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300+ Sexual Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend and Get Him in the “Mood”

300+ Sexual Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend and Get Him in the “Mood”

Updated on Nov 07, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

300+ Sexual Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend and Get Him in the Mood

Do you want to spice up things in your bedroom but are too shy to ask what your boyfriend likes?

Do you desperately want to know what gets him in the mood? And, do you want a super-fun list of sexual questions to ask your boyfriend?

Then you have come to the right place!

Even if you are in the beginning stages of your relationship or you have known each other for a long time. There might be a lot of things that you don’t know about each other, especially when it comes to the bedroom.

Couples often get shy to speak up because they don’t want to offend their feelings. In these cases, a good questions game can come to your rescue.

These games make the conversations very light but flirty enough so that you can know your partner well.

And this time, I have brought a super fun game with an ever more fun questions list for you.

I have hand-picked all the questions in this think-piece so that you don’t even have to lift a finger.

This article has everything that you need to know about your partner’s sexual desires and fantasies and what exactly gets him rolling.

Let’s go step by step…

300+ Sexual Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend and Get Him in the “Mood”
300+ Sexual Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend and Get Him in the “Mood”

Sexually intimate questions to ask your boyfriend

Intimacy is one of the purest things in a relationship. Whether it’s emotional or physical, intimacy makes you come closer to your partner.

When you have that kind of comfort with each other, you will hesitate to ask your partner about anything. But if you still do, I am here to help you out!

You can start by asking some sexually intimate questions that I have made for you to get him in the “naughty” mood and finally get the ball rolling.

  1. Where do you like being touched a lot?
  2. What is your favorite kind of foreplay?
  3. Do you like it when I make the first move?
  4. If you had to assign one flavor to my lips, what would it be?
  5. What is your dirtiest sexual fantasy?
  6. How do you like to touch your girl?
  7. Do you want to do it in a movie theatre?
  8. Have you wanted to be sexually intimate with me on our first date?
  9. Do you like to talk after having sex?
  10. Do you like to know a person before having sex with them?
  11. Does saying “I love you” to your person while having sex feel more attractive?
  12. Are you comfortable giving me oral?
  13. Do you like cuddling after sex?
  14. Do you like to have lights on or off?
  15. How do you want me to seduce you?
  16. What dirty fantasy you will never share with me?
  17. When do you feel most passionate?
  18. Would you go to candlelight dinner with me and then get naughty later?
  19. Is it more romantic to have sex now that I am your girlfriend?
  20. Do you think a relationship can solely thrive on sex?

See, it wasn’t that difficult… was it?

So, let’s move ahead and see what the night brings for you…

Good questions to ask your boyfriend sexually

Now that I am sure you must have connected with your partner, it’s the best time to get going with some good questions that really convert your talk to a conversation and maybe to a lot more!

Brownie points, if he is biting his lips… I hope you know what that means!

  1. What is your favorite sex position for us?
  2. What part of my body you cannot resist?
  3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  4. What is the best sex toy you have used?
  5. Do you like to use your tongue more?
  6. Would you lick chocolate from my lips?
  7. Are you a shy guy in bed?
  8. Do you want me to tattoo any part of my body?
  9. Do you like to push me against the wall?
  10. Do you like to bend me forward?
  11. If you could see one part of my body right now, which part would it be?
  12. How many times would you love to have sex per week?
  13. If we ever go through a dry period, how will you get things spiced up?
  14. What is your favorite part of your body?
  15. Do you want to play hard to get?
  16. Do you want to see me in leather underwear?
  17. Do you want to do anal with me?
  18. If you could have sex anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
  19. Will you send me one of your nude photos?
  20. What’s the one thing that sexually attracts you to me?

Did you like the looks on his face?

He is really getting excited with every passing minute. So, why stop?

Funny dirty questions to ask your boyfriend

Do you know what makes a relationship wholesome? The fun.

When you include the fun element inside your bedroom, everything becomes a lot more exciting and memorable.

Well, I’m sure, your boyfriend must have his own pile of funny memories or even funny things that he likes in the bedroom. Now is the time we make him spill-all-the-beans!

Below are some dirty questions that are going to help you in that.

All right, ladies let’s go!

  1. Have you ever had sex with someone and then started dating them?
  2. Do you think you have satisfied me every single time?
  3. When you saw a naked lady for the first time, did you get nervous?
  4. Were you a bit uncomfortable touching my breasts for the first time?
  5. Do you have any fetishes unrelated to sex?
  6. Have you ever laughed when I tried dirty talking with you?
  7. Has a condom ever broken down?
  8. Have you ever masturbated imagining your crush?
  9. Have you ever mistakenly sent a dirty text to the wrong person when we were sexting?
  10. Do you ever find out that I am faking?
  11. Have you ever farted silently when we were having sex?
  12. Have any of your parents caught you masturbating?
  13. Have you ever laughed at the way I moaned?
  14. Have you ever licked my fingers and got a different taste?
  15. Have you ever masturbated so much that you couldn’t get hard after that?
  16. Have you ever pressed someone’s butt thinking it was me?
  17. Have I ever cut you badly with my teeth?
  18. Have you ever tried to try my bra?
  19. Do you want to switch roles in the bedroom?
  20. Has my pubic hair ever hurt you in the face?

Could you believe that your boyfriend has so much fun hidden inside him?

Get ready because this might not be the only surprise you will get tonight!

Dirty Flirty Questions to ask your boyfriend

Even if your relationship has been in place for a long time, flirting is a definite way that is going to keep the relationship interesting.

And the truth is, we all love it!

So, if you want to flirt in a new and “dirty” way with your boyfriend, you need to play dirty questions to ask a guy with him.

I recommend you give him soft touches once in a while, it’s going to make him crazzzyyy.

  1. What is your biggest turn-on?
  2. Do you want to have a one-night stand?
  3. What do you wear to bed when you are in the mood?
  4. Do you like getting a body massage from me?
  5. Would you ever try edible underwear?
  6. Describe your last dirty dream?
  7. What is the best drink to get you in the mood?
  8. Do you love making out?
  9. What type of kisser are you?
  10. What kind of porn do you like to watch?
  11. Do you like it if we are experimental in the bedroom?
  12. Do you like it when I say yes to everything?
  13. Do you have a high sex drive?
  14. How many positions do you think we have tried till now?
  15. How long can you go without sex?
  16. What is a sure-shot way of turning you on?
  17. Do you like to have quickies with me?
  18. Do you like it when I sit on top of you while making out?
  19. Do you like it when I touch someone else just to make you feel jealous?
  20. Do you want to take off my underwear in a public place?

I can feel the heat already but this is not the end. I have a lot of things waiting for you to see.

Dirty sex questions to ask your boyfriend

Well flirting is a sure shot way to bring in on the intensity but it’s just a start. Since he is now fond of your touch, why not make him crave for more?

Let’s get along with some dirty sex questions and let it roll.

Tip: Make sexy eye contact in some of the questions and see how it makes him uneasy down there! 😉

  1. Describe our sex life in one word?
  2. Do you like having naughty dreams?
  3. Have you ever enacted a sexual act with an older lady?
  4. Have you ever gone skinny dipping with a group? How was the view?
  5. Would you want to record us while having sex?
  6. What do you basically like me to do in the bedroom?
  7. What color of lingerie do you want me to wear?
  8. Have you ever played sex games?
  9. How often do you like to watch porn?
  10. How many fingers do you like to put inside me?
  11. Do you like taking off my clothes?
  12. What would you feel if you saw me in your kitchen, wearing nothing but an apron?
  13. Where do you want to give me a love bite?
  14. Do you like to kiss me on the neck?
  15. Would you drink alcohol from my mouth?
  16. Do you ever feel that I hold myself back on the bed?
  17. If I wasn’t horny, how would you spice it up?
  18. If I will say yes to anything, what do you want me to do?
  19. What’s the best sex you ever had? Was it with me?
  20. What’s the best orgasm you’ve ever had?

You can see it in his eyes now that he wants you.

But you don’t want to seem easy, ladies. Don’t stop here.

Let’s keep going and keep asking him some really dirty ones.

Deep sexual questions to ask your boyfriend

There’s nothing sexier than a man that shows he wants you.

So, if you want him to drop everything and make his move now, you have to make him want you more. And I will show you exactly how to do that.

Here are some deep sexual questions that are surely going to bring out his deepest sexual desires… and a lot more.

So, let’s go!

  1. Is laughing in the bedroom while having sex okay or it should be serious?
  2. Is sex important in your love life?
  3. Do you like to kiss in the bedroom while having sex?
  4. Do you think orgasm is the only way to enjoy sex?
  5. Do you think slow sex is sexier?
  6. Do you like to make eye contact with me while we are at it?
  7. Would you kiss me even after I give you a blowjob?
  8. Do you like it when both of us orgasm together?
  9. Do you like to hug and sleep after sex?
  10. Tell me in one word how does it feel to do sex?
  11. Do you believe sex should always be meaningful? (if he doesn’t believe in this, red flag!)
  12. Do you love to play with my hair?
  13. Do you want to take a bath with roses, petals scented candles, and me?
  14. What is the most nonsexual thing I do that turns you on?
  15. Will you break up with me if I am not good in bed?
  16. Is sexiness related to nakedness?
  17. Did we ever have a sex session where you felt most alive?
  18. Do you mind having sex on periods?
  19. Do you like to take complete precautions when it comes to sex?
  20. Do you like to smile when you are having a good time?

This is not just the one session I have covered you up for.

Scroll down to see more.

Random sexual questions to ask your boyfriend

Conversations about sex can turn any casual night into an exciting one. You don’t need to make special preparations and prior arrangements.

You can get going with some random sex questions to ask your boyfriend and see how in no time the conversation goes into a different dimension.

Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Have you ever been in open relationships?
  2. Do you want to break up with me, just so we can have breakup sex?
  3. What perfume do I wear that turns you on?
  4. How many nightstands have you had till now?
  5. After one session, how much break do you need to get hard again?
  6. Do you like it when I give you porn recommendations?
  7. Have you ever been approached by your friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend?
  8. Do you have any fetishes?
  9. Would you like to go for a couple’s spa sessions with me?
  10. If you are in public, how would you touch me if you are horny?
  11. How long can you go in one session?
  12. How high is your sex drive?
  13. Do you like having sex in the car?
  14. Will you make out with me in the elevator?
  15. Have you ever randomly fantasized about someone else while we were together?
  16. Do you like to smell the armpits of another person?
  17. Do you have urophilia? (sexual excitement from urine)
  18. What is your favorite make-out spot?
  19. Have you ever gone through some sex experience where you felt absolutely lost?
  20. Have you ever come to kiss me on the lips and then I mistakenly ignored you?

So, I know random stuff is all cool but what about stuff that really makes you uncomfortable?

Don’t know what I mean? You will when you scroll down.

Sexually awkward Qs to ask your boyfriend

Honestly, all of us get awkward in some weird situations. Some more than the others… but when it comes to sex, I’m sure we all have some super weird experiences to share.  

So, if your boyfriend is an awkward type especially when it comes to sex, he would have a list of things to discuss.

And in this set, I have put together some really sexually awkward questions.

I know it sounds odd, but hey after this you will know a lot more about your boyfriend… than ever before.

  1. Have you ever been part of a really weird dirty talk session?
  2. Tell me something about an awkward sexual experience from the past?
  3. Have you ever seen animal porn?
  4. Do you like licking my armpits?
  5. Do you think my boobs have a weird shape?
  6. Do you ever want to try a weird flavored condom?
  7. Have you ever tried to taste yourself?
  8. What’s the weirdest moaning sound you ever heard me make? Can you imitate it?
  9. Have you ever wanted to watch gay porn with me?
  10. What is the one place you regretted doing?
  11. Have you ever wanted the sex to just end?
  12. Have you ever faked it with me?
  13. Would you like having sex even if I haven’t shaved down there?
  14. Do you get horny seeing a nurse?
  15. Do you like doing it in a weird abandoned place?
  16. How many times did your underwear get stuck while making out with me?
  17. Have you ever felt weird kissing me when I didn’t brush my teeth?
  18. Have you ever farted while having sex?
  19. Have you ever burped silently after making out with me?
  20. Have you ever failed to get an erection and that is why you denied having sex with me that night?

Since we are at the end of this set, answer me honestly, it was awkward but fun, right?

So, let’s not stop and delve deep into these fun conversations!

Great Questions to ask your boyfriend sexually

Planning a date is difficult, isn’t it? But you know what should be effortless, a great conversation.

You can never go wrong with engaging in a sexy conversation on a date, and for that, you need some great questions to ask him. Questions that are going to tease him in all the right places.

Even if you are not on a date, this set is perfect if you want to just stay in with him and get naughty.

So don’t wait for the perfect moment, just go for it.

  1. How would you make the move if you want to make love to me on a date night?
  2. Would you ever be friends with benefits with me if we break up?
  3. Do you have any amazing sexual experiences with me?
  4. Do you like to spit while having sex?
  5. Do you like using sex toys in the bedroom?
  6. Were you attracted to any celebrity?
  7. Do you like it when I am on top?
  8. Do you feel pubic hair makes the sex more intense and pleasurable?
  9. What is the one character you want me to imitate in the bedroom?
  10. Would you pour wine over me and lick it?
  11. Do you like doing it under the blanket?
  12. Do you like to be called daddy?
  13. Tell me how you felt when you touched me for the first time?
  14. Do you want to rub your spit all over me?
  15. What sex toy haven’t used ever but you really want to use it?
  16. How do you know now is the right time to have sex?
  17. What is your idea of a perfect erotic vacation?
  18. How do you feel when I go down on you?
  19. Do you want me to bite your ears when we make out?
  20. Would you like me to swallow your……?

No, ladies, don’t fall for it now.

Trust me, I have something better planned for you.

Really dirty questions to ask

Do you know what guys love? Girls making efforts to make him want more and more!

…and if you are playing your cards right, he might be more tempted than he has ever been. That is why I have compiled some really dirty sexy questions to make him bend down for you.

Caution: The questions are for adults. So, if you aren’t one. Scroll further down.

Already imagining? Okay, so let’s make it a reality now.

  1. Do you love to tear my clothes and start kissing me all over?
  2. Do you like watching me touch myself?
  3. Will you go skinny dipping with me?
  4. Would you run ice cubes over my body?
  5. What would you do if I sent you a nude photo of mine right now?
  6. Do you count how many strokes you make?
  7. Do you like to bite nipples?
  8. Do you like to dominate me?
  9. Do you want someone to watch us while we are having sex?
  10. Do you like to go all the way in?
  11. Do you want to do a hardcore session with me?
  12. Do you like choking me hard?
  13. What is the most adventurous place you want to do with me?
  14. Do you like to get a blowjob from me?
  15. Can you go on for the whole night?
  16. Do you want to use handcuffs with me?
  17. Do you want to try BDSM with me?
  18. Would you like to take off my underwear with your teeth?
  19. Do you want to hook up in a tourist place?
  20. What sex position (most people don’t know of) is very kinky?

See, I always keep my promises. And this is not the only time you will need me. Keep reading to find out more.

Best sexual questions to ask

Isn’t it exciting when you enter into a new relationship? The shy smiles, nervous faces, soft touches, and the adrenaline rush!

You want to get closer and closer to him, and the mere thought of physical intimacy just takes away your breath.

So, if you want to take things to a different level, then this list is perfect for you.

  1. Would you like to watch me masturbate?
  2. What is the one sex position you want to try out once in your life?
  3. Do you like to do it with a condom or without a condom?
  4. What part of your body do you like to touch the most?
  5. Do you want me to wear Santa’s naughty costume for role play?
  6. Have you ever fantasized about your teacher?
  7. Have you ever been nervous while doing sex?
  8. Do you like boobs or butt?
  9. Do you like when I lick your fingers?
  10. Do you want to sneak in with me in a club washroom?
  11. Do you like to drink me when I cum?
  12. Would you rub alcohol over me?
  13. Do you like unhooking my bra?
  14. Will you make out with me in public?
  15. How many times can you cum in a single day?
  16. Do you like to read erotic fiction?
  17. If I catch you masturbating, do you want me to give you a hand?
  18. Would you exchange me with someone else for one night?
  19. Will you put your hand under my dress if we are in a restaurant?
  20. Will you imitate Christian Grey if I asked you to?

These are some best sexual questions that you can use to get into “that” conversation without making it too obvious.

Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship

If you are someone who likes to talk about sex in your relationship but isn’t sure if your boyfriend does, trust me you are not the only one.

We girls often face this issue. Let’s admit it, we are all afraid to cross that thin line!

But don’t worry, I have got you covered for that too.

I have put down some really dirty questions that you can start asking without crossing boundaries and still exploring new roads of your relationship. And, your boyfriend is going to love it too!

So, without any further wait, let’s go!

  1. What is the best session we ever had?
  2. What color underwear do you love to see me in?
  3. Which one is your favorite sex experience in this relationship?
  4. Do you like to give me orders in bed?
  5. What do you love to hear while you are stroking me? 
  6. Would you like to have a threesome?
  7. Do you like when I take your name during the act?
  8. What sex position do you like to do with me?
  9. Do you want to lay a bet on who gets horny first?
  10. Do you like to spank me?
  11. Do you like to cum on my face?
  12. Do you want to do it in the kitchen?
  13. Do you want me to make you horny in a public place?
  14. Do you like to go in from the front or back?
  15. Do you want to do something new to me that we haven’t done yet?
  16. What is the best compliment I have given you in the bedroom?
  17. Do you remember how we did it the first time we ever got physical?
  18. Does it matter in a relationship if one has prior sexual experience?
  19. How far can you go to have sex with me?
  20. Will you voluntarily choose to have sex with me for the rest of your life?

You can never know everything about your partner, but I hope this helps you understand not all but at least some of it.

For rest, I have come prepared too.

Dirty questions to ask your long-distance boyfriend

Long-distance relationships are probably the most difficult thing to handle. Nothing can match the feeling of wanting to touch your boyfriend.

If you go on for days without physical intimacy everything seems to be fading out and breaking apart.

  1. Since we are not together right now, will you be my friends with benefits?
  2. How will you ask for a nude selfie?
  3. What is the naughtiest dream you had for me?
  4. Do you want to masturbate together?
  5. I shaved today, do you want to see where?
  6. How will you make love to me when you meet me the next time?
  7. Have you ever fantasized about a teacher?
  8. Will you watch porn with me?
  9. Do you want to know what I am wearing right now?
  10. Where do you want me to press myself?
  11. Do you want to see how horny I am?
  12. Can I watch you pleasure yourself?
  13. Do you like when I give you a blowjob?
  14. Can you send me a voice note of your moaning?
  15. Do you want to rub your cum on my face?
  16. Eat an ice cream today and show me how you would eat it from my nipples?
  17. Do I make you feel relaxed after having sex?
  18. The next time we do it, how long will it take for you to cum?
  19. Do you fantasize more about me now that we are not together?
  20. What do you want to do with me, the next time you see me?

So, if you want to spice things up with your long-distance boyfriend, then you cannot go wrong with this one.

Start by asking these really dirty questions and see how things start turning from a text to a video call.

No, don’t drop your heads, I am not leaving you here!

Dirty questions to ask while texting

Most of you will agree with me that sexting is an art. If you master it, you can literally take your bedroom game to a different level.

But don’t take too much stress if you don’t know anything about it, you can always learn by trying and following some full-proof tips.

So, if you want to talk dirty to your boyfriend but don’t know where to start or just looking for questions to get him hard only with texts, then this one is for you specifically!

Remember to take it slow, that way it is a lot more fun.

  1. Can you guess what is my favorite sex position?
  2. If you see porn right now, would you imagine me in that?
  3. Do you want to see my nipples?
  4. What is your favorite part of my body?
  5. What kind of role-play do you want me to do?
  6. Do you like it when I command you to do everything in the bedroom?
  7. Do you like when I wear red panties?
  8. Do you think you found my G-spot?
  9. Do you get hard looking at my pictures?
  10. Do you have sex dreams about me? What are you doing in it?
  11. Who do you think is the freakier among the two of us?
  12. What are you wearing to bed right now?
  13. Do you want to see how I am cumming?
  14. What bra would you want me to wear when I meet you next?
  15. Where are your hands right now?
  16. Are you imagining me naked right now?
  17. Will you catch me in your arms and press my butt when I come to hug you?
  18. Do you want me to press my breasts hard?
  19. How would you continue after that?
  20. Will you rub all of your cum on my face?

I hope your session didn’t just end on text.

….and if it did, I am sure you are super-wet down there!

Well, it’s going to be more fun with the next set.

Sexual truth or dare questions to ask

If you have been with me till here, I know one thing about you for sure. That you are loving this session a lot.

So, for this last set, I have brought my favorite sexy game. The truth and dare questions game, but with a sexual touch in it. You can tease your boyfriend all you want and make him do things he wouldn’t normally do.

If he’s playing truth a lot, let’s twist it and force him to play dirty truths. It’s going to be fun.

I am already excited!

Let’s take a look at some of the questions!

  1. If you could have a threesome with a person, who would you choose?
  2. What is the one thing you never want me to wear in bed?
  3. Will you call a stripper at your bachelorette party?
  4. Tell me one embarrassing fact that you have done in bed that I don’t know of?
  5. When have I not satisfied you in bed?
  6. What makes you attractive to me sexually?
  7. Was your ex better in bed than me?
  8. If I wore just a bra and panties, where would you look first?
  9. Why do you like me moaning your name?
  10. What is the one thing you never want me to stop doing to you in bed?
  11. Do you like it when I choke on you?
  12. Kiss me using just your tongue and don’t use your hands.
  13. Show me how you moan?
  14. Show me how you will thrust into this big pillow?
  15. Sit like how I would in the doggy style?
  16. Act how will you seduce me if I asked you to?
  17. Lick chocolate from my neck.
  18. Pick your nose.
  19. Eat the cream from the tomato thinking it’s my boob.
  20. Eat this chocolate from my fingers in a sexual way.
  21. Show me how hard you are right now?

This may be the last set but I am sure you had your fun.

Make sure you play these games once in a while so that you keep discovering each other and your sex life.

…And whenever you have a problem. you know where to look for me.

Till then, see you!

Oh, wait. No. I have a bonus for you…

5 Tips to keep your sex life with your boyfriend alive

Happy sex life is one of the most important factors to keep a relationship thriving. Physical intimacy not just helps connect your bodies, but also your souls.  

That is why long-distance couples face a lot of trouble. And not only them, couples who don’t get intimate together or who aren’t satisfied enough in the bedroom feel frustrated and start to corner themself from their partner. 

That is why sex experts come up with a lot of solutions so that intimacy is not lost between the partners.

Sex is a beautiful experience; it helps couples grow in a relationship and that is why it should never fade out.

So, today I am going to tell you 5 ways how you can keep your sex life with your boyfriend alive!

1. Keep experimenting

Find out what he likes. Maybe explore a different seducing style or a new place or even a new position.

Experimenting and trying new things will keep you both hooked and excited.

2. NEVER compare

You never want to do this in your relationship. I repeat. Never. You should not even think about comparing your boyfriend with anyone.

When you start comparing your sex life and your boyfriend with others, honestly, you are digging your own grave.

So, don’t do that. Instead, if there’s something that you really want to try with your partner, say it to him!

3. Don’t overstress on it

As hard as it seems to believe but a relationship just cannot thrive on sex. So, if you are wondering that your relationship might fade away because of this you are absolutely wrong.

Most people get anxious when they see a slump in their sex life but it’s all-natural.

But if it is taking a lot of time to happen again, initiate sex more often or try a different gesture to get him in the mood.

4. Seek advice from Sex therapists

No, don’t be scared. If your relationship is not seeing growth in terms of physical intimacy, there’s no harm in seeing a sex therapist.

They can guide you with some tried-and-tested ways on how you can spice up your sex life. While they are at it, they don’t just focus on sex but other parts of your relationship as well.

I personally know a lot of couples whose relationship has taken an absolutely different turn after seeing a sex therapist.

So, if you feel like seeing one, you should. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

5. Communicate

Even if it isn’t clear yet, communication is the key to solving many issues. If you want to try out new things with your boyfriend or simply don’t want to do some things – communicate with him.

It’s even sexier when you try out different things after talking it out properly.

Over to you…

Asking dirty questions can be tricky but once you know the questions, half of your job is already done. Next, you just need to have a good mood and a cozy setup to get started.

This conversation can be a game-changer for your relationship altogether for that night and for the following days too.

Because now you know your partner well and everything he likes. Moreover, if you will notice, he will be more excited than usual, in bed.

What else? Efforts. Don’t just ask these questions for the sake of asking, listen to him. If you are willing to do it, nothing else will matter to you.

In the end, it will be worth it, I promise you that.