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195+ Dating Game Questions for Your Next Game Night with Beau!

195+ Dating Game Questions for Your Next Game Night with Beau!

Updated on Oct 11, 2022

200+ Dating Game Questions for Your Next Game Night with Beau!

Dating game questions give you the chance to interact with your date in silly and playful ways. The answers will bring all the good vibes with them… and it will also result in great conversations.

Further, these questions will help you to know your date better. I have customized the list in different sections to make them more fun and interesting. Either you can scroll to your preferred set or ask all of them enlisted.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

Dating game questions for couples

Dating games are a great way to learn more about your partner. No matter if you are at the beginning of a relationship or happily married, the questions are bound to bring out fun (and intimidating) memories. So, let’s start with all the loving couples out there.

  1. What shade does your partner think looks best on you?
  2. What is your spouse’s favorite junk food?
  3. Describe your partner using 3 adjectives.
  4. Name your spouse’s favorite movie.
  5. Where did you meet your partner for the first time?
  6. When your spouse proposed?
  7. Who can drive four-wheelers perfectly?
  8. Where did you guys go for your honeymoon?
  9. Who is the early bird in the relationship?
  10. Who is the night owl?
  11. Who gets angry easily?
  12. Name one of your partner’s qualities that you would like to change.
  13. What is the one secret of your spouse that nobody knows?
  14. Have you ever sneaked out of your house to meet your partner?
  15. Does your partner have a pet?
  16. What does your spouse like to do in their free time?
  17. Who is the best chef between you two?
  18. Who is the immature one in the relationship?
  19. Who sings while taking a shower?
  20. Name one place that you want to go with your partner.

This is only the peak of the conversion. If you want to dive deep, the card game question might be of your interest.

Dating card game questions

If you are already having fun and eager to know what your partner thinks of you, this might be the best time to grab a set of cards and throw in these questions in between.

  1. How many relationships did your partner have before meeting you?
  2. What is your partner’s favorite sport?
  3. What is your favorite gift from your partner?
  4. What is the most memorable thing that happened on your wedding day?
  5. What is your partner’s favorite season?
  6. Describe your relationship using four words.
  7. Are you a dog person or a cat person?
  8. What film can be a good metaphor for your relationship?
  9. What is your partner’s nickname?
  10. Who does your partner love the most between his or her parents?
  11. Who says sorry first after an argument?
  12. What gift that you want to give your partner but still haven’t been able to do it?
  13. Who is the funny one in the relationship?
  14. What can make your spouse happy in seconds?
  15. Who spends the most in the relationship?
  16. What TV show will your partner not miss?
  17. What is our spouse’s favorite football team/
  18. Who has more friends?
  19. When was the last time you guys went shopping?
  20. Who is the fitness freak?

The next set of questions is perfect for the ones who list a little booze! 😉 After all, nothing can beat the truth or drink game.

Dating Drinking game questions

After a tiring week, spending some quality time with your spouse is just mandatory. To make things more joyful, you can ask these questions to each other while drinking. 

  1. What is the most stupid thing that you have ever done?
  2. What is the weirdest fashion trend that you regret trying?
  3. What was the last lie that you told your spouse?
  4. Have you ever embarrassed yourself at a party?
  5. When was the time you cried because of your spouse?
  6. What is the one thing that you adore about your partner?
  7. What was the funniest thing that happened at the bachelorette party?
  8. What is the best advice that your partner gave you?
  9. What is the best compliment that your spouse gave you?
  10. Name one illegal thing that you want to do with your partner.
  11. Who has the best drinking capacity?
  12. Who is most likely to vomit after drinking three shots?
  13. What is the most irritating habit of your partner?
  14. Who believes in astrology?
  15. What is the one habit of your partner that you just hate?
  16. Who is the party animal?
  17. Who will most likely go to strip clubs rather than spending time with his or her family members?
  18. Which one of you has been dumped more than once?
  19. Which one of you is most likely to have an anonymous social media account?
  20. What is the one thing that you can’t compromise?

So you had a drinking night… but there should be a touch of fun in every conversation. Let me help you discover that.

Funny dating game questions

What’s a relationship without some serious laughs in it? Do you know what I mean? So, let’s answer some questions for a crazy afternoon.

  1. What makes your partner unique?
  2. Describe three fun facts about your spouse.
  3. Who is good at making jokes?
  4. Who is the sleepyhead?
  5. Who is most likely to wake the other person with their snoring power?
  6. Complete this sentence “My partner is better at _________ than anyone else.”
  7. What body part of your partner do you love the most?
  8. What is your spouse’s biggest fear?
  9. Who has the experience of a one-night stand?
  10. Name 3 favorite sex toys of your partner.
  11. What is the annoying habit of your spouse that makes you angry?
  12. Who likes to gamble?
  13. How was your partner in high school? A. Class clown B. Nerd C. Middle bencher
  14. What is your spouse’s favorite haircut?
  15. What type of student was your spouse during his or her college years?
  16. What did your spouse gift you on your first anniversary?
  17. Who prefers beer over whiskey?
  18. If your partner won $2000, is he or she going to spend the money or invest it?
  19. What does your partner prefer in breakfast cereal or sandwich?
  20. Who has read the most books?

Fun, wasn’t it? So now, let’s bring back the flirting with…

Flirty Dating game questions

Dating games are no fun without a little bit of flirting. So, create a romantic ambiance with these questions.

  1. What is the most romantic dream you have ever had about your partner?
  2. If you and your partner have the power to become invisible, what will both of you do first and why?
  3. Name one movie that both of you can watch without getting bored.
  4. What is your partner’s biggest fear?
  5. What is the wildest thing that you guys have done in your relationship?
  6. Which one of you has a tattoo?
  7. Which one of you have the most body moles?
  8. Who is most likely to lose control after three drinks?
  9. Who will throw tantrums after being defeated in a game?
  10. What was your first impression when you saw your partner for the first time?
  11. Name one thing about your partner that you feel super lucky to have.
  12. What does your ideal weekend look like?
  13. How do you express your love?
  14. What romantic song can make you emotional at any time?
  15. What emoticons do you use for closed ones?
  16. Are you a chat person or a call person?
  17. What is more important to you: looks or money?
  18. Do you prefer online dating apps or social media to find a partner?
  19. What is your biggest turn-off?
  20. What is the most seductive thing that you can do to your partner?

Flirty questions will help you release stress. And now it is time to answer some interesting dating game questions.

Interesting dating game questions

Unlike flirty games, interesting dating game questions will give you an idea about your partner’s hidden traits and values. So, let’s dig in!

  1. What is your favorite superpower and why?
  2. Name three New year wishes that you couldn’t follow.
  3. After winning a lottery, whom will you call first?
  4. If a movie was made about your life, what would be the title?
  5. If you had the power to change one thing about your past, what would you choose?
  6. What dream have you had more than one time?
  7. Name one food that your partner can’t live without.
  8. What is your partner’s dream vacation?
  9. If you were kidnapped and were left in a desert, what three material things would you wish for?
  10. Name one secret fantasy that you haven’t tried yet.
  11. Which one of your family members do you adore the most?
  12. Who has a better sense of direction between you two?
  13. What is your favorite house chore?
  14. Which one has an 80% chance of surviving one week in a jungle?
  15. What is one family tradition that you hate to take part in?
  16. How many kids do you want to have in the future?
  17. Who says I love you first in all of their relationships?
  18. What is your guilty pleasure?
  19. Who is your spouse’s celebrity crush?
  20. If you got arrested, what would be the offense?

I’m sure you had some dive into your partner’s mind. However, if you are eager to explore more, then you should definitely look into deep dating questions.

Deep dating game questions

Every human has a unique personality. If you are interested to know what your partner is built of, dig into these questions.

  1. At what age did you first confess your love for another person other than family members?
  2. What was your first date like?
  3. What did you feel during the first kiss with your partner?
  4. Describe one incident that made you feel he or she is the one.
  5. Who was most nervous about seeing each other for the first time?
  6. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  7. Do you think your partner is your soulmate?
  8. Would you rather spend a night in a 7-star hotel or on a hill camping?
  9. Would you prefer outdoor dating or indoor dating?
  10. What do you think is a perfect way to show love?
  11. What is your retirement plan?
  12. In what situation do you think you would not feel guilty about lying?
  13. When was the last time you went out of your way to help someone?
  14. If you had the power to change one law what would that be?
  15. What is a deal breaker for you in a relationship?
  16. Can you maintain a friendship with the opposite gender without developing romantic feelings for the person?
  17. What do you think about long-distance relationships?
  18. Would you like to bear all the living costs alone or split them up?
  19. Would you rather save money or invest it?
  20. One piece of advice that you want to share with new couples.

After some digging, now it is time for some romantic questions that will help you to gauge your partner’s romance level.  

Romantic dating game questions

Dating game questions cannot be completed without some romantic game questions. Play it with your partner to get high on love! 😉

  1. What is the most beautiful memory from your first date?
  2. What is the one gesture of your partner that makes you think she or he loves you a lot?
  3. Which things in daily life remind you of your partner?
  4. What do you find most sexy about your partner?
  5. If you had 10 minutes with your partner, how would you like to spend the time?
  6. Did being with your partner helped you to grow in life?
  7. What is the strength of your relationship?
  8. Where do you see your relationship in 10 years?
  9. What fictional character is perfect to describe your spouse’s nature?
  10. What is the one joke between you two that never gets old?
  11. What is the last musical concert you went to with your partner?
  12. When was the last time you fed your partner?
  13. What was the last web series that you guys binge-watched?
  14. In what kind of clothing would you like to see your partner?
  15. What was the most expensive gift that your partner gave you?
  16. Who is more likely to pull pranks?
  17. Which cologne would you prefer on your partner?
  18. Which one of you initiates kissing most of the time?
  19. What could be your partner’s spirit animal?
  20. Which one of you takes long showers?

If you’ve been in the dating game for long, I know what you’re looking for. This next set of questions is the final stop of your hunt buddy!  

Unique dating game questions

If you’ve been with each other for several years now, you definitely know a lot about each other. So, let’s find out some unique things about your partner with…

  1. Which one of you was shy on the first date?
  2. How many times does your partner want to hear I love you in a day?
  3. Who is most likely to go partying after a tiring work day?
  4. Who will probably spend their evening watching horror movies rather than dining out?
  5. Which awkward experience in your relationship still makes you burst out in laughter even in the present?
  6. Who takes the most time to dress up?
  7. Which one of you is a cuddle lover?
  8. Who is more frank and amiable with strangers?
  9. What is your partner’s favorite ice cream?
  10. Who is the most spiritual one?
  11. If you are on your deathbed, what do you wish to tell your partner?
  12. Name 3 items that should be present in your partner’s breakfast to make it ideal.
  13. Who is the responsible one in the relationship?
  14. What is your partner’s dream job?
  15. Would you rather quit smoking or climb Mr. Everest for your partner?
  16. Describe a perfect Sunday morning using 4 words.
  17. Who has more shoes than dresses?

These questions are designed in a way so that you can see how much price your partner is ready to pay to be with you. Now it’s time for a quick quiz for newlyweds.

Newlywed dating game questions

Ah, so you’re just married. I bet, the butterflies in your stomach never stop. The adrenaline is always at its peak… umm, so why not make it more fun? 😉

  1. What color did your spouse wear on the wedding day?
  2. Who likes to keep their room clean?
  3. Which celebrity couple do you two adore?
  4. What is your spouse’s star sign?
  5. Who will most likely win at Trivial pursuit?
  6. Who likes scrambled eggs in the morning?
  7. Which one of you is blessed with listening power?
  8. What are your spouse’s favorite snacks while binging on Netflix?
  9. Which one of you cleans the house in the morning?
  10. How did you celebrate your spouse’s parents’ birthday?
  11. What is one phrase that your spouse will repeat more than once?
  12. What is your secret advice for a happy marriage?
  13. What was the most emotional part of your bridal shower?
  14. What explains things better?
  15. Name one weird thing that your spouse is obsessed about.
  16. Which one of you has a good taste in music?
  17. If you reincarnated as a human, would you like to choose your spouse as your partner?
  18. Which one of you tackles trouble situations smartly?
  19. What was the last thing that your spouse told you on the night of the wedding day before going to sleep?
  20. Who plans and arranges dates and outings?

So, this was the list of dating game questions… but that’s not it. I have something more for you… keep reading to find out.

5 tips to add fun to any dating games

Dating games can be a lot of fun just with a few tricks up your sleeve, including…

1. Keep snacks

If you’re in for a game night, there’s a high chance your stomach will start rolling in the middle. A food break in the middle of the game can spoil the fun. So, keep the snacks handy.

2. Play Truth or drink

If you’re all adults, you definitely need some booze for some added fun. If your partner fails to give the right answer or doesn’t want to answer at all, they have to take a shot. This will make the game more intriguing.

3. Turn on the DND Mode

While you’re in the game, a non-stop ringing cell phone can be a bummer. You should be able to spend your off day in a relaxed and chill mood. So, turn on the DND mode on your mobile to avoid distractions.

4. Follow the rules

The best part about most dating games is that you’re free to make your own rules. So make a few straight ones, ones that are naughty and some fun ones too. 😉

5. Don’t be hard on each other

This game is supposed to make your bond strong, not you both. Maybe you didn’t like some answers from your spouse, you can tell them about it after completing the game. Try to be gentle and honest while answering questions.

A word from ThePleasantConversation

If you are someone who faces problems initiating conversations, this list will definitely help you to keep the conversation going.

You can also spice up the convo by adding some questions of your own. If you pick the right set of questions, you will know your partner’s personality, choices, and background a lot better.

Buddy, these questions can help you fill your ideal time with joy and laughter… So why wait? Start asking questions and don’t hold back while answering them too.