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200+ Funny Questions to Ask a Girlfriend and Share a Laugh!

200+ Funny Questions to Ask a Girlfriend and Share a Laugh!

Updated on Oct 11, 2022

200+ Funny Questions to Ask a Girlfriend and Share a Laugh!

If you want a whole list of funny questions to ask a girlfriend, this is the best place for you!

Whether you want to start a conversation or make her fall for you even more, funny questions can seal the deal. Because which girl doesn’t like a guy with a good sense of humor?

Moreover, it’s a win-win situation because you’ll fall harder every time she flashes her hearty laugh.

So, if you’re ready, let’s begin!

Good Funny question to ask a girlfriend

If you don’t have any particular theme in mind because you don’t know how she’ll react if you try too hard, stick to the good ol’ decent funny questions. You can never go wrong with these…

  1. What cartoon character do you like but others judge you for?
  2. Which TV show do you wish didn’t exist?
  3. Which princess did you want to be in your childhood?
  4. Which will you pick: Ice cream with salt or pepper?
  5. Would you paint nude males or mating animals?
  6. Which fruit defines you the best?
  7. If you could be in an animated world, which would it be?
  8. If you ever work in a circus, which animal would you train?
  9. Name a superpower you wish to have.
  10. Would you be a red hot witch or a pure-hearted naïve fairy?
  11. Which fictional character do you want to beat up and why?
  12. What TV show do you judge your best friend for watching?
  13. Which candy do you think must retire?
  14. If you were to have a caution label, what would be written on it?
  15. How much did it hurt when the angels dropped you?
  16. What’s something you regret trying?
  17. What would you do if I turned into an *any insect she hates*?
  18. So, how’s the diet going… oh, never mind!
  19. When was the last time you wished the ground would swallow you up?
  20. When did you throw a tantrum the last time and for what?

If these questions lead to intriguing conversations, don’t think too much about it, and just level up! Here you go with the best ones…

Best funny questions to ask a girlfriend

I believe your girlfriend deserves nothing less than the best in her life. So, once you’re sure she’s open to your funny side, take every opportunity to widen that beautiful smile with the best funny questions like these…

  1. What did you promise yourself to not do but did anyway?
  2. If you were to get arrested from your home, what would your neighbors assume you did?
  3. Other than duck-face, what other animal do you pretend to be in selfies?
  4. What’s your most embarrassing memory with a crush?
  5. What false rumor would anybody believe about you?
  6. Would you rather your poop smells like fish or eggs?
  7. If you can only communicate with animal sounds, which anima; will it be?
  8. What’s the difference between you and a sloth?
  9. Did others ever catch you passing a fart publicly?
  10. If my life is a joke, do you think your and my combined life is a comedy show?
  11. Tell me the opposite of “OPPOSITE”?
  12. Do you think tea production employees have coffee breaks?
  13. Will we go to your place or mine after this date?
  14. For what reason would I get arrested?
  15. Do you ever want to be a bird and poop on people you hate?
  16. Which of my friends looks hottest to you?
  17. What punishment is actually fun to you?
  18. What animal do you relate your siblings with?
  19. What’s that one harmless thing you’d never do?
  20. Which word begins with “F” and ends with “UCK”? [firetruck].

Another way to strengthen your bond with your girlfriend is to reminisce about old times and know each other’s feelings about your relationship. And you guess it… funny questions can also help you with that here…

Funny questions to ask a girlfriend about your relationship

From your girlfriend’s point of view, your relationship might not seem the same. Starting from your first impression to the moment she first fell for you, there’s a story behind everything… so, know about those with these questions…

  1. What’s the silliest thing you did to grab my attention?
  2. Define how I smell in 5 words.
  3. If your clone appeared, how would you prove you’re my real girlfriend?
  4. When did you feel that I was too good for you?
  5. How many years do you plan to bug me?
  6. Which are the funniest inappropriate thoughts you’ve had of me?
  7. What do you think is THE funny story in our relationship till now?
  8. If our relationship was a romcom, what would be an appropriate title?
  9. What did you assume was wrong about me until you got to know me?
  10. If you see another girl laughing with me, how quickly will you jump to conclusions?
  11. What’s one funny and favorite memory of me after we started dating?
  12. If we compete to win the most annoying one, who do you think will win?
  13. There are plenty of fish in the sea, why do you think I chose you?
  14. What do you find the funniest about me?
  15. What do you find super annoying yet cute in me?
  16. Did my harmless actions ever make you jealous? What was it?
  17. Did you ever think I was a better match than someone else?
  18. Which is the worst gift I gave you?
  19. Would you ever like to get the same haircuts as couple goals?
  20. If we were to have a kid and all of our bad habits combine, describe them.

If your relationship is a bit more frank or if you want to explore some risky zones… or if she’s comfortable with funny dirty questions, then don’t be shy to try these…

Funny sex questions to ask a girlfriend

If you’re in a long-term relationship or want to know your girlfriend’s likes and dislikes about sex, don’t interrogate her! Know what’s in her heart with this funny and naughty question game…

  1. Do you like to initiate sex?
  2. Do you prefer I eat you as dessert or breakfast?
  3. Which sex position do you think mustn’t exist and why?
  4. Do you plan to join the mile-high club?
  5. In high school, did you ever rub yourself off on a desk corner?
  6. What’s your biggest turn on and why isn’t it eel?
  7. Do you think hair pulling during sex causes hair fall?
  8. Do you think ghosts watch when people have sex with lights off?
  9. What roleplay in the bedroom will turn you off?
  10. Did you ever buy a roleplay outfit just for yourself?
  11. What non-sexual outfit do you think is sexy but others don’t?
  12. What’s your dirtiest sexual fantasy? Am I in there?
  13. Sum up your sexual experience until now in one word.
  14. Do you ever want to get naughty in the fitting room?
  15. Which of your celebrity crushes do you think is bad in bed?
  16. Which mythical creature would you like to have sex with?
  17. What do you think about being tied during sex?
  18. Do you think women’s sex toys are better than men?
  19. Do you like to talk dirty?
  20. Have you ever tried sexting?

But if sexy questions are a big NO, that’s still okay! The world won’t end if you put away that convo for another. Instead, entertain your hearts and brains with these…

Funny interesting questions to ask your girlfriend

If your girl is the intellectual and nerdy type… if she LOVES to discuss deep stuff, you can ask fun questions even about that! No need to trust my words alone, instead check this amazing list…

  1. Which will you pick from endless money or eternal flawless looks?
  2. Would you rather taste pee or lava?
  3. Would you rather have a peanut butter and mustard sandwich or breakfast near a smelly dumpster?
  4. What do you think my/your pet thinks of you?
  5. What’s the worst name you can think of?
  6. Which of my hidden talents is no longer hidden?
  7. How long did you take to order your first Starbucks coffee?
  8. What do you believe people assume about you during the first meeting?
  9. What rumor do you regret accidentally spreading?
  10. What celebrity crush do you regret having and why?
  11. Did you ever ask silly questions and not realize it until a long time?
  12. What silly thing can make you cry in seconds?
  13. If you can have potatoes in only one form, what will it be?
  14. What happens when sour cream expires?
  15. Do you have any silly phobia?
  16. Did you ever crush on your sibling’s or friend’s partner?
  17. What do you think is Satan’s last name?
  18. Is it okay if a man marries his widow’s sister? [He’s dead].
  19. Which simple task do you suck at?
  20. What has one eye yet can’t see? [needle].

If you recently started dating yet you hardly know much about her, you gotta speed up the process. But, don’t take her interview… that’ll make her run for the hills. Instead, ask these…

Personal funny questions to know her right after you start dating

When you fall in love, the human brain LITERALLY stops working. We can’t figure out what to say or ask. But not anymore… because these questions will show you how compatible you are in a fun way…

  1. What’s your pet peeve even you’re annoyed of?
  2. If people could read minds, which inner dialogue would people hear the most from you?
  3. Which joke never gets old for you?
  4. When did you feel the most embarrassed about me?
  5. What’s the silliest thing you’re proud of doing?
  6. What’s the weirdest question you’ve ever heard?
  7. What weird question do you want to ask me?
  8. How do you mentally kill people you hate?
  9. How many times have you mentally beaten that friend/coworker/boss black and blue?
  10. Do you have an animated crush?
  11. If you were Karen and I was a Manager, what would you say?
  12. If you worked as a barista and someone was rude to you, would you piss in their coffee?
  13. Which is better: losing an arm or leg?
  14. If the zombie apocalypse happened, who do you think would die first?
  15. Which of your favorite foods are you ready to give up for the rest of your life?
  16. Which cheesy pickup line you’d rather never hear?
  17. What’s your most-hated nickname and who gave it to you?
  18. What scares you the most other than my good sense of humor?
  19. What will you feel if selfies get banned?
  20. What’s a weird bucket list item you would try?

If you’re a sucker for both romance and fun, I can guess that you’re greedy! And I gotta say I like that you’re ready to add a touch of romance to the fun times. Since you’re so dedicated, here you go…

Funny romantic questions to ask your girlfriend

In a relationship, romance melts the heart like it’s made of chocolate… It makes everything sweeter and fluffier. So, if you want to bond deeper with your girl, check out these funny romantic ones…

  1. Would you like to go on a date at an amusement park or to the cemetery?
  2. How did my yellow teeth make you fall in love with me?
  3. Which karaoke song would make any girl’s heart flutter?
  4. Aren’t you breaking the law by being so attractive?
  5. Do you think you’re as beautiful as I say or even more?
  6. What song do you think played in my mind when I first saw you?
  7. What’s the most awkward thing you found romantic about me?
  8. If we were lovers in our past lives, how do you think a clown like me got you every time?
  9. How many stars do you think I see twinkling in your eyes?
  10. Which will you choose: Kissing me for 5 minutes or hugging me for an hour?
  11. Which knock-knock joke do you think will sweep me off my feet?
  12. Does your heart beat faster when you see me or do I need to try harder?
  13. If you were a man and I a girl, how’d you hit on me?
  14. What one thing do you wish to do to me before the world ends?
  15. Choose one: Me or Chicken Nuggets (or French Fries for vegans).
  16. Do you think diamonds are worth even half of you?
  17. Would you want a solitaire wedding ring or one personally made by me from scratch with a  fake stone?
  18. If we cuddle to sleep but I snore, what would you do?
  19. If I changed my gender identity but my love for you won’t change, would you stay with me?
  20. What Disney romance do you find ridiculous but still want?

Other than being romantic, you also need to flirt to maintain the health of your relationship. But do you know that you can flirt with basic and funny questions? Well, you will if you head in…

Funny flirty questions

In long-term relationships, everything grows old and boring. So, to revive the passion and love in your relationship, just funny questions won’t suffice. You gotta flirt like it’s your last chance like these…

  1. How did you feel about our first kiss?
  2. Do you ever dress up extra just for me?
  3. If you and I were to switch bodies, what would you do to mine?
  4. If you and I were to switch bodies, what would you ask me not to do?
  5. Guess how my sex life was until you entered my life.
  6. Tell me one dirty truth about you I still don’t know.
  7. If I were a unicorn, would you ride me?
  8. If your seat/ the floor was lava, how fast would you get on my lap?
  9. What were you thinking during your first kiss?
  10. Do you think you’re on Santa’s naughty list or nice list?
  11. If you went skinny dipping and a monkey steals your clothes, what would you do?
  12. Tell me one dirty truth about you I don’t know yet.
  13. If you can turn invisible for 24 hours once every 365 days, what naughty things will you do?
  14. How wild do you plan to get in bed?
  15. If we get stranded on an abandoned island with no food, will we eat each other out?
  16. Did you ever accidentally text naughty questions to someone you mustn’t have? What did you text?
  17. Which lingerie do you think will look best on me?
  18. Would you fall for me just after having a one-night stand?
  19. Which fruit would you think I like?
  20. If we get stuck in an elevator, will you make out with me?

Honestly speaking, I fell for my partner because of his weirdness… so, if you or your girl think you’re “weird”, put that to good use with some funny questions like these…

Funny weird questions

Weird is the new sexy… because it bares your unique sides to your partner and shows you that you’re a human with far from perfect thoughts. So, if you’re ready to grow close in a different way, here you go…

  1. How big was your dump today?
  2. If your clone of your preferred gender existed, would you date them?
  3. How do you cover up your nasty farts?
  4. What’s the weirdest conversation you’ve ever heard?
  5. What do you think was a good idea but regretted the very moment you executed it?
  6. Why do you think dogs smell each other’s butt? Does it smell good?
  7. If a snake bites near my anus, will you suck out the venom for me?
  8. Will you let me wear your underwear?
  9. If you had to kill someone with a strange food combination, what would you use?
  10. The ducks exercise copyrights on duck-face selfies. How will you take selfies then?
  11. Do you have a kink or fetish you’re ashamed of?
  12. If I asked you to send me pictures of your feet, how would you react?
  13. Tell me one good idea that can actually ruin me.
  14. Which of my weird habits rubbed off on you?
  15. How many imaginary friends did you have?
  16. Would you wear false eyelashes made of horse pubes?
  17. For $1000, would you eat cockroaches or spiders?
  18. What’s your weird hidden talent I don’t know of?
  19. Can you burp willingly?
  20. Did you ever laugh until you pissed? What was the joke?

If you’re a spontaneous soul and don’t like to follow rituals or routines in life, you can make your girl smile with your randomness too. So, here you go with some questions that will even impress you…

Funny random questions

Being spontaneous makes your relationship unpredictable. But if you mishmash both spontaneity and humor, you’ll make her laugh with your originality even more. So, just jump in already!

  1. What is the worst advice you ever gave anyone?
  2. Can I have a quick look at your browser history right now?
  3. Choose one: spending an entire year without seeing any human or spending every moment of your day with someone for an entire year.
  4. What’s the strangest food you’ve had till now?
  5. Tell me about that one time you laughed until you choked.
  6. If you become a billionaire by making me laugh, how will you do without using words?
  7. If you smell like food for the rest of your life, which food will it be?
  8. What do you want people to stop asking you for in life?
  9. When was the last time you killed someone?
  10. So, you’re sentenced to Hell and you can get away from it if you make the Devil laugh. What joke would you say?
  11. How do you usually curse people?
  12. What’s your unique way to insult others?
  13. What joke do you think will make me laugh out loud?
  14. Which animal do I resemble the most?
  15. What was your worst reason to skip work?
  16. What haircut would you never try?
  17. Can you wiggle your ears?
  18. Can you mimic fart noises?
  19. Did you ever walk on people taking a dump?
  20. If you can name a berry, what will it be?

Wondering how the funny questions will change your relationship? Here you go with the answers…

Why should you ask funny questions to your girlfriend?

To sustain a relationship, both partners must give enough effort. But to some, asking funny questions for that might sound a bit lame. So, if you’re also one of them, let’s know how you can make your girlfriend happy and enjoy a great relationship here…

1. It helps you grow closer

Funny questions can lead to deep and interesting conversations. So, you’ll both understand each other on a deeper level.

You’ll grow more intimate with time and how both of your minds revolve around different things. The fun conversations boost positivity and a sense of unity and joy.

2. It lightens the mood

After a bad day, your girlfriend normally feels grumpy and irritable. Unintentionally, you both might miss out on quality time.

So, funny and silly questions can ease her mood and you can resume spending time like normal. It can also help you out if you make trouble.

3. It shows you’re paying attention to her

If you use light-hearted fun questions to change her mood, she’ll understand that you care a lot about her.

She’ll know that you don’t have to but still try to ease her mind. When she notices that you’re so dedicated to her, she’ll be more in love than ever.

4. You can put a smile on her face

If you love to see your woman smile or think that her smile lights up your day, funny and interesting questions are like a gift to yourself from yourself.

You’ll get yourself a chance to bask in the glow of her face and feel motivated to fight with this cruel world every day.

5. You can use it as conversation starters

Whether it’s your first date with a girlfriend or you want to make someone your girlfriend, these questions can work like amazing icebreakers in any situation.

However, make sure you don’t use the sex and dirty types because those are solely for when you both get comfortable with each other.

A word from ThePleasantConversation

When you ask funny questions, it shows that you’re concerned about her feelings and mood. You don’t wait for something funny to let her laugh… instead, you take the reins of her laughter.

Your effort not only makes her cackle like a hyena, but she also knows that you’re ready to go the extra mile for her. She understands that she needs nobody but you by her side and your connection intensifies. So, give it your best shot to make her angelic face glow!