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Wish Your Friend Good Morning With 500+ Best Messages And Quotes

Wish Your Friend Good Morning With 500+ Best Messages And Quotes

Updated on Nov 22, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

Wish Your Friend Good Morning With More Than 500 Messages & Quotes

Having a good and loyal friend is becoming fairly rare nowadays, but if you have one, you should treasure him or her by expressing your love and gratitude for this bond. 

Wishing your friend good morning that will be heartfelt is one of the best ways to do so. 

We’ve compiled a list of beautiful, sweet, lovely, and best good morning messages for friends to strengthen your friendship and give your friend energy early in the morning and brighten your friend’s day.

So, without further ado, let us plunge into a pool of some of the best and most beautifully crafted texts and quotes.

Friend Good Morning Infographic
Friend Good Morning Infographic

Friend good morning (good morning my friend)

A few beautifully written, simple words can remind your friend how much you value their friendship. Here are some simple good morning messages:

  1. It’s another day, and we’ve maintained our friendship so far. I appreciate you every day.
  2. The weather is nice today, and the sun is shining. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a good day to wake up and start your day. My friend, I hope you enjoyed your sleep. Good morning.
  3. I hope you have a great day, the birds are singing and the breeze is blowing. I just want you to be happy and excited on this day!
  4. I started with great thought, and you happened to be my inspiration now. I trust we will stay friends. 
  5. It’s been a tough year, but our friendship has endured the best of it and I’m optimistic for the future.
  6. I don’t know what I would do without my best friend in the morning. Without you, I don’t have anything to look forward to. Good Morning.
  7. My friend! Have a great morning.
  8. I’ve been calling you one of the best friends I could ever have and I’m thankful that you’re my friend. As the day unfolds, I hope you are enjoying yourself and accomplishing your goals.
  9. I hope that my effort to send you a good morning message everyday never gets boring or tiresome. Thank you for all of the love you give me and being there throughout the daily grind!
  10. Greetings from your friend! Give some hugs today and let’s see what happens.
  11. I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll have the same results as your companion. I can’t say that there won’t be disappointments, but our success rate is increasing! Morning and keep smiling
  12. Today it carries with it hopeful music and sheer delight sounds. Mate, you need to get up and around. Do you think you could hear the commotion?
  13. I want you to be happy right now, no matter what. Always remember that you’re producing in order to get control. The morning has been fantastic.
  14. It seems like our friendship has been set up to succeed. Even if there are no clear indications of what the future holds, we know for sure that it will work out in the end. Fantastic morning, friend.
  15. Good morning! I hope you find that this message infuses a sense of comfort and care in you. Hope to hear from you soon!
  16. I hope this will continue and that we can start a new and good friendship.
  17. The day is going to be fantastic today! We’ll have a lot of quality time and catch up on old times. Good morning, dear. Let’s meet today.
  18. Until we meet again, I’ll always remember the good times we had together. I miss you a lot, but it’s ok. Good morning.
  19. I feel so much happier since I replaced my rotting flowers with a new green bush in my backyard. I’m glad that we had a nice time in the morning. Your thoughts have really got me going!
  20. It’s the morning after night, but you’re still not sure if this is. Look here! It’s morning already. Welcome to a new day, friend.
  21. I’m lucky to be your friend. I always want to know what makes you feel better for me personally. Fantastic morning.
  22. I can’t wait to bloom into your life and make our friendship worth it. You give me lots of free time just by being you, so I’m happy for your company! Fantastic morning, dear.
  23. You’ve always been such a loyal & respectful friend, and I feel privileged that you took me in. We’re here for each other – even now when times are tough. 
  24. I hope this is just the beginning of the new era we can create together, and am looking forward to many more years of friendship.
  25. My friendship with you is like a cup of coffee in the afternoon: refreshing, grounded and assertive. I can’t get enough of your personality in my entire life! Have a great day.
  26. I stayed up the majority of the night, grinning and giggling at the enjoyable memories of this time we discussed. The morning has been fantastic so far.
  27. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. We’ll begin at the top of our ability and work down, finishing near exhaustion. This is a done deal. Good morning, friend
  28. What’s up, morning buddy? Awesome — now you’re going to have a great day. See you later!
  29. If you need anything, I am here for you every and any time. 

Good morning messages for friend

Your good morning text can give your friend the energy they need to face the difficult day ahead, so make sure to give them the energy they need through your text. 

Some examples are provided below:

  1. I’m sending out hugs to all my sweet friends. I hope this morning brightens your day and warms your heart!
  2. Though I will miss you today, it’s good to know I’ll always have love wherever you are. I promise to think of you all day and good morning.
  3. You have been a truly wonderful friend, someone who has always been there when I needed it the most. You’ve gone out of your way to help me and show me, love, in the best ways possible, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Good morning.
  4. It can be challenging to maintain the same friendship with all other friends in your life. But when they inspire you, what they bring out in you has made the relationship stronger & better. Fantastic morning, dear.
  5. Between us, there is a bridge, not a wall. We are friends for life and not just friends serving time. Perfect morning, dear.
  6. I don’t mean to stress out your cute head with thoughts about today. God has told me to give you whatever you will need – and it will cost nothing because I care. Personally, I decided to do it.
  7. This morning is perfect. The sunlight and refreshing breeze enlivens me as I start my day, and I need it to smile on you too.
  8. You’re such a good friend to me and I’m so happy we can communicate. I hope spring will be eternal as your friendship is so sweet.
  9. It feels like the best day of my life every time I think about that time when we met! There haven’t been any regrets, and there will never be a day without it. Superior morning, best friend.
  10. Bear in mind that I appreciate and value you very much. We have a strong friendship and I won’t ever take it for granted. Enjoy the morning.
  11. I’m glad to have you as my friend. We spend a lot of time together and I love it! It’s nice to have someone who understands me.
  12. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like without you and I don’t want to. Even in the cold rain, seeing you always warms my heart. Someday I hope to become as strong as you are so when the sun comes out, we can watch it together.
  13. Wake up with a glass of your morning friend and give some extra love to your existing friends. 
  14. Your past won’t change your future, but I’m certain it has prepared you for greatness. You are also destined for great things and I adore you.
  15. It’s a gorgeous early morning and I’m happy. Let’s have a better day by spending our time with the people we love! A fantastic morning.
  16. Morning, my days just fly by when you’re constantly sending me your love and thoughts throughout the day!
  17. I love how the morning isn’t complete without the beautiful sunlight shining through. It’s such a refreshing way to start the day and reminds me of my most favorite person in my life. 
  18. Despite all the tough patches we went through and our disagreements, waking up always makes me happy because I chat to you first.
  19. Good morning, buddy. This is a text that makes note of how beautiful our friendship is. I’m grateful that you have such a good friend and to be honest.
  20. I hope the busy life is making you smile! Have a nice day, have you been getting enough sleep lately? — a fantastic morning to this friend.
  21. Life is a magazine that contains a variety of tales. Every day, a new section is added to the book. My page is a gift of love to my friend. Excellent start to the day.
  22. I’d give you the greatest embrace in the world, stare into your eyes, and tell you how much I love our relationship if you were here. This is a fantastic morning.
  23. A pleasant, enjoyable morning, with a particular welcome for your friend, which I treasure. You’ve given me my way of life, and I wouldn’t swap you for anything.
  24. Make a fresh start to your day by setting new objectives and achieving new plans. Good morning!
  25. Make up your own tale! Fill the blank pages with lovely recollections. I wish you a wonderful morning.
  26. Self-discipline is essential for success. Make your decision with zeal. Have a wonderful morning!
  27. Get a jump start on your day by getting up early. Hello and good morning.
  28. You are capable, kind, and knowledgeable. Your goodness will set you up for success. I wish you a wonderful start!
  29. Take lessons from the errors, don’t make the same ones again, and go on with bravery. Get up and shine!
  30. For greater outcomes, forget the sleep and go the additional mile. Hello and good day to you.
  31. Put an end to your fantasizing. Construct a link between your ambitions and your success. Have a wonderful day!
  32. Begin your day with a smiling face. Maintain an optimistic attitude; success is beckoning. Morning!

Heart touching good morning messages for friends

Remind your friend that you are there for him or her in the morning with some heartfelt messages that will strengthen their faith in this friendship even more. 

Here are some examples of how to do so:

  1. Rise early and forget about yesterday’s frustration. Focus on better days ahead.
  2. You’ll achieve so much more (and faster) during the hours that you’ve been awake, not least of which is reaching those all-time high-performance levels again!
  3. Time is precious, and we only have a limited amount of time every day. Don’t waste it by sleeping in this morning!
  4. Never give up. There will be a bright future ahead of you. Good morning, my friend.
  5. Sometimes it’s tough to get through the day with cloudy weather. If you find yourself down on your luck, don’t give up and stick it out. Things will look up soon. Happiness is just around the corner when the clouds part!
  6. Make your own day special and positive. It’s a wonderful morning!
  7. It’s hard not to get your hopes up, but enjoy today & build on it. Good morning to you!
  8. Wake up! Every second of your day is important. Spend it wisely.
  9. G’day from the other side of the world! Love life because you’re alive, mate.
  10. It can be hard to change the weather, much less the ocean. So, learn to sail! It was a happy morning!
  11. Have a great day! Each morning is like a race. Cheers to getting one step closer every day.
  12. You’ll find that life’s lessons can be surprising; sometimes it doesn’t always take long to figure out what you need! Have a great day today!
  13. You’re my inspiration and the wind beneath my wings. Have a great morning!
  14. Enjoy all the good in your life and be thankful for each day.
  15. Good morning! You’re made to win so don’t let your flaws hold you back.
  16. There’s something wonderful planned for you. Recognize that a new chapter has begun. Hello and good morning!
  17. Every morning, you are the sole bright spot in my mind. Have a wonderful morning!
  18. Never lose hope in life. Wait for a fresh start. Hello and good morning!
  19. Never give up on your aspirations; they might come true at any time. Good morning, my friend.
  20. Get up and go! Good morning, and welcome to the new day. Many blessings to you.
  21. Every day is a wonderful gift. Have a wonderful day. Hello and good morning!
  22. Good morning, my lovely companion! Have a fantastic day in front of you.
  23. Take some deep breaths and appreciate the beauty of nature. Hello and good morning to you.
  24. May the peace and joy of the early morning keep you calm and peaceful. Good morning.
  25. You are not the only one; simply pursue your desires and have a fantastic time.
  26. May your day be without difficulties. Hello and good morning!
  27. May this day offer you joy and surprises. Good morning.
  28. Since you failed to give, victory is conceivable for you. Have a wonderful day.

Positive messages to add good vibes & confidence

A positive attitude is something that works for every situation and every person, so why not share it in your good morning text, similar to the messages below:

  1. New chapters of life happen every day and you can make that special by yourself.
  2. Greetings! It’s time to move past bedtime and get out of the door so you can do something important for the world. 
  3. You have such a bright future ahead of you, and I know you’re going to change the course of worldly events just like everyone else. Rise up and shine today!
  4. I love such mirth as it does not make you blush and awkwardly brush away the sweat on your brow during morning meetings.
  5. I see at least one friend from my personal life all the time, and I know that adding one more person would add a lot of value to my life.
  6. Ignore the past, mark your present, and start again. Hello and good morning.
  7. Life is full of ups and downs, aren’t there? It can be either really hard or really great. And sometimes a lot of things happen to us without our control​.
  8. It’s a pleasure to run into an old friend who has shared our morning days. They say “welcome” and “praise” are appropriate for such a ‘highlight of the day.
  9. It’s no secret that friends can make our lives a lot sweeter. So go ahead and share some laughs, enjoy the good times and take advantage of the opportunities that being surrounded by people creates.
  10. Knowing that you can get a great start to the day even if it’s late is a myth. Even if you think about friends like me in bed, you’ll still have a good morning! 
  11. Life’s short and there are too many things to worry about so try not to stress yourself out too much every day.
  12. It’s bittersweet when old friends go away, but sometimes you make new ones. The important thing is to make it meaningful: making meaningful friendships that last would be worth the price of a day.
  13. I woke up with the thought of my friend. What else is there to do in the morning? Good morning, my dearest friend.
  14. Thank you for your support! I’m having a great day, thanks to you. Glad we could help each other out.
  15. Failure happens sometimes but not nearly as often as getting up and trying our best in the morning. Good morning!
  16. You’re my best friend, no one can take your place. I hope you always have God’s love and success to keep going.
  17. I’m really glad you’re agreeing with me about the quality of our friendship. It’s been great so far, but I hope we can keep it up and be there for each other no matter what on top of all the other stuff we have going on in life. 
  18. Hi, friend. Whether you’re doing something that is meaningful for you or just taking a break, good morning! I hope that whatever you do today turns out to be the best of days for you.
  19. Let’s set a positive tone this morning and have an awesome day! Good morning, friend.
  20. Welcome to your perfect day! The first thing we’re going to do is just talk about our favorite topic, which is you.
  21. Getting up every morning, we have a lot of things that need our attention. It’s good to focus on the present and bear in mind, that nothing is permanent.
  22. Every morning is like being born all over again. It gives you a fresh chance to do things that mark your best self and remember that every day is a new beginning with unlimited possibilities, so see what you can accomplish!
  23. It’s a fresh day. So let’s do our best to start off with a fresh mind and new ideas! Let’s give it our all. Good morning, friends
  24. Hey there! You’re not my actual friend but you’re just the missing pieces of my heart’s puzzle in a way, so good morning. Keep doing your best – you can do anything that you set your heart on!
  25. Have a good morning! Early mornings are so much better than late mornings, aren’t they? I know this will be the best morning of your life and can’t wait to see what you get up to. I hope you enjoy it.
  26. Just wanted to remind everyone that it’s okay if you had a bad day yesterday. You’re about to have an awesome day – so that you’ll forget about any other “bad days” you’ve had in your memory.
  27. Hey, there friend. It’s a new day and we’re looking forward to what it’ll bring. The past days have been tough but it’s best not to dwell on them. Best wishes for the day ahead!
  28. You’re capable of more than you realize. Start your day with a positive attitude.
  29. Get the most out of your life. Have a fantastic day!
  30. Mornings are a gift from the Lord. They are to be enjoyed and valued.
  31. Don’t squander your valuable morning. Immediately, wake up!
  32. Get out of bed and take in the beauty of the morning. Hello there.
  33. Hello there. You are more than capable of overcoming the difficulties that you are confronted with. 

Cute good morning messages

Show your love and gratitude in a cute way to make your friend smile and begin the day on a positive note. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Even if the earth is under the sun, my life will always be brightened by great friends like you. Looking at you reminds me that there’s still beauty in life. Good morning my friend
  2. A morning cup filled with peace, happiness, and joy. Rise and shine, buddy! 
  3. I am so blessed to have a friend like you! I’m grateful you’re in my life. Good morning.
  4. Hey pal. The past got the better of us, but a bright future is ahead of us. Have a great morning!
  5. As my first good morning greeting for you, here’s a hug from me to you. Always remember that without your help, this world would be such a painful place to live in.
  6. You make my world a better place just by being there. Thank you, best friend. For coming into my life and making it better.
  7. It doesn’t matter how busy we get, I want you to know, I still remember you and you’re still my best friend. 
  8. I hope mornings find you well. Your BFF always sends love and good wishes. May God bless you every day with peace, hope, and love!
  9. I’d love to tell you that I can guarantee you an amazing day, but I won’t. But, don’t worry, because you’ll be in the company of an amazing friend like me if you get up and embrace the world.
  10. Good morning, friend. I want you to know that I’m grateful for you and your presence in my life.
  11. You know we’re best friends and I can’t imagine life without you. Have an awesome morning, my friend.
  12. I hope you’ll be able to find your full capacity every day. Now go out there and show them what you’ve got!
  13. It’s always a good morning when you get up and say “good morning” to the people you love. So today, I thought I would say ‘hello’ to my best friend and tell them that I’m thinking of them.
  14. Good morning, friend! Let’s hit the gym this morning and do something fun – like we usually do.
  15. Hi there, bud. How are you? Today has the potential to be the best day of your life so make sure you’re living to your fullest potential.
  16. I was always fantasizing about hitting you. After that, I awoke. Why do dreams come to an end? Good morning, only joking.
  17. I know it’s pretty tough to get up in the morning, especially if you don’t feel so good. But, we have to do it, even though it may be difficult. Good morning!
  18. If you want to always be happy, you should have endless sleep. Days are reality. Rise and shine.
  19. You don’t need to be motivated. You just need a good alarm clock and a chatty friend like me.
  20. Today I will be great and do my best to make everyone smile.
  21. I trust you aren’t spending your time in bed. Simply leave and look for new ways to accomplish your goals.
  22. If we didn’t have coffee, a lot of people wouldn’t want to go to work!
  23. Yeah, it’s ironic that when you don’t sleep enough, everything starts to fall apart. Good morning!
  24. It sounds like you’re awake which means it’s a great time to make that coffee! How about giving this world a little more of your attention for today?
  25. Your life became much happier after you stepped in and the feeling can’t be described with words. I hope you have a great day.
  26. When I woke up it was just morning but when I wished you, it became good morning! See, how you do everything well in my life.
  27. You’re so nice and special to me. I’m over the moon that we get to share our lives together. Have a wonderful day, my friend. 
  28. Oh hey! It’s been a new day and we haven’t stopped thinking about each other. People say that’s called a bond. Good morning, my dearest friend. 
  29. It’s hard to hate you, dude. You’re perfect just the way you are and there aren’t many people who have a friend like you. Keep being awesome! 

Good morning message to a new friend

If you have recently met someone and have formed a bond of friendship, go a step further by reminding your friend of how you felt. Here are some examples of how to do so:

  1. Opportunities are all around you. Get up and take the first step!
  2. Getting up early is a struggle, but once you start you’ll have a great morning!
  3. Take a moment & get your day started with a smile. It’ll be easy to do it with such an awesome day in front of you.
  4. Greetings! I hope your day is going well, do your best for today.
  5. One of the keys to a happier life is to get up early in the morning.
  6. Any day’s best portion is the morning. Wishing you a wonderful day!
  7. Let’s utilize mornings in a constructive way. We can start by getting going, my friend.
  8. The early bird catches the worm. So get up right now and keep pursuing your goals!
  9. You can have a better life just by making simple changes to your morning routine.
  10. May you be able to accomplish and realize your ambitions in the near future. Hello there.
  11. If you believe in yourself, then you can achieve anything.
  12. If you make a promise to yourself and keep it, there’s a good chance you’ll find success in life.
  13. Take steps that are achievable on your way to achieving your larger goal.
  14. Every morning, start your day with a positive attitude. Hello and good morning.
  15. You can be whoever you want to be, wherever you want to be. Don’t let anything hold you back, the world is your oyster.
  16. Seek out the positive in your surroundings, and everything will appear to be lovely. Hello there.
  17. Rise up, shine brightly, and rule the globe. My buddy, I wish you a productive day.
  18. Why are you napping while the sun is fully awake? Hello there.
  19. You can get the most out of your day by getting up early.
  20. Hello there. Let’s do something unique to commemorate this day.
  21. I wish you a happy morning and an exciting day.
  22. Hello there! Rather than lamenting what you lack, be grateful for what you do have.
  23. Greetings and best wishes for a wonderful morning.
  24. A smile is contagious, and seeing one brings delight to others. Maintain your good mood.
  25. The way you start your day affects the rest of it. Hello there!
  26. May you be greeted by a lovely morning and a cup of steaming tea.
  27. How are you doing? May today be filled with smiles and success for you.
  28. G’morning! You NEVER get up at this hour to go to work but what’s going on now?
  29. Change your routine but put more thought into the way you start your day.
  30. Always be determined to fight and you will succeed. Have a great day!

Sweet good morning message for a friend

Your friends are people who support you through your highs and lows. 

Show your appreciation for having a friend like him or her in your life by sending a sweet good morning text like some below:

  1. Good morning my friend! I hope you’re having a lovely start to the day and keep smiling as you do.
  2. It is a beautiful morning, and I wouldn’t want my buddy to miss it. Get up there and have a look!
  3. Hey buddy, even if the world without the sun sounds crazy, it’s impossible for me to picture a life without you. Get up from your bed, because you have nothing to worry about.
  4. Words cannot describe how much I cherish our friendship, my friend. From the bottom of my heart, very good morning to you! You’re truly amazing and I hope your day goes well.
  5. Good morning, my friend. Thank you for making my depressing life so much better, I don’t know what I would have done without you. Have a lovely day,
  6. I can’t believe I have such an awesome friend like you. You’re the best friend a person could ever hope for. Thanks for always being there and making me so happy!
  7. The sun is up and the whole world is smiling. I hope it smiles on you a little extra too, so that everywhere you go, people know that they can smile with you. Good morning.
  8. You’re the sweetest friend. Just knowing you exist is enough to give me hope… You deserve nothing but good in life, so I’m glad you’re by my side
  9. The choice is yours. You can either continue on with your dreams or you can wake up and chase them. Good morning, my friend, I hope you’re enjoying your day!
  10. Every morning I wake up and say this prayer to you, that you may enjoy health, happiness and contentment in your life. May God bless you with a day of joy every morning, as He has done before. Good morning.
  11. It feels great to start a day by showing some gratitude. So let’s start by thanking you for all the things you’ve done for me and for being there whenever I need a friend. 
  12. Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I hope today is going great. I couldn’t imagine being here without you by my side. Thankful for all the support you give me.
  13. Hey friend! I was always looking for someone who understands me and accepts me for who I am. Luckily, I found that person in you. Good morning.
  14. The distance between us just reflects how important your friendship is to me. 
  15. I feel so lucky to have you as a friend. You are one of the best friends I’ve ever had!
  16. Nothing can slow your progress! Start your day off right, with rock-solid determination and motivation. Good morning.
  17. Mornings are as good and fresh as a blank canvas. It’s your decision to paint it in any way you like. Wake up and start your beautiful painting.
  18. Hey friend! I hope that you’ll have a peaceful day. May today be everything you’ve dreamed of. Good morning.
  19. Let’s start the day by wishing my lovely friend who’s always been there for me when I needed it. Good morning buddy!
  20. It’s morning, my friend. You need to wake up and get the day started since you never know what might happen. Your actions today could change your life – so, go out there and make it happen! 
  21. Open your eyes with your widest smile and live the way you want to. Make today – and every day – an awesome day!
  22. Don’t worry about how your morning starts. Your past doesn’t determine your future. So, get up and head in with a positive mindset so that you can do great things today! Good morning
  23. Don’t let a bad day get in the way of you being happy today. It’s a great morning and I hope you have everything you deserve.
  24. Morning is beautiful, isn’t it? There’s so much to see in this world. You see the sky, mountains, the ocean… you can achieve anything. Just open your eyes and take a look around!
  25. The sky is so beautiful in the morning! For every dark day there is always a brighter one – be strong and keep reaching for your goals.
  26. For a more cheerful outlook on life, your morning routine should include brighter colors. Get up & take a deep breath for some fresh air. Have a good morning!
  27. I hope that this world may never be able to outshine you, my friend. Get up and shine.
  28. I hope you have a cheerful morning, my friend. Remember that I’m always here for you, no matter what.
  29. It’s going to be a fantastic day for you. I trust in you, my buddy, and I am confident that you will be able to realize all of your goals. Hello there, friend.
  30. Greetings, bestie. I pray that today, and every day after that, will go well for you. So get out of bed and begin pursuing your ambitions until they are a reality.

Funny good morning messages for friends

Sending funny good morning texts can brighten your friend’s day by giving him or her a reason to laugh. The following are some examples:

  1. Hello there. Make yourself a cup of coffee and get your engines going since the weekend is still a long way ahead.
  2. Hello and good morning. Just like every other day, start your day with a fart!
  3. When you get up, smile because you’ll quickly discover it’s not yet the weekend. Hello and good morning!
  4. Running out of time for your meeting? I bet you hate having to go into meetings already. Anyway, good luck and hopefully we’ll see each other soon. Take it easy and have a great day
  5. Time to wake up and get your appetite started; I know you’ve been thinking of food all night. Have a great morning!
  6. Get out of bed and be grateful that I’m your buddy. Because I’m the best buddy you’ll ever have! Have a great day!
  7. Mom calls you lazy and Dad calls you sleepy-head. Whatever people name you, you’ll always be a wonderful buddy to me. Monkey, get up! Hello there.
  8. Something tells me you haven’t been waking up with a smile on your face. Why don’t you hit that snooze button and force yourself to enjoy another minute of sleep? Good morning, by the way.
  9. I was ready to tell all the morning people to “shut up and sleep,” but that would be inappropriate. So, a warm welcome!
  10. You awoke barely in time to prevent the end of the world. Now is the time to go out and buy yourself a batman suit. Hello there, my pal.
  11. I wish you discover somebody as powerful as me to be beside you now as you face the trials of the day – stress on “like me.” Hello, gentlemen.
  12. Get up and enjoy yet another pointless, lazy day that brings you nothing except the prospect of another one like it.
  13. You’re as irritating as an alarm clock. But  I have somebody to shout at in the morning. Good morning, dear!
  14. This is another note to thank you for being a great buddy and to inquire when you’ll be free to play games with me next time you’re not at work. Hello, my friend.
  15. The day is here. I hope you have a plentiful supply of food today, foodie panda. Hello there, pal.
  16. My friend, I adore you and believe you are suitable for the role of my pet. However, I haven’t decided whether or not I desire a human companion. So, do you think you have what it takes to be a dog? Hello there, pal.
  17. Hello, the world’s sleaziest bone. I wish you all the best for the rest of your day.
  18. I was the wealthiest person on the planet. Then the alarm went off. Hello and good morning!
  19. If you ever have absolutely no idea about what to do with your mornings, then send two hundred good mornings my way. Good morning lazy!
  20. You’re doing an awesome job. Thank you for being such an inspiring friend for food. Good morning!
  21. The most depressing aspect of the morning is learning it isn’t a holiday. I’m going to repeat the same procedure for the rest of the day. Hello and good morning!
  22. Don’t take it lightly, even the frequency with which you fart on a daily basis. To you, a warm morning.
  23. Hello there! Don’t worry if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before; you still have the option of napping during the day.
  24. I hope you have a large breakfast and a beautiful day ahead of you. And, if I’m being honest, I’m looking for a positive day by myself. My buddy, I wish you a pleasant day.
  25. You’ve got everything you need for a wonderful day ahead of you. When you go beyond at work this morning, I pray your supervisor doesn’t fire you. Have a good time. Dear buddy, good morning.
  26. I’m thrilled you’ve made it this far. It’s a fresh day for you, and I pray you to adjust not so quickly. Lol. Good day, my lovely companion.
  27. Isn’t there a distinct difference in the fragrance of the air today? Is it just me, or am I the only one who thinks this way? The place smells like my favorite stew here too. To you, fam, a warm welcome.
  28. Let us just watch TV all day and all week to see whether we can receive our paychecks. You want to join me, right? Hello there, pal.
  29. Excluding you, I’ve pardoned everyone who has ever wronged me. To win my forgiveness, serve me breakfast today. My sweetheart, I wish you a pleasant morning.
  30. Perhaps I’ve given you too much credit. So, for today, I’ll just say hello. Please pray for me; I am capable of doing so.

Good morning message for a female friend

If you’re a guy with a girl bestie, you’ll need some extra clever, well-crafted messages to make her realize your unique qualities. Here are some examples that may be of interest to you:

  1. Good morning, sweetie. Get out there and enjoy the day!
  2. I can’t stop thinking about you – it’s inevitable. Wake up and be proud that you’re already so successful. Good luck today!
  3. Whoa, I can’t believe you made it through the night! Congrats on your progress so far. Let today’s morning light bring you an extra blessing for a truly great day ahead.
  4. I’m so glad to call you my friend. You are always so kind and understanding. I hope today is a great one. Good morning!
  5. It’s a new day and all a new opportunity for you. Go out and explore, you deserve it! Enjoy the day! Good morning, dear.
  6. It’s my hope that your day is just as lovely and awesome as you are, sweet one. Make sure to enjoy the day to the fullest!
  7. I care about you so much & would love to have your company. May this morning lift your spirits and make your day more enjoyable than usual.
  8. Don’t allow one failure to discourage you. Remember that you’re a perfect creation and keep going. Good morning dear.
  9. As you wake up today, keep in mind how lucky you are to have your mates. Much love!!! Good morning.
  10. During the day, your life will be a source of delight and heaven for happy times. Friend, keep your calm. Good morning!!!
  11. Awesome stuff happening on your very special day! Good morning friends.
  12. May life be kind and wonderful to you today, as kind as you seem to be and as gorgeous as you seem to be. Go girlie, love you!!!
  13. Have a nice day ahead, and stay blessed. As good as you are, girl, so will today be for you. Good morning, darling.
  14. Good luck with exams today, I know it’ll be hard but stay focused! Good morning to you.
  15. Knowing you as one of my close friends makes me so happy. I think we make for a strong, caring relationship.
  16. I wanted to let you know that I have you in my thoughts, my dear friend. Have a wonderful day!
  17. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. You’ve truly been a blessing to me and I love you so much. Have a great morning, Friend.
  18. Wake up feeling refreshed and jump into the day with both feet.
  19. May you be strengthened at the start of your day to take on today’s hardships and return home happy. Good morning friend.
  20. God is granting you the grace to be excellent in your work and stay productive today. Happy waking up, dear.
  21. Hope your day is wonderful, friend! It’ll likely be just as lovely and successful as you are. Enjoy the day dear.
  22. Every blessing is looking for you today. Get up, go out into the world and take hold of them. Good morning.
  23. Wake up! It’s going to be a great day!
  24. You know I’m always happy when you’re around because it makes my day so much better. You’re not just a friend, but you provide the support that strengthens me and helps me grow as a person.
  25. Remember that I love you and our relationship is important to me.
  26. Today, I wish you a wonderful and fulfilling day. Have a blast! dear.
  27. Early morning shall be good with you. The middle day shall be wonderful with you and the Evening shall be peaceful for you. Good morning. Have a great day.
  28. Aww, thanks for always reminding me how much you care about me. I’m really grateful to God for having you as a best friend. Good morning, lovely friend.
  29. Hope you have a blessed day. It’s up to you what that means though, I’ll just leave it at that. Good morning, dearest friend.
  30. You are always so great to talk to and I really appreciate you as a friend. I cherish our friendship. Good morning, friend. Hugs and kisses!!!!!

Beautiful good morning message to a friend

Friends provide us with strength during difficult times by understanding and supporting us. We should be grateful for their assistance and value them. 

Here are some beautiful good morning messages to get you started:

  1. Sharing smiles and laughter with your friends is free and easy; they don’t cost anything and help you feel happy! Why not go for a walk with me and laugh? Good morning buddy
  2. For some reason, I was thinking about you so I wanted to wish you a good morning! Let’s try not to let the distance keep us apart.
  3. Meeting new people is always exciting, but having a friend who’s been with you for a long time can be really special. You’re like a candle that never goes out.
  4. I wrote you a letter, but I didn’t send it. I’d rather hear the sound of your voice than read words on paper. Good morning my friend!
  5. I value your friendship because I know that you’ll always speak the truth to me and allow me to be myself.
  6. A friend is someone who has always been there for you and never abandoned you even during the bad times. I wish this day brings only joy & blessings!
  7. When I think of you and your contagious laugh, my day feels complete. Let’s not wait so long to see each other again!
  8. Life isn’t all peaches and cream. It’s important to be there for your friends during tough times. Thanks for being the light in my darkest moments.
  9. I just woke up and had these intense memories of all the fun adventures we used to have when we were kids. It made me really happy to think that you were a part of my life. Good morning, sunshine!
  10. If I were the soil and you the seed, we would grow a beautiful plant together. May our friendship continue to grow with new life. I wish you a perfect day! Good morning friend!
  11. Thanks for being my friend. I’m lucky to have you.
  12. My mom used to always say that friendship is like mixed nuts. You know they’re all different, but they taste great together. I always understood what she meant whenever she said that – it meant we were friends too.
  13. I wanted to say good morning and tell you what a special friend you are. I hope every second, every moment and every breath brings you a sense of happiness!
  14. Hey! I just want you to know that I treasure each moment we spend together. You’re worth so much to me.
  15. Spending time with you is like listening to a symphony. You are the instruments and I’m your singer, who together create that beautiful music called Friendship.
  16. I just found the funniest picture from when we were young kids and started to tear up. I haven’t talked to you in a while so let’s grab some morning coffee today! Good morning my friend!
  17. You’re always there for me and even when things get tough. I think we can both agree on how rare it is to have a true friend like that.
  18. When we were teenagers, our friendship was all bubbly like a can of coke. Over time, we have aged like fine wine. Good morning my lovely friend!
  19. You listened to my problems yesterday without judging me and my pain just seems less now than before. You’re really a good friend to me.
  20. Your wacky sense of humor is so much better than being forced to tolerate Gordon Ramsay’s berating. Thanks for the laughs, even if I never really know what you’re on about.
  21. As I saw a bike in the store window, I just couldn’t help but think of those training wheels I had. So here we are years later. Have a lovely morning you guys!
  22. It’s been a while since our last adventure, so time for us to pack up and go on another one!
  23. Just thinking about you today. I thought of your amazing ability to make simple moments into heartfelt stories. I really appreciate the way you can open up honestly with others through telling your story.
  24. Set the intention for today with a positive thought to get the most out of it. When you’re done, you’ll feel refreshed and sleep like a baby. Good morning!
  25. Hey, I’m happy we’re friends and I really like spending time with you. It’s good to see you in the morning.
  26. Life requires lots of hard work, but I don’t mind putting in hard work to keep you as my friend. Good morning.
  27. Hey there! How was your morning? Already looking forward to our lunch date and hearing your crazy laugh. It really lifts my day. Miss you too!
  28. Good morning! Even if you’re feeling lazy, I hope you’ll press on and keep your homes & work lives in order. Have a great one!
  29. Hey friend, I just wanted to remind you that sometimes the first step is the hardest. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Have a great day!
  30. Enjoy this fresh day and be on the lookout for more happiness in life.
  31. You deserve success and nothing but happiness. Good morning, buddy!
  32. Wishing you a day filled with nothing but good things.
  33. Good morning my dearest. Even on the gloomiest days, you are the light of my day. Have a fantastic day and remember, you have an everlasting friend in me

Good morning quotes for friends

Instead of sending ordinary messages, send your friend some meaningful, sweet, positive, and inspiring good morning quotes to motivate them. Here are some examples of how to do so:

Good morning quotes for best friend

Send some of the best good morning quotes to your friend to lift their spirits and strengthen their faith in you. Here are a few quotes to get you started:

  1. May you have a fresh, happy start to your day!
  2. I feel blessed when I remember that all of you are surrounding my life!
  3. I love waking up each and every morning because I know that you’ll be there, to brighten my day.
  4. You’ve been sitting around for a long time. Get up and see how you’re feeling.
  5. I’m constantly waiting for you to show up. It makes life less frustrating when you’re around.
  6. Here’s to making all your hard work turn into happiness! Great luck today.
  7. I hope this beautiful morning sends energy and happiness to each of you.
  8. Health-conscious people make a habit of getting up early.
  9. No morning or day can be a bad one if there are friends like you.
  10. May this be one of the happiest days of your life.
  11. Let’s take this day as a chance to clear up any other tasks that are still hanging around!
  12. I wake up to the morning air & start my day with a renewed sense of love, peace and understanding.
  13. A gorgeous morning would be perfect, living our lives with you.
  14. Remember, the world is counting on you!
  15. It’s said that God created sleep and the Devil created an alarm clock.
  16. If I were the one to rearrange the alphabet, I would make sure U and I are together.
  17. You’re the best part of my day, beloved. So get up and shine, honey! 
  18. I don’t know why God gave me to you, but that’s not the question I should be asking myself. It might be worth it to find out why He knew I needed somebody like you!
  19. My friends say that people make friends in heaven. I disagree, I’ll tell you why. I made a friend, just like you, in this world and it made my life a heaven.
  20. If you ever get a doubt about our friendship, take a coin & toss it. If the head is facing up then I’m your best friend and if the tail is face up, then you’re my best friend.
  21. It’s as if we’re being showered in gifts. Let’s take joy in this beautiful morning and be thankful to God for it!
  22. I’m so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community. You are all such kind, caring and supportive people who have made me feel welcome here. 
  23. Wake up and enjoy the morning! You’ve got a great day for going out for some fun!
  24. Wishing you a day full of new opportunities and good vibes.
  25. May this morning’s brightness bring you joy.
  26. Heya! It’s great to have a buddy like you around. I hope you’re having a great morning so far!
  27. I feel blessed to have a friendship with you
  28. Good morning, friend. I feel so lucky to have you in my life.
  29. The most important thing is to dedicate yourself to your goals. If you do, then you’ll be able to achieve success.
  30. Hey buddy, don’t let yesterday effect today, or tomorrow for that matter.
  31. Always look for the good in people, not the bad.
  32. Get up early to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
  33. Mornings are awesome. Try and get up early to do things that make you happy, like spending time with your loved ones.
  34. You don’t want to stay in bed anymore. Get up!
  35. When things start taking a turn for the worse, faith and new approaches can be helpful. Let’s welcome change with open arms.
  36. If you encounter a problem, there will be a solution to follow. Don’t give up the fight.
  37. It’s important to let go of stress and have a good day. Take some time for yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious.
  38. I hope that the new dawn brings you a fresh start.
  39. Every day is a new opportunity that lasts the whole day. Let’s make the most of it and see what opportunities are waiting for us ahead. Good luck today!
  40. Mornings motivate us to get out of bed and do something productive.
  41. Wishing you all the best for today. May you succeed and achieve great success!
  42. You owe it to yourself to rise with the sun! Get up early and everything is fresh and new- an empowering feeling.
  43. Here’s to a fresh start to each new morning, filled with happiness and happy vibes.
  44. A good mindset and a positive attitude can be very valuable in this world.
  45. Start your day off fresh and start new with beautiful words. Have a wonderful morning, have a good day ahead.
  46. I just wanted to wish you a pleasant morning.
  47. There’s always going to be ups and downs in life, so today when I woke up I decided to forget about the bad stuff that happened and just live for the moment.
  48. I’ll be there to remind you that water helps fight sleepiness.

Positive good morning quote for friend

If a friend is going through a difficult time in life, your inspirational good morning quotes can provide encouragement and help your friend stay strong. 

The following are some best quotes that can help you do your job more effectively:

  1. I know how much you love to sleep, but it’s time for you to get up and start your day. You don’t want to be late!
  2. Please wake up, there are so many exciting things to do. Have a great day!
  3. Sending you some warm wishes this morning! Have a great day today.
  4. I love you, friend. You mean the world to me.
  5. Keep dreaming! Never give up on your dreams, it’s worth working hard to make them come true. Good luck!
  6. I know mornings aren’t your thing, but I really hope you get up early for a better day.
  7. I hope your day starts really well tomorrow with a perfect coffee to give you that extra boost you need. Be happy and strive for success!
  8. You’re going to want to start every day with some new hopes and a smile, just like me. Here’s wishing you an awesome day!
  9. Luck be with you on every single day of your life. I’m hoping this day is as special and memorable as possible.
  10. Wishing my friend a morning of high spirits and positivity
  11. It sounds like the birds are singing a morning song to welcome the beautiful soul. I hope you enjoy this music and have another amazing day ahead of you.
  12. Hopefully the alarm will wake you up on time and you’ll have a great day!
  13. It starts with a great morning text message wishing you a perfect day like this.
  14. There are a lot of things that can get you in a good mood but waking up early and having a good morning routine is one of the most important ones. You’re going to have a fantastic day!
  15. It’s never too late to start training your body for a better morning. Starting tomorrow let’s make every morning in your life count. Good morning, my friend
  16. Wishing you a good morning! Be happy.
  17. Every morning of your life should be filled with great enthusiasm and high energy.
  18. Don’t go back to sleep after the alarm, instead get up and look forward to what’s in store for you that day.
  19. Today can be anything you want. The blank page is waiting for you to fill it in with your rad content.
  20. Spend each second wisely so you can maximize the day you have.
  21. Try to make your dreams a reality, have a good day!
  22. Stay happy and enjoy life to the fullest. Let’s rock it today!
  23. Good morning, my friend! Choose to either keep dreaming or wake up now and see it all happen.
  24. Taking advantage of the morning time is an important thing to do. You can start your day sooner and get more done.
  25. Wishing you a cheerful and energetic morning and all the best for your future.
  26. Morning, friend! Being able to wake up and know I’ve got someone as wonderful as you in my life really makes me feel luckier than others.
  27. Making a wish this morning, I hope it comes true. Good morning cutie!
  28. You wake up to the sound of birds singing and a blast of morning sun. Kinda lovely.
  29. Everyday is a blessing and we should be grateful. Remember to say thank you before you start the day.
  30. You have yet another chance to realize your ambitions.
  31. Always begin each day with a cool and relaxed mindset. Have a positive day ahead!
  32. Getting up early allows you to organize your day even before it begins. Have a wonderful start to your day.
  33. Allowing your failures to demotivate you is never a good idea. I wish you a wonderful day and a wonderful life.
  34. What we create of existence is just what we create of it. Rise up and make the best of it.
  35. If you continue to sleep, you may catch the bus. Good morning, and let’s get started.
  36. I hope you have a wonderful morning filled with delightful events that make you smile.
  37. Another lovely day reminds people to repair your errors and go on.
  38. I hope you always wake up early to greet the morning sun and take advantage of all the blessings in your life.
  39. Wake up early and bask in the morning breeze. It’s a great way to start your day feeling inspired by nature.
  40. Here’s wishing for a great day ahead and hoping you stay fresh!
  41. Live your life and be thankful for every second.
  42. A god will give you all the strength to face life’s challenges.
  43. Good morning! Hope you have a great day filled with new chances and opportunities.
  44. I always like to start my day by wishing you a good morning and thinking about all the good times we’ve had.
  45. I’m so excited to start my day knowing I’ll be able to wish you a warm good morning first thing in the morning.
  46. I need to shout out that person who I love and admire so much. You make my life worthwhile and help me do what I do. Sending you all the morning hugs you can get, my friend.
  47. I send morning texts to let you know I think about you every day.
  48. May you have an amazing day at work! Good morning dear friend.
  49. Have a good morning. Begin it off with a positive attitude, and you’ll be sure to have the rest of your day go well too.
  50. If you set a goal for yourself when you wake up, check it at the end of today, and you’ll have an amazing day!

Funny good morning quotes for friends

Friends always make us smile and laugh by doing strange things. It’s now your turn to make your pal laugh. 

You can easily accomplish this by sending out a funny good morning quote. Some examples are provided below:

  1. It would be good to be in the morning, but it’s not even starting close when I feel best. Is there a trade off?
  2. I don’t want to hear about how terrible your Monday was!
  3. You’ve made me smile and laugh a lot for the past few years but most importantly you’re the one who’s given me so many memories I’ll never forget.
  4. No matter how hard your life might be, thank yourself for waking up in the morning and still being here.
  5. Hey, if you make me a cup of coffee in the morning, I’ll love you forever. At least until the coffee is gone.
  6. When a friend does something wrong don’t think about all the times you helped them. Stay friends, but keep your distance for a while.
  7. I always have good intentions when I wake up in the morning but then a voice in my head says “haha, nice try!” and we laugh a bit before taking a nap.
  8. When you’re in bed, it’s 6 AM, and you close your eyes for 5 minutes, then it’s 7:45. At school, it’s 1:30 and if you close your eyes for 5 minutes, the time will change to 1:31.
  9. Mornings have a habit of sneaking up over me and peering through my apartment windows. Sunrise is a pervert.
  10. The smallest scary story ever written: Monday is tomorrow.
  11. Beautiful, blue sky. Pretty place with all of its little, white bubbles. It’s time to do some cleaning and get a start on the day.”
  12. I don’t get up on time in the morning as I sleep in too late.
  13. Friendships take many things to make and break, but only one to lose.
  14. Every morning, you have to forget about the conflicts in your relationship and rebuild your relationship before breakfast.
  15. I still can’t believe I won the Daytona 500. I woke up this morning, and it still doesn’t feel real.
  16. You start feeling old in the morning. By noon, I feel like I’m 50.
  17. You all are part of God’s special group of people!
  18. To play your part with dedication, To know your role, Morning is good – you can start.
  19. Have a great morning! The day is fresh and new, so let’s get started.
  20. The brain starts up when you get out of bed and keeps working until you’re in the office. It’s a miracle what it can do!
  21. I may be drunk now, but I’ll be awake in the morning, and you’ll still be terrible.
  22. I think I have a solution for this. Every morning you should wake up, drink a glass of water, and do some stretches.
  23. This is an advertisement for toothpaste so every morning they remind you to brush your teeth before eating. They’re not lying when they say that.
  24. Every morning, I’d like to lick your lips, brush your teeth, and touch your mouth.
  25. Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too. 
  26. Sleep is a normal and necessary occurrence that God created. But the devil, he invented alarm clocks.
  27. Open up your eyes, take some deep breaths, and go back to bed in order to have a beautiful morning.
  28. It’s tough to be pessimistic in this day and age. You have to open your eyes with optimism every morning.
  29. Every morning is good. Regardless of whether or not he got plenty of sleep the night before.
  30. I can’t sleep: is it because the nights are too short or because I sleep so much?
  31. People keep telling me that I should be a morning person. If only the day would start in the afternoon and end at night, then maybe it would be easier.
  32. I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as it feels all day.
  33. I wake up every morning at 8:00 and grab the morning paper. I then look for my obituary on the back pages. If it’s not there, I go back to sleep!
  34. One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my house, I’ll never know.
  35. Every morning I jump out of bed and explode. It’s a good thing I wake up every day so I can put myself back together anew.
  36. Why does my father-in-law get up at such an early hour and turn on the Discovery Channel? I just don’t know.
  37. I’ll keep going as long as my feet feel good but I’m gonna finish what I started, no matter what.
  38. I really feel like smashing my alarm clock this morning. It’s only that pesky phone that is keeping me from it.
  39. Somehow, there are people who prefer mornings and those who don’t. I guess it would be best to keep these two groups far from each other.
  40. Although this might not be for everyone, it’s healthy to have a long conversation with someone in the morning. For those of us who don’t want to do that, we should just kill them afterwards.
  41. When you choose your Friends, don’t choose personality over Character.
  42. No one is born as our friend or our enemy. Their behavior, attitude, and relations make them such.
  43. Long-lasting relationships require more than love and kindness. You also need to show respect, trust, understanding and friendship towards the other person. And last but not least, you need faith in your relationship.
  44. Keeping in touch with close friends is crucial when you’re sick. If a friend is sick, call them and make sure they are feeling better.
  45. We may not speak the same language, but we can overcome this by sharing the love and understanding of FRIENDSHIP!
  46. Friendships are relations that you create for yourself…!!!
  47. I mean, there is literally nothing better than true friendship.
  48. It’s been fun learning how to make ice sculptures. Last night I learned how to make a single ice cube, so this morning I made 12 more. It was really easy.
  49. It’s easier to stay up late at night than to wake up early during the morning.
  50. Some of the sillier jokes were written in the mornings…they’re either that funny or we were just really tired.
  51. A good day begins with a good start and finishes with a good finish. So get your day started with a grin. Have a wonderful day.

Beautiful good morning quotes for friends

Your friendship can not be expressed by simple words as every friend is precious and unique. Some beautiful good morning quotes will do the job of expressing your trust in your friends, just like the examples given below:

  1. Early risers are going out of their way to achieving success. You too, start your day early and accentuate it with a fresh morning!
  2. Hey, there friend! I hope you had a great night and woke up with bright rays of hope to keep you going.
  3. Be a morning star and be really positive in the morning.
  4. It’s never too late to be the best you can be. Every day is a new opportunity for you, so turn over a new leaf and start fresh.
  5. You are wonderful and don’t let other people tell you otherwise
  6. Hey friend, have a great first day. I hope it’s filled with joy and laughter.
  7. Do your best to make this day great. Give it your all and work hard doing what you love to make sure you reach your goals.
  8. I hope you have a great day ahead. Let the sunshine in your life.
  9. Every day is a chance for a new beginning, so let’s make the most of it.
  10. Thanks for the wishes! Remember to take care of your body and mind – our health is what defines us. I hope you have a wonderful day.
  11. Let’s give thanks to The Almighty for all the blessings he’s given us before we start our day!
  12. Mornings are always going to be unpredictable and can always be a source of inspiration.
  13. Start your day off with some exercise and meditation! It will help you feel less stressed, healthier & happier.
  14. Don’t waste your mornings by getting too lazy and not even doing anything to get things going.
  15. Wake up, feel optimistic and set your sights on achieving something great today.
  16. We all agree that mornings can help set the tone for our whole days. Make the most of them by prepping.
  17. Just wanted to send you a little note. Have a great day!
  18. With dedication & resilience, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Believe in yourself.
  19. Mornings give us the chance to start chasing our dreams.
  20. I hope you get to share your happiness and be surrounded by smiles today!
  21. A bright, welcoming morning increases the chance of having an excellent day!
  22. Keep hold of your big smile. Life has its challenges, but you can stay confident by keeping that beautiful smile on your face.
  23. It’s a new day and you never know what you’ll learn.
  24. Wishing you a day filled with memorable moments with people who are special to you.
  25. Wishing you a day charged with high energies and great achievements.
  26. When you’re lying in bed, set an alarm that makes you want to wake up early and follow your daily routine.
  27. If you’ve found good ways to tackle laziness then you’ll always achieve your goals. Good morning!
  28. When I’m feeling down, I like to remind myself how great you are and that we’ll always have each other.
  29. Make the most of every day- don’t waste it!
  30. Life is a journey, and every morning is a fresh time to start. Have a good one!
  31. Work hard and push for what you want– your goals might be closer than you think!
  32. It’s good to start the day with bright promises of a happy one ahead.
  33. Avoid wasting your mornings – Wake up to a new day!
  34. Don’t blow this! Life’s a morning. Wake up, let the day in and make the most of it.
  35. Wake up and greet the day with a smile!
  36. It really sucks when you don’t have a morning message to start the day. Mornings seem so much better with one.
  37. It’s always a good feeling when you get up in the morning, no matter what. The first thing you do is probably your first achievement of the day.
  38. You can be a late bloomer, but it’s never too late to start. Start now so you don’t lose out.
  39. Your attitude & approach define if your day is going to be great! Have a good one.
  40. Sending lots of hugs to my darling, sending all the best, as I wish you a beautiful morning.
  41. If you stay in bed all morning, then you won’t have to complain about the lack of time. Good morning!
  42. It might feel cliché or simple, but gratitude is one of the most powerful tools for having a better day.
  43. The circumstance is defined by your perspective of it. Hello and good morning.
  44. Every day presents us with new and exciting chances. Get to your feet and grasp those.
  45. Make the most of your early time by preparing your morning.
  46. Every day is a gift for which we must be grateful.
  47. Hello and good morning. I hope you started your day with a smiley face.
  48. If you make a decision, none of it is difficult in this world. Good day, my sweetheart!
  49. I wish you a bright and pleasant morning to bolster and encourage you.
  50. Never give up on your dreams. My buddy, I wish you a wonderful day.


You are now fully prepared to brighten your friend’s day after seeing numerous examples of beautiful, sweet, lovely, positive, inspirational, and funny good morning messages. 

By sending these messages, you can make your friend feel special and assist him or her in accomplishing anything by demonstrating your love and support. It will strengthen your bond more than ever.