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400+ Halloween Trivia Questions for a Fun and Spooky Night!

400+ Halloween Trivia Questions for a Fun and Spooky Night!

Updated on Jul 01, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

400+ Halloween Trivia Questions for a Fun and Spooky Night!

The first thing on my mind since the beginning of fall is Halloween… and Halloween Trivia!

Trick or treating was hard in 2020, plus, maintaining all the restrictions with children is a hassle and equally dangerous.

Although some of your neighbors came up with innovative ideas for it, you might have thought staying indoors with the kids was safer.

And if you are staying in, a Halloween Trivia can rock your child’s dull day into rainbow colors, right? Not only are they entertained but they are also learning something new.

So here I have got a few types of Halloween trivia ready for you!

400+ Halloween Trivia Questions for a Fun and Spooky Night
400+ Halloween Trivia Questions for a Fun and Spooky Night

Halloween trivia for kids

If you are a family person and have kids around, the first thing Halloween reminds you of is dressing up your child into a cute spooky character!

It really heals the heart to see them walking door to door.

That’s why the first set of Halloween trivia is for the kids. If there’s no party in your family, video-call the rest of the kids and engage them in these trivia questions.

1. What do you celebrate on October 31st?

Answer: Halloween or Hallows Eve.

2. What is on November 1st?

Answer: All Saints Day.

3. What is the meaning of Hallow?

Answer: A holy person or a saint.

4. Which animal do you signify Halloween by and what color is it?

Answer: Black cats.

5. What do children do on Halloween night for trick or treat?

Answer: Dress up in scary outfits and get treats after knocking door to door in the neighborhood.

6. What do witches do with broomsticks?

Answer: They ride on it to travel around.

7. Which candy is most famous in the United States during the Halloween season?

Answer: M&Ms.

8. What is common between bats and vampires?

Answer: They suck blood and are only seen at night.

9. How do you scare a vampire away?

Answer: With garlic.

10. What is a Jack o lantern?

Answer: A carved pumpkin.

11. Where are mummies found?

Answer: In the pyramids of Egypt.

12. A vampire can transform into what?

Answer: Bat and wolf.

13. Complete the sentence: double double toil ____? Who says it?

Answer: And trouble; Witches.

14. What are the short and ugly green creatures called? (They also steal from humans.)

Answer: Goblins.

15. In Addams Family, describe Cousin It’s appearance.

Answer: His long hair covered his entire body.

16. What is a cauldron?

Answer: Pot.

17. What do witches do with cauldrons?

Answer: They brew magic potions in it and cast spells using it.

18. What does a spider resemble on Halloween night?

Answer: Someone who is no more and you love is looking after you, protecting you all the time.

19. What is another name for jack o lantern?

Answer: Stingy Jack.

20. How many times do you need to lick a Tootsie Pop to reach its center?

Answer: 252.

Kids are cute but that doesn’t mean you need to leave out the teens, do you?

Halloween trivia for teens

Teens have more ideas about Halloween details than kids so you can question them about more spooky details. Don’t worry, they are all fine with a few scary questions and more hard ones.

Let’s check if the teens know some interesting facts about Halloween. It’s better than them sulking over being bored or not getting a fancy outfit, right?

But if your teenager doesn’t feel comfortable with any spooky question, it’s alright to skip any provoking questions.

21. Who was Count Dracula’s helper?

Answer: Renfield.

22. What is the origin of the word bonfire?

Answer: Bone and Fire.

23. In which nation does the origin of Halloween lie?

Answer: Ireland.

24. What is the meaning of Dracula’s name?

Answer: The Devil’s Son.

25. What was the original name of Dracula?

Answer: Vlad the Impaler.

26. Where did Vlad the Impaler rule over?

Answer: Romania.

27. What is Samhainophobia?

Answer: An extreme fear of Halloween.

28. Where might you see your future husband or wife, if you stare into it on Halloween midnight?

Answer: A mirror.

29. What were Jack o lanterns traditionally made of?

Answer: Turnip.

30. Are pumpkins fruits or vegetables?

Answer: Fruits.

31. What do Mexicans celebrate on October 31st?

Answer: The Day of the Dead.

32. Who gets the special ability to see spirits and communicate with them?

Answer: One who was born on 31st October.

33. What is Cabbage Night?

Answer: It is a term for the night prior to Halloween, usually used in New England.

34. What colors resemble Halloween?

Answer: Black and Orange.

35. What do Halloween colors symbolize?

Answer: Black – Death; Orange – Harvest.

36. What is the relation of San Francisco with Halloween?

Answer: The best city known for Trick or treat events in the US.

37. Which flying mammal is connected with Halloween celebrations?

Answer: Bat.

38. Which nations originally started the trend of wearing costumes on Hallows Eve?

Answer: Ireland, Scotland.

39. Which candy holds the second position as a Halloween candy?

Answer: Candy corn.

40. What is the average number of candies children get from each house from Trick or treating?

Answer: Two.

Now that the kids and teenagers are entertained, the adults can feel they had a fulfilling festive day!

Nah, I think we can do better…

Halloween Trivia for Adults

Just because you are an adult, doesn’t mean there’s no fun for you. It’s actually the opposite!

Adults need more fun in their stressful lifestyles. It’s a festival, and it calls for more reasons to feel cheery.

Here are some questions that the adults can amuse themselves with. But, they don’t tell them, you hand-picked these really tough questions.

Let them rack their brains and find out answers while you have super fun!

41. What is gallybagger a term for?

Answer: Scarecrow

42. What is the color of Candy corn from the top to the bottom?

Answer: White – Yellow – Orange.

43. As per old traditions, sprinkling what and where can keep you safe from evil spirits on Halloween?

Answer: Sprinkling salt at the boundaries of your house or room prevents any evil spirit from entering.

44. In a regular bag of M&Ms, at most how many colors can you get?

Answer: Six

45. Who resell unused candies in the Halloween Candy Buyback program?

Answer: Children.

46. Who buys the candies from the children in the Halloween Candy Buyback program?

Answer: Local dentists.

47. Where do the dentists distribute those candies in the Halloween Candy Buyback program?

Answer: Military troops.

48. What does a house putting up a blue pumpkin symbolize?

Answer: They are giving away allergy-free candies (Or they bought that pumpkin last year)

49. In the Salem witch trials, how many were accused of witchcraft?

Answer: Over two hundred men and women.

50. How many of the accused witches were found guilty in the Salem Witch Trials?

Answer: Thirty

51. How many were given death sentences in the Salem Witch Trials? What was their punishment?

Answer: 19; Execution.

52. What is Arachnophobia?

Answer: Fear of Spiders.

53. What is Phasmophobia?

Answer: Fear of Ghosts

54. What is the fear of darkness called?

Answer: Nyctophobia.

55. What do you call the fear of graveyards?

Answer: Coimetrophobia

56. What do you understand about Ailurophobia?

Answer: The fear of cats.

57. How many adults are into the Halloween celebration?

Answer: Over 68 percent.

58. How do you wipe out ghosts as per superstitions?

Answer: By walking around the ghost nine times.

59. What is the Feast of the Dead?

Answer: It is another name for Halloween.

60. What is a Bwbatch?


Sometimes you only feel like making people laugh with peculiar details of Halloween, don’t worry… I have your back (always!).

Fun Halloween trivia

Sometimes, people need a dose of fun facts at their Halloween parties. You must stay prepared with all kinds of trivia questions for lightening the mood.

If you feel some “eeriness” at the party, well what is better than trivia questions for a dose of fun?

Also, it can make your party so much more lively!

61.  Which Halloween creatures have tattoos, unibrow, and their middle finger is unusually long?

Answer: Werewolves

62. What is a mawkin?

Answer: Scarecrow.

63. Where can you not use a Silly String on Halloween?

Answer: Hollywood, California

64. How will you get penalized for possessing Silly String in Hollywood?

Answer: A thousand dollars fine.

65. For Dum Dums lollipops, what flavor do they produce for Mystery Flavor?

Answer: A mixture of two different flavors.

66. Which was the most popular costume for Halloween 2020 and 2021?

Answer: Spiderman and Witch.

 67. Who manufactured the Ouija board?

Answer: William Fuld.

68. Initially, what did Fuld state about the board naming?

Answer: He used the board and got its name.

69. What did Fuld say later on about its naming?

Answer: He said that he combined these two words Oui (French: Yes) ja (German: Yes).

70.  How do werewolves transform into their real form?

Answer: The need to see the full moon.

71. What is a coven?

Answer: It is a term for a group of witches.

72. How might you see a witch on Halloween?

Answer: By walking backward and wearing clothes wrong side out at midnight.

73. What is the Scottish belief about seeing your future husband’s reflection on Halloween?

Answer: If girls hang wet sheets beside the Halloween fire, they can see the reflection of their respective future husbands.

74. On which flag do you see Medusa’s face?

Answer: Sicily, Italy.

75. What is the slogan of Skittles?

Answer: Taste the Rainbow.

76. According to traditional myth, what can cure freckles?

Answer: Pumpkin.

77. What Traditional Halloween game originated in Ancient Rome?

Answer: Bobbing for Apples.

78. Which Swiss person is known for growing the heaviest pumpkin for 2014?

Answer: Beni Meir.

79. In Alabama, what costume is not allowed for Halloween day?

Answer: Priests and Nuns.

80. What is The Village Halloween Parade?

Answer: It is the parade for Halloween in New York City.

You need to raise the difficulty bar at times, especially when the topic of discussion is the infamous “Halloween.”

If they have been able to answer all the questions from the above list, you know it’s time for some revamp!

Well, challenges can be a thrill to some…

Difficult Halloween Trivia

Some of your party folks might be too familiar with the regular Halloween trivia questions, and this is when you raise the bar.

Otherwise, they keep answering all the questions and ruin the fun. It becomes really exhausting when you run out of questions all because of these know-it-alls.

But you invited them because they are close, so how can you not make a different set just for them?

81. When was the last full moon on Halloween?

Answer: 2020.

82. When is the next full moon on Halloween?

Answer: 2039.

83. Traditionally, what do ringing bells on Halloween help for?

Answer: It can scare away any evil soul or spirit.

84. Using Google statistics, which costume was known to be popular for 2017 Halloween?

Answer: Wonder Woman.

85. Other than Turnips and Pumpkins, what was used for Jack o lanterns?

Answer: Potatoes.

86. Why was Silly String banned on Halloween?

Answer: Because trick or treaters used to misuse that toy and it became hazardous.

87. Where does the greatest Halloween party occur in the world?

Answer: Derry or Londonderry, Ireland.

88. What is Pumpkaboo?

Answer: A pumpkin Pokemon.

89. From which family of fruit does Pumpkin come?

Answer: Cucumber.

90. As per traditional European beliefs, what might happen if you hear an owl’s cry on Halloween night?

Answer: It was the prediction of someone’s death.

91. Halloween cards were first introduced when?

Answer: 1920s.

92. How old is Halloween?

Answer: About six thousand years.

93. In the world, what is the record time for carving a pumpkin?

Answer: 16.47 seconds.

94. Who carved the pumpkin in 24.03 seconds?

Answer: Stephen Clarke.

95. What is the name of the Chinese Halloween festival?

Answer: Teng Chieh or Yulan.

96. When did America celebrate Halloween on a large scale?

Answer: 1921.

97. Where did the first vast Halloween celebration occur in the United States?

Answer: Anoka in Minnesota.

98. What is the Teng Chieh festival also called?

Answer: The Feast of Hungry Ghosts.

99. What is the meaning of La Chupacabra?

Answer: Goat sucker.

100. Who played the first character of Wolfman?

Answer: Lon Chaney.

Just like those difficult questions, you need easy ones on your list especially for those who don’t pay much attention to Halloween details.

Easy Halloween trivia

Well, everyone doesn’t know everything, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of! Halloween Trivia is not a test of life that your folks will know everything about.

And some of your loved ones tend to get really bummed out all because they are lagging behind.

Nuh-uh, this is a fun day, and you want to cheer everyone up, so here are a few easy questions for them.

101. What Halloween edible grows on vines?

Answer: Pumpkin.

102. What is a Warlock?

Answer: It is a term used for male witches.

103. How is a warlock different from a wizard?

Answer: Wizards use magic, they are also called sorcerers.  Warlocks use witchcraft.

104. What is the Japanese Halloween?

Answer: Obon

105. What is the Obon festival called in English?

Answer: The Day of the Dead.

106. Which nation is Transylvania in?

Answer: Romania.

107. What is Samhain?

Answer: It is a traditional Celtic carnival and Halloween originated from it.

108. How are the Druids related to Halloween?

Answer: They were the first ancient priests to celebrate Halloween.

109. What kind of creatures are Vampires?

Answer: Nocturnal creatures.

110. What is a Chicken feed?

Answer: It was the old name of Candy Corn.

111. State the full name of  Dr. Frankenstein.

Answer: Victor Frankenstein.

112. Originally black cats are believed to symbolize bad luck by whom?

Answer: The Puritans

113. Traditionally, what did children get for trick or treating?

Answer: Food and beverage.

114. What is the Old English term for a witch?

Answer: Wicce.

115. What is the plural of the term wicce?

Answer: Wiccan

116. What is a Mommet?

Answer: Scarecrow

117. Name the first combined candy bar.

Answer: Goo goo cluster.

118. The blue M&Ms replaced which color of M&M?

Answer: Light Brown.

119. According to ancient beliefs, what other than freckles did Pumpkins cure?

Answer: Snakebites.

120. Who saw Abraham Lincoln’s soul in the White House?

Answer: Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain.

And there are some all-time popular questions about Halloween, you can add that to your party for a twist!

Best Halloween Trivia

Sometimes asking common yet fun questions are the best for trivia at your Halloween party. If your folks are interested in current interesting facts, this genre will be the most attractive for them.

These loved ones even have answers to all the questions, no matter how odd it sounds. Yep, you know they are reaallyyy good with information.

Here are a few questions if you wish to break the streak and take a chance at telling them “You don’t ALWAYS know it all!”

Don’t forget the wink! 😉

121.  How heavy was Beni Meier’s record pumpkin?

Answer: 856 kg.

122. Why was Beni Meier’s record pumpkin inedible?

Answer: The maximum content of that pumpkin was water and its skin was quite thick.

123. Who was Count Wampyr?

Answer: The actual name of Dracula written by Bran Stoker.

124.  Where is the longest haunted villa in the world?

Answer: Lewisburg, Ohio.

125.  Vampire cats are native to which place?

Answer: South America and Central America.

126. What are Sabbats?

Answer: A meeting of witches.

127. Where was the world’s heaviest pumpkin found? When was it recorded?

Answer: Tuscany, Italy, 2021.

128. Samhain marked the beginning of what?

Answer: The dark part of a year.

129. Who was Vlad the Impaler?

Answer: The ruler of Transylvania.

130. Who owns the 2021 record of largest pumpkin?

Answer: Stefano Cutrupi.

131. How heavy was Stefano Cutrupi’s pumpkin?

Answer: 1226 kg.

132. In the Salem witch trials, how many men and women were hung?

Answer: Five men and fourteen women.

133. When is All Souls Day?

Answer: 2nd November.

134. Bobbing apples is honored to which deity?

Answer: A Roman Goddess of the fruit or vegetable bearing trees, Pomona.

135. What is the literal meaning of Halloween?

Answer: All Hallows’ Evening.

136. What is Phobophobia?

Answer: A term for the fear of fear.

137. Almost how many participants are known to partake in NYC’s Halloween Parade?

Answer: Fifty thousand.

138. Who was the Inventor of candy corn?

Answer: George Renninger.

139. What do scarecrows resemble?

Answer: Harvest

140. What is Dia de las Brujas

Answer: they call Halloween by this name in Spain.

Sometimes, you might not be in the mood to stick to a rigid category, don’t worry, we got you!

Random Halloween Trivia

Let’s sprinkle a bit of randomness to your Halloween party with some questions from faraway lands or a faraway time. Here you will find questions about all kinds of genres twisted and mixed together.

If there are smarty-pants in your party, you know who you are about to entertain well this year!

141.  How do the Japanese celebrate Obon?

Answer: Hang lanterns at the gate of their house and offer food to the ancestors.

142. How do the Chinese celebrate Yue Lan?

Answer: Offer food thrice to the deceased family members with incense sticks

143. What is a Hodmedod?

Answer: Scarecrow

144. Which magician passed away on Halloween?

Answer: Harry Houdini

145. Which year did Harry Houdini pass away?

Answer: 1926.

146. Name the fear of witches.

Answer: Wiccaphobia

147. Name the fear of vampires.

Answer: Sanguivoriphobia.

148. What is Selenophobia?

Answer: The phobia of the moon.

149. According to traditional beliefs, how must a female toss apple peels to see which symbol of her future husband?

Answer: They must toss it over their shoulders. They will see the initials of their spouse by doing so.

150. What was the Longest Haunted House 2019?

Answer: The Haunted Cave.

151. How deep under the ground is The Haunted Cave situated?

Answer: Eighty feet.

152. How long is the longest haunted house?

Answer: Over 3500 feet.

153. What do people do on Cabbage Night?

Answer: Put rotten cabbage pieces in front of other doors and all other kinds of pranks.

154.  What did people do for All Souls Day?

Answer: Go from door to door, offer prayers to the dead family members of each house and get food for it.

155. What happened in 1958 at the White House?

Answer: The White House was decorated for the first time for Halloween.

156. Who decorated the White House on Halloween, 1958?

Answer: Mamie Eisenhower.

157. When was there a full moon on Halloween before 2020?

Answer: 2001.

158. How long are Silly Strings banned in Hollywood on Halloween?

Answer: From the midnight of Halloween to the midday of All Saints day, thirty-six hours.

159. What is apple ducking?

Answer: Bobbing for apples.

160. Between which alphabets do you put the apostrophe in Halloween?

Answer: E’s.

Well, as a host, you definitely want to add an “edge” to your party, and some facts about Halloween can help you through.

Halloween Trivia facts

Halloween has been around for a long… like really, REALLY long, and this led to a lot of facts about this festival.

If your party folks know of these facts, fair, and if they don’t, you are going to be one fantastic (or fact-astic) host!

Get ready to amaze your party with these facts under your sleeves…

161. What is Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia?

Answer: The phobia or fear of long words.

162. What do you call the food given on Souls day to the people who offer prayers to the deceased of different houses?

Answer: Soul Cakes

163. How much candy corn production occurs annually?

Answer: Almost thirty-six million pounds.

164. During which war did they drop candies to the American soldiers?

Answer: Korean war.

165. What candy did they drop?

Answer: Tootsie Rolls

166. How many calories do you think are in a regular bag of Halloween trick or treat?

Answer: 11000

167. What do you also call a Hay-man?

Answer: Scarecrow.

168. Why did they choose pumpkin over turnips, potatoes or beets for Jack o lanterns?

Answer: Pumpkins are not only easy to carve but also seem prettier than the other vegetables with the candle flame.

169. What is the first American penny candy?

Answer: Tootsie Rolls

170. What do you say you have if you are scared of clowns?

Answer: Coulrophobia.

171. What was originally burnt in a bonfire?

Answer: Animal bones.

172. In America, where was trick or treat banned in 2010 for 12 and older?

Answer: Belleville, Illinois.

173. Who consumed heroin with candies and passed away in 1970?

Answer: Kevin Toston.

174. How many parents deny eating children’s Halloween treats?

Answer: More than a fifth of them.

175. In Alabama, what punishment awaits you if you wear the costume of a religious head?

Answer: A maximum of five hundred dollars fine and/or jail imprisonment for a year at most.

176. Which Haunted House won the title of the longest haunted house in 2019?

Answer: Dragon’s House of Horror.

177. Where is Dragon’s House of Horror situated?

Answer: New Mexico.

178. When do they open Dragon’s House of Horror on Halloween?

Answer: At 6:30 pm

179. How long is the Dragon’s House of Horror?

Answer: 1.5 miles.

180. When was the Count Dracula Society established?

Answer: 1962.

If anyone gets bored from playing the trivia solo, let’s team them up!

Halloween Trivia quiz

Divide your party into teams of equal strengths and start off with a Halloween quiz. This will multiply the fun and laughter in multiples you can’t even imagine.

Want to check who or which team will get confused more from these questions? Don’t keep standing, let’s tickle their noggin’.

181. What do spiders have eight other than legs?

Answer: Eyes

182. What is the Mexican festival Day of the Dead called in the Mexican language?

Answer: Dia de los Muertos.

183. Where will you find corpse flowers?

Answer: Indonesia

184. Why is the corpse flower called so?

Answer: It stinks of rotten flesh.

185. Which part of the corpse flower is edible?

Answer: Roots.

186. What is Phantom a synonym for?

Answer: Ghost

187. Why did the Victorians attach bells to coffins?

Answer: Many a time people were buried alive in the Victorian era, and in case someone gets buried alive they can seek help by ringing the bell.

188. Which establishment states that Halloween is one of their famous holidays?

Answer: The Guardian, British Newspaper

189. Although it is next to impossible because of greed, for how long can you store Halloween treats?

Answer: Nine months to two years depending on the type.

190. Chesapeake banned which age group from trick or treat traditions in 2019?

Answer: Anybody older than fourteen years.

191. How many parents have admitted to secretly consuming their children’s Halloween treats?

Answer: More than seventy percent.

192. What is Tattie Bogal?

Answer: Scarecrow.

193. What are black cats to witches?

Answer: Best friend

194. What is Shrek?

Answer: An Ogre.

195. What is a duck apple?

Answer: Bobbing for Apples

196. On the Ouija board there is a cursor on which you keep your finger, what is this cursor called?

Answer: Planchette.

197. What does Planchette mean in French?

Answer: Little prank

198. Which religious body bans the Ouija board?

Answer: Catholic Church

199.  On average, how much did Americans spend during 2016 Halloween?

Answer: Almost 8.5 billion

200. In America, what is the ranking of Halloween festivals?

Answer: It comes third after New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl.

If you ever see a tie between the contestants, you need a showdown to find the winner.

Ultimate Halloween trivia

Sometimes, there is more than one person who can answer trivia questions till the end.

If you have promised only one prize for the winner, it becomes really hard. Well, you can find the champion of your party with a face-off with Halloween trivia.

This set of questions will be by your side to find the champ and also, you will be saved from the hassle of finding another prize!

201. Who was the first one to use Jack o Lantern?

Answer: Stingy Jack.

202. Out of the Mortal realm, Paradise, and Hell, where does Stingy Jack belong?

Answer: The Mortal Realm.

203. What does Stingy Jack light his lantern with?

Answer: Coal.

204. How is Beggars’ Night different from Halloween?

Answer: Children need to recite poems or tell jokes before receiving the treat.

205. Where is Beggars’ Night popular?

Answer: Des Moines

206. Who started the tradition of the Halloween festival in America?

Answer: Immigrants from Ireland.

207. Where were the record Jack o lanterns lit exhibited in the World?

Answer: Keene, New Hampshire

208. How many pumpkin lanterns were there in Keene’ Guinness Records?

Answer: 30581

209. What is Mischief Night?

Answer: Children prank neighbors with toilet paper rolls around their backyard.

210. Where is Mischief Night celebrated?

Answer: Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

211. What is Mischief Night called in Michigan?

Answer: Devil’s Night.

212. What is the most renowned store for Halloween items in the US?

Answer: Spirit Halloween World

213. Who is the Queen of Halloween?

Answer: Heidi Klum.

214. Which City is the Witch City?

Answer: Salem.

215. Until how late are kids allowed to trick or treat in Missouri?

Answer: 8 pm

216. If one is born on Halloween, what else are they “blessed” with other than communicating to spirits?

Answer: They will be protected from evil spirits, or they will be cursed. The meaning varies for different cultures.

217. In Chinese Halloween, what shape of lanterns are most frequent?

Answer: Dragon

218. What are the most common Lantern colors?

Answer: Red and Gold.

219. What do the Red and Gold color on lanterns symbolize?

Answer: Red: Happiness; Gold: Fortune

220. In the UK, how many pumpkins are sold annually?

Answer: Seventeen million.

Well, after the party and so many games, everyone must be feeling hungry… get some refreshments, and maybe you can extend this fun? 

Halloween Food trivia

There are a handful of traditional Halloween foods, yet each of them has its own stories. Someone among your loved ones may be a food enthusiast and wants to dig into these stories.

Well, you can use those for your trivia questions and answers too. Not only will your food enthusiast guests be excited to answer that, but they will also think of you as an all-rounder.

221. Before 1950, consuming what was edible was not allowed on Halloween?

Answer: Sausage Rolls

222. Why did candy corn initially go by the name “chicken feed”?

Answer: Because the shape of the candy was like corn and half of the staff were farmers in the production line.

223. How can the Halloween game Bobbing Apples be played?

Answer: Biting on the apples floating in a trough of water or suspended from a string.

224. What happens to the first to bite on the apple from a string?

Answer: Gets married next

225. What is the traditional baked food for Halloween in Ireland?

Answer: Halloween Barmbrack

226. What is another name for Halloween Barmbrack?

Answer: Bairin Breac or Boreen brack or Bawreen Brack

227. What are the ingredients of Barmbrack?

Answer: Ingredients of regular bread, raisins, and white grapes.

228. What kind of game did the Irish play with Halloween Barmbrack?

Answer: Fortune telling.

229. What items did they put inside the bread for the game?

Answer: Pea, stick, cloth, coin, ring, bean.

230. What did each of the items predict?

Answer: Bean – no money in their future

Pea – no marriage in the next year

Cloth – bad luck with money

Stick – bad marriage

Coin – riches in the future

Ring – marriage in the next year.

231. What are the coatings in Candy Apples from the outside to the inside?

Answer: Red food color, water, corn syrup, sugar 

232. What Halloween food is similar to Candy Apples but has caramel on it?

Answer: Caramel Apple

233. What are the different ingredients of the Halloween delicacy Pumpkin Pie than a regular one?

Answer: Pumpkin puree, eggs, and evaporated milk.

234. What spices are used in pumpkin pies?

Answer: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger

235. What are the modern toppings for pumpkin pies?

Answer: Caramel sauce with whipped cream, sometimes ice cream is added.

236. What seeds are found in pumpkin bread?

Answer: Pumpkin, Chia, and Flax.

237. What did the French initially name the Pumpkin?

Answer: Gros Melons

238. What did the English call the Pumpkin at first?

Answer: Pompions

239. How many seeds are there in a pumpkin?

Answer: Near about 500.

240. What is the water content of a pumpkin?

Answer: 90%

Halloween calls for spooky and scary things, but costumes might not be as thrilling as the classic horror movies! Oh, I’m not underestimating your attire, that’s just a general statement.

Halloween Movies trivia

Watching horror movies is the best way to quench your thirst for a thrill at home.  Everyone has a love-hate relationship with these movies.

Some feel excited before watching them but are too scared to step out of their room, whereas some get to be really cuddly with their frightened partners.

You get my point, there are different types of thrills… So, let’s brush up on those old memories!

241. Which Disney movie was originally named Halloween House?

Answer: Hocus Pocus

242. Name the most successful horror movie in terms of business

Answer: Godzilla

243. In the movie – Creature from Black Lagoon – what was the shape of the movie’s creature inspired from?

Answer: Oscar Statuette

244. How many Oscar nominations did The Exorcist movie earn in 1974?

Answer: Ten

245. Who was the director of Corpse Bride?

Answer: Tim Burton

246. The Amityville Horror was the true story of which family?

Answer: Lutz Family

247. Where was the real haunted Amityville house?

Answer: New York.

248. Name the movie responsible for the drop in the sales of Ouija boards.

Answer: The Exorcist

249. Name the radio drama responsible for mass panic in the late 1930s.

Answer: The War of the Worlds.

250. Jack Skellington found a portal connecting which two places in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Answer: Halloweentown and Christmas Town.

251. How were the witches resurrected in Hocus Pocus?

Answer: Max Dennison lighting the Black Flame Candle resulted in their resurrection.

252. Which 1978 horror flick was shot in twenty-one days?

Answer: Halloween

253. What is a Poulan 245A? Which horror movie used it?

Answer: A chainsaw model; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

254. How many Oscar nominations did the horror film Psycho earn?

Answer: Four.

255. What was the full name of Casper the Friendly Ghost?

Answer: Casper McFadden.

256. Who was overseeing Renfield in the movie Dracula?

Answer: Dr. John Seward.

257. What was Renfield suffering from in Dracula by Bram Stoker?

Answer: He was delusional and felt that he can get longevity and strength from consuming living beings.

258. Who were the main characters of the Disney movie Lonesome Ghosts?

Answer: Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck.

259. Name the antagonist in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Answer: Oogie Boogie.

260. Name the Sanderson Sisters of Hocus Pocus.

Answer: Mary, Sarah, Winifred.

Most Halloween parties have competition for “Who has the spookiest costume?”, but nah, we can do better than that!

Halloween Costumes Trivia

It’s Halloween, and everyone is all decked up into their frightening outfits (or not).

But the basic idea is their costumes and a lot happened in the world and the silver screen about costumes in general or horror movie outfits.

Think the disguisers at your party are aware of it? Let’s check it out then.

261. The antagonist of Halloween – Michael Myers – wore what mask?

Answer: A mask of William Shatner painted white.

262. What was the most famous costume for pets in 2021?

Answer: Pumpkin

263.  What was the original price of the William Shatner mask used on Halloween?

Answer: Two dollars.

264. In the Nightmare on Elm Street, the gloves of Freddy Krueger were inspired by what?

Answer: Cat nails, Gardening devices, and Count Orlock from Nosferatu.

265. In which American place do you need a license for wearing Halloween masks?

Answer: Walnut Creek in California.

266. Which American place does not allow 16 or older to cover their face on Halloween?

Answer: Dublin in Georgia.

267. In the French town Vendargues, 2014, teenagers were not allowed to wear what costume?

Answer: Clown

268. Why do Trick or Treaters wear costumes and cover their faces?

Answer: According to beliefs, evil spirits come out on Halloween and they might attack humans roaming outside. A costume tricked them into thinking they were one of their own.

269. How much do adult Americans spend on their Halloween costumes?

Answer: Over one and a half-billion dollars.

270. How much do Americans annually spend on their kids’ Halloween outfits?

Answer: Over 1.2 billion dollars.

271. In 2015, which was the most searched adults’ Halloween costume?

Answer: Witch.

272. Why was the Spiderman costume popular in 2020 Halloween?

Answer: Because it served the purpose of face masks in between the pandemic.

273. When was the Halloween mask prohibition rule established in Walnut Creek?

Answer: 19th century.

274. What part of a costume is not allowed in the churches of Alabama on Halloween?

Answer: Fake Moustache or beard.

275. Halloween costumes are publicly banned in which American state?

Answer: Jordan.

276. In California, where can you not enter if you are wearing costumes?

Answer: Private companies and shops.

277. Where in America women are banned from wearing corsets?

Answer: Maryville in Missouri

278. What were the raw materials for traditional Halloween costumes?

Answer: Animal head, skin, fur, feathers

279. In Mean Girls, what was Cady Heron’s costume?

Answer: Frankenstein’s Bride.

280. What is the most famous children’s costume?

Answer: Princess.

The history of costumes is very short but Halloween, in general, has a lot of history.

Halloween History Trivia

Halloween wasn’t always an American festival and you must be aware of it. But do you or your guests know how the festival originally was or how it entered America?

There is a lot to discuss Halloween and the picture of traditional Halloween is far different than the current one!

Let’s get a sneak peek at the introduction and history of this popular festival.

281. How did the Irish immigrants celebrate the first Halloween in the US?

Answer: They sang and danced around a bonfire about the good harvest, told ghost stories, and played future predicting games.

282. Where were Ouija Boards sold most in the first year?

Answer: Salem.

283. Who established the Count Dracula Society in 1962?

Answer: Dr. Donald A. Reed

284. Who was the author of the Halloween Party?

Answer: Agatha Christie

285. In the 19th century, Candy Corn was known by what other name than Chicken Feed?

Answer: Buttercream Candle

286. What was the purpose of the original Samhain bonfires?

Answer: It was a prayer for the return of the Sun on their land after the winter season.

287. Which year was the Ouija board got its first patent?

Answer: 1800.

288. Name the play of Shakespeare with three witches.

Answer: Macbeth.

289. Which tradition celebrated Samhain?

Answer: Celtic tradition.

290. What were the beliefs of Celts about Samhain?

Answer: The Celts believed that the dead visit the mortal world on this day.

291. What did the Celt do for celebrating Samhain?

Answer: They lit bonfires, paid homage to the deceased, and offered food to them.

292. On which Halloween Night, did Benito Mussolini achieve something great?

Answer: On the 1922 Halloween, Mussolini turned into the dictator of Italy.

293. When did M&M last change or add any color?

Answer: 1995.

294. What did Samhain mean in the literal sense?

Answer: The end of the summer.

295. Why did people stop using potatoes for their Jack o lanterns?

Answer: They stopped due to the Great Famine in the mid-19th century and potatoes failed.

296. Who joined the 1962 Count Dracula Society?

Answer: People who claimed they were real vampires.

297. Who invented Tootsie Rolls?

Answer: Leo Hirschfield.

298. When were Tootsie Rolls available first?

Answer: 1907.

299. What ritual with cats did the Druids follow during Samhain?

Answer: They threw the poor animals in the bonfire

300. What color is the Halloween snake?

Answer: Black and Orange.

After knowing the history, you might be interested in all kinds of Halloween monsters. Keep moving, there’s a lot to know.

Halloween Monsters Trivia

At your party, how many kinds of monster outfits do you see? You know that’s not the end of the list and I have this list of questions that can get you and your guests more ideas about their next spooky Halloween outfit.

Perhaps they are aware of the monsters but do not want to give so much effort into a different outfit. Either way, ask them these trivia questions to know the truth.

301. What is the original meaning of Witch or Wicce from Old English?

Answer: Wise women or female healers.

302. What is Penanggalan?

Answer: A south-east Asian ghost which was a flying female head.

303. Penanggalan attacked whom?

Answer: Pregnant ladies about to deliver babies and children.

304. Where was the chupacabra spotted?

Answer: Puerto Rico.

305. What does the Chupacabra attack?

Answer: It drinks herbivorous animals.

306. What monster attacks African areas?

Answer: Nandi Bear

307. Nandi Bear is similar to which Asian monster?

Answer: Abominable Snowman.

308. What happens when vampires get their heads decapitated?

Answer: The vampire dies.

309. What other things can kill a Vampire?

Answer: Stabbing the Vampire’s heart with a wooden stake or shoving its mouth with garlic.

310. How to kill a werewolf?

Answer: Shooting it with a silver bullet or stabbing it with angel blades.

311. What were mummies wrapped in?

Answer: Linen cloth.

312. What do ghouls eat?

Answer: Their corpse remains from cemeteries.

313. How to kill zombies?

Answer: Destroy the brain or decapitate them.

314. What can ghouls do by touching you?

Answer: Paralyze the victim.

315. Which species is immune to a Ghoul’s touch?

Answer: Elves.

316. What religious beliefs did the Salem Witches follow?

Answer: Puritan

317. What is a Lycanthrope?

Answer: Another name for a werewolf.

318. What do Chupacabras look like?

Answer: Dogs.

319. What was the name of Frankenstein’s monster?

Answer: He did not have a name.

320. Why is Stingy Jack denied entry to both Hell and Heaven?

Answer: Stingy Jack tricked the devil and made him promise the Devil will not claim his soul and God did not want such a scamming soul in his Heaven.

Some monsters are mutants of animals.. Halloween was always related to animals, so how can we miss them out?

Halloween Animal Trivia

According to tradition, many animals have been connected to Halloween. Few of them are considered evil or bring evil news.

In the end, they seem to be poor and helpless and yet deliver a negative message, right?

Well, most of these animals are useful to the environment or are plain harmless but some traditions endangered their lives nevertheless. Let’s see which of your loved ones are aware of these animals..

321. Some pet shops do not allow the adoption of which animal in October?

Answer: Black Cats

322. Which animals can Witches transform into?

Answer: Owls.

323. Exactly which animal does the Chupacabra attack?

Answer: Livestock but more specifically goats.

324. Which paper mammals are used for Halloween decorations?

Answer: Bats.

325. Which reptiles are added to a witch’s cauldron?

Answer: Snakes, Lizards.

326. Where are vampire bats found?

Answer: Tropical region of Mexico, Central America, South America.

327. In The Addams Family, what pets does Wednesday have?

Answer: Lizard and Black Widow Spider

328. In 2019 The Addams Family, what pets does she carry?

Answer: Octopus.

329. What is Morticia Addmas’ pet’s name? What animal is it?

Answer: Kitty Cat – an African lion.

330. What was the name of Dracula’s Dog?

Answer: Zoltan

331. What species was Dracula’s Dog?

Answer: Doberman Pinscher.

332. What was the name of Wednesday’s Spider?

Answer: Homer.

333. What was Wednesday’s Lizard named?

Answer: Lucifer.

334. Which culture worshipped black cats?

Answer: Puritans and Ancient Egyptians.

335.  As per Puritans, how many lives does a cat have?

Answer: Nine.

336. Which nation thinks black cats bring luck?

Answer: Japan.

337. Where do they worship bats?

Answer: Sarsai Village, Bihar, India.

338. Which living being’s cry is compared to a witch’s cackle?

Answer: Owl

339. Which animal’s sound is compared to Ghosts’?

Answer: Rats.

340. What is the name of the Egyptian cat goddess?

Answer: Bastet

So, you are still partying hard with all of these trivia questions? But hey, how did you set up the ambiance for your party?

Halloween Songs Trivia

As much as you are concerned with the Trivia you also need to select a good eerie song for your party to hit that sweet spooky spot.

Many horror movies have some super scary songs with creepy music. And if anyone watched a movie once, I’m pretty sure its music will bring flashbacks of those creepy feelings.

We can also use it in your little Trivia game to revive their memories!

341. Who was the first Monster Mash version?

Answer: Bobby Pickett

342. Which song of M. Jackson got adapted in the American Werewolf in London film?

Answer: Thriller.

343. Which song hit the first position of Billboard Hot Hundred, 1962, October?

Answer: Monster Mash.

344. Who was the score composer for the Halloween movie?

Answer: John Carpenter

345. How much time did the Halloween score composing need?

Answer: Three days.

346. Which singer sang most of the songs in The Nightmare before Christmas?

Answer: Danny Elfman.

347. In Psycho, the violin screeches are composed by?

Answer: Bernard Hermann

348. The Tubular Bells from The Exorcist were recorded in how many days?

Answer: Six.

349. Who was the artist of Tubular Bells?

Answer: Mike Oldfield.

350. How old was Mike Oldfield when he composed Tubular Bells?

Answer: Almost 20.

351. What were Rosemary’s Baby lyrics?

Answer: La la la.. what have they done to its eyes?

352. Who was the artist of Rosemary’s baby song?

Answer: Fantomas

353. In Nightmare on Elm Street, what rhyme do they use?

Answer: One, two, Freddy is coming for you.

354. In Hocus Pocus, in which Sanderson’s sister performed I Put a Spell on You?

Answer: Winnifred Sanderson

355. In The Nun, who was the soundtrack artist?

Answer: Abel Korzeniowski

356. What song do you hear at the end of the movie Annabelle Creation?

Answer: You are My Sunshine

357. Which song plays at the end of Annabelle Comes Home?

Answer: The Fallout.

358. In the psychological thriller Silent Hill, who composed the score?

Answer: Jeff Danna arranged the score from the video game.

359.  Who was the composer of the Silent Hill video game?

Answer: Akira Yamaoka.

360. If I put a spell on you, how many years do they mention?

Answer: Three hundred

All that eerie music will send chills down your spine if you remember the context. Everyone needs a break from the scary memories. Something fun like trick or treat?

Halloween Trick or Treating Trivia

Relax, I’m not asking you to go Trick or treating with your loved ones! Originally, trick or treat is not just an American thing, it also has a deeper history attached to it.

Moreover, there are a few laws about this tradition too, and we can’t blame them for doing so because each of them had a good reason. Is everyone ready to answer your “Trick or Treat”?

361. What is the 2021 best American city for trick or treating?

Answer: Vacaville in California.

362. What is the Mexican way of saying Trick or Treat?

Answer: Me da mi Calaverita.

363. What is Calaverita?

Answer: A small sugary or chocolaty treat in the shape of a skull.

364. What do children’s trick-or-treat candies have that are hazardous?

Answer: Answer: Pins stuck in candy bars, razor blades in apples.

365. If a trick or treater carries a blue-colored pumpkin bucket, what does it symbolize?

Answer: The person is autistic.

366. Which Canadian place penalizes for trick or treats after 8 pm

Answer: Bathurst in New Brunswick.

367. Which year did UNICEF establish its Trick or treating

Answer: 1950

368. Why did the Celts believe in Trick or Treat?

Answer: They thought the food would calm the deceased souls and send them back to their land.

369. Name the first fun-sized bar candies.

Answer: Milky Way and Snickers.

370. When did Trick or Treating start?

Answer: 16th century.

371. Googoo cluster was a combination of?

Answer: Milk chocolate, roasted peanuts, caramel, and marshmallow nougat.

372. Currently, what is the most hated Halloween treat?

Answer: Candy Corn.

373. What are the different parts of Trick or Treating originally called?

Answer: Mumming, Souling, and Guising.

374. What is Confectioner’s Glaze in Candy corn?

Answer: It is responsible for making candy corn hard, it is made from bug secretions.

375. What did people have to do other than saying trick or treats?

Answer: Perform something.

376. Initially, who participated in Trick or Treat in Britain?

Answer: The poor children.

377. What did the British give the poor children for Trick or Treat?

Answer: Food, money, and sometimes even wine.

378. How do people refuse tricks or treats?

Answer: By confusing them, scaring them away, or even being mean.

379. How many trick-or-treating children have fallen prey to poisonous treats?

Answer: Zero.

380.  Families still report that their treat got them sick, what is the reason for them falling sick?

Answer: Anything other than poisoned treats, even eating too many treats caused it.

Everyone had a fun time with these questions, you went easy on them for a while at least. Now it’s time to entertain yourself too.

Halloween Would you Rather Questions

Being a host is tough, you want to keep others entertained while also having some fun yourself… but let’s be honest, you are the only one talking all through the night.

These “Would You Rather” questions will save you from the extra burden and trauma!

It will confuse your guests, they will surely take some time, be stupefied by the choices (and you have the chance to judge them secretly).

So, I have got some super cool questions in this section (but mostly horrendous because it’s time to entertain yourself).

381. Would you rather get bitten by a vampire or a werewolf?

382. Would you rather fight a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion?

383. Would you rather go trick or treating at noon or in the morning?

384. Would you rather drink zombie brain juice or eat dead bodies from the graveyard?

385. Would you rather dress as Harley Quinn or as Wonder Woman?

386. Would you rather a black furry spider or a cockroach crawl over your face?

387. Would you rather go on a date with a witch/warlock or a ghoul?

388. Would you rather marry an ogre or a goblin?

389. Would you rather have many ghosts under your bed waiting to pull on your leg or one behind you with its hands circling your neck?

390. Would you rather round a ghost to ward it off from your house or just run away and become homeless?

391. Would you rather stay at the Poltergeist house or the Amityville House for a week?

392. Would you rather wear wet socks or stinky socks?

393. Would you rather chew on a bitter melon with chilies or maggot-infested cheese?

394. Would you rather drink from a Witch’s cauldron or lick a cotton candy made of a spider web?

395. Would you rather gift an Annabelle doll to a child or keep it at your home?

396. Would you rather sacrifice your pet or date your ex? (Too dark, apologies)

397. Would you rather use a wooden stake or garlic to kill a vampire?

398. Would you rather wear a religious clergy outfit in Alabama or carry silly strings to Hollywood, Canada on Halloween?

399. Would you rather dress your pet as a pumpkin or a big scary spider?

400. Would you rather kiss a frog that will become a poor man/woman or a snake that will become a rich man/woman?

And with that, all the trivia questions are over. Now, you might be thinking about how to use so many questions to entertain everyone.

Don’t worry, I will sort out everything for you.

How to pick the best Halloween Trivia?

At your Halloween party, you can add lots of games, activities, and even Halloween trivia to make it stand out.

But you can’t randomly pick Halloween trivia, after all, the list is endless and you want the best for your party.

So, here are a few ideas to help you choose the right kind of trivia for your party.

1. Choose questions of all difficulty levels

You might choose a mixture of both easy questions and hard questions and make sure there is an equal number of questions from both difficulty levels. Or, you might consider the knowledge of your guests regarding this matter.

The key is to reach a balance between the question difficulty and your guests’ knowledge otherwise they will be bored.

For instance, if most of your guests are quite knowledgeable about Halloween details, don’t stick to too many easy-level questions. Or, if they do not have much idea, then don’t use too many hard trivia questions.

2. Select a few informational questions

People hardly pay much attention to the educational details of literally anything. Chances are, your guests might not answer these questions correctly, but they will learn a lot.

Remember, it is easier to remember things in a fun way than reading it in a textbook.

Your game will not only entertain them but also educate them since involving a significant situation with such information is much easier to remember than reading or hearing it. 

Also, if there are children at this party, they will get a good dose of general knowledge/current affairs information.

3. Finally, put in a splash of fun questions

After all, it is a celebration and you must have fun to keep the party lively. Use some interesting facts with the fun ones. If you make your guests laugh, you will feel proud and they will feel content.

Honestly, despite the variety, some people might feel trivia is too repetitive and you don’t want to hear any such remark about your party.

Ultimately you are working hard behind the scenes to gather the best for this Halloween and you are about to show nothing but the best to them.

How to use Halloween Trivia Question and Answers?

Perhaps, you have enlisted all your questions but aren’t sure how to use them? If there are a lot of people/guests, it will be hard to pull them all into one place.

You might try grouping them with some cool names like “team vamp” or “team witch” or any quirky name of your choice.

Take a big board, draw columns with the team names heading the columns. Start shooting your questions for each team at a time.

If you want, you might penalize the ones answering incorrectly with some funny dare or you can even give them wild card opportunities with bonus questions (the hard ones).

Finally, have you decided on any prize for the Trivia winner?

If there is no materialistic prize for the winner, choose something fun like the winner getting treated like a king for the rest of the night, or the winner can ask for a special privilege in the party.

If that seems too hard, arrange for a prize. And keep some ultimate Halloween trivia ready in case there is a draw.

Over to you…

Halloween is widely celebrated in many places in the world. And Halloween Trivia is one fine way to enjoy your night.

People of all ages can participate and have fun together. All you gotta do is choose the right kind of questions for your folks and you are all set for the trivia.

Suppose you are still confused about choosing the right question, another trick is observing your guests’ expressions when you shoot them with questions… you will know if you need to gear up your difficulty level or level it down.

Besides, don’t forget to dress up in something cool in between all of these preparations because you will be leading your Halloween party night.