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300 Cute Things To Say To A Boy To Make Him Feel Special

300 Cute Things To Say To A Boy To Make Him Feel Special

Updated on Oct 20, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Cute Things to Say to a Boy - 300 Ways to Make Him Smile & Feel Special

Certain cute things to say to a boy can make them feel important and special. Every guy deserves to be loved and taken care of. 

They should receive special treatment from their significant others or their friends too. 

Choose your words carefully. They should be able to understand what they mean to you. It is really important to express your true feelings sometimes as it helps to develop the bond in between. 

Expressing your emotions verbally may not be easy all the time but is necessary for any relationship. 

Showing some gratitude to the person in front, and telling them how much they matter in your life can develop your relationship with them. 

If you are confused about what to say in a particular situation, we have your back. Here, we have prepared a list of cute things that you can say to a guy under different subheads. 

Cute things to say to a boy

  1. After I met you my life has changed a lot in a better way. 
  2. I am thankful to you for always standing up for me. You give me the courage to make my own choices in life. 
  3. You have done so many good things for me. Without you, my life would not be so happy. 
  4. Sometimes you just make me feel so special and pampered without any reason. 
  5. You always cross my mind. It is not easy for me to stop thinking about you. 
  6. Can you read my mind? Because you fulfill all my wishes before even saying it out loud.
  7. I know, I can always rely on you. No matter what the situation is, you will always be on my side. 
  8. I am becoming more dependent on you with time. Sometimes I wonder what I would do without you.
  9. You will always be the most important part of my life. When you are away from me for some reason, I feel like a part of me is missing. 
  10. I can spend my whole life with you if you are ready too. 
  11. You are the sweetest person I have ever met. Can I keep you forever in my life?
  12. Every morning I wake up with excitement to see you. You give me the energy to get going. 
  13. You are like a missing piece of my puzzle. Before meeting you I didn’t realize what I was missing out on. 
  14. After a bad day when I talk to you, it gives me peace of mind. You have the ability to calm me down. 
  15. When I am too sad, you are the only person who can make me smile. 
  16. You can always rely on me, no matter what happens. I will never betray you in any situation. 
  17. You always put so much effort into almost everything you do. There is nothing that I can dislike about you. 
  18. Sometimes you just seem so mysterious to me.  I just want to know everything about you. 
  19. From the day I found you, there is no one else who can take my mind off you. 
  20. I am ready to tell you all my secrets because I know that my secrets are safe with you. 

Cute flirty things to say to a boy

  1. How can someone be so handsome? I would never believe that you exist if I have not seen you.  
  2. Are you an angel? You are so perfect in everything in your life. 
  3. I have so many things planned about my future with you. I am not ready to change my plan in any way. 
  4. You are always there to clean up my messes. The way you take care of me melts my heart all the time. 
  5. I will always thank God for the moment when I talked to you for the first time. At that time I didn’t know that our bond would grow this much. 
  6. You are the bravest man I have ever seen. You always stick to your point and never let someone else make you do something without your own will. I am really proud of you for this. 
  7. I wish that I could see you first thing every morning. 
  8. You are my Prince Charming. I have always dreamt about you. I was waiting for you my whole life. 
  9. All my favorite romantic songs always remind me of you. 
  10. I am planning to make you happy for the rest of my life. I can never see you sad about anything at all. 
  11. You are so handsome. I often forget all my words and end up embarrassing myself, when you are around. 
  12. We are so perfect together. God has made us both only for each other. 
  13. You can pass me all your worries and stress. Because from now on I am ready to take all your responsibilities. 
  14. You are just roaming around in my dreams every night. I just do not want to wake up if you are there in my dreams. 
  15. There is an amazing restaurant nearby but they only let the couples in. Would you like to accompany me there for dinner?  
  16. Never get worried if you are unable to recognize where you are. You are always in my thoughts and my heart. 
  17. After a long day only your voice can refuel me and get me going for the rest of the day. 
  18. I am the queen of my kingdom and there is a vacancy for the king’s position. Would you like to give an interview? 
  19. I was waiting for the right person to come into my life and change it for good. Then you walked into my life. 
  20. I just love the way you talk to everyone. You are always so kind to every person around you. 

Cute things to say to a guy you like

  1. No matter what the situation is, my feelings for you are never going to change. 
  2. I have a huge crush on you. If you need time, I am ready to wait for you my whole life. 
  3. Every time I am thinking about you, I end up having a smile on my face. 
  4. I was just thinking of the evening we met each other for the first time. 
  5. The way you smile can win any heart, no matter how strict they are. 
  6. I am really waiting for the day when I will be in your arms. 
  7. I just love the way you always cheer me up when I am in a bad mood. You can just change my mood in seconds with your charms. 
  8. Every time when my friends ask me about you, my cheeks turn red for no reason. 
  9. Every night I lose myself in your thoughts. Some days I just feel the urge to sneak into your room and watch you sleep. 
  10. You can build an amazing future as a designer. The way you are building our life together always needs appreciation. 
  11. Every time you are in front I just forget all my words to explain my true feelings for you. 
  12. The way we stand by each other’s sides is a signal that we are meant to be together. We never do anything wrong when we are together.
  13. Are you a witch? Have you put a love spell on me? Because I think I have started to like you. 
  14. The time I spend with you feels heavenly and your eyes are my gateway to heaven. 
  15. You may have a magnetic field all around you because I am really attracted to you all the time. 
  16. I can never leave you behind for anything in this world. 
  17. Whenever I spend time with you, I feel like you are my dream come true. 
  18. You are so handsome that every time you enter a room, all the girls in that room check you out. 
  19. You have such a strong body. I think you can always save me from all the villains in this world. 
  20. Sometimes I feel that the universe is trying to cross our paths. No matter what our choices were, it was always supposed to happen. 

Cute things to say to a guy in a text

  1. You are so hot. You always boost up the temperature everywhere you go. 
  2. Do you want to create a love story together? I bet it would be the most romantic story ever. 
  3. If I talk about all the things that I like about you, I can write a whole book. 
  4. Every time when I text you, it reminds me of the physical distance between us. 
  5. My heart belongs to you and I want you to take proper care of it. 
  6. Long-distance relationships are really hard. I just want to hug you tight and spend time with you. 
  7. A simple good morning text from you can make my day really special. 
  8. If you want I can fall in love all over again. Because you mean the world to me. 
  9. Hold me in your heart until you see me again. I am just waiting for you to hold me in your arms. 
  10. Sometimes I just feel really jealous of your family. Because they can see you every single day. 
  11. Even if I am really afraid of something. All my fear just fades away when I hear your sweet voice. 
  12. You should come over to my house and melt it down with your hotness. 
  13. I just wish that If I could see you, stay in your arms and cuddle you all night. 
  14. I am searching for some tips now and then to make you love me more. 
  15. If you want to be my Romeo, you have to rewrite the story with me. 
  16. Just the thought of sitting next to you, holding your hands can give me the chills. 
  17. I had no idea that smiling for no reason can make someone feel that good. 
  18. I can text you all night but it would be better if we could meet face to face. 
  19. I have started falling for you. Please come and catch me if you can. 
  20. You are the kind of person who is always in every girl’s dreams. I feel so lucky to have you in my life. 

Cute random things to say to a guy

  1. You really have an adorable smile. When you smile in front of me, my heart always skips a beat. 
  2. You should always keep some band-aids with you. Because every time you do something good, I fall for you all over again. I can end up hurting myself. 
  3. I think you are my white knight and I want to write a fairy tale with you. 
  4. We have had an amazing journey together till now. We still have a long way to go. 
  5. After a hectic day I always want to come to you and hold you tight. You make me feel so calm and relaxed. 
  6. I want my journey with you to never end in any situation. 
  7. You always help me to make the right decision in almost everything. You guide me to be better in every situation. 
  8. I feel so secure when you are around. I can trust you blindly and I know you will always save me from all the bad things in life. 
  9. You are so good at everything. You always know the appropriate thing to do or say in every situation. 
  10. When I put my head on your shoulder, I find the peace that everyone looks for in their life. 
  11. You always give me enough reason to smile and enjoy every moment of my life. 
  12. Every time you do something good for me, I feel so grateful to have you in my life. 
  13. The most attractive thing I find in a man is his hardworking nature. You are so ambitious and you always work so hard to achieve your goals in life. 
  14. You are the smartest person I have ever seen. You can sort every complicated situation out very easily. 
  15. Whenever I want to tell you something you always pay attention to my words and listen with patience. I have never felt unheard with you around. 
  16. I have started living my best life from the day you walked into my life. The way you always take care of me, makes me feel so good. 
  17. Your intelligence is a gift that I can adore for the rest of my life. I can not stop telling my friends how smart you actually are. 
  18. I just love the way you cuddle me when we are together. I want this to be permanent. 
  19. I want to explore all of you. You are like a never-ending research paper for me. 
  20. I am always ready to die for you if it is needed, to save you. 

Cute things to say to make a guy like you

  1. Sometimes I am allowed to get mad at you because right now you are the most important person to me in this world. 
  2. When I felt the spark between us for the first time, I was really grateful for not working things out with anyone else before. 
  3. I am not someone who loves to brag but I just can’t stop thinking about how good we look together as a couple. 
  4. You don’t even know how many positive vibes you bring into my life every single day. 
  5. When you make eye contact with me, my heart just starts to beat faster. It gives me an out of the world feeling. 
  6. You always make my life easier every time I am in trouble. I can always find the right solution with your help. 
  7. If I could pause the time, I would choose the moment when I am hugging you tight. 
  8. If you would be a drop of tears in my eyes, I could never cry no matter how much pain I am in. Because I am really afraid to lose you forever. 
  9. I can never think of anything else to ask for when I see a shooting star. I always end up asking about you. 
  10. I do not need a sun or a moon in life because you bring the light into me. 
  11. If I start forgetting every single person I met in this life. You are the one I would never like to erase from my memories. 
  12. I just wish we could be friends when we were little. I wonder what you were like during your childhood. 
  13. I am really glad that we met at such a young age. This gives us more time to celebrate so many happy events together. 
  14. You are the one who made me believe that if I want something from the core of my heart and work hard for it, nothing can stop me from achieving it. 
  15. The world has changed and become a better place from the day you were born here. 
  16. I may have done so many good things in my life. That is why I am blessed with someone like you. 
  17. Can you let me borrow a kiss from you? I promise that I will give it back at the right time. 
  18. Your heart is so pure and it belongs to me now. I will do anything to protect it from anything bad. 
  19. You have stolen my precious heart. If you want to keep it forever, you have to take extra care of it. 
  20. Even if I get a chance there is nothing that I would like to change in you. You will always be perfect for me, just the way you are. 

Cute things to say that will make him blush

  1. Whenever I am lost for some reason, I always find my way back to you. 
  2. I really appreciate the way you can always bring out my inner child when I am around you. 
  3. You are my home. That is why I just want to come to you whenever I am having a bad day at work. 
  4. I will always remember the day when I met you for the first time. A voice in my head was saying that it was not the last one either. 
  5. No matter how many flaws you have inside. All the positives and goodness in you can exceed them all. 
  6. I want you to be a part of my life for my whole life. No matter what happens in the future, you should never change your decisions about this. 
  7. I am looking for some adventures in life. If you want to experience crazy fun with me, you are really welcome. 
  8. You have the best sense of humor and I really adore that part of you. You never fail to bring a smile to my face. 
  9. Whenever you are upset and you want to talk about all your feelings and emotions, I am just a phone call away. 
  10. Tell me all your secrets to handle my mood swings too smoothly. How can you always put up with me without getting irritated?
  11. I just want to see your face every night before going to bed. It will help me to sleep peacefully and have nice dreams. 
  12. You always take your time and try to understand me without rushing. This behavior increases my respect for you so much. 
  13. Every time we are together, I feel like there is nothing in this world that can eat my feelings. 
  14. I do not need any warm clothes during the winter. Because the warmth that I feel when around you is enough to spend the whole winter ever. 
  15. When we met for the first time, I was so insecure and afraid to approach you. Now I am unable to stop talking once I start. 
  16. You always put our relationship first and you give all your effort to make things work. I really appreciate you for that. 
  17. I always try to pay attention to every detail. Because everything about you is important to me and I can overlook a single thing. 
  18. When we are together, I feel like we become unstoppable. Nothing can harm us if we both have each other’s back. 
  19. I just hate myself when I make you upset for any reason. I can never be ready to see you sad. 
  20. You really think carefully before making any choices in life. That is something I really like about you. I have never met someone this thoughtful before. 

Cute things to say to win a guy over

  1. I just love the way I feel when you are with me and I want to feel like that all the time. 
  2. Every time when we go back to our home after saying goodbye, it just breaks my heart and makes me sad. 
  3. Some people need a thousand reasons to be happy. But only one reason is enough to make me happy if it is you
  4. If my love for you is wrong, I do not want to be right in this life anymore. Nothing can change the way I love you ever. 
  5. If my life is a movie you are the theme song of that movie. Without you everything is incomplete. 
  6. When you are not with me, I just read our old messages and it brings a grin to my face. 
  7. No matter what happens between us, you will always be my best friend. You are the only person who is always there to guide me and to hold me if I am failing in something. 
  8. The definition of peace for me is wrapping my arms around you and your lips on my forehead. 
  9. When we first met I was so afraid to open up and talk about my feelings. But now, you are the one who makes me feel safe the most. 
  10. When you are with me, I never feel there is a need to pretend. You always accept me the way I truly am. I never had to pretend to be something else when you are around, just to be loved by you. 
  11. Every single day I want a kiss from you after waking up in the morning. A good morning kiss from you can really make my day lucky.
  12. You are so sweet at times that wonder if God has sent you for me. You have an angelic glow inside. 
  13. There are times when I just want to hug you tight and take your smell. It makes me feel so cozy and warm. 
  14. When I experience conflict and don’t know what to do, I often wonder what you would do in my situation. This always helps me to overcome any complicated situation. 
  15. None of us is perfect as an individual but when we are together, we are always perfect for each other. 
  16. I never realized before meeting you that you were the missing piece of the puzzle that I was looking for. After you came into my life the picture was you completed it. 
  17. You have a spark in your beautiful eyes. That can guide anyone in the right direction. 
  18. You should take proper training and learn how to do CPR because you always take my breath away with your charms. 
  19. Every night before going to bed, I always think about our future together. Sometimes I dream about it too. 
  20. When you are around everything else starts to disappear in minutes. I can not concentrate on anything else other than you. 

Best cute things to say to a guy 

  1. Do you want to be my partner in crime? Because I want to explore the unknown with you. 
  2. My favorite thing to do in my life is holding your hands. I do not have any intention to leave them for eternity. 
  3. You may have multiple reasons to leave me behind but you always find one good reason to stay. 
  4. You are the most precious treasure of my heart and I can never imagine the pain of losing you. 
  5. Tell me everything about your dream girl. I want to be that girl for you and I do not want anyone else to take my place. 
  6. Is there anything crazy that you thought of doing with me? You can tell me everything and I will never judge you. 
  7. Have you ever had any naughty dreams about me? Tell me the naughtiest dream you have ever had. 
  8. Sometimes I am afraid that you are only in my dreams and I am dreaming this whole time. If it is true I never want to wake up and face the reality ever. 
  9. I am in an unusual mood right now. Can you do something that can make me feel better?
  10. When you come into my dreams, it just feels so lively Sometimes that I can not differentiate it from reality even after waking up. 
  11. I am just waiting for the day when I could make you a beautiful and tasty breakfast in bed. 
  12. Every time you visit me in my dreams I wake up in a great mood. 
  13. The topic of the conversation does not matter as long as I am talking to you. 
  14. Every time we make some plans together I become so excited and energetic. Because it is your company which makes all my trips more special. 
  15. I have heard that we often dream about the person who is always in our heads. 
  16. Every night when I fall asleep I say to myself that it is time to confess all my feelings to you. But as soon as I woke up the next morning all my insecurities and fear held me back from doing it. 
  17. Before meeting you, I never thought that just looking into someone’s eyes can bring that much excitement to my life.
  18. I am not a crazy person but the only thing I am crazy about is you. 
  19. You always take away all my negatives and give me all your positive vibes. 
  20. My life was all black and white before knowing you. You filled it with your colors. After meeting you my life has become all the rainbows and unicorns. 

Cute romantic things to say to make him feel loved  

  1. I feel like I was destined to be in love with you. When you are around it feels different like I am not in control of myself. 
  2. When you are in my dreams, I never want to wake up because the dream will end. 
  3. Everything I need in my life is in your hands. You are the only key to my happiness. 
  4. I am unable to express my feelings for you verbally. So I am thinking of writing a love letter to you and confessing what I truly feel for you. 
  5. I just want to spend the rest of my life in your arms with all the love and care you have to offer. 
  6. Feeling loved by you is the most wonderful thing in the world. I can fall asleep peacefully every night with this special feeling without any worries.  
  7. Sometimes when I see you I end up crushing on you all over again. 
  8. Now my most important dream in this life is to become your life partner and spend my whole life with you. 
  9. My bed feels so empty without you in it. I just can not wait for the day when I could wake up next to you. 
  10. It does not matter to me if you are sick. Kissing you is worth taking the risk of catching a cold. 
  11. I feel so happy when I see you having fun. You should never stop smiling in any situation. 
  12. I can leave all my oldest habits for you, if you ask me to. 
  13. Is there anything you told anyone about me, behind my back? Tell me the weirdest thought you have ever had about me. 
  14. When I am lost in your thoughts, I do not want anyone to find me and bring me back to the real world. 
  15. I have never had a crush like this on someone else. I have never felt so strongly about anyone else. It was always you.  
  16. The dream of making you my boyfriend is too overwhelming. I want this dream to end now and I want you as my life partner in real life. 
  17. From the day I met you, I am unable to wish for something else. Every time I pray I end up asking for you to fall in love with me too. 
  18. You still give me butterflies in my stomach. Sometimes I am too nervous to confess my feelings about you. 
  19. Sometimes it just feels that the whole universe is telling me to confess my true feelings to you and start something new. 
  20. I thought true love only exists in romantic movies until I met you. You are way better than I expected you to be. 

Cute funny things to say to make his day 

  1. When I go out somewhere with you, I do not need to apply blush because when you are with me, my cheeks turn red all the time. 
  2. Sometimes I just love to show you off and make all my friends jealous. 
  3. You can never blame me for praising your beauty. You are extremely beautiful and it is not my fault that I can non resist myself with you around. I think I want to donate my heart to you.  
  4. When you walk past me I forget everything that is on my mind. Because the moment I see your face, you take over all my thoughts. 
  5. Are you tired? Because we are doing a romantic dance in my dreams. You will always be the prince charming in my Disney movie. 
  6. Are you a wizard because I just can’t stop thinking about you and when you are around, I am not in charge of my feelings. 
  7. I was terrible at math in high school. But if someone like you were my math teacher, I would never lose interest in that subject and score well. 
  8. I can not find my phone. Can you give me a ring?
  9. If you could spend a whole day with me, I would pause you for a whole hour and enjoy the view. 
  10. I love my sleep the most, but if you want I can skip my sleep for one day and talk for a whole night with you. 
  11. I just felt an earthquake. Did you just rock my whole world?  
  12. The journey with you feels like a roller coaster ride, a perfect combination of all my emotions. 
  13. I have written so many letters to you and all of them are stored in my wardrobe. I never got the courage to post any of them to your address. 
  14. Make a list of the things that you would like to do if you could be my life partner right now. 
  15. No matter how hard I practice all my pick-up lines, every time I forget all of them when you are with me. 
  16. You are so hot that sometimes I am afraid you will experience a heat stroke when you are with me. 
  17. When you catch me staring at you, I feel so nervous and creeped out that I end up panicking and embarrassing myself. 
  18. I am always ready to work using only one hand as long as you are holding the other one. 
  19. Have you ever performed a love spell on me? Because I love you to the sun and the moon and nothing in this world can change those feelings. 
  20. Sometimes I wonder if you are only in my imagination. Because you are too good to be true. 

Cute things to say to your boyfriend

  1. I am just always excited for our journey towards the future together. 
  2. You always notice every single thing about me and never forget to pass compliments. I love to dress up for you. 
  3. Every time you talk to some other girl, I feel so jealous that every nerve in my body starts to scream out of anger. 
  4. If I could change one thing about my past, I would like to meet you sooner, so that we can spend more time together. 
  5. You are the perfect boyfriend that every girl dreams about. I am so lucky to have you in my life. 
  6. One day I want to grow old with you. I want to share every happiness and sadness with you forever. 
  7. You can always distract me and grab all my attention easily if you want. 
  8. Sometimes I crave the warmth of your body. I just want to hold you tight and spend a whole evening just talking about different things with you. 
  9. If our life was a football game, making you my boyfriend would be my winning goal.
  10. If you could convert my feelings for you into electricity, the whole country will be covered. 
  11. I want us to be like a wine bottle together because wine tastes better when it is old. 
  12. Every time when you are in front, I often forget everything I was supposed to say. 
  13. I can not wait to start a family with you. I know, you are going to be a great father. 
  14. I am always ready to steal a kiss from you. It can make my day a lot better. 
  15. Can I keep one of your old shirts when you are away from me? Because your smell is so addictive and it always makes me feel close to you. 
  16. Though I am unable to find words to express my love for you, if you want I can always show you. 
  17. If you are by my side, I am ready to face any challenges that my life has to offer. 
  18. I know that you are my boyfriend but you are my best friend too, who is always there to listen to what I have to say. 
  19. No matter how small my problem is, you always take everything about me seriously and put all your efforts into me. 
  20. I had the most amazing dream last night, where we both were married and were living a happy life together. 

Deep cute things to say to him

  1. No matter what you will always find me standing right behind you. 
  2. Our life is so short and I just do not want to waste a single moment by staying away from you. 
  3. Sometimes I just wonder if we like each other so much, why we are not together yet. 
  4. I know you will always be there to catch me no matter how fragile I get. 
  5. I can not spend an entire day without talking to you or without seeing you. 
  6. When we are together, every single day feels like a holiday. 
  7. If the world is ending I would like to spend my last few hours with you. 
  8. When we are together we are unstoppable. I will never leave your side in any case. 
  9. I know you can turn all my embarrassing moments into fun. I always enjoy those moments instead of feeling awkward or weird. 
  10. When I am alone in a room spending time with myself, I often end up daydreaming about you, with a stupid smile on my face. 
  11. My morning coffee and breakfast will taste a lot better if you are sitting on the other side of the table. 
  12. I just love to see you laugh. It is my favorite thing to see. My heart just melts when you smile in front of me.  
  13. Your Happiness is so contagious. When you are with me, sadness can never enter the room. 
  14. I want to know everything about you. I really enjoy it when you tell me interesting stories about your life. 
  15. You always consider my feelings no matter what the situation is. You try to understand my emotions first before thinking about someone else. 
  16. Once you are in my mind, it is impossible to get you off my mind. 
  17. You always care about everyone around you. I just love that about you. 
  18. I have never seen someone like you who can tolerate me in their whole life. 
  19. When you are confused about something, you always look so cute. 
  20. Sometimes we are just so close, all my friends think that we are together. 

Cute things to say a guy crush

  1. I have fallen for you so hard that I am unable to get up again by myself. I really need you to hold me up. 
  2. The way you talk always gives me the chills. I just love to listen to your voice with all my attention on you. 
  3. Your heart is safe and secure with me. I have kept it in the locker of my heart. No one can steal it from me, no matter how hard they try. 
  4. I am ready to go anywhere you take me with you. You just make me feel at home. 
  5. I can not explain these feelings in words. When you are around my heart starts to heat so fast. Sometimes it feels like my heart is going to explode. 
  6. I was in a bad mood today but after listening to your voice my day just got better. 
  7. I want to be that guy for you who would wake you up every morning and give you a good morning kiss. 
  8. You have pampered me so much that I become very needy when I am around you. 
  9. No matter how much darkness I am in, I can always recognise your touch. 
  10. You just never leave a chance to fulfill all my wishes and spoil me for good. 
  11. Whenever I am afraid or I am confused, I always look up to you. You never leave a chance to inspire me to be the best version of myself. 
  12. Your heart is so pure that when you walk into a dark room you always bring light with you. 
  13. I think I have found my soulmate in you. The way you are improving yourself with time makes me proud all the time. 
  14. Get yourself prepared to tolerate me for the rest of our life. I am never leaving your sight and going to annoy you forever. 
  15. I feel that you are the answer to all my prayers. From the day you came into my life, all my wishes have been fulfilled. 
  16. I have never received love from anyone else the way you love me. I just want us to be something more than just friends. 
  17. I really love everything about you but what I love the most in you is your heart. 
  18. You make me the happiest person on the earth with all your pampering and love. 
  19. I just love the way you always make me feel on top of the world! 
  20. When I am around you, there is no need to hold myself back in any situation. 

Cute things to say to a guy you are crushing on

  1. Sometimes you just make me feel like a millionaire because I have you in my life. 
  2. I feel so secure when I am in your arms. 
  3. I can never be bored when I am around you. 
  4. I am really attracted to your intelligence. How can you be so smart?
  5. I never get tired of talking to my friends about you. 
  6. I am really grateful to you for bringing joy into my life. 
  7. Have you ever seen your face in the mirror? How can anyone be so cute?
  8. Whenever I am having a bad day, I just want to come to you because you can always make me happy. 
  9. Sometimes I just feel like the luckiest person in this world because I have you in my life. 
  10. When I am with you, I can not stop smiling. 
  11. You make my life more adventurous and exciting. 
  12. I do not like to see you sad and I can do anything to make you smile. 
  13. You always make me a better person. You bring the goodness out of me. 
  14. Some of my friends are so jealous because I know someone like you.
  15. You are so hardworking and ambitious. I am really proud of you.
  16. You always do everything with good intentions. I feel very proud to stand beside you. 
  17. You are a true gentleman. The respect I have for you is always going to be constant. 
  18. When I am with you, I feel like royalty. Are you a king? Do you have a kingdom? 
  19. I can spend my whole day cuddling you. 
  20. I know I can talk to you about anything. You always try to understand me instead of judging me. 

Some points to remember 

  • Think carefully before saying anything to the guy in front. Choose your lines wisely. Be humble and polite. 
  • Be patient. Take your time, there is nothing to hurry about. Enjoy the conversation with the person you like.
  • Try to understand what he is thinking about you. Once you get a hint about what he feels, it will be easier to find the right direction for your conversation. 
  • Your words should not be offensive or awkward for him. Choose your words wisely. Once he is comfortable enough you can take the conversation to the next stage. 
  • Never use the same lines to every guy you talk to. When you are talking to someone, find out what relationship he has with you. If he is one of your friends, you will not talk to him the same way you will talk to your crush
  • Listen to him and give him enough chances to speak. The conversation should not be one-sided. One way conversations often do not end well. If he thinks that you are not interested in what he has to say, he may lose interest in you too. 
  • Make the conversation interesting and fun. Make sure it is not monotonous or boring for him. You can make it spicy with some games. 
  • You should have some backup for the time you feel stuck. Never let the air in the room get awkward. If something you said makes him uncomfortable, change the topic immediately. Lighten the mood and the air in the room with something fun.
  • If you want him to like you, never pretend to be someone you are not. It is not going to do anything good in the long run. Be yourself and let him like you for who you actually are. 


Cute things to say to a guy will help to start a nice conversation with someone you really like.

You can get to know each other in a better way and strengthen your bond. It is always good to appreciate someone for the goodness they have inside. 

Complimenting each other or talking about your feelings can help you both to grow together and develop a better understanding.

Be careful and selective while choosing your words and try to understand the person in front.