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200+ Freaky Messages to Send to Your Crush and Make Them Swirl! 😉

200+ Freaky Messages to Send to Your Crush and Make Them Swirl! 😉

Updated on Oct 11, 2022 | Published on Sep 02, 2022

200+ Freaky Messages to Send to Your Crush and Make Them Swirl!

Wanna find some freaky messages to send to your crush? Excited to know about your crush’s reaction?

Well, you reached the perfect place! This think-piece covers a huge variety of freaky messages to show you’re crazy in lust.

This adventurous ride might be the beginning of your dirty talk… or make your crush writhe in anticipation for more.

If you want to watch your crush want you bad, let’s get right into it!

Tease freaky messages to send to your crush

If you never sent sexy text messages to your crush, let’s not get too aggressive the first time. Instead, tease them a little and let them imagine more…

  1. I got some new panties… wanna see them?
  2. Do you know how hot you look when I imagine you on top of me?
  3. Every day I wake up and have this stubborn urge to French kiss you long and hard.
  4. I’m out to grab a coffee and I’m not wearing any underwear… care to help?
  5. These days my head is full of dirty thoughts. What should I do? Will you help me?
  6. The ceiling of my room is so uninteresting… instead, it would be nice to see you on top of me.
  7. I thought long and hard… about what we’ll do on our next date night.
  8. I want you right beside me… can’t you come over?
  9. Something is missing in my life… like you in between my legs.
  10. I don’t wish anyone else to touch you… you’re only mine.
  11. I’m ready to share all of me with you… want a taste?
  12. Imagine making out with me in front of the mirror.
  13. I really liked licking you… in my dreams at least. Think that can turn into reality?
  14. The thought of you pulling my hair gets me so hard.
  15. You probably have no idea how badly I want you.
  16. When am I not in the mood for you?
  17. Every ounce of you makes me want to sin.
  18. You know what you’d look best in? Clad in my hickeys!
  19. My head is filled with only one thing right now…  you and me on my bed.
  20. Good morning… I feel so wet from the dream last night. Guess what it was!

If your crush didn’t respond negatively to your teasing texts, that’s a good sign to take it a notch higher. Get bold and ready with the dirty texts to send your crush…

Dirty freaky messages to send to your crush

Dirty talk is the best way to test the waters further and know your crush’s true desires. After sending texts and if your crush doesn’t ask you to stop, know they’re hooked. So, here you go…

  1. Think about me… touch yourself.
  2. I had a dirty dream about you last night. 
  3. What would suit me better? A bralette or a cami?
  4. You get me so crazy and I can’t bear this any longer.
  5. I’ve planned quite a few things for our date… you’d love it!
  6. Though you want it to be a one-time thingy… I’m so addicted!
  7. I wanna feel your hands on every inch of my body!
  8. I have sharp nails/teeth and I can definitely mark you mine… will you allow me?
  9. If I let you grab any of my body parts on our date tonight, what would you do?
  10. You looked so frigging sexy in those briefs!
  11. Let’s play a game… if I lose, you touch me… if you lose, I will!
  12. The animal inside me wants to come out… but it’s waiting for your permission!
  13. What are your plans for today? Open for a quickie?
  14. Wanna know what I can’t stop fantasizing about?
  15. I wish to make you scream my name tonight.
  16. Remember that time when you *fill in the blank with something naughty*?
  17. What do you say about a night of pleasure and pain?
  18. I hate losing precious time at work… I could make out with you right now!
  19. I really need your blowjob right now.
  20. I looked over many new sex positions and found the one you’d definitely like… wanna try it?

Honestly, if your crush entertains your dirty talk or even flirts back similarly, you gotta step up your game. Just keep it in mind that you have a great chance of a long-term relationship, and just play back with these…

Freaky flirty text messages to send to your crush

Infuse your freaky side into your flirty text messages when you know your crush is sorta interested but still uncertain about a serious relationship. Flirting might be all you need to get them to want you more…

  1. What do I look better in/what do you like to wear more? Tight jeans or skirts?
  2. I can’t stop thinking about what you did to me last night in my dreams.
  3. Can I/you name your/my boobs?
  4. I/you better wear my/your fuck-me heels tonight!
  5. Will you do me a favor? Either get out of my head or wear some clothes and stay!
  6. Tonight I plan to kiss your lips and work down south… so, how far can I go down?
  7. I wanna play a game with you… you can tie me up and make rules.
  8. If I were to wear only 2 clothing items tonight… what would you want them to be?
  9. I found this saucy sex website online… I really wanna try a few things with you.
  10. What will you do tonight? Wanna get/give a blow job?
  11. Did you ever rub one out on me? When was the last time?
  12. I want you to feel me up, rip my clothes, and make me do everything you like.
  13. Imagine me with another girl… does that make you wet/hard a little or a lot?
  14. Guess my underwear color and I’ll grant your one wish.
  15. What if instead of dinner we eat each other?
  16. Oral or anal? What’s your pick?
  17. You look so fine from behind… wanna try anal?
  18. A quick hand job or a long sex marathon?
  19. I was lying in my bed for the past hour but didn’t sleep… guess what I did!
  20. I miss the times when you were on top of me…

If you want to level up even more and prepare your crush for the main course, let out your freak with a pinch of steamy texts and watch them get crazy for you…

Steamy freaky messages to send to your crush

Who doesn’t want their crush to go crazy and lust for them? But to make this naughty wish come true, you must try harder with crazier and steamier texts like these…

  1. What will you do when you come home from work? I have some more work for you tonight!
  2. Your picture got some really sexy thoughts in my mind.
  3. I can eat everything… even you!
  4. I like you so much… I wonder what you’d do about it.
  5. I can’t stop smiling about last night’s dream about you… if only it happened in real life!
  6. How long until you’ll let me bury my face in between your legs?
  7. I don’t know if you forgot… but you’re smoking hot and I’m always in the mood for it.
  8. I’ll hold a boob/pecs touching session and you’re the only one invited.
  9. I really wanna make out so badly in the *fill in the blank with an outdoor location*.
  10. I love it when nobody’s home… I love roaming around stark nude. Wanna see?
  11. Do you like being massaged? Come over and I can give you a long and hard one.
  12. I’d like to rub your shoulders and much more… I promise you’ll feel better.
  13. How many licks till I reach the center?
  14. How much skin should I show to make you want to grab me at the right places?
  15. My favorite love language is physical contact… and I can give you all the reasons why.
  16. Your lips look so juicy… I gotta try some before I know the flavor.
  17. Your scent gets me so hard/wet… I wonder how your wetness smells.
  18. My day sucked… it can only get better if I sucked something good.
  19. I finished this great book… I’m sure you’d like it. Wanna borrow it right now from my place?
  20. I have quite the ideas for dessert… just that it doesn’t include real dessert.

But if your crush stays in the other part of the world, you never know if they’re that keen about a long-distance relationship. So, make sure they won’t refuse you just for the distance here…

Freaky messages to send to your crush for long distance

The issue with long distance is that you guys can’t hook up even if you want to… and it’s frustrating, to say the least. But no worries, you can convince them that you can satisfy them even from far away with your freaky side here…

  1. If we were together tonight, I’d grant you 3 wishes… what would you ask?
  2. Do you know how good you smell? I wish I could devour you in this instance.
  3. I always dreamed of going wild inside a car… what about you?
  4. Though we haven’t met each other for so long, I can totally imagine all of your curves and angles.
  5. The very thought of you got me so sticky… I hate that you’re so far away.
  6. Are you hungry for me?
  7. I wish we could chat offline and in my bedroom.
  8. Can’t wait to have you under me again!
  9. I’m so bored… ugh! Entertain me with your sex dreams!
  10. I watched a naughty video online… I really wish you were here.
  11. Tell me what’s your favorite part of my body and I can show you me pinching it.
  12. I was lonely, so I imagined you touching me here and there.
  13. Why do you always star in my R-rated thoughts?
  14. I had inappropriate thoughts about you just now… would you do it when we meet if I tell you about it?
  15. I never mention this stuff… but you’re irresistibly hot and I can’t not say it!
  16. I came to work and forgot to wear something… guess what?
  17. I promise I can make you unable to get up from your seat right now… without being embarrassed!
  18. I’ll let you choose my outfit for our online date… start with my underwear!
  19. Your lips look ripe… I wish I could taste them.
  20. Guess if I’m wearing any underwear right now…

However, if your crush doesn’t always respond positively to your freaky nature, don’t be disheartened. You might only need a pinch of humor and everything will fall back in place here…

Funny freaky messages to send to your crush

A good sense of humor combined with your saucy side can ease the mood anytime without sounding too aggressive. Especially, if your crush isn’t used to dirty talking, try these…

  1. Guess my outfit of the day! It’s my birthday suit.
  2. My sixth sense says you’re thinking dirty about me.
  3. I have so much fun sitting on your lap… and maybe by mistake on some other things.
  4. Text 1: There’s this person I’m falling for but don’t tell them.
  5. Text 2: Oh gosh how did I send that to my crush?  Oh well, since you know… why don’t we get naughty?
  6. Why do I feel so thirsty when I see your picture? Am I sick?
  7. A long, hard, and wet surprise is what I want/is waiting for you. Can you guess what that is?
  8. 1-2, gotta do you… 3-4, I wanna do you more… 5-6, I can be your quick fix… 7-8, you’re my only mate… 9-10, later then!
  9. Would you hold it against me if I said your body is smoking hot?
  10. I’m in public and not wearing two (for women)/one (for men) clothing item(s)… nobody called the cops yet…. Oh, it’s not my shoes BTW. So can you guess?
  11. Can I know some of your fantasies? Don’t mind me while I take some notes.
  12. I’m sure you’re going beyond the sexometer… you must be punished.
  13. Let’s say what we want right now on the count of 3. 1… 2… I wanna do you so bad right now!
  14. Happy National Donut Day! Let’s celebrate in my bedroom, I’ll bring my sugar, you bring your donut.
  15. I’m freezing and you’re so hot… I wish I could hold your shoulders and warm up while you got my pants off.
  16. I was daydreaming about how sexy you looked in last night’s outfit… and without it too.
  17. Did you know orgasms help with relaxation and pain relief? Tell me if you’re ever hurting, okay?
  18. Some say po-tah-to, others say po-tay-to. But I say Let’s-make-out-you-sexy-man/woman.
  19. The hottest things on this planet are your jaw, your neck, and your… do I even need to say this?
  20. Guess what’s common in me and hot chocolate? We’re both hot, sweet, and wet.
  21. I just washed up… didn’t know I can actually get dirty while cleaning.

On the other hand, if your crush doesn’t pay much attention to you, they probably aren’t aware of how amazing and catchy you can be, so let’s snap them back to reality here…

Freaky messages to catch their attention

When a crush ignores you, you feel dejected and feel they have someone better by their side. But you know what? That can change when your texting persona changes. So, let your inner freak grab their attention here …

  1. What about going to bed early and sleeping late? Like the idea?
  2. I’m in the changing room of a shop. I stripped but can’t choose what to try first. Can you help?
  3. All of my sleepwear is in the laundry. Can you lend me a shirt for tonight?
  4. You look so friggin hot in that black button-down shirt/bodycon dress.
  5. I saw a hot guy/chick in the club but I still think you’re hotter.
  6. Your thoughts randomly make me horny… now I’m in bed with a boner/wet snatch.
  7. I’m so turned on I can’t wear clothes… can you come over and help me wear the clothes or with something else?
  8. Whatcha doing? I’m in bed and my hands just brushed past my sensitive body part while texting this hot chick/guy.
  9. I feel my clothes are uncomfortably tight on me… or maybe I just grew out of them. Care to check?
  10. I just showered… help me choose what to wear. Lingerie or casuals?/Boxers or briefs?
  11. Btw I’m wearing a black thong/briefs while texting you.
  12. Can’t imagine what I’d do to you once we meet!
  13. If you were right in front of me, I’d use my teeth to take off your pants/panties.
  14. I wish you’d let me undress you one by one.
  15. I should focus on work right now… but I wanna inspect your body!
  16. FYI: I’m naked in between the sheets right now!
  17. Texting is great but I actually wanna test the waters to sext later.
  18. Do you talk dirty? How dirty?
  19. I can make texting real fun with my naughty vocab… wanna try it?
  20. You know, dirty talk is cool… but I can do dirty deeds too.

If you caught their attention, kudos! But that’s not the end of it my friend. We gotta keep it flowing smoothly, so now, let’s make them want you more…

Freaky messages to make them crave you

After catching your crush’s attention, if you don’t step up your game, they might lose interest soon. Before that happens, let’s make them want your attention with these…

  1. What do you crave right now? For me, it’s you.
  2. I’m starving but not for food…
  3. Since you won’t make the first move, lemme tell you that I was fantasizing about how your lips would feel on mine.
  4. Instead of mixed signals, send me one of your hot snaps.
  5. I know you can’t resist me that long… we both know you thought about me last night!
  6. Are you hungry? I could be a good snack!
  7. All I want is to watch you naked writhing under me.
  8. I can tell you have the most tantalizing body ever.  
  9. Tell me what’s wrong… am I addicted to you?
  10. I just put my/your dick in your/my snatch right now!
  11. You drove me so crazy… you need to be punished!
  12. I can’t wait to get permission to lick you clean… or should I not wait?
  13. Haven’t we had enough sexting? We should get down to real work.
  14. Stop growing sexier every day… my crotch can’t take it anymore.
  15. Wherever you go, you’re the sexiest… don’t believe me? Look at everyone’s crotch!
  16. I swear I’d even kill to have a taste of you right now.
  17. You’re the best thing I could ever put in my mouth.
  18. You’re the only one to make my dick/nipples this hard.
  19. Do you wanna torture me?
  20. I’m ready to be punished… but are you ready to punish me?

So… once your crush wants your attention, it’s time to get the magic started. Oh, don’t worry, you don’t need cauldrons and potions, we’ll again get it done with freaky texts…

Freaky messages to turn them on

As they say, hit the nail when it’s hot. So, while your crush craves your attention, show them your power! Let’s turn up the heat until your crush can’t take it anymore…

  1. Your mouth on my pussy/dick might be the sexiest feeling ever.
  2. Tell me something you always wanted in bed but never tried.
  3. For tonight, I’ll lay you on the bed, rip your clothes and lick and suck you everywhere… is that fine with you?
  4. Whipped cream or chocolate sauce? You pick, I lick.
  5. You better not know how many times I ripped your clothes off in my mind.
  6. I won’t need anyone else but you.
  7. Once I get my hands on you, I won’t stop until you cum and lose your senses.
  8. What’s your plan for tomorrow morning… I was wondering if you’ll let me keep you up at night.
  9. Tell me what you want right now… I’ll grant all of your wishes.
  10. I always wonder how sweet your cum might be.
  11. I wish my hands and mouth had a free pass for your body.
  12. What’s your favorite food? Mine’s your dick/pussy.
  13. I wanna fuck you senseless in every room of this house.
  14. A minute without touching your body is so excruciatingly painful.
  15. Your smell gets my dick/nipples rock hard.
  16. I can’t wait to bite and spank your amazing ass.
  17. Your thoughts make me insanely horny.
  18. I promise to make you cum every time I see you naked.
  19. I can make you scream my name until you lose your voice.
  20. Am I a teenager? I can’t stop cumming for you.

Once your crush really goes over the edge, they’ll be ready to get down for a steamy and raunchy sexting sesh. But, will you just send nudes right away? Nah, we’ll play better with these…

Freaky messages to initiate sexting

When you feel your crush all ready to be baked in your hot love, you gotta heat up evenly. So, instead of sending them unsolicited nudes, make them beg for it or send theirs first with these…

  1. In my dream, we were sexting so I wanted to make it true.
  2. I hope you’re not wearing anything… you better touch yourself while reading this text.
  3. You choose the sex position, I’ll choose your outfit.
  4. You shouldn’t have woken up the beast… now the beast will keep you awake all night.
  5. Tell me how wet your pussy/dick can get if I tease it.
  6. Instead of sexting, I really know a few tricks I can do with my finger that’ll get you horny.
  7. Whenever I see you, I want to kiss every inch of you.
  8. Meet me tonight at *fill in the blank with date night venue* and don’t bother to wear your underwear.
  9. I only wish to undress you bit by bit with my mouth and suck you everywhere.
  10. I stayed up the entire night thinking about you.
  11. I can give you the best oral of your life if you can come over in 30 minutes.
  12. I bought something we both can use. Drop by to find out what it is!
  13. Imagine me putting you on my dining table and eating you for dinner.
  14. I bet I can make you squirm within seconds.
  15. I don’t know what I’d like to do more to you… loving, kissing, making out, eating you, or ramming inside you.
  16. I planned what I’ll do to you in and out of the bedroom… I swear you won’t stop screaming.
  17. Let’s play a game. You name a body part and I’ll send you its picture.
  18. I wanna go rough on you… would you like that?
  19. If you think I’m too noisy, why don’t you gag me?
  20. I’m so horny that I can’t focus on the lectures/meetings. I’ve been only thinking about your sexy body.

Wondering what good can freaky messages bring in your life? Well, here we go…

Why should you send freaky messages to your crush?

Most of you might feel that freaky text messages are too hot to send to your crush. Well, that’s why you must always send these texts depending on your situation. And if anyone tells you that freaky messages are a big NOPE, let me help you disagree here…

1. It can be a funny icebreaker

Though it’s not your intention, sudden freaky text messages can catch your crush off guard and bring out a different reaction. It can be a new way to initiate a conversation. You can even learn whether they’re open to sexual relationships.

2. You can create anticipation for the real thing

If you guys are already in a sexual relationship, this is a great way to build anticipation for the main course. Try to send relevant texts to your actual plans to have the best results. For instance, if you don’t plan to give oral, don’t mention you will.

3. You can learn each other’s tastes

While sharing your freaky sides, you can come clean about your bedroom likes and fetishes. You can easily check your sexual compatibility and needs before you get into a serious relationship. Your love life might crumble because of sexual dissatisfaction, so this can prevent a disaster.

4. You might get to sext or make out

If your crush is in the mood or if you sound convincing enough, you might land your first sexting sesh if you guys are long-distance. If they ask you out or go out with you even after you send them freaky messages, you might win a makeout sesh during Netflix and Chill.

5. You might even get to hit a home run

Lastly, you might get really lucky… if your crush also has a thing for you. They might jump your bones on your next date and have their way with you or they might send you sexy signals to show they’re ready to get dirty in the bedroom.

A word from ThePleasantConversation

Despite the benefits of freaky texts, remember that consent is the key!

Yes, even though we encourage you to be bold and spell your deepest desires out there if your crush asks you to stop sending these kinds of text messages, that’s the end of it.

Try out any other way to woo them instead. If your crush is a bit conservative, you can check for funny, sweet, or cute texts or simply try to make them smile.

But if they respond well, take this opportunity to build that connection, grow close, and have a rocking love life!