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500+ Best Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

500+ Best Truth or Dare Questions for TeenagersUpdated on December 27, 2021 | Published on December 24, 2021

500+ Best Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

One of the most popular teen party games is Truth or Dare. You and your friends get to know each other better by answering embarrassing, funny, hard, and easy truth or dare questions for teenagers.

You can also take full advantage of this opportunity to pick your crush’s brain and learn more about them. Maybe you can put what you’ll learn to good use and help that particular someone create a stronger bond with you.

Prepare a few questions and dares to make a game of Truth or Dare work for you.

It’s never enjoyable to be stuck in the middle of a game because you aren’t able to think of any questions or conversation topics, so here are some true questions and dares for you and your teenage friends.

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500+ Best Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers
500+ Best Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers

Truth or dare questions over text for teenagers

Talking over text is one of the easiest ways to talk to anyone. Most importantly, in this digital ear it is quite normal to chat whether it’s your friend, family member or even a stranger.

It would be better if you ask some truth or dare questions to make your conversation fun. So, here is the list of these questions for teenagers to ask over the text.

1. What is some honest relationship advice you would provide to one individual on this call?

2. What would you do if you knew the world was about to end right now if you knew the world was about to end?

3. What do you know about someone we both know who isn’t on this call that only you know?

4. Who was the last person you spoke with on the phone?

5. What was the most recent song you played on your phone?

6. What’s the most embarrassing thing you can think of right now that’s within three feet of you?

7. What is the best quality of the person closest to you, and who is it?

8. What color is the individual who asked you this question’s eyes?

9. What would you eat if you had to consume something within two feet of where you’re sitting or standing?

10. What was the most recent thing you took a picture of with your phone?

11. Make a prank phone call to a friend.

12. “Mmmm, so tasty!” say this when you eat one bitter gourd.

13. Do you eat something your crush asks you to eat that you truly hate?

14. Who would you like to be if you could be reincarnated into anyone’s body?

15. Have you ever tried shampooing with soap or a bar?

16. What animal has the most similarity to your personal style?

17. Have you ever told others about a close friend’s secret?

18. Would you give your best friend your toothbrush?

19. Have you ever cried while watching a film? Which one is it, if any?

20. Have you ever ignored a text from a friend? What was your motivation for doing it?

21. Have you ever revealed a secret that you were supposed to keep private?

22. For the next 5 minutes, pretend to be someone’s pet.

23. Make up a poem on the spot based on something that the group suggests.

24. Tell us about an emotional scene in a movie.

25. What would you do first if you awoke as the opposite gender one day?

26. Who is the most boring person in your life?

27. What was your most humiliating public experience?

28. What was the last item you looked up on your phone?

29. Is this true or false? You’ve got a thing for him/her.

30. When you’re on the toilet, what do you think about it?

31. What is the worst habit you enjoy engaging in?

32. Has someone ever walked in on you while you were going to the bathroom to use the restroom?

33. Have you ever experienced a wardrobe mistake?

34. Have you ever taken fruit or flowers from a neighbor’s tree?

35. What is your most humiliating photograph?

36. Sing a song to the tenth contact on your phone.

37. For the next five days, grow a finger mustache.

38. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing?

39. What does your ideal boy or girl represent?

40. Who was the most recent person you texted?

41. Do you believe you’ll marry your current boyfriend or girlfriend?

42. In a day, how many selfies do you take?

43. What is anything unique about you that no one else is aware of?

44. What is your desired number of children in the future?

45. Would you rather be a man or a woman? And why?

46. What would you name your children if you had them?

47. Find the photo of yourself that you wish to use as your profile image right now.

48. Have you ever faked interest in a gift?

49. Have you ever told a close friend a lie?

50. Would you allow your best buddy to take an exam without your permission?

51. Is there anything you’d like to change about your life?

Clean truth or dare questions for teenagers

Looking for some clean and clear questions for a truth or dare game? Then, you are at the right place. These types of questions are not so easy but quite knowledgeable and fun to ask anyone.

If you want to gain some knowledge and would like to discover new areas of interest then below is the ultimate list of truth or dare questions for teenagers. 

52. What was your nickname as a kid and why?

53. How long has it been since you’ve had a shower?

54. What is your most terrifying nightmare?

55. What’s the oddest place you’ve gone to the bathroom?

56. Have you ever attempted to cheat on a test?

57. Have you ever broken the law in any way?

58. Have you ever pretended to be ill in order to get out of school or another event?

59. What were your initial thoughts about me (the individual who asked the question)?

60. What are the three qualities that you value most in a friend?

61. What kind of situation would cause you to tell me the truth?

62. What’s anything you’ve never told anyone else about yourself?

63. How many best friends have you had over the course of your life?

64. What would you do if your current boyfriend or girlfriend suddenly broke up with you?

65. What would you do if you won a million dollars in the lottery?

66. Do you have a fear of dying? Why? What is your biggest fear?

67. What is your favorite aspect of your character?

68. What is your least favorite piece of clothes that you’ve seen me wear?

69. Do you appreciate it when I kiss you?

70. What do you think the most essential personality traits are in someone you’re dating?

71. What is something about yourself that you are hesitant to share with me?

72. What do you consider to be your most serious physical flaw?

73. Who was your first secret crush, and who do you have now?

74. When you first kissed, how old were you?

75. What is the most awkward moment in your dating experience you’ve ever had?

76. Who would you kiss if you could kiss a celebrity without it having an affect on our relationship?

77. What would you do if you were on the ideal first date?

78. What would you do if you had 24 hours to spend as the opposite gender?

79. When you grow up, what do you want to be?

80. What kind of partner would you like to marry one day?

81. Do you wish to start a family? How many are there?

82. Who would you choose to switch places with for a day?

83. What would you invent if you had unlimited resources?

84. Who would you be if you could be any Disney character, and why?

85. What about you does your sibling know that no one else does?

86. Which song are you afraid to admit you like?

87. What is a secret you’ve never shared with anyone?

88. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal or a blanket?

89. Would you rather hang out with your parents or friends if you had the option?

90. Imagine yourself as a college student, then what kind of person would you be?

91. What would you be doing if you weren’t here?

92. What would you do if you couldn’t go to college or get the career of your dreams?

93. What is your most irritating pet peeve?

94. What is your unique skill set?

95. What is the most delicious meal you’ve ever eaten?

96. What would you do if you couldn’t see anyone for a day?

97. Who would play you in a movie based on your life?

98. What happened on your most terrible day?

99. What personality traits might make you break up with a friend?

100. Who would you return to as if you could be born again?

Good truth or dare questions for teenage girl

If you are a teenage girl who wants to get some good and good truthful questions and engage in some dare, then below is the complete list of questions to make your task easier. 

Since everyone wants good and better things in life, then your search ends here. Read further to understand the best questions for a teenage girl and make the quiz fun. 

101. What kind of pajamas do you put on before going to bed?

102. Have you tried skinny dipping before?

103. What’s the most stupid thing you’ve done on a date?

104. What color underwear do you wear?

105. Who would you choose to marry if you could only marry one teacher or coworker, and why?

106. Which of your friends would you want with you if you were stuck on a deserted island?

107. What do you have in your collection that no one else knows about?

108. How many lip balm tubes do you own?

109. Who would you date if you could go on a date with anyone in the room?

110. Who do you think has the most beautiful eyes out of everyone you know?

111. What comes to mind immediately when you think about the person on your left?

112. What sort of underwear is the best?

113. What is your favorite feature in a person of the other gender?

114. What are the questions you don’t want anyone in this group to ask you?

115. Have you ever played a game of Truth or Dare and told a lie? What was it, and why did it happen?

116. Have you ever had a crush on someone at this college?

117. Which of your friends knows something about you that you don’t want to be known about?

118. Have you ever sung and danced your way through the supermarket?

119. What’s the most embarrassing book you’ve ever read?

120. What do you eat when you have complete freedom of choice and no one is looking?

121. Would you have a crush on a friend behind their back?

122. Would you ever copy from a friend’s work?

123. Have you ever decided to keep a library book rather than return it?

124. Have you ever pretended to be someone older or younger than you are in order to accomplish a goal?

125. Have you ever gone to a movie that you weren’t supposed to go to?

126. Have you ever lied to your parents about being somewhere you weren’t supposed to be?

127. Have you ever missed a curfew?

128. Have you ever had a run-in with the cops?

129. Have you visited the principal’s office before?

130. Kiss the person right now who gave you this dare.

131. Make up a rap about the person who dared you, highlighting all of his or her best qualities.

132. Take a photo with the other person while kissing them on the cheek.

133. For the following two minutes, talk about what you enjoy about the other individual.

134. In five minutes, see how many maraschino cherry stems you can tie into a knot using your tongue.

135. Drink a cocktail made by the other members of the group. Make sure the meaning contains nothing toxic or dangerous and set a realistic limit for how many sips the person must take to accomplish the dare.

136. Take a walk outside and belt out a Disney song at the top of your lungs.

137. Without using your hands, eat a snack.

138. Spend ten minutes putting together an outfit that includes every hue of the rainbow.

139. If there is a pet there, try to keep it for the duration of the event.

140. Whistle while eating a mouthful of crackers.

141. Raise your hand each time the teacher asks a question and offer the answer in your next session.

142. Eat a huge bite of two items that should never be combined, such as pickles and peanut butter or applesauce and olives.

143. Pretend to be a waiter or waitress and take all of the group’s snack orders. Deliver the food they requested and then return to see if they like it.

144. For the next three rounds of the game, repeat anything another player says.

145. Close your eyes and randomly point to something within the refrigerator (or food bag if you’re camping). Close your eyes while your boyfriend or girlfriend assists you in eating.

146. For the next round of questions, switch shirts with your significant other.

147. Make an attempt to piggyback your boyfriend or girlfriend around the room.

148. Allow the other person to transform you into a completely another person, complete with hair, makeup, and a beautiful dress.

149. Lick your significant other’s fingers one by one.

Good truth or dare questions for teenage guys

If you are a teenage guy who wants to get some unique and good truth and dare questions, then below is the complete list of questions to make your task easier.

Since everyone wants good and better things in life, then your search ends here. Read further to understand the best questions for a teenage guy and make the quiz fun. 

150. For the next 10 minutes, tape your hands to your ankles.

151. For the next three rounds of questions, put on a goofy hat.

152. Request a cup of sugar from your neighbors.

153. Cut the bottom of a large garbage bag open. Tie the ties around your waist and wear it like a skirt. 154. Act as if you’re on the catwalk selling expensive fashion.

155. Imitate a monkey and run around the room.

156. Open Facebook and whether you agree or not, like the first post.

157. Moonwalk as a friend records you, then sends the video to the person who dared you.

158. The rest of the game requires you to rhyme whatever you type.

159. Make the first call on your list and wish them a happy birthday.

160. You’ve peed your pants, so text the fifth person on your contact list.

161. Crack an egg on your head.

162. Allow everyone in the group to do your hair and take pictures of you.

163. Every time someone asks a question throughout the rest of the game, you must cry “giddy-up” and run around the room in a circle.

164. Remove your socks and put them on your hands for the rest of the evening.

165. For the next three rounds of questions, pretend you’re swimming underwater. Remember to make bubble noises and to come up for air every now and then.

166. For the next two rounds of the game, sing instead of speaking.

167. Remove the couch cushions and hold anything you discover under there for 10 seconds in your mouth.

168. Replace your outfit with those of a person of the opposing gender. Change in private but keep the same outfit for the remaining four rounds.

169. Make a cape out of something and pretend to be a superhero.

170. Make a YouTube video of yourself singing into a hairbrush to a current hit tune.

171. Use only words that begin with the letter “T” to update your social networking status.

172. Make a hat out of toilet paper and share a picture of it on the internet.

173. Send a screen capture of your browsing history to the group.

174. Make a long and thorough Facebook post describing the process of purchasing your most recent pair of shoes.

175. Make a prank call to someone you know (maybe another girl in the group who wasn’t able to attend that night).

176. Go outside and scream at the top of your voices, “[Your name] I am! Hear me roar!”

177. Pick your nose and eat it in front of the group.

178. For the rest of the game, wear your pants backward.

179. Set up a tea party for any of the house’s stuffed animals. Invite the other females in your group to come along.

180. Apply a different color to each toenail and fingernail and let the polish on for a week.

181. For the rest of the game, exchange socks with someone.

182. For 60 seconds, hold hands with the person on your right.

183. Make a phone call to someone you find beautiful and compliment them on their best feature.

184. Perform belly dance moves for the crowd.

185. Do you ever close your eyes during a terrifying movie scene?

186. How often have you kissed yourself in the mirror?

187. Have you ever shouted out loud in class?

188. What was the oddest game you have ever played as a kid?

189. What would you do if you forgot your address in a new city?

190. Have you ever cried because you greatly missed your parents?

191. What is it that you always desire to do as a kid?

192. Who would you marry if you could marry a celebrity?

193. Do you have a favorite female celebrity?

194. What would you change about your body if you could only change a few things?

195. Have you ever had a crush on the boyfriend of one of your friends?

196. For the rest of your life, you must give up one piece of makeup. What exactly is it?

197. When was the last time you were moved to tears?

198. For 1 minute, dance with an imaginary pole.

Truth or dare questions for teenage friends

Every best friend or group of friends shares the same level of interest and humor. Therefore, in order to engage with your friends and play a truth or dare game, these questions are the right way to begin.

These involve the right set of interesting questions to make the get-together fun and engaging. 

199. What would you do first if you had the ability to become invisible?

200. What is a family secret you’ve kept hidden from your parents?

201. What’s the most humiliating music you’ve ever heard?

202. What is one aspect of yourself that you wish you could change?

203. On social media, who was the last person you chased?

204. When was the last time you had to change your sheets?

205. What three wishes would you make if you had three wishes granted by a genie?

206. Which would you choose if you had to watch only rom-coms or only scary movies for the rest of your life?

207. What’s the strangest place you’ve ever used the restroom?

208. What is the largest amount of food you’ve ever consumed in one sitting?

209. Which player would be the first to die if there was a zombie apocalypse?

210. Tell us everything about your first kiss.

211. What excuse have you used in the past to avoid making plans?

212. What is the longest sleep you’ve ever had?

213. Read aloud the last message you sent to your best friend or significant other.

214. What five items would you take on a deserted island with you?

215. Which of the Hollywood Chris is your favorite? Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, or Chris Hemsworth?

216. What’s the most embarrassing dating mistake you’ve ever made?

217. What’s the weirdest pickup line you’ve ever heard?

218. What animal do you believe you most closely resemble?

219. In a day, how many selfies do you take?

220. What is one thing for which you would wait an hour in line?

221. When was the last time you were moved to tears?

222. What is the greatest period of time that you have gone without showering?

223. What is your phone’s most embarrassing most-played song?

224. What was your favorite show as a kid?

225. What would your new first name be if you had to alter your name?

226. If you could spend a day as a fictional character, what would you choose?

227. What’s the one stupid item you can’t live without?

228. What is the strangest trend you’ve ever been a part of?

229. What song would you choose if you could only listen to one for the rest of your life?

230. Which of your friends do you text the most?

231. Have you ever had a job that you didn’t like?

232. Which would you choose if you had to wear just flip-flops or heels for the next ten years?

233. What’s a deal-breaker when it comes to a potential love interest?

234. What would you eat if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life?

235. Which of the following is the biggest lie you’ve ever told your parents?

236. What is the most terrible physical pain you’ve ever endured?

237. Which player has the most knowledge of you?

238. Which part of your body is your favorite?

239. What three goals would you set for yourself if you only had three years to live?

240. What is the strangest item you’ve ever consumed?

241. Have you tried skinny dipping before?

242. Tell us about the most terrible date you’ve ever had.

243. Who was the first celebrity you had a crush on?

244. What has been the oddest dream you’ve ever had?

245. What are the top three qualities you seek in a romantic partner?

246. Do you have a lot of stuffed animals?

247. Give an example of something you’d do if you knew there would be no consequences.

248. When was the last time you expressed regret? For what purpose?

249. Do you still have feelings for any of your ex-boyfriends or girlfriends?

250. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done behind someone’s back to grab their attention?

Truth or dare questions for teenage party

Are you going to gather at a party with your friends and family and look forward to some questions to play truth or dare game? Then, we have got you covered! 

Parties are a part of fun life and to make it more exciting, you can opt for playing truth or dare games.

So, below is the ultimate list of truth or dare questions for adults which you can have in a party along with friends or a partner. 

251. What’s the strangest item you have in your bag right now?

252. What was the most recent film that made you cry?

253. What was the last item you looked up on Google?

254. When was the last time you were caught lying?

255. What unpleasant odor do you genuinely like?

256. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?

257. Have you ever experienced a supernatural encounter?

258. What would you do with $1,000 right now if you were given it?

259. If you were to meet a celebrity while dating, who would you give your “hall pass” to?

260. Have you ever attempted to cheat on an exam?

261. What area of the body do you find appealing in an unexpected way?

262. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

263. Have you ever flirted with a sibling of a close friend?

264. Would you choose to never have to sleep again if you had the option?

265. What would you get if you had to get a tattoo right now?

266. What is something you would never do, even if you were offered $1 million for it?

267. Who would you meet if you could travel back in time and meet only one person?

268. What famous musician do you secretly hate?

269. In ten years, where do you see yourself?

270. Choose your favorite karaoke song.

271. What is the most daring thing you’ve ever attempted?

272. When were you the most in trouble in school?

273. Which would you prefer if you had to be overdressed or underdressed all of the time?

274. In a film version of your life, who would you cast as yourself?

275. What has been the most fortunate event that has ever happened to you?

276. What country would you choose if you were to move tomorrow?

277. In life, what do you want to be remembered for the most?

278. Have you ever given a gift to someone else? What was it, exactly?

279. What do you only do when you’re by yourself?

280. What is the movie (or franchise) that you are most embarrassed to like?

281. Have you ever had a fictional partner? Describe them in detail.

282. What disgusting food combo do you secretly enjoy?

283. Who would you choose as your best friend if you could be friends with any celebrity?

284. What’s the most humiliating nickname you’ve ever received?

285. Who would you choose if you could switch lives with anyone you knew for a day?

286. For the following minute, do a freestyle rap.

287. Allow someone else to update your status on your behalf.

288. Give your phone to another player, who will be able to send a single text message to everyone they wish.

289. Allow the other players one minute to look through your phone.

290. Make a fool of yourself by imitating another player until you can figure out who it is.

291. Until it’s your turn again, say pickles at the end of every phrase you say.

292. Imitate a YouTube celebrity until another player figures out who you are.

293. Until your next round, act like a chicken.

294. Until your next round, speak with a British accent.

295. Call a friend and sing them ‘Happy Birthday to You’ as if it were their birthday.

296. Name a celebrity that resembles each of the players in the room.

297. Allow someone else to use a permanent marker to draw a tattoo on your back.

298. Put on a blindfold and touch the faces of the other players until you figure out who they are.

299. For one minute, serenade the individual on your right.

300. Dump out what’s in your purse, backpack, or pockets and do a show-and-tell.

301. Allow the player on your right to touch up your make-up.

Truth or dare funny questions for teenagers 

Here the fun begins! Funny truth or dare questions not only add spice but also make these truths and dare actions memorable and enjoyable.

In order to make your party night memorable, we have created a list of funny truth questions and exciting dares which is ideal to ask and answer for any show.

302. Whistle while putting crackers into your mouth.

303. Go out and tell the first person you meet that you love them.

304. Go outside and sing as loudly as you can a Disney song.

305. Ask your neighbors for a cup of sugar.

306. Make a YouTube video of yourself Moonwalking across the room.

307. On a date, ask the first person you meet outside.

308. Make a toilet paper hat and share it on Facebook!

309. In a British accent, say the letters backward.

310. Sing whatever you want for the next two rounds.

311. For the next three rounds, speak in rhyming words.

312. For the next two rounds, repeat anything the other players say!

313. Invite the rest of the group to a tea party with stuffed animals. While you’re doing it, pretend to be a five-year-old girl.

314. For the next two rounds, speak as if you’re dying and gasping for air.

315. Make a phone call to someone you like and tell them how much you like them.

316. To update your Facebook status, use your elbows.

317. On the lawn, dance like a chicken.

318. Make a prank call to a restaurant and place an order for anything on the menu.

319. For at least 30 seconds, hold your shoe/or the next person’s shoe to your nose.

320. Run around the house while yodeling and banging your chest.

321. “I am (name)!” and cried on the street. “Listen to me roar!!”

322. Eat a spoonful of peanut butter with a splash of spicy sauce.

323. Smell the person sitting to your right’s armpits.

324. Let the others feed you by acting like a puppy or a seal.

325. As if you were at the opera, sing a pop tune.

326. Do a dramatic death scene outside the front door, as Daffy Duck from Bugs Bunny would.

327. Close your eyes or blindfold yourself and open the refrigerator door. Allow people to feed you by pointing to something.

328. Request toilet paper from your next-door neighbor.

329. Make a phone call to your partner or crush and explain the Monopoly rules to them.

330. Sing a love song to your crush, such as “I can’t help falling in love.”

331. Pretend to be a waiter and accept snack orders from everyone in the group. Serve them and inquire about their satisfaction with the dinner.

332. Make an outfit with all of the rainbow’s colors. Clothing can be borrowed from the host and others in the group. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.

333. Tell your parents that they will be grounded for a week.

334. In under two minutes, come up with a list of celebrities that each of the other players looks like.

335. Sing the latest pop song as badly as you can and upload the video to YouTube.

336. Kiss the person on the forehead on your left.

337. In the center of the circle, sing a song and do the hokey pokey.

338. Imitate a monkey or a gorilla by running about the room.

339. Choose someone from the group and dance to a love song with them.

340. Kiss the cushion till it’s your turn.

341. For the next three rounds, keep your socks on your hands.

342. Keep each fingernail and toenail painted in a different color for a day.

343. For the rest of the evening, wear your jeans backward.

344. Makeup should be applied without looking in the mirror.

345. For the next two rounds, stay in your starting position.

346. For a minute, hop around like a kangaroo and cover the entire room.

347. Propose in the most romantic way possible to your pet or the host’s pet.

348. For the following two minutes, speak with a foreign accent.

349. For two minutes, stand in the street and wave to every passerby.

350. Act as if you’re a dog and ask others to pet you.

351. When it’s your turn to talk, pretend to be a pig and sniff the other members of the group.

Truth or dare questions for teen couples

Married couples share a very happy and unique bond like no one other. Therefore, they need an extra level of questions for the truth or dare game.

You can always make your relationship and intimate moments more fun and exciting with this truth or dare questions. 

These questions are ideal for fun night games, night parties, spending time together or at a get-together. So, let’s take a look at these valuable questions.

352. Have you ever eaten food that you dropped on the floor?

353. Have you ever urinated in bed? When was the last time you did something like this?

354. When you’re out of toilet paper, what do you do?

355. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done with your partner?

356. Have you ever experienced a sexy dream about a specific person? If so, who is it?

357. Who do you think is the sexiest person you’ve ever kissed?

358. Have you ever felt anything for one of your best friends?

359. Have you ever had to go to the bathroom and wet your pants?

360. Is your teddy animal or baby blanket still in your bed?

361. Have you ever attempted to steal something?

362. Have you ever had an affair with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

363. Who do you spend the most time stalking on social media?

364. When you go swimming, do you pee in the pool?

365. Have you ever worn your underwear backward?

366. Do you like to smell someone’s feet or their armpits?

367. What was the last time you looked for something naughty?

368. What do your parents refer to you as?

369. Have you ever felt feelings for a person who is already married?

370. Have you ever been rejected by someone you care about?

371. On a first date, how far have you ever gone?

372. Have you ever had feelings for the brother or sister of a friend?

373. Have you ever had feelings for someone who is older than you?

374. Have you ever been caught by your parents with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

375. Have you ever walked in your parent’s room in the middle of the night?

376. Would you inform your best friend that they had been cheated?

377. Have you ever faked you weren’t reading someone’s text and if so, who was it?

378. Have you ever been caught cheating on someone?

379. In this room, who do you not have trust in?

380. Have you ever been adored by the boyfriend of a friend?

381. Have you ever canceled a date with a friend in order to see a boy?

382. Have you ever made up an excuse to avoid seeing someone you didn’t want to see?

383. How many people have you kissed in your life?

384. Go outside and give three passing automobiles a wave. If they stopped, wave them on.

385. Change your Facebook relationship status to “married.”

386. Call the round table and wish the first person who answers Happy Birthday.

387. Hold hands with your corrections till it’s your turn again.

388. For 1 minute, massage the person on your left.

389. Propose to the person on your right by getting down on one knee.

390. Allow your friends to choose someone at random from your contacts list and text them – “Happy New Year.”

391. For one minute, imitate the person on your right.

392. For 1 minute, rub your stomach and tap your head.

393. Call McDonald’s and inquire about taquitos.

394. If Taco Bell sells french fries, give them a call.

395. For 1 minute, hop around the front yard like a rabbit.

396. For one minute, talk to your friends like a goat.

397. For the rest of the game, put on an aluminum foil hat.

398. Ask a tablespoon of sugar from your next-door neighbor (and bring a spoon).

399. “It’s Raining Men!” cry from outside.

400. For the next minute, stand outside and offer a thumbs-up to every car that goes by.

401. Tell your crush you’re afraid of rabbits in a text message.

Embarrassing truth or dare questions for teenagers

Do you want to make others embarrassed or a little bit shy? Then, here you go. Below is the ultimate list of such questions for teens which can make someone embarrassed. 

However, these are not meant to hurt someone but it makes your game night quite fun and entertaining. So, let’s get into it to have a closer look. 

402. Describe some of your most terrible habits.

403. What was the first thing you stole in your life (if you ever did take anything)?

404. Have you ever placed blame on someone else for a mistake you made?

405. What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever done in your life?

406. When was the last time you felt like the most incompetent person in the room?

407. What is the most embarrassing moment you’ve done in front of your parents?

408. Have you ever started a terrible or stupid gossip about someone you care about?

409. What is the strangest thing you do when you are alone at home?

410. Have you ever slept in the toilet while on the loo?

411. What would you do if the person you hate was standing directly in front of you?

412. What is the most horrible thing you’ve ever done?

413. How long have you gone without showering or cleaning your house?

414. What is the most embarrassing nickname you’ve ever been given?

415. What is the most stupid or embarrassing thing in your possession to which you are emotionally attached?

416. Which day in your life was the worst, and why?

417. Would you ever cheat or leave your best friend for another?

418. When and why did you first cry for your best friend or any friend?

419. Would you ever reveal the secrets your best friend shared with you, or have you ever done so?

420. Who was your first love interest?

421. Who do you think is the most attractive woman in your school or college?

422. When did you have your ideal date and with whom did you go?

423. When was the first time you kissed?

424. Who do you think you had your best kiss with?

425. When and by whom did you experience your first heartbreak?

426. Have you ever flirted with the cousins of one of your best friends?

427. What was the most awkward dating moment you’ve ever had?

428. Which of your friends would you choose to go to prom with if you had to choose from among your friends?

429. What city would you like to work in if you had your dream job?

430. What would be the first thing you’d do with your first salary?

431. What would you do if you were given the opportunity to be the President for a day?

432. What would you do if you were made invisible for the entire day?

433. Who is the person who has had the most influence on you?

434. If you had the chance, what would be the one thing you would invent?

435. What is your favorite motivational television show?

436. What kind of business would you start if you had the opportunity to do so in the future?

437. Would you do something that requires you to step outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve your goals?

438. What’s your deepest or darkest secret?

439. Do you suffer from any phobias?

440. What causes you embarrassment?

441. What has been the most humiliating experience you’ve ever had?

442. What is the most serious mistake you’ve ever made?

443. What is one thing you aren’t particularly good at?

444. Which of the following is the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

445. Have you ever been caught picking your nose without realizing it?

446. Have you ever gone a day without taking showers?

447. Do you have a habit of singing in the shower?

448. Have you ever tried to cheat in a game?

449. What weird habits do you have?

450. What’s the craziest thing you still do as a kid?

Hard truth or dare questions for teenagers

Want to ask some hard and fast questions to your family or friends? Then, here is the list of truth or dare questions that can help you to make the bond stronger.

This helps to make the environment more enjoyable and memorable that you want to bring it again and again.

451. When was the last time you lied to your best friend?

452. What is the one thing about your best friend that you admire the most?

453. What is the one thing about your best friend that you hate?

454. When was the last time you became angry with your best friend?

455. What was your motivation for the first time you lied to your best friend?

456. Do you believe any of your friends have ever told you the truth?

457. In your group of friends, who do you think is the most charmless?

458. Would you go on a dinner date in favor of a night out with a friend?

459. How long do you think you’ll be able to go without speaking to your best friend?

460. In your group of friends, who do you like the most?

461. Would you sacrifice your best friend or friends for the sake of a crush?

462. What would you do if you had a crush on one of your friend’s boyfriends or girlfriends?

463. When you’re grown, how many children do you want?

464. What would you do if you knew tomorrow was your last day on this planet?

465. What superpower would you select if you could have any?

466. What would you do if for a day you were the opposite sex?

467. What song do you want to be performed at your memorial service?

468. Have you ever snuck out of your house? What is the reason for this?

469. What would you change about your life if you could?

470. What animal would you choose if you had the option to be reincarnated?

471. What would you do if you had a day as president of your country?

472. What is the topic in school that you despise the most?

473. Can you tell me about the most boring class you’ve ever had?

474. Have you ever tried to cheat on an exam?

475. Was there ever a time in literature class when you truly enjoyed reading deep/romantic poetry but pretended to think it was lame?

476. Have you ever played a practical joke on your teacher, and if so, which one was the most memorable?

477. Could you tell us how many times you’ve been sent to the principal’s office for punishment?

478. In your opinion, who is the creepiest kid you’ve ever met at school?

479. Can you tell me about the worst / lowest grade you ever received in school?

480. Have you ever fallen asleep in class and been caught?

481. Can you tell me about your goals and career goals?

482. How confident would you say you are in your ability to realize your goals?

483. What do you do first thing after school every day?

484. What is your all-time favorite school activity?

485. Do you like going to the gym?

486. Are you a sports fan, and if so, what sport would you like to play the most?

487. Which of your professors is your favorite, and why?

488. Have you ever skipped school by telling a fib and your parents finding out?

489. Have you ever made a joke behind someone’s back about a teacher or a classmate?

490. Have you ever pretended to be ill in order to avoid taking an exam or skipping class?

491. Can you tell me about the first boy/girl you kissed in school?

492. What was your initial impression of (best friend’s name)?

493. Would you ever lie or cheat a friend just because of a friend?

494. If you had a crush on your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend, what would you do or how would you handle it?

495. Would you ever go behind your friend’s back if he or she had a crush?

496. Would you cancel your lunch date with a friend in order to go on a date?

497. Have you ever told a best friend a lie?

498. Have you ever lied to get your best friend to do anything for you?

499. Have you ever told another individual about your best friend’s secrets?

500. Would you be able to go weeks, if not months, without talking to your best friend?

501. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? What was the name of your imaginary friend?

502. What is one quality in a friend that you dislike?

503. What is it about your buddies that you admire the most?

504. What are the top three qualities you look for in a friend?

505. Which of your friends was the absolute worst, and why?

The wrapping up

These are some of the fun truth or dare questions you may play with your friends and enjoy for the entire day, despite the occasion.

The questions and difficulties listed above will surely help you make your gatherings unforgettable. 

Truth or Dare games may be a lot of fun. However, don’t get caught up in the game if you or someone else in the group doesn’t want to answer or do something.

To keep the game going, ask that person another truth inquiry or dare. Remember, after the party game these people will become your friends. 

Don’t do anything to risk that!

Have fun!