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250 Questions That Make You Think

250 Questions That Make You Think

Updated on Jul 01, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

250 Questions That Make You Think

Questions are inevitable. We all come across so many questions every day. Most are those quick ones for which you don’t have to think for more than a moment. But from time to time, pop up questions that make you think like anything. 

For example, that 3 O’clock discussion about paranormal things in the night stays at your BFF’s. Or, questions like what do we call a male ladybird? Yes, there are so many questions that simply pause us and open up a string of thoughts. Plus, it sparks a plethora of deep conversations!

250 Questions That Make You Think
250 Questions That Make You Think

How is Asking ‘Questions that Make You Think’ Helpful?

The human mind is weird. Asking questions is embedded in human nature. So, it’s obvious that we tend to be those curious creatures who want to know about anything and everything. The good news is – it has its pros. In brief, your ‘Why’ helps you to understand your ‘What’ and ‘How’. Let’s dive deeper –

  1. Questions that make you think to help you to gain control over your life. It lets you understand what is going around you. And eventually gives you a better hold of everything. 
  2. Such questions help you take things into perspective. Thus, you can understand other people’s stance which you usually miss. So, you can develop healthy practices like assuming positive intent, etc.
  3. It can be a great start to your inner journey. A question can change the direction of your life. Besides, you can learn about yourself more. 
  4. Thinking answers to these questions can promote positive cognitive behaviors. This includes problem solving abilities, critical thinking, etc. 
  5. Also, it can help you in figuring out your life path, your ways, decisions, and thought process. 
  6. It lets you explore your creative aspects with free-thinking. 
  7. Questioning helps you in seeing positive things that you might be ignoring. It makes you grateful for the world and life. 
  8. It adds to your curiosity. This ignites your learning process. 
  9. These questions can be a medium to self-assessment, motivation, and growth. 
  10. Lastly, such questions are effective in sparking deeper conversations. Besides, it’s a great way to enjoy your free time and also gain a fresh perspective on things.

Clearly, questions that make you think opens many doors for you. From comforting conversation to mind-boggling facts, it gives way to a good mental exercise. And who knows – you might end up learning a thing or two also. The gospel is – let your wild thoughts appear freely. For a kickstart, here’s the help. So, without much ado, let’s explore some of these questions.

250 Questions That Make You Think

Questions often open the can of worms. From fun facts and funny thoughts to deeper philosophical realizations – it reaches anything. So, the kind of answers you need requires that kind of question to be asked. Here’s a mental feast for you to try different tastes –

Introspective Questions that Make You Self Reflect 

These questions help you in understanding yourself a bit better. Each answer can open a different aspect of your thought process. Are you ready?

  1.  If you have to describe your whole personality in a single word or phrase, what would it be? 

And be honest. Is it ‘confused yet focused’? Or, ‘beautiful couch potato’? Think… 

  1. Do you think your inner age is the same as your outer age? Or do you feel older or younger to your inner self in terms of maturity, experience, and perspectives?

It can be a thousand year old soul in a 25 years old body. Just like the childish 5-year old’s silly joys at 50 years old. 

  1. What is the one thing that makes you always happy? Can you distinguish it as tangible or intangible? Is it something external or an internal feeling?

Pizza? Or, the feeling of soft warm lips of your kid on your cheeks? Both are great recipes for instant happiness. 

  1. Do you genuinely love yourself? Or, in other words, would you love yourself if you would be a different person with a separate existence out of you? 

With your horrible procrastination habit. And a cute silly smile. Do you love that person in the mirror? 

  1. What makes you happier? Little moments and things? Or, bigger occasions and things?

For example, a diamond ring or ice cream? 

  1. Are you more attracted to someone’s voice or someone’s face? 

Take a moment. Yes, seems a bit difficult. 

  1. Which sensation are you more sensitive to? Smell, touch, vision, hearing, or taste? 

As a fun fact, do you know that smell is the oldest sense.? Makes sense… hmm.

  1. Do you think that you live to work? Or is that you work to live?

We are alive for a reason. And then, we need reasons to be alive. Ironic, isn’t it?

Questions that Make You Think about Your Behavior

Our behavior is reflected in our thought process. So taking a look at your behavior can help you in understanding yourself a little more. 

  1. How do you express yourself? That is, how you show your happiness, love, anger, etc.? 

Like, some people cry when too happy. While another might get silent on being hurt. What is your way?

  1. What are the things that make you feel anxious or uncomfortable? 

Is it public speaking? Meeting a stranger? Or say, the feeling of being left out? 

  1. When things seem to get out of place, what is your usual reaction? 

Do you get too affected by a problem? Or you try to connect dots for a solution?

  1. Are you an ‘Oh, it’s 10 O’clock’ person or an ‘It’s just 10 O’clock’ person?

The world is generally divided into these two types. Which category is yours?

  1. What activities work best for you for relaxation? That is, what do you do when you feel overwhelmed about everything?

You can think about the activities that you genuinely enjoy. Maybe a hobby or something. 

  1. Are you more comfortable in maintaining a schedule or do you prefer going as per your free will? 

This question shows if you are more of an organized person or that of a free soul. 

  1. What is your biggest weakness? And the biggest strength? Do you think these two are absolutes for you or can they change from time to time?

Think about these. Who knows, this lets you unfold a different shade of yours!

  1. Have you ever had any regrets? Or are you still having any? 

Figure out your regret trap. It might seem tough. Still. It’ll liberate you. 

  1. How often do you laugh heartily? 

Suppose rating it on a scale of 10.

  1. Which of your habits would you like to change? 

and Why?

Hypothetical Questions that Make You Think

Life is too bland if not spiced with imagination. Here are some interesting hypothetical questions that will surely make you think for more than a moment. 

  1. If you had to choose one no matter what, would you be deaf or blind? 

Also, why for whatever you choose? Do you think one is easier than the other? 

  1. What would you choose – being ugly and smart or good-looking but dumb? 

Or, in other words, what matters more for you – beauty or brains? 

  1. If you could exchange your life with any of the fictional characters, whom would you choose? Or, would you rather prefer to not experiment at all? 

You can count your favorite fictional books as well as movies. 

  1. How would you react if one day you wake up as an opposite gender person? 

If you get an opportunity, would you like to try the life of being opposite gender for once?

  1. If you come across a genie who can fulfill your 2 wishes, what would you ask for? 

Are you sure that you won’t regret your choices later? 

  1. Suppose you are a bird. Now, would you prefer being caged with constant water and food supply? Or would you choose freedom with the struggles for food and water?

Do you apply the same theory to your life too? 

  1. If you could travel in the past as well as in the future, what time would you choose first? 


  1. You have a seat on a public bus. Suddenly, an old person, a little kid, and a sick person aboard. If you could help anyone, whom would you choose?

Or would you choose to ignore all of them? 

  1. If you could give one suggestion to your younger self, what would it be? 

Additionally, anything for the future self? 

Good Questions that Make you Think about Your Beliefs

Your belief system is the crux of your life decisions and actions. Thus, questioning your beliefs is vital to open new possibilities. In other words, these let you rise above your caged thoughts and set new ones that help you accomplish your goals. 

  1. Do you consider Crying as a sign of strength or that of weakness?

Why or why not? Do you think your take on this is anyway influenced by societal norms?

  1. What, according to you, is the ultimate reason for human suffering? Is it because of Karma? Or just a law of nature?

Besides, do you connect it to Science or Philosophy?

  1. Do you think being religious and spiritual is the same thing? Why, if yes? If no, then are you more religious or spiritual or none?

Additionally, do you think a person must be any one of these? 

  1. Do you believe in the concept of hard work or smart work? 

Or else, is that a balance of both works better? 

  1. Do you believe in the law of attraction? That is, if you heartily think about something, believe in it, etc., do you think it can come true?

If yes, have you ever experienced it?

  1. Do you believe in the concept of rebirth? 

And does it need to be a life-death rebirth? We take rebirth each day, after all. 

  1. If you have to choose between your heart and mind, what would you choose? In brief, logic or intuition? 

So, is it because you consider one sense to be truer than the other? 

  1. Do you believe in the existence of supernatural power? Especially a ‘God’ figure or something?

While we are exploring science every day, can we do the same for spiritual dimensions? Little by little…

  1. Do you believe in love at first sight’? To clear the question, is it really the true love or just a crush? 


Deep Questions that Motivate You

Sometimes, we don’t need great speeches, or life-changing incidents to gain motivation. Indeed, we can get it in some little things. Yes. As small as a simple question too. 

  1. How would you define your ‘present’? 

Now, rethink your answer. Is it what you deserve really? Yes or no – this is the moment to work for what you deserve.

  1. Do you ever think about the goal of your life? Or the most fulfilling goals?

You can try to connect dots by reflecting on your strengths and wishes. Ask yourself – ‘What is that thing that I really really want?’. Your heart knows it. 

  1. Can you think about any of your accomplishments that made you super proud? And you know that you deserve it 200%? 

It can be Anything. Like a race, you participated in even when your chances were very low. Or maybe a tough time which you pulled off bravely. 

  1. What is the one step you can take now to get closer to your goal?

Take it NOW. 

  1. Have you ever gone out of your way to achieving something? For instance, walking for an interview even if you’re afraid of it. Or, taking an unconventional step for your passion?

That moment of courage would give you strength throughout your life. Yes, give it a chance.

  1. What is the toughest decision you have ever made in your life?

How did you gain strength for it?

  1. What is that one thing that is stopping you from achieving your goals? 

Is the solution inside you or out in the world? Think again.

  1. What is that one piece of advice you have received in your life that you can’t forget?

Do you gain strength from it today? 

  1. What do you want yourself to be known for?

You can think AND do it. 

Stoner Questions that Make You Think You’re High

Have you ever paused your chaotic life and asked – Why So Serious? Indeed! Here are some fun questions that would give a kick or two to your mind as if you’re high. 

  1. Do we refer to ‘sand’ as sand because it lies in between the sea and the land?

Well, well, well …. that has a point. Don’t you think so? 

  1. In the word Scent, is the ‘S’ silent or the ‘C’?

And what about ‘Science’? Or, ‘Scene’? Crescent, Fascinating, and so on… Seems there are tons of these. 

  1. Why is it that babies stay in the mother’s womb for nine months but still aren’t counted as nine months old when born?

And what if a child is born prematurely? So, a 7-month premature early one would be older than the 9 month later born? How? 

  1. Can the term ‘dog pile’ also be used for a group of cats jumping over each other?

Or should we officially coin the term ‘cat pile’? 

  1. Why does transportation by car is called ‘shipment’ but by that of the ship is called ‘cargo’?

Seems, the people creating these terms were definitely high. 

  1. If man evolved from the monkeys, how do monkeys still exist on the earth?

Wait, what? Yes… quite puzzling. Isn’t it?

  1. How did they know what was the time when the first clock was made?

Like, who literally took pains of counting the minutes and seconds to keep a record? And what if they had messed it up? Like, who knows afterall.

  1. Why do we have ‘d’ in the word fridge but not in the refrigerator?

Puzzling, right?

  1. If Pinocchio says that he would lie, would his nose grow or not? And what would happen after he said a lie, truly to his words?

He’s caught both ways. 

Philosophical Questions that Make You Think 

Philosophy has always been the source of meaningful thought provoking. It brings an awakening and clarity in life. Here are some questions that can help you with the same –

  1. Can we ever get absolute freedom? Since the world is interdependent, is absolute freedom something impossible? 

Though we think about individual freedom and liberty, is it actually practical after a limit?

  1. What is the true purpose of life? And how do you find meaning in your life? Is it by being happy? Solving the mysteries of life? Or helping someone? 

Besides, is the life purpose the same for everyone out there? Or can it vary person to person?

  1. Which one is more worthwhile according to you – bringing a change in the world or bringing change in oneself?

If the world doesn’t change, can a single person do anything? What if the world changes but not you?

  1. We are born without our choice. And the same is true for death. Does that mean that free will is nothing but an illusion?

Seems so. 

  1. If everyone is unique, everyone’s thought process must be unique too. So, in that stance, how can we come to a common moral ground ever?

So, is social moral possible? 

  1. What do you think is easier – to love or to hate? In other words, is it easy to love a person you hate or to hate a person you love? 

Irony, we don’t have control on our own emotions.

  1. If every ending is a new beginning, is death also a sign of a new start?

Why or why not?

  1. Do weapons exist to protect humans or to kill? 

And if they are created to protect us, is it really abiding to the purpose?

  1. Is there something called perfect life, anyway? 

How would you define it, if yes?

Mind-Boggling Questions that Mess with Your Mind

Questions are mostly intriguing. Afterall, they challenge us to think. But what are some truly mind boggling ones? Yes, we got you there. So, ready for the challenge?

  1. If an Asian panda is taken to Africa where it gives birth to its offspring, would the baby panda called Asian or African? 

Legally, it belongs to Africa, no? Or is it Asian African Panda? 

  1. How do we write zero (0) in roman numerals?

Yes, zero. No, you can’t just borrow it like that. 

  1. If a bubble gum has 360 calories, is it only for chewing? Or does it count swallowing it too? 

Like, can I simply have 360 calories of the gum only by chewing it? So, how much if I gulp it too? 

  1. When a new dog food is made with improved taste, who tastes it?

The thing is, how do we know if dogs find it ‘improved’ and not the very same? It seemingly needs humans, right?

  1. Why can’t we sneeze with our eyes open? Does it prevent our eyeballs from popping out because of inner force? 

No, you don’t have to try it again to answer the question. 

  1. If a pile of immovable objects meets with unstoppable energy, would the pile move or not?

The objects are immovable. Energy is unstoppable. And the question seems unanswerable. 

  1. Can you blow up a balloon underwater? 

Not inside the underwater submarine. Out there in water. Have you ever tried? 

  1. People refer to ‘hot cakes’ to the items that sell out fast. Does that mean that hotcakes sell out faster than everything else? 

And how fast do the hotcakes sell? Seems a good business idea. 

  1. If you decide that your decisions are always wrong, is this decision wrong or right? 

How hard it can be to make such a decision!

Hardest Would You Rather Questions that Make You Think Twice

Life gives us options in almost every step. Yes, we are the ones who make choices. It can be conscious as well as unconscious ones. Let’s figure these out.

  1. Would you choose to give up your taste buds or the ability to see different colors? 

Think about the world without colors. And then the dull food each and every day. 

  1. 10 minutes late in every meeting or event throughout your life or 1 hour early to everything? 

For example, would you prefer to be 10 minutes late in an important meeting or sitting there waiting for an hour? 

  1. Would you choose to change your past or the future? Especially, if you can do this only once by merely thinking about it. 

So, change that mistake and get out of your regret. Or, let the past go and go for a better future. 

  1. Would you rather wash your hair daily or once a year? Nothing in between.

Late for office, sick, cold, whatever it is – you have to. Or, be there with that messed up thing all year round. 

  1. So, would you rather choose slow internet or stumbling to every red traffic light for the rest of your life?

One can make you late in online meetings. The other one in offline events. Choice is yours.

  1. Would you rather choose harsh truths or sweet lies?

Truths that can hurt you, make you uncomfortable, and mess your peace. Or, lies that keep you in an illusion. 

  1. Would you rather have a magical Rewind button in your life or a Pause button? 


  1. What would you pick if you had to choose between wiping your ass or brushing your teeth?

Really complicated. 

  1. Would you rather lose the ability to smell things or that of the tasting ability?

Roses or Chocolate Brownies – what matters more?

Dumb Questions that Make No Sense

Being intelligent, deep, philosophical is all good but what about your inner silliness? Sometimes, the inner child needs a few spoons of dumbness. And it is far more enjoyable to be dumb sometimes than to be serious always. Not get it? Here’s a trailer. 

  1. Why do we call Greenland so when it is nothing but white ice? And Iceland so when it is full of greenery?

Seems the ones coining names for the two places were really confused about the terms ice and green. Can we interchange it now?

  1. Why do we don’t have mouse-flavored cat food?

Cats eat mice, right? Atleast, that;s what we show in cartoons. Then why not have mouse flavored cat food? 

  1. If the words ‘guy’ and ‘man’ can be used interchangeably, why can’t we use ‘wise man’ and ‘wise guy’ interchangeably too ? 

Wise is wise, right? Seems the dictionary makers aren’t sure about their ideas. 

  1. Why is the word dictionary in the dictionary?

Like, you have a dictionary. You know it is a dictionary. And then you would need a dictionary to reconfirm that it is a dictionary by looking at the word ‘dictionary’. 

  1. If you can’t drink and drive legally, why do you need a driving license to buy an alcoholic drink?

Either keep it separate. Or connect it always. But why confuse people like this? 

  1. Why is it called tourist season when one can’t shoot at them?


  1. If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest drown too?

They are synchronized, right? It means they would… And why not?

  1. What came in life forms first – the chicken or the egg?

Eggs bring out chicken. But chicken lays eggs. So we need a chicken for egg and egg for chicken. Wait. 

  1. If all the world’s a stage, where is the audience sitting?


Rhetoric Questions that Touches Irony 

Not all questions demand an answer. In fact, there are some unanswerable questions. But if unanswerable, why do we have those questions? To elicit the string of thoughts, ideas, and maybe deeper conversations? So, here are some with a dash of irony to savour –

  1. What do blind people see in their dreams? Or is it that they only hear voices in dreams? 

Does their imagination help in visualizing things? Then can they imagine in dreams too?

  1. Can you get a paper cut from a ‘Get well soon’ card? 

And would you call it a kind of tracheary? 

  1. Violets are called violet because they are violet in color, right?Or is the color called violet because of the flower? 

Like, orange is called orange because it is orange in color. Or vice versa? 

  1. Why do we call some mysteries an ‘unsolved mystery’? As once it is solved, it can’t be called a mystery.

It’s either a solved case or a mystery. We need to decide.

  1. How did the first humans decide that this thing is called this? And since, the language was not invented, how did they share their ideas about creating a language?

 For example, a door is called a door because someone called it a door. But how did he convince others that it is a door?

  1. Do you think fishes get thirsty?

They can be as a living being. But they live in water itself. Well…

  1. Battery devices run on batteries. So, what is the thing batteries run on? 


  1. They say that practice makes perfect. But no one is truly perfect in the world. So, what is the point in practicing, at all?


  1. Like earth has earthquakes, if other planets have the same, what would we call it? 

Do we call it venusquakes or marsquakes? 

Random Questions that Make You Think

Suppose you are sitting with an interesting person and things are on the go. You know it’s the right time to proceed with the conversation further. But it can’t be conversation starters nor the too deeper topics. So, what to do? Here are some light random questions that fills up the conversation gaps. 

  1. Why do we say that something is easy like taking candy from a child? Afterall, children are usually greedy and it can be really hard to take candy from a child? 


  1. Why do we call it a pair of scissors when only one article is what we refer to? 

And then we have a pair of trousers, and glasses.

  1. Who decided to put suits in garment bags and not in suitcases? While we put shirts in suitcase and not in garment bags. 

Why at all? 

  1. There’s this thing called humanity that not all humans necessarily follow each and every moment. So, how can we call it humanity if it has its exceptions among humans too? 

And why don’t we have anything similar for animals, like, animality?

  1. It is believed that we see our life like a recording in the last 7 minutes before death. So, how do you know that you are living your life and it is not that last 7 minute hallucination?

Like, this is just a mere replay that will end any minute. 

  1. Suppose you got a machine and you replaced all of it’s parts one by one. Now, as none of its parts is original, can you call it the same machine or a different one? 


  1. Is life really living and not slowly dying? 


  1. So, what is the color of the mirror?

Not the reflection.

  1. Can we call someone’s bullshit as fertilizer? 

Fertilizer is made of bullshit, right?

Interesting Questions that Make You Wonder

You’re at the night stay with your friends, the clock is ticking at 2 O’ clock, and suddenly the conversation goes towards something out of the track. It happens often. And then you might need a quick supply of interesting questions that make you all wonder. Here’s what you need – 

  1. Are we afraid of aliens because we think that they would treat us the same way we treat other species of the earth? 

It makes sense. 

  1. Would it matter for you if no one regrets your death? 

Or since you’re dead, it won’t matter any further? 

  1. Do you think that the more we grow intellectually, the more we get puzzled about the world around us? 

Like, the more we learn, the more we feel ignorant. 

  1. If you could bring one fictional character into real life, what would it be?

Any of the avengers? Or a character of your favorite movie? 

  1. The world belongs to everyone and we get our motherland, language, etc., by the accident of birth. So, is the concept of cultures or countries as someone’s identity a mere illusion? 

Since we all belong to the earth, equally. 

  1. If you would only be able to watch one thing between tv shows and social media videos, what would you choose?


  1. Do you think it is sane of humans to create artificial intelligence? Especially with the fact that most of our movies and fictions depict the development of artificial intelligence as a threat to human civilization at a certain point? 

We have that fear. 

  1. How would it be if time was just an illusion? And everyone is pretending that it exists just for the sake of convenience? 

Do you think it is true with us?

  1. If you had the ability to read minds, who would you choose first?

Why so?

Thought Provoking Questions that are Difficult to Answer

All bored with those same repetitive conversation topics? What about questions that help your mind do some mental gymnastics? Not those puzzles and all. Let’s have a look at some questions that aren’t easy to answer. 

  1. If earth belongs to everyone, is it justifiable that one species is taking another’s share in the name of science and growth? 

And if yes, would you answer the same if human’s life would be in danger because of some other species? 

  1. Do you think a person can be wholly evil? That is, without any sign of goodness? 

If yes, do you think it is inborn nature? Or else, if no, how can we call someone a villain if everyone has some flaws?

  1. What would you do if you were the last person in the world?

With everything else as it is. 

  1. Do you think giving a full life sentence for a prisoner is crueler than a death sentence? 

Since living as a prisoner whose life is a pain extended in every way. 

  1. If wasting time would got you money, would it be still wasting time?

Why not?

  1. Would you prefer to be locked in a room for a day or be homeless for 24 hours?


  1. Since morals change from time to time as per society, how do we know that our present moral system is the right one? 

And what if we are on the wrong side? 

  1. Suppose you couldn’t live anymore. And you had to choose the way of death. So, would you prefer to naturally die or kill yourself?

One is in your hand. Another in nature. 

  1. Who deserves to get paid more? Poor labor who physically works 12 hours a day? Or a high qualified doctor practicing 5 hours a day?

Afterall, they both are needed in society.

Questions about the World Around You

Our world is quite an interesting place. Isn’t it? Besides, it is the place that harbors so much in terms of out of the box, wonderful, and intriguing questions. So let’s explore some of these amazing questions that make you think about the world around you. 

  1. Do you think the world would be as beautiful as now if there were no other animals except humans? 

Why and why not?

  1.   If little knowledge is really dangerous, where are we now when the whole universe lies undiscovered for us? 

Though Science has grown exceptionally, it’s still just a step. So, what next?

  1. Have you ever thought that at present there might be someone exactly at the same point as you on the other side of the earth? 

Like you and that person might be creating a straight line if joined by the earth’s crux. 

  1. Isn’t it possible that a stranger somewhere around the globe has the same likes, dislikes, and thought processes as you? 

So, wouldn’t that stranger be more familiar to you than any other person?

  1. Why do we handle a diamond with more care than a flower when a flower is far more delicate than a diamond?

Besides, diamond is anyway the hardest. 

  1. Do you think the world will get more beautiful or lesser in the coming future? 

Why or why not?

  1. If we had two moons instead of one, would the moon still have such a special place in humankind? 

Or would it be something more general like we take stars as? 

  1. Do you think trees feel our emotions if we convey them to them?

Especially as they are living beings too? 

  1. If the moon had no significance in terms of science, would we still celebrate it like a showpiece then? 

For it would have no role for us. 

Questions that Make You Grow

Questions are not only the way to connect to others. Or to have an interesting time pass. It can be a way to go further on your path of self-growth. 

  1. Ask yourself – ‘Am I being true to my abilities and strengths?’

You have immense possibilities. Sometimes, all you lack is consciousness towards it. 

  1. Would you choose to be the big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?

For example, a winner or the bigger person in a small group or an average in a big group. The latter has the chance for growth. First one doesn’t. 

  1. What is the greatest fear of your life?

How do you believe you can deal with it?

  1. Have you ever met someone who you think lived life to the fullest? 

Do you think you can be that person for someone else?

  1. Among all the life lessons you ever came across, what is the one lesson that you followed and it worked?

It can be anything. Like, getting up early or spending time with yourself.

  1. Describe your one of the failures that was actually an opportunity in disguise?

Of course, you realized it later in life.

  1. Would you like to be famous or happy?


  1. Is there something that you want to do for a long time but haven’t done somehow? 

What is stopping you?

  1. Do you enjoy how you spend your time? 

Or is there any kind of insatisfaction and regret linked to it?

  1. What one piece of advice would you give yourself if you were a different person with separate existence?

Embrace it now.

  1. Are you just spending your life or living it truly?

In other words, do you feel you are lacking something in life? Or do you feel fulfilled and content internally?

Questions that Make You Think about Your Choices 

Life is all about our choices. The choices we make builds our present and decides our future. So, let’s take a moment to reconsider your choices. Shall we?

  1. Before every decision, do you ask yourself – ‘Am I sure it won’t be regretful later?’

Don’t you think it to be the right way to make bigger decisions?

  1. Would you choose to live in a 40 years old body with a 10 years old mind? Or in a 10 years old body with a 40 years old mind? 


  1. Do you make your decisions thinking about external factors like fame and money or internal factors like happiness and inner content?

Or do you consider both?

  1. What should be the right way to measure life? Is it in the years like we do? Or in terms of accomplishments? In happy moments? Rather something else? 

Do you measure it in that way personally?

  1. If you could eat only one favorite food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Is it junk food or a healthy one? Your decision shows your far-sightedness. 

  1. What would you do if you win the lottery of million dollars today?

Would you book a luxurious car or 

  1. Are you going to make any big decision? So, have you thought if you can cope with it if things go wrong? 
  2. Is there something that you would regret about if not done right now?
  3. What fear is stopping you from taking a step towards your dream?

Questions to Explore Your Relationships 

Our life is woven by our dear ones, that is, family and friends. And understanding the depth of these beautiful relationships can help us grow it for better. Thus, here some questions that would help you to explore your relationships in a different way. Let’s dive deeper –

  1. What do you like most in your partner?

It can be anything. Just close your eyes and think about it. Like, is it his cute smile? Or, her strong personality? As a tip, tell them this!

  1. Whom do you admire most in your life? Why?

Do you show your admiration or love to the person? If not, this is the right time. Show it!

  1. Can you recall any special moment between you and a dear one?

Anything simple, lovable, cute, or the way you want to describe it.

  1. With whom do you feel most loved, respected, or supported?

How does the person make you feel so? And do you think you reciprocate it in the same way?

  1. Do you consider your childhood to be a happy one?

Can you mention those who made it wonderful, even if for a little while?

  1. Who is the person who can make you feel happy just by smiling?

Yes! Some of our dear ones have this magic. It can be anyone from your crush, parents, or child to your pet.

  1. Who is the person with whom you would like to live your life? 

Like the one you want to share everything. It can be your life partner or maybe your best friend. 

  1. Do you think it is easier to love someone because of their heart or because of their physicality? 

Why do you think so?

  1. How easily do you forgive your dear one’s mistakes?

Do you think it is right or not?

Questions that Make You Think about Beautiful Things 

Life is not always about growth, competition, or success. Sometimes, it is about stopping and cherishing the wonderful things we have. Thus, let’s discuss some of the questions that make you think about beautiful things in life.

  1. What is the one touch that you find most soothing? 

It can be that of a person,a pet, or even that of your favorite couch. Just feel the beautiful sensation it leaves you with.

  1. What time of a day do you find most calming or beautiful for you?

Like, some people prefer mornings over anything. And others can leave anything for their intense love for the night sky. What time is your favorite?

  1. Which color do you find really lovely?

Is it bright yellow? Cute pink? Or maybe classy grey? Well, it can be anything.

  1. What do you find more soothing – the sunset or the sun rise?

Not sure? Why not try it today?

  1. Who is the person whose tight hug seems to heal you?

Your parents? Friend? Or maybe a Pillow? All hugs are worth cherishing.

  1. After a tiring day, how does it feel to be on your bed?

Is it the same feeling as that of being on a different bed? Why?

  1. What flowers do you like most?

And what makes you like it? Like, smell, touch, sight, etc.

  1. What motivates you to get up every morning? 

Do you think you live life as per it?

  1. What is the perfect place to walk bare footed? How does it feel to walk on such a surface?

Like cosy warm sand. Or, dewy grass. 

Mindful Questions about Your Spiritual Journey 

In the chaos of life competitions, do you ever pause to look into yourself? Can you sense the magic that is all around you? And even present inside you. Let’s take a moment to reflect on it.

  1. What makes you feel worth living? 

Do you think you got this life for a purpose? And everything you do is meaningful in some way or the other? Why or why not?

  1. Ask yourself – “Do I have power over my circumstances or are they more powerful than me?”

For instance, do you lose control over yourself in some disturbing situations? Or, can you keep your composure?

  1. When you pray, or simply wish, what do you seek?

In the true sense? Like, it might be something that you unconsciously pray in disguise of other wishes?

  1. Have you ever felt the presence of the divine in someone? 

It can be in anyone. Even a stranger. And if you have felt it, you know. If not, it is still there near you. Are you looking?

  1. How conscious are you in your daily life? 

Like, are you aware of your actions and sources of your reactions. Reflect upon it!

  1. Have you forgiven yourself fully for any of the mistakes of your life?

Or do you still feel bad for it sometimes? Can you promise yourself to let it be now? 

  1. Do you listen to your inner intuitions from time to time?

Like, before every big decision, sitting by yourself, reflecting upon it, listening to your inner one.

  1. Can you ever forgive someone who had hurt you the most? 

Don’t you think that forgiving the person would liberate you too? 

  1. Are you 100% comfortable in your own company?

Like, do you feel calm, peaceful, and happy when all alone with yourself? Or is it disturbing, boring, or uncomfortable?

Questions that Make You Feel Grateful

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

Melody Beattie

Do we need any other reason to be grateful? Here are some thought-provoking gratitude questions –

  1. When you wake up in the morning, what first thing makes you feel good about your life?

Like, seeing your loved ones, a morning walk, reading the newspaper on your couch, etc. 

  1. What is the simple recent event in your life or only a coincidence maybe, that made you feel lucky?

For example, getting a free ice cream coupon. Or, a seat in class beside your crush. Yes, think about it.

  1. What is that one thing that made you laugh heartily recently?

It can be anything from a cute funny cartoon, a silly daily life situation, to a lame joke by your best friend. 

  1. What are the things that make you feel grateful at your ongoing stage of life?

A stable job. Little, humble, decent house. Or, maybe the opportunity to try different things in life. 

  1. Do you have someone in life who actually gets happy seeing you?

Who is the person? Are you showing your gratitude for this?

  1. What are the daily things around you that make your life easier and better?

Little coffee mug. And that smartphone in your hand. Or the couch you are lying above. Hmm, everything.

  1. What decision did you take in your life that turned out really well?

Have you thanked yourself?

  1. What are the things in your personality that you are grateful for?

You do have some great talents. Admire it.

  1. What is that one little thing in your daily life routine that you absolutely love doing?

Are you grateful for it?

Questions You can Ask When You Want to Get to Know Someone

These questions are great when you want to start a conversation with someone you know but aren’t friends with yet. They can help you get the dialogue flowing without any awkward pauses.

  1. What do you find beautiful? What inspires you? 

This question looks very simple on the surface. But it will force the other person to dig deeper. You will soon realize that beauty is all around you, and that you only need to look to find it. You can find inspiration from the simplest of creatures, and even learn something from people you don’t like. Who knows – it just might change your life

  1. Was there a point when your life changed forever? Was it a good change or an adverse change? How did you react to it?

This is a good question if you are getting to know someone you have just met. You can follow up with graver questions – was it a single turning point? Or was it a slow change? Did they know then that their life was going to change forever? Or are they still waiting for that moment? 

  1. What stands between who you are now and who you want to be? 

This will help you learn what makes the other person tick. What are their deepest desires, and how do they see the future? You can also follow up by asking what hurdles do they expect in their path, and how do they plan to overcome them? 

  1. What’s your idea of heaven?

This one is a thinker. Everyone has an ideal scenario in their minds. To truly understand what motivates someone, ask them this question. It will reveal everything they love about life and more.

  1. What helps you stay calm when you are stressed or depressed? Are there any coping techniques you use? What makes you upset in the first place?

On the surface, these questions sound very simple. The truth is, we all have our own demons. Things we find hard to deal with. Maybe you’ll find something familiar that bothers both of you. Perhaps you can find the solution together. And if nothing else, you will find out what to avoid so that your new friend feels comfortable with you.

It’s worth asking yourself these questions too. Listening to the other person and their experiences can also help you on your journey of self-growth.

Five Questions that Make You Think Hard

Frank dialogues and deep questions are what make our connections with those around us more meaningful, while also contributing to our subjective well-being. So, it is clear that one should never stop asking questions. Here are some thought-provoking questions that will make you lose the track of time and think hard about the things around you:

  1. What does it mean to accept and love ourselves for who we are? Does this mean we stop thinking of personal growth? Does accepting the status quo mean we abandon self-improvement?

This is a great question – one I have often spent time discussing and agonizing over with my friends. It will spark a conversation about the journey we call life, what our personal values are, and what do we define as success.

  1. If you could travel to another planet, and you could never come back, would you do it?

This question explores the possibility of space travel, colonizing other planets, and what it means for humanity in the long term. Where will it be like in the next 100 years? Is Mars our next home? Can we terraform it enough to make it habitable? These are all follow up questions that will spark an in-depth discussion.

  1. What’s the one thing everyone should do once in their life?

Focus on the word one. This is a great question when several friends are gathered, and you are all talking about random things. It will start an in-depth discussion on things you’d never have thought of. Different people find different things enjoyable. Maybe you’ll even find out something you can add to your bucket list.

  1. What can we do as individual human beings to save the environment?

Climate change affects everyone – rich or poor, first-world or third-world, man or woman. Discussing the various ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint on an individual, community, and city-level can help you figure out some tangible steps towards this issue. And who knows – maybe you’ll create a revolution with these good deeds. All it takes is one human to create a snowball effect.

  1. Do you think there are aliens?

It’s outdated, I know. But how do you not find this the most intriguing thing ever? Maybe some of your friends will roll your eyes at you, but it will surely be fun conversation starters. Talk about the Fermi paradox and what it could mean to have another intelligent species in some parts of the galaxy. It doesn’t have to be about conspiracy theories and UFOs only.

Be open when discussing these questions. There are no wrong answers or the right answers here; it’s all subjective.

Questions that Make You Think about the Absurdity of the English Language

The English language is full of peculiarities and strange and long words that will make you scratch your head. After the deep, weighty questions about life and all that it entails, these silly, but valid queries will make you wonder about the origins of the most popular language in the world.

  1. Why is it called a building if it’s already built?
  2. Why do nose runs, but your feet smell? And what a site it would be to see noses run!
  3. Why is geese the plural of goose, but meese is not the plural of moose?
  4. Why do you chop down a tree but chop up firewood?
  5. Why is the ‘‘ough” sound different in all these words – cough, though, through, thorough,  thought, bough?

All these questions are just conversation starters and only meant for having fun. You can use them simply to break the ice.

Funny Questions that Make You Think 

Again, those profound questions can be a bit of a party killer. No worries. Use these goofy brain-trails to lighten up the mood. They are sure to make you chuckle, or at least crack a smile.

  1. How do you know if sour cream is expired? Does it taste normal then? Or does it get sourer? What exactly is sour? How do you know if it’s not sour because it is expired, but because it is getting better?

As you can probably tell, I have given it a lot of thought.

  1. Why is the rider awarded in horse races, but the poor horse only gets nothing?

Seems awful, especially considering that the horse did most of the work.

  1. Do news anchors bother to wear pants behind their desks? Or is it just pajamas? Or nothing at all?

Do they even have legs?

  1. If psychics can tell the future, wouldn’t they know you were going to call them already?

And if so, why didn’t they call first? Seems rude.

  1. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, and all beans are vegetables. Does that mean chocolate is a vegetable? 

And most importantly – can I add it to my salad?

  1. Why did they make the spelling of dyslexia so hard?

Did they not know that dyslexic people are… well, dyslexic?

  1. Why is it that when we want to focus on the road, we turn down the volume of the music on our radio?

I mean, it’s not like we listen with our eyes so they are getting distracted, or see with our ears and turning down the music will help us look clearer. 

  1. If wild cats like to eat mice, can they start a mice catching company?

It just sounds like a missed opportunity. 

  1. If Goofy and Pluto are both dogs, how come one of them stands on two feet and is erect, while the other walks on all fours?

What is going on here, Disney? We demand answers!

  1. Why do they call the third and the fastest hand on the clock the second hand?

With the speed at which it is going, it should be the first hand!

Questions that Make You Think about Who You are

Exploring your personality and being more self-aware is never a bad idea. Use these questions to find out what makes you tick, what are your motivations, and what are you heading towards in the future.

  1. Describe who you are in one sentence.

This question will force you and your friends to think hard and long about how you see yourself. What are your best traits? How do you define yourself? Do you judge yourself by your actions? Do you think your value lies in what you can do for others? Or is it what you admire about yourself?

  1. What do you live for? 

The brevity of this question will force you to really evaluate your personality and spend some time thinking about your principles and values – things that you often take for granted. 

  1. Who are the most significant people in your life?

And do you make enough time for them? Do they know you love them? 

Often, in the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to pay attention to those who matter the most to us. Whether it is our parents, children, spouse, or friends that have helped us in tough times. A conversation about them will make you want to pick up the phone and give them a call. And that’s always a good thing

  1. What areas of your life can you pay more attention to?

Are you focusing on work too much? Do you take care of yourself? Are you taking care of your body and health? Do you indulge in any hobbies? Do you travel? 

Modern lifestyles are hectic, and often, we get too lost in the race to get to the front. But balance is important. And this question will force you to re-evaluate your daily choices. 

  1. Are you focusing on work too much? Do you take care of yourself? Are you taking care of your body and health? Do you indulge in any hobbies? Do you travel?

Often, in the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to pay attention to those who matter the most to us. Whether it is our parents, children, spouse, or friends that have helped us in tough times. A conversation about them will make you want to pick up the phone and give them a call. And that’s always a good thing

  1. Are you being your authentic self around others? 

Why? Why not? Are you allowing yourself the freedom to express your thoughts and exercise your right to free speech? Or are you wearing a mask? Why do you feel the need to? Should you change that? How would you change that if you wanted to? 

Questions that Make You Think about the Universe

If you are like me, you must spend a great deal of time thinking about the universe and the nature of time. Pondering about the state of the universe is a great way to expand your horizons and learn something new. Here are some questions to get your started on this journey:

  1. What is time? On what plane does it exist? 

Is time a higher dimension we cannot perceive? Or is this a concept Science made up to explain our lives? How did time exist before the big bang? If the beginning of the Big Bang began time as we know it, what was the universe like before time? And if there was no time… what exactly distinguishes that ‘time’ from this time? 

  1. If the universe is constantly expanding, what is it expanding into? 

What lies beyond the edge or the boundary of the universe? What happens if you reach the edge? Will you be able to slide over into nothingness, or would something stop you from going over the edge? This is a question that has plagued the scientific world for years, and maybe we will never know the answer. 

  1. If the universe came into existence almost 14 billion years ago, and there are other sentient beings somewhere, in some corner of the universe, and we happen to stumble upon them, what should we do? 

Should we say hello? What if they decide to annihilate our species? The general consensus in the world is that the distance between the planets and galaxies is so big, that it would be impossible for an alien species to destroy us. 

On the other hand, other people believe that it is possible that they may have overcome the limit of travelling below the speed of light, so they could hurt us. The question remains, though. The world does not have a strategic plan on how to deal with an alien species, and maybe we should. 

  1. Where is the missing 96% of the universe? 

When scientists calculated the total of all the energy and matter in the universe, they found that almost 96% of it is missing. Where is it? And do aliens live in it? How does one even search for something like this? The fact that we only occupy 4% of the universe also seems to have some significance, but we do not know what it means just yet. 

  1. What is dark matter and dark energy?

Scientists have discovered that 74% of the universe is made of dark matter and dark energy, but we don’t know what exactly it is. Since it does not interact with the rest of the world as we know it in any way, it is impossible for scientists to detect its presence. We cannot even see it. That is why we still do not know what exactly it is and what are its properties.

Stupid Questions that Make You Think about the Absurdity of the World Around You

There has been extensive research on why asking questions is generally a good idea for us, cognitively. Discussing answers to questions can help you strengthen your bond with other people. Here are some stupid questions I bet you never gave a thought to:

  1. If you get clean in the showee, what makes the towel that  you use after showering dirty?
  2. What letter is silent in scent – S or C?
  3. Was sand called sand because it lies between land and sea?
  4. We all say life is unfair to everyone. Does that mean that if life is unfair to everyone, it is, actually, in a way, fair?
  5. If you hire a guy to kill you, will it be ruled as suicide or murder?
  6. If a man has only one arm, how would the police handcuff him?
  7. If bread is square, why does sandwich meat always come in round shapes?
  8. Can we daydream at night?
  9. Why do we press the buttons on the remote control harder when we realize that the battery is dead?
  10. What came first – the fruit orange or the color orange?

Questions that Make You Think about Life and the Human Race

The nature of the human race, and various issues it brings with it is an excellent way to deep dive into things that matter. Here are some questions about the human race and the nature of our reality that will blow your mind:

  1. What will happen if the machines gain sentience? 

If our computers became conscious one day? How would that change human life? Would it be like the movies and they would become our biggest threats? Would we be their slaves? Or would we come to a peaceful agreement and live our lives separately? One thing is certain – we may no longer be able to depend on the computers and mobiles to work for us. 

  1. Where do our thoughts come from? 

If all that humans are made of is meat and fat and bones, where is the boundary between consciousness and physical mass? What makes our thoughts spring from this loaf of meat called our brain? Scientists still have not discovered the physical basis of consciousness, known as the hard problem of consciousness. 

  1. Does human life have a meaning in the long run? 

If all we are doing is existing in this vast and empty universe all on our own, do our actions make any difference? Whether we do good or bad – what does it matter? We are all going to die anyway, so what is the point of doing anything?

  1. Are numbers real or did we make them up?

Similarly, is calculus real? How come it solves so many of the universe’s problems? If you think of numbers as some lines on the paper that we have given meaning to, how come they describe the universe around us so perfectly? Some people also think that it is strange that the numbers work so well for describing the laws of the universe. 

  1. Is the world around us real?

Or is it a simulation? Are we stuck in the matrix? Even people like Tesla CEO Elon Musk are stumped by questions like this. The reasoning goes that if we have managed to make such dramatic changes in computer technology within the last 20 years only, isn’t it possible that some other species somewhere in the universe made a simulated universe that is now our universe? 

Some people also think that the fact that the Physics in our world has such clear laws that can be calculated means that we are a simulation. But who knows really? Maybe we will find out, maybe we never will. 

Weird Questions that Make You Think about the Strangeness of Humans 

Socrates believed in the power of questions so much so that he advocated using them as a tool for teaching effectively and efficiently. They can help you develop a holistic point of view and morph the way you see the world. Here are some weird questions that will make you scratch your head:

  1. Why is it called quicksand when it works so slowly?
  2. If an atheist goes to court, will they make him swear on a Bible too?
  3. If vanilla extract is brown, how come vanilla ice cream is white?
  4. Do blind people dream? What do their dreams look like? 
  5. When someone says, “A penny for your thoughts?” and you give your two cents in, where does the second penny disappear?
  6. Do penguins have knees? What about elbows? What do they look like?
  7. When we waste time, where does that wasted time go exactly?
  8. Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? If yes, then why do we have beauty pageants?

Final Thoughts by TheMindFool

We often look for answers. But is it even possible to get answers when you don’t know your questions? Thus, here you are with the questions that make you think. Plus, every single one of these questions has the potential to spark a conversation that will last for hours and make both the participants feel good. Go forward!