?

Answer: 50 million

421. Question: Which Virginia colony was founded by Captain John Smith?

Answer: Jamestown

422. Question: Which day is the busiest for plumbers throughout the year?

Answer: Black Friday

423. Question: Which state was the first to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday?

Answer: New York

424. Question: What is the name of the food that was served at the first Thanksgiving but is no longer served?

Answer: Seafood

425. Question: How many feathers does a turkey have when it is fully grown?

Answer: 3500

426. Question: In which year did Virginia become the first state to adopt Thanksgiving?

Answer: 1855

427. Question: Native Americans domesticated Turkey three thousand years ago for what purpose?

Answer: Feathers

428. Question: What is the name of the firm that invented green bean casserole?

Answer: Dorcas reilley

429. Question: “The Courtship of Miles Standish” was written by who?

Answer: Henry Longfellow

430. Question: At the first Thanksgiving meal, mashed potatoes were served. Is that correct or incorrect?

Answer: False

431. Question: What is the traditional Thanksgiving dessert in Canada?

Answer: Pumpkin pie

432. Question: Who made the barrels for the beer the pilgrims carried on their journey?

Answer: Hong Alden

433. Question: How many towns in the United States are named after the national bird?

Answer: 3

434. Question: When did the formalities of Turkey’s pardon begin?

Answer: 1989

435. Question: What is the name of the red wobbling portion on Turkey’s beak?

Answer: Snood

436. Question: Where should the meat thermometer be placed in Turkey?

Answer: Thigh

437. Question: What kind of meat did the first Thanksgiving guests bring?

Answer: Deer

438. Question: Baby turkeys, according to popular opinion, are unattractive. Is that correct or incorrect?

Answer: False

Silly thanksgiving trivia

Want to bring some craziness on Thanksgiving? Then, here is a list of silly questions to make your day memorable. 

439. Question: Which American state has the townships Upper Turkey foot and Lower Turkey foot?

Answer: Pennsylvania

440. Question: Which game is as significant to Americans as the Thanksgiving meal?

Answer: Football

441. Question: When does Plymouth have its annual Forefathers Day celebration?

Answer: 11 December

442. Question: What is the duration of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Answer: 2.5 miles

443. Question: In which year did the Continental Congress declare Thanksgiving to be a national holiday in the United States?

Answer: 1777

444. Question: During which conflict did the first Plymouth Rock break?

Answer: Revolutionary war

445. Question: After which year did Thanksgiving become a national holiday in all American territories and states?

Answer: 1850

446. Question: What was the first commercially available TV dinner?

Answer: Turkey dinner

447. Question: On November 23rd, what does Japan celebrate?

Answer: Labor Thanksgiving

448. Question: Who hosted the Thanksgiving feast at Palo Duro Canyon in 1541?

Answer: Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

449. Question: What is it that the day before Thanksgiving is known for?

Answer: Highest bar sales

450. Question: What is the name of the woman who is referred to as the “Mother of Thanksgiving”?

Answer: Sarah Hales

451. Question: How many Kansas townships are named after Turkey?

Answer: Three

452. Question: The Germans celebrate the Harvest Thanksgiving Festival in which month?

Answer: Early October

453. Question: What is the Korean version of the Thanksgiving holiday?

Answer: Chuseok

454. Question: On Thanksgiving Day, what part of the turkey is used in the good luck ritual?

Answer: Wishbone

455. Question: Which year is commonly cited as the first Canadian Thanksgiving?

Answer: 1578

456. Question: At the very least, how many women attended the first Thanksgiving celebration?

Answer: Approx 5

457. Question: As Turkeys, Americans consume the weight of nearly which country’s population?

Answer: Liberia

458. Question: What was Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade’s original name?

Answer: Macy’s Christmas parade

459. Question: What is the name of the oldest Thanksgiving parade nowadays?

Answer: 6abc Dunkin donuts Thanksgiving day parade

460. Question: Except for WWII, which NFL team has always played on Thanksgiving?

Answer: Detroit lions

461. Question: Turkey’s chicks are known as?

Answer: Poults

462. Question: Martin Frobisher celebrated Thanksgiving, but not for the harvest.

Answer: For surviving in the difficult journey from England

463. Question: Thanksgiving is a day when Americans consume turkey. Do Koreans eat kimchi?

Answer: No, rice cake

464. Question: Which state in the United States hosted the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: Texas

465. Question: When did the Turks first set foot in Europe?

Answer: 1608

466. Question: What battle prompted Abraham Lincoln to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday?

Answer: American civil war

467. Question: How many Turkeys did Swanson order by accident in 1953?

Answer: 260 tons

Hard thanksgiving trivia

Here are some hard Thanksgiving trivia questions which let the participants think and make the quiz more exciting and fun. 

468. Question: In 1924, elephants were featured in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Is this statement true or false?

Answer: True

469. Question: How many volunteers march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade each year?

Answer: 4500

470. Question: Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the harvest. Is this statement true or false?

Answer: True

471. Question: Which American president was opposed to Turkey being declared as a national bird?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

472. Question: What is the name of the 19th-century table that was added to the Thanksgiving meal?

Answer: Kiddies’ table

473. Question: In 1998, what did Ohio Dale build to celebrate the American Thanksgiving Holiday?

Answer: A 52 ft free standing illuminating star

474. Question: How long did it take the Mayflower to travel from England to the New World?

Answer: 66 days

475. Question: What was the reason for changing Thanksgiving Day in 1939?

Answer: Economic recession

476. Question: In 1617, Leiden’s autumn thanksgiving ceremony became a source of sectarian strife. What’s the name of the thing?

Answer: October feesten

477. Question: I wish that the bald eagle was picked as our country’s symbol! Who told his daughter that?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin

478. Question: In what year was the first television meal broadcast to the general public?

Answer: 1953

479. Question: For how many years has Thanksgiving been held on the third Thursday of November?

Answer: 2 years

480. Question: In 1924, what was the route of Macy’s Thanksgiving parade?

Answer: Convent Ave to 15th Street, NYC

481. Question: What is Wampanoags full name?

Answer: Wampanoag Indian

482. Question: Who was it that turned the early thanksgiving fast into a feast?

Answer: Wampanoag

483. Question: What was the first turkey President Obama pardoned?

Answer: Courage

484. Question: How many employees marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in 1924?

Answer: 400

485. Question: Who was the first to investigate Thanksgiving in Canada?

Answer: Martin Frobisher

486. Question: When terrified, what is the speed of a wild turkey’s run?

Answer: 20 miles per hour

487. Question: Who made the most of Thanksgiving proclamations before 1682?

Answer: Church leaders

488. Question: Who was the first American president to pardon a turkey on Thanksgiving Day?

Answer: Henry Truman in 1947

489. Question: How many church festivals were there before 1536?

Answer: 95

490. Question: The 77-foot-long balloon in Macy’s Thanksgiving parade was the longest in the parade. Give it a name.

Answer: Red mighty

491. Question: Turkeys, both male and female, gobble. Is this true or false?

Answer: False

492. Question: What was it honoured for in 1611 before the modern style of Thanksgiving?

Answer: Days of fasting in drought

493. Question: What is the name of the amino acid that is present in Turkey?

Answer: Tryptophan

494. Question: How many cranberries are consumed in the United States each year, and how many are consumed on Thanksgiving?

Answer: 20% 

495. Question: What has always been the last float in Macy’s Thanksgiving parade?

Answer: Santa claus

496. Question: What is the lifespan of turkey?

Answer: Upto 15 years

497. Question: What is the slaughter age of turkey?

Answer: 4-5 months

498. Question: Turkey is the leading cause of tiredness, according to studies. Is this true or false?

Answer: False

499. Question: What is the name of the famous rock on which the Pilgrims landed?

Answer: Plymouth Rock

500. Question: Turkey can drown if brought up in rain. True or false?

Answer: True

Bottom line

Not everyone is best when it comes to trivia. However, it’s quite fun with your friends and family to play quiz with Thanksgiving trivia questions. These questions will help you to memorize and win in the game.

You can choose those questions and answers that make the most sense for your group and skip the set. 

So, what are you waiting for! Just grab everyone at the dinner table and play the Thanksgiving trivia to bring the fun to the next level.