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200+ Messages to Send to Your Crush that Makes Them Fall for You

200+ Messages to Send to Your Crush that Makes Them Fall for You

Updated on Sep 09, 2022 | Published on Aug 05, 2022

200+ Messages to Send to Your Crush that Makes Them Fall for You

You’ve finally reached the point where you can text with your crush. You are in a rush of messages to send to your crush. Is it time to celebrate? Not quite yet. 

While you’re now able to talk to your crush, how do you ensure that you’re still able to keep in touch with them? We may be able to assist. 

Here are more than 200 cute messages to send to your crush.

Messages to send to your crush

Initiating a conversation with your crush is not less than bungee-jumping. Therefore, to overcome your hesitation and break the conversation, here are the best messages to send to your crush. 

  1. They claim you can tell you two connect if you can be in silence next to one other without feeling uneasy. Words don’t matter around you.
  2. The only person I want to do a million things with is you.
  3. The most valuable gift I could ever get is to love and be loved by you.
  4. It’s already become a habit of thinking about you, to dream about you is an addiction, and to fall in love with you is an inevitable outcome.
  5. You may see how much I love you in my eyes even when my mouth may be silent.
  6. Every time you smile, it’s tough to resist giving you a kiss!
  7. Even when you’re not at my side, you still make me happy.
  8. It’s not your fault that I like you; it’s mine because you have everything I like!
  9. Are you prepared for a kissing match? Or do you believe you will lose?
  10. I’m going to make a police report right now. Why did you manage to do this to my heart?
  11. I would purchase you right now if you were in a shop!
  12. I like getting up late for you.
  13. Being attractive or handsome is difficult, but I assume you are accustomed to it.
  14. I would never again be silent if my words might make you pleased and happy.
  15. Yes, I am not Buzz Lightyear, I still adore you unconditionally!

Freaky messages to send to your crush

Here are some of the freaky messages you can send to your crush. 

  1. I only need a hug from you.
  2. I would have gotten first position if you were a topic in school.
  3. Nothing is more pleasurable than speaking with you.
  4. Ignore math. We excel in chemistry.
  5. Without you, my life would have been incredibly boring.
  6. Do you want to visit? The celebration may be crazy!
  7. Every music I hear makes me think of you.
  8. I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you.
  9. I get distracted with thoughts of you.
  10. You always come first to me.
  11. I’ll always be the “right angle” in any triangle you want to be.
  12. How much do you think I like you, from “a lot” to “a lot more”?
  13. Your new hairstyle makes me think of my upcoming girlfriend.
  14. My heart feels like it is being run over by a road roller when I look at you.
  15. The sun should be replaced if it decides to go on vacation.
  16. Do you think that if I tell my professor that aliens stole my homework, he will believe me?
  17. Do you go back in time? Because I know I’ll need you someday.
  18. My phone is missing. Would you kindly SMS me with a heart so I can find it?

Cute messages to send to your crush

Here are some of the cute messages you can send to your crush so don’t forget to leverage them.

  1. I will sing “Just The Way You Are” if you ask me what makes you unique.
  2. I can’t help but grin just thinking about you.
  3. Every morning I look for your SMS when I first get up.
  4. I’d like to have more dinner dates with you.
  5. If you come and save me from this meeting, I’ll send you a lifetime’s worth of “Good morning” SMS.
  6. When you are around, I don’t want a superhero to save me.
  7. All I want is for you to love me and for me to love you.
  8. Your beige jacket made you appear lovely.
  9. Beauty and intelligence do not mix well. The exception is you.
  10. Ice skating is no joy without a companion to fall with. Want to join?
  11. Your texts are the best book ever written.
  12. It’s lovely to hear you speak.
  13. Will it come true if I dream of meeting you tomorrow morning?
  14. I’ll tell you 10 reasons why you would look better with me if you told me about your celebrity obsession.
  15. Talking to you makes me gasp for air.
  16. The best innovation is the phone. Otherwise, how would we communicate in the middle of the night?
  17. I have developed an addiction to texting you.
  18. I can’t start my day without messaging you.

Funny messages to send to your crush

Humor and fun are something that helps people to connect and enjoy each other’s company. If your motive is to attract your crush and spend more time with them. Then, send these funny messages to your crush.

  1. Even though I’m not a trained photographer, I can envision us working together.
  2. Your phone number isn’t on it for whatever reason, and I assume that means my phone is damaged.
  3. You are so hot that I think you are one of the main contributors to global warming.
  4. You are the bomb like dynamite, thus your father must be a crime boss.
  5. The way Facebook acquired Instagram is how I want to acquire you. I adore you.
  6. Even though I like the stars in the sky, they pale in comparison to the ones you have!
  7. I wish I could only see you on days that begin with y.
  8. I’ve been missing you for the past 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86400 seconds.
  9. Without you, my existence is like a lovely vase that needs to be filled with a flower called you.

Sweet messages to send to your crush

Below are some sweet messages that you should definitely send to your crush to get their attention.

  1. Good morning! When I woke up, my first thought was of you.
  2. You have no idea what you did in my fantasy the night before.
  3. I can’t quit giggling like an idiot when I go back to last night.
  4. Next to me, there is a vacant space that has to be filled.
  5. When I had your body, why would I desire anybody else?
  6. Even though you just departed, I already miss you.
  7. The first music I hear on the radio makes me think of you.
  8. I have a one-way ticket for you…to my heart.
  9. You’re my ideal partner. How can I be sure you’re real? I believe you should come and offer proof.
  10. Last night, I had fantasies about you. Wish to hear?
  11. You being here makes my day more enjoyable.
  12. I can already tell that you are considering me.
  13. I’m having trouble concentrating right now. I’m being distracted by thoughts of you.
  14. I can’t wait to be encircled by your arms once more.
  15. I communicate affection through physical contact. Do you want a gift?
  16. I love curves, and your grin is one of my favorites.
  17. These gorgeous selfies you’re sharing are killing me.

Flirty messages to send to your crush

Flirt opens the way to someone’s heart. Therefore, if you want to make a sweet spot in your crush’s heart, here are a few amazing messages to send to your crush.

  1. Do you prefer getting your feet or your shoulders massaged?
  2. Beer and hamburgers, or wine and pasta? What would you choose
  3. Your cushion is what color? I may need to check to be sure.
  4. If I kissed you, what would you do?
  5. What makes you the happiest?
  6. From the cookie jar, who stole the cookie?
  7. How many Tootsie Pops must be licked in order to reach the center?
  8. What sort of adventure is your favorite?
  9. What emoji makes you think of me?
  10. Which emoji did I place next to your name on my phone?
  11. Can we make reservations for a trip to a bed and breakfast, with a focus on the bed?
  12. We were messaging in my dream, so when I woke up, I made the decision to make it happen.
  13. Hey, are you now in the mall? Although I believe I see you, it may be another wonderfully gorgeous individual.
  14. When I think about yesterday night, I can’t help but smile.
  15. Nobody understands me as you do.
  16. I’m going to be anxiously waiting for my phone to buzz now that I’ve officially texted you.
  17. I grin foolishly as soon as I see your name on my phone.
  18. I enjoy you. What will you do to address the situation?
  19. I’m craving everything, including you.
  20. By the way, you’re making me think about some really seductive things.

Long messages to send to your crush

If you want to express your feelings in a more brilliant way, then long messages are for you. Here are some long messages you can send to your crush and express your affection indirectly.

  1. For a while now, you’ve been living in my fantasies; why don’t you try making it happen this time?
  2. I will never abandon you because I love you so much. I adore you with all of my heart and will never turn back.
  3. My damaged heart can only be healed by your kisses and affection.
  4. I want a full, intense, total, and unbreakable love with you instead of a partial one.
  5. Your voice is the best music, your texts are the best book, and your sweet kisses are the best flavor.
  6. I think about you when I’m sleeping, but when I’m up, I yearn for you constantly.
  7. I simply need you to remember me; I don’t want you to remember me.
  8. My infatuation is with your lips. My life wouldn’t be the same without you.
  9. I’m not sure what I should do with you, but I’m also not sure what I should do without you.
  10. I want to be the person that makes you smile, who is always on your mind, and who you respond to fast.
  11. Your charming face is missed. Text me a picture of it. 
  12. Do you want me to initiate action or should I wait till you are motivated?
  13. Even though I should wait to text you, I can’t help it.
  14. On the interstate today, I thought I spotted you passing me, but it was actually another handsome guy.
  15. Send me a picture of your massive biceps and stop giving me conflicting messages.
  16. How are you going to avoid me? I’m sure you kept thinking about me all night.

Random text messages to send your crush

Are you missing them? Do you get an urge to talk to them all of a sudden? No worries. Here are some random text messages you should send to your crush. 

  1. Do you want me to initiate action or should I wait till you are motivated?
  2. Why do I keep thinking about you so much?
  3. I’ve always wished I could play the guitar. Would you be willing to teach me?
  4. On my list of favorite persons, you are among my top three.
  5. You would witness how foolishly I chuckle at your texts if you were here.
  6. Have you ever had someone tell you that you have the world’s most endearing smile?
  7. While I am aware that you must be tired, I don’t want to end the chat just yet.
  8. Do I need to remove my dating apps? I believe you are the one.
  9. What are your weekend plans?
  10. You may see how I perceive you. What will you do to address the situation?
  11. Allow me to provide you with constant joy. All you have to do is fall in love with me.
  12. I immediately recognized your smile as the one I wanted to wake up to every morning for the rest of my life.
  13. Every love song I hear makes me think of you.

Secret messages to send to your crush

Here are secret messages no one tells about and you can send them secretly too from our list.

  1. Later, I have a couple of dessert options, and they don’t involve ice cream.
  2. Every letter you write to me is like a little present.
  3. I’ve got your arms tightly around me in my head.
  4. I still can’t believe we had our first meeting.
  5. When will I be able to again bury my face in your neck?
  6. Whether you’re a big spoon or tiny spoon is the only disagreement I’ve ever wanted to have with you.
  7. I communicate affection through physical contact. You want to know why?
  8. I enjoy having the freedom to go around the house while nude. 
  9. You have a great body. Simply reminding you through text.     
  10. I want you to open a gift I have for you tonight.
  11. Trying to be proactive… How long before you decide that being with me is preferable to being somewhere else?
  12. Do you agree that it’s been much too long since we last hung out?
  13. Today was awful. Please come over and cheer me up.
  14. When you are constantly on my mind while working, it is difficult to concentrate.
  15. I’ve got a case of beer and the weekend off. You are the only thing missing.
  16. You’re going to believe I’m telling lies, but you’re really my ideal partner.
  17. Do you think tight jeans would look better on me?
  18. I’m giddy with anticipation for tonight’s date. You’re going to appreciate what I’ve got in store for later if you play your cards well.
  19. I recently completed a book that I know you’d adore. You ought to come over and get it.
  20. Later, I have a couple dessert options, and they don’t involve ice cream.

Subtle messages to send to your crush

Leverage these subtle messages to send to your crush in order to show your attraction and love. 

  1. You have my undivided love.
  2. Even if you’re out of my line of sight, I will never forget about you.
  3. I’m chilly. Want to warm me up and come over?
  4. My favorite aroma is the one you left on my pillow.
  5. How about a gentle, lengthy massage? 
  6. Tomorrow we should declare a sick day and stay home all day.
  7. Let’s have a good night’s rest and get up late.
  8. What are you now craving?
  9. I keep going back to the time you did [fill in the blank].
  10. Are you famished? To relax and eat at Chipotle?
  11. Are you feeling playful?
  12. Are you up for a game?
  13. What emoji makes you think of me?
  14. Why don’t we have a more in-depth and private discussion offline?
  15. Since I couldn’t wait for “three days,” I am texting you right away.
  16. I get a buzz when I see a text from you flash up on my screen.
  17. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I was thinking of you.
  18. I see, so this is how butterflies feel. Interesting.
  19. We just said goodbye, yet I already miss you.
  20. Are you a specter? Because even when my eyes are closed, I can still see you.
  21. What do you do besides stealing people’s hearts?
  22. Observe me. I shall look into your face and feel your name in my heart.
  23. Alone watching movies is not enjoyable. Do you wish to accompany me?
  24. You’ve simply stopped me in my tracks. Are you up for a walk in the fresh air with me?
  25. Do you prefer someone who texts first like me, or someone who never texts first, like you?
  26. Do you realize how adorable you are?
  27. Let’s embark on an adventure. Why don’t we go out on a date?
  28. Congrats! You’ve moved in with me within my heart.
  29. How do you look so adorable?

Bold messages to send to your crush

Don’t forget to send these bold messages to your crush if you want to take the connection to the next level. 

However, ensure that they are comfortable and friendly with you. 

  1. You’re a chili? I was lacking something in life because you were that spice.
  2. What did the burger say to the peanut butter? I don’t care! Do you want to have a bite to eat with me?
  3. Are you stranded on a remote island? because it takes forever for your reply to get to me.
  4. Have you ever nodded off during an Avengers film?
  5. Have you got gravity? I am falling for you, that’s why.
  6. Because I believed it was a text from you, I jumped out of the shower to check my phone.
  7. How many days do you suppose we could behave ourselves if we were angels in heaven?
  8. Do you think I should tell Zac Efron that I’ve discovered you and that I’m over him?
  9. How does it feel to be the most beautiful person on the planet?
  10. You have to be a wizard. Everything else vanishes every moment I glance at you.
  11. Be truthful. How long did you wait before texting me to avoid making a scene?
  12. Life is too short to wait to take action, darling.
  13. As soon as you get off work, we’re going to hang out. I just wanted to let you know.
  14. How many sexts do I need to send before I get to see you in your underwear?
  15. You can reply to my SMS or just invite me out to supper. Just a thought.
  16. I’m not very good at striking up conversations. Take this as my best effort. Perhaps you might be of assistance?
  17. None of my girlfriends can attend this excellent band’s show tonight, but I have an extra ticket. You’re free?

Messages to send to your crush while they are sleeping

We always heard about messages to send before sleeping. However, do you know you can also send them while they are sleeping? 

So, here are some messages to send while they are sleeping to brighten up their day when they awake. 

  1. In my dream, you requested that I take you out to supper. What location would you want to visit?
  2. Google, who are you? Considering that you have everything I’m looking for.
  3. Do you think “love at first text” is real?
  4. I would give you the parachute if we were to leap out of an airplane with just one since I have been soaring in your love all along.
  5. Do you consider eating M&Ms with oats strange?
  6. Would you like to be my partner if I were to compete on the upcoming season of “The Bachelor”?
  7. Do you want me to come prepared to work out when we meet so that we may “work things out” between us?
  8. With this text, I’ve only made small talk. Would you mind putting a drink on it later today?
  9. I’m confident enough to text you first. So, would you kindly respond to me as soon as possible?
  10. Do you want to visit? to relax and watch Netflix?


It’s crucial to make the right first impression if you want someone to like you back. 

However, it may be difficult and nervous, making it difficult for you to communicate appropriately. In such situations, texts are highly effective. 

Send a text that your crush will relate to and fall in love with you.