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400+ Christmas Trivia Questions to Rock Your Christmas Party!

400+ Christmas Trivia Questions to Rock Your Christmas Party!

Updated on Jul 01, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

400+ Christmas Trivia Questions To Rock Your Christmas Party

Christmas is on its way and you definitely need some Christmas trivia questions this year to make it super exciting!

Last year, Christmas was really gruesome and depressing with all the bad news from the pandemic. It’s time to have all the fun back with double intensity… because why not!

I’m sure you must be busy with all the preparations but don’t forget to take out some time and soak in the holidays with these fun trivia questions and answers.

So many of you will meet each other after such a long time and that calls for some celebration, doesn’t it?

So, let’s begin with the smallest (and also the most excited) members of every family: Kids!

400+ Christmas Trivia Questions To Rock Your Christmas Party
400+ Christmas Trivia Questions To Rock Your Christmas Party

Christmas Trivia for kids

When Christmas is around the corner, children are the most excited of them all. Their innocent hearts overflow with excitement and joy, waiting for the families to gather and have fun with their cousins.

But it gets hectic when all the children gather together and make a ruckus. Everyone wants them to settle down yet have fun.

So, engage them in these trivia questions for kids!

1. What is the color of Santa’s beard? What color is Santa’s stocking cap?

Answer: White; Red and White.

2. Which ride does Santa take for sharing presents for Christmas?

Answer: Sleigh.

3. What animal leads Santa’s ride and how many of them pull on it?

Answer: Reindeer; Nine.

4. Where is Santa’s home? Who helps him in his hometown?

Answer: North Pole; The elves.

5. Which ride is fun in the Christmas Carol “Jingle Bell”?

Answer: One horse open sleigh.

6. What is another name for a Christmas Tree?

Answer: Yule Tree.

7. How does Santa get in the house? Where does Santa leave the gifts?

Answer: Through the chimneys; Christmas Stockings.

8. Is Santa Claus married or unmarried? What name does Santa’s wife go by?

Answer: Married; Mrs. Claus.

9. What does Mrs. Claus bake and who helps Mrs. Claus in baking?

Answer: Cookies; The elves help her in baking them.

10. How does Santa laugh?

Answer: Ho! Ho! Ho!

11. How does Santa Claus’ wife help him?

Answer: She helps him prepare the toys for the children.

12. On which day does Santa bring presents for the children?

Answer: Christmas Eve / Night before Christmas.

13. Who was born on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Baby Jesus.

14. What does Rudolph – one of Santa’s reindeer- have that the others don’t?

Answer: A red glowing nose.

15. What is it called when it snows on Christmas?

Answer: White Christmas.

16. What kind of nose did Frosty (Santa’s Reindeer) have?

Answer: A button nose.

17. Why didn’t the other reindeer play with Rudolph?

Answer: His nose lights up when playing hide and seek/ he blinds other reindeer with his nose light.

18. What do you call a female turkey?

Answer: Hen.

19. What outfit did Ralphie’s aunt get him in “A Christmas Story”?

Answer: A pink-colored bunny outfit.

20. Name the neighbors whose dog at the Christmas Turkey (from the movie A Christmas Story)

Answer: Bumpus.

But nobody said that only kids are entitled to the fun.

You might not have kids around you and need some questions to make things exciting for the adults. Yes, I got you covered mate!

Christmas Trivia for Adults

The last section was filled with cute questions but was too easy for adults. Adults need some interesting questions which will require some deep knowledge.

Don’t worry, it will still be fun and interesting but you might really need to rack your brains for some of these, so get ready!

21. Which nation exports the maximum Christmas trees?

Answer: United States.

22. Which days are also known as the twelve days of Christmas?

Answer: The twelve days after baby Jesus was born and the three wise men visited Him.

23. What are the conventional Christmas colors? What were they linked with originally? 

Answer: Red and Green; Winter Solstice.

24. Which nation is known to decorate Christmas trees first?

Answer: Germany.

25. In the song, First Day of Christmas, what a number of gifts was given?

Answer: 364.

26. Which Christmas song has been recorded the most?

Answer: Silent Night.

27. How did Grinch plan on running Christmas?

Answer: Grinch stole Christmas presents to ruin Christmas.

28. Which Thanksgiving song is used as a Christmas carol?

Answer: Jingle Bells.

29. Which Christmas carol is known as the best-seller?

Answer: White Christmas by Bing Crosby.

30. After how many years did the song “All I want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey reach the first position on the Hot 100 of Billboard?

Answer: 25.

31. As per British traditions, what is the famous Christmas food?

Answer: Mince Pies.

32. What is mistletoe actually?

Answer: A parasitic plant.

33. When were Christmas cards sold for the first time and where?

Answer: In 1843, London.

34. Does Santa Claus have any different names? If yes, what are they?

Answer: Yes; Saint Nicholas (Nick), Kris Kringle.

35. Where was Saint Nicholas from?

Answer: Turkey.

36. Who kisses Santa Claus in “The Christmas Song”?

Answer: Mommy.

37. What were the gifts of the three wise men to Baby Jesus?

Answer: myrrh, frankincense, and gold.

38. What is the symbolism of a Yule log?

Answer: Good luck.

39. What do you do after finding yourselves under the Mistletoe and why?

Answer: Kiss.

According to some cultures, mistletoe is linked with fertility. In the German legends, the mother of God Baldur revived him with mistletoe berries after being shot by a mistletoe arrow. She expressed her happiness by kissing others near the plant.

40. What is another name for eggnog? What is it made of?

Answer: Milk punch. It is usually made with egg yolks and cream and sometimes people spike it with alcoholic beverages like rum. It is usually served cold.

Now, what if the whole family wants to participate in the quiz together? Uh-oh!

We need questions to entertain everybody, starting from our elders to the young ones.

So let’s get going…

Family Christmas Trivia

Your elders like grandparents and parents are quite stressed and tired yet they will never miss this time of the year for anything. So, let’s stick to some fun questions with a low difficulty level.

They are quite knowledgeable about questions about mythologies, legends, and old Christmas carols, so let’s make it easy yet classy for them.

41. What is the candy shaped like the staff of a Shepherd?

Answer: Candy Canes.

42. How many apexes do snowflakes have?

Answer: 6.

43. Say Merry Christmas in Spanish.

Answer: Feliz Navidad.

44. Where was Jesus born? After his birth, where did Jesus and his parents go?

Answer: Bethlehem; Egypt.

45. What do the elves have under their shoes?

Answer: Bells.

46. What color are the mistletoe berries?

Answer: White.

47. What are the common phrases written on Christmas presents?

Answer:  “To” and “From”.

48. Where do you traditionally place the Christmas stockings?

Answer: On the mantle over the fireplace.

49. How many American households celebrate Christmas with Christmas trees?

Answer: Almost a hundred million.

50. Why are lights used to decorate Christmas trees?

Answer: This culture is related to the pagans as they lit candles during their Winter Solstice celebrations.

51. Which President declared a national holiday for Christmas?

Answer: President Ulysses S. Grant.

52. Other than a star, what is the traditional decoration placed on top of a Christmas tree?

Answer: Angel.

53. Which Christmas food is famous for its longevity?

Answer: Fruitcakes.

54. Which store used Rudolph – the red-nosed reindeer for marketing?

Answer: Montgomery Ward.

55. What number of ghosts is present in “A Christmas carol”?

Answer: 4.

56. What is Tinsel and what was it originally made of?

Answer: Tinsel is a Christmas decoration and was made of Silver strands in the old days.

57. When and where were the Gingerbread Houses first used? How did they become popular?

Answer: In the 16th century, Germany. They became famous from the story of the brothers- Hansel and Gretel.

58. What business is known for promoting the Christmas colors and when? Who was the artist?

Answer: Coca-cola promoted the red and green Christmas colors in their 1931 advertisement. The artist was Haddon Sundblom.

59. How many residencies in the US purchase imitation Christmas trees?

Answer: More than four-fifths of the total households.

60. Whose idea was “Elf on the Shelf”? What else were they famous for?

Answer: It was the idea of Carol Aebersold with daughters, Chanda and Christa, to have an elf named Fisbee. According to this family, their elf reports Santa Claus until Christmas. This family produced the book Elf on the Shelf.

Now, do you want to increase the difficulty level? Maybe some of your family or friends are more knowledgeable than the others and you need to prepare a challenge for them.

I’ve got your back, don’t worry!

Hard Christmas trivia (Difficult Christmas Trivia)

Every year during Christmas trivia, some of them steal the limelight only because you treat them equally (in terms of question difficulty).

They start whining that they are too brainy or the questions are too easy for them. You were probably feeling that it is really unfair for the others and secretly decided on making some tough questions for these folks.

Here is your backup for such situations.

61. Among all the sights, which one is the prettiest in the Christmas carol “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”?

Answer: “The Holly that’ll be on your own front door”.

62. Where was mommy tickling Santa Claus below the mistletoe plant in the “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” song?

Answer: “Underneath his beard so snowy white”.

63. Name the song with the second line “led by the light of faith serenely beaming”.

Answer: “O Holy Night”.

64. As per the famous hymn, when did the Good King Wenceslas step out?

Answer: On St. Stephen’s Day, “Feast of Stephen”.

65. When is the actual Christmas day according to the Christians from the East? Give an example.

Answer: 6th of January; example: Armenia.

66. When and where was the word Xmas used instead of Christmas?

Answer: In the 16th century, Greece.

67.  Which poem was initially named “ A visit from St. Nicholas”?

Answer: “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.

68.  Name the most famous Christmas meal in Japan.

Answer: Kentucky Fried Chicken.

69. Which European nation has the culture of leaving shoes on your window sill thirteen days prior to Christmas? How many gifts do they expect as per their culture?

Answer: Iceland; one for each night so 13 gifts.

70. How many wise men really visited Jesus?

Answer: Unknown; People assume there were three wise men because there were three types of gifts.

71. Who takes Krampus’ name in the movie Krampus?

Answer: Grandmother Omi Engel.

72.  In A Christmas Story, name the father of Ralphie.

Answer: Nobody called his name, he was called The Old Man.

73.  Who was/were the voice actors of the Disney Christmas tales?

Answer: Kelsey Grammer.

74. In the movie Home Alone, which movie was Kevin watching?

Answer: “Angels with Filthy Souls”.

75. Who is the author of Always Winter but Never Christmas?

Answer: C. S. Lewis.

76. Who is the poet of The cultivation of Christmas trees?

Answer: T. S. Elliot.

77. What is Viscum?

Answer: Mistletoe.

78.  When were electric Christmas lights invented and by whom?

Answer: 1880, Thomas Edison.

79. Name the alcoholic beverage added to butter, what is it served with?

Answer: Brandy, it is served beside Christmas puddings.

80. What were the replacements of Santa Claus and Christmas trees in the Regime of German Nazis?

Answer: Santa Claus was replaced with Odin and Christmas trees with Silent night, swastika lighting decorations were used on trees.

Guess those brainy people are taken care of!

Now it’s time to ease the others.

If you are questioning, you will have to keep everyone’s intelligence in mind.

Easy Christmas Trivia (Easy Trivia Christmas Questions)

Everyone cannot be equally smart, and if this reminds you of someone, you must definitely check out this section.

As this is Christmas, you must include everyone in this fun. Someone might shy away in fear of being made fun of.

This Christmas, let’s share our joy with that person too.

81. What will everyone say if they see Rudolph’s nose, as per the song about him?

Answer: “You would even say it glows!”

82. Describe the cuddliness of Mr. Grinch from “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”

Answer: “Cuddly as a Cactus”.

83. Name the calendar with treats that you open one each day anticipating Christmas.

Answer: Advent Calendar.

84. Name the animated movie (2004) taking children to the North Pole.

Answer: The Polar Express.

85. What is resembled by the red color used in Christmas?

Answer: It resembles the blood of Jesus Christ.

86. Where do you keep Christmas gifts?

Answer: On the tree skirt.

87. What is Frankincense originally?

Answer: It is the resin from a plant with healing abilities.

88. When is the Russian Christmas?

Answer: 7th of January.

89. What is the literal meaning of Christmas?

Answer: Mass of Christ.

90. What is resembled by the green color in Christmas?

Answer: Continuity or flow of life.

91. What is the postal code of Santa in Canada?

Answer: HOH OHO.

92. What comes after twelve days of Christmas?

Answer: Epiphany.

93. Which is more popular in America, Christmas cake or cookies?

Answer: Christmas cookies.

94. What do children leave as Santa’s refreshments?

Answer: Milk and cookies.

95. Where is the Santa Claus town of America?

Answer: Indiana.

96. Which animal pulls on the open sleigh in Jingle Bells?

Answer: Horse.

97. What is the color of traditional candy canes?

Answer: Red and white.

98. What present does Alvin desire for Christmas?

Answer: A Hula Hoop.

99. What was Grinch’s dog called?

Answer: Max.

100. What fruit is used for making Christingle?

Answer: Orange.

Christmas is all about enjoying and having a fun time with your loved ones.

So next we will move on to some fun and interesting questions.

Fun Christmas Trivia questions

Till now there were hard ones, easy ones, and age-categorized ones too. Now, your folks want you to entertain them, and you also want to be called the best host. 

For this, you need some entertaining questions up your sleeve, and here are a few fun Christmas trivia questions and answers which will definitely get you that fun host tag!

101. Approximately USPS delivers how many packages during the holiday season?

Answer: Almost 30 million packages.

102. Translate Merry Christmas in Hawaiian.

Answer: Mele Kalikimaka.

103. As per Spanish culture, what must you eat for every chime on New Year’s midnight?

Answer: A grape to each chime, total 12.

104. What made Frosty alive in the “Frosty the Snowman” song?

Answer: An old silk hat.

105. Who is referred to as Father Christmas in British folklore?

Answer: Santa Claus.

106. Which way must you mix mincemeat to receive good luck?

Answer: Clockwise direction.

107. What is the color of Elvis’ Christmas?

Answer: Blue Christmas.

108. In A Christmas Story, what was Ralphie’s younger brother called?

Answer: Randy.

109. What is the traditional fruit cake of Germany called?

Answer: Stollen.

110. Which nation’s culture says a witch distributes gifts instead of Santa Claus?

Answer: Italy.

111. What was presented on the seventh day in the “twelve days of Christmas” song?

Answer: Swans a-swimming.

 112. How is a snowman referred to in the “Winter Wonderland” song?

Answer: Parson Brown.

113. Name the president who had a secret eggnog recipe.

Answer: George Washington.

114. In which nation do people fill kids’ clogs with treats and toffees on 5th December?

Answer: The Netherlands.

115. Which figure disciplines naughty kids in the Christmas season? How is it distinguished?

Answer: Krampus; his horns distinguish his figure.

116. What is the famous phrase of the Grinch?

Answer: Stink Stank Stunk.

117. Which president cameos in Home alone 2?

Answer: Donald Trump.

118. Which negative character did Rudolph avoid?

Answer: The Abominable Snowman.

119. What’s Santa Claus called in Spain?

Answer: Papa Noel.

120. What was Scrooge’s full name in A Christmas Carol?

Answer: Ebenezar Scrooge.

These quizzes are comparatively new. But let’s say you want to recollect your old Christmas memories of childhood.

Do you want to share old emotions but also seem cool to the young generation?

Don’t worry because I have got the best trivia questions ready for you.

Best Christmas Trivia

Sometimes you just want to reminisce about the old Christmas trivia questions which never go out of fashion.

Those are old, classy, and never go out of trend. And what’s more, you can revive many sweet memories from the past while you’re at it.

Here are some of the best Christmas Trivia of all time…

121. What is the most preferred tree for making Christmas trees?

Answer: Nordmann Fir.

122. Where did Kevin’s parents leave for vacation in Home Alone?

Answer: Paris.

123. Which President forbade Christmas trees from the White House?

Answer: Theodore Roosevelt.

124. How many years does a Christmas tree need to grow to the preferred height?

Answer: 15 years.

125. In which popular Christmas play do the toys come alive?

Answer: The Nutcracker.

126. Who did a reindeer run over?

Answer: Grandma

127. What was the name of Rudolph’s elf friend in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Answer: Hermey.

128. Who is the author of A Christmas Carol?

Answer: Charles Dickens.

129. What is the color of Santa Claus’ belt?

Answer: Black.

130. What do naughty kids get for Christmas?

Answer: Coal.

131. In Australia, where do they gather for Christmas celebrations?

Answer: Beach.

132. What was the length of the longest candy cane?

Answer: 51 ft.

133. Who lets you know she is in town by tapping on the window panes?

Answer: Suzy Snowflake.

134. Where did the Santa Claus miracle occur?

Answer: 34th Street.

135. What refreshments do children leave on Christmas Eve for reindeer

Answer: Oats and Carrots.

136. Which was the first and last state that declared an authorized holiday for Christmas?

Answer: Alabama and Oklahoma.

137. How do Italians say Merry Christmas?

Answer: Buon Natale.

138. What other colors are linked with Christmas other than red and green?

Answer: Silver and Gold.

139. What were imitation Christmas trees originally made from?

Answer: Goose feather.

140. Who first dressed as Santa to distribute presents around a store?

Answer: James Edgar.

If there are one or more strict devotees of Christ, they might feel left out because of their variety. Let’s include this person in your celebrations too by popping in some religious questions!

Religious Christmas Trivia

Be it a devotee or someone who recently showed interest in Christianity, they will be impressed to hear some questions buzzing in their field of interest.

Mostly the elders will be attracted to these questions and even start sharing thrilling stories from the Bible. (Who knows it might move your grandparents’ hearts and they might reward you for it)

141. What was the name of Jesus’ mother and father?

Answer: Mary and Joseph.

42. Where is Jesus’ birth mentioned in the Bible?

Answer: Luke 2.

143. Who told mother Mary about her conception?

Answer: Gabriel – The Angel.

144. How far did Mary and Joseph go to reach Bethlehem?

Answer: Eighty miles.

145. On what commute did Mary and Joseph reach Bethlehem?

Answer: Mary traveled on a donkey while Joseph walked with her.

146. Where did they lay Jesus after his birth?

Answer: In the manger.

147. Describe a manger.

Answer: It is a feeding crib.

148. Where was Joseph’s hometown?

Answer: Bethlehem.

149. Who tried to kill the new-born Jesus

Answer: King Herod.

150. Which prophet predicted the birth of baby Jesus from a virgin?

Answer: Prophet Isaiah

151. What were the different names of Jesus mentioned in the Bible/

Answer: Christ, Immanuel, Jesus, Mighty God, and Prince of Peace.

152. Which direction did the wise men traverse to reach Jerusalem?

Answer: Westward from their position.

153. What did the wise men do other than giving presents?

Answer: The wise men knelt on their knees and worshipped the baby Jesus.

154. When did Christians start celebrating Christmas

Answer: Over three hundred years after Jesus’ death.

155. Who was the father of Jesus?

Answer: God.

156. What is Bethlehem also known by?

Answer: The City of David.

157. Did Mary have any more children?

Answer: She conceived other children after Jesus’ birth.

158. When was Jesus born according to the Bible?

Answer: There is no specific date mentioned about Jesus’ birth.

159. What is the meaning of Immanuel?

Answer: “God is with us”.

160. What characteristics were the shepherds looking for when they searched for Jesus?

Answer: A baby bundled in swaddling garments placed in a manger.

Who doesn’t want to stand out in the spotlight of a party? Even if you’re introverted, you will still want to impress your family on this auspicious day.

So, prepare yourself with some unusual questions.

Unusual Christmas Trivia

Sometimes, you might feel like testing others’ intelligence or showing off your own. You want something uncommon for that and unlike the last questions, this section is not completely objective.

…And hey, if you don’t want them to make you conduct the quiz, this can also help you bail out from the situation.

Yup! It’s that unusual.

161. How much do Americans spend on holiday gifts?

Answer: About a thousand dollars.

162. Does Mistletoe have any other use than being a Christmas decoration?

Answer: Mistletoe also works as an aphrodisiac.

163. What is the Germanic meaning of Mistletoe?

Answer: Dung on a twig.

164. What other meat is a festive favorite other than turkey?

Answer: Ham.

165. What is the real busiest shopping day in America and what is believed to be the same?

Answer: Black Friday is believed to be the busiest shopping day, but actually is not. The actual busiest shopping days are Friday and Saturday prior to Christmas.

166. What do Christmas wreaths symbolize?

Answer: Christmas wreaths symbolize Christ. The holly symbolizes the thorn garland worn by Jesus during his crucifixion ritual. The red berries resemble his blood.

167. What was the story behind playing Jingle Bells in space?

Answer: About 9 days prior to Christmas day, two astronauts reported to see something entering the north pole of the earth and it headed towards the south.

The people on the other side were unsettled by this news and those astronauts started playing Jingle bells.

168. Were Christmas celebrations ever illegal?

Answer: In the late 17th century, people were penalized for Christmas celebrations in the colonies. In the late 18th century, the first congress session was held on Christmas day.

169. Who prepared the first American eggnog and how was it?

Answer: Jamestown settlers prepared the first lot of eggnog in America yet it was neither rich nor looked attractive.

170. How many people visit the ER around Christmas?

Answer: Around the Christmas season, around fifteen thousand people visit the emergency room with injuries related to putting up decorations.

171. Does Santa really reside in his Canadian Postal Code?

Answer: No, it is an initiative of the post office staff of Canada, where they reply to the children writing to them.

172. Why do Christmas trees need water?

Answer: The dry Christmas tree logs result in many fierce fires and even lead to casualties and property destruction. So it is important to water those dead logs.

173. Who are the real elves of Santa?

Answer: During the holiday season, the mail carriers face stressful situations from delivering over fifteen billion emails including holiday gifts, letters, and even bills. They are the real elves of Santa Claus.

174. What population of America visits the church during Christmas eve?

Answer: About half the population.

175. Who was the first one in England to use a Christmas tree?

Answer: German Prince Albert was the first to bring a Christmas tree for his newlywed English wife Queen Victoria. This idea was adopted by the English after that.

176. How was the real St. Nicholas?

Answer: St, Nicholas was a generous priest, he donated a large portion of his inheritance for the poverty-stricken. He also saved multiple women from slavery.

177. Where does the idea of giving refreshments to Santa Claus come from and what was the thought behind it?

Answer: The Dutch children first started preparing food and drinks for Santa Claus for his hard work in distributing presents throughout the nights as a reward in exchange for his dedication.

178. How did stocking hanging become a trend?

Answer: As per folktale, a poor man was unable to gather sufficient money for the dowry of his daughters.

His daughters let their freshly laundered stockings dry in the chimney. St. Nicholas left a bag full of gold in their chimney and everyone followed the trend.

179. Where were candy canes first used and when?

Answer: Candy canes were originally made in Germany and they were distributed among the children during the lengthy church duties.

180. What did Washington Irving create?

Answer: He wrote multiple stories of Santa Claus like the legend of sleepy hollow and eight tiny reindeer.

Perhaps you have had enough of the tricky and unusual question and want to return to the mainstream questions?

Then, keep scrolling my friend!

General Christmas Trivia

The common ones might seem easy to answer but many people try to prepare themselves with the difficult ones and totally forget about the regular questions.

These questions can be a break from the brain-teasers or it can make someone amused at their forgetfulness.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if someone forgets the answer to a regular question. So, prepare for these questions well, whether you are the host or the participant.

181. What type of Christmas does Bing Crosby dream of?

Answer: White.

182. Name a reindeer of Santa starting with V.

Answer: Vixen.

183. All I want for Christmas is… in Alvin and the Chipmunks..?

Answer: My front two teeth.

184. What number of candles goes on the advent wreath?

Answer: Four.

185. Which American President decorated the White House first for Christmas?

Answer: Franklin Pierce.

186. When was Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” published?

Answer: 1843.

187. Where was “A Christmas Carol” written?

Answer: United Kingdom.

188. Name the reindeer that helped Rudolph in flying at their games?

Answer: Clarice.

189. What was the name of Rudolph’s father?

Answer: Donner.

190. What is the most played Christmas movie?

Answer: It’s a Wonderful Life.

191. Christmas Island is in which Ocean?

Answer: Indian Ocean.

192. Name the reindeer of Santa starting with C.

Answer: Cupid, Comet.

193. Which reindeer of Santa was named after another animal?

Answer: Vixen (Female Fox).

194. What kind of cookies does Santa like?

Answer: Chocolate Chip cookies.

195. What animal does Santa have allergic reactions too?

Answer: Cat.

196. Name the capital of Christmas Island.

Answer: The Settlement.

197. Who invented the Christmas Cracker?

Answer: Tom Smith.

198. Who chose the 25th December to be Christmas Day?

Answer: Pope Julius I.

199. In the UK, what do they put up on the Christmas tree to bring good luck?

Answer: Spider Web.

200. Name the reindeer of Santa starting with B.

Answer: Blitzen.

If you want to add a little spice to your quiz, you can also add some fun facts about Christmas.

There are many Christmas trivia facts out there and you can use them wisely during a leisurely chat as well.

Christmas Trivia Facts

People from all over the world celebrate Christmas despite their religion. Instead of looking at it religiously, people find great joy when they unite during this holiday season.

Here are some of the Christmas trivia facts from all over the world. It will also be fun to brush up your knowledge on some interesting world culture and recent news too.

There’s no time to wait, Christmas is almost here, prepare this for the extra mile!

201. Where is the most expensive Christmas tree situated? Why is it so expensive?

Answer: In Spain, a Christmas tree of fifteen million dollars exists. It is present at Kempinski Hotel Bahia and is situated near Marbella in Spain.

There are diamonds of various colors purchased from the most popular brands like Chanel, Cartier, Bulgari, and Van Cleef, and Arpels. 

The tree is decorated with three-dimensional prints of chocolate-colored peacocks, feathers, ostrich eggs, and branded perfume bottles.

202. What is the tradition behind pickle ornaments in Christmas trees?

Answer: The pickle ornament on a Christmas tree is not only a decorative piece. According to old traditions, the children are made to play a game of seeking this ornament on the Christmas tree and the winner gets rewarded following family rules. 

The winner might get a special reward or he/she might get to open a present before everyone else. This prevents the children from roaming about all over the place during Christmas gatherings. 

It satisfies two goals at a time- the children are busy gathering and playing with their cousins in a single corner and the elders can peacefully make the preparations for the day.

203. How old is the tradition of consuming eggnog? What is its history?

Answer: Many believe that eggnog dates back to the 13th century. Back then, it was called posset and it was a sweet drink prepared from mixing curdled milk with alcoholic beverages like wine or ale.

It used to be served hot in that period and even egg and fig used to be added to this drink.

204. What is the largest Christmas present?

Answer: The largest Christmas gift existing on earth is the Statue of Liberty. It was presented to the USA in the late 1880s by France. Imagine it being wrapped in gift wrappers!

205. The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is quite famous. When did it start originally?

Answer: At the Rockefeller Center in New York City, the first Christmas tree was put up in the early 1930s.The workers of the construction site of this Center worked hard to put it up.

but this tree was not decorated with many ornaments and ended up being unappreciated because of the lack of décor. 

Two years following this, a bigger Christmas tree was put up at the same spot and it had all the decorations the last one lacked.

206. How many lights are put up on the Christmas tree of the Rockefeller Center?

Answer: Currently, the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center in New York City gets decorated with nearly twenty-six thousand lights every year.  Imagine the people working on the decorations and testing those bulbs..hard work for a spectacular view!

207. We all know when and where the first Christmas card was sent on the planet. But do you know of its worth?

Answer: The first Christmas card was auctioned for twenty thousand pounds in the UK, 2001. The sender of this card was Sir Henry Cole and the receiver was his Grandmother.

The card was made by the famous painter John Calcott Horsley and presently only twelve of his thousand cards exist.

208. When and where was the smallest Christmas Card produced? How small was it?

Answer: In 2010, the smallest Christmas greetings card was produced in the University of Glasgow by its talented nanotechnologies.

This card was so small that it can be fitted almost 8300 times on a postage stamp or almost half a million of these cards can form a normal Christmas card. 

According to the Professor involved in this – David Cumming – the greeting card production did not consume as much time as its design.

209. Which is the most popular day for proposing in Western culture?

Answer: A research on wedding professionals and information from social media proves that out of the 365 days in a year the 24th (Christmas Eve) and 25th (Christmas Day) of December are the most common days for proposals.

210. When and where was the largest Gingerbread house constructed?  Who constructed it? Do you know about its dimensions or its ingredients?

Answer: The largest gingerbread house on earth was equivalent to the size of a real-life house. It was made around November of 2013 in Texas by members from the Traditions Club of Bryan.

This house was 160 by 42 by 10 ft in dimensions (length × breadth × height). The base of this house was made out of wood. According to reports, the ingredients of this construction are-

Butter – 1800 pounds; Eggs – 7200; Sugar – 3000 pounds; Flour – 7200 pounds; Candy – more than 22000.

211. What do you know about the largest snowflake ornament?

Answer: The largest snowflake Christmas ornament was created in Japan, Universal Studios around October of 2019. It was almost ten and a half feet tall. It became a decoration for a Christmas tree with almost 0.6 million decorative lights on it.

212. Approximately how many lights are needed to decorate Disney World?

Answer: Christmas holidays are the best time for visiting Disney World due to their mesmerizing lighting around this time.

As per reports from Disney World, they use fifteen miles long garlands and over eight and a half million lights, they hang over thirteen hundred wreaths. 

When it comes to the Christmas tree, they use thirteen hundred trimmed trees and almost three hundred thousand yards of ribbon bows.

These decorative pieces are inclusive of the requirements of their 2 water parks, 4 theme parks, and more than 20 resorts.

213. What do you know about the Famous Christmas tree of Arizona?

Answer: In Arizona, there is one Christmas tree that is thirty feet tall and is built from tumbleweeds. This tree required twelve hundred of those tumbleweeds to make this huge spectacle! 

They use glitter to cover the tree and about twenty gallons of flame retardants to prevent any crazy fire during this joyous season. Cool, right?

214. How can you recycle a Christmas tree?

Answer: Most people dump the Christmas tree in their log and fall prey to fierce fire incidents the next thing they think of is leaving it for the garbage collectors.

 But, you can step forward to recycle these by donating them to a zoo. Your Christmas tree can become food for the elephants. Many zoos like The Elephant Sanctuary of Hohenwald in Tennessee receive Christmas trees for their animals.

215. Have you heard of Santa’s Village? (Hint: It has nothing to do with his postal code)

There is a theme park open in Canada all year round called Santa’s Village. This park allows visitors to camp on their premises during the summer season as well. The park has been used as a filming set in quite a few movies.

216. What comes after Christmas Day and is not widely known?

Answer: Boxing Day is the wrong answer, it is widely known to people. The answer is National Candy Cane Day. Candy Canes also help in digestion and it helps after a great meal on the previous day. Well, it does not restrict candy cane consumption to a day but is a reminder to help soothe your digestive system.

217. What does Norway present in Britain and why?

Answer: Britain supported Norway during the Second World War and still expresses their gratitude for the nation by gifting them a Christmas tree as their holiday gift every year.

This Christmas tree is set up in Trafalgar Square of London. They started this tradition in 1947. This tree is more than 20 meters tall.

218. Why did the government of the United States ban Tinsel?

Answer: Initially, Tinsel was made from real silver and the production processes used lead which is a toxic element. The United States government banned this decorative piece for its toxicity.

Nowadays, tinsel is widely produced from plastic and accepted in all areas. But you must be careful as it poses a choking hazard.

219. Are Christmas Cakes and Plum Cakes the same? (It is a tricky one)

Answer: Christmas cakes are really called “plum cakes” but they don’t have any plum in them. During the medieval period, raisins were called plums and Christmas cakes have raisins. The name plum cake started off from then and is still used in the modern era.

220. Why are Spider Webs considered to attract luck?

Answer: According to Polish culture, Baby Jesus used a blanket woven by a spider and everyone believes that the woven blanket was made out of its webs.

The Polish believe that seeing a real spider in their home is a sign of approaching wealth, luck, and spirits.

Sometimes, you just feel like spending your time with folks while you watch a movie together. Why not watch the movie and then start questioning?

Here’s the perfect idea for this!

Christmas Vacation Trivia

Watch the Movie Christmas Vacation with your family, don’t tell them you are planning anything after it. Once you finish watching the movie shoot them with questions.

Things can get quite interesting and you will even know who was sleeping through the movie.

Prepare some punishments for those who fail to answer the simplest of these questions… have fun!

221. What did Clark say to his family to distract them?

Answer: He told them that he saw a deer.

 222. Why was the name of Eddie’s dog Snots?

Answer: He had a sinus inflammation issue.

223. What did Mr. Shirley name Clark?

Answer: Grease ball.

224. How did Clark get stuck under a truck when he was driving with his family?

Answer: Clark did not notice the truck with a big log after switching on the blinker and got stuck under it.

225. What did the Griswold’s forget to take to their Christmas tree hunt? What does Clark refer it to as?

Answer: A saw. Clark called it “an thaw” shivering in the cold.

226. What is Clark’s full name?

Answer: Clark Wilhelm Griswold Junior.

227. What did Clark do when he was stuck in the attic?

Answer: Clark arranged a projector and started watching childhood movies.

228. How did Clark keep himself warm in the attic?

Answer: He searched around to find old clothes and used them.

229.  What did the youngest daughter of Eddie suffer from? What was her name?

Answer: Strabismus or Crossed eyes. Her name was Ruby Sue.

230. What is the name of Clark’s wife? What does she call her husband by?

Answer: Her name is Ellen and she calls him Sparky.

231. Audrey was unable to check the Christmas tree her family picked, why?

Answer: Audrey’s eyes froze in the cold.

232. Which female neighbor hates the Griswold’s family? What animal attacked her?

Answer: Margo Chester; Squirrel.

233. How was the Christmas turkey in the movie? Who cooked it?

Answer: Overcooked and dried out; Catherine, Eddie’s wife

234. What is the odd ingredient of the Jello prepared by Aunt Bethany?

Answer: Cat food.

235. How many decorative lights did Clark use for the house?

Answer: 25000.

236. What shape was the coffee mug of Clark?

Answer: Tasmanian Devil – a character in Looney tunes.

237. Why weren’t the Christmas lights working after Clark decorated the house? Who fixed it?

Answer: Clark forgot to turn on the switch in their garage. Ellen fixed it.

238. What extraordinary method did Clark use to reach Wal-Mart?

Answer: He invented a kitchen lubricant, applied it on his sled, and ran into Wal-Mart after flying down a hill.

239. Which portion of the turkey does Eddie like? Whom did he ask to save it for him?

Answer: Turkey neck; Clark

240. What are the names of Ellen’s parents?

Answer: Arthur and Francis.

But how can you leave behind the carols from this trivia? They are the essence of all the joy in the Christmas season.

So let’s not waste any time and test everyone on this…

Christmas Carol Trivia

During Christmas, carol singing can unite everyone, eliminating all kinds of differences.

When practicing carols, teamwork is important to produce melodious masterpieces and who hasn’t sung a hymn or two of Christmas Carols ever?

Be it a school choir or a church choir, you have either sung it or heard it.

So here are a few tricky questions from them.

241. Which Bible book contained the story of Joy to the World? When was it published?

Answer: Psalms 98; 1719.

242.  Which was the first Christmas carol broadcasted on the radio?

Answer: O Holy Night.

243. Which Christmas carol occupies the position of third best-seller single?

Answer: Silent Night.

244. Which Christmas carol was performed first in 1818?

Answer: Silent Night.

245. Carol of the Drum is the initial title of which Christmas carol?

Answer: The Little Drummer Boy.

246. The Christmas carol What Child is this was based on which poem? Who was the poet and when was it written?

Answer: Poem: The Manger Throne; Poet: William Chatterton Dix; Year: 1865.

247. When and where was the Christmas carol The First Noel published?  What is its other name?

Answer: In 1823, England; Also known as The First Nowell.

248. What kind of tree do they talk about in O Tannenbaum?

Answer: Fir

249. While shepherds watched their flocks was published in which year? How many more songs were published with it?

Answer: In 1700; 16 more songs.

250. Which tune is used in the Christmas carol – What Child is This? When was the original song written?

Answer: The tune of English folk song Greensleeves; it was published in 1865.

251. Who composed the poem It Came upon the Midnight Clear? Which war was the poet referring to in it?

Answer: Edmund Sears; Mexican – American War

253. Who composed Santa Claus is coming to Town and when? How long did he take to compose the music?

Answer: John Fredrick Coots, 1934; ten minutes.

254. What inspired the Christmas carol Do you hear what I hear?

Answer: Cuban missile crisis.

254.  What is the initial name of the Christmas carol We Three Kings? When was it composed?

Answer: The Quest of the Magi; 1857.

255. Who is the original composer of O Come, All Ye Faithful?

Answer: Unknown.

256.  Martin Luther is connected with the lyrics of which Christmas carol?

Answer: Away in a Manger.

257. Name the most issued Christmas Carol in North America.

Answer: Joy to the World.

258. Who wrote the Christmas Carol Winter Wonderland? What was he suffering from during this period?

Answer: Dick Smith; Tuberculosis.

259. Which Christmas carol was inspired by a sled race in an entire town?

Answer: Jingle Bells

260. In the song A Holly Jolly Christmas, what did the singer ask the audience to drink?

Answer: A cup of Cheer.

What is Christmas without a grand feast? Incomplete!

There are many stories and traditions about Christmas food. Doesn’t that sound like a great trivia topic?

Christmas Food Trivia

While you are having fun with this trivia, some family members or friends might be stuck in the kitchen to bless you with their amazing culinary skills.

They are the great chefs the Lord blessed you with. Just because they are busy cooking, they can’t miss out on so much fun!

So why don’t you test their knowledge about Christmas food? Of course, they will always be the best even if they can’t answer it…

261. When do the feasts in Chile of South America start on Christmas Day?

Answer: Dawn.

262. Where do you have to book a table many months before Christmas for Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Answer: Japan.

263. Where was the first eggnog sipped in the USA?

Answer: Jamestown in Virginia.

264. What is the story behind leaving refreshments for Santa Claus?

Answer: In Germany, many Christmas trees were decorated with edibles. People saw those edibles disappear from their Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

From this, they thought Santa Claus got hungry after delivering presents and everyone started leaving food for him.

265. Name the staple Christmas food for the British? When did they become popular? Where are they grown most?

Answer: Brussels Sprout; They became popular in the Victorian period; They are mostly grown in Belgium and also the Benelux nations

266. Do Mince pies contain minced meat?

Answer: Traditional Mince pies contain meat and some of the contemporary mince pies still have mutton or beef as fillings. But, nowadays, the meat fillings are not used as much to make the pies also edible for vegetarians.

267. What were the choices of meat for Christmas back when it all started?

Answer: Initially (medieval period), eating peacock meat was the tradition that soon shifted to swan meat. Later goose meat came into fashion in the Edwardian period and finally Turkey.

268. What inspired the making of Christmas pudding? What were its main ingredients?

Answer: Christmas pudding is inspired by Frumenty. Frumenty contained meat with raisin, wine, prune, currant, and various spices.

269. What is a common Christmas food many people do not like but consume quietly?

Answer: Cranberry sauce.

270. What is Mulled Wine? What are its origins? For what was it originally used?

Answer: Mulled wine is a warmed wine. Its origins lie in ancient Rome. It was used to keep the body warm and prevent colds but nowadays it is used to conceal the taste and smell of bad wine.

271. What was being roasted on an open fire in The Christmas Song?

Answer: Chestnuts.

272. What is the number of mince pies consumed by a regular British person during the Christmas season?

Answer: 27.

273. Which edible was popular in England during the Christmas season for finding a good husband?

Answer: Gingerbread man.

274. What is Bubble and Squeak?

Answer: It is a meal prepared from leftover veggies from Christmas day. It is served on the following day and is a good habit for reducing any food wastage.

275. What is Panettone?

Answer: It is a conventional Italian cake served on Christmas day.

276. What are the famous spices for making a good old bread sauce?

Answer: Garlic and Onion.

277. What do you call Cinnamon bread in Sweden?

Answer: Kanellängd.

278. What is another name for Cranberry?

Answer: Bounce berry

279. What was the popular Christmas dish before Turkey?

Answer: A pig head dipped in mustard sauce

280. What is a Goose Club? When was it formed?

Answer: The Goose Club was a club for the poor people who invested small amounts of money every week to book a goose for their Christmas feast.

There are various beliefs revolving around Christmas and food was just a part of it. There is a bigger picture of these traditions and they might vary from nation to nation.

So, let’s check out some Christmas trivia questions about traditions!

Christmas Traditions Trivia

Each family has at least one Christmas tradition that has been followed in their family lineage. Some have different recipes for the same dish, others have different decoration plans for their trees.

In the end, it’s all about celebrations and sharing joy with everyone else.

From American to English or the West to the East, traditions keep varying everywhere.

So why not tickle everyone’s noggin’ with some trivia questions about Christmas traditions?

281. How tall was the tallest Christmas tree? Where was it and when?

Answer: 221 feet. The tallest Christmas tree in the world was put up at a shopping complex in Seattle, 1950.

282. How many Children believe in Santa Claus in America?

Answer: More than eighty percent of them.

283. What is Chrismukkah? Who made it famous?

Answer: Chrismukkah is the combination of Christmas with Hanukkah. It became famous after they showed it in The O.C. – a teen soap.

284. How many Americans actually believe and participate in Christmas celebrations?

Answer: More than ninety percent of Americans believe and celebrate it.

285. When and where did they put up the first Christmas tree?

Answer: Riga City of Latvia in 1510.

286. Why do they ring Christmas bells on Christmas Eve?

Answer: According to the legends and folktales, as soon as Jesus was born, the Devil died. So, on Christmas Eve, it has become a tradition to ring the bells of a church that sends the message of the Devil’s death. It is also called ringing Devil’s knell.

287. Which European nation celebrates New Year’s Day more grandly than Christmas day?

Answer: Scotland.

288. What is the famous dessert of New Orleans? When is it available?

Answer: King Cake; it is available during Mardi Gras season.

289. What is similar to King Cake in Spain? When is it available? What is the celebration called?

Answer: Spain has a sweet bread ring called Roscon de Reyes; January 6th; Kings Day

290. What are the toppings of Roscon de Reyes?

Answer: Crushed almonds, candied fruits, cream, and sugar powder.

291. What inedible stuffings were put in Christmas pudding and why?

Answer: Coins and buttons were also stuffed in this dessert. They worked like charms for predictions. Coins meant fortune and buttons meant no news of marriage in the next year.

292. What is the signal of Christmas Eve dinners in Poland?

Answer: The Polish wait to witness the stars in the evening sky to start dining on Christmas Eve. The stars in the night represent the Bethlehem star.

293. What is the tradition of Ghana during the Christmas season?

Answer: There is an old ritual in Ghana where everyone drinks from their cups and tip their cup to drop some of their beverage on the floor. This resembles paying homage to the ancestors.

294. How is Christmas celebrated in Uganda or Kenya?

Answer: The residents of the nations like Uganda and Kenya do not spend too much on their presents. They believe in giving each other necessities like new garments for Christmas day. They bring natural elements like leaves, soil, pretty twigs, and stones to the church as a gift for Jesus Christ.

295. What is the traditional delicacy of South Africa for the Christmas season?

Answer: Deep-fried worms of the Emperor Moth.

296. What do people hide on Christmas day in Norway and why?

Answer: They hide brooms in Norway during the Christmas season because evil souls and witches use the broom for flying around. They believe evil entities want to steal their brooms for fulfilling their ulterior motives.

297. What is Carol of the bells- the Christmas carol based on?

Answer: It originated from a folk chant called Little Swallow or Shcherdryk.

298. What did they replicate in Germany with the dyed feathers of geese?

Answer: The needle-like structures of pine trees.

299. What are the Christmas traditions of Argentina combined from?

Answer: It is a mixture of three traditions from America, Europe, and Spain.

300. What is the Christmas tradition of Iceland? Is there any name for this tradition?

Answer: The Christmas traditions of Iceland include exchanging books on the 24th and reading those for the whole evening while they have chocolate. It is called Jolabokaflod.

There are so many Christmas songs out there, how can we leave out those songs from this trivia?

I got Christmas carols covered, now let’s move on to those evergreen songs.

Christmas Songs Trivia

People start playing Christmas songs even before thanksgiving and you get to hear them rolling for over a month.

Some even sing them or play them on an instrument without batting an eyelash and I believe you know a few of them too.

This Christmas you can surprise these marvelous artists around you with these Christmas song trivia questions and answers.

301. In the Christmas song Deck the Halls, how many times do you hear “las” after “fa”?

Answer: Eight.

302. In the Christmas song The Twelve Days of Christmas, six of what lays?

Answer: Geese.

303. What does Santa check twice? Where does he come after that?

Answer: He checks his list of presents twice before coming to town.

304. When do you ask for Figgy Pudding?

Answer: After finishing the Christmas song “We wish you a Merry Christmas”

305. In the Christmas song “Jingle Bells”, who sat next to me and on which day?

Answer: Miss Fanny Bright; a day or two ago.

306. When does Frosty The Snowman begin to dance around?

Answer: After the magic, the hat was placed on his head.

307. With every Christmas card I write, what do I do?

Answer: Dream of a White Christmas.

308. In the Christmas song “Winter Wonderland”, what did the Bluebird do?

Answer: It has gone away.

309. Why was the Christmas song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” banned on quite a few radio stations?

Answer: Because they believed the song indicated an affair of a married woman and is inappropriate.

310. Who was the songwriter and singer of the Christmas song “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”?

Answer: Songwriter – Johnny Marks; Singer – Brenda Lee.

311. Name a famous Christmas song that does not use the term Christmas in it.

Answer: Winter Wonderland.

312. Who wrote the Christmas song “Up on the Housetop”?

Answer: Benjamin R. Hanby.

313. Who wrote the Christmas song “Jingle Bell Rock” and when?

Answer: Bobby Helms, 1957.

314. In the Christmas song “The Chipmunk Song” what can the chipmunks hardly do?

Answer: Hardly stand the wait.

315. In the Christmas song “A Holly Jolly Christmas” what do they ask us to do?

Answer: Greet your friends and everyone you meet on the day with a Hello.

316. Who was the singer of the Christmas song “Santa Baby” and when did they record it?

Answer: Eartha Kitt; 1953.

317. Who is the songwriter of “White Christmas”? What inspired him to write it?

Answer: Irving Berlin; He was a Jewish immigrant from Russia and became a refugee in the US, his recollection of childhood Christmas in his hometown inspired him.

318. What does Suzy Snowflake say to everyone in the Christmas song?

Answer: She asks everyone to come out and play because she doesn’t have much time.

319. Who sang the Christmas song “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”?

Answer: Gayla Peevey.

320. Name the pop song that twice won Christmas Singles Chart#1?

Answer: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Other than so many songs, the history of Christmas celebrations is quite rich.

Christmas History Trivia

The history of Christmas is very wide and extremely intriguing.

There were various traditions and rituals at Christmas but did you ever think where did it all begin? Well, if you don’t know, chances are, the elders in the group will know.

Let’s find out!

321. How do you say Santa Claus in French?

Answer: Pere Noel

322. What is Saturnalia? Which God is it related to? How are Saturnalia and Christmas related?

Answer: Saturnalia was a festival of ancient Rome. It was celebrated during the Winter Solstice in December. This festival is for paying respects to Saturn God. Most of their traditions of Saturnalia are common to Christmas celebrations.

323. What do you know about the Yule log? When did the dessert first start?

Answer: It is a Christmas tradition from the Iron Age. Initially, big rings of logs were burnt during the New Year. Later on, people started making a dessert of rolls of sponge cake with whipped cream. It started in the 17th century.

324. How and when did the Christmas décor poinsettias gain popularity?

Answer: Poinsettias are widely found in Mexico. The first United States minister saw the plant in Mexico and brought it back in the early 19th century. It gained its popularity from that point.

325. What is the history of Santa Tracker?

Answer: In the 1950s, the contact number of NORAD was printed by mistake as the Sears Santa Hotline in a newspaper. A child called that number and searched for Santa on Christmas Eve. The receiver played his role and told the location of Santa.

Nowadays, the Santa tracker simulates Santa’s location from 1st December on their website.

326. What else happened on 25th December in the history of humankind?


800: The father of Europe – Charlemagne – became the emperor of Rome. Pope Leo III crowned him.

1776: George Washington attacked the British force without any warning. He crossed the Delaware River covered in ice with the Continental Army.

1814: Treaty of Ghent was signed.

1968: The crew of Apollo 8 circled the moon.

327. How did Christmas stop war?

Answer: Pope Benedict XV ordered to cease the first world war on 7th December (1914) during Christmas. Although the leaders did not want to obey such orders, the trench troops obeyed. 

Both German and British soldiers celebrate Christmas together. But this momentary peace did not evade the war completely.

328. Where did the Puritans oppose Christmas?

Answer: The Puritans forbade Christmas celebrations in Boston in the 17th century and suppressed the celebrations during the Interregnum in England.

329. What was Yule originally?

Answer: Yule was a pagan festival occurring in the middle of winter. This festival is rooted in the mythology of the Norse. The Christmas season is also called yuletide. The Yule falls in the middle of this period and is on the same day as Christmas.

330. What is the original meaning of Noel?

Answer: In Latin, Noel means Birth

331. When was Saturnalia celebrated in Rome? What was the catchy twist in these celebrations?

Answer: It was celebrated from 17th December to 23rd December

During this festival, the slaves role-played as the master of the house and the master acted as the slaves. The slave treated their masters rudely and made them conduct slave work.

332. Who designed the appearance of Santa Claus and when?

Answer: On the first day of 1881, Thomas Nast illustrated a figure of Santa Claus in the weekly publication of Harper’s paper and it relates the most with the present Santa figure. His first design of Santa Claus was on 3rd January of 1863 yet it was not a hit.

333. Which nation is the origin of Silent Night? What was its German title?

Answer: Silent Night originated in Austria; The German version of the title was – Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht

334. What do you know of the writers of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer story and song?

Answer: The songwriter was John D. Marks and the story writer was Robert L. May. The two writers were brothers-in-law.

335. Was kissing under the Mistletoe famous among the Victorian Aristocrats?

Answer: No. The tradition first gained popularity among the servant class. Later on, the aristocracy adopted it and it flourished in their tradition.

336. Where was the largest snowman made in the US?

Answer: It was built in Bethel town of Maine state in the northeast part of the US. This is even recorded in the Guinness book in 2008. It was a Snowwoman of height over 122 feet.

337. Which tradition symbolizes faith in Christianity in a house?

Answer: Christians put candles in the windows of their residences to symbolize their faith and invite other devotees to their celebrations.

338. Who was the voice actor of Grinch in the movie How Grinch stole Christmas? He was popular for voicing what other role of Monster?

Answer: Boris Karloff was the voice actor of Grinch in this movie. He also voiced the monster of Frankenstein in the Frankenstein series of the 1930s.

339. How do they start the holiday season in Guatemala?

Answer: In Guatemala, on 7th December people sweep dust and wastes out of their home and make a bonfire of the wastes. The bonfire symbolizes the burning of the devil.

340. Which cartoon is famous in Sweden for Christmas Eve?

Answer: In 1959 – Sweden, a Christmas special Donald Duck show was broadcasted on the television. Back then, the options for channels were numbered and it turned into a tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve.

There are times when you want to laze around in the Christmas season with all the fascinating movies.

What Christmas movies are you fond of?

Christmas Movies Trivia

You can see about ten Christmas movies around here. Since you might not be so sure who has watched which movies, keep your options open.

If anyone doesn’t remember anything from the movies, well you can always watch it once again!

You probably didn’t get to spend a great Christmas in 2020 and thought a movie marathon will ease your heart… This time you can spend your Christmas with details from movies.

It’s a Wonderful Life

341. Who was Clarence and what was his role in the movie?

Answer: Clarence was the guardian angel of George Bailey and took him on his journey.

342. What was George’s disability? What was he denied for his disability?

Answer: He was deaf in an ear. He was denied service in the second world war.

A Christmas Story

343. What did Ralphie wish for Christmas the most? Why was he denied?

Answer: Red Ryder BB gun. He was denied because he might shoot his eye out.

 344. What prize did Ralphie’s father bring back after winning a contest?

Answer: a lamp that looked like a leg covered in fishnet stocking.

Miracle on 34th Street

345. Who was Fred Gailey?

Answer: He was the lawyer defending Kris Kringle in the courtroom.

346. What did Susan want for Christmas?

Answer: Susan asked Kris Kringle to get her a house.

Home Alone

347. Where was the movie filmed?

Answer: Illinois, United States.

348. Why did Kevin go to the Attic?

Answer: Kevin went to the attic as a punishment for fighting with Buzz, his older sibling.

The Santa Clause

349. Who is Bernard?

Answer: Bernard is the head of all the elves residing in the North Pole.

350. Why did Scott become Santa Claus?

Answer:  Scott worked as a replacement for Santa Claus after he fell from his roof.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

351.  Who is the pumpkin king?

Answer:  It was the nickname of Jack Skellington in Halloween Town.

352. Who is Sandy Claws?

Answer: Jack Skellington called Santa Claus by that name.


353. Why did Buddy go to New York City?

Answer: He went there to search for his father.

354. Where did Buddy start working?

Answer: Gimbel’s departmental store.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

355. What is Mount Crumpit?

Answer: The Grinch lived on this mountain.

356. Who is Martha May Whoever?

Answer: She was the childhood crush of the Grinch.

A Christmas Prince

357. What was the occupation of Amber?

Answer: Journalist

358. What secret did Amber find out?

Answer: She found that Prince Richard was actually adopted.

The Holiday

359. What was the occupation of Iris?

Answer: She wrote for The Daily Telegraph in London.

360. Who was Jasper?

Answer: The ex-boyfriend of Iris.

While everyone likes movies, you know there are some artistic folks around you who take care of all the decorations, and they love it!

Maybe you can test their knowledge as well?

Christmas Decoration Trivia

Festivals call for decorations and specifically, Christmas reminds you of decorating your whole house with all lights, ornaments, tinsel, stars, and so much more!

But how much do you know about these decorative items? Among your folks who might be the most knowledgeable about these decorations…

Let’s check out if they are only into the decorations or know the backstories too. Check out these fascinating questions about Christmas decorations…

361. What was the name of the first Snow Globe business and when was it built?

Answer: Original Vienna Snow Globe; 1903.

362. What made the first Snow Globe?

Answer: Edwin Perzy – a mechanic of surgical instruments from Vienna.

363 What object inspired Edwin Perzy to make a Snow Globe?

Answer: A water globe in front of the fire.

364. What was the snow in the first snow globe?

Answer: Soaked semolina (sooji).

365. What was the most expensive wreath, in 2013, made of?

Answer: 17.5-carat rubies, 3-carat yellow diamonds.

366. What was the most expensive glass bauble made of in 2009?

Answer: 18-carat white gold, over 1500 diamonds, almost 190 rubies.

367. How many ornaments did Corning produce when they started?

Answer: 300,000.

368. What are the varying origins of Christmas wreaths?

Answer: In ancient Egypt, Rome, and the Vikings displayed green plants which did not dry throughout the winter. It was like a charm to repel negative energy.

German Christians used to decorate wreaths with candles about a month before Christmas.

In ancient Rome and Greece, they used wreaths for ceremonies. It might be an adapter culture from either.

369. What are the most common elements for making Christmas ornaments?

Answer: Blown glass or plastic, wood, metals, ceramics.

370. What were the decorations in the first decorated Christmas tree?

Answer: Star, heart, and flower-shaped Pastries, candy canes, apples.

371. What ornaments were made in Lauscha of Germany first?

Answer: Glass baubles, glass bead garlands, tin Christmas tree ornaments.

372. Which American discovered the glass baubles from Lauscha in Germany and when?

Answer: Woolworth; In the late 19th century.

373. How many ornaments did Woolworth import by the 20th century and worth what?

Answer: 200,000 decorative ornaments worth over twenty-five million dollars.

374. Which nation started producing glass ornaments after Germany and when?

Answer: Japan, 1925; Poland and Czechoslovakia later on in the decade.

375. How many glass balls did Hallmark produce in their earliest production?

Answer: Six.

376. Which were the regular ornament designs produced in bulk?

Answer: Ball, oval.

377. Which ornament designs were easy to finish in bulk?

Answer: Bells, stars, icicles, teardrops, tree toppers.

378. What is done with Christmas decorations after a lifetime of usage?

Answer: Passed on to next generations.

379.  Where did America import Christmas ornaments from? When did they stop?

Answer: Until the Second World War, America used to import all of the decorative pieces from Germany. After the war a glass business named Corning started, producing their decorative lights.

380. What is the Mexican myth about Poinsettia?

Answer: As per the myth, a poor girl gathered many weeds for baby Jesus as presents on the eve of Christmas. As soon as she placed the weeds they transformed into a bouquet of red flowers. Those were called Flowers of Holy Night.

After all these varieties, it becomes really hard to choose the right questions to entertain everyone at your party, right?

You might be wanting a mix of everything. So, here it is!

Miscellaneous Christmas Trivia

If you feel like mixing all kinds of diverse questions in your Christmas trivia quiz, you will find it hard to choose from so many questions above. I had an idea of backing you from the beginning…

Here are a few miscellaneous Christmas Trivia quizzes for everyone around you. Come on, let’s jump to it!

381. After leaving the North Pole, from whom did Rudolph receive help?

Answer: Yukon Cornelius and Elf Hermey.

382. Which artist did not receive credits for White Christmas? What was his position?

Answer: Bob Fosse; Choreographer.

383. Name some popular Christmas feast sides.

Answer: Baked ham with gravy; mashed potatoes; Green bean casserole.

384. In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, it came without what?

Answer: Packages, boxes, or bags.

385. Does an angel receive what for every ringing bell in It’s a Wonderful Life?

Answer: Wings.

386. What is Teddy Ruxpin?

Answer: An animatronic toy that plays cassette. It was very popular among children in the middle of the 1980s.

387. What is Macy’s in the movie Miracle On 34th Street?

Answer: It is a real departmental store.

388. In the Christmas Song, what happens to the eyes of Tiny tots?

Answer: The eyes of Tiny tots are aglow.

389. Tom Hanks played 6 roles in which movie?

Answer: The Polar Express.

390. Which character did Scott Calvin play in the movie The Santa Clause?

Answer: Tim Allen.

391. When does your true love get you, eight maids, a milking?

Answer:  On the 8th day of Christmas.

392. What is the belief about the Yule log?

Answer: According to The beliefs, you have to burn a yule log on Christmas Eve. If the wood goes out before the morning of Christmas, that symbolizes bad luck in the next year.

393. How is Cupid related to Christmas?

Answer: It is the name of a reindeer of Santa and that of a holiday mascot.

394. In Twas The Night Before Christmas poem what did children experience while going to bed?

Answer: They had visions of sugarplums in their mind.

395. 700 million of whom celebrate Christmas every year all over the world?

Answer: Children.

396. Why are candy canes only found of the same color?

Answer: Candy canes are always of red and white color. The red symbolizes the blood Jesus Christ lost after his death from the crucifixion, whereas the white resembles Jesus’s purity.

397. Friday the snowman started dancing around after wearing a magic hat, but whose hat was it?

Answer: Professor Hinkle

398. What grew three times the original size on Christmas day?

Answer: The heart of the Grinch.

399. Who released their first assortment of Christmas cards in 1915?

Answer: Hallmark

400. What did the ox and lamb do in The Little Drummer Boy Christmas song?

Answer: The animals accompanied the boy.

You have covered almost all the bases of Christmas Trivia and now you can use some fun facts to pamper your loved ones.

What if the trivia quiz is over? The party must go on!

5 Super Fun Facts about Christmas you should know about

Christmas is all about fun and there are many interesting facts that your friends and family were not aware of. Hopefully this year you can enjoy a Christmas party with your loved ones.

Those who cannot join you on this auspicious day will probably ring you up. You can entertain them a bit longer this year with these fun facts about Christmas and spend a longer virtual time!

1. According to research, in the US, most children are born in September.

Now if you calculate nine months back from that, you will find yourself in the holiday season around Christmas and New Year.

So, in other words, couples get most romantic or “execute their family planning” during the Christmas season!

2. During Christmas, a Santa performer once received an offer of $1200

Where do you see Santa’s around when you go out during the Christmas season? Malls, parks, private parties, or even some mass events… They are everywhere.

During Christmas, Santa performers are pretty much on demand.

A Santa performer can earn from 30 to even 1200 dollars depending on his demand and performance!

A Santa performer from Greenleaf once received an offer of 1200 dollars from a customer in Manhattan.

3. On 25th November 2014 over 1700 elves gathered in Bangkok of Thailand.

This was known to be the most populated Elf gathering to date. But sadly, fourteen of them got disqualified because their costumes were not on point.

On the other hand, the Americans are trying their best to beat this record and enter the Guinness records.

The American gathering takes place in Elfapalooza of Alabama. They participate in karaoke, elf marches, and other contests!

4. Americans buy 2 billion dollars’ worth of treats during the Christmas season

Earlier, the assortment of treats mainly contained candy canes or gingerbread.

But with advancement, innovation, and the artistic nature of the confectioners, a variety of treats are produced like ice cream, lattes, and marshmallows of candy cane or its theme!

5. 1.5 billion Americans still believe in sending greetings cards

As per the famous greetings card business Hallmark, Millennials believe in it too and comprise a fifth of their current market.

The business is observing a steady rise in Christmas card demands among the millennials. So the trend is not going to die away anytime soon.

Over to you…

Christmas is knocking at the door and you are busy with all sorts of preparations. People will gather after a long time and you definitely can’t hide your excitement!

With all the Christmas-y feels setting in, you can’t afford to miss the fun, can we?

Here you got almost all the possible Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers… Now it’s time to rock the Christmas party!

On a side note, stay safe and let out all the sorrows of the past. The coming year is yours to conquer!