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520+ Weird Thoughts of All Time That Will Make You Think

520+ Weird Thoughts of All Time That Will Make You Think

Updated on Nov 07, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

520+ Weird Thoughts of All Time That Will Make You Think

Do you find yourself gazing at the wall and coming up with some weird thoughts? You’re not alone if you’ve ever had a sudden yet striking realization about something completely unrelated. 

These not-so-important and sudden thoughts that appear suddenly can blow your mind and make you think about anything and everything. They are known as weird thoughts and sometimes crazy thoughts as well. 

These thoughts make you think, ponder and contemplate, and whatnot. This is something that we all get when we feel empty or want to spice up our thinking minds.

Below are the multiple weird thoughts ranging from crazy to deep. 

520+ Weird Thoughts of All Time That Will Make You Think
520+ Weird Thoughts of All Time That Will Make You Think

Weird shower thoughts

Shower thoughts are those thoughts that come to our minds when we get relaxed and get away from worldly distractions. These usually can appear when you are taking shower or just relaxing.

So, let’s have a look at these weird shower thoughts and find out if you had any thoughts like this before. 

  1. Your inner scream will never run out of breath.
  2. Do fish in water have a secret existence that includes going to school, hanging around, studying, and getting married?
  3. Would there be vehicles if everyone used roller skates instead of their feet, or would they all go rollerblading?
  4. We will never know, and we will never remember, what memories we had as youngsters.
  5. We know our parents for the majority of our lives, whereas they only know us for a part of theirs.
  6. Someone was born at this exact time, and someone died at this same instant.
  7. Even though our brain has never experienced such things, it can create a situation in its head as if they have.
  8. Ketchup is the jam if the tomato is a fruit.
  9. What would my title be if I were a book?
  10. The color red represents Valentine’s Day, and so are red roses and red hearts… Would it be unusual if, instead of red, a different color was chosen for Valentine’s Day? And why the color red? Why does the color red bring up images of love in our minds?
  11. The only building you left without entering was the hospital where you were born.
  12. The sounds made by dinosaurs were created by humans.
  13. Maybe it’s best not to kill the spider because if I do, his relatives and friends will show up to his burial, and I’ll wind up calling even more spiders.
  14. Who came up with the terms and names for various items, and how did it occur to someone to simply call a chair “chair”?
  15. What does our inner voice sound like?
  16. It’s important to have someone who accepts you for who you are and feeds your mind and soul rather than your ego.
  17. What would we do if we didn’t have love? We would no longer be beings who feel and live for love, but rather a basic and quiet existence.
  18. It is better to be alone and content within the four walls of your head than to be subjected to someone’s contempt simply because you are afraid of loneliness.
  19. Love just happens and provides you an answer rather than asking you a question.
  20. Is there a reason for everything, or is it just a coincidence?
  21. How is it possible for our heart to love and break for someone so many times before becoming complete and ready to regenerate and give fresh love?
  22. Self-love is a rare thing. Others will be unable to love me unless I love me.
  23. Do soulmates exist, and if so, do they exist in multiples?
  24. The person who knows how to love and isn’t afraid to show it is more powerful than the person who acts cold.
  25. It is better for me to leave someone who does not make me happy than to allow someone to pluck and trample the blossoms of my soul.
  26. Is there a universe where the multi-universe idea isn’t true?
  27. Is it still a walk if a fly loses its wings?
  28. Is Lightning McQueen protected by car or life insurance?
  29. What would happen if Pinocchio announced that his nose would grow?
  30. In order to find yourself, you must let some people go.
  31. How lovely it would be if someone could understand all of our problems and protect us from life’s deadly bullets.
  32. No one has ever seen themselves with their eyes closed until the invention of the camera.
  33. If we have never fallen over a cliff before, how can our bodies sense and experience the scene when we fall off a cliff in a nightmare?
  34. What is the point of living?
  35. Do aliens exist, and if so, do they study and send their beings to our planet in the same way that we study and send ours to theirs?
  36. What is the definition of a person? Is the individual’s mind or body?
  37. Why do people wish damage on others when they don’t want them to suffer?
  38. Who created God if God created the world?
  39. What if every time we go to sleep, we travel to a parallel universe?
  40. We don’t have a skeleton in our midst. The brain is us. As a result, we’re in a skeleton.
  41. Each of us has a different picture of ourselves and tailors a version of ourselves that we are unfamiliar with.
  42. Children who have an imaginary friend are creative, however, adults who have one are schizophrenics.
  43. You’ve never seen the entire movie before since you’re blinking.
  44. What if you went past a missing person and didn’t realize she was gone?
  45. Who was the first teacher’s teacher? Who was the first to cut the hair of a hairdresser?
  46. Is it true that if it rains on a Sunday, it’s now Rainy Day?
  47. You become a waiter while waiting for a waiter.
  48. What if we met someone in a dream and had the same dream, but we never knew who it was?
  49. Each of us has three different voices. One we hear in our minds, one we hear when we speak, and one we hear from others.
  50. Why aren’t we able to create a new color?

Weird random thoughts

If you are figuring out or looking for some weird thoughts that can appear randomly, then here is the ultimate list of questions to go through. 

  1. In mathematics, the letter x is used more than in grammar and sentences.
  2. Do animals believe we’re aliens since we don’t like them?
  3. Would we behave differently if we were given a different name?
  4. The greatest luxury is having true friends. A man’s greatest quality is his ability to be a true friend.
  5. Having a few true friends is more valuable than being in the company of many fake people.
  6. Your chosen family, as well as your true family, are your friends.
  7. A true friend accepts all of your faults and collects the scattered parts of your heart.
  8. Not everyone you meet is a friend, so be cautious about who you put your faith in. Someone may take advantage of your kindness.
  9. Always be a friend who is ready to provide a helping hand in a disaster. When everything is going well, it’s easy to be a nice friend.
  10. A true buddy helps you in removing your mask and exposing your actual self.
  11. It’s heartbreaking when childhood best buddies part ways and become strangers. What are your thoughts?
  12. Your friend is a reflection of yourself. Choose your friends carefully.
  13. Is it because sand is found between the sea and the land why it is named sand?
  14. Why is a building called a building when it has already been built?
  15. Are you strong or weak if you hit yourself and it hurts?
  16. Is there anyone who has ever died from laughter?
  17. The only time you clean your skeleton is when you brush your teeth.
  18. Do various animal species interact with one another or do they require a translator?
  19. Whether you succeed or fail in robbing a bank, you will not have any troubles with bills for the following ten years.
  20. What if dogs kiss us because they are aware that we have bones inside?
  21. What if I’m not up to the task?
  22. While loneliness might be terrible, you must learn to feel at ease even when you are alone.
  23. Why does love have to be so painful? When you lose someone, your heart breaks into a million pieces, and putting it back together takes time. It will, however, never be the same as it was before it broke.
  24. It’s fine to feel empty on the inside. Our soul is the one who relaxes and rejuvenates.
  25. It is not a sign of weakness to be gentle and cry. You show your strength by being sensitive, fragile, and allowing yourself to cry.
  26. It hurts to realize that you aren’t as valuable to someone as he is to you.
  27. It’s sad when things are challenging for you and you have no one to support you. That is why you must be tough and able to overcome all obstacles on your own.
  28. People who wear glasses appear intelligent, but they have to fail a test in order to acquire them.
  29. Does it follow that if life is unfair to everyone, it is also fair?
  30. How will we know if a word in the vocabulary is misspelled?
  31. How was the first dish prepared? “Wow, this is amazing,” he thought after adding random ingredients.
  32. Do bugs know they can walk on the wall from the moment they are born or do they only try to admire what they can do one day?
  33. Why isn’t 77 + 33 equal to 100?
  34. You learn to read first, then read to learn.
  35. Butter is a type of food lotion.
  36. After a bullet is fired, it does its job.
  37. It’s possible that the two e’s in the bee are silent.
  38. There is only one life, it should be spent in the greatest way!
  39. Time passes too fast, creating today a day to remember.
  40. Take pleasure in every moment since it will be remembered.
  41. Don’t waste time waiting for something or chasing after something. Everything happens when it’s meant to.
  42. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. The most beautiful stories are written by taking risks.
  43. There are so many lovely big plans for you. Smile when you embrace them.
  44. Make your own happiness and don’t allow anyone else to take it away.
  45. Only you have control over your life.
  46. Be unique and distinct from the crowd. You were destined for great things.
  47. Everything that robs you of your peace is too costly.
  48. Beautiful things will happen if you radiate positive energy.
  49. In this gray world, be the difference and the bright color.
  50. If you believe strongly enough, anything is possible.

Weird thoughts before sleep

It’s really common nowadays that before sleeping our mind gets into a brainstorming session and relives some unique as well as brilliant ideas.

Therefore, below is the list of weird thoughts that come to our minds before sleeping. So, let’s get deeper into it. 

  1. I’m grateful we have brown cows because, without them, there would be no chocolate milk.
  2. Nine out of ten voices in my head say I’m crazy. The tenth is just buzzing.
  3. Even the calendar says WTF after Tuesday.
  4. Always knock on the fridge before opening it, just in case there’s salad dressing inside.
  5. A successful man is one who earns more money than his wife. A successful lady knows where to look for this type of man.
  6. Someone who has spent too much time listening to optimists is a pessimist.
  7. Isn’t it annoying when people answer their own questions? Yes, I do.
  8. My tallest finger enjoys giving standing ovations to others.
  9. Every lady should marry an archeologist because he will love her more as she grows older.
  10. Hands down, 6:30 is the best time on a clock.
  11. I used to think of myself as indecisive. But I’m not so sure anymore.
  12. A bag of money can be used to signify both wealth and massive inflation.
  13. It’s funny that when the cost of living rises, the probability of living decreases.
  14. Call someone only to say you’re unable to speak right now.
  15. I’m an excellent housekeeper. I keep a man’s house when I leave him.
  16. Do candy corn and corn nuts have anything in common?
  17. Just by looking at someone, I can tell if they are being judgmental.
  18. Complain about a hole in your donut the next time you buy one.
  19. A cookie a day keeps the blues away, but a jar of cookies a day brings them back.
  20. I have no intention of remarrying. This time, instead of a house, I’m going to pick a woman I don’t like and give her one.
  21. If hamburger meat is used to make meatloaf, then laziness is used to make me-a-loaf.
  22. I had exhausted my sick leave and had to call in dead.
  23. This Friday, I’m getting my toe nail-pierced.
  24. With both of my wives, I’ve had bad luck. The first one did not abandon me, but the second did.
  25. I’ve always thought that air is free. That is until I went out and purchased a $3 bag of chips.
  26. If plan A fails, don’t be worried. There are still 25 letters in the alphabet to learn!
  27. It’s said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away…
  28. If you throw it hard enough, it will come back to you!
  29. Those who are prepared are simply too lazy to look for their things.
  30. Hey, my name is (put your name here), but you can call me tomorrow!
  31. A psychiatrist is someone who will charge you money for answers that your wife or friends can give you for free.
  32. Is a market called the stock market if it is well stocked?
  33. Earth is like the universe’s mental asylum.
  34. Alcohol, without a doubt, does not fix any difficulties. Milk, on the other hand, does not.
  35. Barbie is so famous that children still buy her friends.
  36. It’s probably worth every penny if you lend someone money and never see them again.
  37. One of the most effective forms of resistance training is refusing to go to the gym.
  38. I don’t suffer from madness; I enjoy every moment of it.
  39. Always remember that you, like everyone else, are unique.
  40. You’ll get nowhere fast if you keep running in place.
  41. I’m reading an anti-gravity book. It’s difficult to put down.
  42. The Earth’s rotation brightens my day.
  43. Whatever you’re eating, you must be hungry.
  44. LOL has grown from “laugh out loud” to “I don’t know what else to say.”
  45. If you dance with me, I promise not to step on your feet.
  46. I know money talks, but all my money says is “Goodbye.”
  47. I’m following a seafood-only diet. When I see food, I eat it.
  48. Is cardboard more of a board than a card, or is it more of a card than aboard?
  49. A best friend is someone who immediately deletes your search history after you die.
  50. I don’t have a bad attitude. You have an issue with perception.
  51. Changes are inevitable, with the exception of parking meters.

Weird thoughts at night

Generally, people get free from all the hectic schedules of the day at night. So, here is the list of questions that can appear in our mind when our mind gets relaxed from all the distractions. 

  1. What is the difference between a heart attack and a heart attack?
  2. We place too much emphasis on the good fortune of the early bird and not enough on the bad luck of the early worm.
  3. I got rid of my vacuum cleaner because it was just collecting dust.
  4. I don’t really need a hairstylist because every morning my pillow gives me a fresh hairstyle.
  5. I tried rearranging the alphabet, but the letters U and I would never split for some reason.
  6. Communist jokes are only funny if everyone understands them.
  7. If you think no one cares if you’re alive or dead, try skipping a few credit card payments.
  8. Why don’t coffees come with a coffee table?
  9. I’d be pleased to support you today. Which gate did you use?
  10. My conscience is clear. I’ve never used it before.
  11. Whiteboards are truly amazing.
  12. Whoever said you can’t buy happiness didn’t know what they were talking about!
  13. Put chocolate on your hands, reach under the stall, and ask for toilet paper when using a public bathroom.
  14. We have answers to other people’s problems because we have them.
  15. Is it legal for cars to stop at a bus stop?
  16. You should hang around with fat old people if you really want to look young and thin.
  17. Eating a balanced diet involves holding a cupcake in each hand.
  18. Order a pizza 15 minutes before New Year’s Eve and exclaim, “You’re late!” when it arrives. This was ordered over a year ago!”
  19. I’m not sure how people can be so accepting. My brain keeps falling out whenever I try.
  20. The only time I remember Algebra is when I look at X and wonder what it means.
  21. If you don’t have a scooter, how will you go around?
  22. I’m going to have a bloody mary because it’s said to help with hangovers.
  23. Doing nothing is difficult since you never know when you’ll be done.
  24. There are no guarantees in marriage. Go live with a car battery if that’s exactly what you’re searching for.
  25. Just follow my advice because I won’t be using it.
  26. While dogs are unable to see into your body, a CAT scan can.
  27. If laughter is healthy for the soul, what is the purpose of the soul?
  28. I’m getting a pet dinosaur if history repeats itself.
  29. It is not a good idea to drink and drive. It’s possible that you’ll drop your beer.
  30. When everything is coming at you, you’re in the wrong lane.
  31. If you’re on a diet, you’re probably thinking the first three letters of that word are very true right now.
  32. When someone wishes you a good day, look them in the eyes and say, “Don’t tell me what to do!”
  33. You’re so annoying.  You’re really weird. You’re totally crazy. You’re a complete moron. You’re such a clingy person. You’re a bit like me.
  34. I’m totally insane. In five minutes, I’ll be back.
  35. Calculus and alcohol do not mix. It’s never a smart idea to drink and get high at the same time.
  36. I’d end up looking about as ugly as I am if I tried to look as attractive as all of the celebs I love.
  37. I swear I’d give an excellent speech at your funeral if we were on a plane about to crash and only had one parachute.
  38. I am not nearly as confused as you are!
  39. Call Pizza Hut just to ask about Domino’s phone number.
  40. Isn’t it odd that cigarettes are sold in petrol stations, despite the fact that smoking is prohibited?
  41. If you’re not supposed to eat at night, why is there a light bulb in the refrigerator?
  42. I’m here! What are the other two wishes you have?
  43. Please pardon my ignorance. I was born at a very young age.
  44. Your friends aren’t really your friends if they don’t make fun of you.
  45. How much is a mural worth if a picture is worth a thousand words?
  46. I’d happily give you a shoulder to cry on if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t want my shoulder to get wet.
  47. There are three different categories of individuals. Those who are able to count and those who are unable to count.
  48. Text a random word to someone and see what happens.
  49. It was as simple as taking a walk around the park… Jurassic Park is a movie about dinosaurs.

Weird thoughts when you are tired

It’s strange to believe that you are tired, your mind comes up with some thoughts but it’s true that when we get so tired, our mind starts to think differently and that’s where the weird thoughts come into the process.

Below are the most important thoughts that are weird as well. 

  1. What if I simply jumped in front of this bus/car/train?’
  2. What if I stripped down to my underwear right now?’
  3. When you imagine having sex with individuals you’re not really interested in.
  4. In the middle of a chat, picture leaning in for a kiss with your boss/colleague/platonic friend.
  5. ‘That baby is beautiful.’ And it’s so tiny. It would be a shame if I left it.’
  6. Or throw it.’ ‘Like a ball,.
  7. ‘I’m curious as to how far it could go.’
  8. ‘This dog is small.’ With my fist, I could crush it.’
  9. Imagine your funeral and how sad everyone would be if you died.
  10. When you imagine someone you know dying, and how heartbroken but stoic you’d be.
  11. ‘What if I simply punched this person in the face?’
  12. Seeing someone riding a bike and feeling tempted to reach out and push them off.
  13. When your mind tells you to “STICK OUT YOUR FOOT AND TRIP THEM” when you see someone running. ‘JUST DO IT.’
  14. ‘I’m sure I could rob a bank.’
  15. ‘I would never murder someone,’ she says. But if I did, this is how I’d go about it…’
  16. ‘…And this is how I’d get away with it…’
  17. When you’re watching a play or listening to someone talk and you’re afraid you’ll get up and start screaming really loudly for no obvious cause.
  18. When you envision the person you like being kidnapped or mugged and you have to save them.
  19. When you imagine that everyone else is in grave danger so that you might save the day.
  20. ‘It would be SO easy to steal this stuff right now,’ you say in a store. ‘All I’d do is keep walking.’
  21. When you imagine getting a major illness but still going to work so that everyone will admire your courage.
  22. When it’s incredibly quiet and you’re afraid of breaking it by making strange noises.
  23. What if I just wet myself instead of going to the bathroom?’
  24. ‘What if I’m truly crazy, but my brain is so twisted up that I THINK I’m normal?’ And everyone has been told to just act like I’m not shouting so loudly right now?’
  25. “What if everyone can read my mind and knows everything I’m thinking?”

Weird deep thoughts

When it comes to deep thoughts, it can also be weird at some point. Therefore, below is the list of deep thoughts that can also be strange. 

  1. We want happiness but don’t always find it. Will we be able to get it if we stop chasing after it?
  2. Is it okay to do nothing and be happy with that?
  3. Cakes are important during birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, and other events; yet, they are only a dessert palate, not the main course menu. Why do you think that is?
  4. What would happen if the sun didn’t rise tomorrow and everything was dark? How would the world look?
  5. Which of the following statements is correct? A bottle is either half-filled or half-empty.
  6. For you, what is more important? Following one’s dreams or achieving one’s goals.
  7. Saying “sorry” and “thank you” too often is a display of courtesy that everyone displays but few feel.
  8. Why are red roses, red dresses, red cards, and red lipstick related to Valentine’s Day? Will it be awkward if a different color is used to remember the occasion? Is it going to be worth it?
  9. What is the difference between the terms wire and fire, which have three identical letters and one different letter? Can you come up with a few more?
  10. Birthdays serve as a reminder that we only have one more year on this planet.
  11. The irony of life is that, just as we celebrate our birthdays each year, we also pass our death date each year; the difference is that we are aware of it.
  12. All food churns and digests in the same way in our stomachs. So, why do we divide food into categories like “starters,” “main course,” “condiments,” and “desserts”? Why can’t we consume everything at the same time?
  13. Have you ever tried to sleep with your eyes open?
  14. Is it possible to create a new world with only short males and tall women?
  15. Birthday messages are full of love and best wishes. How do you calculate tons?
  16. Snails participate in a game of hide-and-seek with us. When touched, it goes back into the shell and peeps out again.
  17. Why does the human brain contain a rewind and fast-forward button? We are equally capable of digging into our past as we are of making infinite plans for the future.
  18. Why is it that the letter ‘W’ is made up of two ‘V’s but is pronounced as a double ‘U’? In a dictionary, the word is spelled incorrectly.
  19. Which one do you believe is correct? ‘Everything is on fire’ or ‘Everything is on fire’
  20. A shipment is a parcel delivered by car, whereas cargo is a parcel delivered by ship. Why is this the case?
  21. Love brings your life or life brings love to you. Which one do you believe and follow?
  22. If you sit in the middle of an aircraft, which armrest is yours?
  23. What would your handwriting look like if you started writing with the hand you don’t use?
  24. What happens when a poison is no longer effective? Does it become more poisonous or does it stop being poisonous?

Anxiety weird thoughts

Anxiety can cause many issues, especially in our brain. Due to this, it can also take the shape of anxiety thoughts which are not so relevant but so relaxing for your mind. 

  1. It’s fine to drink; it’s as if you’re borrowing happiness from life.
  2. Clapping is a way of physically punishing yourself for supporting someone else.
  3. Bill and Hillary Clinton were on the path to making history; if Hillary had won, it would have been the first time two presidents had great sex with each other.
  4. I might as well fall asleep if I can appear to be asleep.
  5. In 2060, instead of reading about those ugly war women in Nagasaki, children will be reading about “Awesome me.”
  6. Have I ever heard of a perfectly executed murder?
  7. Being a celebrity hurts because some ugly Canadian women can comment on your lovely dress and you don’t even know who she is.
  8. The last death I shall witness in my life is mine.
  9. I’m curious as to why Jesus is white.
  10. Racism has existed since the beginning of time.
  11. A pregnant woman swimming in the Pacific Ocean is referred to as a human submarine.
  12. Human babies cry after birth; they must have enjoyed their time in their mothers’ wombs.
  13. If I complete my Ph.D., they will require me to attend a doctor’s appointment on a regular basis.
  14. The sinking of the Titanic must have been a feast for the other sharks.
  15. With all the robot junk NASA has left on Mars, it must be populated now.
  16. In the United States, an eagle is a symbol of liberty, and there are Eagles in the zoo. What is the matter with this world?
  17. I’m curious as to how many men I’ve met throughout my lifetime.
  18. If Bill Gates gives me 0.001% of his fortune, I will be extremely wealthy, while his wealth will remain undisturbed.
  19. You dress in special jogging clothes to show everyone that you’re just having fun and there’s nothing wrong with you. Crazy!
  20. The taxi business would be obsolete if we all had the ability to fly. Lucky them!
  21. They claim that their house is on fire, yet it is the house that is on fire.
  22. Scooby-Doo proved that every villain is, in the end, a human.
  23. The letter A is responsible for half of Canada’s population.
  24. The Japanese flag, with its pie chart on a white background, seems odd.
  25. Why is a fish called a “Tuna Fish” if the chicken isn’t called “Bird chicken” and beef isn’t called “beef mammal”?
  26. All of the potatoes must be mashed potatoes in my stomach’s mind.
  27. When I dig a pit, the dirt inside the pit may be exposed to the sun for the first time.
  28. Those boring history lectures will only become more difficult as time passes.
  29. When the Pyramids were being built, Mammoths were still living.
  30. When I say, “Come closer,” my dog understands. Does that mean my dog is smarter than me because 280? I don’t understand his language?
  31. I believe that half of what I read in the newspaper these days is false.
  32. Batman’s superpower is his wealth, and none of the world’s billionaires have ever tried on the mask.
  33. Would I even kiss my wife first thing in the morning? I’m not sure I’ll ever do it because every mouth stinks in the morning.
  34. I spent the first 15 minutes of my day wishing that I didn’t have to get out of bed for that extreme pee.
  35. There is a multi-player game option; they should also create a multi-dream mode, with multiple individuals dreaming at the same time.
  36. Matt Damon was paid 15 times as much to appear as if he was going to Mars as actual astronauts will ever be paid.
  37. I might as well buy the office and throw my boss out the window if I win the lotto.
  38. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and fix every mistake I made as a kid.
  39. There’s a child somewhere in the world who’s father works for Nintendo, and no one believes him.
  40. Depression is similar to carbon monoxide in that both kill slowly.
  41. Before ‘was,’ there was ‘is.’
  42. My brain should have a task manager.
  43. A person emerges from a person as a result of another person entering that person.
  44. Will my laptop explode or freeze if it overheats?
  45. What did they do at their picnics before the camera?
  46. My eyes water when I yawn…maybe I miss my bed, which is really sad.
  47. When someone becomes angry, kick them…then leave or be killed.
  48. All of the lovely smiles are fake; the uglier the smile, the more genuine it appears.
  49. I’m not sure where I’ll ever use a sine derivative in my life.
  50. Any distance, no matter how great, is walking distance if the purse is empty.
  51. When a vampire and a zombie bite one another, do they become vampires or zombies?

Trippy thoughts

Craziness is something that we all love at some point of time. Therefore, it can also become weird when it comes to thoughts.

Below is the list of trippy thoughts to find out what you can relate to your thoughts. 

  1. Have I ever bought milk from the same cow more than once?
  2. Water is a beverage, however the taste changes depending on temperature.
  3. We water plants to allow them to develop, and then we betray them as they develop.
  4. I hate being lazy, but I’m also too lazy to do anything about it.
  5. What would I be doing if Superman was the bad guy right now?
  6. Both the cucumber and the human body are 70% water. Are we heirs of the same ancestors?
  7. Will it make me stronger if it doesn’t kill me?
  8. If I don’t have a strategy, almost everything will go according to plan.
  9. I’m tired of avoiding my difficulties.
  10. The colors Gray and Gray both represent the same thing, although they come from different places.
  11. My house smells better than any other I’ve ever visited.
  12. Lies and deceit are at the heart of the world’s greatest love stories.
  13. I’m dying…at the age of 95.
  14. In toy stores, sex toys come to life?
  15. Drones, in my opinion, are the kites of 2018.
  16. Is there anyone who knows what it smells like inside water?
  17. My emotions are so strong that I’m wondering if anyone has ever heard it?
  18. All of us are highly developed versions of basic bacteria.
  19. It’s a great favor to use toilet paper when I blow my nose with it.
  20. My dog is too loyal, and I don’t think I deserve it.
  21. Why can’t I blow out my ears the same way I blow out my nose?
  22. I occasionally hear voices singing in my thoughts, and I must admit, they are far too melodious.
  23. I believe that camels from the 20th century will be gone in a few years.
  24. Most guys, I believe, will do a better job with their hands than most women.
  25. Have I ever drank milk from the same cow and eaten beef from the same cow?
  26. Tagging on my Facebook wall is a major offense, and I’m going to have to deal with it.
  27. I never knew about racism or hating others as a child, but now I do, and I believe education had a major role in this.
  28. Why don’t ladies marry dogs directly if all men are dogs?
  29. I’ve heard that all men are dogs, but I’m not sure what that means for women.
  30. There would have been no Jesus if the Bible had never been written.
  31. Is it true that I take showers simply to think?
  32. If I take such water-saving slogans seriously, I’ll never be able to shower as well.
  33. What does not kill me will certainly improve me.
  34. There are a million things I can see but not touch, one of which is my girlfriend.
  35. Party animals are popular among females.
  36. Is it true that I am my parents’ favorite child?
  37. Who is the ugliest girl in the world?
  38. All bad guys hide their lower faces, whereas Batman hides his upper half.
  39. CPR is similar to hitting your television till it works, but for humans.
  40. Apocalypse movies are commonly used to describe a news reporter who is committed to his work despite the fact that the world around him is falling.
  41. If you buy a lottery ticket for the sole purpose of making quick money, you have been a loser your entire life.
  42. When people say computers were invented to save our time, it’s weird.
  43. Am I crazy if I have hours-long mental conversations with myself?
  44. Scratching their balls in those strange bulky garments must be challenging for bomb squad personnel.
  45. Paying taxes is similar to paying a fine for being too wealthy.
  46. Being brilliant isn’t enough; AI should also be able to be completely stupid, just like us.
  47. Big boobs are like the sun; if you wear black specs, you can keep an eye on them for longer.
  48. A teacher who says that high school is the best time of one’s life must have led a messed-up life.
  49. It’s strange when people ask me about my interests and I can’t think of any.
  50. Turning up the volume is zooming, but this time for the sound.

Deep trippy thoughts

When it comes to deep trippy thoughts, here is the list of best deep trippy thoughts. 

  1. Almost every hand I’ve shaken thus far must have come into contact with something truly terrible.
  2. It’s strange when I don’t believe a single word in the newspaper.
  3. If I live another 50 years, I might be the coolest grandfather ever.
  4. I can respond to an insult in a matter of seconds, yet it takes me a long time to respond to a compliment.
  5. Why is a soccer ball known as a football?
  6. Every stair is the stairway to heaven if you’re clumsy and stupid enough.
  7. Almost every boy started smoking his first cigarette in a college hostel.
  8. If your favorite celebrity pays you a visit in the hospital, your time is up.
  9. Rain provides a strange simile since it is silent until it comes into contact with something.
  10. Rap battles consist solely of verbally rapping the competitor.
  11. If you’re stupid enough, almost anything can be turned into a challenging puzzle.
  12. Plants are much more evolved than humans; they literally eat sunlight and produce food.
  13. The majority of Shakespeare’s book titles are the names of characters that die at the end of the play.
  14. I have to prove to a machine that I am not a machine in this insane world.
  15. Some TV characters die as a result of the producer’s wish to fire them.
  16. Santa has the addresses of all the town’s dirty girls.
  17. Our feet are naked without shocks.
  18. Books are nothing more than the product of someone else’s imagination that is sold for a fee.
  19. Sending your child to Kindergarten is essentially paying a bunch of males a lot of money to teach them nothing.
  20. Dinosaurs must be dwarf versions of Kangaroos.
  21. Purchasing an airline ticket means accepting responsibility for everything that may occur during the flight.
  22. Actors are paid millions of dollars to appear to live lives other than their own.
  23. Will I still be a chain smoker when I wake up if I go into a coma?
  24. Someone must have had a heart attack the first time they heard a parrot speak.
  25. That sums it up in terms of human evolution: books are being replaced by tablets and phones.
  26. The most difficult part of depression is pretending to be fine.
  27. What’s the difference between a dove and a pigeon?
  28. It’s strange when you walk into a party and no one remembers you.
  29. This is insane; the atomic bomb was created before computers.
  30. Your brain is simply working overtime when you have a sex dream.
  31. I’ve never seen somebody in a room that was completely empty?
  32. Russia is far larger than Pluto. Who is it that measures these things?
  33. I despise cats who have a lot of furs.
  34. Is it a requirement to become a pope if every Pope I’ve ever seen is old?
  35. C or S? What is the silent part of the word “scent”?
  36. I used to be just too cute as a kid.
  37. Who would dare to name a company after a fruit after Apple?
  38. A lot of quality time spent with girls is the true difference between being wealthy and being a playboy.
  39. Will it harm my brain if I focus on something for a long time?
  40. Formula One drivers are the luckiest men on the planet. They are paid tens of millions of dollars merely to drive some of the world’s most beautiful cars.
  41. My girlfriend has a wonderful scent.
  42. Every man weeps over an onion’s dead body.
  43. Since James Bond is the most popular spy, he is also the worst spy. Wasn’t he supposed to keep his identity hidden?
  44. My clothing no longer fits me.
  45. Who would travel to Disneyland if the human race became extinct?
  46. If a teacher retires at the age of 70, he has spent 90 percent of his life in school, from the age of 6 to 70.
  47. What would be my first words if I woke instead of Jennifer?
  48. Karma may be a pain in the neck for those who deserve it.
  49. If I could meet my father as a teenager, it would be great.
  50. Simply said, the difference between Sanity and Insanity is In.

Trippy thoughts when high

When you are high on your mind, trippy thoughts can be weird and amazing as well. So, let’s get deeper into it to understand this. 

  1. Is there a Parallel Universe, or is all of this science nonsense?
  2. Nobody knows who the greatest liar is.
  3. Sleeping is an art form that I excel at.
  4. It’s better to not have a routine at all than to have one but not stick to it.
  5. It’s better not to have a plan B because it almost guarantees that Plan A will fail.
  6. I would still hate chess if it were a team sport.
  7. I’m curious how many of my friends have a soft spot in their hearts for my sister.
  8. It would be the end of the world if all the trees stopped breathing.
  9. The best feeling in the world is sleeping naked.
  10. My father has a similar appearance to me, and I am 20 years old while he is 50.
  11. Alcohol isn’t the solution, but it might help us forget about the true issue.
  12. Even though fire trucks include water, they are still referred to as such.
  13. Omelets and Fried Chicken are the same things, just at different phases in the life of a chicken.
  14. I have my own writing style, which differentiates me.
  15. I don’t remember seeing my puppy for the first time.
  16. Orange juice and carrot juice are the same things.
  17. Let us all take a moment to recognize the incredible work our bodies have done throughout the years.
  18. The person who invented the phrase “kill the time” was illiterate.
  19. When you’re sleeping, you’re the safest.
  20. Those old business owners who complain about young people not working hard should be hanged because they are the ones who refuse to provide work in the first place.
  21. Rappers are divided into two sizes: Big and Lil.
  22. Even if I had wings, I’d still sleep all day. I’m lazy.
  23. Sleeping is a waste of time. I’m curious as to how going to bed early affects it.
  24. People enjoy listening to old music since no one listens to bad ones.
  25. I don’t trust people I meet online.
  26. Port sites are among the most popular websites on the internet.
  27. Without the internet, half of today’s couples would still be single today.
  28. Being inconsistent on a regular basis is what causes you to be inconsistent.
  29. At times, every girl in my life appears to be unattractive.
  30. Roses remind me of fruits, only more beautiful.
  31. All of the girls I know are food experts.
  32. The only difference between assassination and murder is the popularity of the dead.
  33. People nowadays remake movies, music videos, and video games, but no one remakes a book since everyone knows what will happen.
  34. There would be no crimes if these laws did not exist.
  35. A great mimic is also a great actor.
  36. Scissors are two knives that work together to accomplish a shared goal.
  37. Magic is magic because it isn’t real…it will not be magic if it were.
  38. Has anyone ever escaped death in the history of the world?
  39. The phrase “Money does not make one happy” was coined by the wealthy to encourage the poor to avoid becoming wealthy.
  40. My front camera keeps my feet on the ground whenever I become egoistic about my looks.
  41. Dog food is for dogs, and anyone who has tried it understands why.
  42. “Sex interview” is more gently referred to as “dating.”
  43. Spacesuits are useless in the case of a space disaster.
  44. The worst-case scenario is that you die a virgin.
  45. Attractive individuals aren’t always polite, but unattractive people are definitely rude.
  46. I would have been the greatest assassin of all time if people had hired me for killing times.

Trippy thoughts about life

Everyone has some problems in life and if not, then life always plays an important factor. Therefore, it’s ok to get some thoughts about life.

We have presented you with a list of trippy thoughts about life, so let’s get into it. 

  1. A fart is the gas version of the food we eat, but with a far more bad smell.
  2. When the temperature is low enough, walking on water is no problem.
  3. Uber would go bankrupt if humans could fly.
  4. I’m not sure whether I’d ever had a boy who is as awesome as I am.
  5. In most cases, “loads of people” refers to groups of 10 to 12 people.
  6. Snakes are essentially noodles, so how could they have sex?
  7. Both sex and skydiving have the ability to reduce the world’s population by one, and both are dangerous, making them quite similar in that regard.
  8. From the inside out, we eat pizza.
  9. On Monday, if you live to be 70 years old, you will have spent TEN YEARS of your life.
  10. Someone will say your name for the last time at some point in the future.
  11. Deaf people are unlikely to understand why farts are funny.
  12. There is only one meaning for the term ambiguous.
  13. Outer space isn’t empty; it holds everything that exists.
  14. Abortion is not an option for Wolverine.
  15. We wear particular clothing when jogging so that people don’t assume we’re racing away from or toward something.
  16. If vampires can’t see themselves in the mirror, how can they always seem so tidy?
  17. You can still eat two-thirds of an Oreo if you drop it.
  18. There is only one sunset in the world, and it has been orbiting the planet for billions of years.
  19. When I’m not looking in the mirror, what does it seem like?

Crazy thoughts

Crazy thoughts are mind-blowing sometimes because they might contain important meanings or might not. So let’s get into these crazy thoughts to understand it well. 

  1. Your stomach thinks that all potatoes have been mashed.
  2. If the Swiss included a corkscrew on their army knife, they must have been very certain in their chances of success. If you wanted to do anything “like a boss,” you’d probably hire someone to do it for you.
  3. To fall asleep, you must act as if you are sleeping.
  4. In the dictionary, the word wrong is spelled incorrectly.
  5. Sharks get a week, whereas mothers only get a day.
  6. Chewbacca can’t even say Chewbacca. Isn’t his name supposed to be Rawwwr Aadhaar?
  7. Nothing is on fire, but everything is on fire.
  8. There would be no show if the “Fresh Prince” had made that shot.
  9. In his head, Morgan Freeman’s voice sounds even better.
  10. On weekends, get up early. You can now sleep five days a week rather than two.
  11. Nikola Tesla is today best known for its lack of popularity.
  12. What will you be called if you only speak one language?
  13. Every ‘cracker’ bite has a hole in it. Why?
  14. Donuts are round objects with holes in them.
  15. Is it possible for a bald man to have dandruff?
  16. The dictionary contains the word dictionary.
  17. When no one is looking in the mirror, what does it seem like?
  18. Is it possible to consider something new and improve in the same way? Was it improving if it was new? Crazy, right?
  19. Banks have branches; does this have anything to do with a tree?
  20. Do you want to know if animals can commit suicide?
  21. ‘Provider’ is the total opposite of ‘taker,’ why do the terms caregiver and caretaker have the same meaning?
  22. The sandwiches are triangles, but the bread is square. Great!
  23. People who are slow yawn frequently, as though they are sleepy all of the time.
  24. CC stands for carbon copy. Is it possible to refer to chocolate chip cookies as CCC?

Crazy intrusive thoughts

Intrusive thoughts can be disturbing and wonderful as well. If you are looking forward to some deep and scary intrusive thoughts, then below is the list of them. 

  1. When you’re anxious, it’s like when you’re playing a video game and there aren’t any enemies to fight.
  2. There should be a reality show in which flat-earthers must find the world’s edge.
  3. They use music from the 1950s and 1960s in medicine ads to appeal to the older population, which means Despacito will be featured in a laxatives commercial at some point in the future.
  4. Why do we cook bacon and bake cookies?
  5. Everyone who knows you has a different version of you in their heads.
  6. We used to sneak out of the house to go to parties when we were younger. We sneak out of parties when we’re older to go home.
  7. George Orwell foresaw that cameras would be placed in our homes, but not that we would buy and install them ourselves.
  8. Smartphones are most likely to blame for the decrease in graffiti in public restrooms.
  9. Your future self is talking shit about you.
  10. You are a night racer if you run at 11 p.m. You are a morning person if you run at 5 a.m. You are a suspicious person if you run at 3 a.m.
  11. Females with curly hair straighten it for special occasions, whereas girls with straight hair curl it.
  12. It’s unequal that coffee turns your teeth brown while milk does not.
  13. In an online argument, making a typo is the equivalent of voice breaking in a verbal argument.
  14. Witches have black cats because they would have white cat fur all over their clothes if they had white cats.
  15. Our bodies are lucky in that they require to sleep; otherwise, our civilizations would expect us to work 16-20 hour days.
  16. It’s strange to imagine that nighttime is the universe’s natural state and that day is only brought about by a nearby, radiating ball of flame.
  17. The cucumber’s best part has a taste similar to watermelon’s worst part.
  18. Your mother’s promise that she won’t be angry if you tell the truth was one of life’s biggest lies.
  19. Bean bags are just sofas with no bones.
  20. Conspiracy Theories about oneself are what social anxiety is all about.
  21. 8 hours of drinking is binge drinking, 8 hours of television equals binge-watching, and 8 hours of sleep equals barely enough.
  22. Perhaps dogs have been bred to bring sticks home because people have needed wood for fires for millennia.
  23. Ducks have the ability to swim, fly, and walk on land. They have access to every type of terrain. They are the ultimate animal.
  24. When your bed is in the middle of the wall rather than in the corner, you’ve reached adulthood.
  25. The brain may have given itself a name, but it also knew it had given itself a name and was taken by surprise when it realized that.

Crazy funny thoughts

If you want to laugh or smile then here are the funny crazy thoughts which are ideal for you. Let’s have a look at them. 

  1. Your belly button is nothing more than your old mouth.
  2. The cool version of spicy is drinking water with a minty mouth.
  3. When you’re an adult, peer pressure is seeing your neighbor trim their lawn.
  4. Only one sock goes lost because you wouldn’t notice if both went missing.
  5. Given that tickling oneself isn’t the same as having someone else touch you, we were really lucky with masturbation.
  6. When you’re a kid, eating lunch alone is painful; when you’re an adult, it’s a nice treat.
  7. It’s typical for babies to fall asleep and wake up in different places all the time, but the idea of that happening to you as an adult is terrifying.
  8. Anyone who wonders why you’re shoveling six inches of snow in the middle of a snowstorm hasn’t shoveled twelve inches of snow at the finish.
  9. Attending a graduation ceremony is similar to watching a movie that is entirely made up of end credits.
  10. Nothing beats learning immediately after waking up that you won’t have to pay the price for the bad decisions you made in your dream.
  11. Our cars are required by law to be roadworthy, but the roads themselves are not.
  12. The power of your tongue to detect hair is underrated.
  13. The digital equivalent of stumbling on a twig while walking through the forest is like someone’s post by accident while looking through their profile.
  14. 25 years ago, seeing a toddler utilize technology was regarded as a stroke of genius; today, it is viewed as evidence of poor parenting.
  15. There’s no need for your internal voice to take a breath.
  16. You no longer outgrow your clothes as an adult, which is an underrated benefit.

How to stop crazy thoughts?

It’s also essential to identify that fear of having these strange thoughts is one of the reasons that produce them in the first place.

Fighting your ideas is an impossible task; the more you resist them, the worse they will get, and the more worried you will be about them happening (which causes them to occur even more often).

There are a few things you may do to reduce the harmful effects of weird thoughts. These are some of them:

1. Writing down the thought

Your brain hates the concept of forgetting things (particularly if you have to worry).

It will repeat things over and again in order to avoid forgetting them, and it will keep you awake at night if it is concerned that you may forget what you thought about the next day.

Strange thoughts have a tendency to do the same thing. That’s why, if you get a strange thought, it’s a good idea to write it down somewhere.

Don’t be concerned with the meaning of the thought or what it implies about you. Simply write it down and keep it somewhere permanent (but private).

This will reduce the impact of the thought on your memory and make it less likely that the thought will come up again.

2. Overthinking

Over-thinking the thought is another useful method that many individuals use with their psychologists.

This is a method for ensuring that the thought produces less anxiety. In other words, you intentionally have the thought until it no longer affects you.

Sit in a room and repeat the thought to yourself. Don’t be worried about it generating anxiety; simply allow yourself to be afraid and think about it.

Your body will ultimately become used to the thought and the fear, and you will be less afraid of similar thoughts in the future.

3. Accepting the thought

Acceptance is the first and most important step in controlling these strange thoughts.

Allow yourself to have those ideas without worrying over what they mean, whether or not you can control them, or what they indicate about you.

Accept that your anxiety is causing these thoughts and that they are meaningless. It makes no difference how violent, sexual, or weird the thought is.

Anxiety causes all kinds of strange thoughts, and the only way to control them is to realize that they don’t mean anything.

The wrapping up

Thoughts are just thoughts. You can’t control them. When we start to believe that these ideas are meaningful and that we must desire to have them.

They experience feelings of guilt, anxiety, or embarrassment as a result of these ideas.

Unfortunately, you will be unable to control your thoughts or prevent them from returning. Weird thoughts or crazy thoughts are brain drainage to enjoy the virtue of the mind.